Observations of an Invisible Woman

Dear Truthbetold Part 5

“I typed this up while on a coffee buzz this morning, just throwing it out there for you to consider.

Thinking exercise: The Afrikan Conception

What you touch touches you back.
When you think about an idea, that idea thinks about you.

Twice during the day today sit for 30 seconds and think about what a sovereign (self-sufficient) black nation would look and feel like.
After each 30 second session write down what came to you and post your thoughts here.

There are two guidelines:

1. There must be zero reference to white people, Asians, gays/homosexuals, demeaning or violence towards -any- Afrikan/Black person.
2. You may NOT quote any scholars/figures in the Afrocentric movement, use your own words, even if you think they don’t sound good enough (this is the same as when I say “No Rhetoric”). ”


Sounds good to me. I’ll go first:

A sovereign black nation would grow, harvest and produce fruits, herbs, roots, vegetables and herbal medicines for the entire African diaspora.

Your turn…

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32 thoughts on “Dear Truthbetold Part 5

  1. For us to progress in AmeriKKKlan and in the Western World, we need to separate and then learn our history and learn to love ourselves and our race. Then we need to build our own communities and nations and rely on our sense of self worth and our strength to get by.

    I think Black love and Black unity is the answer to many problems in our community. Then we should separate and build our own communities here and abroad and rely on ourselves to get by.

  2. Nat Turners' Revenge on said:

    A sovereign black nation will stand proud, eradicate the use of nigger & intraracism amongst its own.
    They will not practice racism, bigotry & discrimination externally toward other tribes, races, cultures or nations.
    Will excel in engineering, architecture, construction, (math & sciences) medical/healthcare, aero-dynamics for these are just some of the tools we must have to build a nation…
    Complete research & fact finding about OUR spiritual systems. No more biblical or qu’ran quotes in no capacity…
    No advocating or starting war. Guns are a last resort if provoked/under attack.
    We will not engage in imperialism/colonialism.
    If sovereign, our exports will be legendary, our imports minor & trade w/other nations, fair.
    Rewrite history. All colored people will share the world stage in achievements & accolades.
    Sis, I would love to continue but I’m @work. If this don’t stir passion in our people today w/this post…

  3. Nat Turner

    Excellent as always…

  4. Tyrone on said:

    @Nat Turner

    I don’t converse with you on DOAN as others do, but, i gotta give you props blackman. One of the best post i ever read on this blog…Period! Any sane black woman, man, and child should be inspired to do better.


  5. mstoogood4yall on said:

    wow I don’t really have anything left to add good post

  6. mstoogood4yall on said:

    Here goes nothing

    A sovereign black nation would have everything we need, it would be our little Africa self sustaining. Black schools with black youth that want to succeed and don’t have to worry about being picked on for being smart,articulate,etc, and will learn to embrace who they are and learn their real history. They will learn to love their natural selves and love each other in their natural state. They will learn a life skill or even better several life skills.Black elders will be respected and looked at for their knowledge and wisdom, they won’t have to worry about not being able to retire. Black parents would not have to go it alone, they will have help from the elders and others in the community to make sure that child stays on the right path. Food would be healthy and grown by us for us, no gmos. water would be pure no fluoride added, it will be rainwater straight from the sky above. There will be no television in homes but books of our history and the ppl that made a difference. Houses will be built by black people and made out of quality material. There would be grocery stores where most of the things sold in there are made by ppl in the community. There would be no guns or drugs, the guns would be hidden somewhere where only the warriors could get to them in case of attack. We would meditate and practice spirituality and ask for guidance and protection from our ancestors. We would stand alone have a place built off of our backs and we are the beneficiaries of our own labor. We would be strong, as we have strength in our blood from our ancestors who survived many things that others sadly did not survive. Our humanity would not be taken advantage of, we would embrace each other and have sympathy for each other without fear of being vulnerable or hurt because we’d have trust. They would have land they would inherit and pass down, they will have a strong sense of self, have a culture that is their own.Lastly we would have our own identity a place our kids and generations to come could call home and be dam proud of.

  7. Misstoogood

    Utterly fantastic!

  8. thanks, I should say the schools would be umar Johnson type schools, it would be great to have him and other amazing ppl teach or be the one to set the standard of what black schools should be like.

  9. mstoogood4yall on said:

    And I forgot hospitals, there would be great black doctors, nurses, dentists, and even black law firms. The doctors wouldn’t push drugs on patients instead a black pharmacy would have a lot of herbal remedies to cure aliments and if that didn’t work then and only then would some drugs be used.Black midwives to help deliver the black babies with traditional practices standing up deliveries like they used to and even animals deliver standing up. It would be amazing to have our own nation where we can claim it and say this is our nation we make our own laws and u can’t do anything in our community unless u have our permission. rofl and have the black panthers stand guard have our own gated community lol. And have statues of courageous black heroes and sheroes. And have a day or week of celebrating them and all they have sacrificed.

  10. mstoogood4yall on said:

    rofl I meant ailments

  11. decodeSOR on said:

    When the word “sovereign” is used, it brings to mind the fundamental building blocks necessary for sovereignty.
    a) Land ownership – for housing, agriculture
    b) Self-government –
    c) Group economics – interdependence between like-minded & serious individuals
    or groups would assure its success
    d) Multitiered educational system – easily adaptable to the needs of the
    community, whose curricula would be based upon the needs of the criteria

  12. My insight on this:
    1) First we need to turn off the television
    2) We need to get our children to learn their history and their family lineage and where they came from
    3) Learn to love ourselves and our race.
    4) Separate from the mainstream USA
    5) Try to build their own communities and governments.
    A) land ownership
    B) Open up our own schools
    C) Open our own museums, parks etc
    D) Open up our own stores, businesses etc
    E) Build up our own neighborhoods
    F) Elect town mayors, governors etc

  13. Agreed. We need to build our own everything and rely on ourselves

  14. jacinto on said:

    I agree with all the above. I want to add: a system that allows parents to work without neglecting their children and also our clothes and apparel design and create systems laundries.
    Develop a system of international exchange to benefit all the world afros.

  15. Wind turbines, solar energy, water can power, heat & cool cities & vehicles.

    Fossil fuels will take a back seat. Our natural resources will be (p)reserved. Just like you don’t touch savings unless necessary, this would be a final measure/last resort. (Oil, gold, diamonds etc.)

    The educational bar would be raised significantly: a master’s, ph.d, would be the new high school diploma.

    I’ll be dipping in & out on this post as time allows.

  16. No Revenge this time… LoL.

  17. Nat Turners' Revenge on said:

    I received a moderation for my comment prior. I hope it goes through. It’s like word press don’t take well to the greatness that is us…

  18. Azazel on said:

    So many good points made that I don’t want to repeat.
    Here’s my ideal:

    1)Return to cosmic spirituality that apprehends our oneness with the universe.

    2) Live in balanced give and take with Mama Earth. No Greed. Greed = destruction.

    3)Recognize the value of each of God’s children. Support the creative endeavours and talents of each citizen to enrich the nation as a whole. No outcasts or low class.

    4)Cure diseases by ending mental/physical dis-ease and establishing a clean and natural environment with abundant good food. Address causes not symptoms.

    5)Citizens understand the meaning of life and live with no fear of death

    6)Technology transcends current technology. It’ll have metaphysical not physical underpinnings.

    7)Capacity to use technology for self-defense but no war machine exists.

    8) Every citizen is highly educated and parents teach young children.

    9)Truth reigns supreme.

    10)Love unites all.

    OK, I didn’t hold anything back lol. No change except for black faces is no change at all.

  19. Amazing post and comments..thanks for the knowledge ūüėČ

  20. Courtney H on said:

    @ all:

    Great comments and ideas! I greatly appreciate this thought-provoking post!

  21. and i’ll add the kids learn an african language heck several languages. The girls (and boys who are interested) learn how to braid hair. They learn different herbs and plants that they can eat or use to heal wounds.

  22. mstoogood4yall on said:

    and we have our own ships, planes, buses,etc. and we use the ships to travel to to other countries a little field trip for the kids lol. learn how to make our own shoes put jordans to shame bahahaha. have our own currency. i don’t know about having a prez or leader. what do u all think should we have a leader, prez, chief whatever u wanna call it?

  23. mstoogood4yall on said:

    i don’t know about the whole one leader thing or maybe just have several ppl including a couple of elders who guide us and help make decisions. maybe have meetings and take a vote.

  24. Matari on said:

    Ms Good,

    I REALLY love the way you think!!!!!

    My vision for African people everywhere would be the reestablishment of these various rites of passages and their essence that is missing from this artificial and morality lacking western culture.

    Rite of Birth
    Rite of Adulthood
    Rite of Marriage
    Rite of Eldership
    Rite of Ancestorship

    Hat tip to Brother Onitaset for reminding me (us) of the inherent value of these specific points in one’s life… via the author, Prof. Manu Ampim.

    The Rite of Marriage, for example:

    “The Rite of Marriage is the third major initiation rite and it represents not only the joining of two families, but also the joining of the two missions of the new couple. In other words, the marriage rites are performed for not only the coming together of male and females to procreate and perpetuate life and the coming together of families, it is also an institution that helps both the husband and wife to best fulfill their mission and objectives in life.

    Unfortunately, in Western society a vast number of marriages fail as they are often based upon the couple ‚Äúfalling in love‚ÄĚ and thereby entering the relationship in an unbalanced state. Individual often ‚Äúfall in love‚ÄĚ quick and ‚Äúfall out of love‚ÄĚ just as quickly, as soon as they recover from the emotional ‚Äúlove at first site‚ÄĚ syndrome.

    African society, on the other hand, does not emphasize individual looks and lust as the primary motivation for marriage, but rather the basic focus is on building families and communities. The focus is on the collective more than the individual. A person is not generally considered an adult until they have married and had children.”


    Ms Truth,

    I apologize for not following your precise guidelines. I didn’t think that my own words would do justice to the esteemed doctor’s work. I hope you’ll forgive me.

  25. Sugarkiss on said:

    ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! My thoughts are on par with this. We are a great ppl and we need to fight to restore balance…

  26. Gat Turner on said:

    A sovereign Black nation would establish a universal language for the diaspora. That way all people of African descent would be able to communicate no matter where they were born and raised. No more disunity and language barriers. Like the jews blacks would always hold citizen ship on the continent of Africa even if they were born elsewhere. All artifical boundries and vestiges of colonialism abolished. An epic archeological undertaking to recover our lost knowledge and history.
    The banning of any behavior unatural to nature.

    Male rites of passage where young men would swear their allegiance to the community the race and the Black woman.
    Female rites of passage where young women would learn to support the community and the Black man.

    All members of society encouraged to reach their full potential.
    Elders given the proper respect.
    Black men would retake the responsiblitity of being the caretakers of the planet by banninshing all neaderthals back to the caves from whence they came.
    The Black woman would once again be the universal symbol of beauty and compassion.
    Wooly hair would be the indication of divine birthright.
    Africa would agian be the worlds center of learning and people would come from all over the world(universe) to once more study at the feet of African masters.

  27. mstoogood4yall on said:

    yes love and marrying does not seem to work, I think maybe arranged marriages work better. Maybe the parents and elders could pair ppl together and if the couple feels like they are not compatible they can call off the wedding. But I think that is better than having them trying to find someone and choosing the wrong partners over and over again because they too focused on superficial things.

  28. Azazel on said:

    I’ll interject a bit and say that I’m not so much for direct Africanization without questioning the value of various aspects of culture. I think negative conditions on the continent had affected some aspects of culture there as well. Among those are colonialism and forms of internal strife. IMO, ideally, women are equal to men. Hatshepsut was a female pharoah…and that was late. There are certain things later done do women that would have no place.

    I have other views, somewhat controversial, that I won’t go into for fear of breaching the guildelines. Suffice to say that the Ancient Egyptian high creator, Atum, from which evrything sprung was necessarily a divine hermaprodite. ‘He’ created the male and female god and goddess Shu and Tefnut by metaphorical masturbation.

  29. Gat Turner

    Wonderful as always…

  30. Azazel

    You can post your views when I put up the next “Open Discussion” thread. I’d love to hear them.

  31. Men would be men, and women would be women. The way the Most High intended.

  32. kowaba on said:

    Black youth would have a safe place to learn, question, and grow spiritually and intellectually. A place where informed and well educated warrior scholars go out into the world to make a positive impact and contribution to the black community in education, business, medicine, entertainment, media, law, politics, and sports.

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