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Black Business Owners Beware

Growing up in NYC, I saw hundreds, if not thousands, of black owned businesses in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx. We were doing so well with our little shops, we even managed to somehow own thrift stores, beauty parlors and spice shops in the ultra racist area of Long Island’s south side and Staten Island. The overwhelming majority of black business owners in Brooklyn were islanders and Africans.

I watched, with bewilderment, as our shops, one by one, went belly up. Thriving clothing stores and Jamaican restaurants that sold every last bite of food just suddenly shut down. Rumours of Giuliani and his henchmen floated around but, of course, nothing was ever confirmed.

For all aspiring black business owners and those that already have physical businesses (shops), please watch this short clip and know that this could easily happen to you…especially if your company is doing well.

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72 thoughts on “Black Business Owners Beware

  1. Eric Foster on said:

    This absolutely sickens me. Anytime black people do anything positive economically, they actively work to take us down. It happened to Ida B. Wells and it is still happening today. I have no idea how they live with themselves.

  2. Eric


    They tell themselves that we “deserve it.”

  3. Fred on said:

    This is so sad!!!!!!Smh!!!!!!I hope this will wake up our own black people…..

  4. The same thing happened during Reconstruction when blacks started businesses and ran for office and then the destruction of Black Wall Street

    white people are terrified of black people doing anything that they don’t give us or they don’t control.

    I bet this kind of thing has happened dozens of times where whites will destroy a black owned business or stop us from opening one by not giving us a a license, or denying us loans to open or expand,

    and then flooding black communities with businesses from non-white people just off the boat to make us feel even more inferior and destroy the morale of our children who look on and see black adults acting at the level of dependent children

    An Arab businessman told a friend of mine that when they (Arabs) apply for a business license they are told they can only open a business in the black areas. You are not going to see a long line of cheap Arab and Korean stores in a middle class white community.

    I hear black people talking resentfully about these businesses but what happens when they leave? Will we be willing to take their place and open AND run our own businesses? And what kind of resistance will we get from the whites who run our cities?

    Somehow we will have to find a way to FUND a collective of businesses with our own dollars and whatever monies we can get via loans and grants or fundraisers and fight back against this economic oppression because economics is the lifeblood of every community

    Thanks for this post, Negress, it sheds some more light on what black businesses are up against in this racist system!

    (wonder if anyone is going to pay for what happened to this young black man?)

  5. Rumours of Giuliani and his henchmen floated around but, of course, nothing was ever confirmed.

    It’s true. check that evil being history with our people(not a good one, at all!) he’s part of this very same system thats out to get us(believe it or not).

    Don’t even get started with that damn nyc police F**king system.

    all work hand and hand against us. “WATCH THE SNAKES”

  6. We as a people better get ready cause when Obama leave’s the white house (the house that was build by SLAVE’S) it on and popin.

    those devils are really going to attacking us like “the vile sh*t” they R.

  7. Miss Pam

    If you know of any way to get us to only shop with each other, please let me know.

  8. Criss

    It’s going to happen before Obama leaves. Obamacare is set to begin in 5 months.

  9. Kushite Prince on said:

    They been doing this for a minute. Same old tactics,nothing has changed.

  10. Oh this article brought back some memories! When I lived in Chicago with my mother, most of the shops on Madison near the Oak Park end too were Black owned. Incence Shops, clothes Shops, Cosmetics brands most folks would never have heard of, Perfumes &Scented waters brands know to us only LOL , Wig Shops favoured especially by the Halleluja crowd lol! Furniture stores, yes folks we used to own those too along with Carpet emporiums! Nail shops long before they became “nail bars”, Shoe repairs, electricians, plumbers, Legal Advice, Dentist and clinical care!, Clinics with us in them, yes Doctors and Nurses, Lab techs, the list is long, Oh, and we did taxes too. The first thing I bought with my first pay cheque was a Fish-Shaped vase I got from the THRIFT store, LOL. In the summer I’d keep my window open so I can hear the Blues and Jazz drifting in and my Mother would shout “is you Damn Crazy, SHUT that damn windah in dey”! Well I did close it when she was there, but you know how it is. I grew up still listening to Jazz, but I have a choice now to keep or open my window! I know this here the Blues, but anybody remember the one and only Ms. Coco Taylor……… check it, this is Chicago Blues at it’s very beast. Thanks for this piece. Brought back the nice times. Thanks!

  11. Eric Foster on said:

    They took our lands and kicked us out of the county in Forsyth, County here in Georgia. Same thing that happened in Tulsa and Rosewood. You can read about it here if you like.

    If we cannot see that we have no choice but to stick together these days then there is not much help for you. My question, though, is how do you find black businesses? For example, I just got my car washed and it was done by some hispanic gentlemen (I do not know their nationality). If I knew of a black car wash I would have gone out of my way and would be willing to pay more! Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

  12. kowaba on said:

    Interesting clip. Did anyone else notice that they showed the picture of the black male next to the camera with the title, “Caught on Tape”? To me, one just scanning through the channels would believe that the black male was caught on tape. They really should have had the white male enforcement officer’s picture up there, but I guess it is all about the programming and associative memory here. These white people are real slick.

    I haven’t read it yet, but I believe in The New Jim Crow, the author discusses that black people were framed by police. Like Pam said, this stuff has been happening since Reconstruction.

    Thanks for the heads up, DOAN!

  13. Gat Turner on said:

    Interesting considering they always say that ” no one is sitting around trying to think of ways to opresss blacks” and then this, SMH.

  14. Eric

    Sadly, all the black car washes I knew of went belly up.

  15. Kowaba

    That’s why sometimes it’s better to work from home.

  16. anonymous on said:

    I noticed that in my area where we have some successful Black people who have businesses, they have used white people to represent the company because they understand that they will be targeted. I have met other Black people who have companies businesses who keep a very low profile. It is sad that this society wants Black people to “pull themselves up by their bootstraps”, but continually does everything it can to pull them down by their bootstraps.

    As for the drug planting thing, did a search on YouTube, and got lots of hits, I am beginning to feel that as a collective, White people want to wipe Black people off of the face of the earth.


    Negress can you give us some recommendations as to how Black business owners may be able to protect themselves from this type of mistreatment?

  17. LOL I meant to say the BEST as in Chicago Blues….and yeah I saw that s…t with “caughton tape” like if the Bro. done somthing. Anybody just seeing that would think the usual “Black male equals crime” and time in the slime! Wonder if those B’s would copy that piece of “ebonics”. lol. Emmm, after that piece think I’ll be a Jazz night tonight and call my mother. 🙂

  18. Anonymous

    I wish to God I knew.

    My brother, being smart and aware, had his business in his own home away from the prying eyes of his competitors. I too work from home and am super secretive about my many trips to the post office.

    All I can say is this:

    If possible, work from home.
    If it’s not possible, set up your store with video and audio equipment at all times and a good alarm system. Have someone in your shop with you so they can help you keep watch.

    That’s all I can think of.

  19. Courtney H on said:

    @ all:

    I just got this book from B&N entitled “Our Black Year,” by Maggie Anderson. I just started reading it. It is about a middle-class African-American couple in Chicago who decided to “buy black only” for a year for many of the reasons mentioned here in many posts. Have any of you heard about it?

  20. Courtney H on said:

    @ Eric:

    I was attending college in the Atlanta area when that 1987 march happened. Many of my classmates — black and white — attended the march. I wanted to, but my parents were afraid of my getting hurt, so they talked me out of going. However, I watched coverage of it on TV.

  21. anonymous on said:


  22. Courtney H on said:

    @ all:

    And then they turn around and wonder why people hate cops!!

  23. Agreed. This video makes the victim look like the villain. Several times over.

  24. mstoogood4yall on said:

    wow. they stay planting stuff this reminds me of the American violet story. It is good he had video or they would’ve gotten away with it. Its something how that guy planted crack cocaine, he could’ve planted anything, but he chose crack I guess he stereotypes that oh black ppl do crack so let me plant this so its more believable. I wonder what happened to the informant, I wonder if he got less time than the black man would’ve had for the crack. imo this is why its best to sell ur stuff online then ppl can’t do this sheit and u can be anonymous and they not know ur race. it definitely needs to be a fund set up to buy black businesses one neighborhood at a time. Oh and I notice when I try to type In black businesses there really isn’t a website that has it categorized like black car shops, black salon,etc. its all thrown in together and doesn’t really tell u what the website is about until u click it. I wish there were black farmers around here, even when I type in black farmers it doesn’t pull up anything and the crazy thing is when I typed in black farmers pne of the first results was a dam porn site. smh

  25. This is a very good video that you showed us Negress. I am glad you posted this video because we, as a people, should be on guard and aware of their tricks and lies. They want to see us fail not prosper. That is why I am all for Blacks separating from White people and Blacks who sell out and side with White people.

    We need to get away from people like that and make our OWN businesses in our OWN communities and rely on our strength to get by.

  26. It’s interesting how the police department uses words like apparently, and they’re doing their own investigation into what happened.. WTH.. Like are they the only ones who DIDN’t see the surveillance footage?? Now had that been the other way around… shady shady shady…
    yea Shi# is definetly about to hit the fan when Obama leaves…
    I always tell my melinated friends about preparing and getting read and only 1 doesn’t think I am not bat shit crazy.. I sometimes get comfortable and complacent as well, but then reality sits in, and I start researching more ways to be self sufficient /prepping / get in touch with my self and ancestors. I have to come to be aware there are alot of people who are in fact “asleep” and don’t even want to wake up. Its really sad. very sad. They won’t even support other black owned businesses because they say “they charge to much” but they’ll go spend hundreds of dollars on a new pair of jordans..??? sigh…….. or they won’t even take the time to listen to the MANY blogtalk radio programs that feature greats like Dr. Phil Valentine talking about this stuff, because 2 hours is to damn long… but you sitting there watching the playoffs and Love and Hip hop??? wake up!!! Okay my rant for the day.
    I’ve noticed with prepping it makes good to have a running list of index, so then you switch it out.. I get a lot of good tips from Youtube/Nukasoldier…


  27. It’s interesting how the police department uses words like apparently, and they’re doing their own investigation into what happened.. WTH.. Like are they the only ones who DIDN’t see the surveillance footage?? Now had that been the other way around… shady shady shady…
    yea Shi# is definetly about to hit the fan when Obama leaves…
    I always tell my melinated friends about preparing and getting read and only 1 doesn’t think I am not bat shit crazy.. I sometimes get comfortable and complacent as well, but then reality sits in, and I start researching more ways to be self sufficient /prepping / get in touch with my self and ancestors. I have to come to be aware there are alot of people who are in fact “asleep” and don’t even want to wake up. Its really sad. very sad. They won’t even support other black owned businesses because they say “they charge to much” but they’ll go spend hundreds of dollars on a new pair of jordans..??? sigh…….. or they won’t even take the time to listen to the MANY blogtalk radio programs that feature greats like Dr. Phil Valentine talking about this stuff, because 2 hours is to damn long… but you sitting there watching the playoffs and Love and Hip hop??? wake up!!! Okay my rant for the day.
    I’ve noticed with prepping it makes good to have a running list of index, so then you switch it out.. I get a lot of good tips from Youtube/Nukasoldier…


  28. BTW.. support the channel please.. 🙂 melinated/black owned channel. (he’s a light bright) LOL


  29. I live nowhere near NYC but I saw this story posted on KTL and thought I’d share. Its a black owned business thats a bookstore that is need of donations to keep open.

    Looks like they already had the potluck, but I thought I’d share the story if anyone is interested.


  30. wow. dang if he could put the books for sale online, more ppl would probably buy. I don’t live anywhere near new York.

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  33. decodeSOR on said:

    I think it was the Hon. Elijah Muhammad who once said that we should never underestimate whites’ capacity for evil. This is very disheartening to watch. Everyone keeps telling Black people to pull yourself up by your bootstraps, and when we do, shit like this happens. I think these white people have some type of innate evil programming embedded or coded in their DNA exclusively, for only an evil person would do such a thing in these hard economic times. I think 2013 is the turning point in this whole matter about racism and injustice, and it is not going to be the type of outcome that most people think.

  34. Nat Turners' Revenge on said:

    The Assailant (2009)

    Based on the life of a legendary capoeira fighter from Bahia, “Besouro” spins a fantastic tale of a young Brazilian man of African descent…

    If my people could watch & listen to the very first verbal exchange between man & boy in the first few minutes of this film… I’m not off subject Truth. Wouldn’t dare disrespect you or those on the thread like that. The film itself mirrors our current condition as well as the posted video.

  35. I think we sometimes forget who country this is, who’s world this is. We are allowed to half-ass exist in it. The only way we we’ll make it is if we, as Black people unite and squeeze out the poison that is self-hate. Check this video out:

  36. Umoja on said:

    ALWAYS have a camera, recorder ready….EVERY TIME you see them coming. Period!! This Black man could have lost everything that he worked for, his family included…and ended up in jail along with the thousands upon thousands of Black men with trumped up charges, or the many innocent Black men who are spending their whole lives in prison or executed due to these hybrid “humans”. Always have a camera, recorder ready; after all , they are great actors. smh

  37. EyesWideOpen on said:

    This “news report” is a perfect example of why I long ago stopped watching mainstream news AND why I’ve pretty much written off all non-blacks. Allow me to explain!

    Anyone over the age of 10 watching this news clip should be having at least one, “Hey, wait a second!” moment by the time it is over.

    Why the MUGSHOT photo of the VICTIM?

    Why is the entire piece framed and worded in a way to make the BM look guilty?

    Why are they always trying to demonize black people?

    Why is the demonization so relentless?

    Why are they using TV to try and divide and conquer?

    Why do they insist on insulting my intelligence every single day that I sit down to watch the news? Do they think I can’t see what they are doing?

    Perhaps most importantly; Exactly who the hell is “they” anyways?

    Any decent human being, regardless of race, should be outraged at this hit piece not only because it is unjust but also because it is a flagrant insult to the intelligence of any preteen who is not retarded. These kind of “news reports” having been going on since the dawn of television yet not a peep out of white people.

    The truth is, when it comes to morals and justice we have given all non-blacks way too much credit. Their Neanderthal DNA basically means that they are talking apes without conscience or a sense of justice unless it is something that directly affects them. With few exceptions, their collective actions have proven this over the centuries.

    These caucanderthals are so beyond evil it just boggles the imagination. Not just the police, not just the informant but every single low life, mutant degenerate involved in this hit piece has blood on their hands for willfully creating a false impression to purposely perpetuate negative stereotypes and racism. Way to make a contribution to this world.

    These same lying, deceitful white devils who claim not to notice any racism on TV or anywhere else will go on IMDB and dissect movies in the most detailed and perceptive manner. It’s like “Dayum, these white folks REALLY get into their movies.” But they rarely if ever, mention the rampant racism.

    The disturbing fact is, they see racism and demonizing everywhere but not only do they not disapprove, they strongly approve of it or the networks and movie makers would never get away with it. WP are very quick to flood TV stations with complaints and boycott movies that offend them in any way.

    As others have said in this thread, if we have to deal with these creatures, we must play defence and protect ourselves at all times.

    White people are treacherous and EVIL. Training ourselves to see ALL of them that way no matter how pleasant the face or demeanor will go along way towards protecting ourselves and dealing with them in the right spirit and tone.

    Perhaps the most important attitude adjustment of waking up as a BP is switching from always giving WP the benefit of the doubt to holding ALL of them under indefinite suspicion.

    They deserve nothing better.

  38. Matari on said:

    “Perhaps the most important attitude adjustment of waking up as a BP is switching from always giving WP the benefit of the doubt to holding ALL of them under indefinite suspicion.

    They deserve nothing better.”


    Mr. Neely Fuller agrees with you! He refers to all (individual & collective) white people as “racist suspects” and advises that they should be treated by us as such.

  39. EyesWideOpen on said:

    This post and video an excellent example of the treachery of white males but lest anyone think that Becky is any less treacherous, NOTHING could be further from the truth. Here’s a quote I dug from my notes to that effect. As you’re reading, ask yourself, would you ever trust a creature like this with ANYTHING…

    Women are the best kiss-asses in the entire world. We know how to pay a compliment and make it sound real, but be so full of bullshit that it’s a wonder there are any of us with blue eyes… …Women will look you dead in the eye, tell you how much they love what you’re wearing, then walk away and mutter to themselves “Yeah, it’s really nice… if it’s supposed to be worn to the circus.” We don’t even have to have another person to mock you to. We’ll say it internally and congratulate ourselves on our wittiness.

    Notice the ‘WE’. Becky – sorry, Zara – is letting you in on the treacherous, completely untrustworthy nature of white women towards people in general; white, black or otherwise! It is their NATURE, straight from the hoar’s mouth.

    WP are not evil because they are racist, they are racist because they are evil. Before they ever laid eyes on us they were clubbing each other over the heads in caves, eating their dead relatives, burning their women at the stake, throwing people to the lions for ‘entertainment’, drawing and quartering (Google it), nailing people to crosses and countless other degenerate, depraved acts.

    White people are hopelessly evil and they cannot be reformed. They’ve got a 3000 year track record to prove it.


  40. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Mr. Fuller sounds like a very wise man!

  41. Forced Reality on said:


    I understand if you cannot discuss it, but I would love to learn more on how you are able to work from home.

  42. Imhotep on said:

    I have noticed many things about them in my travels. The younger males appear to be miserable and evil. That could be why they make up nasty caricatures of Us for all of these different websites. The middle-aged ones always walk around angry because “they cannot take back their
    country”. So, they have their heads down and their faces turned red. The older ones are the worst. They are stuck in the past thinking of those years as “the good old days”. They are just one day closer to acting like “senile citizens”. They are the worst threat right now next to the police. Just look at what happened to Darius Simmons.

    Anyway, stay safe, Family!


  43. Forced Reality

    Since I’m being watched like a hawk, I can’t discuss it on the internet.

  44. Jesus

    Great clip. Maxwell speaks the truth.

  45. mswanda on said:

    I see the same things out here in Az. Whenever I go out to the grocery store or walmart there they are looking angry. I was at Fry’s and at least 2 white men were looking at me with such hate in their eyes! I didn’t do anything to them. I’m just shopping. They looked like they would have killed me if they could get away with it. At walmart a couple of months ago a hillbilly was staring at me in such a hateful way I actually got scared, I though he was gonna attack me. I’ve never been scared of white people before but Im fearful of them now. I also get snide and evil looks from white women and they also when shopping they try to hit me with their carts. I’ve witnessed several times whites trying to hit my little girl with their carts in the store. Just yesterday it happened in Fry’s and my daughter has told me numerous times that a white female will look at here in an evil or mean way and she is sick of it. My child is only 11 and she gets attacked by angry whites. I’ve gotten in a couple of these cave bitches faces and told them to do it to me. Not my child and they look at me like I’m crazy. I also had a hillbilly try to run me and my child over in the parking lot at the grocery store. He was very far away but when he saw us try to cross he sped up and when he got up on me I stopped in the middle of the crossway and I said “MFer I wish you would hit me and my child!” He looked all puzzled like he didn’t know what I was talking about. I was not scared, I was angry. I was about to yank him out of that monster truck and kick his ass like his name was Reginal Denny, Remember the LA riots. lol. I also noticed when I’m driving whites try to run up on my rear end like they are gonna hit me.

    Negress do you think you can do a post on this. I know I’m not the only one experiencing this. These crackers are loosing their mind. Having a meltdown. I also think it is the spiritual shift that hit last year and that is the final straw.

  46. kowaba on said:


    The same thing happens to me. One time when I went to the grocery store, I noticed that a white man stopped dead in his tracks and was glaring at me. I even look towards him because I saw him looking at me and he continued glaring at me. He looked pissed! For what? I have no idea. I was in the produce section and he was on the other end of it. Not even in the same section of vegetables. It was really bizarre.

    As for white women, when I’m engrossed in an activity, I look up and I notice them staring at me. I think they are literally studying me. Some will even look at me with disgust or disdain. It’s very strange. But these people, both white males and females, are constantly looking at me. I don’t know if it is all in my head, but I don’t see them doing the same to other black people who are friendly towards them. I feel like they just do it to me.

    No, you are not the only one experiencing this. From what I’ve remembered visiting the South on vacation as a kid, it seems like these behaviors are becoming more open and apparent up here in the northeast.

  47. kowaba on said:

    Thank you for the links, Alia5012.

    Here is a website for food preservation:


  48. Thank you!! Canning is my next adventure I would like to take on.

  49. Umoja on said:

    ROFLOL…..@ “Talking apes”. I’m going to add that to my verbal darts up against these “people” on YT. ‘Ya know, it’s ironic how they project everything that they are onto us. Apes? That would be them. A Neanderthal looks just like a two-legged ape. I’m beginning to think that “Big-foot” is one of those Neanderthals. White men are laden with hair everywhere…..back, ears, butt…everywhere!! Yuck!! When THEIR scientist say, “we evolved from apes”, they’re talking about themselves…..whites ( How dare my spell-check capitalizes Neanderthal) .

  50. Umoja on said:

    ” There are only two kinds of white people; suspect racist or racist until proven otherwise”. Mr. Neely Fuller Jr.

    The majority seem to prove racist. Just leave ’em alone altogether, I say. Enough of that, “some good white folks” mess. If you have to look for some “good white folk”….there’s a problem.

  51. kowaba on said:

    You’re welcome.

  52. EyeWideOpen on said:

    Yes, their projection about us being apes is as if deep down, they know what they are.

  53. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Yes, their projection about us being apes is as if deep down, they know what they are.

  54. Clair on said:

    Here in the Caribbean some networking is done through Facebook and even through professional organizations. We also use community trade expos and flea markets . There has to be a way! You have already started the process already by inviting ideas here on this blog.

  55. Clair on said:

    I knew of white hatred and prejudice, but I have never seen it so blatant as it is practiced in America. most people even if they do not like you manage to be civil. Up to a week after the story first broke, I notice that in the story about the women held as sex slaves by Ariel Castro, the rescuer was unseen. That struck me as unusual, since America is so obsessed with heroes. I did a search and eventually found his picture. As soon as I saw his race I understood why. The role he played was not in keeping with what the media likes to portray about someone of his ethnicity. I then followed up the comments on him on some of the news websites including NBC and behold, about 1 in every 5 comments were abusive and degrading to the rescuer, someone who took the risk and got involved to help people. A long time ago I became aware that the characters that represent America on these forums are just beyond reason, blind with hate and demonic. They sound like rabid hyenas. It is a waste of time trying to communicate with their depraved minds. I wonder if they represent a vocal minority that have surpassed the regular hateful majority or if the society as a whole has reached a new low in morals and reasoning. Those who make these comments usually cannot spell and seem so brutish and uncouth even when they are not pouring hate on blacks. They cannot discuss any subject in a civil manner and intelligent manner without cursing other commentators. It is best to shy away from this uncivil discourse. How does a society that produced NASA etc. produce so many dunces, and brutes! From the quality of these people’s intellects, even if they succeed in murdering or running all of the blacks out of the country, it is clear that America is on a downward skid and has fallen behind intellectually! Please home school your children whenever possible black sisters and brothers!

  56. Anything to keep themselves on top. but, just like ants they can destroy all they want but we will keep on building.

  57. YosefBR on said:

    The simplest solution to countering this is, as Negress has mentioned, start a business from HOME.

    I’ve done very well for myself doing business online (freelance writing selling services, online marketing selling products) and part of that reason is because people of all races will support you…especially white people if it means solving THEIR problems.

    Online, the only color that matters is GREEN, and if you have something that can help people, regardless of race, you can do very well.

    Also, online, you can do business anonymously and never be denied business because of the color of your skin. You can get as close to the full economical benefits of doing business as you can regardless of your blackness…and people never ask…again…if it solves their PROBLEM and you provide a solution and you know how to market it…they will give you their money in return without ever seeing your face.

    White people are incredibly vulnerable to their own WORDS and ACTIONS and, when used against them can persuade them and people of other ethnicities (Asians, Middle-Easterns, Japanese, Russians, Australians, Canadians, etc) to do business with them.

    The internet is one of the greatest tools, invented by a black man by the way, that makes it ‘impossible’ to plant any evidence or deny bank loans of any kind.

    It allows people like Negress to set up shop online and sell her products without worrying about rather or not some racist ‘limp dick’ is plotting to put her in jail.

    It also makes it virtually ‘expenseless’, whereas if she were to sell her products at a physical location, she would have to get zoning, a bank loan, construction contractors, permits, licenses, etc…not to mention all the road blocks along the way just to GET a bank loan as a black business owner.

    With that said, I’m not suggesting all blacks abandon setting up physical shops in their neighborhood. In fact, we need MORE. We are not a bunch of digital beings. We are real and physical in nature. What I AM suggesting, however, is that you start your own business online FIRST…and with the profits you make, you can pool it together with others or self-fund opening up physical locations and BYPASS a lot of the B.S. you have to go through to move forward.

    A lot of what stops us is FINANCIAL. If you control the MONEY, you can sway the minds of a lot of people in your favor. I do it all the time to get what I want from white people and, from the few that do know I’m black, when it comes to money, making money from themselves or solving a non-monetery problem, they will STILL do business with you because it serves them to do so…along with other ethinicities who feel negatively towards blacks.

    The key is to study marketing and the power of WORDS. Words can be used to persuade people and they HATE IT when blacks get hands on information that THEY sell to their own to be used against them…and they can’t resist it at the same time.

    One website I recommend for those of you who want to learn the art of marketing and the tools and strategies they use is WarriorForum.Com.

    It’s a primarily white marketing community, and it’s because of the internet people of all color can use the information to make really good money to support themselves, their family and the black community.

    Saavy people all over the world go there to spill their secrets on marketing, selling, what works, what doesn’t work and…I’ve used much of the information myself to financially empower me, my family and now you all — my black community.

    Everything there is current, up-to-date and if you put in the work much of the information there will benefit you financially…big time…so you’ll never need to hold a 9-to-5 job.

    So there you have it.

    Apologies for the long post, Nigress.

    When people ask me how I do it, especially whites, my mouth stays closed and I’m very secretive, but for my black family I expose everything I do and I’ve just given you those who are serious a simple way to ‘manuvere’ around a system that was built against you if you operate on a physical plane.

    It’s just amazing the money and potential at your finger tips if we black people take one of the greatest inventions created by US — the internet — and use it, not to play games, screw around on facebook or waste idle time reading the news, but to use it to financially empower ourselves.

    If anyone has any questions, I’ll be happy to answer them. I have nothing to sell. I just love my people and want to see them succeed because if YOU do, the money circulates among ourselves and we ALL benefit.

    If you have a specific skill like writing, you can write for other people and charge money to do so. If you’re a graphic artist, you can market yourself and your website in a way that brings in a LOT of clientele. Hell, even if you have NO skills you can easily develope one or…hire other people WITH those skills, sell a service and reap the rewards from other peoples labor.

    There are so many creative ways to approach it and it blows my mind how much time we spend in front of a Tell-Lie-Vision or other mindless junk online.

    Again, the website I recommend people go to to improve their marketing and selling skills is WarriorForum.Com.

  58. Imhotep on said:

    And now they will use the Internet against us. It will happen, especially, in these times. An idiot already said, “those n words took my job”. They are really going to come out more now than ever. They are losing because of the destruction they brought to a country built by them. They should have been saying that those illegals took our jobs. They always want to start something with us, exclusively. Next thing you know, they will be telling us that we need to join to take down the aliens they brought into the country. Oh wait, they are doing that already. I’m sorry. They are simple minded, but they think that they cannot be that way. They bring Hell with them everywhere they go. It all starts with that simple lie of promise. They speak of what the yt man will (not can, but will) do for them. Then, their evil is in effect forever. They do their evil with a straight face as if it were right, facepalm.


  59. Charma on said:

    Thank you yosefBR for the information we can all use. Internet works well for me too. I have a business online and I’m able to pay my bills and work my way through my business without having to work for anyone else. I only work hard to come up with great product ideas that will benefit my black Brothers and Sisters and so enjoy it. I have an online African store that sells fabrics, clothing, African Wedding décor and the list goes on. Here is a list of online business ideas. Book stores, clothing stores, shoes stores, services such as printing, embroidery, non perishable health food stores, health a beauty stores, wholesale businesses in clothing, etc., there are so many things we all can do and network with each other. We already love facebook and twitter, we can spread the news, youtube etc.,

    Online also works best if you have an open policy and flexible with returns in certain items. Make sure you have your phone number displayed so people can contact you on your website. Take great pictures and don’t fill it with too much content that what is necessary to sell that product. Market your online business well so customers can find you online by key words. Online businesses are faceless and I find when they don’t know you are black it’s even better. There are lots of white people selling our own product online so we have to be there too.

  60. YosefBR on said:


    …this may happen…it may not.

    The internet is simply too vast and too deep to put a strangle hold on us as blacks without putting a strangle hold on whites, too (anyone remember SOPA?)

    White people fought to like hell to get the bill killed, but if they really wanted that bill to pass, monitoring people across the nation, it would have passed.

    However, because the internet is so powerful and lucrative on their end, it is highly unlikely to pass which indirectly benefits blacks and other people of color worldwide.

    Bills like this will never pass because there is too much money involved in online commerce for it too pass that benefits whites. So, rather they like it or not, we too can benefit from and exploit the system for our financial gain to build our black communities and families as they are doing so for themselves.

    The internet levels the playing field in a way unlike anything else has or may ever come close to, rather they want it to…or not.


    I wouldn’t be so pessimistic about the future…for how will it serve you currently and in the future?

    A common theme I see here is an air of ‘pessimism’ that must be balanced, if not negated, with positive optimism of our own future.

    The purpose of this blog, as I see it at least, is to LEARN how whites play the chess game so we can effectively counter their every move for our benefit, not so we can be upset and angry at their choices. We can’t change their choices nor do they have desires to change it themselves.

    They’re just ‘playing the game’. As wicked as it may be, if we are to live happy and fulfilling lives we must use the tools God gave us to recognize the game for what it is and balance the scales until we have the economic, social, media, political power to create our OWN board game. Being pessimistic about the future and hating them for playing the game has proven to get us no where.

  61. YosefBR on said:

    You’re welcome, Charma.

    It’s good to see that you understand the power and significant of the tool we’re using to communicate with each other at this moment to build our economic foundation.

    It must not be taken for granted.

    No other time in history has this level of transparency and wealth been possible in all of mankind.

    The technology that gives us the power to do this is unrealized because it’s still so new to us, but it’s time we wake up and use the a powerful form of leverage that has been unprecedented in all of history.

    I would simply caution people against using the internet as a ‘crutch’ to build black communities because we are still human beings.

    The Obama ground campaigns for presidency made it very CLEAR that grassroots methods is THE best strategy to rally people together for a common cause just as it was during the 50’s and 60’s.

    In fact, the man won on both occasions because whites underestimated the power of what they thought was a ‘primitive’ way of reaching out to people.

    Turns out knocking on doors, shaking peoples hands and meeting them ‘eye to eye’ still works, as it must be so today if we are to be a strong economic base.

    The same EXACT strategy is being used by the Jehovas Witness DAILY.

    Would they still be doing it if it didn’t work?

    This strategy STILL works even when it comes to starting a physical business.

    So, to those of us who ARE selling our products and services online, I would encourage you to hit the pavement and knock on a LOT of doors with flyers in hand with other brothers and sisters in black areas and neighborhoods and get the word out about your business.

    Reaching out and speaking to people about what you have to offer is and has proven to be more powerful than any online campaign can ever be, because the nature of the internet is to be ‘impersonal’…so it’s not the ‘be all, end all’ strategy, it’s just ONE of a lesser powerful strategy (word of mouth and face-to-face) to balance the scales.

    There is one black chef who owns a popular restaurant in my area. He didn’t do any formal advertising or online campaign. All he did was invite his people to come out to his restaurant to enjoy a good meal and support his business.

    He reached out personally to those on a grassroots level and his business became so big he had to shut it down so he can buy up the property in the surrounding area along with his partner to expand.

    …but it started with just the people in his neighborhood.

    So as powerful and effective as the internet is, nothing can nor likely ever will compare to the personal touch that can be delivered with human contact.

    Make your money online, use it to fund other online ventures and use it to open up physical locations in your neighborhood because we are still living, breathing souls who react best to personal connection — and nothing can ever replace that.

  62. Imhotep on said:

    @ YosefBR

    I have become just as pessimistic as my enemies are. That much is true.

    There are a few questions on my mind right now. How can one think of themselves as individuals when they are treated like all people with their same skin color?! Why can’t our celebrities with their huge egos help us out for once?!

    On the related tip, it would be great to see more businesses started by Us. It would be even better if We could make them into a premier franchising company so we could employ Our People only.


  63. Imhotep

    Please look up my post entitled “Sankofa.”

  64. B.R. on said:

    Hello Negress, once again I am posting on your blog(my first comment was on how to join the white supremacy club). And I am so thankful for your blog to help me as a black person navigate in a truly racist society and see how deep racism is within the minds of white America.

    Anyway Negress, I dont know if you still live in New York City but I honestly could say that the Black people here in New York are a living dead. Our neighborhoods that had traditional black strongholds(Harlem, Bed-Stuy, Crown Heights, Fort Greene) are rapidly going down the drain. The white people(either the yuppies or the Jewish community) are truly making inroads to where we used to be. For example, 10 years ago(I’m 25 years old so around like 2001 & 2002), you honestly would not see whites on Fulton Street in Downtown Brooklyn whether in the day or night. Now, Fulton St has nothing but high end stores and skyscrapers with the obvious intention of kicking us out.

    Anyway Negress, I still do see the Afro-Caribbeans (as a Trini, I love my roti shops) and the Africans having their business properties but for how long is a mystery. Its like black people must be always on the wrong end of the business chain(e.g. Detroit). Anywho, just my two cents from a black New Yorker that knows how class-based and truly racist NYC really is!

  65. Imhotep on said:


    Thank you for pointing out the actions of these imbeciles with badges!!!

    They are really pathetic!!!!

    I hate when they murder OUR PEOPLE because “it looked like they had a gun on them”. In reality, these empty heads just need an excuse to shoot at OUR PEOPLE. How can you mistake a cell phone or wallet for a gun?!!!!!!! Seriously!!!!! A gun would look like a thick L-shaped ruler in someone’s pants!!!!! A wallet is in the shape of a small square!!!!! Idiots!!!!!! A wallet is smaller than a gun!!!!!! These monsters always get off due to it being a “false alarm”!!!!! We ought to be realizing by now that they get the badge just so they say that “they are the law”. Someone should be governing the popo (poor poor minded)!!!!!! We are living in Hell, if we did not know that already!


  66. Imhotep on said:

    @ B.R.


    I would hate to be a New Yorker right now. Mayor Bluebrain said that “yts are stopped and frisked too much”. Yts do not even like Euro jews around them!!!! Pure blooded Anglo Yts are the ones who see Hitler as a hero for exterminating Euro jews!!!!! This idiot is trying to be like a yt knight to them?!!!!! Bluebrain is a self hater like all of them are. They only bring up the Holocaust to pressure yt apologist into becoming mates with them. That dolt spoke of the NYPD as if they do not go around hawking Our Brothers enough!!!!!! I really hate him right now!!!!!

    Why am I taking him seriously?! He joked about Doomsday on a local radio show! Sadly, he is a mayor of a well known city!!!!! I am shaking my head at that!


  67. Pingback: Black Business Owners Beware | Kemetix

  68. @ Imhotep

    As a black person who was born and raised here in New York, I could honestly say its a true hellhole. Why if you want to ask? As a black people, when we think of racist places here in the U.S., we might say
    Birmingham, some other Southern city, Boston(which had its fair share of racial tension in the 1970’s with the busing crisis). However, I have more respect for those towns than NYC. Why? Because New York pretends to be this international, colorblind and post racial city that cons people into not seeing the obvious racism that is here( Honestly Imhotep, I fell for the colorblind bulls**t when I was younger with the “we are the world”, “love is colorblind”, “we are the human race” garbage that white people love to talk about to hide their evil motives. However as I got older and I traveled to different areas of New York I saw the complete contrast from the white areas(Staten Island, Bay Ridge, Bensonhurst) to the black areas(East Flatbush, Harlem, Bed-Stuy,etc.). You know how whites say “its not a race issue, its class”. Guess what Imhotep, unless a black person is in an interracial relationship with a white person and they move to the white areas of NYC, the middle class Negroes live right alongside the poor & ghetto Negroes. So I hate New York for that reason because it is a FRAUD! However, as I go through life, I try to look for the silver lining, the good side. The good side that I learned from living here in New York is to NEVER fall for white people and their foolishness that just hides their evil motives. Blessings to you, brotha Imhotep

  69. Tyrone on said:


    They’ve never stopped attacking us, Reconstruction to the Present. Whites can’t survive on their own, we need to stay mindful of this. Whites survive on this planet because of black people, and they know this deep down. They lay back in their office suites, while the colored folk do all of the heavy lifting. I don’t know why they’re so pissed off about Obamer? They created the game, how can they complain? Barack followed orders like the good boy that he is. All the toys they wanted, they got. Wall Street never had it this good for so long. At the same time, China is rippin’ us a new one. Our national debt will be north of $17 trillion before the year is out. Blacks who own small businesses are already in the hole, and dealing with the fallout from Obamacare will only make conditions worse, economically speaking. I knew Obama was a Magician from the jump, even i didn’t think he would be so bad…Suckers Paradise!

    Why are black businesses being run into the ground? It’s Simple, this nation got its pound of flesh from us. Essentially, we’ve been kicked to the curb. Replaced by other so-called People of Color. Blacks in DC are not gonna tell the story, they don’t want a race riot to pop off in this country between blacks, spanish folk, and asians. None of them would be here if not for our struggle. It’s bigger than just NY, LA, Miami, etc? How can black commerce thrive when Harlem and Brooklyn are being gentrified as they are? Remember, other groups break bread with their own. Don’t matter if they live in Queens. They will hop their asses on a bus or subway, and trickle to Whole Foods in a heartbeat. We don’t think like they do, we’ll give our pesos to anybody. Patience is not one of our best traits. Quick to nag about the price of this and that, but Maria’s cafe con leche is always “High.” Yet, we fuss with our own because we expect them to be cheaper because of race, Cry Me A River! Guliani sanitized New York in general, and Bloomberg is just finishing off what Rudy started. The strife between west-indian blacks and american blacks in NY contributed to the problem as well. Whites don’t care what island you come from in the West Indies, Black Wealth Can’t Exist! Dead Whale in the Ocean, Great Whites Feasting…The Black Dollar Wasted!


  70. A. Grey on said:

    @ Courtney H:

    Yes, I have heard of Maggie Anderson’s book. I actually saw her on a t.v. show discussing it. I plan to buy and read the book!!!

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