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What’s in Your Medicine?


Now that you know this, now that it’s been confirmed openly by the media, let me ask you some questions.

How do you know that your diabetes, high blood pressure, anxiety and depression pills aren’t what’s causing the AIDS virus to spike in the black community? How can you trust your pharmacy? How can you trust your doctor? How do you know that the very pill you took this morning isn’t slowly seeping syphillis, SARS, AIDS, the flesh eating virus, ebola and other life threatening diseases into your bloodstream?

How do you know that your child’s medicine for a simple cough isn’t tainted with heroin?

Now…here’s the real question:

If this is what they are telling you…can you imagine what they’re keeping from you


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45 thoughts on “What’s in Your Medicine?

  1. For the most part, I’ve always steered clear of hospitals and doctors unless its been absolutely necessary. I keep my tea tree oil, ginger and hydrogen peroxide handy. If I ever feel down in the dumps I know my diet is off or I need sunlight and exercise.

    Sunlight always has been and always will be the best disinfectant.

  2. Imhotep on said:

    Now they have even more ideas if they were not there already.

    They are always at work. You know they think about race 24/7. It is part of their barbarian lifestyle. It is truly obvious whenever one of them speaks. They always have to let you know that they are yt. Some of them will go on about how they have German ancestry mixed in with this and that. Everyone in the room just looks on. They are thinking in their minds, “Who cares”? We do need a breakdown of who all of our enemies are. What makes them who they are.

    The doctors are always testing these medicines out too. They do not know all of the side effects until reported. Not enough people make that known. They are drugs, DRUGS! They are featured in every commercial break now.

    It certainly is fascinating how you will never see one of Us behind the counter at their retail pharmacies or grocery marts. Like I say everyday, Amerikkka is Hell !!!!!!


  3. Dave Peterson on said:

    Several years ago, Bayer, a German chemical manufactoeing company, had one of the biggest toxic waste sights in the world. It was a extremely large pile of processed ore and leftovers from their manufactoeing of aspirin etc. They knew not what to do, there are so many restrictions on handling the stuff you cannot begin to know…. Except…. In small quantities, it is no longer considered hazardous. What to do? What to do? Americans, that’s what to do. They ground those toxic heavy metals and other pollutants up into a fine sand, coated them with nitrogen, potassium and phosphate. Packaged in small bags, there are no restrictions on shipping or handling. They are sold all over the good ole USA as fertilizer with iron and other mineral supliments. Ha!

  4. How is it possible to continue this evil? Have they no conscience? How do they sleep at night?

  5. I’ve thought about this for a while now. The only conclusion I have ever come up with is to stop using everything you don’t make yourself. Okay, so say you make everything you use. Now, think about the ingredients you’ll have to use to make to make that final product. Did you make those? Okay, let’s say you made the ingredients that you’ll use to make the final product, and you know for sure that everything safe for you and yours. Now, step outside and look up. See those things that look like clouds? Well, some are and some ain’t. Now what do you do? My point is; as long as you walk this planet and breath this air they can get you. The only way around it or through it is by the help of the Most High. You do all you can, but remember the Most High, when all you do will not be enough. It’s just like walking out your front and being Black. You know it’s possible you won’t make it back home.

  6. Imhotep on said:

    They are 24/7 negative people.

    They look miserable because they are miserable. You know miserable people like to drag everything else down with them.

    It seems to be their mission in life to make corruption. I do believe that they evolved from albinos because Our Albinos always look miserable. Some of them like causing trouble for fun, too, unfortunately.


  7. Jesus

    I agree wholeheartedly!

    I began to make almost everything in my house and hope to make more but…I do need supplies and you never really know where those supplies are coming from. There’s only one way to end this madness and I think we all know what that solution is.

  8. Imhotep on said:

    We should seperate as a whole from what makes up Amerikkka. It is sad too, some of Ours do not realize there are retail stores in Tulsa, OK right now. We will shop at those very same retail stores in other locations. I hear we are the greatest consumers here. So, it’ll be hard to break away from the retailers easily. We should have never supported them to begin with. I still do not see how you could walk in a store with all clear people only working there and buy clothing. That is how is was in the 30s until the 60s. That is when the true horror began.


  9. Tonia on said:

    I have thought that relaxers could, and most likely do, contain deadly chemicals. If they wanted to take us out they could target products they know we use. This post has really has make me think of things on a larger scale.

  10. Matari on said:

    “How do you know that the very pill you took this morning isn’t slowly seeping syphillis, SARS, AIDS, the flesh eating virus, ebola and other life threatening diseases into your bloodstream?”


    Or this new MYSTERIOUS skin disease called Morgellons.


  11. Imhotep on said:

    The yt man is the only man who makes rape, AIDS, and tasteless jokes (baby cooking jokes). That is what makes him a yt man.

    I hate even knowing of their existence. Any day with them is a day in Nightmare land.

    – Imhotep

  12. EyesWideOpen on said:

    When I was a teenager, I used to buy this cream at a black beauty shop for all the ingrown hairs I had but it had such a chemically smell my instincts told me to stop using it – not to mention that it didn’t work all that well to begin with.

    I almost died from taking a simple anti inflammatory prescription. I felt somethng was up at the pharmacy. It took REALLY long to fill my prescription and when the head pharmacist finally got around to it, he went in the back and came out with a bottle. I’ve had only a couple of prescriptions filled in my life but that didn’t seem normal. Went home, popped a couple of pills and a couple minutes later had a mini stroke just like that, thank you very much. Closest I ever came to death. Not a pleasant feeling at all. Way worse than the back pain I was taking it for.

    I threw those pills out stat and never plan on taking any again pharmaceuticals again unless I am in excruciating pain or a life threatening situation.

    Knowing what I now know about white people, I would literally be scared to have to go to the hospital. I’ve always wondered
    a) how many homicidal racists are working in hospitals as doctors and nurses & b) what do they really mean when they say someone died from “complications”???

    I’ve always taken it to mean that the surgeon done goofed. As the saying goes, “Doctors bury their mistakes.” The question then becomes, how many of those “mistakes” aren’t really mistakes???

  13. Imhotep on said:

    They have stores full of relaxers just to entice Our Women. Thankfully, it is rarely us selling them. No person with common sense should buy anything “made for them” by people who aren’t them in stores “made for us”. Our Women ought to ask these azn men why they are able to get a loan from the “govern”ment. Unfortunately, they never do, everytime. By now, we know that everytime we challenge the system to be better, there is an electric chair right there for us! Then again, there could never be justice on stolen land! The cave people are truly incapable of having a civilized discussion! Everytime you disagree with them, they must punish you. That is why we can never say a damn thing to them. That is a shame!!!! My tax dollars go toward helping monsters with badges that kill off Members of My Race. Amerikkka is Hell all day everyday!!!!

    – Imhotep

  14. Eyeswideopen

    Someday, I plan on writing a tell all book about the medical field and the insurance companies.

    And yes, many sadists are in the medical field they are called surgeons.

  15. They had cases here in Ontario where they diluted the chemotherapy for cancer patients. It wouldn’t surprise me if they were doing ‘research’ to study the effects of such, although this was caught by an ‘observant lab tech’. Of course they are playing the blame game. My brother in-law’s father has cancer and was on chemotherapy. It is currently in remission, however, he was taking dandelion tea to combat the cancer! These suppositions are not so far fetched (secret research) as many think. These white asshole are so evil, they will fuck up their own kind as well. My sister’s father in law has never trusted these white people(I find many black Canadians of his generation, 60 to 100, yes even they don’t forget, detest whites, none of this kumbaya crap for them!) since he was literally an infant or could reason. He is descended from a runaway slave colony, Buxton. His orneriness came in handy as he was willing to try alternative treatments. Folks, these assholes are not to be trusted as they will inflict evilness on their own kind.

    These whites have also conducted ‘experiments’ on First Nation children by starving them to see how malnutrition affects people in the event of a so called ‘food shortage’. They conducted these experiments after the second world war. They also conducted tests on the children for a tuberculosis vaccine. You see, it was cheaper to vaccinate them than to upgrade their living conditions so they wouldn’t get tuberculosis in the first place.




    Who knows if these white supremacists conducted such experiments on the small black populations there?!

  16. Imhotep on said:

    Everything in Amerikkka adds to their ridiculous supremacy. It comes as no surprise, ever! Why do you think our doctors wear “white” coats. Our “religious” figures speak of “the light”. The best chefs are forced to wear “white” uniforms. Our bus drivers have a “white” suit on. That is no coincidence at all. It was all made by them when this Amerikkka was created. How can I forget about the Elvises who always have to put out their albums every year to make us forget about The Wonderful Chuck Berrys, Jimi Hendrixs, and Bob Marleys. They have to bury those names just so that we “believe that the yt man created rock”.

    Everything here is made to give them more power. They complain about there not being a “white history month” or a W.E.T..

    This is Nightmare land, there is no other explanation for it. Amerikkka is the only land where A Young Queen can try to pull out a cell phone (and that money goes right back into their pockets, mind you), and She is shot dead by an “office”-r. Why don’t the “office”-rs stay in their offices? They have no idea what they are doing otherwise. They have no remorse for what they do because they wanted the badge just to shoot Us down. How can they feel sorry when they believe that “god put them up to it” (sound familiar)? I wish the cave man would stay in his cave!!!!! There is a reason why it’s creator made that cave for it in the first place!


  17. Imhotep on said:

    Anyday with them is a day in Nightmare land.

    They do not know how to govern themselves accordingly like a people should. Just by looking at one, I am reminded of a barbarian. They have that wet dog smell to put up with, also.

    I hate how they can go all over the world and act as a gang. Yet, they always come out and stick the popo (poor poor minded) on our gangs. They practice group economics wherever they go. Ever notice how the clear woman will be right by the side of the clear man when they go to “a third world country”? That is exactly what they do. If they are unaware of the land, many of them will travel together. One of them will introduce the lie to the victim. The other will say that they are coming on too strong. The buddy by their side will step in to say “it’s simple, you just do this” to the victim. One of their lice women will agree that it is simple. She will giggle and stare at you the whole time. Then, they will all look at you to make sure you are doing it correctly. We’ve all had our experience with them!

    It is like the Devil (if you believe in one) selected them as a first choice to carry out his job. They do it every time! All people should know not to trust them! They flood, and I mean flood, all areas they invade. You take on their problems just by being forced to be next to them. You have to hear “carol Ann” talk about the controversy she experienced as a child in her home. They are always doing something that just isn’t right. They don’t think, they act. The yt men force themselves on nature and put a negative grab hold on it. They should be ashamed of themselves for “shaking the cup” instead of just holding it and drinking from it. Yts are a nationwide concern! Their actions are their way of saying that they need love. Unfortunately for them, their actions aren’t just actions. Their negativity gives negativity to the world. They are the only ones who throw their bananas at us not realizing that the banana comes right back to hit them in their face. If I see one yt man acting in a negative way, then I think of all yt men as such. It is a travesty that they get to be anywhere near Our Daughters.


  18. @EyesWideOpen

    A couple days ago my mom went to the hospital to do a surgery on her hernia,
    it was a nightmare, they had white students sticking needles in her. the surgery wasn’t done properly and it was a bunch of white women on the 2nd floor where my mom was staying and all the white workers did was gossip about the patients and did a horrible job looking after my mother they gave her pill after pill they must have given her a 1000 pills not only that because of their piss poor service they made my mom develop blood-clot in both of her legs she had no idea until i picked her up and took her back home and then the next day she started feeling pain in both of her legs they prescribed pills that didn’t work all they did was make her mouth bleed and make her back tighten along with swelling in her throat she went back and they prescribed something for the blood-clot but ever since then her pain have gotten worse she says her joints are killing her the hospital don’t want to help her when my mom explains the problems she is having they brush her off I think they did this to my mom on purpose, because when you go into that hospital you can feel the hate and my mom was saying she was getting a bad vibe from the guy that was going to be doing her surgery. we need our own hospitals so blk people don’t have to go into the hands of these people that don’t give a fuck about us. I wish I could tell this story better but I’m so angry right now thinking about this.

  19. Imhotep on said:

    This is the best animated representation I could find of one on the net. Unfortunately, it is missing the red bags under it’s eyes. They are probably miserable from birth. If not, you can see that they are miserable from day one just by look at them in the face.

    Only a negative person would call another person “a f— n—-“. We are never allowed to talk about it, because then many would show their real faces. It is truly to be bad that they do not face the discrimination they dish out. The men would be crying.


  20. Imhotep on said:


    Don’t forget the look the lice heads have whenever they “think they are helping us out”. The realization that they are stupid rushes right to their heads. Yep, an African person is standing right there next to you and NOT DOING A THING TO YOU. Imagine that, yt lady!!!!! That fact that an African person does nothing to you sure makes your husbands lies seem like lies.

    They are the dumbest people of all time!!!!!!

    If they did not want to “touch us really”, then why get a job at a Hospital?!!! You know, a Hospital, where the nurse touches her patients (that sometimes do not belong to her race)?!! Yeah, a Hospital! That building! They are bunch of rabid idiots!!!!!


  21. Imhotep

    I’m sorry.
    I’m having a hard Time following you. Even though I pretty much allow us to speak freely, I do need the comments to remain on point.

  22. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Hi Soforeal,

    Check the name on the bottle. They probably prescribed your mom Warfarin for her blood clots. Other brand names for it are Coumadin, Jantoven, Marevan, Lawarin, Waran, and Warfant. It is RAT POISON. I kid you not. Google Warfarin rat poison. It’s not even a clot buster, it’s a blood thinner. Also, Google – Warfarin side effects – and prepare to be horrified.

    IMO, Nattokinase is what your mom should be taking. It is a natural enzyme that literally eats blood clots and other fibrous material. It is also a blood thinner so it helps prevent the formation of blood clots in the first place. I have personal experience with it. It is an AMAZING product but don’t take my word for it – I AM NOT A DOCTOR – so do your own due diligence. Read the testimonials at the link and also do a Google search for both “Nattokinase” and “Nattokinase testimonials” to learn more about it.

    Your mom’s joint pain will probably resolve once she gets off the rat poison, if that’s what she’s taking.

    Nattokinase is also good for clogged arteries and long plane trips to keep you from getting clots.

  23. EyesWideOpen on said:

    In 2007, a glorified drug pusher – aka doctor – wrote a hit piece called The Nattokinase Scam trying to dissuade his readers from using it. Let’s just say most of the 178 commenters strongly disagree. Many of them say it saved their life.

    Let us know how your mom does if she tries it out. It works fast for blood clots so she should see significant improvement within 2 weeks. By contrast, many doctors try to get people on Warfarin – aka rat poison – for life!

  24. EyesWideOpen on said:

    I know it’s important to have a positive frame of mind if, God forbid, we ever have to check in to a hospital but it’s not very comforting knowing that we are literally putting our lives into the hands of people who HATE us.

  25. Thanks. that’s why I rather die than be under their care

  26. EyesWideOpen on said:


    That is a book I would definitely like to read, especially from a black person’s perspective. I can only imagine the (horror) stories. I read the book When Doctors Kill. Almost all of the doctors profiled in the book are white but I bet you can’t guess the color of the doctor they put on the front cover. It seems that WP can never pass up an opportunity to show us how racist and evil they are.

  27. I discovered this slow genocide agenda of theirs over twenty two years or so ago, when Depo-Prava and Norplant was being given to Non-european women only in clinics as a form of birth control. What they did not tell these women is that once they came off the these birth control methods , and wanted to have a baby the chances of that happening was almost nil. These drugs were often advertixed IN magazines such as Essence, Flair, Elan (now defunct) and in popular Black Mags around the globe. Also I might add, that in any diaster areas around the world, including New Orleans the “Aid”” workers and their organizations often gave non-white women birth control either unbeknown to them or part of the “aid” program.
    It therefore does not come as a surprise to me and should not come as a surprise to many of our folks.

  28. That doesn’t surprise me, I saw a documentary called maafa 21 and its about eugenics and they talked about how they went to new Orleans and Haiti to offer “aid “and they were passing out birth control pills.

  29. Imhotep on said:


    I am sorry.

    I guess I can add this then:


    They will not allow us to serve them in Hospitals, but they can do it to us?!!! More of Our People should be asking why that is?!!

    – Imhotep

  30. Imhotep on said:

    I have heard that some of them slipped birth control pills in food! I hate that many of these “health representatives” are allowed to come into Our neighborhoods and point out what is wrong with us. They tell us that Our Men sleep for too long. After that, they will speak of alzhemiers in Our communities. The real shame is that yts are not treated by anyone for their “supremacy” problem. Then Again, they think that they still “need to make a civilization out of us”. They will never leave us alone!!!!


  31. Yes, the solution is clear. Where do start?

  32. Imhotep on said:

    @ EyesWideOpen

    From my understanding, many of the ones who work in the Hospitals just view us as “inferior to them”. It is the ones in these labs making these pills that hate us. On the bright side, there is a chance that they hate all of humanity and not just us. Bayer was not marketed to just us. We need to remember the Chicago Tylenol Murders of 1982 too. There are sickos at all ends of Amurdica. There are the folks who make the pills and the ones who change the pills. For that reason, no one should be on any pill!


  33. Courtney H on said:

    @ soforeal:

    I am so sorry about the way your mother was treated.

  34. Courtney H on said:

    @ mstoogood4yall:

    Did you watch this video on Abagond’s blog earlier this year? I remember that someone posted it and I watched it. The doc is two hours long and very informative.

  35. Thanks famalam.

  36. According to Dr. Sebi, he has cured many ailments to include AIDS, Cancer and etc. He even had to go to court because in America something along the lines that people were saying he was lying but he was speaking the truth. I listened to him once on blogtalk radio and he was explaining how most of the diseases that people get really have something to do with mucous and either overproduction/under/or infection of. AND it all goes back to our diet and what were supposed to be eating. After listening to him, I am convinced that he is on point. I aim to start cutting dairy and meat out of my diet. I would like to anyways. These companies have no shame either.. the more you depend on them the more $$ they make.
    Dr. Sebi links:


    I found another link awhile ago when I first heard of him, but I can’t find it. Once I do Ill share. Its food for thought anyways.
    FYI DOAN .. yea they’re attacking your site like crazy.. having a hard time making this post.

  37. According to Dr. Sebi, he has cured many ailments to include AIDS, Cancer and etc. He even had to go to court because in America something along the lines that people were saying he was lying but he was speaking the truth. I listened to him once on blogtalk radio and he was explaining how most of the diseases that people get really have something to do with mucous and either overproduction/under/or infection of. AND it all goes back to our diet and what were supposed to be eating. After listening to him, I am convinced that he is on point. I aim to start cutting dairy and meat out of my diet. I would like to anyways. These companies have no shame either.. the more you depend on them the more $$ they make.
    Dr. Sebi links:


    I found another link awhile ago when I first heard of him, but I can’t find it. Once I do Ill share. Its food for thought anyways.
    FYI DOAN .. yea they’re attacking your site like crazy.. having a hard time making this post.

  38. http://thebodytemple.ning.com/forum/topics/acid-alkaline-foods-charts?xg_source=activity

    more info on food charts and what notvia Dr. Sebi’s way. Enjoy..

  39. @alia5012

    Thanks for the info. and links

    A friend of mine suffered from an over growth of Candida albicans, her Holistic practitioners told her to reduce her dairy intake (excluding cultured milk) because the protein will cause the body to produce more mucus and the yeast feed on the protein in the mucus.

  40. You’re welcome. 🙂 it’s crazy we consume so much dairy , I know I do.. I once was told by a coworker that americans eat so much dairy and its un natural.. i was thinking he was crazy but the more i research the more I see we probably shouldn’t eat so much. i remember dr Sebi mentioning something about hemp milk and its good for you and I was like ??? I bought some recently at an organic store and my little ones and I love it. I am going to start making my own though because I’m not sure of the filtered water source… I looked up some recipes online and hemp milk and almond milk is really easy to make…!! Peace fam ! If I find more info about health ill post it here..

  41. Alia

    Thank you for the info on Dr. Sebi. I’ve read that a raw food diet is best for Africans.

  42. mstoogood4yall on said:

    Great link. the almond milk recipe sounds good. I wouldn’t mind trying some vegetable smoothies but i’d have to get a more powerful blender. the nutrition guide some of that stuff I’ve never heard of, dang and I see the dairy stuff is missing from it.

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  44. These people are just pure evil. They are going to go to hell for this! This is crazy and the most insanest thing I every heard.

  45. Tyrone on said:

    Black People

    White folk are going to hell. Me and one of my coworkers had a convo the other day at work about the lunacy of the US Government not wanting to allow the spread of medicinal marijuana for those with cancer, hiv, migraines, and other ailments. Yet, they want us to ingest drugs that we have no clue as to what’s inside them. I’d rather see what’s going in my body. My comeback to our people, is that, all pills are suspect to me…Multivitamins Included. I fell into the fire like most people in this country, ignoring the Walgreenization of America…One on every corner. Yeah, they’re all over the place. We wonder why we’re so doped up as a people and nation. Another point, my co-worker reminded me of the dangers of microwaving food, which was relayed to me some time ago. Microwaves alter the DNA of the food, killing any nutritional value that may or may not be in the food. Something else to be wary of. I remember watching some white guy that worked in the fast-food industry on one of the morning shows awhile back saying that ammonia was sprayed on hamburger patties. He was hawking a book that spills the beans on the ugly side of the food business. Basically, he told viewers to eat the chicken, screw the burgers. Don’t take my word as gospel, i have no idea if his statements are set in stone, just relaying what i heard from tell-lie-vision.


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