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Blackness: God’s Gift

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26 thoughts on “Blackness: God’s Gift

  1. moorbey on said:

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    another great post Queen. Asante sana 4 ur haed work and luv of tha Afrikan man & woman. Panther Love

  2. Thank you, sir.

  3. Kushite Prince on said:

    Great video SisterTruth! I hadn’t see that in awhile. I think that video was by a brother named TranscedentalProdco. he had some very powerful videos on Youtube! Here’s a nice video about the power of melanin!

  4. Eric Foster on said:

    I love the message at the end! Meditation once a day and get lots of sun. You get no argument from me!

  5. Matari on said:

    Truth & Prince

    Both of these videos ring true for me.
    Thanks much for posting them!

  6. Interesting vid truth. I gotta start meditating and treating my body like a goddess lol. I lost 6 pounds still got a way to go but I will get there. Also about collecting rainwater, I see some ppl hook a barrel or a bag to their gutter to collect water but I just think ew because of the birds sit on ppl roofs and when it rains that stuff goes off the roof into the gutter. I tried just putting a bucket out but the dang mosquitos land in it.

  7. Matari on said:

    Ms Good : ))

    You’ll have to put a porous cloth cover OVER the top of your rain barrel (held in place by a bungee cord) that will let the water flow in, but keep those blood suckers out.

    As far as the bird poop goes, you can filter much of the heavier poop out with a nylon stocking, or two, between the gutter and your barrel. You can filter again later with a quality filter (i.e. Katadyne) plus boil the water, if needed.

    Adding a few drops of FOOD GRADE 35% hydrogen peroxide does wonders for killing off any residual bad stuff lurking in your drinking water. Some folks use household (unscented) bleach …

  8. Thanks. I don’t have a rain barrel but I do have coolers lol, I might put a cloth over that and sit it in the yard to catch rain.

  9. I always love this message, but have to be careful not to cherry pick issues so that say what we want them to. I personally like to look at the subject from many different angles. But on this melanin issue it’s has been constant across many different platforms.

    Thank you sis.

  10. What can I say, simply Gratitude and Humbleness. Thank You……

  11. D.S. on said:

    Good video (minus the biblical/christian agenda being pushed). The science of melanin is fascinating.

  12. Indigo, here we go. Indigo, here we go go go… To sober up and understand that I am nowhere near ready. Peace, Flower.

  13. anonymous on said:


    I think that you will find this very interesting. I watched it, and it has never been far from memory.

  14. Forced Reality on said:

    Good video.

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  16. Tyrone on said:

    Black People

    How valuable is your melanin to you as a blackwoman/man? As is already known, black folk are blessed to have Melanin and all the benefits that come with it. But, how valuable is it to us? If a billionaire whiteman came to one of us with a briefcase packed with 5 million, Would You Blink? I’d rather be poor and black, blackness trumps money. Paper money can’t protect white skin from sunburn, wrinkles, age spots, and so forth…Black Gold!


  17. Imhotep on said:


    Blackness trumps money everytime.

    I cannot believe anyone is at a mall today. The fact that Amerikkka is up and running after Trayvon’s death says a lot about it as a capitalist nation. Trayvon was a YOUNG MAN (and Brother) found dead wearing the latest styles with Skittles and Arizona Tea in His hand. Yet, We will never see a bag of Skittles or a can of Arizona Tea with a “rest in peace” message to Trayvon on them. Hollister does not even have up photos of Trayvon in that Hollister sweater to show respect where it is due.

    Like You said, money really is only that, a piece of paper. It does not buy you respect from others that you deserve. It would be nice to see money go away in this century. It is hard to tell if that could ever happen. As You know, times are hard because of this economy. This can really be a time of change. Americans as Human beings need to see what money does to us and put it down once and for all. The world would be a better place without it.

    I love your post. Our skin is gold!


  18. Tyrone on said:


    Black people don’t appreciate what we have, as it relates to our dark skin. Imagine having to apply sunscreen everytime you go out in the sun? That’s not my idea of fun. As a race, we need to stay black and brown, it’s the best thing for us. My complexion is medium brown like that of my father. I have more to say Tep, at the barbershop.


  19. Yes Blackness is a gift from God. We are beautiful, smart and know how to adapt to environments better than Whites. We age better, the women are the most beautiful and our men are the most handsome.

    I am only in my teens now but when I grow up, I want full Black babies not mixed mutts.

    Black is beautiful.

  20. A lot. I don’t want ugly, pasty looking White skin that ages badly. Plus we have more heart, soul and empathy than anyone on the planet! We have beautiful dark skin that glows and never ages and protects us from getting skin cancer. We don’t get lice and most of all, we were the first people on the planet. We are the ones who created civilization while White albinos were in caves killing each other.

  21. Tyrone on said:


    Yes, Black Is Best. The darker we are, The Better. I support blackwomen and blackmen creating chocolate babies as well. Mixing is not good for our race, doesn’t matter if the other group is white or colored. If blackness is not advanced in a meaningful way, we have no business giving away our birthright to others. Mulattos are half-black, how can they appreciate blackness when their black parent is telling them that skin color don’t matter…That’s Bull@#$%. It Does Matter, Hell Yeah! Adeen, i’ve seen some scary looking elderly whitewomen the past few weeks. Skin so wrinkled, it was hanging off their skin, Nasty!

    Black Don’t Crack

  22. Imhotep on said:


    “Yes, Black Is Best. The darker we are, The Better.”

    That’s the truth. Those who adore Us never see it that way. They (yt race) never realize that they love themselves first over Us. The biracial child will never have everything Our Natural Brothers and Sisters have. They have worst medical problems than Our Natural Brothers and Sistas. It’s amazing, yts never pay to how hurt Our Brothas and Sistas with yt blood really are.

    “It Does Matter, Hell Yeah! Adeen, i’ve seen some scary looking elderly whitewomen the past few weeks. Skin so wrinkled, it was hanging off their skin, Nasty!”

    I thought of Jerry Sandusky’s skin today when you said all of this. As long as Our Brothas and Sistas are happy in these relationships, I guess it is not my right to complain.

    Peace Brotha,

  23. Imhotep on said:


    This is a wonderful video.

    We do need to come together! As A Brotha, I sometimes think it is Our Own fault that We do not. We do not seem to understand that Our Sister, The Afrikan “Womb”man (Our Creator’s Greatest and First Creation) does have THE GREATEST SELF-LOVE OF ALL! WE need to forgive Our Sistas more when They do something that hurts Us. We need to remember it is not Their fault Jah put Them here first. We need to look at Ourselves as The Man Jah Made To Make Her Happy.

    Earlier, I said that everything happening could be stopped by A Sista only. I should not have said that as Her Brotha. Jah put Us on Earth to help and love Our Sistas. It is true that the only Person the yt man will listen to is Our Sista. When the yt man is miserable because Our Sister, he will sometimes go as far as to spit in Her face (see below).

    (Yt denial)

    It’s true, I complain about Myself first. I hate seeing My Brothas on the street asking for money in this racist yt man world. I was angered by the fact that Our Sistas know how it is Brothas out here. I was being stupid. WE ARE ALL POWERLESS! Until the yt man works on himself, NOTHING AND NO ONE IS HAPPY (we have yt readers, right)! As a Brotha, We need to care about Our Community. Yes, We are hurt when it seems like Our Sistas only care about themselves. We MUST remember the time when JAH PUT HER ON EARTH FIRST! She HAD to LOVE HERSELF to IGNORE THE FACT THAT SHE WAS ALONE! So, We must forgive and love Her!!!

    Yes, As A Brotha, it hurts ME (MADE IN THE IMAGE OF THE FIRST MOTHER EVER) to see my Brothas with ALL non-Black women! Our Men need to see that We should be loving Our Sistas, only. You know this already, but NO ONE has the INNOCENCE IN MY SISTERS’ FACES, HER SMILE, HER CHEEKS, HER FOREHEAD, OR HER STRENGTH WHICH SHOWS ALL OF THE TIME!! We ALL should be GRATEFUL for ANY DAY WE GET WITH HER!

    Peace Brotha,


  24. Imhotep on said:


    I’m sorry for using a Youtube link in my last post.

    Here is the story that can be found on Youtube :

    (He feels no remorse for it, either, I bet.)

    And they call Us racist when We speak of this stuff. We all know there is no reasoning with them, but they are too egotistical to see it.



  25. I know right, that is why I don’t want to mix with Whites. They age so fast and look old at a certain age.

  26. Imhotep on said:


    “I know right, that is why I don’t want to mix with Whites. They age so fast and look old at a certain age.”

    They give themselves away every time, also.

    Yt men and women turn “white in the face” whenever they are around the ones they love.

    Yt men and women turn “red in the face” whenever they are around the ones they hate.

    ALL Yt Men hate Blk Men!

    ALL Yt Women hate Blk Women!

    Worst of all, these yt women are touching Our Sisters’ hair.


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