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Boycott White AmeriKlan Business! Boycott the Entire State of Florida!

In protest of the Zimmerman verdict, and all the victims of white supremacy that you don’t hear about, I am writing a post urging ALL black people from all over the world that read my blog to help me in a simple yet difficult task. White people have consistently demonstrated that they only understand and respond to 3 things:




You are not powerless in this system built on illusion. Your power can be demonstrated by the one thing I’ve been talking about for an entire year:


Abstain from spending money in their stores and allow their companies to shut down. Ever since we’ve been locked out of the game with the denial of our rightful 40 acres and a mule (I’d actually prefer a mare…but that’s another story), we’ve been dependent on the very system that hates us for food, shelter, jobs and basic survival. Those of us that have fought and clawed to gain entrepreneurial freedom are being pushed out by other non-black ethnicites that sell inferior products at a cheaper price.

Why are we falling for this same trick over and over and over…? Because we do not understand military science. The simple science of any warfare begins not with the fist, but with the mind. Change your mind about supporting black owned businesses and change the game of warfare. Florida’s nearly all white jury allowed this man to walk free because black life is:


Not to be respected

And treated with apathy.

We are the only ones on this planet that WILL NOT understand, that refuses to admit, that you cannot FORCE, SHAME OR BEG your oppressor for sustenance. Our dependence on them is what’s aiding their survival. We must regain control of our own tightly knit communities and shop within our own network. Show your power in a system that tries to render you powerless! AmeriKlan is, without a shadow of a doubt, the most racist, evil, diabolical, perverted, corrupt country in the known universe. They don’t give a damn about us! But…………. They want and need your MONEY in order to survive.  Boycott them! Shut the fuckers down! Boycott the entire state of Florida and DISCONTINUE  buying anything that comes out of Florida like :

2013 Rank Name of Company City
1 Sun Capital Partners Inc. Boca Raton
2 Publix Super Markets Inc. Lakeland
3 JM Family Enterprises, Inc. Deerfield Beach
4 Southern Wine & Spirits of America Miami
5 H.I.G. Capital Management Miami
6 Brightstar Corp. Miami
7 Fanjul Corp./Florida Crystals West Palm Beach
8 Oasis Outsourcing West Palm Beach
9 Oxbow Corp. West Palm Beach
10 NASCAR Daytona Beach
11 George E. Warren Corp. Vero Beach
12 Source Interlink Cos. Inc. Bonita Springs
13 Abbey Carpet Co. Inc. Bonita Springs
13 Crowley Maritime Corp. Jacksonville
15 Rooms To Go Seffner
16 Southeast Personnel Leasing Holiday
17 Intcomex, Inc. Miami
18 Gate Petroleum Company Jacksonville
19 Automated Petroleum Brandon
20 Arthrex Inc. Naples
20 SDI International Fort Lauderdale
22 Greenberg Traurig PA Miami
23 Beall’s Inc. Bradenton
24 Greenway Automotive Orlando
25 Boar’s Head Provisions Co., Inc. Sarasota
26 Cheney Brothers Riviera Beach
27 Trivest Partners Coral Gables
28 Related Group Miami
29 Main Street America Group Jacksonville
30 BrandsMart U.S.A. Fort Lauderdale
31 Villages of Lake-Sumter Inc. The Villages
32 Rick Case Automotive Group Fort Lauderdale
33 CNL Financial Group Orlando
34 Westgate Resorts Orlando
35 Mainline Information Systems Tallahassee
36 American Strategic Insurance Corp. St. Petersburg
37 Interim HealthCare Inc. Sunrise
37 Quirch Foods Miami
39 Purity Wholesale Grocers, Inc. Boca Raton
40 Liberty Power Corp. Fort Lauderdale
41 Checkers Drive-In Restaurants Inc Tampa
42 Radiation Therapy Services Holdings Fort Myers
43 Associated Grocers of Florida Inc. Pompano Beach
44 BankFIRST Winter Park
45 PSCU St. Petersburg
46 Southeast Frozen Foods Miami
47 Gold Coast Beverage Distributors, Inc. Pompano Beach
48 Florida’s Natural Growers Lake Wales
49 Holland & Knight LLP Miami
50 Colorado Boxed Beef Co. Auburndale
Public Companies are as follows:

2013 Rank Company City
1 World Fuel Services Miami
2 Tech Data Clearwater
3 Jabil Circuit St. Petersburg
4 AutoNation Fort Lauderdale
5 Carnival Cruises Miami
6 NextEra Energy Juno Beach
7 CSX Jacksonville
8 Office Depot Boca Raton
9 Darden Restaurants Orlando
10 Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. Miami
11 WellCare Health Plans Tampa
12 Fidelity National Financial Jacksonville
13 Ryder System Miami
14 Health Management Associates Naples
15 Fidelity National Information Services Jacksonville
16 Harris Corporation Melbourne
17 Lennar Miami
18 Bloomin’ Brands Tampa
19 Raymond James St. Petersburg
20 MasTec Coral Gables
21 Watsco Coconut Grove
22 Fresh Del Monte Produce Coral Gables
23 HSN St. Petersburg
24 ADT Alarm Systems Boca Raton
25 B/E Aerospace Wellington
26 TECO Energy Tampa
27 Roper Industries Sarasota
28 Landstar System Jacksonville
29 Citrix Systems Fort Lauderdale
30 Tupperware Brands Orlando
31 Chico’s FAS Fort Myers
32 Cott Tampa
33 Lender Processing Services Jacksonville
34 Mednax Sunrise
35 SEACOR Holdings Fort Lauderdale
36 FTI Consulting West Palm Beach
37 Rayonier Jacksonville
38 GEO Group Boca Raton
39 Spirit Airlines Miramar
40 Elizabeth Arden Perfumes Miramar
41 Dycom Industries Palm Beach Gardens
42 Brown & Brown Daytona Beach
43 Stein Mart Clothing Company Jacksonville
44 Sykes Enterprises Tampa
45 Vector Group Ltd. Miami
46 Kforce Tampa
47 Perry Ellis International Miami
48 SBA Communications Boca Raton
49 HEICO Hollywood
50 EverBank Financial Jacksonville

The system of white domination is in existence because WE GO ALONG WITH IT! Can you imagine what would happen if we decided to just stop drinking Florida’s Natural Orange Juice? Can you imagine what would happen if we just decided to stop buying music from Sony? Can you imagine what would happen if we developed a bartering system with each other for clothes, shoes and other necessities and stopped shopping in white stores? In one year, they’d be bankrupt. We have power…we just need to organize it and use it wisely. Did you know that white, Arab and Asian shop keepers are selling these T-Shirts?

These fuckers don’t give a damn about us! But they will make a “Trayvon” T-Shirt and sell it to us for a profit! We built this country from the ground up and they’re making money off of our blood…and they have no respect for us as a race of people. And the worst part is, in my opinion, we give it to them…freely…and with smile. Boycott them! Refrain from buying any products from them. Shop in our stores and ours alone! There are millions of black owned companies out there. Just type in http://www.blackownedbusiness.com, or any other “black business” search, and see for yourself what a segment of black businesses look like…in this country alone. Why not share the wealth with Trinidad, Haiti, Nigeria, etc??? They need you too. End this now! I cannot do this by myself. Please pass this around to as many bloggers as possible. Get the word out. Help us to end this evil, oppressive system once and for all. Shop black and black only!

{After this post, the Negress needs a break. I’d like us to come together and think of a way for us to start a bartering system of clothes, shoes, children’s apparel, blankets, etc…so we can CUT OUT the middleman. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. No more excuses…}

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205 thoughts on “Boycott White AmeriKlan Business! Boycott the Entire State of Florida!

  1. Black Family

    WordPress is messing with me…AGAIN! My newest post is not on top. It’s the 10th one from the bottom. Sorry…I don’t know how to fix it.

  2. This is a very thoughtful piece Negress. As a black person living in the so-called “colorblind” City of New York (which is basically ruled by the white subgroups like the Jews, Irish, Italians, yuppies,etc.) I see how our neighborhoods are basically being replaced and how we are being kicked out. 125th St in Harlem and Fulton St in Bed-Stuy, Fort Greene and Downtown Brooklyn aint even black anymore! From this post, I will give greater thought to where my money goes to see if Im supporting those trying to genocide my people.

  3. mstoogood4yall on said:

    great negress we needed a list for this, I also see hooters started in florida too, winn Dixie, Burger King, and Tropicana.

  4. mstoogood4yall on said:

    also home shopping network

  5. mswanda on said:

    Hi Negress, did you get the email I sent you?

  6. mstoogood4yall on said:

    That is disgusting they are profiting off of us and playing to our emotions selling those shirts. I don’t buy any of that, they don’t give an f. I think how u honor Trayvon isn’t by buying a shirt with his face on it or wearing a hoodie made by the oppressor and his minions but by taking money outta their stores.

  7. mstoogood4yall on said:

    um negress that black business website don’t show black businesses I typed in restaurant and stuff and it pulled up Mexican restaurant and unrelated things. I think I found another website http://www.blackbusinessnetwork.com/Businesses/Search/index.cfm?Action=Search&Search_Type=Industry&Target=24

  8. mstoogood4yall on said:

    They have yellow pages and white pages, so why not black pages for black businesses lol. http://blackpages.com/index.php

  9. Just a note: Maybe we should not focus on ‘who cares about us’ but move to the thinking about ‘what/who is beneficial to us…..

    Let’s face it…..within EVERY ethnic group (even ours) they don’t all “like” each other BUT, they are linked by who is beneficial to whom…..

    It’s not about who cares about you, BUT, how can we get from point A to point B……THE TRUTH: there are many people who love and care about you, but cannot get you from point A to point B.

    Case in point: Let’s face it our Black community is not really as skilled as it should be…..suppose you need a surgeon and no Black surgeon is around and/or are equipped for what you need….how you going to fix that problem if the skill sets are NOT there in the Black community? In a perfect world, we would have many varied and NEEDED skill sets to not leave out of our community (although NO community Black, Asian, Latino or White has all of the skills needed to survive within it’s own community)

    I would LOVE to see our community flourish, like in our pre-civil rights (pre-integration) communities, but as you said in your 21 Harsh Truths, we have lost our minds and we are not even remotely prepared to be a self-contained community, although that would not be a smart move (and that’s another story)…..Our community needs to get back to acquiring skills and THEN and only then, could we BEGIN to think about the Black Utopia that I feel that you are talking about.

  10. Bloomin’ Brands (#18) owns the following restaurants:

    Outback Steakhouse
    Carrabba’s Italian Grill
    Bonefish Grill
    Fleming’s Steakhouse
    Roy’s (Seafood)

  11. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Great post. While we’re at it, we should pretend that the Hollywood in Florida is the Hollywood in Tinseltown and boycott them too as long as they insist on insulting us in their movies. As I said in another post, I haven’t paid to see a movie since ~2006 and I doubt I’ll ever give Hollywood another dime of my money.

    You can go to http://thepiratebay.sx and download new movies you want to watch a few months after they come out. You can search for older movies too, and music, books, TV shows etc. IMO, if you download a book and really like it, you should buy it so the author gets paid for their efforts. I think the best way to support musicians is to go to their concerts, that’s where they make most of their money.

    Talk with your wallet and don’t just limit it to companies based in Florida. Any company that consistently gives you bad service (i.e. it’s not just one bad apple), or never seems to hire BP or just a few token ones should not get your money.

    Suggestion: cancel your cable, at least for 6 months. Trust me, not only can you live without it but you’ll a) save money b) get more stuff done and c) probably be happier without it. Always remember, you can get used to almost anything. Virtually anything you watch on TV you can find on the site I listed above or Justin.tv, YouTube etc.

    You probably don’t need a cell/smart phone either which will save you time, money and possibly brain cancer! Apparently, the average smart phone bill is $107 a month. That’s crayzee. Add to that cable TV and a lot of BP are spending $200 a month to support white Amerikkka when we could be saving that money and rewarding ourself with a great life experience like taking a trip to another country.

  12. EyesWideOpen on said:

    http://www.extratorrent.com is another good website for downloading TV shows, movies, music, books etc.

    If you’ve never downloaded a “torrent” before (which is just a fancy name for “free stuff” lol) I recommend going to http://www.utorrent.com and downloading the free, very small program you need (called a “BitTorrent” client) and then checking out “Get Started” on the website for info on how to use it. It’s very simple. You can be watching your favorite show on your computer in less than 15 minutes.

  13. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Wow, that’s the first time I’ve ever seen that on any blog. Usually, WordPress or Blogger will screw with “controversial” sites in ways that make you wonder if you’re just being paranoid but this is pretty blatant. They’re not even trying to hide it.

    People who have subscribed to your feed won’t get this post at all because it doesn’t show up in the entire feed.

  14. EyesWideOpen on said:

    You could try doing a dummy post titled “Boycott White AmeriKlan” with nothing but a link to this post, kind of like your own trackback. That might get it to the top of both your feed and sidebar. If it doesn’t then,
    a) you could just delete the dummy post and
    b) you’d know for sure that WordPress was screwing with your site.

  15. Imhotep on said:

    What was an Afrikan person ever doing at the Olive Garden?! We should have never gone to businesses like that until there was an Afrikan-owned restaurant that sold traditional Afrikan cuisine. Yet, we stay helping everyone else out instead of Ourselves all of the time.

    Yes, all of the other non-Afrikans are selling Trayvon shirts right now. They have never been our friends and never will be. You’ll always see these Arab guys in “Afrikan markets” selling to us. Shame! It is true that we need to look harder for Our businesses everyday and create more. Some of Us are afraid of doing that. When I walk into one of Our businesses, there is almost no one in there. Our children want the designer clothes only. That and they know they will not be target by the feds for being possible political activist. The designer clothes they wear do nothing for them but allow themselves to be painted as a stereotype automatically in the eyes of others. Unfortunately, Our children are brought up in this “weed and seed” society. Their parents are bringing them up with just enough to “get by only”. A lot of Our Children do not know how to market themselves. Unfortunately, they know that “they can date whoever they want”, though. Shame! We have to be concerned about Our future here more.

    Stay Safe All,

  16. Imhotep

    What I wrote here is not new. Many before me have written books, essays, had lectures and so on regarding our mentality.

    You know what’s gonna happen after this post?

    Some, and I do mean some, of us will have an awakening but most will write something generic, agree with what’s being said, then drive to The Olive Garden to have a big salad and some bread sticks.

    I’m exhausted from begging us to end this madness.

  17. mswanda

    Sorry…I haven’t check my mail in a few days. I looked this morning and saw your suggestion. Thanks for helping me.

  18. Imhotep on said:

    @ DOAN

    Unfortunately, a lot of Us are boxed-in this Hell. Our Youth are adapting to this Amerikkka too much, these days. Sadly, I know of people who do not think they can do anything about the struggle. “Life is not fair” is what they will say as they hear one thing about this new “stand your ground law”. We think we have made it! Our money goes right back into the hands of the oppressor without thinking about it. Some of Our People will go to Publix. They will watch anything with Tyler Perry behind it once they get back home. When one of Ours dies, they just call it a “tragedy” and move on. The worst part is that they will speak of Our Brother or Sister as if they were just another individual. It will be hard for Our Elders to say that “their prayers go out to the Martins” when GZ said that “god put him up to it”. Jah must be trying to remind of how we were taught christianity and why with this trial.

    We really need to get rid of this individualism. I’m sure Some of Our People cannot even name an Afrikan-owned business off the top of their heads. We will walk into McDonald’s like we have lived there all of Our lives. Shame!
    We’re becoming too comfortable with living around all of this as Our enemies are hiding Our history from Us so even more money goes into their pockets. How can the oppressed believe that they are oppressed when the secret forces have no one/will not expose them.


  19. my ONLY issue with this is availability. I get not going to the restuarants, however when you’re stuck in podunk towns that are mostly WP, you have no choice if the nearest BOB is 4-8 hours away?
    I know I can grow my own, but I need to get food for myself and family now.
    I don’t like eating at restaurants anyways.
    On another note. BOB owners would make a killing in podunk towns when it comes to natural food stores and organic stuff. I just recently traveled to a local store and talked with my husband about how to open our own. The need and demand is amazing especially in places where there is a military base, in the middle of nowhere. Everyone is migrating to healthy eating so the need is definetly there.
    just my two cents.

  20. my questions is whats the alternative when you don’t have one?

  21. Smh Yet she provides no alternative

    Sent from my iPhone

  22. blackgirlinberlin on said:

    There is a woman that wrote a book about buying black for one full year. She gets very creative with her methods. It is VERY hard to this here, but I do my best with my hair products, and entertainment. Thanks for the post.

  23. I do my best as well.. not trying to attack DOAN , I am pro supporting black owned businesses, however I feel like a traitor because I have no alternatives when it comes to food/groceries/kids clothing and etc. I can’t change my current “living” situation because it is truly my bread and butter. Hell no I am not going to be sopping up some olive garden or any of that other stuff, but take for instance Krogers, walmarts and etc… Only available stores to shop in, when you’re located in the middle of nowhere.. so do you boycott and starve? do you boycott because there are absolutely no BOB within miles??? Coming into awarenes is conflicting on the soul because you yearn to do the right thing, and everything seems to be working AGAINST you. Am I giving up. No… just frustrating when all you can do is plan for the unknown FUTURE, that you never know you are going to get there.

  24. Everyone

    I’m having trouble uploading my own posts. I’m typing on my phone so I hope you can see this. It’s seems someone doesn’t want this post to be read.

  25. Imhotep on said:

    Some of Ours are too busy “being the African-American” that we are not the Afrikan living in Amerikkka. It seems like the actions, made late in the 20th Century, gave birth to “who the African-American is”. Looking back, the 20th Century, as a whole, was about leaving Our history behind us (but still acknowledging that it happened every now and then). The birth of the “African-American” (made secretly by the oppressor, of course) was one of the worst things in all of history to happen to Us as Afrikans. The “African-American” may read Ebony to remind themselves that they are Afrikan. Ebony was created by the oppressor and it ticks off the oppressor making them angrier than they were before. The oppressor will always go on and on know about how they cannot have their Ivory magazine, Pale magazine, and WET. How can we start a business with one another when “the African-American male” aspires to be a basketball player or rapper. Basketballs and rap music speak volumes to Our Brothers as “African-American men”.

    In order to do better as a people, we have to tear down the “African-American image” which keeps us lazy. This image does more to harm us as Afrikans living in Amerikkka. We cannot come together because Our immigrants hate the overly materialistic “African-American”. It keeps Us from bonding with them, which We can do. I know that of we show more respect for Ghana, Our immigrants will see that!!!!

    We should have boycotted Amerikkka from 1921 onward. It is leading us further to Our destruction when we do not. Now we have the “African-American” who is mentally an “African-American”. They do not identify as even Black. They will let you know that they are “African-American” as if they have been accepted in America by someone. The “African-American” is the blindest person in America. How can they not be when they are trying to be “sneakerheads”, all of the time. They let the liberals (secretly our oppressors also) speak for them. “African-Americans” are always in the yt-owned stores. We have so many “African-American parents” that have had their Mothers come to grips with first living in America. We have all heard that story of Our Grandmothers and Greats walking into stores ran by yts with yts only working in them. Our Grands and Greats knew it was wrong to buy from these shops, but “they needed new clothes for their children”. So, they just went along and bought them. We took on a new life right then.


  26. Kushite Prince on said:

    Great post Sister Truth! It’s important to get the word out. There is strength in numbers. We all have to do our part to let our voices be heard. I posted this on my Twitter account as well. NO shopping with Arabs,whites,Jews,Asians or Europeans. We must speak with our wallets and purses!

  27. Imhotep on said:

    The worst words that come out of “the African-American” mouth are “get a job”. By that, they mean work for any yt-owned business in the area. These companies do not even use Us as representatives of their companies at fairs. We all know that many of these yt-owned businesses have WN (yt nationalist) as bosses. Of course, these yt managers want to say whatever they want to any Afrikan person they are “forced” to hire.

    When those managers cannot say what they want, that leads to them going on stormfront to say it.

    Many of these “African-Americans” (living as that) are corrupting the minds of Our Youth that could be conscious. The worst part of this all is that “African-Americans” only care about their history in Amerikkka. A Young “African-American” (is there still time left for them, idk) knows absolutely nothing about Shaka Zulu. They can tell you that Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and KFC are all owned by the same company.

    It is hard for the Concious Members of Our Race to have a discussion with the “African-American” about themselves as Afrikans when the po-po (poor, poor minded) are always watching anything they do!!!!! Sadly, Our Children as “African Americans” do not know that Our true leaders are behind bars (where the oppressor always like them to be)! So, some of them as “African-Americans” grow up thinking that Al Sharpton and Jesse are not being payed by the oppressor to speak about the oppressor’s doing.

    Knowing that many “African-Americans” reside in the same house as Our conscious Brothers and Sisters is what makes me sad everyday. “African-Americans” believe that slavery is behind them. Every minute Our Concious Brothers and Sisters look around, slaves are in all rooms of their houses. They live with that not saying a word to anyone about it. They are not sure of who they can trust when saying anything about them! I hate this Hell we live in!


  28. You bring excellent research as usual. I put some excerpts on tumblr. I hear boycotts are stinging some Florida communities as we speak. Strategizing on taking over Florida–or decimating Florida–or whatever is the next step.

    But dare to struggle, dare to win.

  29. You only gave her seven minutes. Regarding your situation, you must realize that you forfeited Majority Status for Minority Status and you must ask yourself how you accepted that when no other people would. A Powerless Majority can become Powerful; a Powerless Minority can not. You say your Bread and Butter comes from your location which brings about your Minority Status. Do you see who imposed that condition on you? Rather than typing “smh” to our Warrior DiaryOfANegress, you should be typing “smh” to the Europeans who removed you from your people and told you to ‘live’ as a Powerless Minority.

    If you forfeited your Majority Status for Minority Status, you have a separate problem. You have to get Majority Status again. Don’t shake your head at an African. You should be thankful that our Sister is even spreading the Knowledge, Wisdom and Love. It doesn’t apply to you because you have a bigger problem. Don’t forget that Trayvon Martin was a Minority in his Florida Community. You have that problem. Find a way out.

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  31. Imhotep on said:

    We do not think of Ourselves as a People with NO VOICE in this Amerikkka, enough.

    Okay, so what if we do succeed in bringing the oppressors of Florida down.

    Our oppressors are going to come back at us harder and faster! They know that “African-Americans” are having a hard time getting jobs at their markets (we shouldn’t be working there anyway)! So, they will claim that they will hire more “African-Americans” just to shut us up (secretly). They will look for a spare “African-American” to star in EVERY COMMERCIAL ON THE TV! That will lead to even more “African-Americans” (who do not pay enough attention to anything but materialism) to believe that these yt marketers are their friends.

    When we boycott, we need to think one step ahead of Our oppressors. They will now close in on Us and give no Afrikan or “African-American” any peace from now on. They know they own “African-Americans” so “African-Americans” will be used again against Us.

    Worst part is, I have had a Sister, in the past, ask me why these two “African-American women” in a commercial were “speaking exactly how the slaves spoke”. We need to open Our eyes more. An “African-American” speaks out loud which does not help Afrikans living here at all! We need to realize that these “African-Americans” speak their mind too often. The phrase “where da white women at” would not be on shirts if it were not for a bunch of “African-American men” speaking out loud about how they secretly long to believe that they are one with their oppressor. See there, now the oppressor can sell shirts with that phrase on it making Amerikkka even more of a yt supremist land.

    We need to look at what these “African-Americans” are doing more everyday. They make us look bad when We are oppressed and these “African-American women” are going around looking like Barbie.

    Yes, unfortunately, there goes another division. “African-Americans” do for “African-Americans” too. You can read the comic strip, Curtis, and see that “African-Americans” do exist in Amerikkka. The creator of the strip was disgusted with how there was not any “diversity” found in “the Funnies”. None of the characters in Curtis ever wear kente cloth!!!!! You look at the titular character, alone, and get the vibe that Curtis is “an African-American” only.

    An “African-American” is the only person with our color that will wear Itln suits not realizing that they should be supporting Their Brothers and Sisters instead!! They are the problem! They never challenge Amerikkka to be different at all!!!! They do not want to! They are the worst programmed of Us all !!!


  32. Kushite Prince on said:

    Reblogged this on Black Survival and commented:
    Boycott Florida Day! Let your voices be heard!

  33. Ellis on said:

    I was going to make that comment as well Mstoogood4yall. Lol.
    I tried to search for Black businesses in the directory and irrelevant things come up. 😦

  34. Imhotep on said:


    Thank you for putting up this post! I just had “an African American”(we all know one) tell me that “I cannot do anything about what is happening in Florida, right now”. I am doing something about the situation everyday by not supporting these businesses. Everyday my TV isn’t on, I’m doing something!

    “The African-American” really is the mouthpiece for the oppressor. Why would this person (they do not see me as a fellow Afrikan, but an individual) tell me this?! It’s disturbing that they think like that. We all may need to get away from them, too. Let’s look at the word “individual”….in divid(e)-ual ! That is not the thought pattern that any Afrikan should have!

    If we all thought like “the African-American” before the Stono Rebellion, then no one would have done a thing!
    It amazes me how these monsters further conditioned Our People to believe that they are, at least, “halfway accepted”. The liberals treat us like pets (not humans) and we believe they are heroes. These yt apologist are not our friends !!!!!! They may have some guilt, but they build relationships with us to “make them feel better about themselves”. Even then, even then, they all have to be in control !!!! Ridiculous!

    We are in Hell! There is no other way of seeing it!


  35. YES! you’ve said it in Three Words – “Understand Military Science” Indeed, Dr. Amos would be proud, because this is EXACTLY what he was saying all those years ago. We seem to think that we can’t do without their shops and That’s just not so! Before desegregation we owned everything that whites had in their communities. Yes, I hear you and I Encourage others as well! I already boycott Kfc, pepsi, coca cola, klenex, johnson &johnson etc etc. Some of the brands you’ve mention are global and will be added to the list. Thanks. Will past it on!

  36. I am just frustrated because every route I research I am unable to do so. My “bread and butter” isn’t as easy as just picking up and leaving it involves jail time if I do so, if you get what I mean.. “deriliction of duty” and so forth. Theres nothing worse than realizing the truth and being stuck in a situation where you are unable to move forward. I accepted minority status because it was the one with the most benefits at the time and I was facing being homeless.
    and in SMH ..
    the awkward moment when you “reply to sender” rather than forwarding to a fellow person to get advice.
    and I am thankful . I am frustrated and that wasn’t supposed to be posted here.

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  38. @alia5012

    In my view, treat a Queen as a Queen, before her and behind her. No sense in forwarding a message about DiaryOfANegress with a SMH even if you didn’t mean for her to see it. After all, whoever does see it will only attach “SMH” with our Queen.

    Regarding your situation. You forfeited your Power. The European forced you into a Powerlessness and a Hopeless one at that. So that tells you to Focus on your enemy, rather than spread Gossip in “SMH.”

    You should know, if you have no local Black businesses, you can’t shop Black. You should know that there are millions of Black businesses out there and you were forced to leave all of them. So what do you do now? Do you find a way out and encourage others out? Or do you find a way to stay in and encourage others to stay in? You do well for other Africans when you promote the works of our Kings and Queens rather than looking for your own answers and grading us because we’re not too particular to your situation.

    If Africans who are the Majority wield their Power, you can send your offspring to our Communities and the benefits of DiaryOfANegress’ work as well as the rest of us will provide for you. Give it time. And LOVE what we do.

  39. mstoogood4yall on said:

    I know what u mean, I would love to buy from black farmers and stuff, but I do what I can, I buy black soaps and hair products online, that is a start. I try not to eat out, and if I get my hair done which I haven’t in a yr I will go to a black owned one. I think the most important thing is to buy black when u can,even if its small things like soaps, lotions etc. I think the point is to buy what u can and just limit the non essential stuff from these white stores. I know everybody needs groceries, we still get groceries from the store the commissary to specific, but buying all that extra stuff like chips and sodas is what is non essential. The black businesses are in predominately black cities, so either we have to go there if we can or hope someone builds one near us or sells their stuff online. Idk how ppl would sell produce online though but that would be awesome. Till then I guess all we can do is brainstorm ideas and try to do what we can on our own and support each other who are trying to start a business and who have one.

  40. Point taken.

  41. Everyone:

    I’m back.

    I don’t know what happened but I’m sure white people know. Regarding this post and boycotting: I know it’s a constant strain on our psyche to always be “thinking about a counter strategy.” But in a war, we have no choice.

    We are going to be a PERMANENT underclass in the world…THE WORLD, if we can’t pull together now in some fashion. Dropping out of the system, in any way you can, is probably your best bet. Developing some kind of bartering system with other blacks is the next best step.

    Everywhere we look, food, drink, entertainment, clothes and the basic necessities are owned by everyone that do not look like us.

    I’ve come up with a very tentative counter war strategy.

    Can someone develop a Facebook Page on Black Bartering? The members should post any and all items like baby clothes, baskets, shoes, men’s apparel, winter coats, and everything needed to survive. Of course, they should be in good working order and clean.

    Then you can contact each other via Facebook mail to work out the details.

    For instance:

    I need a baby blanket. Jesus has one but he needs some candles. He contacts me, we agree on the trade and we mail each other our needed items. That way, we CUT OUT THE WHITE MIDDLEMAN and only deal with each other. There are ways around this system…but we need to work TOGETHER.

    Guys, in the words of Booker T Coleman:

    “I know who put me in the box. But what am I doing to get myself out of the box? ”


    To the whites (and sell out blacks) who are messing with my site:

    Fuck off. Your plan didn’t work.

  42. Thanks thats what I am saying. Commisary and Walmart. I just feel conflicted because its not supporting something I can support anymore and I want a way out bad. It would be different if one knew this before signing on the so called “dotted line”. I have shop WP nature stores because no blacks in the area are even trying to hear organic and natural. I have to look for my stones in places where the engergy is WP.. just feel caught in the middle of something that I don’t understand. I have yet to meet anyone local/government minded to even think outside the box for once. all think its crazy, all food is food , and so on. Just feel I am fighting the battle locally by myself… Ill continue to buy black when I can..

  43. Imhotep on said:

    We need to think deeper about why Trayvon’s death should be so disturbing to Us forced to live in this Hell. Trayvon, unfortunately, was the dictionary example of “an AA”. He had skittles, Nike sneakers, Arizona Tea, and a Holister sweater. Do we really want to see these items for the rest of Our lives that live to tell Our Children about them! We aren’t living for Ourselves when when We go after this junk.

    I do not want to die as “an AA”!

    More of Us need to say that to Ourselves and we will slowly start to walk away from all of this Hell.


  44. Umoja on said:

    while we’re at it…
    Black Owned Hair Products:
    •African Royale,
    •African Wonders,
    •Afrikan Republic,
    •Ari Hair And Body,
    •Bee Mine,
    •Black Magic (For Men),
    •Boundless Tresses,
    •Bronner Brothers,
    •California Curl,
    •Carol’s Daughter,
    •Claudio St. James,
    •Diva By Cindy,
    •Dudley Hair Care Products,
    •Dudley Hair Care,
    •Essations Multi-Textural,
    •Extasi Hair Products,
    •Global Beauty,
    •Ilora L’Original Hair Products,
    •Jamaican Mango and Lime
    •Mixed Chicks,
    •Mr. Leonardo Hair Products,
    •Natural Oasis,
    •Nature’s Image,
    •Nubian Kinks,
    •Nubian Silk,
    •Ohemet Biologics,
    •Organic Root Stimulator
    •Oyin Handmade,
    •Princess Kayla’s Natty Locks,
    •Royal Roots,
    •Sizta 2 Sizta,
    •Takedown Hair Products,
    •Taliah Wajeed,
    •Wonder Gro Hair Products
    •Jane Carter Solutions,
    •Karen Body Beautiful,
    •Kinky Curly,
    •Kizure Hair Products,
    •Luster’s (S’Curl, Etc.),
    •Miss Jessie’s,
    •Mr. Leonardo Hair Products,
    •Natural Oasis,
    •Nature’s Image,
    •Nubian Kinks,
    •Nubian Silk,
    •Ohemet Biologics,
    •Organic Root Stimulator
    •Oyin Handmade,
    •Princess Kayla’s Natty Locks,
    •Royal Roots,
    •Sizta 2 Sizta,
    •Takedown Hair Products,
    •Taliah Wajeed,
    •Wonder Gro Hair Products

    Non-Black Owned Hair Products:
    •African Pride
    •African Best
    •African Gold
    •Care Free
    •Creme of Nature
    •Dark and Lovely (L’oreal)
    •Doo Gro (Koran Revlon)
    •Dr. Miracles
    •Mizani (Korean Revlon)
    •Motions (Alberts Culver)
    •Fabulaxer (Korean Revlon)
    •Gentle Treatment (Johnson & Johnson)
    •IC products (Fantasia;Korean)
    •Let’s Jam (L’oreal)
    •Relaxed and Natural
    •Mane N’Tail
    •TCB Aphogee
    •Soft and Beautiful
    •Perm Repair
    •Infusium 23
    •Smooth n Shine
    •Sulfur 8
    •Ultra Sheen
    •Wave Nouveau
    •Afro Sheen

  45. mswanda on said:

    Wow! I didn’t know I had several of the products you mentioned. I’m just gonna stop being lazy and make my own shampoo and conditioner and buy what I can’t make from scratch on the list you provided. Thanks Umoja

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  47. thanks for the list!

  48. Mickey on said:

    And did you know that Skittles had contributed money to Zimmerman’s defense fund?

  49. Pingback: Boycott the Entire State of Florida! | Racism Is White Supremacy

  50. thanks for the list!

  51. Here’s the description for Black August I just read:

    During Black August we celebrate individuals who have dedicated (and sacrificed) their lives for our equality and freedom. We take this month to study (and educate others about) rebellion and resistance. We acknowledge the struggle of Afrikan/black liberation leaders, highlighting the actions of revolutionaries in the United States, and we ensure that their legacy lives on.

    Black August originated in honor of the San Quentin Six. Founders of Black August wore black wrist bands during the entire month and focused on studying the accomplishments of black revolutionaries. People who celebrate Black August fast from 6am to 8pm (sunrise to sunset) and refrain from supporting any corporate entities. This means no shopping, no television, no radio, no partying. All actions made during Black August should promote education, unity, respect, fortitude, self-sacrifice and discipline.

    We advocate for the freedom of all political prisoners (many individuals are still imprisoned from the 60s and 70s for being leaders in the black liberation movement…guilty of no crime at all) and we remember those who were murdered for wanting better for our community.

    I encourage everyone to commemorate all freedom fighters during this month by educating yourself and others about various black liberation movements and by paying homage to our unsung heroes. We take this month to remember those that our enemy would like us to forget. We take time to honor those who were assassinated, exiled and imprisoned for fighting to obtain basic human rights for all Afrikan people.

    We salute everyone who has ever sacrificed anything for our collective freedom.

    No justice, No peace.

    Up your alley, Queen. 🙂

  52. Imhotep on said:

    @ Mickey

    I had no idea they did that. Thank you for telling me that.

    We have no friends out here.
    That is why we must do for Ourselves. We do not see the local supermarket for what it is.
    Every magazine on the rack promotes yt supremacy. That gives birth to more Zimmermans. Most of the items in these markets were made by yts and are always on sale because of that. I saw that Arizona Arnold Palmer Lite was on sale at one shop yesterday. To a yt supremist, that made his or her day. They got to show their sons and daughters the image of a successful yt man on the side of a tea can.

    On a side note, some of Our Men are unhappy about all black on black violence being ignored. It all comes back to us because the popo (poor poor minded) shoot us believing we are ALL armed. Not all black on black is gang related. Some of Our Brothers can jealous of what other Brothers have. Nothing is off of the table in the minds of some Brothers. They would rob and kill us to have drugs or something else Amerikkkan. Certain Brothers and Sisters do not like that white (or non-black) on black violence does not go ignored by Our Community when black on black will. None of us should look away from the black on black crimes of yesterday. A few of our people do.

    So, unfortunately, some of us will not stop what we are doing (like shopping at yt stores) until all of our issues are addressed. We need to remember that some of Our people only buy all of this stuff to get away from reality.


  53. Though not necessary, as DiaryOfANegress likely already forgave you, I would ask for a pardon. On another note, work on regaining or promoting Majority Status.


  54. Remember Ralph? I banned him. I thought he’d leave and never come back. But like most white folks, he just can’t seem to stay away. Here’s what Mr. Moore has to say to me:

    “From: Diaryofanigger, negress, you may ban me, but you can’t ban truth, which apparently, you can’t handle. ”

    “negress, you claim this is an adult forum where honest discussion is encouraged. One complaint in the black community is that youngster have much disrespect for adults. You, Adeen and many of your pet parrots disrespected me from the start, calling me white-washed and other disparaging insults because I disagreed with some of your stupid remarks. You and your “yes men and yes women” drew first blood. I didn’t disrespect you; I only gave my point of view. If Adeen is just a baby, she should stay out of grown folks’ conversations. Calling me a bitch and telling me to fuck off is juvenile also. This is not an adult forum. Your shit should be banned from Facebook. But then, what should I ezpect from a white thinking woman who calls her self NEGRESS?”


    Three things, then I’ll move on:

    1. Most whites pretending to be black, cannot hide their contempt for us for too long. In some way, shape or form, it always sneaks out. Did you see Ralph’s “ebonics jab” at me? How predictable. (yawn…)

    2. Notice his ad feminam?

    3. Notice how he claims to be “one of us” but never helps us in any way to come up with reasonable solutions or give us any advice?

    Ralph…If you’re reading this…

    Better luck next time.

  55. I totally agree with this notion to boycott Florida. My uncle was going to take his kids to Disney World on summer vacation, but cancelled the trip shortly after the verdict. Yes, he lost money. Yes, his kids were angry, but I’m proud he is teaching his kids the importance of pride and unity. We need to STICK TOGETHER ON THIS!

    One of the only issues I have with this movement is that blogs and fb enables us to spread vast amounts of information quickly, but the downside is that there is little verbal communication and more importantly, there is no ACCOUNTABILITY. I remember before the verdict, there was this “movement” to black out our fb pictures for “justice” for Trayvon…As if that was going to do ANYTHING!! I was so pissed because racists were probably somewhere laughing at that non-effort. No, the REAL boycott is hitting them where it hurts, and that means financially. As soon as I found out Skittles was supporting Zimmerman, I haven’t eaten any since, even when it was free during Halloween.

    I encourage all of us to be ACCOUNTABLE and let’s not just share this across the blogs, but take this idea to the community, our churches, something! I am including myself in this because I will be the first to admit I struggle with accountability too. It’s easy to read this blog and be fired up to ONLY support Black businesses or not shop at Publix when they have a good sale and I’m low on money, so I need it. It IS difficult when it comes to items like food. An idea that me and a few of my neighbors came up with is we go shopping together and we have been trying to have potluck style dinners to cut down the cost on food and it lasts us throughout the week.

    Lastly, I’ve been listening to a lot of Dr. Umar lately. One thing he said is we have to closely look at the movements of the past, their mistakes and their triumphs. The only movement that I can think of that really hurt their pockets was the Bus Boycott. What I learned was our people’s attention to detail and strategy. Nobody just sent out a mass letter talking about boycott all the buses. They held meetings, small group sessions, created game-plans and tackled one issue at a time. It took them over a year to streamline and pull it off. So, what I’m learning is that we can’t just pass this around the internet. We have to put this into action IN PERSON. I urge all of us to get with members of our communities and strategize this from a grassroots level. Sorry this was so long. I usually read and rarely post, but Trayvon was the last straw for me. I really want to do my part to make this work. Thank you Negress for all of your hard work and dedication. I know sometimes you feel like all that you say falls on deaf ears, but many of us do listen and feel you. Perhaps in your next post you can suggest strategies on building this in our communities and we can brainstorm on making sure this boycott does not fall by the wayside.


  56. No pardon needed. This system gets to us all. I yell too. And scream. And jump and a down. And…never mind.

    Let’s just work together.

  57. Arielle

    Thank you for the encouragement.

    I urge everyone to please read my “Dropping out of the system” post. We gotta hit them financially!!!

    The holiday season is quickly approaching. Those of us that still celebrate Christmas and Kwanzaa need to shop with our companies only or do a bartering system with other blacks.

    I want every white owned business to file for Chapter 11. Your potluck idea is fantastic! Thank you for telling us.

  58. Guys:

    Who here wants to tackle the facebook page on black bartering? I need HELP. The holidays are approaching and if we barter with other blacks and shop in black companies for the other things we need, this season, whites and Asians will be hurting financially.

    We want them out of business!


  59. Umoja

    thank you!

  60. mstoogood4yall on said:

    wow really, i don’t like skittles anyway, but wtf they are some two faced mofos. i read their open letter about Trayvon when this happened and they were saying they were sorry it happened. http://newsone.com/1951455/skittles-releases-statement-on-trayvon-martins-murder/

  61. mstoogood4yall on said:

    thanks umoja. I do buy bee mine hair products love them. Hmm its funny how they put african on some of those non black owned companies, smh. I guess they love trying to play to our emotions and think words like african and mlk will get us to buy their mess.

  62. mstoogood4yall on said:


    I don’t have a facebook or know how to use it lol, where is adeen and those others that use it. But what do u have in mind, what do u need done?

  63. Dave Peterson on said:


  64. mstoogood4yall on said:

    wow. Oh well, one less judas/imposter we gotta worry about. Its funny how they come out when we are discussing how to improve things and they wanna come and say well yall need to do this, but they don’t offer any ideas. smh

  65. Dave Peterson on said:

    Keep your focus positive. Remember Dr King, move forward with positivity. Do not let the negativity drag you down.

  66. Whenever I see BOB and media I have and do promote and share on this blog.

  67. mstoogood4yall on said:

    And speaking of bartering, i used to watch this show called barter kings and they’d trade up to what they wanted without using money. So they’d post what they had on places like craigslist and start with something small like a game system and trade up to something big like a car, boat, plane, etc. dang if i would’ve know this i would’ve kept the stuff i sold a couple months ago, but it was cluttering up my closet. I have a laptop that works but the screen needs to be fixed, some size 10 shoes [i know big feet] and some sci fi books.

  68. oh, I had friends of mine who decided to take their vacations else where and call and canceled all their reservations and told the Florida people why. They were trying to get them to reconsider. As they are now taking their vacation and money else where. They told them that they just didn’t feel comfortable renting out 5 rooms for 7 days and bring their sons cause they could send them to the store and they could end up like the young man Trayvon Martin.

    Also, I have friends that have made reservations only to cancel them last minute so as to clog up their system and have them not make any money or less of it.

    As far as not shopping white it is hard, but I have found businesses out here that are black and am luck that there are some black farms and farmers out here. I am now buying my personal items from all black businesses and plan to start shopping for other stuff like clothing and shoes and if, I can’t find it here I’m looking at the islands and Africa or a black business that gets it from there. This is some work, but worth it. every dollar we don’t give them is a little victory.

    I keep tally and when the black is more than the white I feel a great pride and a job well done. When I can go a whole year all in the black I plan on going some place special to celebrate.

  69. I can admit when Iam wrong..
    DOAN my apologies for being an impatient azz.

  70. honeytreebee on said:

    Great points. However, I think we should start by supporting what we do have and look at the gaps as opportunities to fill either start a business, support a business , invest in one, or find a way around giving out money to whites who don’t car, don’t want you, and will take your money and use you. small steps can lead to a great journey and get you up to summit.

  71. honeytreebee on said:

    Truth Be Told,
    Yes that will happen, but you will reach more who otherwise would not have and you are planting seeds. All movements start small and all trends have a tipping point. Focus some on the new success I have friends that this whole Trayvon Martin case has lite a fire in and are boycotting for the first time ever!!!!! This is big and way out of their comfort zone. You will get trickles for a long time until it just breaks through. Remember we are powerful and if, we focus and put our minds to it. IT WILL HAPPEN!!!!! Why not have Meditations posted on it so we do something like focusing our weekends on this. Remember the heat wave sis…

  72. I can help what do you need me to do?

  73. Yea , Sanford is about 20 minutes from disneyworld ..

  74. Do I just create the page? What’s the Ina and outs of it?(rules on shipping , bidding, promising and etc?) let me know the details and I can create the page . I haven’t bartered before so I have no clue on what rules should be in place…ready to help

  75. Alia

    Finishing up some stuf….respond in a few.

  76. I don’t have a Face book account. Illiterate there. I only have a YT account. Bartering sounds like an excellent idea. I do a lot of craft work….jewelry, jewelry boxes, hats, scarves, ect….I’m back in the groove now. I had a small financial windfall in order to buy supplies. Come to think of it; the bartering system was very popular decades ago. I’m sure we all have something we can barter, no matter how big or small…..and please do not underestimate your talent or expertise. I read a story where some ppl. have bartered their homes. Couples trade homes, live in them….trade, ect…The home stays in the circle/family.

  77. do u make hair scarves? i need a new one.

  78. I live in Florida and I am 17/18 and I hate living here. I am originally from New York City borough of Brookyln and hated Florida since I moved here ten years ago and I guess all of my suspicions about Florida was right when Zimmerman was acquitted. Worst of all, I live in a small town full of rednecks and racists.

    Since the verdict, I haven’t gotten out of my house at all because I fear for my safety as a young, Black woman in AmeriKKKlan. You see the Trayvon Martin situation hit home for me because I have a 14 year old brother and I also fear for his safety. I don’t want a White racist shooting. My mother was sadden by the verdict as I was and she said that when she sees a picture of Trayvon, she sees my brother. So do I. This could happen to my little brother.

    Sad to say but I have to graduate in 2014 first. Then I will go back to New York. I guess I was right about Florida. And I wish I commented earlier,

  79. Avoid Florida! I live in Florida and I hate it! I can’t wait to move back to NYC.

  80. Yes I do. We need to start our own businesses.

  81. We need to avoid Florida and then we need to separate from White people. Integration doesn’t work. We need to build up our own communities and rely on our strength to get by. We also need to build our own businesses.

  82. lol That is a typical dirty, trashy White people alright. Avoid these vultures!

  83. Thanks for the information. I am natural and it is nice to see someone suggest products for our hair.

  84. This case and acquittal shows how racist AmeriKKKlan truly is. It disguises me how much people defended Zimmerman. We need to separate from these people

  85. I agree. Let’s support Black businesses!

  86. I know. Blacks need to leave the Democratic party. It has done nothing for our community at all. In fact, I don’t believe in the two party system since both parties aren’t out for the best interests of Black people. I am an Independent.

    And White AmeriKKKlans will never accept us because they don’t see us as fully human or important like them. It is time we separate from White AmeriKKKlans for good and build up our own communities, businesses and rely on ourselves to get by. We should have never integrated with these White devils.

  87. I am a Black American woman but my family is from Jamaica but any how, you are right. Too many Blacks fall for their tricks and sellout to be ‘accepted”. Little do they know that Whites will never accept them ever.

  88. Alia and Everyone who wishes to participate:

    First: Thank you for putting up with me. I have my moments where I get enraged and want to tear down this country with my bare hands. I get so emotionally involved, I lose track that baby steps need to be taken.

    Second: Here it goes regarding the Facebook Page…

    1. The Name should be clear to all black people so…maybe: African Bartering Community. Or The Black Bartering Network. Or something of that nature.

    2. It should have a mission statement: To Reconnect us with each other. Or…Helping one African at a time…You get the idea.

    3. Members are black only!

    4. In order to join the group network, anyone can post pics of items they wish to barter. Any and ALL items like: clothes, housewares, jewelry, blankets, furniture (within reason), etc….

    5. Members can ask each other questions about what they have and are willing to barter.

    6. Bartering items should be of EQUAL value so no one feels cheated. For instance: You can’t ask for a winter coat then expect to barter a hair clip.

    7. Shipping with the post office should also be included in the bartering “deal.” So for instance: If I want a new lamp, I should take in consideration the shipping cost which may be expensive. Your bartering partner should do the same.

    8. Items should be clean, in good working order and ready to wear. Please ask yourself…”Would I let my mom wear this?” If the answer is “No”, then don’t barter it.

    9. Bartering is about TRUST. Do not fall back on this delicate deal. Once you do, expect the person to NEVER trust or do business with you again.

    10. Members that fall back on their arrangement are kicked out of the club. PERMANENTLY.

    Anything else I’m missing? Any thing else you’d like to add?

  89. I can’t wait to graduate from high school and leave Florida for good. It sucks living there.

  90. The ”African Americans” you speak about is my little brother. He is 14 years old and he feels like racism is in the past and that Whites and Blacks get along. IMAO, I see more racial divide than every before but since he has all White friends and the White kids at his school get along and crap like that. Whenever I try to tell him the truth, he wouldn’t listen to me. When will he wakeup?

    I am 17/18 and I have woke up and realized how racist this country is. I now keep an emotional distance from White people and I believe that we should separate from them.

  91. True and we must support all Black businesses. Sad to say but there are rarely any Black businesses where I live.

  92. My family are immigrants from Jamaica and don’t relate to the Black American experience. I am of Jamaican descent but I was born in NYC but I do believe the worst thing to ever happen to Black Americans was integration. Integration doesn’t work at all. Blacks in AmeriKKKlan need to separate from Whites for good and build up our own communities and rely on ourselves.

    And now all I see is a destructive group of people-Black Americans who can’t stick together and rather side with the White devil. It is sad but this is what integration did to Blacks in AmeriKKKlan.

  93. Same here. I live in a mostly White area and it is hard to find Black stores to shop at. We need to support our own businesses.

  94. Because you are trying to wake your people up to their ways and plans so that we can stop relying on them and start relying on ourselves.

    Honestly I love your blog. Keep on going.

  95. NYC is not much different from Florida, it is just more subtle in their racism. The Irish, Italians, Jews etc are racist but they wouldn’t show it though. I used to live in NY so I know.

    I live in Florida now and I hate it. I want to move out.

  96. I think the only way Black Americans would be able to flourish is to separate ourselves from White AmeriKKKlan. Integration was the death of Black Americans. We should have never integrated with these people at all.

    Before integration, we owned our own businesses and stuck together. We loved each other and most Black children came from loving two parent homes. Most Black men loved and preferred Black women. There was no gender wars between Black women and Black men either. Most of all, we valued God, education and family.

    Then the Civil Rights Movement happened and Blacks started to integrate and move into White neighborhoods and start buying from Whites.

    The results of integration?

    73% of Black children are born out of wedlock.
    More Black men in prison than ever before.
    Black on Black crime is a bigger issue than ever before.
    Black men dating out of their race and putting down Black women.
    Black people saying that pursuing an education means acting ”White”.
    The heroes of Black Community is Lil Gayne, Shitty Minaj and those stupid rappers.
    There is a lack of unity and love between Blacks these days.
    We don’t support our own businesses at all.
    We let Whites degrade and disrespect us especially Black women. ‘
    Many Black kids have a hard time graduating from high school.
    The income gap between Whites and Blacks isn’t getting any better.

    Worst of all Black men were emasculated even more and Black women effeminized. Many Blacks adopted the ways of White heathen devils such as homosexuality, pedophilifia, pornography, divorce etc. Gender wars between Black men and Black women are further dividing our Community.

    Things weren’t perfect before integration hence the lynchings and bad treatment from Whites back then but at least we were unified in the 1950s and 1960s.

    Now we lack unity and love for each other. We should have never integrated with White devils because in other words, integration was just another way for sellout Blacks to kiss up to the White man.

    Thus we should separate from White devils, start building our own communities and relying on ourselves for a change and learn to love ourselves and our race.

  97. @ Negress

    speaking of black businesses, I just posted the link to your UrbanFire Products on both my blogsites



  98. Hello Adeen, from one West Indian (Im Trinidadian) to another(you said u r Jamaican), NYC is just as racist as where you live,trust me. As a black person, I truly hate NYC, why? At least in your town in Florida, you know where the white people stand. I have more respect for cities that have a racist reputation(for example, Boston is a city that has an extremely racist past especially in the 1970’s with the busing crisis with black students going to white schools) than NYC. New York pretends to be colorblind and international but NYC is the white supremacist capital of America.

    New York is controlled by the Italians, Irish, Russians, Jews and yuppies. The areas that used to be black in NYC(Harlem, Bed-Stuy, Fort Greene, Downtown Brooklyn) are slowly becoming white. Im a little older than you(Im 25) and I remember back in 2001 and 2002, you would rarely see any whites on Fulton Street or Flatbush Avenue in Downtown Brooklyn. Now they are placing designer stores and skyscrapers in Brooklyn like its Manhattan. And guess what Adeen, the white areas of NYC(Upper East Side, Howard Beach, Bensonhurst, Staten Island) are still WHITE! Where will the Negroes of NYC go? We are going to have a new mayor this year but I think the Guiliani/Bloomberg anti-black agenda will continue. Trust me Adeen, stay in Florida, New York is a hellhole!

  99. I lived in NYC for 8 years before moving to Florida but I didn’t know that Flatbush was turning White. Ironic because I lived across Flatbush before moving to Florida. SMH,

    Thanks for the information but I know I have to leave Florida. It is not a good place for us to live in plus what happened to Trayvon Martin hit home for me.

    Now that I want to be a journalist, NY would be good for me to pursue my goal of being a journalist but from what you are telling me, I doubt I would go back to NYC.

  100. Thanks for telling us about the Facebook page

  101. Thank you truth for getting this rolling. Black fist rising!

  102. Imhotep on said:

    Some EBay sellers carry Afrikan children’s clothing. Afrikan-made pajamas are not so easy to come by. Yes, a lot of us need to come together and open Our own groceries. We can do it, but where would we open Our first shop? We are in so many different neighborhoods.


  103. Umoja on said:

    Yes, but you know you can make one yourself. It’s easy, simple and inexpensive. Purchase the fabric of your choice or you can use fabric from clothing that you no longer wear….preferably thin material….it’s more practical for head wear. Just cut it into a square to how ever you desire…..large, medium or small—depending how you’ll wear it or tie it/decorate it on your head. Check out YT videos also…they’re very helpful. Experiment….it’s fun.

  104. Imhotep on said:

    Unfortunately, many of Our People who see themselves as Black Americans model themselves after Europeans. Some of them do not even realize that. Black Americans believe that they can live like yts. Their mindset is the worst. A Black American will tell an Afrikan to “just get over” the fact that Rekia Boyd, Aiyana Jones, and Trayvon died. I am not sure if they will ever see the true side to the gorilla head.


  105. Imhotep on said:


    I know someone with “the African-American mindset”. They believe they are American because they never see the devils call themselves “all-American”. The people they befriend are yt apologist and yt Jews. They wind of thinking that all yts are like them. Unfortunately, I am not sure if they can wake up. One bad confrontation with the police might not scare them for their lives. They grow up with the believe that “not all yt people are bad”.

    The media has changed in the last few years. The yt Jews are trying knock yt supremacy down a little. They still like to have it there so that they can employ yt Jews. Yt Jews do somethings differently from yts. They face some oppression from Anglos, themselves. Our Children are really effected by all of this change. They believe that this can be a “post-racial” world. They do not know how yts work. I have seen six to eight of these yt boys with one member of Our Race. They come together over sports and pop culture. Our Young Men will bring up that they are Black constantly to these yt children. With yt boys, one incident can lead to a fatality. How can Our Men not realize that they are “the one Black friend”? It makes no sense. We need to reference Our Children of the past more. If they knew about what happened to Brandon Jackson in 2006, then they would be keeping their distance. I do not understand how there cannot be any terror at all. Anglos are not very deceiving. They are all about sex and aggression, and that’s it. Unfortunately, no one will be able to tell Our Young Men a thing. The mental illness problem, DOAN mentioned in Her 21 Harsh Truths article, will only make Their situation worse. I have noticed that “my Black American” friend will yell at me whenever I try to help Her have pride for Herself.
    So, I left her alone.

    She bought into the illusion and took on the attitude of Our oppressor to fit in already. It is strange, too. If anyone heard her from a distance, they would think she was a white woman. She has the gestures down, too.

    This is why We have to see what and who Amerikkka what it is. A person that stays watching TV will only want to here one opinion. The media is training them through TV to believe that yts are the “normal” people. From there, we have more sell-outs who have toned down and out Their Blackness to be next to savage yts.


  106. Imhotep on said:


    Stay strong. The racial profiling has always been an issue in Florida.


  107. Thanks for the info .. Interestingly my modem blew up.. Hmmmmmmm . (Never happened!) Give me a chance to look this over and ill get back to you soonest.. As I only have mobile access

  108. Thank you I will check them out too. Yea that’s the stumper right there I am not sure we could make a killing if we did though..

  109. Imhotep on said:

    @ Adeen

    Thank you. Some of Us watch TV not realizing that those actors do not let us see the true side to them. It’s sad, some of Us want to believe that yts are like they are on TV. If yts were like how they are on TV then We would be able to talk to them about race in public (we can never do this).

    I hate thinking of the rude games (i.e. the direction game) these yts will play with these AAs to remind them that they aren’t white. Some of them would even throw a banana at Us to let us know they are annoyed by us. Sometimes, these yts will not just come out and say that they find themselves to be superior to others. You just can’t wake Our sell-outs up.


  110. Once I get my modem.. 😦 I will research a little more and maybe make the page in rough draft? I can’t think of anything else to add at the moment. Thanks for starting this.

    Sent from my iPhone

  111. Imhotep on said:

    @ Adeen

    The two parties are like the two sides of the lice heads. There is the openly aggressive side (the Republicans). Then, you have the side most like yt apologist (the Democrats).
    The Democrats are not as bad as the Republicans, but they are still bad. I feel like Conservatives give us a little more air, at times, than the Liberals do. The yt Conservatives,also, let us know off the bat that they are openly racist. Our People do not listen hard enough to the voice of the yt liberal. The yt liberal never provides a solution, but lets us know of the problem. That’s all they do. The Liberals exploit Us as powerless people far more for their personal gain everyday. I think Our People are delighted it seems like someone is remotely interested in Our struggle. The liberals are really not. They only do it to be opposites to the Republicans. Some of these Liberals are probably secretly keeping Our struggle going to make a buck off of it. We cannot have them speaking for Us anyway because many of them are the most smug self righteous people to walk on Earth. Liberals only make peckerwoods hate us more.


  112. interesting concept

  113. Imhotep on said:

    It shows Us that a different side to the WN exists, doesn’t it. You would think that yts could care less about Latino on Black violence, but they do. There are many factors to this. WP call us “porch monkeys” when they stay watching us and yelling out their racist slurs for fun from a porch. In a time when many do not have money, the WN are very angry at these AA mothers. The AA gangstas only add fuel to the fire. Unfortunately, the WN actually felt they were Zimmerman in that situation.

    It’s too bad that no one knows what to do about the AA gangsta culture started in the 80’s. It is doing more to hurt us than to help us (keep others away from us). WP (who hates non-whites) felt their was justification for what GZ did. In this case, they can call more attention to the belief that TM could have been easily mistaken for a thug.

    We have got to do better. We must wear brighter colors. Sadly, I have seen some of Our Men who have learned nothing from all of this.


  114. Imhotep on said:


    They love learning about different cultures. They do create their hair and body products believing they can make them better than us. I hate when they do that and slap on the word “authentic” to grab all non-Blacks as well. Yts always fall for that crap. Yes, yts buy items from Our Businesses and the competition. They are a strange race.


  115. Imhotep on said:

    Wow, I bet he is middle-aged.

    Why do they believe that everything they say should matter to us? They lie to themselves (putting up a shield) and we know it. I hate when they try to make us see them as tormented beings. They are also way too huffy for some reason. He seems like one of them that goes running in the afternoon. His face was probably red as he wrote that.


  116. Imhotep on said:

    They watch too much of Faux News. That network is changing the voice of WN everyday. Now, these delusional WN believe that they can help us in little ways. While they are doing that, they get to complain about us at the same time. When you hear it come from their mouth (and not the computer), they sound like the typical ignorant WN. WP always like to believe they are giving out these tips to help others (when they do that to prove that their retention is perfect to themselves, secretly).


  117. I’m Banned from FarceBook. Yep, and jwTube along with some others. I hate putting info out there, because Neander jumps on and mostly we won’t use it. However, there is a very good Youtube site called Afrisynergy that has a lot of open infomation about for example Partnering with Affrica. I believe this can be applicable to us whereever we are in whatever community we live in. We can truly start simply, instead of using taxi’s unless absolutely neccess. Have a car pool with relatives, friends neighbours and share the petrol bill. Who knows we can even come up with “maxi taxi” people carriers and charge a compatable price and Get off the Bus completely. Call it “The Rosa Parks Bus Company” . Hell there’s SO much we can do!

  118. honeytreebee on said:


    I hear you it can be so hard. In your situation I would start small and think of building a collective with like minded BP in the area. First, you must always take care of your own. If, you can’t cut it off reduce the use. I reuse jars and when I buy books or take a class from a WP I make sure it is giving me some kind of independence.

    You can make all of you household things like soap, toothpaste, and shampoos. If, you have children you can involve them in these activities and make them seasonal and make you household supplies for the season. They also make great gifts. This will help cut down on expense and save you money. Meaning less money spent with them.

    Also, getting a big freezer, learning to make your own treats like ice cream, learning jarring, and drying techniques for food will save you more in the long run and bring family closer if, they are turned into family projects. Again saving more giving them less.

    So, buy what you need now make plans to get your own started later. Pick an area and start there. Maybe making all of the house cleaning supplies. It will be way less toxic, cheaper, give you back some power. When you have a collective going be it family, friends, and more you can swap products or buy from each other.

    On another note have you thought of eventually becoming a BOB? You see the need and it would be great to have that to pass on.

  119. C

    Carpooling is a great idea. So is the potluck. I’d like to hit them in their wallets, though.

  120. Imhotep on said:


    Yep, the anti-black agenda will continue in NYC. All of the yt Jews and Itlns make jokes about us everyday. Why yt Jews and Itlns do so much for Anglos, I will never know. The “hang lows (Anglos)” claim that Itlns have dark blood in them. So, you know the true gorilla heads do not like to see Itlns with the Youngs, Perrys, and Whites (all Anglo last names). I do not understand how the yt Jews continue to make the world more of a place for Neo-nazis. They are in denial. They believe they can be accepted by Anglos although their religion is different from that of the Anglos. They can never be accepted by Catholics. The yt jews, Itlns, and Irish (called ugly by Anglos) do seem to work together to keep yt supremacy around. They intermingle with each other quite a lot too. I guess they are looking out for their child’s best interest (believing their children will be judged as yts first) and defending them in advance. The yt jews do not see that is hard for anyone to take them seriously about the Holocaust when they are the biggest self haters around. With yt Jews today, you wonder how Judaism has stayed around for all of these years. Though the irish, Itlns, and Jews are non-white, it seems like they still would never want think of themselves as that. So they do all of this work to show off their admiration for Anglos. It makes them
    look more yt when they do. With their actions out of the way, you probably would be missing 75% of yt supremacy in the world. Some of those yt Jews are the biggest two-timers. They really do not know who they are. At times, I think they are more dangerous than Anglos, themselves. Then I realize Anglos like hunting and killing for sport (and to feed their aggressive side). Anglos are far worse. The Itlns and Jews people are rude but secretive about it. The Itlns and Jews keep the jokes about Us around everyday. Anglos just call Us names and say they hate Us.


  121. Imhotep on said:


    Thank you for posting those links, Pam.


  122. Glad to do it

  123. you’re welcome

  124. Thanks for the list! I am very pleased that most of my toiletries (about 90%) are from BOB. My goal is to make it 100%

  125. @ Adeen

    I think ALL black parents, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews, nieces, and family friends and acquaintances should be aware that any black male OR black female could be another Trayvon Martin.

    there’s a recent story of a 60 year old black male who was shot IN FRONT OF HIS HOUSE when he went into his car to get some cigarettes. Over 17 shell casings were on the ground. Clearly there was an intent to kill. Bullet holes were throughout the car:


    “This weekend, deputies from Escambia County, Florida shot an unarmed man who went to grab cigarettes from the car parked in the driveway of his mother’s home. A neighbor called police at 2 a.m. because he suspected 60-year-old Roy Middleton was stealing the car. Things quickly escalated when two deputies arrived and ordered Middleton to “get your hands where I can see them.”*

    60-year old Roy Middleton was shot by police officers “like a firing squad” after he went to get cigarettes from his mother’s car from the driveway of their home. Then, police officers were called to the scene and shot the unarmed man as he was complying with their orders. This all comes fresh after the controversial Trayvon Martin/ George Zimmerman verdict. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss.


  126. @ honeytreebee

    now that story would make a GREAT opening for promoting the BOYCOTT of Disney World by black people

    “I just don’t feel comfortable renting out 5 rooms for 7 days and bringing my sons cause we could send them to the store and they could end up like the young man Trayvon Martin. ”

    that would make a great poster as the reason WHY blacks should avoid Disney World and all of Florida as a vacation spot.

    and black people saying this over and over and over and over like a MANTRA every time we decide not to buy or shop or patronize non-black owned businesses and events and schools instead of saying we are “boycotting” anything or anyone

    AND we must stop sending our sons and daughters to white universities to play on their sports teams and make these white institutions and white supremacists who a TON of money and who make sure black players in college wind up with white females (it’s true, the coaches encourage sex between random white females and black college ball players)

  127. Imhotep on said:

    The police are more so the problem than Klansmen nowadays. They get the job so they can prove to us that We are powerless in Amerikkka. Keep in mind, they are always reminding themselves of what ticks them off about Us. They will rant about the “free child support the women get”. They really hate it when some of our young men use the “is it because I’m black” line. The image of Jesse Jackson rushes to their head. Then, they get upset because some of us use “nigga”. All of that adds up and the “hang low saxxons” are ready to go at any of us. They never see their hand in any of this. They just assume that we can do better for ourselves if we just “quit our whining”. The police, ironically, are the true terrorist in Amerikkka. Who will we report them too? “They are the law”. They prove everyday through their foolish actions the system is corrupted, and they don’t realize it. It is “hang lows” (they should hang their heads in shame real low- Anglos) with these jobs too. They like having that gun in their belts like they are cowboys. I have seen these monsters in action (who hasn’t). They will chase you to run you away. They do not even have to pull out their guns.

    I hope that this boycott turns out to be the biggest event in this century. There are so many ways that we can point out the true enemies.


  128. Imhotep on said:

    @ TrojamPam

    That’s the truth. We are all Trayvon. I hate how this is treated like any other business day. Our People are talking about “who’s hiring”, not realizing the po-po (poor poor minded) can be anyway they want with them at anytime. These feds (I’m fed up with them) like to test the waters, all of the time. We need to realize that our oppressors are going to look at what worked for GZ and use it to their advantage. “Hang low saxxons” are just looking for a way they can co-exist with their nature. We do not realize that if many of them could, it would be “cleanse America” day everyday. There is a section for MLK on their stormfront website. That means these “hang low saxxons” hold a special hatred in “whatever is left of the pebble called their hearts” for MLK. We realize we are integrated everyday. These monsters see a land where “non-whites” are flourishing.

    It is fascinating how we cannot call them “mentally ill” and send them to a hospital. We always hear about the things you can and cannot do in public. I say openly carrying a gun around should be viewed like a man wearing no pants in public. We cannot do that because everything is sex and violence out here now. They made it a level playing field.
    If you are going to have these people influenced by a TV program to shoot, then there must be protection.


  129. Imhotep on said:

    The worst part is the next policeman will shoot expecting us “to be angry about what happened to Trayvon”. They will say that he looked like he wanted to fire at me. The “just-us” system will let him off for that excuse. This is Hell !


  130. Imhotep on said:

    Our People do not think of the “hang low saxxon’s” favorite sport, enough!

    Hockey is so different from all of the other sports. For all else, you have to use your hand and feet. Playing hockey allows these devils to be klansmen without wearing the robes. They run after a BLACK PUCK with STICKS in their HANDS. They love hitting that puck real hard!

    Once we realize that yt policemen can be former hockey players, it all hits the fan. Yts want to be savages to something everyday!!!!!! So, we really need to watch our backs when we are traveling alone in these deserted areas like Trayvon was or not be out there, period.

    I do not understand how some of My Brothers can travel around with music in their ears. That “just f— it attitude” is stupid to have. Who wants to die because of the color they were born in? No one should want that.


  131. Whomever does not get it, does not want to. Leave them. No need to harass them in their sleep. Just move on to support those who get it and want to do something about it. We cannot wait to be a corpse before we recognize that each one of us is a corporation. And start making some business decisions. The business what you feed your body, the business of what you put on your body, the business of what you feed your mind, the business of what you do with your mind. On and on. Once that is clear, you will think twice before you pay for any of their poison. This is a message that will have to get repeated over and over again. It is the art of war. Peace.

  132. Wow, thanks for the information. I haven’t left home since the verdict and fear for my life every time I walk the streets.

    It is sad that the 60 year old man was shot. They don’t value our life here at all.

  133. Ellis on said:

    That is a a very helpful list. I do use some of the Black-owned hair products, so I am happy about that.
    I live in the UK, so black-owned hair businesses are rare. Everywhere you go, Black hair products are sold mainly by Asians (UK: these refer to Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Sri Lankans etc. and not East Asians such as the Chinese).

    I’ve noticed that there are more Caribbean takeaways popping up in Birmingham, UK. Which is good.

    To be honest, I do shop at the Asians stores for Black hair products as there isn’t much of an alternative. Their prices are competitive and they have 2 for 1 offers.

    There is a big Caribbean food store that is owned by (sigh)…Asians. I have to admit that I shop there too as there isn’t a Black-owned store that has such as wide variety of Caribbean food. That is embarrassing to be honest. I tell my mum about how I feel about this sometimes.

    I used to buy plaintain chips from a food shop owned by a Black man, I liked the owner and I liked the plaintain chips, so I continued to buy from him. However, within a year I’d say, I saw that the shop had gone and was replaced by a green grocer’s. I was shocked and disappointed that a Black business went bust. I don’t think that he simply relocated because my mum said that when she went there, his fish were dear and she even pointed it out to him. So maybe, his prices were not competitive enough, sad…

  134. Brothawolf on said:

    I’m tweeting to let everyone know.

  135. Ellis on said:

    Yes Adeen, I agree with you that integration has not worked well for Blacks, as individuals, yes, but we Blacks are still at the bottom of the ladder.

    The problem with us having very successful businesses in White countries is the fear that they will be taken over by other ethnicities. No other race (Whites in particular) would feel comfortable seeing Blacks thrive in areas other than entertainment and sports. To every other race Black+ Black unity=economically powerful doesn’t compute in their brains. 😦

  136. Nat Turners' Revenge on said:

    1st question I ask myself before leaving the house is “Which one MY people can I support?” I comb the web & exhaust all possibilities before shopping w/the enemy. I’ve switched my lawn service from brown to black. Yeah, it cost me more (for all the black businesses I support) but that black business will never have the low costs of the Welfare King Wal-mart if we don’t shop w/’em. Remember, circulation drives prices down. I don’t care if that business is on the side of town where the murder game in full swing I’m aight around my people. I’m tipping the melanin dominant woman who twist my locks. I’m tipping all black businesses I come in contact with on top of the damage. Especially that sister or mister who’s service I utilize @a white establishment/restaurant. This has nothing to do w/the verdict. TRUTH has touched upon this every year since DOAN’s inception. And no I don’t tithe. That’s probably the one black business that won’t get my support. I’m all for the group economics. I have also convinced three women to go natural. Not only does that keep nickels out Korean based strip malls/hair stores but I also have a chance of seeing these women possibly live longer by not compounding the risks women already face w/cancer by burning their scalp w/lye based carcinogens (more cancer). Yeah, *smiles* I know I’m rambling but it’s nice to see my people show up “with the same energy”, possibly more than the last post. This ain’t VSB. Once we get our group economics down can we do a group name change? That’s the one thing I wish the (former) slaves would have done once the proclamation went into effect to show Me nor my family no longer your property…

  137. Tyrone on said:

    Black People

    Please boycott Florida? Black folk who continue to uphold and provide monies to the enemies of our race are the downfall of the black race. Whites and other non-blacks will always seek to exploit us, we allow the bs to continue. I’m sick of the bloodsucking that goes on in relation to us…Enuf Already!


  138. Imhotep on said:

    I just thought of the bigger reason why We all should have always boycotted these stores.

    The Door Greeter

    The Door Greeter at most department stores MUST ALWAYS BE A YT MALE. Anyone can apply for the position. It usually goes to a YT man to make it easy for YTS to shop at these stores amongst non-yts. That job could NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS GO TO A YT WOMAN or NON-WHITE PERSON. I have seen Afrikan female police officers and Indian men check receipts, but they were never really door greeters.


  139. mstoogood4yall on said:

    Truth I see the website is acting right now this post is at the top of the recent posts column

    That story about that old man getting shot wow, idk how the neighbor don’t recognize who lives there wtf. Thank goodness he survived, and they always put those mofos on PAID leave, what the fk. Its like u messed up well that’s ok we will give u paid vacations, I wouldn’t be surprised if they do this sheit on purpose just get paid time off. Like hey shoot a n@@r and get a paid vacation hit the target for ur free vacation.smh.

  140. arielle06777 on said:

    I think a good place to start might be to pattern how already-established bartering sites operate, especially with the legal side of things. Even though I would trust my people before anyone else, one still has to have smart business sense to realize that some people will try to take advantage of our system, maliciously or not. I found this site that gives some FAQ about how bartering online can work: http://www.barterquest.com/home/article/faq

    Also, PLEASE support the movement to take our plight before the UN. https://www.facebook.com/UNforBlackGenocide

  141. Imhotep on said:

    Yes, unfortunately, I have a feeling that a lot of Our Brothers are not going to wear the Dashiki. There are lots of reasons for this. The yt freaks really come out when we show interest in Our culture. The Itln women will look on angrily. They will know from the bottom of their hearts that it is over for them selling that one slice of pizza to Our Brothers. Some of Itlns always knew that YT priviledge was wrong, but they did not want to be the first ones to speak out about it. Then, you will have the “hang low Saxons”. The women will turn red and drop what is in their hands. That nervous laughter will follow. There will also be those yt jews that need to ask every question about the Dashki being worn. There will more than likely be YT apologist doing the same thing as the yt Jews. Then, they can open a shop with Our masks and clothing in it. I hate when that happens, but I have seen it one too many times to know it won’t happen again.

    This movement reminds me of when the Afrocentric movement went on in the late 80’s early 90’s. In ’88, only Our Brothers were wearing the leather Afrikan medallions. Then, in ’89, some YT Jews started to wear them. It only got worse when Vanilla Ice broke onto the scene in 1990. Suddently, almost every YT kid wanted to know if they had Afrikan roots. They wore all of the peace leather medallions they could get their hands on. As great as it was for Our People as vendors to sell so much, many of Our Young Brothers and Sisters were not happy. There was nothing that made Us exclusively Afrikan anymore. Looking back, I’m not sure if it was planned or not. People to this day argue that some yts want to be black without being black in Amerikkka. As you know, the value of Our fashions go down whenever a Yt person wears them. Our Brothers stopped wearing the medallions in mid-’92 when too many YT boys were walking around with them. It stinks too, because Our Men went right back to the expensive clothing stores after that.

    I do fear that yts will try to live like Us to bring Us back to their markets. It is hard to tell what will happen right now. The officers may treat Us worse if We all don the Dashiki and Kaftan. The feds know why Our leaders wore them already. I’m thinking once the boycott happens, more people will discuss race relations here.


  142. thanks Pam I agree. I hope you pass it along.

  143. @Diaryofanegress. Yes, I know what you mean about the “direct hit”. I was thinking of using some space in my garage and puting stuff that is good but what I no longer NEED (false need to be sure!) and having family and friends try it out first to see how it works and then get stuff from a particular place BUT in our community Only. Maybe even have food in future!

  144. Imhotep on said:

    I have seen Our People do some really sick stuff at these businesses.

    – How can A Sister buy a European pillow sham for Another Sister ?!!!!

    This Boycott should have happened a long time ago!

    – Imhotep

  145. Tyrone on said:


    All tribes are racist by nature, we as black folk didn’t get the memo. Every group only cares about itself…Laws of Nature! If we think that others on this planet are gonna help us get off the ground, We’re Crazy! I respect other folks, but, i don’t want to be equal to them. I want to be better than them, and they feel the same…Ditto! The Integration Wing in our race is killing us, as it relates to Pesos.


  146. Imhotep on said:

    Sadly, some of Our Brothers and Sisters are still shopping at these stores. I know of some Brothers who cannot believe all of the attention this case is getting over all of the Black on Black crime. So, some Brothers are walking around, angrily smiling at Us.

    We may need to put this out there for Them:


    So, I hope We come through for all of Our unconscious Brothers and Sisters! Our Young Men should know that it is unhealthy to shop at these euro marts all of the time, anyway. This boycott really needs to happen.

    – Imhotep

  147. “Why not share the wealth with Trinidad, Haiti, Nigeria, etc???”
    I’ve been saying something like this for years because many African descendants are suffering some what of the same fate in the countries their ancestors were taken to. We should conduct business and trade throughout the African Diaspora which will greatly benefit all of us economically. We must re-connect with our people because we need each other if we want to see our lives improve.

  148. We need to stop Black on Black crime. What should I do to stop Black on Black crime? And yes we need to boycott Euro stores but sad to say, most of the stores in my area are owned by Whites or Asians.

    What should I do?

  149. So have I

  150. This happens because Whites envy us yet they hate us. We need to wear more colorful and African clothing to set us apart from these people. It is ridiculous how they always want to copy us yet they hate us. I will never get the psyche of these people ever.

  151. Yes I have noticed that but why?

  152. Imhotep on said:

    @Adeen (You have a nice name)

    I’m not sure of what you can do. There were Sisters, who were former gang members, protesting against all violence. As a Brother, I know it is my responsibility to wear lighter colors (greens, purples, and yellows) and stay positive in public. Too many conditioned Brothers go around wearing plain white or black t-shirts. I say conditioned because only a fool would dress like a “thug” after the Trayvon case.

    The world is much different for Sisters than it is for Brothers. Amerikkklan society sees My Sisters as ugly thieves and baby makers only. They are not as hard on You as they are on Brothers. Sisters are never labelled “thugs”.

    All of this is due to the work of one man. There are so many varities of YT men. As we all know, there is the ignorant Neanderthal known as the YT nationalist. There is also the calm, cool and collective “well educated yt devil in charge of everything”. This devil wants everything he can get from life.

    “The rich well educated YT devil” is a bigger threat to everything on this planet. He brings the corruption to this world. A “well educated yt devil with power” more than likely brought over Our People in the early 1600s. This “well educated YT devil with power” would, also, be the one to create any virus that could take out an entire civilization.

    The well educated YT devil is not as predictable as the YT nationalist type. He is a mass murderer, nonetheless. He,also, is not much of a YT nationalist (he is more interested in non-white women because they are “exotic”).He could never be a redneck. The “well educated white man with power” is his own monster in control of the redneck. After all, the “well educated YT man” created YT supremacy because of his intelligence, alone.

    The “well educated YT man with power” lusts after Sisters, sometimes. Perhaps, a Sister is the ONLY one he will talk to from Our race. He is not to be confused with a “YT apologist”. A “YT apologist” speaks of their “native American heritage” and preaches that “we all find peace”. The “well educated YT man with power” knows he is pure YT because he is extremely pale.

    A “well educated YT man with power” more than likely gave birth to the first “Afrikan with YT blood in them” through rape. The “well educated YT devil with power” may know that YT men started out as albinos. There is something strange about the “well educated YT devil’s” strong attraction to My Sisters. It is as if “the well educated YT devil” knows he originated from a Sister directly. The “well educated devil with power” probably hates Brothers for being the man he is not. Yes, many yts wish they were Us, underneath it all. We all know that the “well educated YT devil with power” is far too arrogant to be loved.

    “The well educated YT man with power” manipulates anyone he gets ahold of. He is evil, but you would never know it by the way he talks to you. If you were to say one thing about him to him, it would be over for you. The idea of “YT supremacy” came from the “well educated YT devil” who wanted for there “to be order to everything.”

    Because everything in this world is done the way a “well educated white man with power” likes it, life seems harder for an Afrikan man than it does a Sister. All of these Asian people have shops because that “rich well educated white man with power” is fascinated by Asian culture. The “well educated YT devil” never stops studying everything.

    On a side note, many of Us have been conditioned through the tell-lie-vision to shop YT and Asian. That is why many of them continue to do better. You can look at the links Umoja posted. Unfortunately, it is difficult to get Our garb from anywhere. Many arab, indian, and chinese-owned shops sell Our clothes under the banner “imported goods”. It is very hard to be Us because of all of the conditioning We have all been through! So, We are going to have to shop online. Our businesses really need all of the support they can get. It is nobody’s fault but the oppressor (well educated YT devil) for Our businesses doing as badly as they do.

    I hope I did not say “well educated YT devil with power” too much. He is the greatest threat to all of humanity. A YT nationalist is just angry, ignorant and nothing else.


  153. Imhotep on said:

    @ Leo

    Everything you said was the truth. Our oppressor made the tell-lie-vision so that Our Brothers and Sisters, born here, are too distracted to do anything for themselves. You would have to smash every tell-lie-vision to break up their relationship to it.

    The men and women of every race need each other for their own survival. We have been and still are conditioned. If Our People were so conditioned that they would not follow Marcus Garvey, you know they would never think to open a shop. I hope We can get it together some how. If not, I have a feeling Our conscious Brothers and Sisters will get businesses running. We have a lot of re-programming to do.


  154. Imhotep on said:


    I sometimes think of them as Albinos. It makes a lot of sense when you think about it. Some of the well educated YT men are very respectful, yet cruel to Sisters. Yts want to be seen as a seperate entity from the albino, so they discuss nationalities.

    Yts do not think together, so it is hard to see them as one race. There are the YT nationalist who would never wear Our fashions. Then, you have the mixed blood yts who let everyone know that they are not just YT. They would wear Our fashions because they are a little naive as to the way the world treats them. Some yts know that racism is wrong, but they like to pretend it does not exist so they do not have to discuss it. In that aspect, “yt apologist”(if a good YT person can exist) know they are powerless. They would think they are doing the right thing (fighting YT supremacy) by dressing like Us. They like being born with power, so they are the problem to. They speak out about racism just enough to still have a job. The mixed blood yts (they have “native american” in their gene pool) are usually “YT apologist”. The YT subgroups (Irish, jewish, and Itln) rarely dress like Us. If they were to, they would never befriend Us, still. They cannot pull off Our styles. There are rare instances, YT Jews still do not put down disco.

    The ones that envy us might not hate Us like a YT nationalist does. Those yts (“yt apologist”) do like having money. Although they do not hate Us to hurt Us, they see to it that there is “YT priviledge for everyone in their family”.


  155. Well written article. We, as a group of Black people, need to stick together and rely on ourselves and build our own businesses to succeed. No more relying on non Blacks!

  156. Imhotep on said:


    That is just way “hang low Saxons are”. The uneducated yt nationalist ones will not allow anyone to communicate with them. They show it when they are talking to you with a red face or looking down. If a Black door greeter were to say “Welcome to Wal-Mart”, these idiots would ramble through the Wal-Mart. Then, they would say out loud, “where are the white people here”? Whenever these stores can get a mentally handicapped YT man to be a door greeter, it helps these YT nationalist types to shop better. Most “hang low Saxon” yts have a mentally handicappped family member. So, seeing a mentally handicapped YT man in a top position like that, makes yts a little bit happier.

    Everything in Amerikkka is really for them. Many of Our People never complain about it and just pretend they are European to survive in this Hell Land.


  157. @Imhotep. But thet “educated YT Devil with Power”, will be NoWhere without his Neandethal Hordes to do what he wants. There are more of the latter than the former, even hillary clinton is Trailer Trash got lucky. For all her education and polished image she still can’t stop being a Trailer in public, just look at her antics, she continues to be Cheap and Common Placed! Another was that palin, no class and Never will.

  158. Imhotep on said:


    That’s right, and the well educated devils treats the redneck YT nationalist types like trash, themselves. The “well educated” ones know how to manipulate and embarrass others in a way that the rednecks would never think to stand up to them. They sometimes use Us in their arguments with the redneck. The rich, well educated republican types will tell the redneck that he is on the same level as “a ni@@-er”. That only makes these rednecks fight harder to have some power in THEIR oppressor’s eye.


  159. Imhotep on said:

    @ C

    The rich, well educated ones are the worst threat to everything on this Earth. It is hard to fight them because they put up so many barriers. Their minds are always at work. When they eat something, they must know every specific detail about devouring food. They really love themselves because they want the best from everything for the ultimate lifestyle a human being can have. They are the greatest enemies anyone could ever have! They never stop studying everything around them. They believe that they know how to deal with everyone, individually. I would not be surprised if they created every race joke in history! Most of them look most like an Albino. They have that pale skin and the face of a criticizer like an Albino does. Like you said, We would have to deal with everybody to get to the rich,well educated republican types. They probably see to it that Our Leaders are in jail so they do not give the sheep any ideas about weaning off the system. The well educated devils are seriously a threat to everything and they do not care!


  160. Imhotep on said:


    That’s how they are because that is how yt devils are. They just want to shoot at something because they cannot live a day without aggression! It is horrible that they pick on Us specifically, EVERYTIME! They would say that “we look different” so they do anything they want to Us. And they call themselves superior afterward! These dummies should think to themselves , “how are we “superior” when it is Us that must always get violent with everything”?! Horrible! No other race gets treated like Us for just being the way We were born!!!!!!!
    We cannot side with anyone because devil money conditioned everyone else to believe that “yt is right only”. We have to do for Ourselves out here because only We know of the effects of their torment (which can harm Us all in the end)!


  161. Imhotep on said:


    That is where the sad part comes in! They must do everything in their power to make Us forget about Our history so they make another dollar from Us! Currently, We are the top consumers in this Hell somehow. They give Us the jobs at their markets so their money goes right back into their hands! Why did these devils ever give Us a little bit of money if they would turn around to say they want it back! That’s what gets me! You burned down Our businesses in 1921 because YOU did not have money after returning from war. Well then, why did your dumbasses leave Us with anything. You would have had money if you kept it to themselves. They always want to act first, think last like an idiot. When they do they believe they are not doing that like a Neanderthal would.

    Unfortunately, Our asleep people only see “a Black Person at work”, so they KNOW they buy from these stores all of the time. Isn’t that horrible! They do see the oppressor’s hand in all of this. The money comes right back around! They sell Abe Lincoln lies on DVD in their stores to make sum Up the 1600’s to the 1800’s, hiding the TRUE heroes. How would Our Youth know that they shop for the oppressor if they cannot identify the oppressor! I hate money!


  162. Imhotep on said:


    I’m sorry, TrojanPam posted the links to Our Businesses and not Umoja.


  163. Courtney H on said:

    I am currently reading Our Black Year, by Margaret Anderson, about a middle-class black woman who bought from only black-owned stores for a year. It is a really interesting book! Have any of you read it or heard about it?

  164. Courtney H on said:

    @ all:

    The blackpages.com website is mentioned in Margaret Anderson’s book, “Our Black Year, about a middle-class black family that shopped at black-owned stores in the Chicago area in 2009. I am almost half-way through the book and it is very interesting because it includes a lot historical perspectives on black empowerment? Has anyone here heard of this book?

  165. Courtney H on said:


    I think you are talking about “Our Black Year, by Margaret Anderson. I am currently reading that book now. It is interesting because she gets creative and provides historical perspective about black empowerment.

  166. Courtney H on said:

    @ umoja:

    Thank you for this list! I recognized the names on both of these lists.

  167. Tyrone on said:

    Black People

    We should target industries that promote and advance “White Supremacy” on this planet first and foremost. Hollywood, Music, Fashion, Publishing, and so forth. Black people run to movie theaters more than anybody, we can do better. We purchase sports merchandise more than most, needs to stop. Collegiate and Professional Sports are heavy in the game of WS. I’m not trying to minimize the other genres of commerce, but, their influence in our lives is not the same. White Supremacy is spread via mass media. Cut the head of the snake, It Dies!


  168. Azazel on said:

    I have been debating whether to put this out here. I’ve started posting it twice and changed my mind. I’m actually not sure if I’m supposed to speak but it keep feeling compelled to share with you. So I guess that’s my answer. I should share.

    I’ve only found myself visiting sites where people are beginning to understand what the centuries of history of our interaction with white people proves and them and about us. The only appropriate action by black people is boycott and disengagement not seemless integration into a culture that is drunk with millennia’s worth of blood and flesh and from which all that blood and flesh will be asked back in a single hour.

    Like Negress, I have had an exceedingly strong premonition that things are shortly coming to a very dramatic and decisive climax. The sense of knowing had become so deep that it was almost exhausting. I look around and see the social structures people think are so permanent and they’re almost already gone to me. I was here but I was not here and I really started to question my sanity a little.

    Then about a week ago I became aware of some foreign words. I didn’t know exactly what they were or what they meant but they popped into my head. Over a few days I eventually figured out that the language was Latin, of the Romans, and the words were: “Militiae Vivion”.

    I’ll leave you to research and figure it out but you can probably make a vague guess already since you have the advantage of seeing them in writing from the outset. I really think we ought not to be fooled by the world’s apparent quiet (relatively speaking). IMO, wicked people are preparing something big that will turn into the beginning of their own end. Negress is a wise woman. Boycott, disengage! Take the time to gain innerstanding.


  169. Imhotep on said:


    I hear you, We are in the middle of a transition. The last decade went exactly how a person would expect it to go. It was more like a decade of the 20th Century. The Trayvon case is changing everything. This case was the big one. We, as a people, have gotten tired of these straight haired cultures treating Us like yts do. These straight haired cultures (Mexican, Asian, Korean) come here not knowing the history of Amerikkka, at all. Yt devils give them the jobs We used to do to hurt Us all of the time. These straight haired cultures never see that. They just go along with the plan.

    It was hurtful to see Zimmerman kill Trayvon because Zimmerman was given so many priviledges Our People deserved to have. If Zimmerman wanted to look Peruvian in Amerikkka, no one would have given him the eye. Let a Brother, born here, wear His Dashiki to the local grocery market, and He will be forced to deal with all of “the bright red ornaments”. It’s so stupid, if yts are sorry for slavery, then they should fork over all of their supremacy rights in Amerikkka. We have be “Black in Amerikkka” everyday. These straight haired “people of color” will never know what that feels like!

    These straight haired cultures are treated far better than Us when We were forced to be born in this Amerikkka. “The straight haired people of color” commit the worst crimes when We know not to do what they do.

    I do not think it has caught up with yts that We plan to boycott everything in their facilities. Sadly, many of Our People still look and act the way they did before Trayvon died. We should be disgusted with these stores selling Skittles and Arizona Tea when the Person holding them was given zero justice because of His color, alone. I do wonder if We are moving closer to “the space Age”. This century cannot be like the last one! I would like to know what it will bring also.


  170. Imhotep on said:


    All industries in Amerikkka promote and advance “YT supremacy”. Unfortunately, this “one nation” is a YT man’s world.

    Our People needed to stay away from these stores the minute they went up. That is who We are here. We are powerless and We do not like being reminded that We are powerless. So, We go along to get along.

    Our People are the same way They were during slavery. As great as this boycott sounds, many of Us will go around it. We are afraid! When a YT man (albino mutant) does not have his way…. They have been known to burn down anything! To this day, there are still yts that would like to round Us up and burn Us. So, We stay silent and see to it that We never have a negative confrontation with them in public.

    I can see Our People afraid enough of working around these yts because they would like to say something about the way Trayvon passed. They cannot do it because of the rule of public relations set up by yts. Yts expect you to shop at their stores and get out. With the way yts are, anything could start at anytime. Yts are naive when it comes to many things. We know that so, right now, We are just going shopping and getting out.

    The word of this boycott will never get around if one of Us does not explain it to Our Immigrants and asleep people. I do suspect that yts will annoy Us more once this boycott happens. Watch them ask questions about why We do not shop at these places anymore. It is true, intergration has changed everything. Some YT people are used to seeing a Brother or Sister at these supermarkets. It does not help at all that there are so many interracial relationships out here. I do not see how We can do anything as a people when that lice head married to a Brother is shouting “Black Power” off the top of her lungs. People can never hear Our Voice as a People because those “albino mutations” always want to be there protesting with Us. We cannot even have a voice as a group to the “YT man at the top” without yts interferring in that!!!!! What won’t a YT person touch of Ours?!


  171. Tyrone on said:


    As you stated, all commerce in the Americas has a starting point…Slavery! We need to widen the circle of blame to include those in the Caribbean and Central/South America. Blacks in the US develop tunnel-vision, we’re not the only blacks on the planet fighting White Supremacy. This aspect of the struggle frustrates me, because, the devils that we’re battling are global. Instead, we only focus on the enemies of our people in the US. Honestly, we keep this bulls&*% alive and well. WS stays on life support because of black folk. Every other group on the planet is living “The Life” because they make a lot of money via black folk. This is how the world spins, black folk are the wildcard. We’re the only race that spends money outside of our group, and others know this. Entire industries in this country would crumble if our people wake the hell up. Blackwomen are holding up billion dollar industries with their womanhood, imagine the same group of sistas telling their black sons to stop playing football, basketball, baseball, etc. This is how sick the game is, as it relates to us. Our race is the dead Whale that’s floating in the ocean being consumed by Great White sharks bite by bite…Black Consumerism. Brotha, i’m just as outraged as you are. As i said in the previous post, we gotta put the white media structure out of business first. Otherwise, the same sick mindset of albinos(whites) will continue to pollute blackness worldwide. Another point, blacks in the US must cut the chord with the Integration Wing in our race. They created this sick attitude that enslaves us. “Naw, we don’t need all black schools and colleges.” “Black folk shouldn’t strive to live amongst themselves and be unto themselves.” The so-called Black Elite in New York, Boston, Philly, and Chicago can go back to hell on a rocket ship. They’re supposed to be the best and brightest in our race, I Can’t Tell!


  172. Imhotep on said:


    The yt man is the albino (other son and daughter), and We do not think about that enough. The albino’s problem is with Us because the albino came from Us. Because of that, the albino will give Us problems for Our whole time on Earth. It bothers me everyday that We usually die in the hands of the albino, somehow. The albino may be the last person on Earth. With all of the destruction he does to Us, it looks like it was meant to be this way. Fortunately, for Us, the albino son and daughter cannot exist without their Mother and Father. So, they work against themselves looking out for themselves only. It’s interesting. I always wonder what the first Afrikan King thought of his albino son. We all knew the Mother of All Civilization loved Her son and daughter regardless of how they looked. They are both here today because of Our First Mother. Who knew they would come from Us and be so different from Us. Who knew one albino son would set out to enslave his Mother and Father.

    It is rather interesting how Jah made the Afrikan Man to be The First Mother’s love. Shortly after, they had two boys. I believe there was the bald Afrikan Man and the Afrikan Man with His Mother’s curly hair. Who knew the albino son would come after all of that? How could Our First Mother not see that something was very different about Her albino son?


  173. I know many of us are afraid, but face your fear educated, organize and mobilize anyway. There is nothing to be afraid of but fear itself. We know what we have been called to do at this moment in time, so let MOVE! Our souls live forever.

  174. @Imhotep. Educated Devils or not. The IMMEDIATE Threat IS the Low Breed Neanderthal period! How many rich Devils do any of us meet on a daily basis, that’s right None! Who is Beating African americans down on the ground when they are stopped, the Trailer Trash Devils. Who is Murdering and using African americans as target practice, Trailer Devils. in the poLICE department. This does not mean rich Devils are “nice”, but you can’t jump over the heads of those Pieces of Trailer Turds that we as a people meet and have to deal with daily, because THEY are Very happy to keep doing what they’re doing regardless of what their Betters call them! They will ALWAYS be better of than any non-Devil period. These Low Breed Neanderthal have a CHOICE to do what they KNOW to be right or to continue doing what they do best EVIL DEEDS and they consistantly choose the latter.

  175. @Imhotep. The First Mother DID see something Very Wrong with this Being, however, like most Mothers she would scold and chided and or spanked. Since this has not worked in any age, it is now time to do what ALL Mothers in times past have done. Remove the Offending Retard. That time is here. Too bad.

  176. samadhi on said:

    Another reason to boycott Florida, the article doesn’t even mention that the boys were black, but the pictures tell the story.

    *Bodies to be exhumed from school grounds described as concentration camp for boys where ex-students say at least 20 are buried after being killed in abuse

    *Dozier School for Boys, Florida, opened as a reform school in 1900 but was closed in 2011 amid decades-long allegations of physical and sexual abuse.

    *Now state officials have agreed to a year-long forensic investigation into the site, meaning dozens of boys’ graves will be exhumed.

    *The Florida Cabinet decision came after researchers from the University of South Florida discovered evidence of dozens of unmarked, secret graves.

    *Survivors have spoken of ‘horror stories’ that happened at the school.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2385940/Bodies-exhumed-Dozier-School-Boys-Florida.html#ixzz2bIwjWkVv

  177. Hi Negress – You speak of Blacks boycotting businesses in Florida which I am in total agreement with. I will go even one further – there should be a total BLACKOUT of yt businesses all over ameriklan. Empty their pockets (remember Birmingham, AL). Only this time keep them empty.

  178. Tyrone on said:


    I don’t think blackwomen had any idea that the albino offspring born to them would turn against black folk as they have. The hatred they have for our race can be traced back to their birth. I can assume they were seen as odd by the tribe, especially blackmen. “What, she birthed a white baby, How So?” Imagine the chaos that was created by the birth of pale babies? The behavior of white males can be traced back to their Original Black Mothers. Crazy about blackwomen, but they hate blackmen. It’s safe to assume that albinos were not pleasing to black tribesmen. How does this relate to Treyvon Martin and the movement to boycott Florida? Rejection is hard to get over, whitemen will always hate us because our forefathers saw them as cursed, So True!


  179. Imhotep on said:


    “How does this relate to Trayvon Martin and the movement to boycott Florida? Rejection is hard to get over, whitemen will always hate us because our forefathers saw them as cursed, So True!”

    That’s the truth, they will always hate Us. Worst of it all, We will never be able to say anything to them about it. It’s truly terrifying to be Us. No one will think about it, either, which is why it only goes on.

    Stay Strong Brother,

  180. Imhotep on said:


    I agree with everything you say. It is hard to BLACKOUT every yt business all over amerikkka because they are Our albino sons and daughters underneath it all. The sons are much much worse than the daughters. After all, it is the albino son’s world. We all know how they are when something does not go their way. In return, something bad could happen to Us all, and I’m not being pessimistic. Enough bad happens to Us All on a daily basis because ALL yt women hate Blk Women, too. I’m sure you know this, but ALL yt men hate Blk Men. All albinos came from The First Mother Ever (The Afrikan Woman), so all of this is really something only a Sista can do something about. The albino son will NEVER listen to Blk Men even though Blk Men come from Blk Women. This is a truly frightening situation when You look at it from the VERY BEGINNING. Yt women are in danger too because they OPENLY hate Sistas. So, no one is safe in all of this, but the yt man (who doesn’t trust his albino sister) and You, A Mother of All Civilization. I know all of this sounds odd. Trust me, truth is stranger than fiction.

    Stay Safe Sista,


  181. Imhotep on said:

    @Courtney H

    No, I have not read “Our Black Year”, unfortunately. I have heard of it, though.

    In these times (it’s open season) , it is hard to read a book on the iPad even.

    On a side note, yt men are going around saying “they hate everybody”. I guess it is official now….We can now see that the yt man ONLY loves the yt man!!!!! He proved that enough before he started saying “he hates everybody”. It really is too bad he does not want to look at himself as an enemy to Earth. Yet, he complains when non-white men say they do not see him as a man.



  182. Imhotep on said:


    “The IMMEDIATE Threat IS the Low Breed Neanderthal period! ”

    You’re correct, he actually breeds. I never realized that until now.


  183. Imhotep on said:


    I wonder if the albino hated his Father all along. A baby requires their Mother’s love first. Yes, The First Father did probably see His offspring as cursed, but The First Father could have been hated for being The Father in the picture! That thought comes to me all of the time. As A Creation Existing Because The First Mother Needed Real Love, it’s a shame the albino baby never realized his Father had to be in the picture for him to be there!!!! So, it really is interesting, I’m sure it is a joke to an Azn or Indian person observing this all from a distance. No Black Man means no yt man. It’s interesting how We brought Our own problem here.

    It’s too bad We all do not see what the end of Jah’s world looks like?

    Stay Strong Brotha,

  184. Imhotep on said:


    It’s truly interesting how they work against themselves when they do for Us. A WN complains about not having money because of Us. I say those WP in the 1800s should have never given Us money if they were only going to want it back .

    Most of Us are looking at these celebrities like We know the true Hollyweird stories. We get hurt seeing “Our people as celebrities” with Our oppressor. We think they are really stupid or they hate themselves. It all makes sense why they have WP for spouses. The big money these celebs have to make come from “people who wanted to see themselves happy only”. Notice how Beyonce looks with Jay-Z today. He’s with a yt version of Beyonce. If you are going to make the most money, then you must put out or get out. That’s how it seems.

    Unfortunately, We will have to watch how this boycott is handled. We will definately have to watch who is around Ours when We boycott. Our albino sons and daughters believe they must always be loved or you get nothing you are FORCED to get from them for survival.


  185. Tyrone on said:


    As we all know, the spending power within our race is in the hands of the women. Madison Avenue knows this as well. White folks are sly like a fox. Blackwomen are all over TV, but not in a way that is beneficial to our people. A million and one reality shows featuring young and middle-aged women who loooove to tear the mall down, figuratively speaking. And, we have the video vixen in hip-hop that is draped in designer brands, Jimmy Chu, Jacob Da Jeweler, and other ish. Corporate America loves to promote their product via black culture(Black Cool). Getting youngstas to dislodge from the “Label” mindset is a tall order. Black folk promote products that everybody consume at some point day to day. The Bling concept has gone mainstream. We don’t think about the bloodshed that takes place in order to have gold and diamonds draped over broke rappers in a video. Black Cool is part of the problem, we need to acknowledge this reality. If we can’t own it and make it, we can promote it…Problematic!


  186. Imhotep on said:


    All power belongs to Our Sistas (when you think about it)!!!! The yt man only does everything he does to impress The Mother of All Civilization! Unfortunately, so many of Us are dying because Our Sistas! ALL yt men WANT (not love) Our Sistas ONLY! Unfortunately, some of Our Sistas do not realize this all is war! I will NEVER be angry at My Sistas! The BM was designed to LOVE all of His Sistas! Unfortunately, We are safer (somewhat) around ALL non-Blk Women!!!! You know how yt men say “you like white women, don’t you?” The answer, of course, is NO! We are safer when We give off the idea that We do! They won’t shoot so fast! Unfortunately because some of Our Sistas do not think of all of this as “war for The First Woman’s (ALL BW) affection”, a lot of Us Brothas die! Then again, it has always been Our Sistas coming to Us FIRST! It can never be the other way around. This is why MOST Blk Men are in trouble. We need Our Sistas to save Us! They do not realize that when the yt man sees a Sista (carrying a Baby of Ours), Our Sista is in trouble too! In that case, ONLY a SINGLE Sista is really ever safe out here to fight in this war for Her People!


  187. Good post, Tyrone but as a Sista, I know what non Black females say behind Black men’s back. Most of them think Black men are disguising and don’t want anything to do with them. Black men are NOT safe around non Black women like how Black women are NOT safe around White men.

    We need to stick together and stop allowing others to bypass us and put us down

  188. Imhotep on said:


    Thank you for saying that non-Blk females say things behind Our backs. I was under the impression that “non-Blk &yt females” were attracted to Blk Men because the Blk Man was the first man. I see that is not the case now. Mexican, Asian, Korean, and etc. can stay to themselves as cultures first. Sure, they can be attracted to Blk Men. Most people in those races for people in their race before everyone else. I always thought the “other people of color” were Natural Afrikans that went off to other locations.

    We do need to stick together as a family. Individualism is the problem.


  189. @ Imhotep

    I would strongly recommend our book, “The Interracial Con Game”


    there is a free excerpt on the website that illustrates exactly what you are saying

  190. Imhotep on said:


    Thank you.

  191. We need to boycott European businesses but my town is mostly White and it is hard to boycott businesses ran by Whites.

  192. you’re welcome

    Unfortunately (or not), our only allies are each other, black male and black female, so it is self-defeating to invest our love, time, money, energy and DNA with any non-black people who are not interested in our struggle.

    How can we build a black economic base by marrying or dating or breeding with a white, Asian, or Hispanic male or female? And from what I’ve seen (just speaking on my experiences) some black people seek out other non-white people BECAUSE they are not black, so it’s still the same anti-black/self-hatred issues at work.

    that’s why in all our books, we always promote BLACK UNITY,

    not non-white unity.

  193. Yes you should boycott Florida. I live there and I hate it. It is full of Hispanic trash and White trash.

  194. Exactly, I agree. You are right

  195. I find it ironic how we have so much buying power yet we are only supporting White businesses and White supremacy with our buying power. It just doesn’t seem right to me. We need to support our own businesses and stores and stop giving our money to non Black businesses because they only make money off of us not help our Community.

  196. I will look into it.maybe even start small with a home based business . I’ve been having a rough time technology wise and personal wise .. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

  197. I don’t know what the heck is going on with WordPress but I can’t seem to post comments or anything from regular pc.. Anyways , I have been researching different barter pages in my free time and ready to create the page… Having a hard time with Facebook too.. Awfully strange with the timing.. I am due to labor any week now, so forgive my absence.. I’ve been extremely exhausted and fighting the hospitals with their scare tactics regarding vaccinations…

  198. Alia

    Yes…FaceBook and WordPress are behaving strangely for good reason. They need to keep an eye on us. Blessings on your up and coming birth. Get some rest and be well.

    And please do not give in to the vaccines!!!

    See you when you’re back and a new mom.

  199. Yes ma’am .. Hospital keeps telling me that pretty much I am a bad parent for not vaccinating and pertussis is a threat and etc… Can’t make me do ish… But they’re stalling in other areas of my care for me being a “difficult patient” .. Yea I figured as much that they are intervening … I’ve never had so many issues with just using my regular connectivity and I tell u what ….. It’s constant … Thank you for the well wishes and for this little aweet baby … any day now…
    To much going on I am going to lay down and take a breather … Being as I can only be “connected ” through my phone for now… Take care fam!!

  200. Alia

    I just contacted you.

  201. Got it!

    Sent from my iPhone

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