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Just a Little Peek…

Hi Guys…I’m not officially off of break yet but I wanted to let you know what I’m up to:

1. I read a great book called The Shack by William P. Young

2. I’m doing a raffle giveaway…2 of them actually: https://www.etsy.com/listing/158750420/free-holiday-surprise-gift-for-the-100th

The other one is for the 25th customer. I’m thinking about rewarding the 25th, 50th, 75th and 100th customer. Should I? Or is this enough?

3. I made my holiday products and they are now curing. What are they…You’ll have to wait and see…

4. I harvested my peppermint…the little the birds, beetles and spiders left me. Since when do birds eat mint?

5. I made homemade greeting cards for my customers:


6. I threw away the junk in this one corner of our house. Where does this stuff come from anyway?

7. I clean the cubby…sorta. I’m lazy today. Screw it.

8. I’m thinking about making candles. Maybe. Sorta. I really don’t know yet. It depends on my mood. Nah…screw that too.

9. I’m giving away my old, too-small-for-me clothes.

10. I ordered more firewood for the winter.

11. I’m listening to Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew and Jimmy Cliff.

12. I’m watching this Sci-Fi miniseries Kemetia told me about called “V”. I remember it as a small child but forgot a lot of the plot. Hmmmm….it seems that they’re trying to tell us something…

Well….that’s A LOT, ain’t it? Why can’t I just relax and enjoy my friggin’ time off?

Oh yeah, I’m from the islands where we all have like, 90 effing jobs from birth.

You know what? We missed a solar flare! I knew there was a reason why my melanin was “acting up”. And another thing before I split and get back to my vacation…do you notice how cold nights are getting? Or is it just me up here in the mountains?

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95 thoughts on “Just a Little Peek…

  1. Kushite Prince on said:

    Funny you mention the tv show V. They actually brought it back a few years ago. here’s the trailer from the television series.

  2. mary burrell on said:

    The Shack, is a beautiful book.

  3. Good hearing from you, Sis! Funny you mentioned the tv series, V. I loved the series and Elias was my favorite. Since viewing the series back in the day it’s no joke to see the reptilian characteristics and attitudes in people who do not appear to be human and strike me as alien with demonic energy. Clearing and cleaning your space is exactly what I’m striving to do as I type this. Nights are cold in the mountains? I’m noticing that too here in “sunny” Cali. Bay area, to be exact. Of course, it’s always a little on the breezy side but lately it’s been chilly in the shade and hot in the sun and it keeps fluctuating back and forth. Look forward to reading your blogs when you resume, Sis.

  4. Negress,

    I hope you’re enjoying your time off. That card you made looks really cute. By the way, I received the organic deodorant today and it smells so good! It really does work pretty well for not being an antiperspirant. I can’t wait to see your holiday stuff.

  5. Forced Reality on said:


    Enjoy your time off! We’ll be here when you return.:-)

  6. mstoogood4yall on said:

    Oh yes I agree the card is cute. Oh and negress that blueberry oatmeal is good, I love the color blue and the oatmeal smell.

  7. Imhotep on said:

    @Kushite Prince

    They brought V back because yt folks appear to be very nostalgic for the 1980’s. The 1980’s were a horrible time for Us! We were forced to hear about Gary Coleman and Todd Bridges BELONGING to that yt man. Don’t forget about Webster! You know they had to have a poor Afrikan Man BELONG to a rich whyte couple. Yep, a real time for “good people” (these same people claim they aren’t racist) to be nostalgic for.

    V was very interesting. Aliens posing as something they are NOT and falling in love with something they are NOT! Like when K-Fed dirtied up his” nice clean yt man image he used to tell everyone about” to win over that Sister from Moesha. It’s sad that Our Women allow for others to look at the Black Man in a negative light! Then, they are upset when Their Son becomes “another Black Man labelled as a thug is shot while being unarmed”. K-Fed thought “all Blk Men were thugs” (he can’t be racist because he has a sellout, mind you), so he dressed like a thug to be with an Afrikan Woman (Where’s Britney, I thought EVERYONE loved Britney). Why didn’t K-Fed speak up when the media payed more attention to Britney over his sellout wife? No, he is not racist at all!!! ALL Black Men are seen as “thugs” in K-Fed’s eyes and he will not have the media focus on the beauty of his own wife, Shar Jackson! Shame!


  8. It is good that you are for helping out the community and not selling out to White AmeriKKKlan.

    Plus I hope you enjoy your time off. We love you! I find you very inspirational.

  9. So true. K Fed is an idiot and any Black woman who dates a White man is a sellout Uncle Tom. Me, I refuse to date or marry a White man and will never do so.
    In a way, Shar Jackson deserved K Fed leaving her, that is what she gets for selling her race out. Of course the media pays more attention to Britney Spears, she is a cave bitch. Cave bitches are honored and idolized in Hollyweird.

    I was right, Whites and Blacks should not intermarry or date.

  10. Imhotep on said:

    Yes Amerikkka,

    One minute, the yt man tells all of Amerikkka about how wonderful the yt woman is at all times in the 1970’s forward.

    Then, the yt man tells Amerikkka that Kelly Clarkson is “really fat”. I thought Kelly Clarkson was “the perfect woman” every man should want because “she is a yt woman”. Now, Kelly is “really fat”.

    I guess that is not the case. What was the case? How can We believe that they love yt women and put them above all women on Earth when you see yt men in interracial relationships on TV. What happened?


  11. Dang truth u can’t at least tell us what number customer u on now. Shoot this is like trying to call into the radio station to be the special number caller to win something. I gotta time this right.

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  13. Imhotep on said:


    “I was right, Whites and Blacks should not intermarry or date.”

    Don’t forget when they push themselves on Us without asking. All they care about is themselves every time and they can’t see it. The yt woman is disrespectful of the Blk Man when she randomly hugs Him. The yt man is disrespectful to The Mother of All Civilization (Through Her Daughters) when he thinks to kiss her or just throw himself at her. I wonder how they think they even have love. How do you love someone when you invade Their personal space without asking first? They are totally disrespectful, even when THEY think THEY are doing Us a favor by showing Us how great We are.


  14. Imhotep on said:


    Enjoy your vacation!

    V was around in ’84 (I think). ’84 was an interesting year to look at their movies. Gremlins was out at the same time. I don’t think it was a coincidence that Gizmo (the hero) had big eyes and that nose. If you look closely, Gizmo’s spawn all look “different yet similar to him”. Additionally, the first person they kill off is a Brother (Colonel Taylor from A Different World). The ultimate enemy in the end is “the punk looking one”(We didn’t invent punk rock) named Stripe. It’s too strange, because the gremlins (including Gizmo) cannot be around bright light. I hope I did not ruin the movie for you. It is obviously written by a yt man. He shows his affection for My Sisters by casting the dark Phoebe Cates as a love interest to the hero (who has an afro). They are the albino sons and daughters. There is no other explanation for all of this.


  15. Imhotep on said:


    “In a way, Shar Jackson deserved K Fed leaving her, that is what she gets for selling her race out….”

    It’s scary she ever trusted him. Yikes, I guess she was never allowed to turn intercourse, ever.

    Then again, who knows if she was ever really with him. It is strange how all of Our celebrities go for yts or lights only. When you make the oppressor’s money, you give him or her the power over you. It would not be surprising, in the least, if there was a deal for all of them. At the end of the day, they are celebrities backing yt supremacy to make a buck. They don’t see it that way. Only the public sees it that way. The public realizes that celebrities are supposed to be important figures. A deal would make sense, so that the oppressor could rule over all.


  16. Imhotep on said:


    The whole World should leave the yt man to himself! No one needs to be around any yt man! It seems like, if given the option, the yt woman would stay alone if asked what she would do. Everyone knows she is only being used. The man using her has no respect for her, either, in the end. The yt man deserves to be alone!


  17. Miss Mary

    Yes it was.

  18. Sekhmet

    Thanks. it’s raining up here…hard. Today I’ll stay in doors and read or watch an old movie.

  19. ynotme and mstoogood

    Thanks a bunch! I’m glad you both approve.

  20. Forced

    Thank you. It’s nice to sleep in late.

  21. Adeen

    Thanks for the love.

  22. misstoogood


    The raffle begins August 11th. Good luck to all!!!

  23. I’m not into the reptilian thing, but it’s quite interesting.


  24. Lol. Judging from your list, I am on a break too. “I see you.”

  25. Yosef on said:

    Dear TruthBeTold…

    I know this is off-topic but…I’m curious as to what you look like.

    It’s a little strange to read a blog and not have at least one picture of yourself to attach it to.

    It’s not terribly important but…it would be really cool to know.

    Enjoy your break.

  26. Imhotep on said:


    V was a very scary movie! What’s even scarier is how Our Young Folks are going around believing that “not all yt people are racist”. They are playing right into the yt people’s hands. Yes, there were why tes that died by Our side in the old times. They died for themselves, only!!!!! The why te man died by Us believing he was hero to the Sister. The yt woman fought hard for Us all only, why? To make it look like she was for the people to get next to the Blk Man only !!!!! They love themselves only!!!! They were never thinking about Us and they NEVER will!!! That is why they always want to march with Us! They are all racist because at the end of the day, race no race, you must love yourself first before you love who you love!!!!!


  27. Imhotep on said:


    Thank you for mentioning that you listen to “Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew and Jimmy Cliff”.

    As a Black Man, You MADE MY DAY!


    The yt man (he is forced to work for to get by) will NEVER respect him! The yt woman will NEVER stand up for him! Yet, she gets upset when Blk Men call her racist! After those rape cases, NO BLK MAN should love her. Unfortunately, it seems like most of My Sisters, and this is not an attack, are too narcissistic to care about His situation anywhere ever!

    Why does life have to be so painful? Oh yeah, right. I wish only the best for My Family!


  28. Imhotep on said:

    To All of My Sisters,

    I am sorry if I offended You with my last post! It is not in me as a Brother to be angry at My Sisters ever!

    There ARE times when A Black Man is so frustrated He does not know what to do!!! Unfortunately, sometimes, it feels like He has no one, in all of this, to help Him in all of this!

    I Love My Black Family. The yt race is the most selfish race on the Earth! I guess they still do not realize that! Oh well. All We can do is continue to pray for better!


  29. Thanks for the information. I don’t care for either White men or White women at all.

    We, as a race of people, need to value ourselves and our race before we unite and stick together.

  30. I know. It is nasty when they push IR dating on us like we want their filthy genes to be mixed with ours to have half White confused mutts. No way!

    Whites are very disrespectful of Black people. White women just date Black men to show them off and sexually objectify them. That is why Black men and White woman marriages almost always end in divorce and are the highest divorce rate out of all interracial pairings.
    Needless to say, Black women and White men relationships have the lowest divorce rate and last the longest but I don’t condone Black women dating or marrying White men.

    We need to stick together and date and marry within our own race to produce Black kids with no White blood!

  31. I know. I don’t support Blacks dating White people. If you are a Black person and you date Whites, you are inherently supporting White supremacy and the racism that runs rampant in the media.

    That is why I will never date a White man as long as I live.

  32. I don’t want to be White or even want to act like them. You are right.

  33. No it is okay. I am glad there is a Black man who loves Black women and doesn’t objectify them or disrespect them. As a young Black woman of 17/18, it is hard to find a Black man in my age group who likes and respects Black women.

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  35. Imhotep on said:


    “I am glad there is a Black man who loves Black women and doesn’t objectify them or disrespect them. ”

    Yes, more of My Brothas need to be who they were in the past.

    “As a young Black woman of 17/18, it is hard to find a Black man in my age group who likes and respects Black women.”

    Unfortunately, Our Men always like watching most movies in theaters.

    Yt & non-Blk women dating these Blk Men have no respect for the Blk Man!!!!!!! Dating a hypnotized Blk Man is not dating a Blk Man! These yt women do not let Our Men be who they are! When you have to resort to ytwashing to get others to love you, then you know something is wrong. Basically, what these yt women have with Blk Men ISN’T real love.


  36. Imhotep on said:


    “That is why I will never date a White man as long as I live.”

    They want to date you. Stay safe and watch who you are around. We all know what happens when they do not get what they want.


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  38. Imhotep on said:


    We all wonder when all of this will end.

    I wonder how these yt men feel about all of the Blk Barbies trying to stir up their attention. Our Blk Barbies are still Blk Women, but they aren’t Blk Women.


  39. Imhotep on said:


    “I am glad there is a Black man who loves Black women and doesn’t objectify them or disrespect them.”

    NO ONE should disrespect Our Sister ( The Mother of All Civilization)!

    “As a young Black woman of 17/18, it is hard to find a Black man in my age group who likes and respects Black women.”

    Don’t worry, all of these “non-Blk Women” are dating hypnotized Blk Men and not the real Blk Man. So what they have is nothing really. They aren’t happy without the real Man in the picture.


  40. Imhotep on said:


    They don’t realize that they confuse some of the Members of Our Race even then. One minute, you’re talking about hating all Blk people. Then in the next minute, you are supporting every interracial couple on tv by keeping the shows around. Okay, if you’re not racist now, I would like My reparations! You can’t have it both ways.

    What annoys me about yt people is that THEY must always be happy everyday! Now, they go around saying that “they are not racist”. They are the MOST selfish race on the face of the Earth and they DON’T WANT TO realize it!


  41. Imhotep on said:

    V was about the relations between the Soviets and Amerikkklan during the late 70’s and 80’s. I guess you could look at it like We see Our situation.

    No one knew who “the visitors” were even when they thought they did.

    It’s like when one of Our Real Brothers is forced to have a conversation with a yt woman.

    He says : All yt people are racist.

    The yt woman says: Now, you know that’s not true. You look like the racist here, Mister. That’s right. I’m talking to you, so we are not all racist.

    He says: You just called me a racist. If you know that my comment sounded like that of a racist, then why are you talking to me?! That’s the dumbest thing anyone can do.

    Then, the true side of the yt woman reveals itself. She calls him “a thug, rapist, or the n-word” or makes a joke.


  42. Imhotep on said:


    You have a great blog! I love reading it!

    As Your Brother, I MUST tell you to be careful as an online seller. I hope You are shipping Your products from a factory or Church! You know you have some secret admirers and haters (WP) out there because You Are A Mother of All Civilization. You don’t want Hell coming to You.

    Stay Safe Sista,


  43. Imhotep on said:

    To All of My Family,

    Stay safe! The media is really promoting Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” (a song about rape). Who knows what the future will hold for Us when this junk is accepted. The world is getting scarier and scarier.


  44. Kushite Prince on said:

    Yeah I caught that too. Robin Thicke is a sick demon! He’s trying to be slick with those lyrics but I know exactly what he’s saying in that song. I also get the feeling that he maybe implying that he’s speaking to a black woman. he something about “Don’t fight it,you’re an animal–it’ just your nature’. Something to that effect. What do you think? Keep in mind his wife is actress Paula Patton. Who is biracial by the way.

  45. mstoogood4yall on said:

    @ Kushite prince & Imhotep

    wow really, I haven’t heard that song, but it is amazing how he can get away with saying something like that but whites made sure they hurried up and silenced rick ross when he said something about drugging a girl’s drink. white privilege at its finest. smh.

  46. mstoogood4yall on said:

    ok I did hear the song but didn’t see the lyrics, I just looked them up and this stood out to me.

    OK now he was close, tried to domesticate you
    But you’re an animal, baby it’s in your nature
    Just let me liberate you.Hey, hey, hey
    You don’t need no papers
    Hey, hey, hey
    That man is not your maker

    ok so what I get from it is this, black women are animals that can’t be domesticated and its in our nature to be a jezebel. And he said that man is not your maker, hmmm, maybe he trying to say hey black women black men don’t own u so u don’t need to be with them let me liberate u and validate u. idk what the you don’t need no papers part means, maybe it means slave pass or something.

  47. Imhotep on said:

    @Kushite Prince

    I think the media is showing their real yt face to an asleep public. It’s sad not many came out against that song! The media is not only trying to push homosexuality, interracial, and rape on Us, but the WN are very silent during all of this (revealing their true colors to Us all).

    I feel sorry for Paula Patton as A Sista. After Thicke put out this song, it is obvious that he sees nothing wrong with rape (like they all don’t). It would be extremely scary if she were to say to him that she wants a divorce. I’m sure he is trying to keep himself happy by showing her that he can keep her happy. He has no respect for Her as A Mother of All Civilization. So, when there are moments where it seems like she values her decisions only, Thicke will of course get extremely angry at her. He still wants to be the man of the house. I’m sure she lets him be just that. There will be a clash someday. She does weed a lot. There will be a day when she wants to do that while he wants sex as a yt man. From there, it gets ugly.


  48. Imhotep on said:


    They silenced Rick Ross because ALL yt men hate All Blk Men (even when it does not seem like it). Yt men hate Us Brothers innately because We are made in The First Mother’s image and We were made for Her first.

    It seems like a setup anyway you look at it. Yts in the studios only wanted Rick Ross to sing about date rape to stir everyone away from Blk Men. Unfortunately, Rick is so money hungry (out to make it all) that he does not mind hurting His Own Brothas (as if We are not hurt enough out here).

    These celebrities want the big houses, new cars, and etc. etc. Our Brothas don’t realize that that all of that belongs to the oppressor. We should let it stay in the oppressor’s hands because it would be easy to complain about it afterward, anyway. Unfortunately, race aside, We are not perfect people!


  49. Kushite Prince on said:

    Yeah I hear what you’re saying. I hope she doesn’t end up like Halle Berry and her white baby daddy. Remember awhile back when Halle said they got into an argument and he called her a n*gger! No surprise there. Their TRUE colors always come out. Paula better be careful.

  50. Kushite Prince on said:

    You really nailed it sis! That’s exactly the vibe I get from this song! Nothing but more slave/slave master propaganda! This is vile and SICK!! Hollywood and the music industry will stoop to anything for a quick buck!

  51. Imhotep on said:


    Once My Sistas REJECT ANY yt men,only then become My Sistas “animals” in the yt man’s eyes. Before then, I have a feeling that ALL yt men see you as “nothing but an object they can attain”. They only want you because each Sister has a direct extension to THE MOTHER OF ALL CIVILIZATION through blood. In reality, it is hard for even some Brothas (like Myself) to ask out My Sistas because THEY HAVE EVERYTHING THE PERFECT PERSON SHOULD HAVE! They can be excellent Warriors and be Gorgeous ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Every non-Sista can see it, but You do not because “all people do not see themselves”. The First Mother Ever (Afrikan Womban) did not see Herself until She stood by the water.

    Yt men seem very different from everyone on Earth due to the mutation. They might have been “lightly okay” as albino sons before they went to the Caucasus Mountains. Unfortunately for Us all, yt men went through the worst mutation process leading him to be “ultimately cold” to even the woman he loves. The yt woman is a little bit different from the yt man. Because she is a woman, she is a little less harmful than the yt man will ever be. She does not receive a pass from Us either because she puts down My Sistas to lift herself up. The yt woman will definitely never have any respect for The First Mother because it is her purpose in life to REPLACE Her!!!!!

    I wonder if the first albino sons and daughters were as conceded as their mutated spawn before staying in the Caucasus Mountain. We know, naturally, that the first albino son wanted to be His Father and was technically an Afrikan Man. We know, naturally, that the same can be said about the albino daughter. I don’t think they were as nearly as devilish before as they were after they left the Caucasus Mountain.

    Well, after Thicke’s song, One can say (Comfortably) that ALL yts are self-serving all of the time. The yt race is THE MOST SELFISH RACE ON THE PLANET EARTH! Worst of all, they will never see anything wrong with that because they never want to see themselves, sadly. They are the devil’s children.


  52. Imhotep on said:

    @Kushite Prince

    “Remember awhile back when Halle said they got into an argument and he called her a n*gger!”

    The worst is when they call Our Sistas “a n——- b——“.

    Self-hatred is something no one should have. Our Race definitely should not have it.

    It’s bad enough that they all will not separate themselves from Us. It’s most hurtful to Our Ancestors when We ignore Our history anywhere and go off with them.

    To Me, self-hatred is when you know the yt man has been known to mainly be the richest man anywhere, but yet You try to be him. We shouldn’t want touch his money (or at least too much of it). When you hold all of the money, naturally you are going to attract golddiggers who want to kill you for it. I hate hearing about what happened to Gary Coleman. We, as a People, should have NEVER been a celebrities!!!!!! Leave the money to them, and the yt woman will want the yt man to live. That solves EVERY problem!

    Peace Brotha,

  53. Imhotep on said:

    @Kushite Prince

    Hollyweird was made by them for them. Everything that comes out of Hollyweird has a voice (their voice). It’s interesting, if Our Children never met up with them, They would know yt people through EVERYTHING that came out of Hollyweird.


  54. Kushite Prince on said:

    I couldn’t agree more. Very well said!

  55. Imhotep on said:

    @Kushite Prince

    “I also get the feeling that he maybe implying that he’s speaking to a black woman.”

    ALL yt men are attracted (not love) only to Our Sistas ! Many of them are only in relationships with yt women to “try and practice love for yt women”. They hurt themselves every time they do that! The yt man NEVER loved the yt woman! At the end of the day, the yt man does not know that HE ONLY LOVES HIMSELF. We are ALL doomed right now for that reason. Sure, the yt man tries to win over the affection of Our Sisters SECRETLY and OPENLY but HE DOES NOT KNOW THAT HE ONLY LOVES/ WILL ONLY LOVE HIMSELF!

    I pray for My Family to have best of luck in all of this. Who knows what the end will turn out to look like.

    It’s horrible because self-hatred for the yt man by the yt man only makes him angrier towards society.


  56. Imhotep on said:

    @Kushite Prince

    “I couldn’t agree more. Very well said!”

    Thank You, Brotha!


  57. @ mstoogood

    I was about to post the link to that song the other day, then I thought I was over analyzing it. The song is pushing the interracial sex con-game to the extreme.

    In the video they have T.I. and Pharrel fawning over white women, brushing their fur (animals).

    Papers is referring to money, college degrees, the “official” white stamp of approval that black women (and men) seek due to our denial of self.

  58. Imhotep on said:


    “Papers is referring to money, college degrees, the “official” white stamp of approval that black women (and men) seek due to our denial of self.”

    That’s the truth, Brotha.

  59. Kushite Prince on said:

    That’s real talk right there! I definitely feel you on that!

  60. Courtney H on said:

    @ mstoogood4yall:

    I co-sign! I hate these double-standards! Did you hear about the white kids in Huntington Beach, CA, who rioted at a surfing event two weeks ago? Where was the outrage about rioting then? We all know why they got let off the hook!

  61. Imhotep on said:

    @Courtney H

    There will never be an outrage for events like that with things the way they are now, unfortunately. I think the yt man WANTS TO BE Jah. Scary!


  62. Imhotep on said:

    @Kushite Prince

    I hope that Our Race does find happiness soon without having to be “on the other side”.


  63. mstoogood4yall on said:

    ti is a sellout, he defended that white female rapper talking about runaway slave master, and he defended lil wayne saying that mess about Emmitt Til and called it artistic expression smh. yes and the papers thing yes that sounds about right.

  64. mstoogood4yall on said:

    oh yes I saw those crazies rioting and breaking windows, they kept that hush hush. They riot over dumb sporting events and some of us riot over injustice and they call us savages smh. lets see life is worth more to riot over than ur favorite dam team or player losing.and it was a fireman that was arrested for rioting too ain’t that some bs, these are the ppl that are supposed to be more responsible and hold themselves to a higher standard.

  65. mstoogood4yall on said:

    @ kushite and Bry &Imhotep

    thanks 🙂

  66. Thanks for the encouragement. You are right.

  67. Well said.

  68. Imhotep on said:


    Unfortunately all of Our People that are celebs are sellouts. It’s a shame, too. We used to have Muhammad Ali, but now we have T.I.. T.I. makes Our Race look bad for loving money too much. Who needs the latest car model? Life is too short, it’s a shame some people let the pursuit of money (oppressor’s leash) take up most of it.

    I have had dreams of Our People quitting Their jobs and asking for justice instead. NO JUSTICE NO PEACE!


  69. Imhotep on said:


    “oh yes I saw those crazies rioting and breaking windows, they kept that hush hush”

    But noooo, “the why-te man is always right”.

    We all know who said that first. They are a trip.


  70. Imhotep on said:


    Trust none of them, Adeen!

    I hate that some of Our People are convinced that “some of them are okay people”. I wish I could say to Our asleep people, “why do these okay people allow today to be a business day when We all know We need to be discussing what happened to Trayvon and ALL of Our People harmed by these monsters to see to it that no one is harmed here ever again”. I hate the rule to Our asleep people. They don’t want to be disturbed until a yt person rapes and/or kills them. That’s too bad.

    Stay Safe Sister,

  71. Imhotep on said:


    Thank you.


  72. And I don’t want to date White men. I don’t see why they want to pair single, young Black women with White men?

    What is the motive behind all of this?

  73. I just looked at an article on yahoo about a black woman that turned in 10 grand she found while working at goodwill, and the narrator was so annoying. She said she just wanted a thank you for doing the right thing and the narrator said oh she wants a reward. Then they went on to talk about her gym membership and that she spelled her last name wrong, like wtf does that have to do with a good deed. I think black ppl shouldn’t do anything for anybody at this point as they are all ungrateful and try to discredit us.

    Here’s the vid judge for yourself http://news.yahoo.com/video/goodwill-employee-finds-10-500-211418988.html

  74. Imhotep on said:


    “I think black ppl shouldn’t do anything for anybody at this point as they are all ungrateful and try to discredit us.”

    We shouldn’t even be out there with them. Anyone with common sense would have taken that money. Yes, As Afrikan People, We are good people. We need to remember that THE WORLD IS NOT KIND TO US!

    That report by that news team is so typical of “why”-te people. Male newscaster only talks to other yt males, My Sistas, and non-Blk Females. The yt man will NEVER talk about the race issue WITH ANY NON-YT MALE! That Brotha wanted to talk too, but the newscaster never thought to even look at him. Why? Yt men ALWAYS turn red when around the men they hate.

    Thank you for the video, Sis.


  75. Imhotep on said:


    The Blk Woman IS THE MOTHER OF ALL CIVILIZATION (I’m not just saying that as Your Brotha, it’s the truth)!

    You are the ONLY person a “why”-te male will be comfortable around! ANY yt man will turn “completely white in the face” when You are around. Thankfully, sometimes, because of You, the yt male will not harm a Brotha right away when You are not around.

    My Sistas are the ONLY ONES who can talk to the yt man!


  76. Imhotep on said:


    “As a young Black woman of 17/18, it is hard to find a Black man in my age group who likes and respects Black women.”

    Brothas USUALLY adore EVERYTHING about Their Sistas!

    At a young age, Brothas are more interested in making love to care for ANY woman. We know that Our Sistas are classy and want to be treated right like any woman should. Unfortunately, some of My Brothas like to “skip to the good part” instead of talking about what makes a Sista so special to Us. As a Blk Man, EVERY moment We have with Our Sistas is a PRECIOUS moment. The Afrikan Man was MADE for the Afrikan Woman! By loving Our Sistas, We also show that We love Ourselves! Blk Men were made in the image of Their Sistas to love Their Sistas!

    As a Blk Man, I can tell You that no other woman will EVER have what a Sista has!

    I love My Family!


  77. Imhotep on said:


    We MUST be in the end of days! There is no other explanation. Yt men are tired of hiding emotions. Before the “post-racial period”, a yt man would just say “oh, that’s not true, some of us are good people, you can trust me, see, I’m nice” in THAT VOICE. Unfortunately, some of Our Sistas forget that “a zebra can never change its stripes”. A yt man is a yt man! Period! Every yt man has “that certain something (selfishness)” that makes him a yt man.

    The yt man is NOT EVEN in a relationship with Our Sistas! He loves himself so much that he does not realize that. These yt men push themselves on Our Sistas and Our Sistas “know how the game is”. Our Sistas are afraid for their lives, underneath it all, so they play it cool. IT IS NEVER OUR SISTA THAT BRINGS HERSELF TO A YT MAN! IT IS ALWAYS THE YT MAN THAT BRINGS HIMSELF TO HER! The yt man NEVER questions WHY that is, he just goes on.

    Who taught Us ALL about the yt man but the yt man. Otherwise, without a yt man boasting about himself, no one would know who he is. To be honest, no one ever cared. I think Our actual albino sons and daughters are more silent than any yt man.


  78. Imhotep on said:


    “I don’t see why they want to pair single, young Black women with White men?”

    NO Blk Woman should EVER be alone in these times!!!! Yts are losing their darn minds! We must be in the end of times. Our Family always needed to be together at all times!

    I am concerned about Our Children that are adopted by ANY yt person. Okay, so two gay men adopted an Afrikan girl. WE ALL SHOULD SEE A PROBLEM WITH THIS. Those two gay men have heterosexual yt male (forced to see them) and gay female relatives. We ALL know how yts are by now. Yts steal, kill, rape, and secretly do everything wrong in this World. Therefore, NONE of Our Children are EVER safe around yts!

    Our problem as a People is that We do not expect the worst when We should! If Trayvon saw a “gated neighborhood with white picket fences” as a “yt neighborhood”, He would have been safe!

    In the Civil Rights Era and earlier, We traveled together! When We are around ANY yt person, We are NEVER safe! Heck, they harm themselves (every race does that, though). It is the way yts harm themselves that should scare Us ALL away from them. There is safety in numbers!

    Peace Sista,

  79. So true, thanks for your input. I don’t like White men at all because most of them are unappealing and not as attractive as Black men.

    When I want to settle down and get married, I want to find a nice, Black man to settle down.

  80. Imhotep on said:


    You should NEVER be around a yt man, EVER. If you are, watch your back.


  81. Thanks. You are right.

  82. Imhotep on said:


    “I don’t like White men at all because most of them are unappealing and not as attractive as Black men.

    When I want to settle down and get married, I want to find a nice, Black man to settle down.”

    Thank you for saying that. There is no family on Earth like Our Family! We were THE FIRST FAMILY EVER! We are the STRONGEST FAMILY EVER! No one can take that away from Us.


  83. Me too. We are in the end times and the Black Community is going downhill!.

    We should have never integrated and followed their ways. We should separate from them

  84. Imhotep on said:


    “We should separate from them.”

    Unfortunately, that’s impossible! They have NEVER wanted to separate from Us. When those “whites only” signs were up, We NEVER snuck into their neighborhoods. It was a yt man that came into Ours to see his “secret lover”(it was never love because he invited himself to love that Afrikan Woman of the past). Then, that yt man came out against miscegenation law! They have NEVER stayed away from Us! They NEVER see how it is disrespectful to Us! We were happy in Our Neighborhoods but they had to come by!

    What’s even scarier is how they are “trying to transform Us into them” now. Unfortunately, they are VERY clever enemies one can have! By Our Young People using “skin lightener” (blech), They are looking more like their oppressor!

    With everything moving forward like it is, I can see tomorrow already.

    “What Black Power? You look white to me. You’re white. ”

    We are becoming an extinct race because Our secret admirers have figured out a way to erase everything they have put up TO HELP THEMSELVES ONLY.

    As a Community, We have got to do something about ANY self hatred We have. Yts deserve NO POWER!!!!!

    I think We ALL are secretly living in Hell. That would explain how yts continue to get away with everything they do. After all of this, one must ask is the devil stronger than Jah.


  85. Imhotep on said:


    Some of Us today still do not realize that Lyndon B. Johnson saw to it that We integrated FOR HIS OWN SELFISH GAIN!

    Our People walk around thinking that all of this is normal. Yts are only fake around Us so that We don’t come down on them when THEY CANNOT HARM US!
    It’s true that some yts aren’t as bad as others. Some will not have the Woman they desire (Blk Women), but that does not lead to rape all of the time, fortunately. I guess it is good that they are only human. Some humans know to harm themselves instead of harming others. It’s good to know that in all of this, there are (probably the only good yt people) yt folks that KNOW to harm THEMSELVES first! I wish more were like them. The same can be said for anybody really. Fortunately, We are a STRONG PEOPLE who do not want to harm Ourselves.


  86. Exactly!

  87. Imhotep on said:

    As much as I like the idea of V, I would never watch it again.

    BY WATCHING TV, THE YT MAN HAS FORCED YOU TO CARE FOR HIM!! That’s a problem right there. We all know that We will go around thinking that “anonymous yt actor is probably a nice guy, so they aren’t all bad”. They, like the selfish monsters they are, want You to watch tv and forget Your history. They deserve ABSOLUTELY NO LOVE!

    Don’t get Me started on how THEY TELL US, “WE SHOULD LOVE EVERYONE”.


  88. Forced Reality on said:


    If you in the future need a new topic for a post, maybe a topic could be some trustworthy pro-black charities, schools, etc. that some of your followers could share with one another. It would be interesting to
    learn more about what is out there
    from some of the conscious communit.

  89. Forced Reality on said:


    (Ughhh! Stupid phone.)

  90. Imhotep on said:




    I’m sorry for the large caps but times are changing even more into something that only a yt male will enjoy. That should be disturbing to Us ALL!


  91. Imhotep on said:


    I did not mean to sound paranoid with my last post. It is scary that some of Us still have Our Children going to these schools where elderly yt men are teachers. I do not like being around elderly yt men because of the pedofile preachers. Of course, it hurts to know that a lot of Our Modern Leaders are behind bars too. We ALL need to stay awake about who the “why”-te race really is.


  92. Imhotep on said:


    “It is good that you are for helping out the community and not selling out to White AmeriKKKlan.”

    Our sellouts are probably only around yts because “they are afraid to say no to them”.

    The yt race has self-denial! In a yt man’s mind, he NEVER wants to believe that what he is doing is wrong! Even You are NEVER allowed to try and help him! Scary people! Kim Jong-un seems tame in comparison to ANY yt person. We all know that Kim Jong-un is so angry at the “divided snakes of Amerikkka” that he wants payback (I’m NOT condoning it). A yt man will hide his reasons for taking out Our race. By now, it is obvious that yts evolved from the first ever albino child.

    A lot of Our Sistas are okay right now because some sellouts are “women of the night”. If that wasn’t the case, it would be a much scarier world for My Sistas. It doesn’t help when some of Our Brothas go around calling Rob DeNiro (a yt itln man) an “honorary brotha”. Rob DeNiro keeps around yt privilege to still have a job in the future so that his sellout never walks away. He is not, nor will he ever be on Our Side!!!! Rob likes showing off his money to his sellout wife, so he sees to it that yt privilege is around to make a buck to impress his sellout lady.

    Everything is the way it always has been. Yts have made small changes to themselves to adapt to integration. Yt females have NEVER wanted any small talk, even, with My Sistas. Yt males cannot stand the sight of a Brotha ever. When a Blk Man, Blk Woman, and he (yt male) are on an elevator, the yt man must make everything work so that he is not seen in a bad light in a Sista’s eyes.


  93. Imhotep on said:


    I’m VERY proud to be Blk! Gwen Guthrie (one of the prettiest people alive) is in Our race! Brothas that ignore Their Sistas need to get their eyes checked by a family member! We need to remember that We are all We have out here. There is no reason for there to be any self hatred in Our Race.


  94. Good morning all:

    It’s raining cats and dogs here and has been for 2 days straight. I guess no outdoorsy stuff for me, eh? So far, I got a good amount of work done but never enough. I can smell autumn in the air. Up here, the farmers already have out pumpkins and Halloween merchandise!

    So far, I’ve made quite a few new products for the fall/winter and am making my last 2, one being for men…can’t forget about my men. I’m reading The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion for the 5th time. Every time I read it, I learn something new.

    So far, I’m pretty rested and my focus is renewed. I must admit I feel quite good. Since I’m rained in, I’ll probably begin working on my newest post due out…hmmmm…maybe this weekend??? Maybe. It depends on how my last 2 products turn out.


    Talk later…

  95. Imhotep on said:


    Stay safe, Sis! Remember that ANYONE can buy from Your Store. It’s important You ship Your items from anywhere but home.

    We all know how “innocent seeming” yt consumers can be stalkers, rapists, murderers, and do things in secret like all of them.

    I’m sorry if I sound paranoid. We live in a “paranoid yt man’s world”. The yt man is always afraid of losing any power he has.


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