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My Vacation is Almost Over

Hey there!

I awoke this morning refreshed and happy. I got a lot of work done around the house…you know, going through old things and tossing them out and basically getting myself in order. I made a lot of new products for the holidays. Here’s a little peek on what’s curing on my rack:

Seaweed and Basil Soap Scrub

Seaweed and Basil Soap Scrub

A special thanks to Ms. Wanda who contacted me and gave me some stellar business advice. Thanks for watching out for me! I slept like crazy and meditated as much as possible and I feel recharged. Meditation really does work for the soul. I have a renewed energy that I hope to use constructively in the future.

Tonight, I’ll be catching up on your comments and working on my newest post. Since I took this little time away, I got a ton of letters from pretty much everyone. I’d like to say one thing before I eat breakfast then I’ll get back to my crafts:

I’ve decided based on your comments that I will not be doing anymore posts on black love, black relationships, black parenting, black homeschooling, black boycotting or anything involving black male/ female relations. I’ve come to the conclusion that talking about this subject is of no value. Why am I saying this? Because it’s been overplayed ad nauseum. Many scholars, Babalus, educators and orators have spoken about this topic til their last breath. Amos Wilson nearly stroked begging us to change our ways. Noticed I said “our ways?” You know what’s changed?


Melanin energy is being wasted on insanity and I’ve decided to “drop out of that system.”

Whatever you chose to do in the comfort of your homes with all the knowledge our ancestors have given us and continue to give us, is now up to you.

See you soon with a new post!

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36 thoughts on “My Vacation is Almost Over

  1. Imhotep on said:


    “I’ve decided based on your comments that I will not be doing anymore posts on black love, black relationships, black parenting, black homeschooling, black boycotting or anything involving black male/ female relations.”

    The Black Woman has THE GREATEST SELF LOVE EVER! As the Mother of All Civilization, You were the FIRST PERSON EVER to have self-love. Because You were Jah’s FIRST CREATION, Jah gave you the greatest love towards All others and Yourself. As A Blk Man, I know this fact to be true. The Blk man is always in competition with Your Self-Love. That is why We as A Family always have these arguments! Brothas still love Their Sistas regardless of ALL SISTAS HAVING THE GREATEST SELF-LOVE OF ALL TIME! I love My Family and always will by loving myself, alone! Some Brothas do enjoy tell-lie-vision, so they hate themselves instantly. It’s interesting, Sistas watch “tell-lie-vision as an invention”. Some Sistas will believe They are ugly after watching it. Fortunately, They never give up on themselves. They believe that life will work out for them somehow.

    I have heard stories of Sistas “offing themselves”(sadly) because there were no Blk Men available. The BLK MAN WAS MADE OUT OF THE BLACK WOMAN’S SELF-LOVE. When He is not there, She gets upset (secretly and openly) because HE IS HER AS A MAN. ALL BLK MEN WERE MADE TO MAKE THE BW HAPPY. We were designed for that purpose, alone. I know, unfortunately, AS THE FIRST MEN EVER, We are “too touchy”. Because of The Sista’s self-love, She does like having moments to Herself to think. It is hard to respect those times, because the Brotha likes being around His Sista whenever He can be near Her.


  2. Imhotep

    Ummmmm….I think you missed the point of my post. I’m going to ask you to please do me a huge favour.


    You’ll find that it does help.

  3. Imhotep on said:


    Thank you, Sista, I will meditate.

  4. jacinto on said:

    I’m glad you find yourself through entrepreneurship using ancestral knowledge, I think that’s the best way to go and is applicable to all peoples of the world afros. Good for you black!!

  5. Negress, thanks for producing the organic deodorant. I usually buy mine at Health food stores. I purchased two! I have one with similar ingredients to yours. I would prefer to buy from you. Again thanks!

  6. Ms. Nigress,

    I stumbled upon a source that is required reading for all of us black brothers and sisters.

    This information is so powerful…

    …so profound…

    …that if need be…I will ‘pay’ you to, at the very least, feast your eyes on the first chapter of this 311 page document.

    I call it a ‘feast’ because it is food for the black soul I am certain you and your followers have not been privy to.

    Everything you’ve suspected…that I’ve suspected…that the community feels strongly about…is not because of paranoia…it’s because of a deep sense of ‘knowing’ something is brewing in the pot…and there’s a frustration among us because we ‘can’t quite pinpoint EXACTLY what that is’.

    If after reading just a portion of this document and being paid for your time to do so…

    …I’ll let YOU decide the importance of releasing this document and where this document was put together as you see fit.

    The reason why I’m doing this is because you have a nice sized audience and it can reach those who have TONS of questions…about ourselves as blacks…our existence…what IS God…who are WE in relation to the universe…most every question you can think of and more will be answered.

    In closing…

    …initially, you’re going to have a hard time stopping yourself from feeding your spirit…you may find yourself neglecting your normal responsibilities and duties to get more previously unanswered questions about blacks, our history and relationship to yt’s.

    I don’t feel the information will be taken as serious if I simply gave the source here in this reply to a post about your comeback.

    …I can not stress the importance of YOUR influence and YOUR voice to reach those of us who are seeking to be enlightened, for it was because of my DESIRE to seek answers to ‘unanswerable questions and thoughts’…that my self-esteem, pride, strength, history and growth excelled.

    Nothing in this single document is false. All of which can be varified with additional research if one chooses. ALL of this information was passed down for thousands of years in secrecy…


    To protect those who held this secret knowledge from getting in the wrong hands (i.e. yts, middle-easterns and Asian descented people) and bastardized.

    This information was even hidden from US…intentionally I may add…so we may experience the life we know it today and deal with it accordingly.

    Anyway, I would have emailed you but…I couldn’t find one reliable enough to send to and I certainly don’t want to accidentally send it to someone who it isn’t intentioned to go to.

    So, my email is in the details section prior to this post. I give you permission to email me personally when and IF you are willing to accept my proposal for all to see…just name your price.

    I hate for this to sound like a bribe but…I got a feeling you won’t accept my money anyway because what I have will be payment enough perhaps for a lifetime.

    I will be waiting for your response via email, not a reply to this post so I KNOW the email is coming from you.

    God Bless…

    — Yosef —

  7. I am glad. It would be nice to see you talk about a topic again. You are a very good writer, Negress and keep on going!

  8. mswanda on said:

    Negress, I’m so glad you decided to try the seaweed in your soap. As a skin care specialist I can attest to the benefits of seaweed. It renews the cells in the skin. Increasing cell turnover for younger and softer skin. Your soap is also detoxifying and draws out impurities in the skin which makes it perfect for acne prone skin. It may also help for eczema. Seaweed it my my #one seller because it works. So family I suggest you pre order that soap from Negress.
    Negress I’m gonna email you later. I want to send you some samples of my seaweed and my charcoal soap.

  9. jacinto

    Thank you!

  10. Hernie

    Please let me know how you like it. I added a few extras in your package for being a repeat customer and as always, We thank you for your support. We couldn’t stay in business without you.

  11. Ms Wanda

    I just wanted to let you know publicly that your help means a lot to me. It’s black business owners like you that give me motivation and encouragement. So thank you for sharing that advice.

    I’m a little eager to see how the soap turns out.

  12. mary burrell on said:

    I will be purchasing the deodorant and the sea weed soap.

  13. Ms wanda on said:

    You’re welcome Negress. I need to know who in the family sells the head scarfs? I forgot who it was. Maybe they will like to barter some soaps or lotion for one.

  14. Miss Mary

    Thank you again for the support! Much appreciated.

  15. Miss Wanda

    I think it was the Tambo Collection. http://www.tambocollection.com

  16. Negress

    “I’ve decided based on your comments that I will not be doing anymore posts on black love, black relationships, black parenting, black homeschooling, black boycotting or anything involving black male/ female relations. I’ve come to the conclusion that talking about this subject is of no value. Why am I saying this? Because it’s been overplayed ad nauseum.”

    That’s messed up and a waist of talent, but I could understand. Sometime enough is enough and it can get exhausting at times. We all love the page despite the differences in opinion. This is like one of my favorite blog to follow. I feel bad for the readers, because some of these topics are the reason they follow the blog. Me personally I enjoy everything about the site. Even when I disagree. I must admit that some people are stuck in their ways and already have their minds made. No matter what’s being said or done, they are going to do, whatever they gone do. But we can’t deny the few that want to change. As a person I can respect your opinion. Everybody knows we are suborn people, due to the failure of system education system. It’s a saying “you know better you’ll do better.” So whatever subject you choose to post, just keep educating the people. Sometime spirituality or meditation is the way to go, it allows us get pass the limitations that’s being put on us. The most powerful movements and leaders that blacks ever had were spiritual. We had Marcus Garvey, Martin Luther King jr., Malcolm X, and Elijah Muhammad. Sometime finding some sort of spirituality helps us to revive ourselves.

    “If you have no critics you’ll likely have no success” ~ Malcolm X.

    So enjoy your vacation, freshen up I’m still a fan.

    – Alex

  17. Alex

    Thanks for understanding.

    The spirit told me to give it up.

    As for the “critics”…well…Let’s put it this way, I have certain people that follow my blog.

    1. Africans who are awake/ becoming awake
    2. Blacks who have no desire to be awakened but love to argue over nothing
    3. Whites who are scared shitless of me so they spy to see “what she’s up to”
    4. Whites who feel guilty and ashamed that read to innerstand and learn
    5. CointelPro Sell-out blacks who are “shells”
    6. Lonely people who just need to talk to someone
    7. Negroes who are lost and use this forum for fun and games

    That’s a big, diverse audience!!!

    My melanin energy is my most precious commodity. Therefore, I cannot waste it on begging, pleading, cajoling, pressuring and becoming angry at a situation that has CLEAR CUT SOLUTIONS. May I make a quick point? Miss Wanda, a black business owner, took the time out of her busy schedule to contact me and give me some advice. Did she have to do that? No. Did she have to share? No. She could have kept it to herself…but she didn’t.

    That is a small victory against white domination.

    I have folks on here who give me ideas, articles, emails on herbs, roots, business practices and who buy exclusively from me. Did they have to do that? No. But they do. And in return, they trust me with their skin and hair.

    That is a small victory against white domination.

    My point is, those of us that are awake are already doing what we should be doing. The rest…well…that’s up to them now. Time to move on.

  18. Well said. We are the original people on earth and we need to stick together. As a Black woman, I would never ever date a White man. That is a step down for me and my race.

  19. I wish you would rethink not doing post on those above topics because I truly enjoy your words.But it is your choice.Did you grow tired of people arguing with you?Or did you grow tired of us blacks who refuse to become awaken? Just curious?Also I am very interested in your products please email me?

  20. Victor Spinks on said:

    Sista, I am interested in your products. How do I purchase?

  21. Victor

    Thanks for the interest and support.

    Please click on the red link to your right under “Support Black Owned Business.”

  22. jaaylah

    My posts on “loving black” was growing redundant. Either we do or we don’t.

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  24. Folks, I heartily recommend Negress’s soaps! Put your money where your mouth is! Support black businesses in as much as you can! I try my best, do what you can. Many festivals and flea markets have black vendors who also have online retail as well for example. Negress’s product are top notch and this is coming from a soap and skin care junkie. The soaps are ‘cured’, that means a lot of care goes into them. The complexion bar I also purchased leaves your face with none of the tightness many other soap products do. I brought other products from Negress that I have not tried yet, but, based upon the quality of her soaps I know these will be of the highest quality. Support black businesses in as much you can afford to or where you are living. In other words as circumstances dictates.

  25. mstoogood4yall on said:

    I agree with herneith

    her soaps are good, very moisturizing without all that scented stuff u get from the stores, and u can smell the ingredients, my blueberry oatmeal soap smells like blueberries and oatmeal lol. The soaps from the stores smell perfumy and don’t leave my skin as moisturized. I just love anything with oatmeal. truth inspired me to make my own lotion, even though it don’t look like lotion but it does work and my eczema scars are healing.

  26. mary burrell on said:

    Negress, soaps are wonderful, There don’t have harmful chemicals and I have very sensitive skin, I love the cocoa butter soaps and the beauty bar. I have a nice clean smell on my skin, not too perfumey just nice and clean. I enjoy them. her hair products are nice as well. I am a satisfied customer.

  27. Negress, where do you sale your soaps? I keep on hearing that your soaps are very good for our skin. I have very sensitive skin and none of the soaps I use are good for my skin. I would love to use your products, Negress so I am wondering where do you sell them? I am sick of using Eurocentric crap products.

  28. mstoogood4yall on said:

    look at the right side of the page. where it says etsy. com in red letters click on that link and it takes u to her store.

  29. mstoogood4yall on said:

    it is below all the recent comments and under where it says support black business. U see a picture of a pillow looking thing and it says raffle giveaway the link for etsy is above that.

  30. Hernie and Mstoodgood

    Thanks for the referral and the compliment. Attention everyone: if you purchase from me, say that Herneith or misstoogood referred you by dropping me a note upon checkout. That way they can claim their “Refer a Friend” bonus the next time they buy.

  31. Negress

    Well put & understood. I might need to meditate.

    – Alex

  32. Thank you, I would like to buy her products.

  33. Nat Turners' Revenge... on said:

    Truth, I save my soap slivers ***especially yours***. What is a safe way to make soap/recycle slivers? For personal use, not trying to compete (like I could!?!). We support your movement. Any advice?

  34. Nat Turners' Revenge on said:

    Any advice on recycling old soap slivers/making soap safely? For personal use only. (I’ve tried to post this query 3x’s already so I’m replying to one of your responses)

  35. Nat Turner

    WordPress is acting up again. Sorry. To save soap slivers, simply put all of them in a heat safe container, like a glass mixing bowl, add roughly 1 tablespoon water to the silvers and microwave it for about 1 minute til melted. Mix the mixture with a spoon and pour into a mold of choice. You’ll have a new bar of soap with old recycled soap. Works every time!

  36. CO-SIGN!

    I can attest to her wonderful products! I enjoy each and every product from her, but her OATMEAL, MILK ‘N HONEY and the TEA TREE GINGER soaps are still my favorite.

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