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How The Zimmerman Experiment Backfired On White Supremacy

Zimmerman’s Lawyer treating his white family to ice cream after the verdict.

I waited to write this post.

I waited to see our actions and reactions as the days and weeks went by. I waited to see if “one of us” would take the bait and burn down a white school, a white neighbourhood, a white business…I waited to see if we would implode and attack and kill every “white Hispanic” we saw. I waited to see if the Race War they predicted would indeed come. I waited for the burning of AmeriKlan as we expelled our pent-up anger and frustrations at our generation’s Emmett Till. With the exception of a few paid crisis actors and cameramen who just happened to be on the scene when their debauchery occurred, none of it happened.

I’ve gotten emails from blogger buddies of mine on the true origin of Tracy Martin. I’ve gotten emails on the true origin of Travyon Martin and George Zimmerman. Whether or not the implication is true is of no concern to me. What does concern me, is the reasoning behind it. White supremacy thought if they “murdered” an innocent, baby-faced, black boy eating candy, black Ameriklan, under 500 years of white domination, would implode into a rancid, animalistic, flesh-eating monster and their main objective: Martial Law, would have to be implemented. Instead we discussed the facts that the media ALLOWED us to have, dissected their actions, devised a game plan for our families to be as safe as possible and perhaps the most disturbing thing of all to white supremacy:

We resisted their False Flag Operation.

Many of us that were willfully blinded and blissfully unaware woke up and saw the beast in the flesh for the first time in our lives…and now whites are running scared…again. Dr. Afrika once said, “An educated black person is the most dangerous person in the world.” White supremacy, in their never-ending arrogance, thought we would never be able to piece together their diabolical plans, their staged performances, their crisis actors and their next move. They counted on the fact that we, African People’s of God, are an emotional, Spiritual people who have been beaten down to acquiesce through the ages. They counted on the fact that we, some of us, are blinded by the raw rage of injustice and would never see through their veil. They counted on centuries-old propaganda that we are animalistic, stupid, unable to analyze and prone to blunt force actions with no thought whatsoever.

Their arrogance backfired.

The Zimmerman Experiment has proven, this time without a shadow of a doubt, that white people have no conscience, no heart, no soul, no remorse, no feelings, no caring and no regret when it comes to the plight of black life. When Zimmerman opened a Paypal account and whites, who were struggling to pay their bills, found some way to deposit money into his account for “support”, it woke us up. When Skittles contributed a large sum of money to pay for his lawyer fees, it woke us up. When they picked the jury and all but one juror was a white female, it woke us up. When we heard the tapes of Zimmerman coaching his wife on how to “transfer and hide” the money they’d gotten, it woke us up. When we saw the countless TV shows and read the never-ending barrage of comments complimenting Zimmerman on a job well done, it woke us up.

And finally, when we saw the bliss on white people’s faces as Zimmerman walked away scot-free, it woke us up. The Zimmerman Experiment, like many, many others throughout our history, was an unfortunate tool to be utilized in our mass awakening. As we spiral towards the ending of the year and the solar changes that must take place, we’ll remember who the enemy of Man really is. He’s been telling us for 6,000-10,000 years without fail how he feels about us.

Perhaps this time, we’ll listen.


Before I close this article, I’d like to say something to white people.

Your time on this planet is coming to a close. I know you can feel it. I can “hear” you discussing this behind closed doors with your family and your terror is palpable. When I pass you on the street, in the market, buying gas, I can pick up your silent fear as you pretend you are in full control. Remember this?

Boston, USA

The Boston Martial Law Experiment was your test. It was God’s way of showing you your future on this planet. Tell me, how did it feel knowing that your lovely Constitution, you know, the same one you used and abused in order to enslave us, turned on you? You’ve been given chance, after chance, after chance on this planet by a Higher Force to do the right thing. And every time, you’ve failed. The terror and helplessness you felt as armed militia pounded on your door and violated your rights while you stood paralyzed and shaking is just the beginning.

Let me ask you something…

Haven’t you figured it out by now that everything you’ve done is now being done to you?

The prophecy will be fulfilled. What prophecy is that? The one you never seem to want to discuss. The Book of Obadiah. 

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87 thoughts on “How The Zimmerman Experiment Backfired On White Supremacy

  1. jacinto on said:

    “Because the presumption of your heart has deceived you” “If you were a high position as the eagle, or if among the stars was a place your nest, from there would make you lose”
    “The very men who are in covenant with you, you have all deceived. Men at peace with you have prevailed against thee”
    Good post!

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  3. Sharina on said:

    Absolutely amazing!

  4. Azazel on said:

    Beautiful post! I concur. It utterly failed. It was supposed to make us angry and frustrated and drive us onto to streets en masse to protest and beg them to have conscience and be human. Instead, for many of us, the Zimmerman affair removed any hope we had of white people, in general, changing for the better. So by revealing the hideous pallid nakedness of their immorality again for all to see, we’re being mentally prepared for the shocking form that justice will take.

    To use a another biblical analogy (Ezekiel 9: 4ish – 6ish:
    “Go throughout the city of Jerusalem and put a mark on the foreheads of those who grieve and lament over all the detestable things that are done in it.” As I listened, he said to the others, “Follow him through the city and kill, without showing pity or compassion. Slaughter the old men, the young men and women, the mothers and children, but do not touch anyone who has the mark. Begin at my sanctuary.”

  5. Kushite Prince on said:

    “I waited to see if “one of us” would take the bait and burn down a white school, a white neighbourhood, a white business…I waited to see if we would implode and attack and kill every “white Hispanic” we saw. I waited to see if the Race War they predicted would indeed come. I waited for the burning of AmeriKlan as we expelled our pent-up anger and frustrations”
    Damn!! Too bad it didn’t happen.lol

  6. Courtney H on said:


    Excellent post! I read a couple of articles the other day (linked to field-negros blog ) about black people in the Philly area being shot and killed and the comments by several of the white posters were ugly and showed that white people have no conscience, and that they just hate us for the sake of hating us. How can these people live with themselves? Don’t they realize that they are going to have to answer for all their dirt? That’s the sad part about it all — that they don’t realize that they are going to have to answer for all their hate and that they are not thinking about the last judgment.

    And you are right — they have been given more than enough chances to redeem themselves. And like the Bible says, the children will have to pay for the sins of their fathers. This means that they will suffer for generations to come. And they have no one but themselves to blame.

  7. Matari on said:

    And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

    For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities.

    Reward her even as she rewarded you, and double unto her double according to her works: in the cup which she hath filled fill to her double.

    How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her: for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow.

    Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her.

    Revelation 18:4 – 18:8

  8. darqbeauty on said:

    Edom is prophesied to be a extinguished. And righteously so. Satan has used their arrogance to deceive them. Now they are starting to realize the jig is up and the more thoughtful ones want us to “come together peacefully”. No. That is NOT going to happen. There WILL be a coming war that they will start and many of us will die, however, this will coincide with the awakening of “junk” DNA in some of us. We will be the ones busting down their D.U.M.B.s with our bare hands. I have had a recurring dream where I am busting through boulders and steel and ripping a hole into something with my bare hands. I enter a bunker and I see terrified generals and mighty men. They are firing guns at me but I feel nothing but anger and the need to destroy them. I have spoken with others and some have had similar dreams. And they always seem to be from those of us “awake”. Edom will drink DOUBLE the cup fill of her filth..and so will her children. Who are destined to be handmaidens and bondsmen to us.

    Acts 2:17
    And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams

    Israel is prophesying right NOW through this thread. It is too late for them. The Most High has spoken.

  9. Tyrone on said:


    Black people now realize that “The Game” that has played out for the past 500 plus years is “Mental.” Some of us assumed that running around killing random white people was the path to liberation. Becoming a darker version of “Casper” drops us to his level. Our race is not bitter and angry, we actually love being who we are…Black! All the garbage that has been thrown at us, and black people still walk this planet. They’ll never understand what makes us tick. Most african people on this planet believe in a higher power…Spirituality! We can’t defeat them with violence, they have all the guns, tanks, and ships they want. The militant among us are in jail and the graveyard, guns and violence are a last resort. The current generation of young sistas and brothas should be smarter and wiser than those that came before them. Ain’t no excuse for this bs to continue, they have the globe in the palm of their hands. One last thing, let us not forget about Marissa Alexander. Rallies have been held around Florida for the Sista, who is serving a 20 year sentence for standing her ground…Literally? She hasn’t harmed anybody, yet, she sits in jail because a white female State Attorney has malice in her heart for blackwomen. Midterms are not that far off, we need to Turnout and Showout. But, we can’t keep voting for Zombies who serve the interests of other folk, that ish needs to stop…Bottomline!


  10. Gat Turner on said:

    They are still trying to provoke us to this day…

    Meanwhile, a screening in Silver Spring, Md., of The Butler is causing controversy after the largely African-American audience was greeted by a heavy police presence. A tweet sent out by a user named Tiffany Flowers noted that not only did armed officers check patrons’ tickets twice upon entering, but they also took up positions inside the theater facing moviegoers and watching for signs of trouble.
    Flowers subsequently accused Regal of racial profiling.

  11. Tyrone on said:

    @Gat Turner

    They tried to provoke black people, and still got egg on their face. This makes them furious. Didn’t have a chance to brand them with fingerprints and a mug shot, which is the real objective. I know a lot of brothas that have been held back from getting good jobs because of misdemeanor charges in the past…It’s Real Ya’ll! Self-Control Black People…Logic Over Emotion Wins Every Time.

    Anger In, Logic Out


  12. mstoogood4yall on said:

    The black ppl there should’ve had sense enough to walk out. I would not pay for something to be treated as a criminal or suspect. Why pay to see that mess anyway. They put the butler out to tick us off, they’ve had all this stuff come out back to back hoping we react. first it was trayvon’s killer getting off, then we saw the tape of Darius Simmons getting shot, then fruitvale station, then the Harriet Tubman tape, and now the butler and police hoping we do something. They have failed we did not react to their tactics, they will continue to pile all this stuff on to get us angry. They hope we pull a dorner and flip out on them so they can unleash all they’ve had waiting for us.

  13. mstoogood4yall on said:

    and the white guy that went to the black school in Georgia but thank goodness nobody was hurt.

  14. Darq

    You know what I find amusing?

    Now that they’ve realized that, it is they who wish to push “love, peace and forgiveness” but if we refuse, we’re the bad ones…the racist ones…the ones who can’t “let the past go.”

  15. Frederick on said:

    Here is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen..Aah!!!A breath of fresh air….Can I get a amen? BTW, I found the video of the picture…Amazing!!!Black people, “WORRY ABOUT YOU AND YOUR HOUSE FOR NOW ON BECAUSE NO ONE WILL LOOK OUT FOR US ACCEPT US!” If someone is getting robbed and killed and they are “NOT” our ethnicity, we need to treat people the way they treat us. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LrbsUVSVl8

  16. darqbeauty on said:

    The only time I’ve EVER felt like a REAL American was during 9/11. And that was at the expense of another people. They like to shift the totem pole with them at the top and the rest of us clamoring for a distant second. They want us to turn the other cheek for an eternity, while they kill everyone, incite wars and destroy our planet. Now that the fecal matter is about to hit the mechanical cooling device, it’s this, “We’re all in this together” crap. They stepped in karmic shit and now they want us to help clean the crap from the bottom of their shoes? No.
    Bondsmen and handmaidens are all they are good for now. Then the genetic trash heap.
    Ever read/watched The Time Machine? We are the Eloi; gentle, peaceful, COLORED. They are the Morlocks; living in caves, pale, evil, violent and living off the Eloi like parasites.

    I’m sorry I don’t post more often, but I follow your posts faithfully, DOAN. Keep doing what you do, Sister.

  17. darqbeauty on said:

    It was a SISTER that talked him down, but all you hear are crickets from white folks………..as they scramble to dig up something in her past to make her look less than the heroine that she is. Not a peep on why this melanin deficient troglodyte went to a predominantly Black school though. Not one person is addressing that. Let a Black man carry out a massacre on little white children and watch us all end up in Fema camps lined up for the gas chambers in the blink of an eye. That Sister was logical, thoughtful, fearless, humble AND god fearing. Praise the Most High she was there to save those children from the mad Caucanderthal.

  18. I agree with this post entirely and as a Black woman living in AmeriKKKlan, I am still mad over the verdict. That verdict woke me up completely! The trial told me that I was right not to trust White people. I realized that they aren’t to be trusted and that they don’t value or care about Black life. It is open season on us!

    I just came back from school and so far, this White bitch accused me of stealing when I gave a highlighter back to this White classmate. SMH, I was just being polite to her. So typical of them!

    This whole Zimmerman experiment showed me how White AmeriKKKlan sees us and it is not good. They don’t care about us at all. We need to separate from them for good.

  19. Well said. We need to stick together and separate from them. This country was never for us anyways.

  20. And do I count as ”militant” Black woman? I wonder.

  21. mstoogood4yall on said:

    I know that’s right. I knew he was white when they said the police arrested him and he was not shot or killed. I was like yep that’s a white guy. that sista that talked him down is definitely a shero. They will be trying to dig up dirt and when they can’t find anything yep they will remain quiet. Even if she did do something that don’t take away from the lives she saved

  22. mstoogood4yall on said:

    Bahahwhwhahahwhwah. oh thanks for that. its funny how they are saying the cops are bad, what happened ppl I thought the man in blue was a friend to u. Now he searching and removing them from their homes. I bet if it was a black family they would not have cared and would’ve thought oh its a drug raid. oh yes when this stuff starts affecting them then they realize we were right all along that u can’t trust the system and whoever has the most power and money controls it. Now they are waking up to it and want us to unite with them. tisk tisk hell no, yall by yourselves on this. I’m glad none of the black kids got hurt when that crazy white guy went into their school. That is a dam shame they complain and say oh black ppl destroy their neighborhoods hope they don’t come to ours and look at them coming to our neighborhoods and schools and trying to kill ppl.

  23. mswanda on said:

    The ancestors were protecting those children. I knew this would happen, a white man trying to shoot up a Black school. They will let him go because he is crazy and when he gets out I hope he goes to a white school and then they will be sorry when he kills a hundred on them.

  24. Azazel on said:

    Thanks for that story. Did you hear the 911 tape? The school clerk is one brave black woman.

  25. Your opening paragraph was so on point….bravo!!!!

  26. Azazel on said:

    Damn right. They only cry for themselves. This sinkhole opened up in Bayou Corne Louisiana and some people were leaving their homes out of fear for their safety. At a town meeting on the issue some white females were there sobbing and wiping tears with tissue, mouthing ‘WOW’, etc. etc. Yet very few, if any, had a teaspoon of compassion for the fate of black New Orleans during and after Katrina when they were literally running for their lives from the rising waters. The so-called white people were afraid of ‘looters’ and were going about shooting the black people who showed up in their neighboorhoods just because the land was on higher and therefore not flooded. The police gave tacit approval. We saw the same thing with Trayvon Martin. Many ‘respectable’ commenters expressed glee that Zimmurderer got off scot free. Now even if you think he was not legally culpable why be happy about a situation that resulted in death? I don’t waste my compassion on whites any more. I believe they have a lot of tragedies stored up for themselves; some of their own creation, some not. So if I didn’t learn to limit my compassion to deserving people, I’d have a heart attack.

  27. Everyone:

    Here’s my million dollar question for the night:

    If they know that doom awaits them, why haven’t they changed by now? Why continue to perpetuate the same evil mindset?

  28. anonymous on said:

    Negress I knew from the beginning that Zimmerman would be acquitted, and that the jury would be all white.

    What many in White America do not understanding is that this case has a significance that will have a huge bearing on the legal system, and it will have grave consequences spiritually. I saw Sandy Hook, the sinking hotel in Florida, the bombing in Boston as indicative of this. This is sadly just the beginning. I have argued strenuously on the internet with unenlightened, racist people that the same things that are happening to Black folk is coming to a neighborhood near them.

    I knew that we would not riot, as they seemed to anticipate. This anticipation sickened me to no end. Do they really see us as only capable of rioting? Are we that much of a monolith to them? Is our existence so narrow, so constrained that we cannot escape this perception of us as shifty, lazy, violent, disease ridden, unintelligent, criminal people, who are incapable of enlightenment, or even achieving anything worthwhile. Do they not realize that we are able to sense their intentions, good or bad? This is how we survived slavery, and continue to survive despite everything that was done to us, from the moment we were captured and enslaved.

    I am also facing a spiritual quandary. So many Christians who happen to be white and share these same ideals, and beliefs, I am beginning to think that they truly believe Jesus and God are white, as opposed to God, being the creator of all life, of all people.

    When the verdict was handed down in the George Zimmerman case, and the shameful behavior that so many exhibited around the case, posting postmortem pictures of Trayvon Martin, creating targets with hoodies, and all kinds of other ding bat behavior, I began to feel like there is truly no hope for this country at all. They also seem to forget that in today’s world news travels fast, and people around the world are often more informed than the average American about what is going on in this country. It is shameful what they are doing, and it goes against all the rhetoric that they constantly spew about God and country. This country is in a spiritual, and moral crisis, and so many people in the “dominant culture,” seem to be unwilling or unable to grasp how serious these issues are. It is almost as if they are regressing to some type of juvenile black and white thinking/behaviors. A few of them are trying to tell them something, but they cannot even seem to listen to their own people.

    We have lived parallel to each other in this country for centuries, yet most of them don’t even have a fundamental idea of who we are as a people or the dynamics that have shaped who we are, or even our history. We live in two separate worlds and two separate realities. They make themselves busy with wanting to study the middle east, or going to exotic far flung reaches of the world, examining and applying Euro-centric standards to other cultures and people, yet Black people, Native People, Asian People, Latin@, people who live right in their backyard, they do not want to understand. I am really spiritually, and mentally tired of all that has happened thus far. Sorry for the long rant, but when a child is killed and then the person who is guilty is not brought to justice, it is sickening.

    I am sure someone will read this and respond that people in the Black community are dying every day. We have been programmed to die, through extermination of each other, internalized self hatred, and racist genocidal acts committed against us in direct and indirect ways. If any of them really cared, they would take the time out to be aware that there are people in the Black community who work hard, take care of home, and also who are working to try and uplift the community, but in reality they do not want that. It also disgust me that I can predict the outcome of a trail, by simply following the logic of what they did that was similar in other cases. As your system of justice goes, so goes the rest of your country. Again, I am sorry for the long rant, I just needed to get this off my chest. I still want to believe that what makes man higher than animals, is that we are given the ability to transcend the self, to rise above our baser nature, but with what has been going down lately, in terms of race relations, I wonder at times if I am wrong. Most White Americans who agree with the Zimmerman verdict, and ascribe to certain ways of thinking about race would do well to remember that: “A house divided against itself, cannot stand.”

  29. darqbeauty on said:

    Because they are so mired in…so very entrenched by their delusions that change is not an option. They have rejected the Spirit so many times that it does not dwell in them anymore. They are completely taken over by darkness. Satan needed a people to work his magic through, and they are the ones that stepped up to answer that call. Yet, he does not care for them anymore than he cares for us. He knows, more than anyone, that pride goeth before a fall.
    They taint their offspring with their lies and hate and that is what their legacy will be. One of deception and lies. They don’t stop because at this point they CANNOT stop. Prophecy must be fulfilled.

    Jeremiah 16:19
    O Lord, my strength, and my fortress, and my refuge in the day of affliction, the Gentiles shall come unto thee from the ends of the earth, and shall say, Surely our fathers have inherited lies, vanity, and things wherein there is no profit.

    And after they come to the realization of their lies, they will offer supplication to us…for naught. They will be despised through out the Earth for the same reason they wanted to place themselves above all on the Earth. Their skin color. There will come a time when nations will turn them away. When they will be hunted. Because of the Judgement they brought to the Earth.

    I say this most succinctly, “Fuck them.” Because they are, in all seriousness, fucked. Royally fucked. As in the royal bloodline of Judah is coming to get you fucked.

    Excuse my language.

  30. Frederick on said:

    It is simple, it is in their DNA to manipulate, control and destroy everyone that isn’t like them at all. Here is an old saying; a tiger never change its stripes, “THEY WILL ALWAYS BE EVIL!!!!”

  31. mstoogood4yall on said:

    wow thanks I did not hear it before, she is amazing. The way she was able to talk him down and was sweet and even told a bit about herself and even said I love u, that is what true humanity looks like. She deserves all the blessings in the world, she is a real shero. I know she will not get the credit she deserves from this white media but we gotta do that.

  32. mstoogood4yall on said:

    Yes the ancestors and the creator were definitely watching and protecting the children and that brave sista. good won against evil this round, feels so good. The way that sista was able to keep calm and talk him down with such humility is amazing to me. This is what true humanity looks like for sure. we are protected as we are the firstborns. No matter what they’ve done to us we are still here, but now its time to transition from us just surviving to us thriving.

  33. mstoogood4yall on said:

    good question. I cannot answer the question since only they can, I only offer some theories. I think they haven’t changed because it is passed from generation to generation. By doing the same evil they have the same result which is white supremacy ,power and control. They have not changed because the stakes are too high now, and they are afraid that we will turn on them if they ever lift their foot off our necks. So they probably think well I might as well continue on having power instead of giving it up and being an outcast. They figure I have nothing to lose if I am going to suffer later I might as well live the high life now. But I also believe they are used to wake more of us up. If they continue their evil more of the asleep will see it for what it is and wake up and join us the conscious ones and be strong. Either way there is no turning back for them or for us, it is our destiny.

  34. Mstoogood

    Paul Mooney has claimed that it’s in their DNA.

  35. Anonymous

    White Christians are perhaps the worst of mankind. The origin of their religion came from Albert Pike and was used to lynch us.

  36. mstoogood4yall on said:

    do not apologize i enjoyed ur comment.
    They do not want to understand us and other ppl of color because we are reminders of the pain and disruption they have caused so they go to other countries to get away from all the white guilt they see here. I think they have studied black ppl and continue to, they just don’t want us to study and learn about ourselves. They know the truth and hid it from us for a reason.
    Yes ppl around the world see their evil ways, they will continue to do as much evil as possible until they are destroyed. They might think well i’m going to be taken down eventually I might as well enjoy it and cause as much destruction as I can before my end. Their biggest fear imo is being exposed, they do not want us to go complain to the world or to the un, ppl that have tried were killed. They want us to remain in squabble while they set the charge and exit out the back door. The few of them that do understand know what is to come and have tried to warn others but their voices are not loud enough. They know that all will be cursed or destroyed, the majority do not care as they know if they stop now it won’t matter their sins and their karma are already coming back to get them.

  37. mstoogood4yall on said:

    @ ms negress

    It could be in their dna, whatever it is, it is being passed down from generation to generation. I wonder how much of this is planned , predestined. Either way we all have a part to play, this life they get to play the powerful bad guy, we get to play the creators chosen ones. More and more are waking up to their evil ways whether they are their evil choices or their evil genes, doesn’t matter the ball is rolling now and they are being paid back for all the evil they’ve caused.

  38. Azazel on said:

    I think some of them knew things we didn’t even know from digging up ancient ruins and such. This is why they had to impose their concocted religions on black people and adopt a relentlessly genocidal attitude. If they’re none of us left or we’re all too brainwashed to develop spiritual insight then they thought their empire could continue forever. But you can’t change times and seasons and universal law. The only thing their additional evils may have affected is the severity of the inevitable retribution!

    On another note, I’m feeling oppressively strong vibes about a certain month of this year. In fact, one morning as I awoke something like a voice declared a relationship between myself and that month which is untrue…unless it is a re-. (Yeah, I know I’m being vague). I later noticed that late 2013 is packed full of celestial phenomena. There will be the blood red moon of a Lunar eclipse, the darkness of a Solar eclipse and major comets approaching the sun during an expected period of maximum solar activity. While NASA denies a connection, the Sun has repeatedly flared or had mass ejections during close approaches of coments (including a full halo ejection due to a small comet on the 20th of this month).

    But regardless of all that, a ‘feeling’ is what made me look around in the first place so it’s all I have to go off. This isn’t a left-brained thing and I can’t actually explain it. I’m not a doomsday person or one to predict things. I laughed at Harold Camping and slept sounding through Dec. 21, 2012. So I’m just curious if anyone else has had a strong premonition about late 2013. Do you have a strange feeling (mostly anticipation mixed with some dread) that it will be significant globally and personally? Or am I alone in this?

  39. Azazel

    No, you’re not alone. My senses are reeling to the point that I’m having dreams while half awake. something is happening on this planet and it involves the sun, our direct relative and spiritual guide.

    I don’t know what that thing is but it’s happening and it’s very real.

  40. Azazel on said:


    Good to know. Iron sharpens iron.

  41. “If they know that doom awaits them, why haven’t they changed by now? Why continue to perpetuate the same evil mindset?”

    They don’t just think they’re the best of people, they’ve confused their identity with God’s. That’s why Ogo/Yurugu is the “self-willed one”

    They mistake their doom with transcendence – their arrogance blinded them so badly they’ve mistaken God for Satan and Satan for God, so the bright new future they see in store for themselves is actually the darkest, deepest pit in hell.

  42. And the country DOESN’T belong to them either! It wasn’t for THEM either……please, let us stop giving THEM, the demon spawn, stuff that they do not deserve…..This IS OUR COUNTRY, TOO…….life is what you make of it. Until THEY take their asses back to Europe…..My roots are here ….OUR bodies have adapted to this latitude….OUR minds are adapted to this latitude…..OUR culture IS on this latitude….GIVE THEM NOTHING…..we belong here as much as THEY do! DON’T let that European Demon Blood God that they have forced on us DECEIVE YOU into giving them something that ALL OF OUR ANCESTORS have paid with their blood to build…..

    It disheartens me to see my people GIVE UP! Just like the devil THEY ONLY GET what WE LET THEM HAVE!

    We need to stop looking OUTSIDE OF OURSELVES for love and acceptance….EVERYTHING THAT WE NEED TO BE SUCCESSFUL IS INSIDE OF US!!!! You just have to know that….We need to stop looking for love in Satan’s spawn. We have had several hundred years enough to know how THAT always ends….TIME TO CHANGE OUR GAME!!!

    As Ghandi said….BE THE CHANGE THAT YOU WISH TO SEE….fighting the devil is not easy, but the battle IS WINNABLE! True God NEVER puts in a fight that we don’t have a 50/50 chance of getting out of it.

  43. darqbeauty on said:

    Oh, and the daughter on the left looks like Marlon Wayans in that movie “White Girls”.

  44. Frederick on said:

    You guys should see this PSA commercial….Very powerful…. A lot of white people and non-blacks will be very angry.

  45. Frederick

    I’m at the point now where I almost feel sorry for white people. They are so far gone…it’s kinda sad and heartbreaking at the same time. Their entire race is a slow moving train wreck. And they don’t seem to know it.

  46. Mickey on said:

    And did you know that there were protests in England and other countries regarding Trayvon Martin? American media does not reveal this. There are people around the world that see how Black people are being treated in America.

  47. mswanda on said:

    You are so right T D-Ham. This country belongs to us. Black people were here before the Vikings and the red Indians. This is a lie that and a cover up that we were all brought here as slaves. There is proof that we were here and even book written by whites that the first “indian” they saw was Black. Out here in AZ where I live the Grand Canyon they are finding artifacts just like the ones in Kemet. They also closed down a portion of it because of the pyramids that are just below the surface. All kinds of activity going on around that area. They won’t be able to contain the truth for too long.
    At one time the whole state of CA was owned by Blacks. We have always been here and we should never let whites and Indian tell you different. Whites are the real immigrants. Most of them are fourth generation and have the nerve to tell you to go back to Africa. We didn’t come from Africa, we have always been here. We are the true natives not the red Indian. Their claim to this country is as fraudulent as the Fake Hebrews is to Israel.
    I would like the family to read Blackout through Whitewash by Dr. Suzar. Interesting book. It explains all about how whites hid our history from us.

  48. kowaba on said:

    I believe it is in their DNA. It’s hard to believe that it is a learned phenomenon. The reason why I write this is because there was a COWS episode, an interview with Mark Riding, back in October 2009, in the interview Riding describes how his adopted white daughter refused to talk about racism with his family. Everyone in the family is black except for the adopted white daughter. I thought that statement was very telling. It’s beyond social cues; it’s instinctual for them.

    Here’s a link to a set of COWS archives: http://archive.org/details/TheCowsRadioShow

    It’s 46 on the playlist.

    Why they refuse to change and not even admit it is beyond me. I’m assuming they get some sort of pleasure out of it. One wouldn’t keep doing the same thing if it bothered them so much. I saw this film called the Color of Fear (1994); the white guy in the film said that he didn’t feel anything when people who were not white were mistreated. Perhaps they continue to do what they do because they can do so with impunity.

    Here’s a link to the film if anyone wishes to see it: http://vimeo.com/40602451

  49. Frederick on said:

    Why do we always have to apologize to everything? Why? That isn’t fair when whites and non-black people play our music and steal our style but do not want to have anything to do with us. Oprah shouldn’t never have to apologize for being discriminated against. We black people have allowed people to control our minds, bodies and souls until a lot of us still have that slave mentality..It is a mental illness.

  50. Morning folks:

    I got this letter from a white man this morning. Funny how they cannot stay away from us…

    “The Zimmerman case had nothing to do with race. But you’re so bend on hating white people that there is nothing that anyone can say to you to make you think otherwise. It’s a shame you have so much hated. Where is it rooted from? What is the real problem? Don’t you see that you spread hypocrisy? I’m done with your idiotic blog. If anyone reading this has any self-respect, you should abandon this hate monger and find joy in life. Goodbye.”

    You know, for the life of me, I cannot understand why these beings are bent set on following us everywhere we go. Even in cyberspace when we try relentlessly to dodge them, they follow us, read every word we write and feel the burning need to give us their opinions. Mental illness indeed.

    By the way, did you notice he asked, “Where is it rooted from? What’s the real problem?” LOL!

  51. Courtney H on said:

    @ mstoogood4yall:

    Well said!

    @ Tenacious D-Ham:

    We should not be quoting Gandhi. Tariq Nasheed said on his tape Hidden Colors 2 (I have heard about it, but not seen it) that Gandhi was a racist b—— who hated black people and called the ones in South Africa kaffirs (the South African version of n—–s.

  52. Courtney H on said:

    @ anonymous:

    Excellent points! You are saying what I am thinking! Well said!

  53. Courtney H on said:

    @ negress:

    My mother used to call those white Christians nice/nasty Christians — in other words, fake Christians. Some of the worst-behaving white people make such a big deal about what good Christians they are. All they do is talk. The Bible says that people who use Gods name for false purposes and putting on a good face are going to go to hell!

  54. Courtney H on said:

    @ Frederick:


  55. mstoogood4yall on said:

    @ Courtney H

    yep and speaking of white Christians look at this vid of this crazy racist white Christian woman. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aD62rdILs_Q

  56. Azazel on said:


    I recently saw a report that they found ‘Egyptian’ pyramids in frozen Antarctica!
    The civilization of people that lived on this planet during most ancient times was global civilization. I guarantee you that they’re not finding that white people were responsible for any of these ancient ruins.

  57. Azazel on said:


    Interesting. Eloi is curiously close to Elohim – the Biblical creators of Adam.
    There is also story by H.P Lovecraft that talks about an ancient civilization in Antarctica that created a creature called the Shoggoth which eventually overran them and caused them to abandon it. Funny how they are always coming up with these plotlines.

  58. mstoogood4yall on said:

    bhahahwhahh rofl, thanks truth I needed that. I will try to answer the dumb questions

    “Where is it rooted from?”
    hmm well the hatred is rooted in u, we don’t hate anybody, if we did then that woman would’ve told the guy who held up the school that she hated him not love him. it is yall who hate and discriminate, show me an incident where an unarmed white male was shot by a black police officer while yelling the word cr@#a.

    “What is the real problem?”

    now do u really want to know the answer to this question?

    “Don’t you see that you spread hypocrisy?”

    really now, don’t u see the media spreads hypocrisy and lies as well. Don’t u see its hypocrisy that its white males going shooting up schools yet they want to stop and frisk black and latinos more. Isn’t it hypocrisy that when they had cointelpro on us yall didn’t care now that they watching ur ass u wanna complain. isn’t it hypocrisy that after hurricane Katrina ppl were being killed by vigilantes and nobody has been charged and they wouldn’t send help yet they hurried up and helped those white folks after sandy. Isn’t it hypocrisy that they had blacks serving in ww2 fighting for the us while the us was warring against them and their rights and would beat and kill the blacks that dared wear their uniform in public once they got back to America.

    I will answer the dumb ass question of what is the real problem, gee idk maybe it is yall,

  59. Azazel on said:

    LOL, I know. It’s our almost limitless compassion biting us in the rear again. That’s the only reason this has gone on for so long. Sometimes I think about what they’re unwittingly bringing on themselves and I almost feel sorry. But I know that when the time of vengeance comes that emotion will not be present. Because they’ll act in a way so as to provoke pure unadulterated rage. It’s like the end of Isaiah 63:

    “I looked, but there was no one to help,
    I was appalled that no one gave support;
    so my own arm achieved salvation for me,
    and my own wrath sustained me.
    I trampled the nations in my anger;
    in my wrath I made them drunk
    and poured their blood on the ground.”

  60. Azazel on said:

    What’s the root of it? lol! I know for a fact that white people would NEVER consider burying the hatchet if a people did to them what they have done and continue to do to us. After 9/11 the country had such a lust for blood that it couldn’t even recognize that Iraq had nothing to do with the attack and didn’t have a credible ‘nukular’ program. They chide us for hate? We are an incredibly long-suffering and compassionate people! When is the last time we planted bombs at places white people frequent like what happens regularly in Israel? We seldom did things like that even during the height of Jim Crow. During that time white people were bombing churches with little girls in them and burning people out of their homes. They mistake our patience for weakness and continue to push buttons.

  61. Mickey

    What most white AmeriKlans do not wish to accept is how other nations see them.

  62. Frederick and Azazel

    I pity them. That’s all.

  63. And he’s still writing me letters…which I won’t publish.

  64. blakksage on said:

    @Mswanda, thanks for mentioning Dr. Suzar’s book, “Blackout. “Edomites don’t seem to understand that you cannot bur, hide or erase history away. History has an unexplained buoyancy to itself. And each time something is revealed, history literally smack flugelrods across their face due to their devilry behavior and inform us just how much these subspecimen are incapable of telling the truth. Slave grave sites have been. excavated in New York city and the Henrietta Marie, a slave cargo ship was uncovered off of the coast of Florida. The ship was ladened with African pottery and other artifacts.

  65. And the root of his letter is ignorance and lack of understanding as well as his own deep rooted racism. I am sick of them following us and obsessing over us too. It is so annoying.

  66. That photo wasn’t after the verdict but during the trial, but no matter it still wasn’t cute. My brain has grown tired of both fat Zim Zim and his people. Also, he was spotted at a gun show yesterday and was welcomed with open arm. Killing niggers get you star on Hollyweird walk of fame.

  67. Ghostwriter on said:


    I love this article is on point and right on time. Our people need to hear that, and see the truth.

  68. Nat Turners' Revenge on said:

    I love that we gather like piranha around issues meant to destroy us. Yet there is never a time on any post, any thread @DOAN that jacobian/victorian/Shakespearean bible verses in the ‘kings english’ aren’t thrown in as comments.

    Question: If TRUTH had a MSG for mankind (and she does) would you trust any being other than her to deliver it?

    Yes, they stole our style regarding spiritual systems/religion & ‘SUBJUGATED’ us to in the united snakes… THIS YOU KNOW!

    The king james version of the bible was not written by someone who looks like you.

    king james was not someone who looked like you or was a king to your ancestors in Africa. He & his wife, however, did own/charter most slave ships in the african slave trade… And was a flaming bisexual.

    So why would you accept this MSG from anyone other than your own?

    I’m not off subject. I know what this post is about. It’s just that these references/quotes taint the site & are COUNTER-REVOLUTIONARY.

    And stay the fuck off Facebook.

  69. Courtney H on said:


    Thanks for posting this! That woman is racist and crazy — a BAD combination! It has led to all kinds of vicious nonsense!

  70. Tyrone on said:


    Militant Blackmen gave us Bloods & Crips, Guns & Violence, Pimps & Hustlers, and so forth. The integrationists and militants are equally bad. Both of them want us to bow to others, WTF? I’m sick of their bs. Muslim blackmen are killing their own for a so-called religion of peace just to impress a bunch of white arabs that hate blackmen anyway…It’s Beyond Sick! Proud black women and men don’t worship the enemies of our race…Period! Pro-Black is the correct term Adeen. You have no idea how vexed i am about this issue, Real Talk. These militant negros are the alibi for gangsta-rappers(buttkissers). Supposed to be proud blackmen kissing the asses of Italian Mobsters who laugh at them. If this applies to you, Wake The Hell Up!!!


  71. Matari on said:

    “king james was not someone who looked like you or was a king to your ancestors in Africa. He & his wife, however, did own/charter most slave ships in the african slave trade… And was a flaming bisexual.

    So why would you accept this MSG from anyone other than your own?”


    @Nat Turner

    Speaking solely for myself and no one else here, I (a black man) say this:

    I don’t care if King James adulterated some or all of the Bible! And what if he did look like me, would that make his influence, adulterations, any more or any less true? I think not.

    You should know that all BLACK people aren’t absolutely holy (righteous) by virtue of their melanin. Holiness is a character trait (of the heart/soul/Spirit) that’s obviously not always determined strictly by the color of one’s skin.

    If you don’t like scriptures, that’s YOUR “personal” preference. If you don’t like the quotes, oh well. Last time I checked, this wasn’t YOUR blog …

    Without going into historical details, my belief or understanding is that some blacks/Africans/Ethiopians have been a part of this God/Creator originated Spirituality long before the white man came along and bastardized (religionized) it. Yet still, the ESSENCE and TRUTH and APPLICATION and SPIRIT of the Bible more or less remains intact – at least for me!

    If you see my use of, or faith in the validity of some scriptures as counter-revolutionary, then that’s YOUR problem and issue.

    In the meantime, I will continue to follow MY OWN conscience/instructions and do what I believe is right.

    I appreciate you making your feelings and thoughts known.
    Thank you.

  72. Nat Turners' Revenge on said:

    Exactly. Your mental enslavement is synonymous with supporting white supremacy. If my comment warranted that response then your comprehension of my statement has yet to begin. Seek the truth in everything. Accepting false info no different than bad gas in your vehicle: see how far you get…

  73. Tyrone on said:


    Emotionally, i feel you blackman. Strategically, the timing is off. We have to remove the crab element of our race first and foremost. I believe in Karma, they will pay for their wickedness…Please Believe! It’s already taking place…The Middle East( The Aryan Invaders) who decimated the African populations in Central Asia and Greater India. They’re the original slave barons. TheReality…Whites hate each other, get out of the way black people. We should be more concerned about The Black Klan in Africa and the US that are the biggest threat to our race…Congo, Somalia, Sudan, Nigeria, Mali, Chad, and so forth.

    We should mourn for all of our people, not just those killed by racist non-blacks. This generation worships death, they don’t wanna live to see 80. I don’t think they have it in them…Male & Female! Let’s see if they keep being afraid of “Kemetic Principles.”


  74. Azazel on said:

    They want to be us without being us. They want our essence to be theirs but they want to remain who they are. It is a fundamentally vampiric desire that’s contradictory and impossible to fulfill perfectly! But they go a far way by sucking from their victims then redefining them as something else. So black people, who had been doing all the real work for centuries were branded as the lazy ones. And the ‘Indians’ who were hospitable and only fought to defend the land from rapacious invaders became the savages.

    This is part of the reason their behavior seems so insane. They have no light within themselves so they always have to take. (Darkness is chemical light! Yes! Contradictory but true! Black substance is captured light.) Then they have to destroy and redefine so as not to be reminded of their appropriations. In this way, what they have taken comes to be seen as originally theirs. So we’re here and they hate us. But if we all packed up and went to the moon they’d work tirelessly to get there too. Because they would not be able to tolerate not having what we would be experiencing there. You almost want to laugh when they say ‘go back to Africa’ when there are white people all over Africa and even extreme white supremacy like Apartheid existed. Ultimately, for peace to flourish, they’ll have to be contained and I believe the pitch black universe will help us.

  75. Matari on said:

    You don’t KNOW me, so you have no basis to state whether I’m supporting white supremacy or not.

    Bad gas?

    You have no knowledge of my journey, how far (or long) I’ve traveled, where I’ve been and so on ..

    I’m very happy with how far this GAS has gotten me thus far.

    Mr. Neely Fuller is dead on regarding the fact that some people cannot gather together with their own and be constructive. Seems to me that you have a lot of TRUTH seeking to do for yourself. Good luck with that.

  76. Azazel on said:

    I believe that much of the Bible is appopriated, bastardized black spirituality. I quote it sometimes but I do not quote it as infallible ‘truth’. It’s just a fact that parts of the Bible match conclusions I’ve come to on my own but I’m not appealing to it as an authority.

    I believe our way out of this situation is spirituality not religion or carnal warfare. It is not possible to prevail over Yurugu while being limited to his technology and his conception of the divine. Recently, I’ve had epiphanies triggered in many ways so I don’t think it’s impossible for the Bible to be a part of that occasionally. When the time for awakening arrives clues start popping up in unlikely places.

    More and more I’m understanding that this entire affair with white people was an ALLOWANCE. They are not equal to us by the tiniest stretch of imagination. Superiority is laughable indeed. This is something everyone has to discover and experience because if I begin to suggest how far the wormhole might extend I’ll sound crazy.

    Anyway, I agree with you that one of the first steps is becoming mentally free of white religions. I did that years ago. That’s the reason I can now take a look at various books of the Bible with a fresh trio 😉 of eyes.

  77. idk how this turned into a debate about the bible. Idc what religion any of us are , I just care about conscious black ppl coming together. Yes we know organized religion is not so good for us, but there are some things that we can learn from different books including the bible. That does not mean we believe everything in there, but it does offer some good predictions. I don’t believe everything but it is amazing how certain things in there have been proven to be effective, like they drank wine in moderation and it has been proven that wine is good for u in moderation. Same thing with what it says to eat, ppl that don’t eat pork and all that are healthier. There are things in there I don’t agree with but i’m learning that even in things u would not think are a teaching tool actually teaches u something. I see certain ppl and I used to think I can’t learn anything from them, but even then they do or say something that has worth.

  78. darqbeauty on said:

    King James was Black and NOT a homosexual.The slander comes AFTER his death from people in his court who were ousted. A nobleman wrote the letter which was largely dismissed since the people who KNEW King James were still alive and knew better. Here is a link.

  79. Question for anyone:

    What’s the problem with black folks why we can’t just forgo the petty bullshit and come together to fight a common enemy? You know, the Anglo-saxon thinks he’s better than the Jew, the Italian and the Frenchman. But…when it comes to oppressing us, they’ll put their differences aside and gang up on us to tear us down.

    For the life of me I cannot fathom why we are the only race on the planet that must be cajoled to band together. We’re also the only race on this planet who must be told we should love each other, respect each other, support each other and stop bickering.

    I’m almost at the point now of doing what many have done in our past. Hang up my hat and call it a day and focus on more constructive issues in my own life. Listen to what I’m saying once and for all:

    I do not give a fuck what “religion” / Spiritual path you practice!

    Do you get it?

    I don’t care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There’s but one Creator and what you call Her/Him is none of my business. If you read the bible, which I STILL do along with the Quran and the writings of the Dogon, great! I don’t care! What you called God…Jah, Yah, Eloheem, I don’t care!

    And for those of you that do not believe in any Carbon Force….I don’t care!

    Let’s just stop the bullshit and fight these Demons already! Armageddon is already here on earth. I need focused people in my spiritual army. I’m tired of playing referee to this fucking childishness. Get over it and just band together now!

  80. Kushite Prince on said:

    I feel you man. Our people need to see the writing on the wall.

  81. This seems like an interesting topic. Im a bit surprised that this turned into a debate about religion/spirituality.

    Similar to what Negress is saying, this is what we as black people must understand as said by our black prince-Malcolm X(El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz) in his message to the Grassroots.
    “What you and I need to do is learn to forget our differences. When we come together, we don’t come together as Baptists or Methodists. You don’t catch hell because you’re a Baptist, and you don’t catch hell because you’re a Methodist. You don’t catch hell because you’re a Methodist or Baptist, you don’t catch hell because you’re a Democrat or a Republican, you don’t catch hell because you’re a Mason or an Elk, and you sure don’t catch hell because you’re an American; because if you were an American, you wouldn’t catch hell. You catch hell because you’re a black man. You catch hell, all of us catch hell, for the same reason.”
    -Remember as black people, we dont catch hell because we are Jamaicans, Nigerians, Trinidadians,Southern,Catholics, atheists and what not, we catch hell because we are black people living under a system of death(white supremacy) that has tried and sometimes successfully robbed us of our human dignity for generations thus damaging the quality of our lives.
    Or another quote by Malcolm X concering religion-Any time I have to accept a religion that won’t let me fight a battle for my people, I say to hell with that religion.” http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/m/malcolmx402489.html

    Anyway back to original topic, I will admit Negress that I am bit surprised that there was no 1992 L.A. riots concering this case however it is good to know that we could keep our civility in yet another tense time concering black men and the criminal justice system. Anyway, once again, as black people we should be aware that America was never truly intended for us.Thats why integration(the 50 plus years of it) has failed because the white man is still the big boss. As always stressed, our focus should be on our communities instead of seeking and wanting acceptance from white folks.

  82. Azazel on said:

    Well said.

    I’m completely non-discriminatory as far as black people are concerned. So much so that some of my own people might not agree with my stance on certain things. But as long as black people are keen to help rather than hurt their people I’m for them.

    For example, I think it is a spiritual, tactical and strategic mistake to ‘de-race’ homosexual black people. Whose camp are we sending them to? How could they possibly support a black nation in which they couldn’t exist? They’d have no choice but to fight us! Whereas if we accepted them they’d have talents to contribute. That’s the tactical/strategic component.

    But why would I say it’s a spiritual mistake when so many religions (hmph) denounce homosexuality? Because if you believe in any kind of singularity at the core of everything that exists (God, if you will) it has to be simultaneously masculine and feminine. It is the very he/she some of us would look at with scorn if it manifested as a human. This is why some cultures revered the hermaphrodite.

    IMO, the magic of the universe is that it always achieves harmony even among apparent difference. We are all, in a sense, male and female because we all came from a mother and father. Yet, from this foundation of unity we usually manifest as different genders. However, it is not at all impossible for me to imagine that some individuals (for reasons known to God) could retain the duality and come into the world ambiguous as to our general idea of male and female. Therefore I do not think it is my place to say that they shouldn’t exist.

    It’s likely that we were much less judgemental about this in the past. The so-called sodomy laws that exist in the Caribbean and parts of Africa are all colonial laws! And it seems likely that the Europeans passed them because of what they observed among the people. (shock, horror…lol) Joyce Banda of Malawi and Portia Simpson Miller of Jamaica seemed open to overturning them but it’d be politically unpopular. I don’t think there was a segregated ‘gay community’ in the past but there was probably expression of same-gender affection that would shock our modern sensibilities.

    For those who identify with Africa and Nile Valley civilization, the joint mastaba (grave) of Khnumhotep and Niankhkhnum is interesting. They were both men, manicurists, buried together, and depicted embracing arm-in-arm with their noses touching. Their names can be translated as ‘joined in life and in death’. But yet, they also have children! So everyone looking at this from a modern perspective is totally perplexed about what exactly they would be by our definitions.

    But all reasoning aside, the simple fact is that any ideology which causes division is not useful! That’s what we have to get through our heads. We have no friends out there so we’d better get it together among ourselves.

  83. samadhi on said:

    “I believe it is in their DNA. It’s hard to believe that it is a learned phenomenon.
    the white guy in the film said that he didn’t feel anything when people who were not white were mistreated. Perhaps they continue to do what they do because they can do so with impunity.”


    I think you’re right, there was an experiment showing that white people had no empathy for people of colour, basically they don’t see us as human beings.

    Wich I think is why they act like sociopath with nonwhites but are at the same time compassionate with their pets and their own kind.

    You can read it all here (+check out the comments)

    White people lack empathy for brown people, brain research shows.

  84. Tyrone on said:


    That ship set sail a long time ago, ain’t no turning back. Convincing blacks that lack racial awareness is the brick wall that we keep running into. A sub-group of blacks exist on this planet that keep WS on life support. We know the names and faces, no need to list them from A to Z. Zimmerman had his own group of “Black Cheerleaders” and so forth. They had no shame or fear in revealing themselves to the masses. Whites want us to cry over a white baseball player from Australia killed by a black thug? At the same time, they have no empathy for the lives and families of innocent black people killed by racist white cops and citizens. That nonsense doesn’t fly with me. It’s all or nothing right now, one of us has to win outright. And, we will be victorious, despite the crabs in our race and haters outside of it.


  85. Hey Doan!
    When you said this
    “I’ve gotten emails from blogger buddies of mine on the true origin of Tracy Martin. I’ve gotten emails on the true origin of Travyon Martin and George Zimmerman.”
    I began to wonder. I received and confirmed similar info recently and was wondering if you’d allow it on your blog-after first vetting everything of course.
    If you want to see it let me know. If you decide not to run it I fully understand.

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