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Fukushima: What Does it Mean For the Black Community?

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12 thoughts on “Fukushima: What Does it Mean For the Black Community?

  1. Courtney H on said:

    My sister does not want to buy cars or anything from Japan now, because the radiation from Fukushima is still in the soil, water, and plant life. And cars (Toyota, Nissan, etc.) that are made in Japan years after the nuclear are still contaminated. Keep in mind that people are still dying from radiation sickness decades after the atomic bomb drops on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and their children and grandchildren are likely to be contaminated with radiation sickness for generations to come.

  2. The situation is actually much more volatile than the presenter is making it out to be, as unbelievable as that may seem. The entire Fukushima reactor site is at risk of sinking due to the amount of water they’ve been pumping in to keep the spent fuel rods from going critical.

    Now they’re planning on “freezing” the entire area, which from what I’ve read entails using tons of freon and other toxic chemicals….

    If it collapses, and those rods contact each other and cause a chain reaction there’s a good chance the entire northern hemisphere could end up unsuitable for future life. Needless to say, don’t buy any merchandise, food, etc. that’s manufactured in Japan.

  3. Courteney and Bry

    The situation is critical now. Water takes the path of least resistance. That means our seafood, soil, plant life, etc is/ will be contaminated. What will we do when the radiation makes its way directly to our shores?

    What will be eat? How will we live? What do we do? Live in a bubble?

  4. It already has made its way to our shores, remember that California is our number one supplier of fruits and veggies, and the meltdown happened 2.5 years ago.

    With a disaster of this magnitude there really isn’t anything that can be done, at least nothing feasible that I’ve read or heard about. I stand by self-knowledge, if everything is inter-related, changing yourself changes everything else.

    That all sounds crazy when we’re talking about measurable, scientific phenomenon, but remember just as every 100 years we can look back at previous generations as insane for the things they accepted as true, so will future generations see us.

    Maybe they’ll see us all as a bunch of Chicken Littles as the earth herself puts a measures into place to cleanse and protect her children. However, we could all die horrible, painful deaths in which case we won’t have jack s**t to be worried about.

    The only thing that’s for certain is that tomorrow always comes.

  5. Azazel on said:

    Wow, weird synchronicity. I had just watched this very video and was reading about the disaster at Fukushima which is WAY worse than most people know. It is an environmental catastrophe that has been ongoing since 2011 and there is no end in sight. In fact, they recently raised the severity. It’s level 3 now which is a ‘serious incident’.

    As usual, with any crisis, black people would be on our own. I never forget Katrina. People fleeing the floodwaters unleashed by the shattered levees were shot at indiscriminately by their white neighbours. They never let a good crisis go to waste and will certainly use it to advance their agenda. It is said that post-Katrina New Orleans is a ‘richer, whiter’ city. It might be for the best anyway as the sea is itching to reclaim that whole area. Louisiana is sinking measurably and literally disappearing under water. A few capitals of injustice have met this fate. (Port Royal in Jamaica is an example that comes to mind.) There is a fault line further North called the New Madrid Fault Line that has generated huge Earthquakes in the past. One has to wonder what would happen to the already unstable Mississippi delta if another big temblor originated there.

    But back to Fukushima. It’s a mess and it’ll eventually become obvious that it’s everyone’s problem. It’s not a matter of if there will be another earthquake in Japan but WHEN and the ground under the reactors is very unstable due to groundwater buildup as they tried to limit runoff into the ocean. It’s just a disaster waiting to become a worse disaster. There are tons of fuel rods in the damaged facility. It’s dangerous to interfere with them and it’s dangerous to leave them alone. It’s really, really scary **** that you aren’t even hearing much about.

  6. This whole thing is crazy, natural energy makes the most sense and is safe but I guess common sense ain’t so common nowadays. The media does not really want to talk about this, japan is not equipped to fix this alone imo they stay denying things and downplaying them. They are trying to make it like this won’t affect ppl and that ppl won’t die from this. China says their water isn’t contaminated don’t know if I believe that, of course they would say that a lot of our food and stuff comes from them and if they are affected then everybody is affected. when this stuff makes its way over here, idk what we’ll do, definitely won’t eat seafood that’s for sure.

  7. Azazel on said:

    I believe greed is at the bottom of it mstoogood4yall. Some other sources of energy might be a lot harder to monetize. For example, consider that the difference in electrical energy that exists between the upper layers of the atmosphere and the lower layers near the Earth turns the world into a kind of capacitor. Sometimes the difference gets so large that air, which is a poor conductor, actually breaks down to discharge some of it and we get the phenomenon of lightning. This occurs an estimated billions of times per year with each strike representing many volts and amperes. But even when there isn’t lightning there is an energy difference that it should be possible to harness. Some people think the ancient pyramids found all over the world were originally built, in part, as quiet, non-polluting, aesthetically pleasing power plants. “Modern man” prefers to make dangerous waste that he’ll be stuck with for a long time so that he can “create” energy and charge for it.

  8. Tyrone on said:

    Our kinfolk on the West Coast should take heed to this post. As we know, the role of journalism in 2013 is to amplify the negative, hide the truth, and keep the good news hidden…It’s What We Don’t See. I was amazed at media reports saying that the nuclear fallout from Fukushima was limited in scope. A bunch of Japanese men sacrificed their lives to turn the switch off, but, those of us in the US should not be worried…Yeaaahhh Right! What sane person would buy drywall from China, Duh? Black folk who purchase food products from Japan know better, that’s self explanatory. The drinking water is a real concern. People have to look out for themselves, Uncle Sam is not gonna do it.


  9. @ Bry,

    I heard that only weeks later that the radiation had reached the U.S.

    The reactors were made by Westinghouse and from what I understand, the reactors were protected by a 5-hour battery backup

    And if you look at the response from Europe and the U.S., it was much less than it would have been had Japan been a white country.

  10. @ Negress

    Thanks for posting this information.

  11. kowaba on said:

    After viewing this video, all I can say is that the powers that be are figuring out several ways to depopulate this earth. They are for sure not messing around. What surprises me is how open they are about their plans to do so and no one seems to bat an eyelash. And people don’t seem to respond, in some delusional way people must feel that they are exempt from this treatment. All I know is that we are at the top of the list for extermination.

  12. Peace Queen!!! I don’t know if you still keep up this site, but I don’t know HOW I missed you in these 5 years of trying to alert Our People. A dear friend tipped me to this article you wrote and am I ever GRATEFUL to you! I surely pray you’re well and keeping up the good fight.

    Love and LIGHT….

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