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Blacks And AIDS…The Interview You Need to Hear

{Thanks Kemetia!}

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48 thoughts on “Blacks And AIDS…The Interview You Need to Hear

  1. very interesting, I do remember reading that hiv results can come back positive when really the person is negative. I do think a lot of the things ppl die from in Africa is from bad drinking water and inadequate nutrition. I bet if they had a good drinking water and healthy fruits and veggies we wouldn’t see all these commercials showing them dying and having hiv. I do think a lot of stuff is caused by poor diet. It’s amazing how ppl in ancient times had all those wives and concubines yet didn’t have hiv, now all of a sudden it appears. I don’t really buy that bs, why weren’t slave masters getting hiv then. So I guess its a certain gene Africans posses, could it be that ppl in Africa don’t have Neanderthal genes while everyone else does and they are targeting them for destruction and possibly make it so the tests and drugs affect them the most.

  2. mstoogood4yall on said:

    I wouldn’t put it past them if they create things that just affect the genes of African ppl, as their genes are different from everybody else’s. Makes u wonder what it is that they posses that is undiluted, and what it is that we as slave descendants possess maybe in a little more diluted form but is still stronger than whites. Maybe someday all this will be revealed to us.

  3. mstoogood

    All very good observations about the food and water being a factor.


    I apologize to my readers who came here for a good discussion and found spam-like comments. I’ve been busy lately and haven’t been keeping up with the blog as I should.

    The issues with redundant rhetoric by commenters who do not wish to have any real dialogue are now dealt with. From now on please try to keep the thread on point so it’s an accurate discussion for all.


  5. Nat Turners' Revenge on said:

    Truth, where do I stand given this info? We’ve been severely mis-informed by ones who look like her although I’ve always suspected the medicine made ‘them’ sick not the alleged disease/results. U are/were in the medical profession, right? I just want your honest opinion. Do doctors/physicians know this or is it just ‘those’ @the top In the know using hospitals, docs, nurses as agents of death?

  6. Nat Turner

    The overwhelming majority of doctors and R. N.’s are sheep who are taught that Grey’s Anatomy is correct and to never question the higher ups.

    The doctors take orders from Big Pharma and just want to get reimbursed for Medicare.

    It’s a small, and I do mean small, few who are in the know.

  7. Nat Turners' Revenge on said:

    They usher us annually for ‘flu vaccines.’ These test correlate to these antibodies/vaccines. Future patients served death in the form of a cocktail, etc. the math is simple…

  8. Nat

    The flu vaccine is a way to give you the virus…which paves the way for them to give you the “medicine.”

  9. That’s why I tell our people stop saying that we are full of aids especially black men on YouTube reinforcing the stereotype that black women are aids ridden our people are so misinformed by this aids scam. they trick our people to get tested so they could inject us with other harmful diseases. also the condoms that they make are not safe that’s why they push the aids campaign to get blk men to wear condoms so they can catch harmful shit that these toxic condoms give you. not that I’m saying that we should not use protection.

  10. Nat Turners' Revenge on said:

    … And If there ever was a cure, if there wasn’t a sickness to begin with, who comes out as the hero in this white-washed epic known as our lives?

  11. mswanda on said:

    You are so right! I get so tired of blacks repeating these lies. I want to ask those that are spreading this lying CDC stats don’t they know that when they are saying blacks that they are talking about themselves. They aren’t exempted from the lies. Also for the black men on youtube spreading these lies about black women, who do you think is giving black women AIDS? And have they read the stats the lying CDC put out on them. We as black people have to be smarter and not fall for the BS.
    This info is everything I’ve always suspected about this HIV scam. I refuse to get tested for AIDS. Negress do you remember about 3 years ago I think in NY that a lot of blacks got false positives from the doctors? I knew then that they were just giving us false positives so they can make us sick and increase our numbers for AIDS. I had to think if so many of us have AIDS why don’t I know anybody with it. In the past 25 years I’ve only know 2 black females to have it and they were both intra drug users. One is dead and the other who refused her meds is doing fine after over 20 years with so called AIDS. My nephew, cousin and a few other males I know of have Aids. Nephew and cousin have died. But I keep reading that this is the main killer of black women and men. 2 females I know and I can’t count the people that have died of cancer, flu, diabeties. Hell I’ve known more people that have been hit by a car than died from AIDS.
    This is an attack on blacks especially on black women. We are seen as the face of AIDS. Just like they have accused us of having most abortions. LIES! And I’ve seen these lies even spread by posters on this site. Negress can you do a post on the true abortion numbers? Like AIDS I don’t know hardly any bf that has ever had one but every white female I ever met proudly tell me she has had one. It seems black women are killing the babies, giving away all their babies or just can’t stop having babies. Damn! I guess all we do is have sex. Sorry for the rant and getting off subject but this just pisses me off.

  12. So TRUTH blesses ‘YOU’ w/knowledge, some much needed nutrition & you bitches STILL refuse to eat’cha veggies, ha? Y’all no different than the media/every existential force that bury our stories of injustice, erase our history & promulgate our short comings in stereo. Anything of real value presented, you bitches duck & hide. Something as superficial as relationships appear & you cease to offer your wack-ass advice & flirtations @each other on the thread. If all your traffic comes from relationship topics online you’ll never be ready for one in real time. The secure gon’ respect my mind. To the rest, if you think I’m talking to you or about you, a fuck you goes with that. I’m done burning my phalanges on you bitches…

  13. I heard this before by someone else on YouTube and thought the person was out their mind. Now hearing it again from another doctor, I can believe it. What makes it crazier is the drug that’s supposed to help the people is killing them. The moral of the story is drugs are big business and they trying to make killing, while killing.

    ~ Alex

  14. Matari on said:

    “The moral of the story is drugs are big business and they trying to make killing, while killing.”


    It’s impossible to trust institutions that’s based primarily on profit, deceit, lies, manipulation and greed. These big-pharma folks will create any dis-ease for the sake of selling their “snake oil.”

    Two things come immediately to mind: the relatively recent ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) prescription drug debacle, and the nuclear waste by product – Fluoride – that is incredulously put in drinking water, toothpaste and used by most dentists.

    Most medical doctors, and dentists, for all their years of “higher” learning are amongst the most thoroughly indoctrinated herds of sheep in the U.S.

    They really are a cult that’s not encouraged to step or think outside of their little conventional wisdom box.

  15. Mickey on said:

    When I was growing up, people used to say that AIDS was a gay disease. As a result, homophobic people did not care about gays who were infected allowed them to die. Now they are trying to put AIDS on straight Black women. That never made any sense to me. How does AIDS go from being a gay White man’s disease to a straight Black woman’s disease? And like you said, who is giving Black women AIDS? It’s not gay White men. People like to put AIDS and other ills on the group of people that is the most popular to hate at the time.

  16. Tyrone on said:

    The biggest contributing factor to the spread of hiv/aids in Africa is access to clean water and religion. In the United States, it’s drug use and dangerous sexual practices.


  17. I haven’t had the time to watch the video yet, but I’ve always read “alternative” medicine blogs and forums, and known that the disease is a total hoax, a combination of ailments that come in response to malnutrition, casual un-safe sex, and drug abuse.

    Some interesting facts I’ve accumulated over the years:

    When the above 3 factors aren’t enough Big Pharma solidifies the diagnosis by ‘treating’ the disease with highly toxic drug cocktails (blindness and sudden collapse/death among the side effects) – previously treatments back in the 90’s included AZT, a chain RNA terminator that literally destroyed people from the inside out.

    Back in the early 80’s before it became HIV/AIDS it was G.R.I.D. (Gay Related Immune Disorder) and it was mostly associated with heavy drug use and frequent casual sex that’s synonymous (to this day even) with gay club culture.

    “Poppers”, a drug gay guys use to get a kind of sexual high (it amplifies penis stimulation and helps the anus to relax at the same time) puts a person at risk of developing Kaposi’s Sarcoma, which would later ‘coincidentally’ become a symptom of HIV/AIDS.

    Jump back to current day and what exists is a combination of misinformation by:

    -Pay for play physicians pushing toxic drugs in exchange for fat corporate money

    -Phony testing kits (you can test positive in Africa nations or the U.S. but negative in Canada or New Zealand),

    -Methodology by the C.D.C. that’s so foolish an honest 7th grade science teacher would ridicule it

    -An ideological push to project all of the gay white community’s low-down, misogynistic, black diva-worshiping, yet jealous-of-black-women hating tendencies on to black gay men as a backdoor attack against the entire black community.

  18. Sharina on said:

    I have not been to this blog in a while (not getting the updates), but when I heard that video I was floored. Just more proof of the continued cover-ups that society likes to cloak us in.

    Thank you for posting.

  19. decodeSOR on said:

    V-e-r-y interesting and informative video.
    I guess if they can’t attack you one way, they try and do it in another.
    The frequently-quoted figures of nearly or over 50% of Black women either having full-blown AIDS/HIV or related complexes/diseases because of particular lifestyles has always been hardly believable, given the fact that the average Black woman (the overwhelming majority) DOES NOT lower herself to such behavior to further her vulnerability in the first place. However, those that do make these choices are clearly victims, and are overemphasized as being representatives of the social/sexual characteristics by the entire Black female population, a ploy used by the system of which most of us are cognizant by now.

    Your individual health should always be prioritized and maintained with diligence.
    Read Dr. Harriet Washington’s “Medical Apartheid: The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans From Colonial Times to the Present” and Dorothy Robert’s “Fatal Invention: How Science, Politics and Big Business Re-Create Race in the 21st Century.”

    Both books are truly eye-openers and provide well-documented cases of how specifically Black people have been and are still being targeted in a number of ways within the medical industry, with “industry” being the key operative word here. I often state that the number of available drugs on the pharma market is stunning at the least, not to mention the money that ‘s made. But logically thinking, an industry is driven by profits more than principles. What’s even scarier are the biological and racial motives underlying the efforts of the medical industry, who obviously have no moral conscious whatsoever.

  20. You know what makes me laugh and shake my head at the same time? All the atrocities that have been done to us in the name of money, hatred and lust and we’re still here and thriving!

    It’s like whatever they throw at us doesn’t work so they’re running out of ideas. What’s next?

    Fire breathing dragons?

    I’ll wager we’ll survive that too!

  21. yeah we bad. rofl, U can’t destroy the creators chosen people, that is why they trying to get with us all they can do is try to dilute us but they can’t completely get rid of us. I see they keep going on about heatwaves, rofl I guess all yall meditating is stirring up something bahahaha.

  22. What do you know, white folks lying. Who woulda thunk?

  23. Azazel on said:

    Saw this other one in related videos:

    Apparently there are different criteria for HIV +vitiy depending on where you live.
    Surprise, surprise!

  24. Azazel on said:

    By the way, I think there is a syndrome that can kill people. But I wonder about the causes(s) and whether the tests really establish risk.

  25. mstoogood4yall on said:

    Another thing that is interesting is they keep making studies about soda making kids and teens violent yet they deny it and try cover it up. if they lie about a dam drink imagine how they lie about things like this. The drugs are powerful I read an article about how back in the day they gave hiv drugs to black foster kids that they said were positive and some died I think. They use our ppl as guinea pigs and I bet they make it so this stuff affects us the worst and attacks the ones with the most melanin, as somebody else said they use white lab rats for a reason.

  26. mstoodgood

    I’m thinking about a post on the 2 suns being spotted.

  27. Azazel

    Thanks for the video. I’ve learned by ways of experience that “syndromes” seem to pop up AFTER Big Pharma has created the drug.

  28. I remember years ago on Tony Brown’s journal that a Dr. Streaker said that after he and a team of scientists studied the HIV virus and discovered it did not originate in nature but was a CLONED (manmade) virus that came from the laboratory

    Whatever is going on it’s deliberately targeting black and non-white people as a form of biological GENOCIDE and generates a TON of money, misery and global anti-blackness

  29. Azazel on said:

    Yes Negress,

    There is one Dr. Duesberg who thinks that AIDS is directly related to pharmaceutical and recreational drug use. It’s an interesting idea. One high risk group for AIDS is heavy recreational drug users and addicts. Another one is the homosexual community which is said to use recreational drugs at a much higher rate. The risk factor may not be sexual intercourse but drug use. The higher susceptibility of black people to AIDS could be related to the fact that many ‘xenobiotic’ (biologically foreign) agents are known to bind tenaciously to melanin and cause all sorts of problems. People with more melanin would probably retain more of the toxic agents. This is not controversial. There are research papers on a government site (NCBI) that discuss the effect. Melanin does not exist only in the skin but also in the brain and THE IMMUNE SYSTEM.

    It’s hard to find genuine information because they’re really careful about what is put out there having lied so consistently. Wikipedia, for example, is a site that just promotes the othodoxy. But it means that when you find little kernels of truth through their channels there might be a whole seed hiding somewhere. For example, Wikipedia’s article on Melanin says:
    “In invertebrates, a major aspect of the innate immune defense system against invading pathogens involves melanin. Within minutes after infection, the microbe is encapsulated within melanin (melanization), and the generation of free radical byproducts during the formation of this capsule is thought to aid in killing them.” ONLY in invertebrates. Is that so? Webexhibits.org, a virtual museum, states: “There are other benefits to having a high concentration of melanin in the skin and other parts of the body. Melanin boosts the immune system, and darker-skinned groups have been shown to have a lower incidence of a number of serious diseases, including Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, and spina bifida.”
    So how on Earth do melanated people, who have naturally more robust immune systems, suddenly become the ones who suffer an epidemic of an immune deficiency syndrome?

    I’m open to the possibility that AIDS could be a kind of poisoning disguised as an infectious disease. As the lady in your video says, the AIDS test looks for antibodies that are naturally present at higher rates in Africans. It could very well be that their immune system is already prepared for whatever virus is claimed to be responsible for AIDS. When you’re vaccinated, isn’t that the point? You’re infected with an attenuated version of the pathogen so that there is an immune response. Then if you’re exposed to the real virulent organism, your body responds quickly to contain the attack. But if they take something natural to the body and interpret it to mean that the patient is deathly ill with an infectious disease they can then prescribe a cocktail of poisonous drugs that both cause the syndrome, financial burden, and ostracism.

    In one of the videos Duesberg claims that the maker of one of the AIDS ‘treatment’ drugs called AZT stated that the side-effects of the drug can be similar to AIDS. I looked it up myself and found a drug leaflet as a pdf document on the World Health Organization site: http://apps.who.int/prequal/WHOPAR/WHOPARPRODUCTS/HA279Part3v1.pdf . It says on page 5:
    “Like all medicines, Aspen Zidovudine 300mg can cause side effects, although not everybody gets them. When treating HIV infection, it is not always possible to differentiate between unwanted effects caused by Aspen Zidovudine 300mg, or those caused by other medicines you may be taking at the same time, or by the HIV disease”.
    How the heck does a medicine to treat a disease cause side-effects indistinguishable from the disease? What kind of medicine is that! So I have to agree with you Negress. AIDS could very well be due to toxic chemicals rather than a biological agent.

  30. Azazel

    I’m working on another article you’ll find interesting. It’s related to this HIV scam. Excellent comments!

  31. I believe AIDs was created by the White man to kill us Black people off based on information I looked up.

    We need to know what these people are up to before it is too late!

  32. Everything is always a setup for the black community in America..smh

  33. What about the ‘malaria vaccines’ that have CONvinced Africans to have?

  34. I totally disagree with this video! To say that the virus does not exist is batty!AIDS virus kills whites as well, even rich ones! There is no doubt that the system is structured to kill blacks, but oftentimes black people cooperate with the system through wallowing in the drug culture and the unhealthy lifestyles that follow drug abuse which include promiscuity, and sodomy when incarcerated. Some of these things, I am sure, whites enjoy seeing black people doing to themselves like dropping out from high school, drug abuse, gang wars and producing children without stable families. There are too many black teenagers who have two to three children while still in high school and are squandering the opportunity for even that basic level of education! We know that because of the middle passage we are more genetically disposed to high blood pressure, yet so many black Americans allow themselves to become obese thus raising the blood pressure to the point of ending up on dialysis. It is as though the will to survive has died. If it has it needs to be acknowledged and action taken to resurrect it! There is no doubt that structural racism is killing black people! This is why we need to be organized and smart in order to win this war! By the way AIDS is rampant in India as well.

  35. There is so much evidence that this is false that I am amazed that someone would take it seriously! I have personally seen and known people who were secretly on the downlow and developed AIDS, then their innocent wives succumbed, which clearly illustrated that an infectious agent was passed from one partner to another. I also know that since in my country the drug cocktail was made available to pregnant mothers who are HIV positive, we have not had any children who inherited HIV from their parents mothers which is quite the opposite to what was happening before. If you have so much confidence in unscientific theory would you be willing to have unprotected sexual intercourse with your husband, should he inform you that during the past year when you were away studying he had a brief affair with someone. He then had a test for HIV and is now HIV positive? If you believe this woman you should have no hesitation.

  36. Sharina on said:

    ” If you have so much confidence in unscientific theory would you be willing to have unprotected sexual intercourse with your husband, should he inform you that during the past year when you were away studying he had a brief affair with someone.”—-I would no longer have a husband to consider unprotected sex with.

  37. Just saw this http://www.cdc.gov/nchhstp/newsroom/docs/CDC-HIV-AA-508.pdf ; and I quote, “Among blacks, men account for 70 percent of new HIV infections. Women account for 30 percent. An analysis by the Black AIDS Institute found that if Black America were its own country, it would rank 16th in the world in the number of people with HIV — ahead of Ethiopia, Botswana, and Haiti. Within the African American community, gay and bisexual men are the most affected, followed by heterosexual women.• Black men account for almost one-third (31 percent) of all new HIV infections in the United States. The rate of new HIV infections for black men is more than six times as high as the rate among white men, and more than twice that of Hispanic men and black women. Among black men, the majority of new infections occur among men who have sex with men (MSM).1• Young black MSM are severely affected and now account for more new infections (4,800 in 2010) than any other subgroup by race/ethnicity”

    You see where the problem lies men are highly sexual beings, incarcerated men still need sex!
    Also ” The stigma associated with HIV and homosexuality, prevalent in many communities, may help to spread HIV in African American communities. Fear of disclosing risk behavior or sexual orientation may prevent African Americans from seeking testing, prevention and treatment services, and support from friends and family. As a result, too many African Americans lack critical information about how to prevent infection.”
    At the root of all of this is the high rate of incarceration of black men, the system is unjust and needs to be tackled by legal reform. Black people have to tell their story to the world and try to shame America, but on the other hand if you see a trap set for you and you are wise will you use every skill and technique to try and avoid it.

  38. One more thing which I omitted (this is the last). Have a look at http://scienceblogs.com/insolence/2008/12/30/hivaids-denialist-christine-maggiore-die/ Do read about Eliza Jane Scovill and her mother Christine Maggiore a prominent HIV/AIDS denialist. I followed this story for years. My workplace has drafted me into AIDS awareness!

  39. Do you honestly think you’re fooling anyone Clair? I think it’s time for you to kick rocks.

  40. Tyrone on said:


    In actuality, Malaria kills more blacks in Africa than HIV/AIDS. But, we focus all of our attention on another virus, doesn’t make sense to me. Whenever i see stories about malaria, the mother of a child that has passed is begging for a net to place in front of her dwelling. In the US, a net is not a big deal. In Africa, it’s life and death…Real Talk! As it relates to the vaccine, black folk have been injected with all kinds of antibiotics over the years, i’m pretty sure that plays a part as well.


  41. Tyrone on said:


    Lest we forget, HIV/AIDS came out of the Free Love Movement of the 1960s and 1970s. Sex and Drugs are a deadly mix. The timeframe is important to remember…late 1970s—early 1980s.


  42. Azazel on said:

    lol, Bry.
    C-liar it is.

    What we know is that HIV +vity is a thing that some tests supposedly determine. However, HIV +vitiy may not correlate to AIDS risk. It may very well be possible to become HIV +ve from sexual intercourse or blood exposure. But does presence of an anti-viral antibody in your bloodstream mean that you’re going to die from a horrible illness? If so, it means that those of us who’ve had polio or tuberculosis vaccines as children are in big trouble. From what I have read, the so-called HIV tests do not isolate a virus despite what many people naturally think. Given the nature of the HIV tests, how is a proposed HIV vaccine supposed to work? Wouldn’t everyone so vaccinated become HIV +ve? And if being HIV +ve means your going to die of AIDS what is the criteria for gauging the efficacy of vaccination? LOL. The mind bends. But I shouldn’t laugh, this is serious.

    The anti-HIV drugs have some serious potential side-effects including some of the very things associated with AIDS. The leaflet for Aspen Zidovudine (link in other post) says that reduction in white blood cell count is among the most common side-effects of the drug! So if you’re monitoring your white blood cell count to gauge the progress of AIDS (supposedly due to HIV) yet your anti-HIV medicine is also causing it how does that work? Sounds like nonsense to me.

    But it also seems clear that simply stopping HIV ‘treatment’ will not cure an AIDS patient after the syndrome is underway. Sometimes people have other illnesses and it is said to be due to AIDS because they also test HIV +ve whereas if they weren’t +ve it wouldn’t be called AIDS. It’s also possible that the toxins associated with treatment remain in the body even after the patient stops actively taking them. There are other poisons such as Lead that behave the same way. In order to cure lead poisoning you have to actively detoxify. It is very difficult to remove from the system because it settles into bone and soft tissue. Maybe the detoxification agents are right there in the cocktail of drugs AIDS patients take (to moderate the effect of the sickening agents so as to appear be medicine). If I had the means I would immediately investigate the effect of the HIV ‘treatment’ and other immuno-supressing drugs on the body and the discover the means to remove them. It is very possible that therein lies the cure for AIDS.

  43. Azazel on said:

    I was writing up a follow-up post and my browser crashed so I’ll try again. This is food for thought. I’ll use wikipedia since its convenient. There’s an article on Immuno-suppressive drugs which outlines the various categories.

    One of them is cytostatics (cyto-cell, static – stop). About them it says:
    “Cytostatics inhibit cell division. In immunotherapy, they are used in smaller doses than in the treatment of malignant diseases. They affect the proliferation of both T cells and B cells.”
    (Note that these are the same type of cells that AIDS disease attacks)

    In the category of cytostatics is the category of antimetabolites (anti – against, metabolite – product of metabolism). The article on antimetabolites states:
    “An antimetabolite is a chemical that inhibits the use of a metabolite, which is another chemical that is part of normal metabolism. Such substances are often similar in structure to the metabolite that they interfere with, such as the antifolates that interfere with the use of folic acid. The presence of antimetabolites can have toxic effects on cells, such as halting cell growth and cell division, so these compounds are used as chemotherapy for cancer”.

    This is important. It is by virtue of their similarity in chemical structure to the genuine article that the body uses that antimetabolites are able to compete with it and replace it in vital structures. However, the antimetabolite doesn’t do the job right. It’s similar to how CO poisoning works. It binds to haemoglobin instead of oxygen but your body can’t use CO to respire.

    “Antimetabolites can be used in cancer treatment, as they interfere with DNA production and therefore cell division and the growth of tumors. Because cancer cells spend more time dividing than other cells, inhibiting cell division harms tumor cells more than other cells.
    Anti-metabolites masquerade as a purine (azathioprine, mercaptopurine) or a pyrimidine, chemicals that become the building-blocks of DNA. They prevent these substances becoming incorporated in to DNA during the S phase (of the cell cycle), stopping normal development and division.[4]
    They also affect RNA synthesis. However, because thymidine is used in DNA but not in RNA (where uracil is used instead), inhibition of thymidine synthesis via thymidylate synthase selectively inhibits DNA synthesis over RNA synthesis.
    Due to their efficiency, these drugs are the most widely used cytostatics”

    One of the bases of DNA is thymidine (the T in the AGCT) which consists of a pyrimidine ring (it’s a ring of carbon atoms with two nitrogen atoms in certain places) joined to a ribose (a sugar consisting primarily of a five atom ring). Follow the link below to see the structure I’m talking about in the diagram on the right: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thymidine

    Here is an example of an antimetabolite that is an ANALOGUE of Thymidine: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bromodeoxyuridine It is structurally similar so it gets incorporated into DNA but it’s a dud. Even if you don’t have a degree in Chemistry you can see that it is almost identical to Thymidine except that it has a Bromine atom substituted for the CH3 (methyl) group attached to one carbon atom of the pyrimidine ring (the carbon atoms in the ring are understood and not shown in diagram). You can read the text to see the difference this change makes. Bromodeoxyuridine can cause mutations, can be passed on to daughter cells during DNA replication and can remain in the body for up to two years post exposure.

    Now take a look at the structure of the HIV drug Zidovudine: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zidovudine It is clearly a Thymidine analogue as well though the article curiously does not mention this at all. The only difference is that it has an Azide group (N3) attached to the ribose ring where Thymidine would have had a hydroxyl (OH) group. So it will evidently behave as fake Thymidine and corrupt affected DNA. Now it could be said that this is necessary to interfere with the HIV virus. But firstly, The HIV tests do not isolate a virus. Secondly, the medicine clearly does not discriminate between virus and human given the side-effects which include white blood cell reduction. Zidovudine is apparently immuno-suppressive itself. If you took Zidovudine while being HIV -ve would you eventually experience the symptoms of AIDS?

  44. Azazel on said:

    BTW, AZT stands for Azidothymidine which is just another name for the same drug Zidovudine. So it’s clearly thymidine with an azide (-N3) group substituted and is therefore a thymidine analogue, a potential antimetabolite and cytostatic immuno-suppressant.

    (Due to moderation of my previous post this one may appear out of order.)

  45. You are free to make up your mind as you wish! People have a right to hear the other side of any debate as well, and to make informed choices! I find that the safest way to navigate through life is to open to new ideas and yet treat all theories with some skepticism until some proof is provided! Whether I like the evidence or not I stick with facts that are supported by evidence. This is an information age; the trick is knowing how to sift the information that is presented to you. Truth is not established by seeing who can be the most aggressive and hostile and who can shout the loudest. My contribution is meant to add a note of caution and also to encourage people to step back and take a look at what has been presented. I have nothing to gain by fooling anyone, but I know what has worked in my country and what has been published by the Ministry of Health in this small black nation where I live! I remain committed to spreading facts that save lives!

  46. Azazel on said:

    There’s more too. The azide group (-N3) which is subsitituted into the DNA base Thymidine to make HIV drug AZT (Azidothymidine/Zidovudine) is a well known source of toxicity similar to cyanide (-CN). So AZT is apparently toxic based on two facts. It is:

    1) An antimetabolite that competes with Thymidine for incorporation into DNA during cell division

    2)An organoazide (that is, a carbon compound with an azide, -N3, group) most of which are known toxins and some of which are also explosive. If you do a google search for ‘azide safety’ you’ll find more links from various university chemistry labs than you care to read.

  47. The link to the video is dead; can you add a new one?

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