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Open Discussion #16

I’m officially on break.

And it feels so good. I’m going to be reading, writing and making my holiday products so…talk away to your hearts content.

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120 thoughts on “Open Discussion #16

  1. jacinto on said:

    Happy holidays to relax and you may have new post that these current issues I never get tired of read.Lol.

  2. Imhotep on said:


    Thank you for everything You have done for the Members of My Community that do go on this blog!!!! You could never be an “invisible woman” to anyone !!!!! Enjoy Your break and stay safe!!!!


  3. moorbey on said:

    Enjoy ur break. Panther love

  4. yes enjoy ur break u deserve it, the boycott thread gives us much to think about. ooh can’t wait to see what new goodies u make.

  5. Enjoy your break, Negress. You deserve it for the way you post the truth about us and White albinos. And you aren’t an ”invisible woman” to me. You are an inspiration to me and to other Black women who want to vent out the problems we face in racist AmeriKKKlan

  6. mstoogood4yall on said:

    Ok so I just ordered some beeswax and organic honey online, I plan on trying to make so homemade lotion. As for scents I was thinking oatmeal with cinnamon for starters if it comes out right I might give out samples lol.

  7. Good for a laugh

  8. rofl now that’s what I call take out. That bear just rolled that mofo, I wonder if he made it to the woods and if they ever found the dumpster. Bears are smart I’ve seen vids of them opening car doors.

  9. Lol! probably unemployed with a family to support.

  10. Umoja on said:

    Gotta’ do what you have to do = making a bear run. lol

  11. News reports are saying that george zimmerman was pulled over by a police officer for speeding in Texas, but I don’t believe he is anywhere near Texas, he is probably hiding somewhere in Florida or his protectors are getting him ready to leave the US.

  12. Yes I did hear about that yet he is not in jail? SMH, our judicial system is not fair at all. I hope he gets what is coming to him

  13. Imhotep on said:


    It makes no sense to me how most people in Amerikkka are silent when there is so much injustice here. It seems like everyone keeps a straight face in public just to get by. That’s a shame.


  14. Imhotep on said:


    “Do you know who I am”?

    That’s what he asked the officer! This idiot thinks of himself as a celebrity!

    It will be interesting to see what happens to him in the future. He is already cautious, so it will be hard for him to leave that car.


  15. mstoogood4yall on said:

    yeah I heard about Zimmerman, he supposedly was pulled over in Forney tx. he probably come here to try to blend in with all the latinos here. who knows we might get lucky and he goes to mexico and gets taken.

  16. Imhotep on said:

    It should be hard for “the white hispanic” to fit in with Latinos. They may not care about the case, but the brown latinos are divided from the white ones. They do not like white Latinos because they are usually conceded.

    Zimmerman knows that he is alone in all of this. A race of “white washed peruvians” just don’t exist. Many Latinos and peruvians work too hard to know everything about white supremacy. Jewish people will not necessarily accept Zimmerman as one of them. They would call attention to the fact that he was
    mixed. Zimmerman learned everything about white nationalism from his father.

    I don’t see how Zimmerman could ever make it to Mexico. He is going to have an encounter with a group of Brothers somehow.This is Amerikkka and We are everywhere. Hopefully, it will be one of the sick Brothers that do it and not a group of Brothers and one Sister.


  17. hey Everybody,
    I’m trying to make a list of free fun stuff to do as a way of cutting out payed entertainment. I don’t watch t.v. but have one for movies vhs and dvds. I rent alot of my movies for free from the public library and have movie night once a week with friends and family. I usually suggest four or five movies and we pick one or two to watch and bring snacks to share. We have a few rules like no pausing or rewinding the movie, snacks are healthy, try and come within a half hour of agreed showing time and movies must be black in focus. When we do pull it off we have a load of fun. Anybody got and suggestions or ideas like the one above?

  18. blackgirlinberlin on said:

    There are websites such as tubeplus or tv-links that allow you to stream the most up to date movies as well as classics. I would also suggest documentary websites, all you have to do is google: ‘free documentaries.’ Also, thinks that do not involve televisions or computers like learning to play chess, or going for a picnic or a walk, or for me its going on soundcloud all day and finding music and listening to it at the park.

    Good Luck

  19. mstoogood4yall on said:

    rofl, yeah but u know the asleep brothas will probably have a group and not just one on one. But I don’t know if they’d be willing to go down for it, as a lot of the asleep ones talk a lot of noise and will mess with each other and not do anything to the real things.

  20. Imhotep on said:


    Not watching tell-lie-vision is the best thing We can as a People. Every show on the tell-lie-vision serves as an agent for YT supremacy. Notice how ever hero is a YT man (or a YT washed non-yt). When these stories have villains, they are never like the overly ignorant YT nationalist We all see from day to day. If the villain is YT, then they are most clever. When the villain is one of Us, then we practically act like “sambos”. Then, there is the token Brother who gets killed off first, never gets love, or sacrifices Himself for His oppressor.

    I stay away from “most mov(e)-ies” (another form of brainwashing) and tell-lie-vision altogether. I have wonder what the real reason for Fruitvale Station being in theaters is. We will look at Fruitvale station for what it is, a story about Oscar Grant. There will be some mean and nasty demons rearing their face in the theaters to see Fruitvale station. They will claim that “they wanted the exposure”. The demons will laugh at every challenge facing Oscar Grant in the story like they laugh at ALL of Us.

    I have wondered what Fruitvale Station is really doing in theaters. The question We should all be asking is, “When did America care enough about a Black Man for there to be a story in Amerikkka’s YT supremacist story ridden movie theaters”? This story was probably given the green light to “shut Us up a little about what happened to Trayvon Martin. If Amerikkka cares so much to give Our Ancestors (RIP-Oscar Grant) a movie, then why is the injustice for Us still around?


  21. Imhotep on said:


    It is hard to tell Who is asleep and Who isn’t right now. We are all talking about what We would do if We ever crossed paths with “Jorge Zimmerman”(there is no such thing as a YT hispanic with skin as dark as his). I believe that some Brothers and Sisters would jump Him together if They made eye contact with Him. Our Brothers and Sisters have served time already harming “the potential threats to Our Community” without fear. Some of Them would not mind serving time because They know that he tattooed (why do they tattoo their “precious white skin” they all want Us to have- ha, idiots) “why”-te man in prison would do anything to them.


  22. Imhotep on said:


    I hate the word “picnic”. Those gorilla heads (WM) could not even form a word for an excursion. They had to shorten “pick-a-ni@@er” to make picnic.

    We need to watch using their words. We start to sound and become them when We do that. We need to use Our language more, instead!


  23. Imhotep on said:


    I stopped watch tell-lie-vision a long time ago. I hate commercials. I never liked it that a white man TELLS (commands) you to go buy a Nissan. These idiots said, “We live in a post-racial world” in 2010!!!!! So many white men (and their subgroups) have THEIR talk shows when Arsenio and Byron Allen were the only Brothers on at night! Without the tell-lie-vision, yt supremacy would not be as strong as it is!


  24. Imhotep on said:

    Almost no one is outside right now, unless they need to be. Everyone knows how race relations are in Amerikkka. Some “yt apologist” (they think they are good people) are afraid of another LA Riots going down! You can see it in their red face! Anyone could start a race war, right now, just by having a misunderstanding of something out here. I wonder if the rest of 2013 into 2014 will be like this summer.


  25. Imhotep on said:


    We may have too many asleep Brothers and Sisters. The worst thing about these asleep Brothers and Sisters is that they say WE are being racist (Against yt people, which is impossible) when we talk about the discrimination We face because of yt supremacy. They are not just asleep, they may be dead inside. Too many of them sound stupid when they open their mouth. Then again, some of them watch Kim Kartrashian thinking she is worthy to be watched.


  26. Courtney H on said:

    @ Imhotep:

    Very interesting questions about Fruitvale Station. I never thought about that before. Thank you for bringing this up.

    @ Negress:

    Have a good, safe and restful break! You deserve it! And thank you for all the work that you do!

  27. Hey ya’ll!

    Loving the weather up here! Birds ate my blueberries and beetles finished off the leaves. (sigh)…

    You think God would forgive me if I pop a cap in the bird’s ass? You know, I never go into their nest and steal their food…

    Assholes. The nerve of some critters.

  28. Now that is a shame, they didn’t leave u anything. But that is the way it is, the big predator starts the attack and the smaller ones take what’s left leaving nothing. as for bustin a cap in the birds ass, well just sing kumbaya and we shall overcome to ur blueberry bush and it will be fine. It will learn to accept the birds and insects that attack it and leave it barren, may come to enjoy it. This is sounds like some kind of parable. all of it sounds familiar and can be applied to describe our situation.

  29. mstoogood4yall on said:

    yes and the bird takes what it can, it is scared[paranoid] of running out of food[resources]. So it take,s it don’t care if others need to live off that food source it only sees it as an opportunity to increase its weight and live another day. if u went to their nest they would either attack or hurry up and leave[bird flight]. I’ve heard this story before…… it sounds familiar….

  30. Forced Reality on said:


  31. Matari on said:

    Hi Truth,

    What would you do if you came home after a couple of days of being away and discovered roaches, mice and rats raiding your personal food stores?

    Roll out a welcome mat? Or, commence to stomping, squishing and kicking those critters into the after-life, or wherever those damn pests go when they’re dead?

    If God’s going to hold me accountable for each fly, mosquito, gnat, ant, spider, wasp, bee, scorpion, rattler, rat, mouse, roach that I killed (on purpose) because they were trespassing in my territory, then my destiny is going to be a very, very long sleep after a rather rude awakening.

    God seems way more reasonable than that …? : ))

  32. Imhotep on said:

    @Courtney H

    You are welcome. It is strange how Fruitvale Station is out at “just the right time”. I would say somebody (not sure who) is waiting for My Brothers to get real ticked off and throw a rock at a store window. I’m wondering why all of this is happening in this year, too. Will 2014 be the massive year that, hopefully, changes everything for the better.

    People have said the whole nation needs to sit down and have a race discussion. Where would these people hold THE WHOLE NATION? The “govern”ment would have to be involved in all of this to see to it that every race makes it to the meeting. I feel like a problem would come in around that time. The po-po (poor poor minded) would show their real face when inviting My Brothers to the conversation. Besides that, everyone would be concerned about having their jobs still, in these times, afterward.


  33. They are definitely waiting for us to act up from all the mistreatments. I mean when the trayvon trial was over the media was already looking for the next trayvon and having the title to their article say is this the next trayvon when talking about Jordan davis and darius simmons. they want us to get upset all over again and flip out on them. Its like what they do on shows where there is one or two black ppl and they bait the black person and try to get them kicked off the show. They call us names and spit on us because they know if they were to go fist to fist they’d lose so they do petty sheit. The race discussion will not happen it will be nothing but denial and putting it back on us and other poc. Like they did with the trayvon murder, instead of focusing on the case they focus on Chicago and say see get rid of black on black crime then we can talk about this. They are always the ones controlling the conversation and where it goes. a discussion won’t do anything unless they actuall do something, because they can have those discussions all they want, meanwhile, they trying to get rid of affirmative action even though it benefits white women most, still have stop and frisk, and are still discriminating against black ppl.

  34. Imhotep on said:


    It is truly eerie how Jah made everything. I think a Sister is the only one that can stop this madness. I’m not sure if you know this, but the YT man is an Albino Afrikan. That is why they never want to leave South Afrika. Heck, that is why they love staying around Us and Us only. If the YT man is Our Albino Child then he takes a liking to all Afrikan Women because She is his Mother. All men are attracted to someone like a Mother. So, yes, the YT man is deeply attracted to the Afrikan Woman even if that is a side to him that he does not like to show so easily. I used to question why Our Women had to and still are the “mammys” to YT male children. Now I know it is because all YT men must have Afrikan Women in their lives from day one. As the Mother of All Civilization, a Sister is the only one a YT man will seriously listen to without talking throughout a speech. The YT man (Albino Son) is jealous the Afrikan Man will always be in a Sister’s life. Yes, the Yt man would like to destroy all of Us Brothers just to be close to every Sister. He is angry everyday because he knows he needs an Afrikan man to breed pure Natural Sisters to love. I have always know that the Natural Sister (First Ever Shade for a Woman Created) is the KINDEST, SWEETEST, and OUTGOING Woman Jah ever created. When the YT man raped Our Natural Queens and had babies through them, he noticed something. He created a civilization within a civilization. The “light skinned bi-racial Queens” could never be the woman Our Natural Queens are. The Euro man modeled all of His Storytime Characters after the Natural Afrikan Queen. He put YT faces on Snow White, Cinderella, and The Little Mermaid to hurt Our Natural Goddesses. When the Sweetest Person (The Mother) on Earth is hurt, then the YT man can step in and change things to make Her happy and stay with him making him happy. So, YT men put up YT supremacy to fool Our Natural Queens into believing that a YT man is not only a man with money but a man with charm.

    So, with that being said, ONLY a Natural Sister can come up with a solution and speak of it to the YT man to make Everyone on Earth safer. “When will it happen” is the question. Our Albino Man has caused so much destruction that no Natural Queen wants to ever see him again. So, we are left with all of this that no one can clean up but a YT man.

    (Very attracted to My Natural Sisters and always has been)

  35. Courtney H on said:

    @ mstoogood4yall and everyone:

    When people have conversations about race, they think they’re doing something about race, but they’re not. Talking about something is not doing anything about it. It’s just talking, and talk doesn’t do anything. Like one of my black friends in college told me, It’s to keep the n——s quiet.”

  36. Imhotep on said:

    @ Courtney H

    When people discuss race, they are concerned about how they will sound. At the end of the day, everyone wants to look and sound like a good person in the public’s eye. Because everyone is so different yet alike, every American would be at for years about race. So, no, there could never be a true discussion about race.


  37. Imhotep on said:


    What I said earlier still creeps me out! I seriously believe that it could be the truth! It makes sense when you sit down to think about it. Everyone would deny it if you told that to them in person.

    If I were an Albino Afrikan Man who went through many changes, the fact that I am an Albino Afrikan Man would still stay with me. It makes sense for the Albino Afrikan woman to like Our Natural Brothers when she knows that they are the basic and first Man to be in her life. That would explain why Caucasian women secretly (and openly) lusts after Afrikan men only. If I were an Albino Afrikan Man always exposed to My Mother, I would believe She is the greatest image of a woman. So, that gives away how the YT man and Afrikan woman were the first ones to come out against the miscengenation law.

    I would say that some of our mutated albinos (the YT race) want Us all dead because they know that Jah made The Afrikan Man for The Afrikan Woman only. The Yt race (maybe including Our Actual Albino Brothers and Sisters) will never have each other romantically when We are present. Yes, I do believe that yts are miserable when they are together which makes them want Us in the picture. They do not know what to do. They would like even a little bit happiness each day (by seeing Us alone) but they are reminded that they cannot be happy when they see Us together. So, they run to non-Black and white civilizations for love.

    They use those “straight haired cultures” to get back at Us for ignoring them romantically. They hope Our financial situations are bad enough that The African Woman never wants The Afrikan Man, but cannot make it on Her own without Her mutated albino son. By this theory, we can also see how the YT man believes he is doing for himself when he kills off Brothermen. That backfires on him because he does not see the Mother of All Civilizations crying Herself to sleep at night. He even hurts his daughter because she could have been attracted to that lost Brother. So, we live in a world of pain because Our mutated albino son cannot be happy. I hope all of this does not sound strange.


  38. The only discussions that are important about race are the ones between us as black people. Self-respect and self-knowledge are all we need to neutralize white people. We get both when we come together on sites like this.

  39. Imhotep on said:


    Ndiyo ndiyo I kukubaliana (“yes yes I agree” in Swahili).


  40. “What I said earlier still creeps me out! I seriously believe that it could be the truth! It makes sense when you sit down to think about it. Everyone would deny it if you told that to them in person.”


  41. Once again guys this is B.R. To Negress, enjoy your break, be safe and get renewed in body,mind and soul. I know it must not be easy as a black woman who is trying to lift black people from the grave but your work is truly valued. As I said in your”Ways to be a White Supremacist”, I too was very whitewashed and”lets forget about color” until I realized that color matters in a very BIG way. And I thank all of you commenters here as we discuss ways to help us as black people heal from mental slavery. I just wanted to post some things here to let us keep focused and to see how important DOAN’s works are

    -While no self respecting black person could ever speak ill of Dr. King, sometimes I truly wonder if integration caused black people to integrate with cobras, rattlesnakes, scorpions, lions, tigers and sharks. We were dead in 1963 and still dead now!(I think the commenter named Adeen said something similar b4)
    Even though it was not shown in the movie, I read this article from NBC News on Malcolm X (El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz).
    -In the May 11, 1961 speech delivered to a mostly white audience of students and some residents, Malcolm X combines blistering humor and reason to argue that blacks should not look to integrate into white society but instead must forge their own identities and culture.
    -The legacy of slavery and racism, he told the crowd of 800, “has made the 20 million black people in this country a dead people. Dead economically, dead mentally, dead spiritually. Dead morally and otherwise. Integration will not bring a man back from the grave.”
    -”No, we are not anti-white,” he said. “But we don’t have time for the white man. The white man is on top already, the white man is the boss already… He has first-class citizenship already. So you are wasting your time talking to the white man. We are working on our own people.”
    http://www.nbcnews.com/id/46277619/ns/us_news-life/t/college-student-uncovers-tape-forgotten-malcolm-x-speech/ (This is the link). Interesting words

  42. Also, guys, while other minorities do throw under the bus sometimes(e.g. Koreans that own businesses in our districts), other non-whites truly do respect our efforts to break down white supremacy.

    Check out this article- http://www.kooriweb.org/foley/essays/essay_1.html. The Black Power Movement in Redfern.
    Its sort of a long essay so I dont know if you guys would have time to read it but it speaks about how the Australian Aboriginals(as you know, the dark skinned natives who were exploited and removed from their land by whites during the colonization of Australia) were inspired by African-Americans. In case you did not know there were Freedom Rides in Australia(Google or Wikipedia it) that were modeled after the Freedom Rides that took place here in America. When younger and more militant Aboriginals started to become skeptical of “white liberals and integrationist ideas” (Ring a bell, wink wink), they call for Black Power in Redfern(thats an inner city area of Sydney that is plagued by drugs,crime and other social ills). They followed ideas from Huey Newton and the Black Panthers as they started to monitor the Sydney police department for racial police misconduct and called for Australian Aboriginals to empower themselves rather than join White Australians. While their Black Power died out by the mid 1970′s(just like ours, how ironic) and Aboriginals are still badly disadvantaged in Australian society, it did inspire social change for many Aboriginals. You see, as African-Americans, even though some other minorities throw us under the bus other minorities truly do look to us as role models for tearing down the Babylon white racist society.

  43. Imhotep on said:

    @ Bry

    And I used to think that white people hated Us growing up for no reason at all.

    Then, I gave it some thought. Why else would a white man rape My Sister ?

    It’s good to know this “white pride” stuff is all a lie. Whites live in denial just to get by everyday. They put the “white pride” stuff to not walk away “heartbroken”. It is ridiculous how they live behind white picket fences together. They go too far to brainwash themselves into believing “white is right”. They have “the white church”, “white soap”, and “white (red cross) hospitals”.

    I will say that anything the white man has with My Sisters makes Me jealous. You will always see one Sister working at these companies with mainly white people in them. I do not think for one second that the white man never compliments My Sisters when he can. I laugh knowing the white man really hates blaxploitation movies. A Brother with a white woman on his left leg and a Sister on his right leg… who thought of that?

    Even then, that would leave a yt man alone to study the dangers of anthrax. I guess if he is not happy, then We are not happy. Shame!

    Thank you for the link,


  44. Imhotep on said:


    I have wondered how these other “straight haired cultures” came about. The dark Latinos, forced to live in Our neighborhoods, often team up with Us. The po-po (poor poor minded) treat them ALMOST as bad as they do Us. Whites will never treat Latinos as poorly as they do Us because of their Albino connections to Us.

    It is strange how other “non-Black or White” cultures are attracted to Us like whites are. These “people of color” tend to stay to themselves only. They do not like that the White and Black race receive so much attention over them. They have their shows on PBS, but there are not as many of them as there are for Us.

    The jhws and Asians remind me of Us and yts. It seems like the Asian woman has a strong attraction to the jhwish man. The Asian man would love to have himself a jhwish woman. The jhwish woman likes being treated like a JAP by her brother. The only other yt subgroup to be involved with “people of color” are the itlns.

    The itln man will express his love for the mexican woman. Why? There are probably blood ties.

  45. Imhotep on said:

    As I said in your”Ways to be a White Supremacist”, I too was very whitewashed and”lets forget about color” until I realized that color matters in a very BIG way.

    A lot of Us are whitewashed and We do not even know it. Our asleep Brothers and Sisters do not think of why the yt race must whitewash Us. If they were to step away from all of this, they would see it is all a setup. The yt man wants Our Sisters (secretly) like the white woman loves the company of Us, Black men. They both know the Afrikan Man is the love interest Jah made for the Afrikan Woman (Mother of All Civilization)!!!! So, the white man had to and continues to whitewash Our People as a whole.

    His plan is coming into focus right now. Whenever You see a Brother anywhere, there is a white woman by His side. The yt man knows that it will deeply upset the Afrikan Woman to know that Her Brother only wants to be paired off with yt women. From there, the yt man believes that Our Sisters will walk off with him. Our Sisters are caregivers because yt men (albino sons) know Our Sisters are the Mothers of all civilization.

    Their other work (not related to this) is working to their advantage, also. With the Chinese opening more restaurants all over Amerikkka, it has become obvious that Amerikkka isn’t the red, white, and blue country it used to be. So, this event gives yt men the opportunity to ask Our Sisters for any help they can get in all of this. Because of slavery and post-slavery times, Our Sisters will turn down the invite.

    We, as a People, do need to work on Ourselves. That is hard to do, because yts only think about themselves in all of this. Yts are not going to leave Us alone because they need love. Think about how We tried to reprogram Ourselves once We had Our own neighborhoods. We could not do it because yt men snook in Our neighborhoods to see Sisters.

    The yt man has a love for power, as well. One of the ignorant redneck types burned down Our stores because they had no money. So, it will be hard for Us to do anything without thinking about where the yt man is, first.

    – Imhotep

  46. mstoogood4yall on said:

    @ Courtney H

    Yea I know they don’t like talking about race, last night a white commenter on abagond was talking about how she and other whites don’t like talking about race and why do they have to be the bad guys or as she put It the monsters in the closet. I and another commenter told her that well if it is hard to discuss race for whites just imagine how it feels to actually experience racism and be a victim of it. and idc about the whites who just talk as bry said that don’t mean sheit it just to keep us quiet. Even if we did have a discussion about race they would try to control it, and even walk out like they did with the blue eye brown eye experiment on oprah. They don’t want to face the sins of the past and present or that would mean actually facing it owning up to it and trying to fix it. We lucky if they even own up to it, but they don’t try to fix it, that is why companies that have benefit from and used slavery do not give any compensation but just issue a weak apology. They don’t want to right the wrongs they just want to deny and cover it up so they won’t have to face it and do the right thing. They don’t want to have to give up their privileges and white supremacy or they go back to being nothing.

  47. mstoogood4yall on said:

    it does sound kinda strange but whites are strange and do things that make no sense. I do think that is the case, because they have tried locking up black men to keep us apart, but black women wait for them. They have tried to keep black men at the bottom economically hoping that black women view him as inadequate, and will want to get with well off white men. They try to use the tactics they used to get Asian women from Asian men. They paint black men as bad and unemployed and show themselves as the prince charming. That is why there was a non black prince in the princess and the frog. That is why the one drop rule happened so they could claim to make black babies with black people, even though they know that is not true. They want us to think we’d have everything with them, nice house, nice car, money, black babies but really they biracial, and a white spouse. They think they can beat the black man at being a black man and the white women think they can beat black women at being black women. everything is a competition for them. since they are not the originals they try every way they can to beat us the originals.

  48. mstoogood4yall on said:

    White men hire black women over black men to have them to them selves. They always break up black ppl that are having a conversation together especially if they are opposite genders. They hate seeing black men and women together, and even ask black men if they find white women more attractive than black women. They must have thought that by pushing black men with white women, that would make black women try to get back at black men and get with them, but that hasn’t worked on a grand scale only a few were tricked. They say the only black women they like are the biracial or ones with more European features, maybe because they cannot handle a real black woman, and know she will not choose them. Even most biracial women don’t choose them, lol their own half offspring don’t want them.

  49. @Diaryofanegress. Don’t reply or read stuff when you having a break from “comments overload”. Just enjoy your garden Birds and all. Truly don’t bother the birds, every fruit bush I have, Black Berries, Raspberries and a few trees were done freely by the birds AFTER they ate my stuff. They repaid me with fruit bushes Lots of them that, however, it can be a pain trimming them back!

  50. mstoogood4yall on said:

    “has made the 20 million black people in this country a dead people. Dead economically, dead mentally, dead spiritually. Dead morally and otherwise. Integration will not bring a man back from the grave.”
    -”No, we are not anti-white,” he said. “But we don’t have time for the white man. The white man is on top already, the white man is the boss already… He has first-class citizenship already. So you are wasting your time talking to the white man. We are working on our own people.”

    This makes me wonder if whites knew this all along and finally integrated with us because they saw the whole picture. They saw that black wall street would happen if we were left by ourselves, so they treat us like kids that have to be supervised all the time and can’t be by themselves out of fear we may get into something. Malcolm was on point we see what we have become today because of integration and giving up our stores and hospitals and schools to move around them and go to their stores and hospitals and schools. When we do get our sheit together we won’t make the same mistake twice, and white ppl know this that is why now they are really trying to take away our rights or at least what is left of them. They gave us the illusion of inclusion as umar Johnson said. They made us believe we could be equal to them by living amongst them and marrying them. When what would’ve made us equal or even greater to them was to have our own towns and businesses. That is why even us so called middle class blacks would fail because we are really just a lay off and a couple of paychecks away from being poor. Black wallstreet people had businesses and skills, now we don’t, black ppl stopped learning a lot of skills because whites hire latinos for those jobs so we went to school. It used to be blacks doing construction now its latinos. It used to be black farmers and sharecroppers, now they are going out of business. The plan has always been to keep us dependent on them and tell us to go to school without learning a skill like cooking, carpentry, farming,etc. We taught them those things now they have tricked us into thinking we don’t need those skills anymore.

  51. just back from sabbatical and managed to complete Yurugu and Chaos or Community
    so much better than getting absorbed in minuscule affairs

  52. Imhotep on said:


    All of this is simple. The yt man is the Albino Aboriginal. He desires the love of the Afrikan Woman. He hates the Afrikan Man because the Afrikan Man was made by Jah for the Afrikan Woman, only. The Afrikan Woman knows the Afrikan Man was made to be Her lover because He was made in Her image, alone. The Afrikan Man is the original. So, the Albino Aboriginal could never enjoy the existence of the Afrikan Man.


  53. Need a good laugh? watch this this video and look at the little girl.

  54. rofl, he changed the board out as if its the boards fault it wouldn’t break. No dummy its ur skill or lack of skill I should say.

  55. They forgot to bring the fake boards. the grandmaster got exposed. lol, I bet they did this too him on purpose they brought fresh wood instead. lol hiiiiiiiiiiyyyyyyaaaaaaa!!

  56. Crissjensen on said:

    Have any of y’all seen this video??

  57. Y’all seeing the propaganda that cnn and fox is pushing with this so called
    terror threat? smh anything to further bring in that one world government.

  58. Imhotep on said:


    Everything whites do to Us is related to love even when it does not seem like it. The other non-Black cultures (mutated from Us directly, I think) have no problem living by themselves. Sure, Azn women do like jhws men but they loved Azn men before Azn men were not exploited negatively. The same can be said about the Itlns and Mexicans. The biggest war seems to go on between Us and Our albino sons and daughters.

    No non-Black in the states would have the stores and restaurants if were not for Us. They never appreciate Us at all. I believe they have gotten to be too powerful because these other “people of color” know how it is for Us. They never want that to happen to them, so they focus on the members of their race,only. Now, it is looking rough for Our albino sons and daughters, they feel they must undo the work done to make themselves happy.

    The albinos hurt themselves because why would the most oppressed Race everywhere team up with those always harming them? The yt man harms Our Queens by murdering Their sons. Why would any Mother want to side with the same color man that took away Her son because of his color? Those other cultures (non-Black yet Black) are way too powerful that the yt race has to do something about them. The yt race is at a bad place because if they take them all away then it will make them less humane in Our eyes.

    I’m sure Our albino sons and daughters never liked having them around either. Think about it, those other cultures are only in the picture so that yts can ultimately hurt Us emotionally and physically. Since all of Our albino children are Afrikan, they really turn around to hurt themselves. They treated the men and women of other cultures badly when yts had a bad day. Those cultures remember what happened every time. So, all non-Blacks and Whites know to take Our albino sons and daughters word for anything they say.

    I cannot wait to see what happens in this Century. It seems like everything may be reaching the end. To say, some Azn man will have to see a yt mailman today. The yt mailman’s face has to be red. He has North Korea (Koreans, but still) on His mind along with the fact that he does not have The Ultimate Woman in his hands (because of how he can be). So much happens at one time in each day that it is hard to look at it all. I am sure Jah could piece every piece of the puzzle together when We, His Creation, could never do it.

    It is great talking with You, Sister-Queen.

    Peace and Love,

  59. Imhotep on said:


    “They say the only black women they like are the biracial or ones with more European features, maybe because they cannot handle a real black woman, and know she will not choose them. Even most biracial women don’t choose them, lol their own half offspring don’t want them.”

    Yt men love hurting Our Natural Sisters so Our Natural Sisters (With the First Ever Skin Tone In History) are left hurt for the yt man (only) to comfort her. I always thought Our albino sons were never satisfied with their creation (Bi-racial Afrikan Woman). She is not the ORIGINAL like their albino sisters aren’t. The yt man had the bi-racial woman because HE wanted to start a family with Our Natural Gorgeous Sisters. He hurt Himself at the same time, because The Natural Brother may not want to breed with that Sister ever again.

    All albino sons should want The Natural First Woman to be preserved like the albino daughter wants The Naural First Man Made For The First Woman to always be around. The albino son knows it would hurt him if Our Natural Sisters made love to Our Natural Brothers to make the future generation of “albino sons” happy. tHE SMAE GOES FOR THE ALBINO DAUGHTER,


  60. Imhotep on said:

    @mstoogood4yall and Everybody,


    The same goes for the albino daughter.

  61. Imhotep on said:


    I hope We can think of a solution to all of this madness before a Brother and Sister are ever hurt again!!!!! Perhaps, We need to look at the picture harder and create a factor tree. NONE OF US are happy in ALL OF THIS! How We are living from day to day fascinates Me. Who will be first to decide how all of this ends (if it can end)? I would say My Sister (Mother of All Civilization), but according to this true theory, that would make Our albino daughter unhappy. That would making My Sister unhappy as a result.

    I would hope that Our albino daughters and sons do not erase all of Us somehow. Time has shown that We can never be apart from them. NO ONE WINS IN ALL OF THIS! Our albino sons and daughters would still have Us in their hearts if We were all gone (As I am sure they do for Our lost Brothers and Sisters). Why did JAH have to create pain is really the question!

    One thing’s for sure, We could never have a conference with Our albino sons and daughters together! It would get wayyyy too out of hand!!!!!


  62. Ellis on said:

    Imhotep, you make a lot of interesting comments. You got me thinking…why can’t they just leave us Blacks alone? They steal us from Africa, enslave us, degrade us, rape, whip us, torture us, destroy us mentally, physically, emotionally, financially, culturally, in any way imaginable. And I always remind myself that we were peacefully minding our own business in Africa, the most blessed land on earth, given to us Negroes (and Hamites; including Somalians, Sudanese, Ethiopian – Check the generations of Noah after the flood in Genesis), not to the Europeans (the so called “superior” race).

    I have read many comments on White websites such as Stuff Black People Don’t Like, Amren, Stormfront, Chimpout, Occidental Dissent and many more, expressing their desire to separate from us “savage, inferior” Blacks.

    Do you think that they are capable of doing that? Because Whites say that they want to live separately from us, yet they are morbidly and psychotically obsessed with the Black race, yet they hate us?

    If we were to move to another planet that would be like another Africa (minerally rich, beautiful wildlife etc.), do you think that Whites would follow us or be glad to be rid of us?

  63. Ellis on said:

    Enjoy your break Negress. I hope that you will have time to relax, be at one with yourself (which you already are anyway).

    Have fun!!!


  64. Imhotep on said:


    It’s so crazy. We, as a People, would never do all of this to them. The Mother of All Civilization (My Sister) is the most loving Woman on the planet. Because Us (Afrikan Men) were made to love Her, We too are always loving! Afterall, Jah made it all double for Us. The Afrikan Man is not only MADE in His Loving Woman’s image, but was made to love Her exclusively. So, even when it does not seem like the Afrikan Man can love His Natural Queen By Jah, He does. I know that We WOULD love everyone, including Our Sisters, if they never did so much against Us. The Afrikan Man and Woman were made to be the GREATEST lovers ever (The First Ever Lovers in History). So, I think every non-Black culture KNOWS this !!!! That is why We never have free time as a race!

    Peace Sister,

  65. Imhotep on said:


    Typo, again.

    Because We (Afrikan Men) were made to love Her, We too are always loving!


  66. Imhotep on said:


    Yts (secretly) do not hate Us. Even if they did, an enemy ALWAYS needs an enemy to exist! It seems as if Our albino sons and daughters cannot exist without Us (naturally) because they love Us. They could never get rid of Us entirely. I believe that they harm some of Our People because they know The Afrikan Man was made for The Afrikan Woman and they NEVER want to accept this. If Our albino sons and daughters are not happy, then We are not happy. It is all in their hands, because We are The All Loving.

    As far as I know, there is no moving away from them, ever! It is impossible, they created jobs to trap Us and allow themselves see Us everyday. That is why you will see so many Queens in stores with yt male managers. All of the Brothers that could not get jobs at those places have them at stores with yt female managers. They use this “yt nationalist stuff” to hide the true facts. The Afrikan Woman is, indeed, the Mother of All Civilization! When She (Greatest Lover Ever Designed By Jah) is unhappy, ALL OF US are unhappy in some way. Jah will figure out what to do about the natural order of things!


  67. I think the negress should get some plain T-shirts and put some designs on there and start a T-shirt clothing line and sell em Infact a lot of blk women should start
    doing that get you some sewing machines. lol, I’m tired of seeing our people rock white people clothing line like, addidas, nike, holister, ed hardy etc. I don’t know it just came to me. I’m trying to figure out what I can create to bring to our people. I’m tired of seeing those keep calm T-shirts. Can y’all believe kanye west is selling plain white T-shirts for $100?

  68. Courtney H on said:

    @ B.R.:

    Thank you so much for posting the link! It is very interesting!

  69. Courtney H on said:

    @ mstoogood4yall:

    I cosign everything you just said! I couldn’t have said it any better! Thank you!

  70. Bestpartofwakingup on said:

    Hi everyone!
    Hope all is well with everyone and I hope that Negress, you are enjoying your down time.

    I have read just about everyone’s comments here and I love reading and hearing the minds of my people. It really does feel good. Ya know, sometimes I lament on waking up and being aware for a couple of reasons. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful that I’m awake and learning more and more but when I look back to how we used to be, maybe it’s just me but I miss my friends and family. I miss good music on the radio and good music videos where I was learning how to dance.

    My family has changed so much that we aren’t the fun loving family that we used to be and I feel like an outsider. It hurts my heart sometimes.
    However I guess I’m not fully unplugged because I still watch tv shows but I do it with the awareness and it shows me so much more now. I can’t sit back and simply just be entertained, I’m dissecting everything in every scene.
    For the sisters that’s had to witness us dating white women while we walk by, I know your anger and frustration now and I gotta say, the shoe is on the other foot and it doesn’t feel good. It’s all over TV now, they casting black women as love interests to white men and then I say to myself, chill, if they are in the show then they are asleep in real life. Makes me think of girl six when Tarantino wanted Lovely to take her top off and she was like nah. I mean, I dated white and I couldn’t do it…not long run raise a family do it and now when I see sistas out there with white, I try not to judge or get upset because I was there at one point.

    I just remember when they showed us on TV together as a couple, a family, positive and more hip hop and not always thuggish and ghetto.

    Perhaps that was to lull us to sleep and bring us into the system, make us think we could trust them. Then, when blacks were getting restless from bush, they gave us Obama and we ripped up our passports and said we ain’t NEVER leaving America…we’s in charge now.

    As I sit and think about the last 20 years…I get nostalgic and sad and longing because we have to ride this thing out until its over. We simply have to wait upon The Creator to renew our strength.

    Anyway, that’s my time. Love you all my people, hope to meet y’all some day.

  71. Yeah it is hard being awake sometimes, and I do find myself not enjoying certain things anymore, especially tv, movies, and music. I love listening to old school music, the shows on annoy me, its always interracial. At first it was shows with black men and white women, now its white men black women. But the woman from scandal did marry a black man, I do not watch any of that mess. I miss the black shows with black love like living single, good times, and the cosby show. And being awake I am more mindful of where I spend my money even with some black companies. As some of them use mixed people to represent their products that are targeted at blacks, which I find sad. The shows and magazines aren’t owned by black ppl anymore only a few are, the rest were sold to white people. We are the only ones that allow our oppressors to tell our story and sell us stuff that we once made. We consume their garbage they say is our culture, and we believe it.

  72. Jay in the Black Dimension on said:

    White Woman Nigger Rampage

  73. mstoogood4yall on said:

    What do u guys think about what Don Lemon said and was co signing with bill o reilly?

  74. the alchemist on said:

    Pregnant black women killed by white man in Pratt Kansas. Black man also shot and in the hospital. Murder charges have been filed in the July 24 death of a Pratt woman and her unborn child. Wright, his brother Brandon, and a pregnant woman were walking in front of a house, where a man was on his porch yelling racial obscenities. Wright said that the man started screaming at him, his brother and the pregnant woman and urging them to get off his property. However, Wright insisted that they were walking on the sidewalk.



  75. mstoogood4yall on said:

    great vid

  76. the alchemist on said:

    “White children outside an African-American residence they have set on fire.” (Chicago, 1919 from review of “City of Scoundrels”)


  77. mstoogood4yall on said:

    good links alchemist, I haven’t heard about the pregnant woman being killed that is sad. It is open season on black folks. That photo is very telling of the kids are just like their parents, I bet a white adult snapped that photo and was like look at the kids walking in my footsteps i’m so proud. some sick mofos from childhood until death.

  78. @ mstoogood

    Not at all surprised. Gay black men tend to be more white identified as the gay community is even more Eurocentric and demanding of black menticide than American society at large.

    Over the past 5-6 years there have been growing racial divides within the gay community and I think Don’s comments were more about showing which side he would take should push come to shove.

    There’s a misconception that gays and lesbians are almost completely united in supporting democrats/liberals, and because of that, are anti-racist. It couldn’t be further from the truth.

    Don and his bf:

  79. mstoogood4yall on said:

    yep a lot of gay blacks get with whites. Don always tries to throw the black community under the bus and make it like we soo bad. I remember when he said oh the black community is homophobic. really don, show me a black westbororo church out there protesting and holding those signs, show me a black person who participated in killing matthew shepard. And I do notice the gay black community does side with the white gays, but the white gays don’t care about them. And they try to shut black ppl up, whereas ppl that say really racist things about us get to keep their job hell that is some of their job[bill o reilly and all of faux news]. Isn’t he the only black person with a show on cnn, roland martin was fired, dl hugely was cancelled… They always keep a sell out black person around. And the gay black men they love the most because they pose no threat, and aren’t going to wipe them out genetically. The timing of this is suspect as well, it comes after the acquittal of gz and after whites have tried to deflect by saying black on black crime and look at Chicago.

  80. Imhotep on said:


    “I miss the black shows with black love like living single, good times, and the cosby show. ”

    Yes, but Our oppressors hated the thought of those shows. They could not stand the latter seasons of The Cosby Show. Too many Afrikans were employed and that one caucasian boy Rudy befriended was gone after ’89. The yt men could not stand that at all! From there on, Rudy and Kenny almost hit it off! Seeing Clair with Heathcliff made the yt man angry until Clair became the man of the house. Seeing a strong man like Theo with Justine set off all yt women watching it. Living Single was a great show! Those were rough times for Afrikan People. We were getting to where We are today.


  81. Imhotep on said:

    Don is getting payed money that truly is not his (it is the oppressor’s cash) .


  82. Imhotep on said:

    @the alchemist

    A pregnant Mother (of All Civilization) murdered! I believe they were jealous of the Afrikan Woman having a child for the Afrikan Man. Once again, they put up the yt pride stuff to make it look like that wasn’t the case.

    When you think about it, it is hard for ALL of Us out here. By the Afrikan Woman rejecting the albino son, She becomes his target. “White is right” says something about their psychosis. They will never believe they are wrong for doing what they do. They know they did it to make themselves happy. For that reason, they can never feel remorse. They are happy inside and out.

    It is a very scary time for everyone.


  83. Imhotep on said:


    I guess that means no attacks on blk men by whyte men.
    Of course, no attacks on blk women by whyte women.

    That would only leave any imitators to speak VERY positively about the people they cannot stay away from.

    This is a very interesting blog. Thank you for creating it, DOAN.


  84. Imhotep on said:

    That is a very strange theory (only) that was mentioned. I am not sure if it is true or not. It is just a way of looking at things.

    After all of this, I’m sure everyone on Earth must question why Jah put everyone here if we are ALL subjected to nothing but pain in life!

    Lately, I have been questioning who Jah (God) really is. Why even put the Black Man on Earth if He must go through so much all of time? Unfortunately, Sisters probably hung from a tree because of The Afrikan Man hanging from a tree. So, now, Afrikan Men must live with that too. Life stinks. That, particularly, really stinks.


  85. Imhotep on said:


    It’s a flipping shame that there is NO such thing as respect for The Mother of All Civilization! Her sons and husbands (She selected) are hurt everytime everywhere,yes on the job too. The reason for that maybe because they are close to her! Black Men never asked to Here! Then, yt women get upset when Afrikan Men call them racist! What has the yt woman ever did to combat what the yt man does? When she does nothing but watch, she too is the problem! Darn, The Mother of ALL Civilization is RAPED (gosh darnitt) when alive and (sometimes) dead!!!!!!! If the theory about yt men being Her albino son is true, then it is sad that he has no respect for Her in believing he does. He must truly love himself ONLY! Why in Jah’s name is all of this happening?! Will things ever get better?!


  86. Imhotep on said:


    I’ll bet The First Mother Ever and The First Father Ever LOVED their albino son. Who knew the albino son AND daughter (it’s safe to say she tagged along, only) would turn around and betray them by enslaving them? That’s the respect The First Mother Ever and First Father Ever gets for ONLY loving their child. Shame! No respect at all ever for The First Mother Ever AND The First Father Ever!!!!!!!
    Why does things have to be this way, Jah?!!!!!


  87. Imhotep on said:


    It’s safe to say it is open season for Afrikan Men (and Men In Our Pool).

    This is an Afrikan Woman’s war !!!! The Man Jah Made First & Only For Her (Because He Was Made In Her Image) is hurt BECAUSE of the Afrikan Queen (when you think about it)! She gets hurt defending The Afrikan King only. There is ZERO respect for Her (possibly) at the end of the day. So, the Afrikan Man and maybe even yt woman are powerless in this war. Only the Afrikan Queen can make things right! Seeing how She is The Mother of All Civilization, that would sound about right! She was the first to be here!


  88. Imhotep on said:

    Sad sad shame!

    Where does the albino son think he learned hunting from? The First Ever Father (The Black Man) is the correct answer! Who knew the Afrikan Man would ONLY hurt Himself in the end by doing that!!!!! Shame! After all of this, it looks like The First Ever Mother could never openly be with The First Ever Father Made For Her (In Her Image To Remind Him of That)! Shame!


  89. Imhotep on said:


    We are always reminded that We have Obama as a president every day. To a yt racist, why should they care about a Black family?!!! It is obvious that Our Sisters are The Mothers of All Civilization! So, one can conclude that since it is only yt men complaining about Obama, they must be upset with Obama’s Family. After hearing that their ancestors raped Afrikan women, one can be lead to believe that Michelle Obama “isn’t just any woman”.

    Love You Too, Brother. Yes, I hope We are all happy someday as a People.



  90. Imhotep on said:


    I’m proud of Kanye! I wish He would do more for His people. We all know by now that He is not making money that originally belonged to Afrikan People. Yes, I believe that Kanye is selling plain white t-shirts for $100. He has a great ego, and He is set to succeed in life (unlike, unfortunately, Our Brothers and Sisters (sometimes) who are not taught anything from the jumpstart (due to slavery)). It is always great to see A Brother succeeding anytime He can!


  91. @ Imhotep, I just browsed at the story, will read more about it. However, for anyone that thinks NYC is a international melting pot city,here are some racial incidents to look at

    1986 Howard Beach race incident(Italian area of Queens, where a black man was killed), 1989 Bensonhurst race incident(Italian section of Brooklyn where a black teenager was killed and where Al Sharpton was stabbed when leading a march), 1992 Guilani police march(This was before he became mayor, led a group of cops, the NYPD being a largely white police force, with some cops saying that David Dinkins, the black mayor at the time, is a “washroom attendant”) 1998 Millon Youth March(cops in Harlem break up a Black Power rally under Guilani mayoral control) 2003 Staten Island racial incidents(black men and black women were attacked in Staten Island, an Italian, Russian and Irish section of NYC) and 2013(Mayor Bloomberg says that the NYPD should target blacks and other minorities more and focus less on whites). As you could see NYC is great for Negroes!

  92. Whether you love or hate him, Farrakhan talks about white supremacy-A Culture of Death!

  93. Courtney H on said:

    Excellent video!

  94. Courtney H on said:

    @ all:

    Remember how white gays reacted when African-Americans voted for Prop. 81 (?) in California a few years back (it banned gay marriage in the state)? The white gays threw a fit, and verbally blamed African-Americans solely for the passage of the bill. These white gays showed their true colors in that situation.

  95. mstoogood4yall on said:

    can someone tell me why a lot of black men see Melissa harris perry as a sell out? I don’t watch her show just wondering.

  96. I agree.

  97. Imhotep on said:


    I don’t know of any Afrikan Men who see Melissa Harris Perry as a sell-out. It is does not help that Melissa only speaks of the issues. She comes off as A Strong Sista, but She is not doing the work Angela Davis did for The Community.


  98. Thanks for the video. Another reason we need to separate from Whites. They always racially stereotype us and racially profile us. Police only protects White life in AmeriKKKlan

  99. Imhotep on said:


    “They are always the ones controlling the conversation and where it goes.”

    Yep, We cannot do anything with them. They love themselves more than they know. Anyone can see that. There isn’t a mexican supremacy.


  100. Imhotep on said:


    “I do think that is the case, because they have tried locking up black men to keep us apart…”

    Yep, and the “pro-yt people” expose themselves every time that happens. The yt woman is no wonder woman at all because she will not stand up to the yt man when she shows she likes the Blk Man. Anyone looking at all of this from a distance would think ALL yt men hate Blk Men. Even on TV, a yt man has NEVER done a good thing for any Blk Man. Unfortunately, The Blk Man is the hardest and busiest worker for the yt man. NEVER anything in return! He exposes himself to everyone everyday.


  101. Imhotep on said:


    “They hate seeing black men and women together, and even ask black men if they find white women more attractive than black women.”

    I hate when they do that (all of the time).

    They asked Marcus Garvey if He would much rather stay in Jamaica over Afrika.

    Then again, I guess the yt man has characteristics that make him who he is. He is much easier to identify when he tries to hurt Sisters through the responses of Brothers. Yet, he wants everyone to believe he loves himself only (yt nationalist). They go on and on today about how they are not racist. The world looks the same way it always did. When will things change for the better. Can they change for the better?


  102. Imhotep on said:


    Yes, I believe the plan was integrate all along. They knew where We all resided. The albino man, obviously, could not stand that the Afrikan Man may have actually been happy! We never snuck into their neighborhoods. That fact ticked off the albino, also. So, he had to tear it all down so that things went back to the way they were (almost). Now, We are where We are today. I believe that they are always thinking. This whole situation is creepy.

    Worst of all, they made “The Omen”. What a slap in the face if I ever saw one.


  103. Imhotep on said:


    Yep, the po-po made by yts for yts. It’s wayyyy too obvious who thought up all of this.


  104. Imhotep on said:


    It must be hard for the lice head ladies talking about that one world government. They know it won’t be ran by them ever, but they gave birth to it.


  105. Imhotep on said:

    @Jay In the Black Dimension

    Thank you for putting this out there. From a distance, it is isn’t adding up. Paula Deen hires Blk Men, yet calls them the “n-word” and “as dark as the wall”. If you hate someone, don’t hire them. Real simple.

    It’s really stupid. If you hate Us, leave Us alone! They never notice that it makes them look bad.


  106. Imhotep on said:


    Thankfully, a lot of Our Young Folks are “acting white” (to yt people) and looking it too. There is no way the yt man can be happy dating the yt woman (Sisters today). There is no way the yt woman wants to date her father (Our Brothers Today). So, they aren’t happy with all of this, either. Nicki Minaj looks too much like barbie to be a Strong Woman. The yt man’s own destruction he created is catching up with him, finally. Any man liking the Strong Woman should want Her in that shape.


  107. mary burrell on said:

    I was watching a show on television, Dr. Phill, and a sexual predator and pedophile is doing an interview. This man Jake Goldenflame , has written a book and his doing interviews. It is crazy to me how this man is allowed to walk the streets free and nobody has killed him. This is mind boggling to me.

  108. Imhotep on said:

    @mary burrell

    “It’s a yt man’s world because the yt man wants it and likes it that way”.

    Dr. Phil is NOT a doctor. I know My People like to acknowledge that Oprah gave him the opportunity to be a doctor. Oprah did not do crap for Dr. Phil in a yt man’s world!!!! The people behind the scenes gave Phil the chance to be a “tell-lie-vision doctor”!!!!!

    Don’t accept yt supremacy ever!


  109. Thanks for the suggestions. I already do some of these.

  110. honeytreebee on said:

    Imhotep thank for the suggestions. I haven’t watched television in a very long time. I watch mostly educational and historical stuff from a black perspective. We love watching African movies and discussing books. Not gonna see fruitcake as I live close enough to that mess. Sorry so late with the response.

  111. mstoogood4yall on said:

    rofl, bhahahwhwhahah wtf did I just watch.

  112. Tyrone on said:


    A lot of blackmen see Melissa Harris-Perry as part of the problem. As a liberal black female, she supports policies and ideologies that sane blackmen want no part of…Abortion, Homosexuality, Gay Marriage, Illegal Immigration, Radical Islam, etc. Her being married to a blackman means nothing, her worldview is not pro-black male. Blackwomen who support the agenda of others that attack black manhood on a global scale are considered Sellouts. Whitemen use blackwomen to push insanity to their people. In essence, they’re sponsors of White Male Supremacy.

    What makes a black person a Sellout? Obama is married to a blackwoman, has 2 black daughters, and he hates black people. We need to update the definition of “Sellout.”


  113. Soforeal on said:

    Watch this movie. and pay close attention! MAN OF STEEL) only if some of you never seen it. lol


  114. Mickey on said:


    Here is the latest video featuring Dr. Umar Johnson. I think the family here will like it.

  115. mstoogood4yall on said:

    great vid, I will finish watching it today, so far I’m loving it. thanks.

  116. mstoogood4yall on said:

    can’t believe Lee Thompson aka The Famous Jett Jackson is gone. I loved that show it was one of the few shows that showed a black family in a good light and a loving relationship between a black father and his son. And he played the hero and was the main character. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1tkeq86mXQ good episode

  117. Mickey on said:

    Yes, I remember that show. Sadly, positive images of Black people is few and far between nowadays.

  118. Mickey!

    Thanks. Tonight when I’m settling in, I’ll curl up with some tea and watch it.

  119. Thanks so much for the vid just finished watching and he was on point as always. The thing that resonated with me was when he said we pray to masculine energy but we neglect the feminine energy. And its crazy how those black ppl that were trying to come together ended up dead, the whites start beef between groups and walk away and let them self destruct just like they did with Rwanda. I wouldn’t be surprised if they pay ppl to divide black ppl , a lot of ppl have speculated what if years from now we find out they are the ones starting the gender war and the light skin dark skin and all the other things to keep us divided. I see they do studies on us to try to come up with ways to break us, I remember when they did that study that showed black women have higher self esteem then other women then it seemed right after that that Japanese guy put out that study saying black women are ugly. They plan everything out and study us. I’m glad brotha umar is building schools, I wish I could’ve went lol. That is good that he will not allow black girls into the school with weave and relaxer and they will learn to leave themselves and the black boys will learn to love them and their natural beauty as well, I love that. If I have kids I want them to go to that school. I wonder if he needs donations

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