Observations of an Invisible Woman

Truth in Plain Sight

“Sometimes you gotta take a step back so you can see.”

“See what, Mr. Fuller?”

“See what you’re lookin’ at.”

This “art” is more than just art. It’s an admittance, and perhaps a blatant glorification, of a very dangerous and very real threat to huemanity. It makes me think of that quote from Shakespeare, “All the world’s a stage.” The next time you wonder why someone is “behaving strangely” or “isn’t themselves” remember that tel-lie-vision is the most destructive invention ever made…which is why I parted ways with it. Music comes a close second…just ask John Todd. And of course, food and water round out the top three.

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25 thoughts on “Truth in Plain Sight

  1. What the hell! This is some spooky shit.

  2. Bestpartofwakingup on said:

    I don’t get the crazy video. The Mexican commercial threw me off as well. Maybe I’m slippin but I haven’t figured it out yet. I’ll keep looking to decipher.

  3. mstoogood4yall on said:

    wtf is this, I don’t know if I can make it through the whole vid. does the butterfly represent monarch programming. I will have to finish watching tomorrow, my mind is tired.

  4. Ritualistic beastiality and sexual violence is still ritualistic beastiality and sexual violence. Yurug cannot live in harmony with nature, because THEIR nature is to live opposite of Ma’at. @Imhotep, one less to worry about. One can only talk to them, one cannot make them overstand.

  5. Amanda on said:

    Negress and others, check this out smh:

    The ridicule of the black race and obsession with black genitalia is sickening!

  6. Amanda

    No shock there. Whites want more than anything on this earth to be us. That’s the root of their hatred for us.

  7. I love Sigur Ros, and that is my disposition with my position. My love for music has transcended the evil deeds of the evil doers, and I oft feel guilty about that. My mind and thought process is a musical one, and I have become a slave to it. But I thing the Most High gives us discernment when we need it though most ignore that little voice.

    I know I’m not making sense to most, but the ones that face this same struggle know my name very well.

  8. I gotcha. I love his music too.

    Too bad he’s “one of them.”

  9. bmx1982 on said:

    I’ve loved Bjork since I was 12 years old – there must be something about Icelandic/Scandinavian artists…. I think they’re among the few groups of whites with innate rhythm.

  10. mstoogood4yall on said:

    I still don’t understand this commercial and is that shia labeouf in this commercial or he got a twin lookalike lol.

  11. In a country with hardly any Blacks in it, mighty strange…..I see it as a back-handed compliment….why dress up as someone you really know very little about…..”imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery”….

  12. That’s Shia Labeouf……He must be close friends with this director or he needed the money…..

  13. Ok.

    Give up?

    The video was Ross’ wink and nod towards the secret but deadly world of M.K. Ultra, aka Project Paperclip aka Project Monarch. Misstoogood called it!!!

    This is very real and is currently the driving force behind many of our celebrities weird behaviour.


    Imhotep and Everyone :

    I’m going to ask you and others to comment in open discussion from now on if your comments do not correlate to my threads. I’ve been super busy lately so I haven’t been keeping up with the comments as I should. I do apologize to my readers who come here for discussion and find “something else” going on.

    Now that my time is freeing up, slightly, I’ve noticed that my threads are derailing with rhetoric that have no bearings to my posts.

    Thank you.

  15. samadhi on said:

    The butterfly that shia laboeuf holds in his hand is the biggest clue to MK Ultra programming. It is a symbol of the self that flies away from the physical form.

    Their eyes look vacant like nobody’s home (dissociative identity) & physical trauma on each others bodies (abuse victims report out of body experience).

    There are hints of androgyny/confusion between the sex.
    maybe the video is an allegory of the animus/anima?

    Yes, they are hiding disturbing messages in plain sight.

  16. samadhi

    *thunderous applause*

    Great analysis!

  17. samadhi on said:

    Notice that they both look and act like puppets or reanimated corpses (zombies in the truest sense), another clue. The video is a bit ambiguous: does it represent an allegory of the manipulation of the soul or actual mk ultra victims?

    I wonder if the lollipops is implied pedophilia/forced incest between children (notice the colour are switched, shia gets pink and the girl blue).

    Since 2000, music videos have become more and more sinister, and they openly flaunt occult imagery, and not just in the US or Europe, but in Asia as well.
    I don’t think it’s a coincidence.

  18. Mickey on said:

    Have you ever seen this video of Professor Griff talking about music videos and advertisements sending subliminal messages through their work? It is so out of left field, it’s scary. And remember, he used to be in the entertainment industry, so it is not far-fetched.

  19. mswanda on said:

    Thank you for that Negress. It just got to the point I got tired of reading your blog. Three or four people ranting about the same crap over and over again. It was beginning to depress me. No offense to you but this is really tiring.

    And when are you gonna start on those soy massage candles?

  20. mswanda

    I’m taking care of the bullshit right now.

  21. Mickey

    Watched the video. Thanks…Griff does have some great points.

  22. crazy cave beyotch we see what white men gotta deal with rofl. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PEPoO08IMog

  23. Negress, you got a link to that vid. It is blocked. MG.

  24. The truth is……..
    1) Whites know who they truly are: genetically inbred albinos with different colored eyes and a evil and barbaric nature.

    2) Most Whites are NOT attractive at all that is why they always have to push themselves as ”attractive on TV to make people think they are attractive when they are NOT. Before colonialism, Whites were considered the least attractive race.

    3) Cave bitches know they can’t take the place of beautiful Nubian queens in beauty or in importance. Most cave bitches are hideous without their makeup or hair extensions and lack the melanin, style, beauty, grace etc that Black women have. And cave bitches know that they weren’t the first women on earth or the mother of humanity: Black women are the mothers of humanity! Black women are the Original Woman and she is very beautiful, feminine and full of grace. That is why cave bitches hate and envy Black women and try to look like us.

    3) White demon men know that they aren’t the true kings of the earth. Black men are truly the king of the earth and the Original Man. He is handsome, masculine and the Original man. White men envy the fact that they aren’t the Original Man.

    4) No woman is more beautiful than a beautiful Nubian queen with natural hair and a glowing brown complexion.

    5) Cave bitches could never be as beautiful as Nubian queens in anyway possible.

    6) White demon men will never be as handsome or masculine as Black men.

    7) Blacks are physically and mentally stronger than White devils.

    8) Blacks sexing, dating and marrying White people is a step down for their race and ultimately themselves.

    9) Any Black person who dates interracially especially with a White person is a sellout Uncle Tom who doesn’t care about our race.

    10) Many White demon men are attracted to Nubian Queens yet are afraid to ask them out but Nubian Queens know better than to date a devilish man with sickly pale skin with blue veins popping out, ages very fast and bald very early and has the nature of a beast!

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