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Dear White AmeriKlan, How Does it Feel?


 10 He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he thatakilleth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is thebpatience and the faith of the csaints. Revelation 13-14

{Special thanks to a good buddy of mine for sharing this}

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25 thoughts on “Dear White AmeriKlan, How Does it Feel?

  1. rofl, they always write a book about everything. sheit we all should start writing books and get paid. but naw we can’t do that as we might end up like malcolms grandson if we write too much truth in our book. rofl he thought he was entitled to a day in court bahahah black people have been known this system was rigged they just now figuring it out smh, welcome to our world ppl. they say they don’t have to protect and serve tell me something I don’t know. its interesting how he said if a woman Is raped they don’t have to do anything and have loopholes, hmm so now they still scared that I guess black men will be trying to rape becky. He should look at the bright side at least they aren’t saying they have the right to shoot and kill unarmed whites, they just saying white ppl we don’t have to protect u. Oh and they took credit for stopping the crazy guy when this guy said he did, oh that is karma right there, they’ve been taking credit for things blacks have done. oohh weee *grabs popcorn*

  2. Want some cheese with the whine? They would have been long extinct if they had to deal with the shit they put us through for even one day. Cry me a damn river.

  3. cheryl on said:

    I’m basically new to your blog and I must say I enjoy reading it everyday. I mostly read it over my phone (I have an old phone) so I can’t make/write comments the way I want to. So anyway, I know this has nothing to do with your recent blog post but I would love to see/read something on these “Sinkholes” around the country and probably abroad as well. Also, flooding in Colorado and I’m sure other places too. What’s up with that? Is the Most High and the ancestors telling us something? I would love to read your comments.

  4. “grabs popcorn”, “cheese with Whine”, heheheh ooooh!! “cry me a damn river”. Oh Lord!!! These comments have me tripping!! I’ve heard that if it wasn’t for us, they’r be tearing themselves apart! If Africans weren’t brought to the Western Hemisphere, it’s the Fakejews from the Ghettos of europe that would of been the bunnies in the head lights. Real Talk!

  5. Cheryl

    Sinkholes are popping up all over the US and it’s no coincidence. Mother Nature is not pleased. Nature will strike back at us for destroying her planet.

    Someone gave me a video about dead birds and dolphins…perhaps an upload is in order?

  6. ‘He got… uh… almost… uh… murdered.’ Almost does not count.
    This is one book I am going to pass on. He got time off from his boss at the Kickboxing school, to come up with the concept of a book. And the experience was so heart-breakin that he made a vid and re-enacted his part… himself.
    These Petes do not even have to be smart, just cunning.

  7. …..uum….so it’s news and something of concern and unique all of a sudden when this happens to them….smdh. Old news buddy, go cry a river elsewhere. I’m going to eat lunch.

  8. Gat Turner on said:

    Now I can’t get that Prince song outaa my head “How does it feel” ringing all day!

  9. blakksage on said:

    I write numerous briefs, motions and appeals that snaked its way through the district court, appellate court and the US Supreme Court without the assistance of an attorney in 2008. Now, here comes a NY bozo whining about how he was done wrong by the system. I rejoice because at least he could now say that he has finally received a taste of what black folk have been experiencing for centuries in Amerikkka. He could cry a river filled with tears x2 and I still wouldn’t give a you know what!

  10. mstoogood4yall on said:

    It’s interesting that they make books about what they go through trying to profit off of their pain and others. Like that dumb juror, this guy, and countless others. I have yet to see black ppl write books about half the sheit we go through. We won’t see a book about the attempted lynching of a brotha in Delaware that happened last year.[thanks for telling me about that ms trojanpam] we probably won’t see a book about trayvon martin from his parents, we won’t see a book about reki boyd and all the others. This guy put himself in harms way, and we supposed to feel sorry.

  11. Have you been following what’s been going on with Fukushima? There’s a pretty good chance all of our a**es are toast….

  12. Why should we care what they think? They don’t care about us so we shouldn’t care about White AmeriKKKlan or their problems.
    Michael Jackson’s They Don’t Care About Us.

    Here is my sentiment to White AmeriKKKlan. They don’t care about us. I love this song too.

  13. I don’t care about them because they don’t care about me. Karma is coming to bite them in the ass for all the years they oppressed, raped, stole, killed and destroyed to get where they are today. And honestly I am glad!

  14. Karma is coming to bite them in the ass for all the years they lied, stole, killed, destroyed non Whites in AmeriKKKlan and worldwide. They don’t. We shouldn’t worry about them because they aren’t worrying about us.

  15. Watch this video: They Don’t Care About Us.

    They don’t care about us so why should we care about them. Don’t worry, God is taking care of them. Karma is coming and biting them in the ass for all the centuries they lied, cheated, stole and killed Blacks, Latinos, Asians etc for power, land and money.

  16. lol I am watching as karma is biting them in the ass for the ways their ancestors killed, stole, cheated, lied etc to get where they are today. God is taking care of them, trust me.

    God will avenge Trayvon Martin’s death and the deaths of many innocent Black boys who were murdered wrongly.

    And now Whites are not giving birth as much anymore! Praise the Lord!

    Karma is biting them in the ass!

  17. LOL They don’t know how it is like to be oppressed and when they are treated badly by an minority or non White particularly a Black person they whine and claim, ”reverse racism”.

    LOL the mind and psyche of these people never fails to amaze and baffle me!

    There is no such thing as reverse racism because we don’t have the power to oppress.

    Don’t worry, karma has already come to bite them in the ass and the long term affects of this is extinction of the White race.

  18. lol This tune was in my head: Michael Jackson They Don’t Care About Us

    They don’t care about us so we shouldn’t care about them. They are getting karma for all the years that they oppressed, killed, lied and stole from non Whites in AmeriKKKlan and worldwide. Honestly I don’t feel sorry for them

  19. Matari on said:


    At the least the cops ONLY stood by and did nothing.. as opposed to finding a reason to deliver a death rending choke hold, or (their favorite testimony in court) …

    “Your Honor, I felt threatened when I saw that menacing looking comb, wallet, cell phone, or whatever it was in the hand or pocket of that large brute.. uh.. ni.. I mean negro.. no..um.. colored dude. So, I followed my academy training and only did what I had to do, your Honor!”

    Black people don’t often/always survive being on the wrong end of any involvement with the police. We don’t have the privilege of writing a book, if we do survive, either. Who would buy it? White people don’t believe us, or give a damn regarding racism, and black folks already know what time it is, and have known for centuries.

  20. Please Truth, you know I love you with all my heart, but I must let you know if you didn’t already. The person that’s doing the reporting in this video, is nothing but an Alex Jones shill. Anything with Alex Jones in it, Black people need to take with a grain of salt.

  21. Alex Jones?

    You mean the Crypto-Jew reptile? Ohhhhhh…..yeah….

  22. That very same one.

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