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The Business of Bankruptcy

From The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion: “According to the law of being, might is right. Our right lies in force. Through our financial dominance we will manipulate capital, create depressions, and bankrupt Gentile states.

In our hands is the greatest power of our day — gold. We shall not fail with such wealth to prove that all the evil we have had to commit has served to bringing everything into order.

We shall contrive to prove that we are benefactors who have restored to the mangled earth the true good of the person, on the condition, of course, of strict observance of the laws established by us.”

The once picturesque Victorian beauty now lies in ruins. I remember the Renaissance Center, or downtown as my ex co-workers called it, where thriving restaurants, vintage shops and other unique finds where discovered. I remember the Southern restaurant owned by a Creole woman from Louisiana that sold hush puppies so delicious, it made me ashamed of myself as I indulged in gluttony. I also remember the Big Three:
Being taken over by Toyota and eventually being bailed out by our government in 2007-2008. It may seem hard to believe by looking at it, but Detroit was once a thriving and prosperous city. Jobs were plentiful and if you were lucky enough to get a job with the Big Three, you were looking at a 50,000 – 60,000 dollar paycheck annually!

Detroit is the largest municipal default in the history of the US.
The city owes $9.2 billion in pensions, $1.9 billion to creditors and is $18.5 billion in debt.

The city’s infrastructure is collapsing. Almost half of its streetlights are not working and aren’t being repaired. The average time for Detroit police to respond to an emergency is just under an hour. Crime has spiked. Many in the city have resorted to carrying firearms for their personal protection. Think Detroit can’t happen to your city?

Let’s take a look at 8 U.S. cities on the verge of bankruptcy:

Washington, D.C.



Deficit through 2012:

Budget in Fiscal year 2012:

Annual Budget Shortfall:

Deficit per Capita:

2011 Unemployment Rate

Washington, DC


$322 million

$9.6 billion




Mayor Vincent Gray said, “My budget will inflict some pain, it’s a tough budget and I won’t represent it as anything else.” Still Gray’s budget will leave D.C. in the red and as tough as he reports it is, it isn’t nearly tough enough to make any dis lasting difference.

The city council just passed what they call a “Living Wage” that has cost the District 2,000 jobs and maybe more.The “Living Wage” forces employers to pay a minimum wage of $12.80 per hour, instead of $7.25 national minimum wage. This won’t help the city’s finances as more businesses migrate to neighboring Virginia and Maryland.
The unemployment rate for D.C. will likely go even higher than 11%.

Camden, NJ



Deficit through 2012:

Budget in Fiscal year 2012:

Annual Budget Shortfall:

Deficit per Capita:

2011 Unemployment Rate

Camden, New Jersey


$28 million

$138 million




Mayor of Camden, Dana Redd in her 2011 budget proposal called for severe budget cut backs that led to nearly one-sixth of all city employees losing their jobs. This included almost 50% of the police force and 33.3% of the fire department. Public employee unions claimed the mayor’s cuts would turn the city into a, “living hell”. The truth is Camden in many ways is in even worse financial shape than Detroit.

Cincinnati, Ohio



Deficit through 2012:

Budget in Fiscal year 2012:

Annual Budget Shortfall:

Deficit per Capita:

2011 Unemployment Rate

Cincinnati, Ohio


$60 million

$1.2 billion




In the City of Cincinnati mums the word when it comes to the city’s budget.
Mayor Mark Mallory’s lack of any statements concerning the deep troubles in his city led many to believe his intention is for the city to file for bankruptcy.

Making matters worse is the latest news that Moody’s has downgraded the city from an Aa1 rating to an Aa2 rating. Although the rating is still the third highest rank given by Moody’s, a new warning of another possible downgrade has given many cause for concern.

San Diego



Deficit through 2012:

Budget in Fiscal year 2012:

Annual Budget Shortfall:

Deficit per Capita:

2011 Unemployment Rate

San Diego

3 million

$56.7 million

$2.8 billion




San Diego is in a deep hole.

Even with severe cuts to public and higher education sectors and even with fire engine cutbacks, San Diego remains fiscally unstable.

Blackouts plague the fire stations. Thousands of blackouts moved through different stations to save $11.5 million in the current fiscal year. Recreation center hours were cut back to 20 hours a week. Almost 80 full-time positions were cut, saving $6.5 million. The city proposed 6% pay cuts for employees across the board and has permanently cut 120 full-time positions.

San Jose, California



Deficit through 2012:

Budget in Fiscal year 2012:

Annual Budget Shortfall:

Deficit per Capita:

2011 Unemployment Rate

San Jose


$115 million

$2.5 billion




San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed said, “Whether or not we declare an emergency, we’re in an emergency. We just laid off police officers. Last year, we laid off firefighters. We’ve closed libraries, community centers. We are in an emergency and we need to take action.”

Reed also looks to close the deficit by reducing services and controlling the cost of retirement.

San Francisco



Deficit through 2012:

Budget in Fiscal year 2012:

Annual Budget Shortfall:

Deficit per Capita:

2011 Unemployment Rate

San Francisco


$380 million ($480mil for ’12-’13, $642mil for ’13-’14)

$6.8 billion




San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee saved $20.2 million by enacting a hiring freeze.

The mayor’s $6.8 billion budget proposal is aimed to close a $380 million shortfall caused by growth in employee benefit costs and loss of revenues from the state and federal governments. Whether or not this is enough to “right the ship” is anybody’s guess. It could be too little too late!

Los Angeles



Deficit through 2012:

Budget in Fiscal year 2012:

Annual Budget Shortfall:

Deficit per Capita:

2011 Unemployment Rate

Los Angeles

9.8 million

$457 million

$6.9 billion




Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has initiated huge cuts to the police and fire departments, while also cutting the Recreation and Parks Department.

Los Angeles cut 10% from homeless programs, as well as permanent cuts to city spending.

The California cities mentioned here are not the Golden Statecities teetering on the brink.




Deficit through 2012:

Budget in Fiscal year 2012:

Annual Budget Shortfall:

Deficit per Capita:

2011 Unemployment Rate



$745 million

$2.2 billion




Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake knows she has a serious problem. To better understand her dilemma she hired a specialist to discern what the problems are and how to address them.

Then she promptly spent $650,000 for video cell phones for the city councill. According to Census data the median income in the city is $40,000, and 22 percent of the city’s residents live in poverty.

The city is plagued with 16,000 vacant properties. Baltimore has the highest property taxes in Maryland — twice as high as in neighboring Baltimore County. With the city hemorrhaging 5% of its residents annually to neighboring Baltimore County there simply isn’t enough income to match revenues with the growing budget deficit.

Try as they may, the numbers are not working for any of these 8 cities.
It is impossible for them to pay pensions and keep up with normal maintenance to the infrastructure with the revenues they receive.

Combine their high taxes and unemployment with loss of population and jobs spell doom for these cities.

{Thank you beforeitsnews for the graph!}}

I lived in NJ and NYC for quite a while before moving to rural PA. I’ve seen with my own two eyes thriving cities that are predominately black with black owned businesses lose funding in their schools, lose their farmer’s markets, have their taxes spike and their neighbourhoods gentrified. Where did the money go? Into the politician’s wallet and into white neighbourhoods. Detroit was an eye opener for many of us because despite how your city may seem, none of us are safe from the business of bankruptcy.

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30 thoughts on “The Business of Bankruptcy

  1. Almost the whole of Detroit has already been bought up behind the veil. I am curious to see what they are up to, and how that will play out for the citizens that still cannot (afford to) move out. Peace.

  2. Matari on said:

    Aren’t foreign interests with bundles of cash buying up the best of what’s left of real estate in Detroit??

    Anyone seeing a trend …?

  3. Hello DOAN and everyone, Ive been reading this blog and I just want to thank you DOAN for providing a space for us, especially if we aren’t around any black people to discuss our issues.

    I think you already know who is gonna get the blame for this. Black people of course. They’re gonna give the classic “black crime” and “single mothers on welfare” spin. But what they are not gonna tell you is from the recent housing crisis the black community transferred over $200 billion to white hands, largest transfer of wealth in U.S. history. They’re also not gonna tell you is that whites(non-hispanic) make up 42 percent of the poor but take 69 percent of welfare benefits. The bigger issue is that we can’t get pulled into pointless debates about who gets what or do white people care are about our struggle. It should be about practicing group economics so when our folks get laid off our people can back them up. Those cities mentioned above tax bases have been eroded. Jobs being shipped over seas, new technology(the use of robots) that has been created but destroyed the use of labor. I also think corruption is a big part in certain cities. California is where I live and cities like Stockton, San Bernadino, Vellejo and Mammoth Lakes have filed for bankruptcy and about 10 more are close. And its only gonna get bigger and worse across the country.

  4. I read somewhere that Chinese are buying up homes in these cities at cheap prices, maybe they know something we don’t. Maybe they think it will get better and will make a profit if the city turns around and can flip these houses. Idk, its just fishy.

  5. Interesting info!

    If Chicago could be divided into “Black Chicago” and “White Chicago” I think it’d be at the top of your list for bankrupt cities. The state of Illinois definitely ranks near the top of the list for bankrupt states.

    Whenever I see the people rioting in Egypt and parts of Europe I wonder how much longer we have before we see people hitting the streets in the U.S.?

  6. The Milwaukee area (where I lived most of my life as a child and young adult) is on the same slide to hell that Detroit is, black male unemployment is between 45-60%. The few jobs that are around are in mostly white suburbs that are unbelievably hard to get to by public transportation.

    I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared about where this all is headed, it’s like almost everyone I know is facing what seems to be unavoidable financial ruin and for me there have been a lot of close calls at the end of the month when the bills comes due, but I find that rooting myself in Dr. Ani’s teachings gives me the courage to avoid a total collapse and press on one day at a time.

  7. @ No Black Pete

    I wonder if and how the people in Detroit who retired will get the pensions

  8. Pensions? LMBAO. It is one of the biggest scams the evil ones have come up with. Many Black people who understood this were able to mimic it, and make money. If you cannot count on the System for anything, then why count on the System for your pension? Your health is your pension. To make it 65 without 10 forms of cancer, that is your pension. All the money you save on doctor’s bills and legal poison drugs, that is your pension right there. I need to talk to the Goddess of Time so she can help find the time to write on this… Oh, thank you for asking. Peace.

  9. Matari

    Yes. The Chinese are buying up hordes of real estate and they’re buying our farms here in PA. Farmers are underwater and/or won’t comply with planting Monsanto seeds to they are targeted.

    In comes the Chinese…with CASH.

  10. Rob

    Most welcome

    Blacks are propagandized to be the scapegoat for huemanity no matter what the situation is. Jobs, loans, homes being lost…you name it…it’s all our fault.

    Nixon was one of the first Illuminati puppets to send jobs overseas to cut back on costs. As a result, we’ve lost many skilled workers in the field of carpentry, masonry, sewing and other “life skills.”

    I’ve been begging us to obtain some kind of life skill, anything, because we’re going to need it and keep the dollar circulating between us and us alone.

    The biggest misconception about welfare moms came with Ronald Reagan giving the AmeriKlan people the false imagery of a black woman with 25 children, belonging to 20 different men. wearing brand name clothes, collecting food stamps, driving away in her BMW.

    Whites were enraged and the people were duped. I personally think we’re being set up for a massive witch hunt.

  11. Miss Pam

    Not very long. We WILL riot when:

    1. The supermarkets shut down
    2. The pharmacies where we get psychotropic drugs shut down
    3. When the dollar crashes
    4. When the gas pump no longer works
    5. When your tummy begins to rumble and you’re out of beans and rice
    6. When your baby needs diapers and your emergency stash is out
    7. When you’re cold and you’re out of firewood and kerosene
    8. When you’ve got a nasty cut that won’t stop bleeding and the doctor closes his office
    9. And finally, we’ll riot when the realization hits that we’ve been duped by our “leaders.”

  12. Bry

    Wilson, Ani, Muhammad, Fuller, Anderson, Barashango, York…have ALL been telling us FOR DECADES where black folks are headed if we don’t “smart up.”

    My advice…learn a life skill. Meet other blacks who are awake and wish to barter. Set up a network with them. Then learn to fire a weapon.

  13. I still think that idea for a barter website was/is brilliant. I’m so over these people. I just want to leave and start over with other like minded melanated individuals. F*cking parasites that leech off of us and at the same time destroy our well being.

  14. I’ve heard it repeated on economic collapse blogs that I follow – “When all the EBT cards start declining there’ll be blood in the streets.” Truer words were never spoken.

  15. SugarKiss on said:

    This whole situation feels to me like the mirror is FINALLY starting to turn back onto whites, who view themselves above the fray and “just like everybody else” in a “post racial society.” THEY ARE SCREWING THEMSELVES and will happily continue to do so, as long as the blacks and Mexicans can’t take any advantages.

    The bell that your post has rung for me, Negress, is one where the fruits of white privilege are starting to dry up. The state and govt has been filling their bellies for YEARS off of the backs of working whites, who slept peacefully at night in their Mc Mansions and “clean, quiet” neighborhoods and schools thinking that they were reaping benefits of the American dream with a cherry of white privilege on top. They have earned the most money, climbed the corporate rungs at lightening speed, (qualified or not) and had given themselves and their best buds the CUSHIEST, most ridiculously hyped up pensions and benefits they could legally allow.

    They bent over let these soulless corporations who wooed them with money, steal the $$ of us worker bees while they cashed those checks and did whatever they were told to.

    What they didn’t realize is that the same crooked corporations, mostly born on American soil took that money and gambled it, creating whatever fiat wealth they could while they could before the 11th hour strikes…

    So now. Here we are. Essentially debt prisoners for the Amerikkklan government (federal and state) watching these same lineage of evil ppl rape and pillage the land, water and food supply…they have no real moral compass and while we have known this as awakened or even Black ppl in America, whites will be again faced with the question or recognizing and facing their own evil selves or continue to be paws in this race to slave wages and serfdom.

  16. Sugarkiss

    When the average white man and woman begin to realize that they’re in the same mess we’ve been in for centuries, that’s when things will get “interesting” in this country.

  17. @Negress

    This is a very interesting piece of information that you have given Negress. It is interesting that some cities that have mostly white populations(San Fran) also have budget problems. However, it is sad that alot of these cities,for the most part, have black populations. Especially Detroit, which has a rich history of black culture like Motown and such. Yet, Im not shocked. Even here in New York, most of the traditional black neighborhoods like Harlem, Bed Stuy, Fort Greene and stuff are losing their black residents and getting replaced by some white subset like the Jews or the yuppies. Good information to know though

  18. They want to bankrupt our cities and stop us from making our own communities. They don’t want us to succeed and most of all, we wouldn’t stick together as a race to make our own businesses and stop our cities from becoming bankrupt.

  19. Agreed, they are taking over our communities but why?

  20. The Chinese AND the British, yes them too are buying up lots of places as Payment in kind for the moneies the Us Corporation Borrowed from them and other European Interest are also purchasing, however teh Chinese has the Biggest stake and this is how the gov’t is paying them back!!! Oh yes People. Most of the gov’t Communications are run by israeli soft ware companies ( of all people!) Most of the luxury hotels and name brand business such as “Sears Roebuck” are owned by the british “royal” family. Prince charles ownes Sears outright! The once tallest building in Chicago “Sears Building” has been owned for years by an english billionaire and re-named, the riduculous “wally’s tower” yeah go figure! Loads more of your fast food chains are british owned or have british interest tied into it! Whilst all this has been on going, HUGE Chunks of Africa is now owned by those in the Us gov’t. Clinton after Bombing Somalia, Sudan when he was in office and helping israel to divide Sudan into TWO Countries, yes, now under israeli control, he and his wife have the audacity to tell Africans on the Continent that he is sorry he didn’t stop the Rwanda Massacre ( as if!), when he was in power. Well he still is and now has the Clinton Family Foundation” passing out what amounts to “kool aid” to African Children. ALL of this from sell-offs to rich euro buddies right under the noses of the amerikkklan people and we ALL Over the world won’t see it. They are also bankrupting areas in the world where most of Our People live.

  21. @Adeen

    -If you watch the Malcolm X White Guilt video on YouTube, it explains it all. When we integrate, we get accused of causing crime, lowering property values and such. Yet when we have our neighborhoods and cities and try to build them up, we get accused of being haters. What a catch 22.

  22. God is warning America. We have turned away from Christian values in this country and we are paying a high price for it.

    AMERICA has strayed so far away from her God that she does not realize what blessings could be hers if she served Him, and what doom is soon to strike because she rejects Him, while professing to worship Him!

    The nation today does not know that serving and OBEYING the ways of God is THE WAY, and the ONLY way, that leads to increasing and perpetual prosperity, peace, and happiness.

    America does not know that God’s Laws are for OUR GOOD, OUR PROTECTION. America’s false shepherds teach the people that God’s Laws are bad for us. Therefore these false preachers have led the nation into unhappiness, discontent, suffering, and headed it into chaos and toward DOOM!

    The Great Apostasy

    America does not know, because her false preachers of organized religion have not told her, that God made a SECOND COVENANT with our own national people Israel (the Jewish people we all understand are from Judah; the American and British are racial ISRAEL) just prior to entrance into Palestine back in the days of Moses, 40 years AFTER, and IN ADDITION TO, the Covenant made with them at Mt. Sinai. And because we are breaking this covenant today, we are DOOMING our nation to DESTRUCTION!

    Forty years after the making of the Old Covenant, just before Israel entered Palestine — just before Moses’ death — God Almighty made a Second Covenant with our forefathers, THE TERMS OF WHICH ARE BEING CARRIED OUT ON OUR PEOPLE TODAY.

    At that time, God said of our people: “O that there were such an heart in them, that they would fear me, and keep all my commandments ALWAYS, THAT IT MIGHT BE WELL WITH THEM AND WITH THEIR CHILDREN FOREVER!” (Deut. 5:29).

    Then God commanded Moses to send the people to their tents, while Moses alone stood before God … “and I will speak unto thee all the commandments, and the statutes, and the judgments, which thou shalt teach them … Ye shall walk in all the ways which the Eternal God hath commanded you, THAT YE MAY LIVE, AND THAT IT MAY BE WELL WITH YOU” (Deut. 5:31-33).

    “Now these are the commandments, the statutes, and the judgments, which the Eternal your God commanded to teach YOU, that ye might do them (chapter 6:1).

    Thru the remainder of the Book of Deuteronomy are written the commandments and statutes and ways which would produce national and individual BLESSINGS, if followed, and national and individual CURSES if neglected, ignored, or disobeyed.

    These are the ways of Moses which the original true Christian Church, in the days of the twelve apostles and of the apostle Paul, observed so carefully, as long as authentic New Testament history continues. After some 30 years of New Testament history, the record of the New Testament Church is almost a blank for almost a hundred years. When, at last, rays of historic light give us glimpses into the activities of the Church, we find a Church VASTLY CHANGED.

    Since 1948
    Why 1948? Well, that is the year that America’s leaders, President Truman, his Jewish Zionist money backers, and the Judaizers of the evangelical church defied God and helped to found the nation of Israel in the Middle East. Christ Jesus had ordained that the Jewish Temple would be utterly destroyed and that the earthly state of Israel would be left “desolate” until His return (Matthew 23:37-39). But the Zionists and Judaizers did not give a whit about what Jesus prophesied. They determined in their own minds they would set up the foundations for their coming Illuminati Zionist Kingdom of the Jews.

    If it were not for America’s financial, diplomatic, and military support, Israel could never have achieved nationhood in 1948. With Zionist and Judaizer lobbying and Truman’s backing, it all became a reality.

    Truman, a 33rd degree Mason, was not a Christian. If he were, he may have known of the ominous prophecies foretold in Revelation 11:8, in which God declared that the most wicked city on earth in the last days would be Jerusalem. Indeed, God’s Word even gives earthly Jerusalem a revealing spiritual name: Jerusalem is labeled by God in Revelation as the latter-day “Sodom and Egypt.” This nation (Israel) is so wicked and vile it is found guilty of slaying God’s two latter day witnesses and of mocking and defiling their dead bodies!

    By our assisting the end time rise of wicked “Sodom and Egypt,” America has become a pariah nation in God’s eyes, a rebellious entity and a vessel fit for destruction.

  23. decodeSOR on said:

    Oh, it’s happening alright.
    I’ve seen more homeless whites living on the streets now than I’ve ever seen in my entire life.
    Most of them have got to be those who were once middle-class and lost homes to foreclosures.
    Shit’s real, I’ll say that much.
    What’s amazing is the state of denial that they are under with all of this anger toward non-whites, when it was the white-owned corporations, banks, schools that screwed them royally. As with everything, since they can’t get at them, they displace their anger upon us, when we didn’t pull strings or had anything to do with their financial demise. Go figure.

    As for present and future bankrupt cities?…Oh well. Better do as DOAN keeps suggesting and get your own (legitimate) hustle on. The tax bases that these cities will need to enlarge to get municipal revenue on level again will only come through promoting more entrepreneurism and expand home-ownership. But the caveat is this: most whites are not going to support this with their tax dollars simply for the fact that it will not benefit from this over the next 5-25-50 (schools, infrastructure, etc.), as the non-white population dominates them. Look for more “private” money going into privatized services in privatized aareas (zones) that once benefited entire cities. Gentrification is only the beginning, and Blacks and non-whites will have to do the same in areas where they are clearly majority in population.

    This starting over from scratch every generation is a pain in the ass, but what choice do we have? We need to smarten up and create better plans for survival.

  24. decodeSOR

    They must hold on to their cognitive dissonance lest they perish under the notion that they are no better than the common nigger.

  25. TruthAngel

    Ameriklan is Babylon with the Whore holding high and proud. This country is destined for failure for it was founded on blood. And on blood it shall perish.

  26. Tyrone on said:

    Organized Failure

    Allow majority black cities to crumble from within, which is the true purpose. Shift all of the good jobs and housing to the Burbs. Meanwhile, the urban core is broken down one brick at a time. No economic base/tax base, bad schools, more crime, etc. The cities are going broke because they’re trying to pay for lavish pensions of former municipal employees that live elsewhere. The firefighters and cops live in Suburbia…Do The Math? Another point, whites are tired of living away from the hustle and bustle of city life. They can’t keep moving forever. Sadly, we flushed our economic independence down the toilet to be accepted by whites. Philly, Chicago…They’re Next! History is repeating itself, black people need to look deeper. We Have No Allies In This War. Sane black people have to break away from the flock…A Necessity!


  27. @Tyrone. “sadly we flushed our economic independecnce down the toilet to be accepted by whites”, “we have no allies”, “sane black people have to break away from the flock” – YES well said!! Most Nogrows I speak to, STILL BELIEVE that there is “hope” and that, “we’re all the same” ( oh really) and are still there rocking and swaying and grinning like the watermelon man, singing “we are the world!” These Bitches are taking us O U T of the world and we still saying shit like, “hey can we be friends?”, are these fools for real? This some dangerous shit they playing with. Hiliary clinton is running for 2016 ON the EUGENICS Ticket, she’s already making it acceptable.. .NOW! Hey but we prefer to twerk. ok

  28. Mickey on said:

    Whites who do not want to live among POC move to areas to avoid them. Sometimes Blacks move to where the Whites are. When there is no where else for the Whites to run, they move to where the Blacks used to live and leave the Blacks in the suburbs where the “White Flight” began.

  29. Tyrone on said:


    What’s Good Star? How does all of this economic chaos relate to us, in relation to cities spending like drunken sailors in Thailand. The cities are going broke because they’re forced to pay out lavish pension and medical benefits to retired employees, and the tax base within the cities themselves have dried up. For a long time, black folks in the hood have been promised billions and trillions of dollars for all kinds of ish…new housing, new schools, new parks, paved roads, more police, etc. The monies were allocated to give a boost to the urban core, so we thought. I noticed this pattern early on, even before i started to vote. Mind you, black folk are taxpayers as well, a black middle-class does exist in this country. Where has the money been going? I don’t see the funds as reparations, more like a down payment. So, the cities complain about the low tax base, crime, etc. Where’s the urgency to get the economic engine in black communities up and running? Other folks can hop off a plane, and they get approved for the corner store, laundrymat, dog grooming, what have you. The powers that be can’t block us out of the circle, and do a 180 bitchin” about the fact that cops and firefighters have to cut their salaries because the cities are bellyup. The Sub-Prime mess that jumped off in 07-08 was predictable. Government forcing banks to give loans to folk who couldn’t afford a $200, 000 house because it’s the American Dream…Says Who? Cities and counties base their success on housing rates and values to determine the taxes that will be paid out for schools, police and fire, sanitation, etc. The math doesn’t add up C. This country shipped manufacturing overseas because we like cheap ish, all of us are to blame. Chickens are coming home to roost, white folks are losing their minds because they thought the charade would last forever…Ain’t No Forever/Only Change. We’re coming out of slavery, other folks don’t have an excuse. What the hell are they thinking?


  30. @Tyronne. Who really cares if those folks lose their minds, in fact if they ever had minds to lose! Besides Blacks have been promise lots of things over the generatins and it ain’t ever been made good. Amerikklan will continue to ship jobs and continue to sell off lots of things in amerikkka, it ain’t goin stop as long as the elites can get away with it. Period, and you don’t need “math” for that to add up. Sad but true.

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