Observations of an Invisible Woman


No…I did not make this up. Here’s the website and video information:


It comes with shoe polish for the “realistic effect.” Here’s what white people have to say about this costume:

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  • Good fun!

    October 23, 2012, by Kathy Brenner

    I’ve always been looking for a way to masquerade in blackface, and this gives me the perfect reason! This is going to be awesome!

  • Good fun costume but will require some time to inflate!

    October 16, 2012, by Kaveh Damestani

    Very impressed as always with the speedy delivery and quality of the costume. Only drawback is the small fan that is included to inflate the costume! Will take a good amount of time to fill with air! Ended up using Hairdryer to speed it up!

There are 2 reviews for this product
There are no words to describe the white man’s obsession with our genitalia. Where does it come from? Please keep in mind the first rule of business:
The creation and continuous SALE of an item can only be made possible by the demand of the customers. Demand decreases, sale and item disappear.
Any thoughts to this? I’m almost speechless.

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87 thoughts on “Obsession

  1. @Diaryofanegress. I wondered about this too sometime way back, when there was a tv program a few years back on the sheer number of well to do white women who were literally descending on Jamaica looking for and paying huge sums of money to what they referred to as “beach bums” for sex. These women most of them were grannies. The germans and english women were the most voracious and were totally without shame or embarrasment. I think Cynical African answers this need they seem to have, but I think at a much deeper level, they are parasiting energy and if the sexual energy is creative in the terms of life and life giving, then at a certain level these “people” are Vampires. It would also explain why they rape in the wars they create, especially on children and why the catholic church does the same thing, but on a whole other level. Hope this was useful.

  2. Ellis on said:

    Yes, this vid about sex tourism in the Jamaica is on YouTube, it is called something on the lines of “White Women pay Black men for sex”. Disgusting and pathetic if you ask me.

    “Inflatable King Dong Penis” in BLACK. LMAO. How did that idea come to a White person’s mind? Weird and creepy.

    I’ve always been looking for a way to masquerade in blackface, and this gives me the perfect reason! This is going to be awesome!
    “Always been looking for a way to masquerade in blackface” Why?? I don’t understand this tradition of Whites doing Blackface….what is so fascinating about it? It is a mockery of the Black race…so I guess that is why it is funny to them.

    Off-topic but speaking of obsession, today I just read some articles about European missionaries who came to Africa to “civilise” our “savage”, “barbaric”, “superstitious” race. I wanted to understand more about the techniques they used to dupe Africans into accepting a “White! saviour, and how that helped to advance economic, cultural and imperial expansion. In our continent like parasites. Why can’t people (in particular Whites) just leave us alone in peace????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Imhotep on said:

    They are walking caricatures of themselves. The men like inflicting pain on anything. The women like denying that the men do that. It has probably been that way since the very beginning.


  4. nicoleizhername on said:

    On the first episode of Big Brother Mccrae was talking about getting at Howard (Brotha). Out of all the females in the room he could sexually objectify, he zeroed in on Him. Also his partner in crime Amanda has obsessively talked about Him too and referred to His “Big Black D*&K”. Yet with all of these “statistics” & distortions they come out with on us, they never seem to have any on themselves.
    They got so many media outlets and talking heads, but never want to talk about their demon selves or their constant obsessions about Us. We MUST Seperate as soon as possible!

  5. What do you think the emasculation of the Black man is all about? They won’t be happy (at least) until they’re have this penis that they desire and think about so much to themselves. I don’t want to come across as vulgar but for Caucasian males, a Black man as a lover, is perhaps the goal.

  6. Ellis

    Because their survival depends on our extermination.

  7. mzchoco

    That’s why the prevalence of anti black femaleness is on the rise. When the black man is convinced the black female is no longer his partner, he can then be introduced to homosexuality, pedophilia and beastiality.

  8. mswanda on said:

    I’m I the only one that thinks this costume looks like a turd?

  9. mstoogood4yall on said:

    wtf that don’t look like a , its looks like a chocolate covered Pillsbury dough boy. Then it kinda looks like a chocolate covered smurf. idk wtf that is but it don’t look like what its supposed to, and isn’t it supposed to be pink on the top. bahahah

  10. mstoogood4yall on said:

    omg that awkward moment when u type something and then u like why did I type that wtf.

  11. Umoja on said:

    I’m really tired of these dam “people”. They’re disgusting to say the least. Nasty savages. This is the result of their high IQ, creativity and intellect…..smdh. These people have sex on the brain 24/7. It’s the reason why all the porn in movies, music, television, ect… It’s the reason why they’re psychologically demented sexually….they “sex” everything…..dead, alive, young, old, animated objects….you name it….nothing is safe from these sexual terrorist. Everything and anybody is a sexual target. If there wasn’t any genitalia around, they’d probably self implode…..that would be nice.

  12. Umoja on said:

    Separation for crying out loud!!!
    Is it 2050 yet; are they extinct yet….sigh…

  13. Ellis on said:

    Yet they claim that we are sexual deviants, Jezebels etc. That we are sexually vulgar because our dancing etc. That every Black man wants to rape a “precious” White woman.

  14. Courtney H on said:

    @ all:

    I know that this may be off-topic but at the same time it is related. I got it from Brothawolf. It’s a great read!


  15. Forced Reality on said:

    All I can say is OMG!

  16. Imhotep on said:

    They are just miserable. They are the total opposites of us.

    Many of them cannot dance or smile. Their women are over emotional or pro-feminist, so they do not know love.

    The men do not want to know a moment without bringing harm to something.

    Some of them have to know everything. They will not just let something be. The word mystery is their least favorite word in the dictionary.

    The men always have to be in control of everything.

    They never look at themselves, but they do not mind telling you how you are. They bring all of the corruption to the world.

    Like I said, they are total caricatures of themselves, by now.


  17. Here is a particular video of Dr. Umar Johnson explaining this very thing.

  18. sure do, projection at its best. I read an article about how black ppl were lynched because a black newspaper wrote an article saying white women were loose sexually. They nasty, and hate when the truth is told about them, they flip out. The whole world can see how destructive they are here, I wanna step back and watch the fireworks.

  19. mstoogood4yall on said:

    Umar Johnson is amazing. u look like diddy in that pic lol [its bad boy] rofl

  20. To mstoogood4yall: I can’t stand Diddy Boule all in the video dancing ass lol. But yes he is an excellent resource of study. But this video I posted was in addition to another response I wrote just above it but some how wasn’t posted which makes this video sort of random and not in relation to the post or comment I wrote before I posted this video. This might as well should have been removed if what I wrote before is not going to be posted because it comes off as ”off topic” in a way. So at least you got to see this but I really wrote something that lead to me posting this vid in a crescendo sort of way which takes umph’ out the whole thing. I wouldn’t know why negress would delete one of my post and keep the other.

  21. Ariel

    wordpress has a mind of its own. especially on my blog where i am being watched.

  22. To diaryofanegress: You know I figured that would be the case. Because I just couldn’t reason with why you would not want to post what I wrote when it’s in correlation to what the post is about in an informed light expounded upon. These people are just so scared and trepid in their attempts to stifle the inevitable truth that will surely expedite the their game of global deceit and distorted reality that props up their existence as the end all and be all of everybody else’s destiny on this planet.

  23. I don’t see why White people are so obsessed with Black people. What about us that fascinates them yet they hate us?

  24. @Criss Jensen

    Most Black men prefer to be with a Black woman. Just let those stupid White women kid themselves, Black men don’t love them like they love Black women like me.

    Most people prefer to be with their own kind. This interracial crap that they are pushing in the media is bullshit to me

  25. lol Most Black men prefer to be with a Black woman not some stupid cave bitch! Only brainwashed, self hating Black men want to be with a White cave bitch.

  26. Umoja on said:

    Well one thing he’s incomplete in his statement is that while Blacks can wipe out, alienate or destroy a whole civilization by breeding out a race of people—that goes both ways; which is why for many reasons whites are propagating for us to breed with their nasty behinds. This isn’t propagated for our benefit but for theirs. Besides, Blacks have no power to wipe out whites, they wouldn’t allow it. If breeding with them would wipe them out—they wouldn’t have once started this fierce agenda.
    Whites have ALWAYS used interracial breeding with them as their last tool of weaponry in war. It has been successful with the Native Americans, Aborigines, ect… We loose much more than they can ever loose….it’s designed that way. They know this….

  27. This topic is another reason why we should separate from White people. We would be much better off without them around us. Integration was the death of Blacks in AmeriKKKlan. Blacks in America should have never integrated with White AmeriKKKlan. We should have built our own communities and relied on our own strength and built our own businesses and stay away from these people.

    Their obsession and hate for us is dangerous, we need to stay away from them

  28. It’s a battle between white men and women to see who will be the
    undisputed champions of the be black dick. they will stop at nothing!
    when the creator created them did he program them to go on a life long
    treasure hunt for the big black dick? like what the fuck. this post is cracking me up. only a faggot would want to be dressed up as a dick. if you ask most white boys if they’re gay they would respond. Guilty!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Ms. J on said:

    @ Ariel Tivon Toliver (@tivon24)

    Great video! I’m glad he really tackled the “classism” issue. That’s a big RWS phrase. Who owns all the money people use? Definitely not black people.

  30. Imhotep on said:

    They were sneaking into our neighborhoods even during segregation. They cannot let us have anything!!!

    I agree with you on all of your points. I will never have the appreciation for a clear woman like I do a Queen. Braids on an Afrikan Queen blow my mind!!!

    The men of our race only like the clears because the clears let them have it so easily. They like knowing that they can have the clears like that anytime they want. It is a lot easier for them to go to the clear woman after they are discriminated against. They are too silly to realize that the clear woman should be raising her sons to be better.


  31. Tyrone on said:

    Ideologies & Concepts

    Black Penis Envy = Black Vagina Envy

    Blackwomen are the “Crown Jewel” of humanity. Why would we assume that other men don’t desire them? I’m amazed that blackmen don’t see the obvious. White male obsession for the black penis is Sexual Projection. Sistas are who they want, which explains the hate of Becky for “The Black & Brown Girls.” Deep Down, whitewomen know they’re the 4th Wheel, not Sistas. In other words, Disposable! Not a major factor on the planet, in relation to blackwomen…Ditto


  32. Imhotep on said:

    The clear men even sawed off Our goods “in their day”. They did it in front of Our Queens.

    The cave man said this and that, but confused Us completely.

    First, they said that we were “critters that were never clean”. Then, they had the audicity to touch Our Queens at night. Sometimes, they would do that in front of Us. Today, they get upset that they cannot hold hands with Afrikan Women they selected. Gee, I wonder why you are not allowed to be together?!

    I hate the horrid thoughts I have of Our Men forced to make love to lice headed ones in “those days”. I can see My Ancestors rolling their eyes before going into the Shed. That is best part of that.

    – Imhotep

  33. Now they don’t have to force us. our people are so obsessed with pleasure we are outta control. we have to stop marrying and fucking them.

  34. Imhotep on said:

    That is the truth.

    Afrikan Women are real women! The clear one is always too thin like a stick. Lice head has to go to tanning salons to achieve what comes naturally to Our Queens. She will never have Our Foreheads, Cheeks, Eyes, Lips, or Femininity. Our Queens are the most helpful People on the planet. Our Queens double as the Greatest Warriors and Nurturers.

    We as Afrikan Men need to treat Our Queens better than We are doing now! We will with time.


  35. Imhotep on said:

    @ soforeal

    They don’t have to force us anymore because of money. Some of Our People instantly believe they will be “better off with them” because of it.

    I just listen when I hear these rappers speak of getting those Benjamins. They do not realize that they play right into the hands of yt supremacy. They never challenge the system to change the color person on the bills or coins. That could be because they are too busy shaking hands with “white apologists who should be giving them reparations”.

    I hate yt apologists worst than I hate the open ones. Yt apologists always want you to “shake their hands first”. They want to say that “we are all human”. Then, ask them for reparations….”hey man, it’s everybody for themselves”. Yt apologist keep up yt supremacy in other ways. They’ll just go on and on about “what Lincoln did for the slaves”.
    Even then, even then, the men have to be in control. The worst part is the last part….

    They get to brag about how they are now “cool with Black People”. You know, you have to be “cool with Black People”. It can’t be any other way with Us (sarcasm).

    I can’t stand any of them.


  36. I agree with you completely. As a Black woman, I believe Black men only fetishize over White women. Most of them prefer to be with a Black woman.

  37. I agree. They hate and envy us and I believe we should separate from White people for good.

  38. Imhotep on said:

    For starters,

    We actually know how to have fun without harming anything. We made style. We know how to love and We keep love alive. We are the creators to everything!!!! We created the Fridge, the Remote, the first Video Game System, and the Traffic Light!
    We are positive people, period.
    They are secretly jealous. They always have been, always will be.

    The yt man is “that guy who watches everyone else enjoy themselves at a party”. He always has something negative to say about Us because he DOESN’T Want To Look In The Mirror at the VISIBLE RED BAGS UNDER HIS EYES that make him look evil.


  39. Nat Turners' Revenge on said:

    Last night I had to be in rare form (not! Understand my normal, my basic is outstanding to the melanin deficient). In an upscale restaurant before going see Fruitvale Station (I am Oscar Grant & my life matters!!!) it seemed every Becky Tanner there happen to take notice & made it a point to establish eye contact like colonial rule. I’m with my woman whose pineal gland is nowhere close to calcified & their fangs was all the way out. The disrespect wasn’t only to my woman but to the caucanderthal males in their company. From the hostess, waitresses (my servant was male) & other female patrons: Wreckless Eyeballing. One even went as far as to turn my direction cock her legs slightly to where I could see between her… & her man & his buddy right there. I loved every moment of that revolutionary act (real though) on display for they bitch ass. While I dig attention from women, my dick don’t jump for THOSE bitches. My natural reaction was nothing ego not the least inflated. Can’t put a finger on it to what triggered the reaction. Couldn’t have been my cologne my only scent was some soaps from Truth given to me as a gift. Seriously, the obsession is real but kryptonite to this black man they not!

  40. Imhotep on said:

    For starters, they have always been jealous of us.

    We are positive People. We are the Greatest Creators. We invented the Traffic Light, the Fridge, the first ever Video Game System, and the Remote Control. We give a name to style. The fashion world would be nothing without Us. We know how to have fun without hurting anything. We are the only ones who can be funny when proving a point. We love and We keep love alive. Our Queens are the Greatest Caretakers of all time. I can go on for ever!!!!

    Long story short, the yt man is like “that one guy at the party sitting by himself”. He watches everyone else enjoying themselves. He complains about those people dancing and cheering. He never wants to look at himself as the problem. The red bags under his eyes give away that fact that he is completely miserable and nothing else.


  41. True. It is in their nature to be evil, cold, calculating, lacking empathy, soul, heart, conscience and careless.

    Most of their men lack soul, melanin, empathy, conscience, self control, love, heart,

    Most of their women lack beauty, melanin, soul, the ability to be feminine, empathy, conscience, love

    They lack melanin, beauty, soul, brains, empathy, conscience and the ability to control one’s actions

    No wonder White men are the world’s biggest murderers, rapists, thieves, pedophiles, child molesters in the world.

    White women are the biggest sluts/whores, gold diggers, liars, phonies, cheaters and selfish women to walk the earth.

    These demons deserve each other and I don’t care who thinks otherwise. I wish more Black men would wake up to the TRUE nature of White cave women. I am a Black woman and I know I know the nature of White demon men. That is why I would never date one.

  42. Yes it is useful information. White women only use Black men to fulfill their sexual lusts and desires for them and get back at their demon White men. They don’t love Black men the way that a Black woman like me loves and appreciates Black men.

    My little brother loves White women, I hope he wakes up one day and realizes these cave bitches only use him for sex.

  43. Imhotep on said:

    I hope we can separate from them. Amerikkka is Hell. If people of all colors are not white washed zombies now, they will be in the future. Some of Our Young Queens do not even look like Themselves. Now, even They are jumping in to defend yt people by saying “they are not all like that”. Good White Person Syndrome is everywhere, it’s creepy. They do nothing for Us, but some of Us are under their spell anyway. It’s sickening, some of Our Queens talking of folk music as if yts started it. We need to combat their supremacy everyday.

    Yes, I would love a normal life without race discussions in it every day, but it cannot be that way. The miserable man makes a day out of ridiculing us. In the morning, he poses as “Shaniquia” on YouTube. By night, he is “Antwon” on a Black news site. Our war never stops.


  44. Got that right. Yes the White demon man is the guy in the party sitting by himself complaining because he knows that his kingdom is falling soon. These White devils are slick, I tell you.

  45. Imhotep on said:


    Your post reminded me of the work of Mulattoes in the past. Just because One mixes with them, does not mean that they won’t command that, either.

    We have so many “biracials” (“One Droppers” to the System) who know nothing about themselves. Then, we remind up with the Soledads and Obamas who do nothing for Us, yet think they do. They do not realize that they think of themselves as “greater than Us”. They have the same mindsets of their yt parents. So, the “biracials” tell us to “pull ourselves up by the bootstraps”. They are too silly and conceded to realize that We have never had loose bootstraps. Fortunately, they are willing to learn about themselves. Many of them wind up with yt partners. That could be because some of Our Men would call too much attention to their light skin. So, they are a lost cause for us. It is too bad because Sade is naturally gorgeous. They are just another day closer to bringing another evil clear person to this Earth.


  46. Imhotep on said:

    They have no respect for anything on this Earth. I heard that some of the males sodomize babies. They had to wonder about that, too. They are the sickest things on Earth. Yet, they call Our Men “thugs” and that gives them enough justification to kill Our Young Men. It is hard to tell Our Young Men to not wear black. Many of them will just say “f the onseekeers”. I’m not going to wear black when these parasites are creating Halloween costumes from Us. Next thing you know there will be a “black thug” costume just like there is a costume of “our male’s genitalia”. Unfortunately, We got carried away with the Clarence Thomas trial and not Our Child’s “N.W.A” album that was under His bed. There is no escaping this issue now.


  47. Imhotep on said:

    I respect that comment about Oscar Grant. Unfortunately, I know some people (from Our Race) that will not see Fruitvale because “they do not want to see anything with a horrible ending to it”. These same people ignore Our struggle to make cash.

    Unfortunately, those same people will be lined up to see “The Butler”. Watch as they complain when a 75 year old demon man complains about not being able to own “slaves” anymore.
    Those people will complain about his comment for a hot second, then turn away from the problem.

    Some of Our Elders should be taking Our Young Men to see Fruitvale tomorrow for free. Sigh, I have a feeling that some of them would even say “you know that we are black and that is not going to change”.

    I like that this site does not allow us to run away from the problem. Our problem will only continue to find us day by day. Some officers believe it is their sworn duty to have us dead or “at least behind bars”. We will confront them more than hidden supremacists. They are an everyday problem. The officers do not even realize that the yt teens they protect want anarchy. The yt teens would love to overthrow “the machine” to be how they naturally are.

    – Imhotep

  48. I told you cave bitches just only use stupid, gullible Black men to fulfill their sexual lusts and desires. They don’t love them at all.

  49. True but the jealousy is getting obvious when insecure White men whine over their women going to Black men for sex. When White women go to plastic surgeons to have our facial features and brown skin to look like us. When White women are intimidated by beautiful Black women like me in the world. I can go on and on but they are dangerous.

  50. Imhotep on said:

    @ Adeen

    Our Men do not even realize that it is the “plain” woman that must make the first move. Our Men are not allowed to be men around these poodles. Unfortunately, some of Our Men love it when they play hard to get. They will chase after the lice heads for a while because they are overly confident that the lice head secretly wants to be with him.

    I think My Brothas realize that They were the first men on Earth. So, they expect women of all colors to want them. Unfortunately, I have a feeling that My Brotha’s favorite animal is a charmelon. We have that attitude to us. That is why we are so fun to be around. Even then, charmelon has the word “charm” in it. So, you cannot go wrong with that selection. We are the greatest lovers on Earth! The Spanish and the French only come close.


  51. True, keep on commenting. I agree.

  52. Imhotep on said:

    They deserve each other, but even then they cannot come together. They are miserable in different ways that clash.

    The men put up a false image of their women in their mind. A yt woman never wants to be the “damsel in distress” though. Then, those same men call their “Helen Reddys” whores.

    Lilith Fair was what they never wanted anyone to see. Then again, the demon man always looked like a wimpy figure next to his woman he thought he was protecting.

    Their reaction to anything negative done by a yt person to another yt is priceless every time. Their face turns red and their jaws are down to the floor. Their yellow eyebrows look as if they are about to meet. Every color comedian has made fun of their reactions in some way. I imagine it is something you need to see in real life. “Mom…how could you? Stay away from me! That is just nasty! I f——- hate you, you ruuuiiinnnnnn everything for our family”. The men are secretly effeminate. That is totally obvious to see when they are younger. Unfortunately, harming something is the only way yt males look like men. Otherwise, you would think Abe Lincoln looked up to women only in life.


  53. Imhotep on said:

    They travel to every place in this Universe. It is part of their “see everything experience”. If we built a neighborhood, they would turn up secretly. It is even harder for us to do anything without their hand in the destruction of it in the post times. Some of them still think of us as slave stock. They would never let us free without a fight.

    They burnt down our businesses in 1921 once one of them came back “home to find nothing was there for him”. That is how they are. One complains about something in a low voice first. Then, they bring it up to unsuspecting yt men just going about their business. That one guy raises his voice about his concern. Out of nowhere, a really ignorant clear one comes out and listens to that one person’s few words. The super ignorant one says “we’re gonna do it”. Then, they proceed to do it and it is done in the fashion that heartless monsters do things with.

    As I type this, I can feel the sorrow that My Ancestors had when They saw that everything they built was “done and over” with. In present times, these cretins wonder why no one with a brain in their head wants to be around them. You are the problem, yes, it’s you!!!!!

    We live in Hell. It is a shame when one of them walks into the Wal-Mart (their second home), asks where the yt cashier is at, and the manager just points them in the direction. In a perfect world, we would see them as mentally unbalanced, and lock them in a Hospital until they are cured. We live in Hell.


  54. Imhotep on said:

    Yt women do not know how to love a thing. She points out everything that is wrong with her own men in a heartbeat. Their own men think of them as soulless because they see it in their Moms. Yt men are hard pressed right now as they run to their Asian women to get away from their “bitchy” other women. They won’t face their women in person about the problem like men should do.
    It is so interesting to still see the yt man put his lice head on a pedestal in this time. The whole time, he would never share a dollar with his clear woman unless she was more like the Asian woman. A yt woman will not just be like an Asian woman. She has to Murphy Brown everytime. So, the two cannot stand each other at all.


  55. Imhotep on said:

    They are the “plain” people for a reason. I never saw why Our Men would ever wanted to be with them. I have seen Our Men in these relationships, and the yt woman is always telling those brothas how to think. She is like a second rate man. They look like a slave master and a slave going together. That image automatically enters my head. They are a living history lesson for schools. I hate that she even gets to be that way to a Peaceful King. You know, we deserve to have a good life after all We went through and go through to this very day. She would never pull that with a…. oh wait. Okay, she could be a bully to a redneck, but never to a clydesdale (rich yt man) type. I guess He still looks pretty brave (yet stupid) for putting his face out there more to his enemies. Everyday, that brotha says, “I don’t care about what they would like to do to me”. I am very happy not to be him. Why risk your life like that? Life is too short. Life is worth living for. Those men are the worst role models to Our Young Men.


  56. Imhotep on said:

    Yet, some of our judges and elected officials pretend they are white. They have the designer glasses to prove that they are really something. I will never see them as thinkers in anyway.
    They never attempt to change anything. They never wonder why a person with so much green must ignore their people and think they are something they are not. In the “mean”time, the people they kiss up to will never see them as equal. (They are right, We are greater than and not equal.) They are pathetic. I just wait when they are ready to defend someone like Killerman without any knowledge of the case. Then, it is a lot easier to call them out for what they are.

    Watch, their associates, making all of the money just for being born the way they were, are secretly plotting against them. These $ellouts are too stupid to realize that their associates know people who know people. Yts pretend to hate each other to help get more publicity out there to help each other.

    These idiots miss this moment everytime:

    Random Associate to one of Our Young People: So what do you think about “insert name here”?

    Our Young Person: He spits on his own people for a dollar.

    Random Associate On Camera: Did you hear that, Amerikkka?! “Insert name here” does not focus on what should really matter to these people who are treated so badly! Shame on you, “insert name here”!

    Bam, that is his job. He doesn’t have it anymore. How could he? He loss his consumers that pay too much attention to what the media views as “right” and “wrong”.

    These men should know that they are far from safe in their big houses. Their yt enemies are always looking for a way to get them out of there. They cannot have us without a scandal attached to our names. An African man living comfortably in his big house would send the wrong vibes to those that lie to themselves.

    These idiots are too dumb to see that they are always at work to bring them down. Then, they will say, “why are we always playing the victim”?


  57. Nat Turners' Revenge on said:

    Fruitvale Station is one of the rare instances, if I’m not mistaken, the financing (Forest Whitaker), the story came from us. Outside of following the story when it happened in real time I’m supporting black (minus the restaurant). The Butler, 42, etc. & everything else Spike Lee don’t have his hand on is GETTING BOOTLEG. No shame. I’m not supporting none of this BS. Unless the story told by US simply showing US ain’t gon’ cut it…

  58. Imhotep on said:

    @ Nat Turner’s Revenge

    I wanted to like 42 because it presented Afrikan Love to the public. Damn, even then, those monsters managed to make the movie more about Harrison Ford’s character than Jackie. They just won’t hang it up, even for a second.

    I hate to see these movies bootlegged also. If only these idiotic bootleggers knew of hard it is to be an Afrikan actor in Hollyweird. Every part is either being the third wheel to a bland yt couple, wearing a dress, or a character that crashes and burns later on in life. I dare these bootleggers to do what Michael B. Jordan is forced to do just to have food on the table.


  59. Imhotep on said:

    “King Dong”, huh?

    They had to give Our genitalias a racist name. On top of that, they had to remind you that they were speaking of a “black” penis.

    They are just jealous that an Afrikan man can adore a woman and treat all women (regardless of her figure) as a queen. They will never know how to live anything without negatively poking fun at. They tell us to model ourselves after them, ha! The yts are just as illiterate as anyone can be in this time. Point this out to them, and they will call you “a racist”. They will never know the definition of racism (because 10 times out of 10 they are using it). Then again, they never pay attention to anything. They are just like Scanitron machines. They pick up on certain words and know what you are talking about. Otherwise, they are in their own negative hole that they never know their way out of. They will never work on themselves and do not aim to. They are like every villain in their racist media. Most of the men think of themselves as “fallen heroes” ( Clint Eastwood types). They look “fallen” to no one. They just look miserable to everyone with eyes. They won’t accept that they are truly miserable. That is why they are a threat to all of society.


  60. Imhotep on said:

    Bradley…. Ha, ha, ha, ha (I’m not laughing at that event, but his name). That is the typical yt guy name used when comedians make fun of them. “Bradley, you are grounded, young man! Go to your room and think about what you did! Bradley, did you to the mall with Tyler and Bret today? You forgot to tell me, how could you?! You know we should always share things with each other!”

    Bradley does not even realize that his language makes him look less like “a fine, upstanding man”. Congrats Bradley, you did it again! You sound like the cynical miserable being you naturally are. Thank you for giving yt amerikkka a voice. I definately know the sound of a yt guy now! They never fail to amaze me. They are so simple to figure out. They are the only walking caricatures on Earth. That comment was nowhere near as harsh as they are to everything and item on Earth.


  61. YosefBR on said:

    This video completely describes the reasons why white people are obsessed and fearful of us at the same time.

    For those of you interested in getting the full scoop on this with a more detailed description on WHY this is, check out Dr. Frances Cress Wesling’s book “Isis Papers”.

    In the book she goes into deep reasons for the symbolic nature of American sports, candy and holidays.

    This ‘Big Black Penis’ costume is an overt example of symbolism. It’s unmistakable what it represents. But MOST forms of symbolism are hidden within American culture that showcases white peoples desire for our genetic power and their own sense of infertility and inadequacy.

    This black penis custume…I mean ‘damn’ – lol. It’s both a sign of envy (fear) and admiration. It is there sick way of showcasing their desire for our genetic power while at the same time saying, “We’re making fun of you”.

    But are they?

    They want you to believe it’s offensive, like blackface, but it is secretly their desire to be us without overtly saying “I wish I was black, too”

    It’s a form of flattery that stems from jealousy, so I don’t take offense to stuff like this. It just reminds me all the more that I am African….that I am black…and I embrace my manhood between my legs and go ‘Oh yeaaaaaaaaaaaa…” (joking).

    One things for sure, you would NEVER catch a black person wearing a big white penis…on halloween…or even as a practical joke. As a black man, it would make me look weak because naturally white men simply can’t produce the melanin I produce, the creativity that comes to me, the spirituality and connection to God that I have…so wearing a white phallus is a ‘downgrade’, whilst wearing a black phallus is ‘their’ upgrade.

    Numerous times white men have hinted at wanting to have ‘darker skin’. At not being ‘dark’ enough…tan enough…BLACK enough…so these silly little gags is their way to FEEL like a MAN…the BLACK man.

  62. Imhotep on said:

    The Afrikan Man is the most masculine Man on the face of this Earth. All women secretly know that. When We treat Our Afrikan Queens as Queens, all ladies see it. We can adore Our Queens without having to resort to sex. The idea of Gomez loving Morticia Addams all up her arm came from Us. They know that we do not even need the weapons to defend ourselves. We can simply be ourselves as a weapon. Shaft is the most memorable soundtrack theme in all of history. “He is a bad Mutha”, and the ladies just say, “Shut your mouths”.

    Be careful putting Our titles out there. You know they have libraries full of our books that they read all day long. Yes, they are THAT predictable. And they showed themselves enjoying a day in the park on TV.


  63. @Adeen, i agree,but we have tell our younger boy’s, so they dont get tricked in this Joke of a Game. lol

    these women really do think bm want them over their own women!?

  64. yea, diddy is crazy and so is jay z.Diddykeep changing his name and ppl say he might be bi or something. I think he might be, because what man changes his name that many dam times. I don’t know any, but women do especially if we have a different hairstyle lol. as for ur comment yea sometimes this website acts up and sometimes comments don’t get posted. sometimes when my comments aren’t being posted I use a different browser like google chrome then it gets posted.

  65. @Ty
    very true.

  66. @ Imhotep, very true, brotha!
    Thank, God! many are waking up and seeing that
    Black love all the way

  67. mstoogood4yall on said:

    He11 yeah. There ain’t nothing like a good ,strong, intelligent,sensual black man [Malcolm x] *faints* . There is nothing like a king with his offspring http://29.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lixm4fHUU31qc7aoho1_400.jpg

  68. @ Imhotep, whoever you are you r, ur rocking in this post with your comments.

  69. where is the “tumblr” page to this photo?

  70. Imhotep on said:

    Thank you, Crissjensen for your positive statements.

    The dumbest thing yt did was put his blood inside of us. The dummies do not even realize that we can now think in a similar fashion to them. We do need to think like them to think ahead of them!!!! They put race first every time! Every other statement they make is about Us. They play games thinking about Us. You know they have the yt supremacist video games (video games were created by Us) and the rock music (rock music was by Us, too) to persuade others with. “Ethnic Cleansing” is a video game created by them for them. Unfortunately, there are video games that allow four year olds to shoot Our Youth. No one around them thinks to burn those games!!!!!! “The good yt people” just like to sit around fearing them anyway. They get upset when people say that all yts are all. I guess they do not mind that they are given such a bad name. They used to die with Our Ancestors for being “race traitors”. Now, they never do a damn thing to end it!

    Don’t get me started on how the “yt apologist” are now speaking of “white slaves too”. We need to look at all ends of the battlefield. At the end of the day, Amerikka stands as Amerikkka.

    – Imhotep

  71. Imhotep on said:

    Thank you for that link. That was a very powerful image! We need to put it in the mind of Our Young Men who now wear pink socks! Unfortunately, they do not realize that there are hate crimes against homosexuals either. That’s right, a yt from a different walk of life openly beats up on the LGBTs too. I wonder if they care about their problem with the LGBT crowd first or their problem with us.

    Anyway, I like that image very much!


  72. Imhotep on said:

    Our Babies always turn out to be the cutest Babies on Earth. Yts make this a fact when they adopt Them.

    I love that photo, That Young Man looks so powerful in His Father’s Hands! You can tell that His Father is showing Him strength at a young age. Look at His grip.We would never let go. This is an image of a TRUE MAN.


  73. Exactly and our babies have beautiful hair and glowing skin. Plus I love their smiles and how adorable they look.

  74. mstoogood4yall on said:

    http://beautifulblackbabies.tumblr.com/ yep black babies are adorable.

  75. The little girl that’s laying on the floor in africa, you can tell she is not of this world look into her eyes and look at her face. she looks like she was sent from a group of gods from this universe, I can tell she is going to be special she looks like an advanced being. wow, if I have kids I want my daughters to look like her. lol, I look at her and she speaks to me, as if she is saying yes, I am the new manifestation of the creator of higher intelligence. wow she blew me away. thanks for this. they all are wonderful.

  76. Imhotep on said:

    Sigmund “Fraud” always said the yt man was driven by two things: sex and aggression.

  77. Pingback: Obsession | Kemetix

  78. Tyrone on said:


    As blackmen, we need to understand that all non-black men are wired the same, as it relates to copying and obsessing over black male sexuality. I’m from Miami, born and raised, i deal with this obsession every day. The white guy with locs, the cuban kid with a gold grill, the boricua with cornrows, etc. They copy blackmen because they think that will get their foot in the door with blackwomen, which explains their behavior. Men are not gonna kiss the ass of blackmen just to impress their own women. Black Vagina Envy is the fuel that creates the endless “Obsession” with our genitals in the psyche of other men.


  79. Tyrone on said:


    What’s Good Blackman! Another way to view this behavior is via “The Trap House.” Whitemen are so infatuated with us, that, they have to kill us off to actualize their fantasy. They create traps of all kinds for us to fall into, we fall face first. Casper rides in on a pale horse to rescue blackwomen from the mean, ugly-hearted black male populace…Trap House! 2 steps ahead brothas, 2 Steps! Cross, keep your foot on the gas my broth!!!


  80. Imhotep on said:


    I have seen what you are talking about.

    There is only one explanation for all of it:

    White people were Our Albinos spawns after being mutated by the climates around them. I get the feeling all other races have a more direct connection to Us. Though, all other people of color could have started out as Our Albinos, too.

    The Afrikan woman is the Mother to All of Civilization. So, She is the first true image of a female. We were created as Her first love interest. So, the Afrikan man is the first and most masculine man on this planet.

    All non-Black people should know that they could never truly be with the Mother of All Civilization like We can. The Afrikan Man and Woman are warriors together. Yes, We are quite flattered when these races tell Us of all Jah has given Us. The Afrikan Woman (The Mother) never forgets what Her People go through when these non-Blacks cannot get what they want out of Us.


  81. Imhotep on said:

    @ Tyrone

    Since the YT man is a mutated form of Our Albino child, it makes sense for him to want the Afrikan Queen. So, that’s right, they torture Brothers by stereotyping Us so they can ultimately exterminate Us. They do not think We notice their attraction to OUR Women. We all know by now that YT women (our Albino daughters) are deeply hurt whenever YT men do anything to hurt a Brother. In a way, the YT man (Our Albino son) cannot have anything the way he likes it. He only marries the YT woman to hurt Our Queens. By Us, as Brothers, showing no interest in his woman, we are killing two birds with one stone. His wife is not happy and he cannot be happy because he has to hear his wife whine all day and keep him miserable. All of this is on the eerie side when you think about it. Everything We face is because of Our Lovely Sisters being the Mother of All Civilization.


  82. Imhotep on said:

    They have got to be mutated Albinos! There is no other explanation for their obsession with Us. The mutated Albino son lusts after a woman like the Mother of All Civilization (An Afrikan Queen). When he cannot have her, he does not mind taking down ALL of Us. The mutated Albino daughter knows what he does is wrong. She just turns red, looking unhappy about it. When the yt women are conditioned, some of them do not care about a Brother being murdered. Normally, the “mutated albino daughter” enjoys the company of Brothers. Many of believe “the mutated albino son” loves “the mutated albino daughter” to put her on a pedestal. The “mutated albino son” does not care about her and only wants to get at the Afrikan Queen.


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