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The Conversation We Need to Have Part 3

I’ve been wondering about a few things lately, especially with the erratic weather patterns we’ve been experiencing. I’m going to allow white people to comment on this thread ONLY because I have a few questions for you. They are not hard questions but they do require honesty. Please note: If you say one thing, ONE thing, against my family in anyway, I’ll ban you permanently. This will be an adult discussion but it shall be a respectful one. I hope I’m making myself clear.

Here are my questions:

Are you sorry for what you and your ancestors have done and continue to do to my people?

Do you feel even the slightest ounce of guilt or sadness?

Are you worried about your soul and what may happen to you when you die?

I await your response.

To my black readers, please allow them to answer and feel free to ask any questions you wish. I’d like this to be an open ADULT dialogue.

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131 thoughts on “The Conversation We Need to Have Part 3

  1. I got a question for them as well: When you get to hell, would you report back and let us know if Hitler is down there? I have wondered about that for a while now.

  2. I also have a question for these pale faced vultures, Why don’t you guys give up racism?

    Wait, you guys don’t want to give up racism because you guys are the ones who benefit from the racist system!

    Yes this is definitely a conversation we need to have. From what I see, most Whites don’t have any remorse for the wrong doings their ancestors did. And most of them aren’t worried about where their souls go to when they die because they lack empathy for people and many of them don’t believe in God.

    Negress, why allow White trolls on here? I get aggravated by them on Abagond why allow them on here? They will never understand or get it because they are in their own little world.

  3. Adeen

    This is an adult forum. I’m going to allow an exchange of dialogue for this thread only and give them a chance to explain.

  4. Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen.

    My question to white people is, what is it
    like thinking like animals?

    Without further ado white folks, let’s get this show
    on the road.

  5. Oh okay but I love this blog and come on here to express my frustrations with them not exchange dialogue with them.

    They will never understand our struggles and I don’t trust them even if my life depended on them.

  6. Robert H on said:


    I was doing research on racism and I found your site. I am a 30 year old white man from South Carolina, to give you some background. I have spent the last hour or so reading posts on your website and I would like to comment.

    Especially because I grew up in the South, I have seen how racist people can be. White people are definitely racist overall towards black people, but the reverse is also true down here.

    In regards to your questions, I do feel bad for the sad history between Africans and Europeans/Americans. However, I have never oppressed anyone. My family has never oppressed anyone, so No, I don’t feel remorse any longer. The past is the past for a reason. There comes a time when old transgressions have to be let go. The sins of the father pass to the son, but only to a certain extent. Should Jews hate Germans forever? Of course a few generations after the fact there are going to be lingering hatreds, but once the perpetrators die off, and their sons and daughters are dead and gone, is it right to hate them forever? I have no animosity towards anyone and regardless of what my ancestors did, I DIDN’T do it.

    I served in the US Army for 8 years and my black friends died alongside my white friends in Afghanistan during my 4 tours. We were all fighting for the same thing and we all put our lives on the line together.

    Lastly, to reiterate and answer the question, “Do I feel sad or guilty about what my ancestors did?”, I feel sad that PEOPLE, white and black and asian and hispanic, have ever resorted to slavery and oppression, but beyond that, I don’t feel anything else. I don’t think it’s because I am some uncaring, evil man, I just don’t feel remorse or guilt over something that happened to people dead and gone.

    Thank you for your time,


  7. I don’t trust White people.

    They lack melanin.

    They lack soul

    They lack empathy for others.

    Most of their women lack beauty, melanin, soul, brains and empathy.

    Most of their men lack self respect, brains, soul, chivalry and empathy for others.

    I am going to be a senior in high school this year and I try to keep my emotion distance from White people, most of them anyways.

  8. lol Me too. I try to keep my emotional distance from these people, I tell you! They aren’t to be trusted.

  9. mstoogood4yall on said:

    OOOH I have a question too. Why are yall always so surprised when a white person shoots up ur schools? And why do u think u are above things like when the government was spying on us u thought they won’t mess with us, but were wrong. Why do u glorify Italian mobs, but criminalize gangs? they both kill people and their main objective is to make money so they both shouldn’t be glorified. Why are u so fascinated with our hair, skin, body shape, sexuality? why do u lie about racism? Why are u mad and shocked if someone chooses a black woman over a white woman? Why do u always compare attractive black women to beyonce? U do know there are other beautiful black celebs right? Why do u say u love black ppl and date black men, but turn around and attack black women? Why do u try to keep ur black partner from being around blacks of the opposite sex? Why are u fascinated with black men’s privates? What did yall do with black mens privates after u castrated them? Why do u have bbc swinger parties? why have ur scientists proven that eve was black yet u stay making bible movies with her as white? Finally why are u afraid of black ppl and cheer when a black child is killed?

  10. Crissjensen on said:

    I can’t wait to see what they have to say

  11. Robert

    Thank you for replying. And for your honesty. Question: Do you feel that because of the colour of your skin, you are given certain benefits and privileges?

  12. You seem to be a good White person. Only of the few White people I have come across on the internet that seem very well spoken and accurate.

    Honestly I respect your opinion although I don’t fully agree with it. Maybe I might rethink not trusting White people.

  13. One already commented.

  14. True. I love your insight on this. I didn’t want them coming on here to exchange dialogue with us because I come on here to release my frustrations with them.

  15. Robert H on said:

    I don’t think that because of my skin color I get advantages or privileges specifically, but I do think that probably because of my skin color I don’t have to deal with daily prejudices, which can almost equate to the same thing

  16. Robert

    Are you aware that you’ve just admitted that you *do* get certain privileges because of how you look?

  17. Being able to circumvent the consequences of a racially biased criminal justice system that stacks odds against those who would be your economic competition is almost equates to a privilege, in the same sense that getting a free 30 seconds to line-up a head shot against an enemy combatant almost equates to a privilege.

    For the rest of us reading, this is always a reminder that white/European use of the individual approach has always been their most effective weapon, and we’re watching it take place right now.

    Take them as an individual, thought of as separate from their culture, and soon they’ll have you as thinking of yourself as an individual, separate from your culture.

    The question then becomes: Which culture has the power to rescue its individuals?

    It’s the most effective disarm in the book.

  18. *- the is, after “economic competition….”

  19. Negress, you know the answers. No. No. No, unless alone.
    Jesus, you know the answer. There is no “down there”.
    Adeen, you know the answer. The race will continue, but not white supremacy.
    All you all, you know the answers! Stop playing.

    This is too easy, man. I am much more interested in the gun that Negress is hiding in her pocket. Uh, you do have something cooking, right?

  20. Bry

    Once again, I’m impressed.

  21. Pete

    The irregular solar patterns ( possible M-Class flares) that we’re experiencing have given me my answers. I put forth a wish to Mother Nature and the Gods and it seems they’re listening. My feeble attempt to find out answers to questions I already know is my way of cementing the future.

    Shall we say a “Manifest Destiny” is in order?

    By the way, you know me all too well, my friend. We are in sync.

  22. Robert H on said:

    I appreciate that Adeen. I am not unaware or naive to the fact that there is racism all over the place, for lots of people. I also know that not everyone is like that. My best friend I ever had was black and he was killed in Afghanistan. I would die before I let someone dishonor him or his memory, regardless of race.

  23. White Pete has been turning all kinds of shades of red over here in Hell Land. I will await your insights on the weather, and hold off on my article. When it comes to topics we got a luxury problem. You do remind me of someone I talked to today… Peace.

  24. Robert H on said:

    Bry, if a black man down the street raped or murdered somebody, Should I apply my hatred for the crime towards an entire race or culture? You judge an individual on his choices, his merits, his integrity and his honor, not his race. I would expect someone to value and judge me based on the quality of my life and my words And my actions. Regardless of the sins of my ancestors, those sins aren’t mine

  25. Dave Peterson on said:

    I am a white male of sixty three. I live in an area surrounded by racists, either overtly or otherwise. Many American white people I think are racist in as much as they have no idea how much advantage that the fact they were born white gives them in America. I can go any where, do anything, say anything and pretty much get by with it. African Americans would be jailed or at least harassed for stuff that I can do as a matter of course. White is a free pass through life. You can act like an immature asshole jerk anytime, anywhere and pretty much get away with it. Being white will get you jobs you would never get if there were a true merit system. And the only reason whites do better in schooling, if at all, is because we fund their schools at a much higher rate. So to say as a white person that you don’t feel guilt, you damn well ought to. You are still getting a free ride to the front of the bus whether you asked for it or not. Yes, I feel guilty, but I fee more ashamed. Ashamed at being associated with such a bunch simple minded, self serving, losers white people seem to be. I don’t believe in god. I have pretty much felt this way since I was a child. Don’t know why, because I grew up and still live in Montana.

  26. Dave

    Thank you for replying. Does that shame that you speak of prompt you to change in anyway? And if yes, how?

  27. “Bry, if a black man down the street raped or murdered somebody, Should I apply my hatred for the crime towards an entire race or culture? ”

    -You already apply your hatred towards our race by refusing to acknowledge and abolish your privilege. You leave out context by refusing to acknowledge that your culture’s persecution and impoverishment of him and his family is the reason he’s out committing ‘crimes’ in the first place.

    “You judge an individual on his choices, his merits, his integrity and his honor, not his race. ”

    – They aren’t separate from one another. Your choices, your merits, and your integrity are intertwined with those of your culture, and your culture has never been on the right side of history. The double speak you tried to lay on this blog’s author is evidence of that.

    “I would expect someone to value and judge me based on the quality of my life and my words And my actions. Regardless of the sins of my ancestors, those sins aren’t mine”

    -Yes, they are. You were offered the inheritance of a system from your ancestors which provides you with privilege based on your appearance and cultural identity, and you accepted. That pattern of behavior is destructive towards us, and the energy it comes from is their legacy, and you continue to wield it against us.

  28. blakksage on said:


    Robert H., you’re also from my pathetic home state of South Carolina. When I say pathetic, I speak in terms of how the state is governed and the infantile mind-set of the majority of whites that are in control of the government.

    In any event, I have a question for you. On January 16th, 1865, William Sherman issued Special Field Orders No. 15 which gave recently freed slaves 400,000 acres of land along coasts of S. carolina, N. Carolina, Georgia and a portion of Florida as well. This is where the much talked about 40 acres and a mule arise from.

    Therefore, do you think that the U.S. government should honor this field order? Even further, do you think that a Truth and Reconciliation Commission should be formed in order that this country confront and apologize for all of its’s human rights abuses in order to move forward regarding slavery, lnychings, the Jim Crow period, the Tuskegee Institute Experiment, the codification Black Codes (laws specifically pertaining to the continuing subjugation of blacks), the essential re-enslavement of former slave after the Union troops were pulled from the south at the end of the Reconstruction period?

    In summary, Black Americans are essentially a landless nation, this is why I feel as if were continually treated as wards of the State by the US government.

    I will patiently await your reply or any other white person who want to put forth an effort to answer these questions will be fine with me.

  29. It is nice to hear your reply. You should be ashamed for what your people have done to Blacks and other minorities and I don’t mean to sound mean.

    I believe White people should help minorities dismantle this racist system and take responsibility of the negative impact that the system has on Blacks and other minorities.

  30. Robert H on said:

    In the argument you just made, you are justifying rape and murder as someone else’s fault other than the person who committed the crime. Theft, I can understand, But it’s never anybody else’s fault when it comes to murder and rape I’m
    not quite sure what doublespeak you’re talking about but I feel as though you have an anger against white people that won’t go away regardless of the individual person.

  31. Matari on said:

    “Many American white people I think are racist in as much as they have no idea how much advantage that the fact they were born white gives them in America. I can go any where, do anything, say anything and pretty much get by with it. African Americans would be jailed or at least harassed for stuff that I can do as a matter of course. White is a free pass through life. You can act like an immature asshole jerk anytime, anywhere and pretty much get away with it. Being white will get you jobs you would never get if there were a true merit system. ”


    Yes, black people have known these things about whites since we were forcibly brought here. My question for you Dave is, what are YOU personally doing about the inequalities you’ve just described?

    Do you think that feeling guilty or ashamed is productive?

    How will these feelings enable YOU to correct more than four hundred years of CONTINUAL oppression and mistreatment of people of Afrikan descent?

    Lastly, what is your personal definition of RACIAL JUSTICE?

  32. I didn’t get my question answered damn! Lol, i’m going to
    fall on the floor and kick my legs up and throw a tantrum.

  33. “In the argument you just made, you are justifying rape and murder as someone else’s fault other than the person who committed the crime.”

    – That’s correct, and I’ll also point out that I’m justifying it, not rationalizing it. It’s perfectly just that your culture should be made to answer for its crimes. “Rational thought” as your people have made it out to be isn’t reason, it’s insanity.

    “I feel as though you have an anger against white people that won’t go away regardless of the individual person.”

    – That’s restating the obvious.

    “Theft, I can understand, But it’s never anybody else’s fault when it comes to murder and rape I’m not quite sure what doublespeak you’re talking about”

    – If that’s what you want to think.

  34. Yes I do. They will say no. Many of them don’t understand our struggles. They wouldn’t get up their privileges because they benefit from this racist system.
    It is up to them to get acknowledge the system negatively affects us and other minorities and help us dismantle this racist system.
    And you are right, that is why Blacks and Whites can’t coexist in peace.

  35. My personal definition of racial justice is dismantling the system and Whites correcting the racist system. I don’t think it would ever happen because Whites don’t want to give up their privileges they have.

  36. Matari on said:

    Well Truth,

    If this is all white folks have to say (between Robert and Dave) it’s plain that this isn’t going to be much of a conversation. But hey, no surprise there! There’s never been …

    Having a real conversation with whites in this country about race is about on par with child molesters TALKING to their victims about CHILD MOLESTATION…

    Child molesters don’t have this type of productive conversation with anyone, especially their victims.

    Neither do racists.

    The best the racists can come up with is to call the very people they have victimized, wronged, marginalized, mistreated and oppressed – RACISTS.

    That’s all they got. That’s the best strategy they got. They have amazing powers of denial, deflection, projection and delusion.

    I say let the insane take care of the insane. We need to take care of us. No one else can, or will undo the damage and confusion that was done to our collective psyches. Let us leave the broken “white” people to the other broken “white” people, and attend to ourselves, our own needs and recovery.

  37. @Robert H. If you don’t feel remorse or guilt about the past, dead and gone and all that. WHY is it that people like you don’t seem to feel that way aout people calling themselves “jews?”

  38. Matari

    Without deviating off of the subject, the heat wave we’ve been experiencing isn’t normal. With August around the corner, we’re expecting an M-Class solar wave this year.

    Now, what does that have to do with the topic? 2 things:

    1. What effect will that have on the pineal gland and melanocytes?
    2. How will that affect the cleansing of the planet?

    2013 will be a pivotal year for all of us. Something is happening…what that is, I honestly don’t know, but my visions never fail. Those of us that choose to receive instructions will be forever changed. Those of us that ignore it…goodbye. I’ve come to the conclusion that many of our people are too far gone to turn back now. They’ve ignored their instructions or simply can’t hear due to their food habits, music choices, lifestyle choices, etc…

    As for whites, you may not believe me but some of them, and I really do mean SOME, as in a very small percentage, will hear the call and do as instructed. What the future holds for them…I don’t know…yet.

    Matari, after this post, I will be taking a much needed break from blogging to gather my thoughts and try to collect myself. As much as I love my people, I also have family and other things that I need to get done. I’ve given us plenty of ideas and tips and mental ammo so we can help ourselves. Yes…I said help ourselves. Because help isn’t coming. It’s all on us just like it was in the beginning.

  39. @Robert H. Why si it so contemptable to dismiss the Holocaust Of Africans by europeans as IN the past, but immmediately Crawl upon the ground in all kinds of weathers to Pacify jews anytime they mention or even hint at the jew holocaust? Is it because they now control everything that nonjew europeans are Dependant on??

  40. Matari on said:

    “I will be taking a much needed break from blogging to gather my thoughts and try to collect myself. As much as I love my people, I also have family and other things that I need to get done. I’ve given us plenty of ideas and tips and mental ammo so we can help ourselves.”


    WELL DONE Faithful Servant! You’ve given us plenty – and then some!
    Continued blessings will keep coming your way… receive them when they come.

    Enjoy your break. : ))

    Love you.

  41. Ellis on said:

    I agree. The thing is though, many Whites won’t leave us in peace. Geez, I mean it is frustrating finding a virtual space with the comments of Whites (those who clearly identify themselves as White in their comments) who derail the subject, criticize Blacks for being “racist”, deny the struggles of Blacks and how racism destroys us etc. For the example, I like the articles on Blackvoices.com, yet the comments are filled with Whites or perhaps other non-Blacks who just don’t offer anything constructive to the topic and see Black blogs as a platform to show their apathy or dislike for Blacks. It is so annoying, same with Abagond, sometimes The Root too.

  42. Ellis on said:

    I meant to say that I agree with Matari’s previous comment.

  43. Interesting questions. Especially the ones about Black woman envy and their obsession with our anatomy…

  44. Black vagina envy, I mean.

  45. @Diaryofanegress. Those of them that hear the call, will be required to stay and help their kind, however, some are already doing so, but most end up dead or ignored. Julian Assange is one such being, but would they listen, oh no. Too Bad!

  46. The first Caucasian male basically tried to play the ‘reverse racism’ card – almost as if to dismiss the idea that racism/prejudice is one sided in these days and ages (‘Blacks are racist tooo. Whites are discriminated against noooow). And the second Caucasian, he began with the usual ‘heart felt’, endearing tale about how ‘racism is so bad and how he couldn’t imagine what Black people have endured (*tears*) and admits white privilege but at the same time, is quick to exclude himself from the people who look like him and doesn’t at all imply that he tries to educate them on ‘racism’, ‘white supremacy/privilege’ yada yada. I know for a fact that he shamelessly and blissfully benefits from what he knows is ‘white supremacy’ without a care in the world and that he’s just some anonymous Caucasian who’s just telling a bunch of Blacks what they really want to hear. ‘Ashamed’? I don’t think so. ‘Guilty’? What a loada Sandra Bollocks. I’ve come across these types of comments from Caucasians on the net/blogs for it to be genuine. They SAY the SAME thing. What a load of people don’t understand is that these Caucasians are ACTORS. They know what to say to you. They come prepared with a script.

  47. I have to say that this is a very proactive conversation. Race can be talked about intelligently. You guys are making all of the news people look very stupid.

  48. Robert H on said:

    I Don’t really know how to even respond to that. I’m no actor and I don’t have a script. If you don’t believe me, there’s not really any other way for me to prove otherwise. To the blog owner I appreciate you letting me comment on here, but this is my last post. I feel like there is a little too much animosity and hate instead of an intelligent discussion. thank you. Rob

  49. “I feel like there is a little too much animosity and hate instead of an intelligent discussion.”

    For family still following this post:

    Another example of classic dichotomous thinking. White people use this against us constantly and very successfully. Animosity and hate (emotions) being thought of as lesser than and separate from intelligence (the ability to acquire information and apply it).

    The two blended together in their natural state are intuition, which is what we all need to learn to use much more in every aspect of our lives.

    When we do, what we end up overhearing from whites is “I just can’t figure them/you out”, or “You’re/They’re just taking it to personally”.

  50. Well said. We need to care for ourselves

  51. Everybody, please read in your Bible’s Galatians 6:7 and Isaiah 14:21, that will answer all of your question about “The Edomites” and thier “END” on mother earth.

    It’s not going to be pretty for them, at all.

  52. This video tells it better

    your end is here!

  53. These White people are albino Dravidians from India who moved to Central Asia and then moved to Europe because they can’t stand the heat or cold. White people are albinos.
    They are already experiencing the end of their reign over earth. For centuries, they lied, stole and cheated their way to where they are right now. Now it is catching up to them and biting them in the ass. They are and will pay for the destruction that they have done to the planet and evil they have done to people.

  54. True. Good video

  55. Nah. This video sound too ignorant for words and is no more than the usual distractios of leading us, as per, to look for “enemies” everywhere But europe. Oh they get a mention but it doesn’t take a lot to work this one out. It’s just a step up on colourism, shadeism, nationalism. ALL those nations have African people it and they have been there living quite peacefully for thousands of years, UNTIL the Neanderthal came a calling. Go and look at the archives they tried to hide just before they destroued Basra and Fullujah they were African Neighbourhoods!! just like in Libya. It is said that our people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. To accommadated his Butchery is as BroBobby Hemmitt say is NOT cool and we perish. This european has nad is still dumping most of our history with other peoples in the Atlantic ocean just because HE can’t get along with others ON this Planet, he wants US hating other people we never hated before. His time is Finished, there is no going back, There is still time for us. Bro Hemmitt’s videos are very good and cuts the crap to the chase. THIS european has emptied the “united” states of 12MILLION African americans in the 90’s alone, recently no one knows where the people from Cabrini Green have gone, Whole parts of Africa the same thing. It’s time to stop playing let’s blame this one or that one , when they’re in the same boat Fighiting the same Devil. Whilst we playing , this Devil working ON us. Time to Upgrade not Downgrade.

  56. Courtney H on said:

    @ Ellis:

    That’s why I don’t go to The Root, The Grio, and other such black blogs anymore. Too many white folks go on there and post racist comments. It’s like has been discussed here before — white people will never leave us alone. At least on Abagond, other posters dog out the racist white trolls, and Negress never allows them on here. Thank you, Negress for making this a safe haven for us!

  57. EyesWideOpen on said:

    As usual, caucanderthals expose their true nature better than BP ever could. What we can deduce from their lack of responses is that if they are not allowed to derail, distract, deceive and disrespect then they are not interested in participating. Yet more proof of why it is completely futile to ever talk to them about RWS. If this point was one of DOAN’s alterior motives in writing this post, The Evil Ones certainly didn’t let her down.

    You can be sure that since she started this blog, DOAN has dozens, if not hundreds, of nasty, unpublished comments from the cowardly snakes proving that they have LOTS to say when they’re free to vomit their verbal venom.

  58. EyesWideOpen on said:

    An “honest white person” is obviously an oxymoron but if the saltines could actually be honest for a couple of minutes, here’s how their answers might look:

    Are you sorry for what you and your ancestors have done and continue to do to my people?

    Bitch, please. Not only are we NOT sorry, we wish slavery, Jim Crow and lynching were never officially abolished. You wouldn’t believe the amount of paperwork that has to be filled out whenever a white officer “accidentally” (lol) kills an unarmed ni… I mean black man. Also, trials are very expensive when one of our good citizens like Zimmerman decides to take out the trash.

    Oh, and another pet peeve: You have no idea how much it annoys us not being able to call y’all “niggers” to your faces anymore or having to put up with “you people” in movie theaters. Oh how we long for the “good ole days” when everbody knew their place and we could dispense rough and immediate justice to those of you who didn’t without having to worry about filling out stacks of paperwork or paying for expensive lawyers.

    Do you feel even the slightest ounce of guilt or sadness?

    Uh, H-E-L-L-O? We are psychopaths due to our Neanderthal DNA. Essentially a different species from you BP. As our history has shown, we aren’t bothered by such ridiculous notions as guilt or remorse. You have to be hue-man to actually feel those emotions. Trust me, despite the hundreds of millions of rapes, tortures and murders, and the brazen theft of millions of acres of brown people’s lands that my race has committed, we sleep VERY well at night – as did our ancestors. Silly question!

    Are you worried about your soul and what may happen to you when you die?

    Nope. Well, a few of us might be but most of us have NO SOULS so when we die, that’s it, we’re dead FOREVER. The really evil ones amongst us – maybe 10 – 20% of the white population – obviously have evil spirits so they know who and what they are. When they die, they either go back to hell or perhaps, if they did a really good job like Hitler, Bush, Bundy or 98% of white southerners, their “spirit” gets reincarnated back into another white body to cause or support more mayhem and murder of POC on earth.

    Hope that helps.

    An Honest White Person.

  59. @ EyesWideOpen

    5 out of 5 stars for that, good work 🙂

  60. EyesWideOpen on said:

    DOAN said: “Without deviating off of the subject, the heat wave we’ve been experiencing isn’t normal. With August around the corner, we’re expecting an M-Class solar wave this year.”

    Since our mutant, pink lurkers are obviously not interested in answering your questions, I’d like to share some of the quotes I have on our dearest SUN and its hatred of white people…

    Ignorant supreme WP get cancer from the sun. We get nourished by it.
    The Ancient One

    The Sun, giver of life, is the enemy of WP’s mutated skin. Go figure that.

    So-called “superior skin” is destroyed by sunlight. That really puts a whole in that “white skin is better” shit, huh.

    White people are burned by the Sun which gives life and health to all living things. That says a lot about their place on earth.
    Reality Speaks

    The sun is getting hotter and in a couple of centuries WP are going to be fried to extinction. Black students will study their fossils just like scientists study dinosaurs today LOL.
    Reality Speaks

  61. EyesWideOpen on said:

    UH! OH! You UNNATURAL ignorant, inferior supreme WP people are dying from our beautiful SUN like someone has sprayed Raid on a bunch of insignificant white roaches! Nature is a Living and Breathing Entity on this Earth and It’s Coming After You WP! See little ignorant, inferior supreme WP, you do not belong on our planet! And what does not belong MUST be destroyed! And there is no running to Mars or to the Moon. They don’t want you either! Your place is in the outer darkness with your father satan.
    The Ancient One

    We know why your lying white trash scientists and weather people want to blame “global warming” on cars, CO2, and so on and so forth…..It’s because you NEVER expected that the BLACK RACE would AWAKEN to such sacred knowledge that WE along with NATURE…….CONTROLS THE DAMN WEATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What does that mean for your dumb weak ass white trash race? It means YOUR COMPLETE AND UTTER white EXTINCTION from off the face and surface of our BLACK EARTH……… NEVER TO BE SEEN OR HEARD OF EVER AGAIN!!!!!!! You won’t even be remembered as ever having been a race in the first place!!!!!!!!!!!! Now how about THAT you UNNATURAL white trash bitch ass animals in Human form!!!!!!
    Ancient One

  62. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Hi Bry,

    Thank you for the kind words.

  63. EyesWideOpen on said:

    I know it just troubles your little ignorant supreme white souls (Oops! My Bad…You People Don’t Have A Soul!) Anyway…I know it just makes you mad as hell to accept what you have always known about yourselves…. that your little ignorant supreme white race of savages has always been the minority and the inferior race…ALWAYS!!! Yeah I guess I’d be upset too if I thought that all of my life that I was so supreme and special because I was a pale face white person; only to find out that you were a made up something in human form and your ancestors had to concoct fairy tales and myths to make you feel like you were an actual human.

    See…..your little ignorant supreme white race is on its way out the door and you are doing all you can to survive. WE CONSCIOUS BLACK MINDS SEE YOU! Just stop it already! There is nothing that you can create that will NOT continue your race towards extinction. You have pissed Mother Nature off and you will now experience her wrath until you little ignorant supreme white people exist no more. Accept it already!
    Ancient One

  64. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Last one…

    So little ignorant inferior supreme white people. Have you prepared for your END yet? You know you can’t take ALL your precious belongings with you: your cars, your homes on every coast in the world, your STOLEN money and so on and so forth. Because in HELL from whence you came……..it has no room at the INN. All it wants is YOU! And you should be damn proud of your little ignorant inferior supreme white selves, as you have made your father satan very proud!

    All the destruction, killing, stealing and lying is solely contributed to you little ignorant inferior supreme white people. You have altered history to make it yours or to make it white. And you had the audacity to think, with your stupid dumb ignorant supreme white asses that the BLACK RACE would never AWAKEN to the TRUTH!
    Ancient One

  65. ‘I feel like there is a little too much animosity and hate instead of an intelligent discussion. thank you. Rob’

    Classic Caucasian line. *claps*. Almost synonymous with: ‘ I feel THREATENED. You people are coming off as ‘aggressive’ (to be honest, I didn’t think the whole ‘I am somewhat intimidated by the kind of passion you are exuding’ line would work on here like it does with them in real life).

    Awww. He’s just a poor, gentle, little white man who’s as cute and as innocent as he could EVER be.

  66. @EyesWideOpen
    As a young, Black woman, I live around them everyday so I know their true nature. Most of them are racists and wouldn’t acknowledge their own racism so they call us the racists when we can’t be racist because being racist means having the power to oppress.

    I wish I could leave my all White town for good but I have to graduate high school first. I am 17/18.

  67. Ellis on said:

    Oh my!! Lol. That was EPIC!!!

  68. Ellis on said:

    Yes, I was wondering why there are about 2 or 3 Whites who posted on here. Questioning why they behave the way do and whether they feel remorse about their racist tendencies…pfftt…Not interested. They would prefer that DOAN would do a post about Slavery, Jim Crow, Apartheid, Colonialism, then, they would be more than happy to talk about how we should be grateful to be civilised by Whites during slavery, how slavery wasn’t that bad, how we should be grateful that Whites came to Africa to teach us about a blonde-haired blue-eyed saviour named Jesus blah blah blah.

  69. lol White people age much faster than Black people. We could still look young into old age while White people see wrinkles in their twenties!

    White people also lack the SOUL and EMPATHY to sympathize with others particularly Black people.

    White people lack the MELANIN to protect themselves from the sun’s rays

    White people lack BRAINS to make good decisions and talk and act with common sense so most White people don’t make sense to Blacks and other minorities.

    White people lack a CONSCIENCE so they don’t feel guilty for any of the wrong doings of their ancestors or the wrongdoings that they have done

    And Whites aren’t fully humans. They are just inbred mutated albinos who are genetically inferior and physically inferior to us who lack soul, brains, empathy, melanin, conscience and everything we as Black people and other races have.

  70. White people are actually 8% worldwide and their population is dwindling.

  71. Brothawolf on said:

    Very interesting, if not predictable, responses from the white commenters.

  72. White people lack brains

    They lack a conscience

    They lack empathy

    They lack soul

    They lack melanin

    Majority of their women lack beauty, class and the ability to be feminine

    Majority of their men lack self control, brains, ability to be masculine, the ability to be chivalrous and respect

    I am in high school and I live around them every day so I know their nature and motives most of the time. Honestly I try to keep a emotional distance from White people because I don’t trust them. I don’t hate them but I distrust MOST of them.

  73. Courtney H on said:

    @ all:

    Have any of you hear this yet?


  74. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Demon In Human Form said:
    “The past is the past for a reason. There comes a time when old transgressions have to be let go. The sins of the father pass to the son, but only to a certain extent.”

    The hypocrisy and double standards of The Evil Ones is legendary:

    9/11: Never Forget

    Pearl Harbor: Never Forget

    The Jewish Hollowcaust: Never Forget

    White Jesus On The Cross: Never Forget

    Slavery, Jim Crow, Raping, Murdering & Mistreating Millions of BP:


    There’s also another little pink elephant in the room that this mutant, degenerate freak of nature is willfully ignoring and that is the ONE MILLION dead Iraqis and Afghans that these spawns of Satan MURDERED in THIS PAST DECADE alone.

    And let’s not forget the hundreds of thousands of brown people rotting away in prisons, their futures RUINED, due to the bogus war on drugs which is actually a war on blacks and latinos.

    In the spiritual and moral world there are no statute of limitations on crimes against humanity, animals and nature that have BILLIONS of victims. However, caucanderthals are so soulless, so evil and so out of touch with the spiritual world that they think they can just wash their hands of hundreds of years of massive mistreatment and murder.

    These creatures are insane, deceitful, racist psychopaths and hypocrites who have NOT changed and will NEVER change. They prove it with every word they utter, ever murder they commit, ever murder they condone, and every racist murderer they fail to convict.

  75. EyesWideOpen on said:

    I said: “…caucanderthals are so soulless, so evil and so out of touch with the spiritual world that they think they can just wash their hands of hundreds of years of massive mistreatment and murder.”

    Umm, not so fast Mr. White Man.

    It looks like the caucanderthal’s relentless, remorseless evil has finally sealed their fate as a race. WP love to play judge, jury and executioner but so does Mother Nature and she is NOT pleased with these creatures.

    What sayeth she on the charge of WP’s countless crimes against humanity? GUILTY!

    What sayeth she on the charge of WP’s countless crimes against the animal kingdom? GUILTY!

    What sayeth she on the charge of WP’s countless crimes against mother earth? GUILTY!

    Sentence: EXTINCTION off the face of this earth by way of
    1) massive, irreversible fertility problems which they are currently experiencing and

    2) genetic annihilation by way of the dominant genes of the darker races wiping out the recessive traits (white skin, blonde hair, blue eyes etc) of WP once WP realize that they MUST start “race mixing” more to survive.

    Trojan Pam had an excellent comment about the eventual extinction of the white race if you’d like to read more.

  76. EyesWideOpen on said:

    One more thing…

    Caucanderthals are so arrogant and spititually bankrupt that they will NEVER make the connection between their monstrously evil acts and their plummeting fertility rates and looming extinction. They will continue to lie to themselves and anyone stupid enough to listen to and believe them that it is their CHOICE to NOT breed at replacement levels.

    Yeah, righty. If that was the case, fertility clinics, surrogate motherhood, adoption etc wouldn’t be the big business’ that that they are. BP don’t need that shit, we have dominant genetics and super high fertility but WP would have us believe that is a bad thing!

  77. Courtney H on said:

    Oops! It should be, “Have any of you heard this yet?”

  78. Very True! Adeen.

    Can’t wait for that day tocome.

  79. Thanks. very, good video.

  80. Can any ,er, white person answer this, WHY is it that the Fake state of israel has broken 65 UN Resolutions, Murdered countless european ( like yourselves ) charity workers in said state with NO consequences whatsoever, yet Iraq broke Two rules, murdered NO charity workers and got Invaded, Bombed & Destroyed?
    If this is a “tad” difficult to answer, here is an easy peasy one. Could you let us know WHY there is a “Conflict Monitoring Center” ONLY after europeans arrive Booted and Gunned IN other Peoples Countries ( Property )?

  81. Ellis on said:

    Race mixing won’t help the White race though because even if a child is half-white, they will not consider that child White.
    I bet that there will be many Blacks who will be crying hard when the White race gradually diminishes. SMDH.

  82. blakksage on said:

    @Courtney H,

    Tariq Elite’s podcast regarding zimmerman (his name not capitalized on purpose) is right on point. I’ll begin to listen to him more often.

  83. D>S> on said:

    DOAN said early on this would be an adult convo. With the exception of a few, all I’m reading is a hate wall not a progressive dialogue as intended. We all come here to vent our frustrations. Just make sure to have that same energy on those topics those days many remain silent or absent on…

  84. “Just make sure to have that same energy on those topics those days many remain silent or absent on…”


    Thank you for stating something that I’ve long noticed. When I began this blog, I was the poster child for rage. After meditation and (some) growth, I used my anger to channel something positive for our people in the form of Sankofa.

    Working with other like-minded blacks have given me hope that we can and will overcome this beast. Anger is a tremendous emotion. Needed yet destructive, it must be controlled and properly utilized for the PROGRESS of our struggle.

    I’ve noticed that anger is akin to the 5 stages of grieving. Eventually, healing and positive change is your ultimate goal. I took some time off from trying to reach out to my people because some of us are now unreachable. We’ve gone too far and there’s no return.

    This space that I’ve created should be used to heal, vent and relearn how to LIVE…not simply exist. Some of us do get it and use this forum to help themselves. Others do not. That’s ok. Not all with be successful and I’m perfectly ok with that.

    Thank you for being observant.

  85. LOL I don’t believe in race mixing between Black people and White people.

  86. Can any white answer this, WHY is it that in the US Your system which constantly goes on about Freedom and Civil Rights, thinks it is perfectly ok to incarcerate Minors IN Adult Prisons, and WHY is it that Ethnic Minorities, particularly African americans are Ten Times more likely to be Jailed for Minor offences than whites?

  87. Eric Foster on said:

    Hello Truth Be Told and other enlightened beings. I really appreciate this blog even though I am very new here. It has been a great help for me in dealing with the rage I feel over the Trayvon Martin situation as well as the other indignities I have faced in 45 years in this country. The question I have is that I remember reading an article by Truth on buying land and it gave some suggestions on where to buy. Can anyone tell me the name of that article and what month it was in? I gotta get out of here and this article would be a great beginning. Thanks so much for all of your assistance.

    Peace and blessings to you all.

  88. Eric

    The name of the article is called: Land for Sale

  89. Eric Foster on said:

    Thank you so much!

  90. Dave Peterson on said:

    Sorry about a late response but I somehow dropped out of conversation closed. A little,computer challenged.. I have spent a lifetime changing. I have friends of color, African American as well as Native American, since young, and have tried to have someone explain to me what the experience of color was like. To me they were just friends, I never really understood why other people didn’t get that. I kept noticing that there was a difference though, that some would exhibit when we would be around other white people. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I finally got it. I finally felt what it must have been like to beam person of color. It was from a friend who is a Native American. Native Americans here are more numerous and the prejudice in Montana is extreme against them. I was at their house having breakfast, afterwords we started talking, and joking. Started talking about life, ended up talking about racial problems, politics, everything. He started letting down his hair, so to speak, he opened up and told me how he really felt. Then he realized he was talking to a,White Guy and he got nervous and fearful. I understood. I could not think of anything to say to try to ‘convince’ him I am not really white. He backed off emotionally, we talked off some more and then I left. Additionally, I guarantee there is no race I distrust more,than,my own. I have also told most racists that when confronted in conversation. No one else has tried to beat me up, rob me, shoot me, steel from me, cheat me, screw the country like white people. Why would I waste my time hating people I don’t know?

  91. Leviqueen on said:

    Amen!!! Great observation!! Tell all your friends get this truth out. Black awakening is now!

  92. Leviqueen on said:

    I have a question:





  93. Leviqueen on said:

    True!! My favorite scripture!!

  94. mstoogood4yall on said:

    Why do white men want to see their wives with black men?
    Why do u put white women on a pedestal and say other women are ugly?
    why do u give some black couples the stink eye when they are together?
    why are u so afraid and hate black love?
    why do u keep telling us to get over jim crow and slavery but don’t say the same to jews about the holocaust?

  95. Why do you whites it manditory for Pedeophiles to register from town to town & state to state, BUT do nothing in rounding up catholic priest et al who are the world’s biggest Pedeo organisation and STILL allowed to be around Innocent children?

  96. Well said, I wonder that too. Those White devils really are sneaky people.

  97. White people wanted to take credit for starting civilization so they made Northeast Africa the ”Middle East” and saying that the ancient Hebrews, Egyptians etc were White or of Caucasian origin, which is a lie.

    Historial evidence and Biblical evidence shows that the ancient Hebrews, Egyptians etc were a nation of Black people.

    And Jesus was a Black man and his real name was Yahshua because there is no J in the Hebrew alphabet and Jesus is a Greek name meaning the anointed one. Yahsua was a Black Hebrew Israelite who was born in Bethlehem and was raised in Nazareth.

    And White people aren’t fully human. They are basically inbred albinos that came about from albino Dravidians in India and albino Africans and migrated to Central Asia and then Europe. Since White people lack melanin, they don’t have empathy, soul, compassion, brains, conscience, common sense and the ability to love.

    I try as hard as I can to stay away from these White demons but since I live in my mostly White town, I don’t

  98. I was very mad about the Trayvon Martin situation and I still am. The verdict and the reactions from Whites in this country solidified my feelings of my dislike and distrust of White people in this country.

  99. This fake state of ”Israel” is called the synagogue of Satan in the Bible. They aren’t the true Jews. They are imposters and their ancestors didn’t descend from the ancient Hebrew Israelites who were Black Africans. Their ancestors were Khazars who came from Eastern Europe/Russian area who converted to Judaism thousands of years ago.

    Arabs and Palestinians know that these so called White Jews aren’t the true Jewish people or descendants of the ancient Hebrew Israelites is part of the reason why they are always fighting with these so called White Jews. Another reason is because the Arabs and Palestinians want the land of Israel to themselves because they feel that they are entitled to that land since they are the descendants of Ishmael, Abraham’s first born son to Egyptian maid, Hagar.

    I know it is complicated what is going on the in the so called Middle East, which is really Northeast Africa but I am starting to understand it slowly. These Khazars aren’t the true descendants of the Hebrew Israelites. Thus I don’t support the fake state of Israel.

  100. They are 8% worldwide and their population is shrinking, thank the Lord!

  101. @Adeen. No Adeen you are correct and not complecated at all. It only seem that way because most people are not aware of this and you want them to know. I have been there and in many ways still am, so from time to time I have to step back and breathe, particularly when dealing with relatives. Bobby Hemmitt once said that the time is coming when the hardest people to talk to would be the ones nearest to you, yo Fam. How true.
    The fake jews are not liked in Russia because they’re NOT even Russian and a Genocide thing going on there too, which is Why they are hated there so much. These Fakes almost succeeded in wiping out most of the population of Estonia and Lithuinia. They are really repulsive people if that word can be used.
    While the Palestinians were being Forced-Fed islam through the sword and death, the Fakes in Khasar land were happily converting to Judaism FOR GAIN! That’s right, Profit!
    As for the “state” of IS IT REALLY? It is a Real Estate Deal brokered during the second world war – their War. Indeed, most europeans ARE Fakes. “australians”, “canadians”, “americans”, South”africans” (no kidding), some even claim to be “cherokee”, “sioux”, “cheyenne”, etc etc. Use your eyes as Morfeus said in the Matrix. Just look at who is in the Hare Krisha movement and you will see an Whole load of FAKE Hindus! Nuff said.

  102. white pro-equality on said:

    1) I’m polish, eastern Europe has little to no connection to the slave trade. Also born and raised in the northeast us, you know, the part of the country where whites died in a war with your FREEDOM on the line. As far as what I continue to do to your people: nothing. I pay taxes, and I work full time providing healthcare to all Americans, not just whites. I do my best everyday to treat everyone equally and firmly believe in all forms of equality: sexual, gender, racial etc. I voted for obama, and I’m not just saying that to earn any brownie points, I liked his message, and identify more with democratic ideals.

    2) I’m very sad about racial inequality throughout the entire world, not just our country. Racism is a very serious issue, but I think it is also inherent in all human beings to dislike, distrust, or even hate what is different. Just look at different religious groups that constantly kill each other, or native African tribes who kill each other over different cultural beliefs to this day. If different groups of same race humans will kill each other over trivial differences, maybe it’s time to group racism with xenophobia and include it as part of the human condition in general. Simply ask yourselves if you implicitly distrust/dislike or even hate white people, you’ll see my point quite clearly. However it’s important to point out that when all xenophobic inequalities throughout the world are taken into consideration, the plight of African Americans can truly be classified as a first world problem.

    3. Without scientific evidence, it’s fairly clear that there is no soul, no god, no afterlife to speak of. I don’t worry, I just try to be the best husband, father, and human being I possibly can be while I’m alive.

    Overall the author of this blog sounds like a very strong intelligent woman, slightly misguided, and overly focused on one of many issues facing society today.

    White male checking out.

  103. white pro-equality on said:

    If I had to guess it ask goes back to xenophobia. Hate/dislike inherent in all living things for something that is viewed as different. It’s enough to influence decision subconsciously such as: who to arrest, who to give a longer sentence to.

    I’m also guessing that if there were a majority of black judges and police officers that you would see the exact opposite with more white arrested and imprisoned.

    The drug war overall is a failure. Mandatory minimum sentence lengths for minors is a terrible injustice.

  104. white pro-equality

    I’m the blog admin and I’m going to allow your comments…for now. Step out of line once and it’s over.

  105. white pro-equality on said:

    Why hasnt the United states been punished for breaking international law by spying on its allies through the nsa?

    It’s simple, we’re a super power, Israel it’s a close ally. We enjoy inappropriate “freedom” to break rules. Should they be punished? Yes. Should we? Yes.

  106. white pro-equality on said:

    My wife and I have had two children, and she’s gotten pregnant on the first try each time… anecdotal, but I also see an equal amount of whites and blacks at my pharmacy for infertility drugs.

    Having many children it’s good, just not if you need the government to help pay for them. That’s like asking me to pay to raise your kids, but instead of asking, you force me to. Not nice.

    As far as the rest of your comments… caucanderthals, evil acts, superior genetics. That’s straight up racism. Also sounding borderline nazi-ish

  107. white pro-equality on said:

    I’m still waiting for you to insert some intelligent intellectual non racist dialogue…

    Show me a week funded scientific study demonstrating a) whites have higher infertility rates b) whites are becoming “extinct”

    Mother nature is no more real than unicorns, dragons, our god. Let’s deal with reality, we’re going to need to if we have any hope of coexisting

  108. @ white pro equality

    You bore me.

    You’re banned.

  109. This question and answer forum must have taxed quite a lot of you, for it to take THIS long to get answers and not suprisingly by just one lone , er, white. It seems that you’re always from “eastern europe” so you have nothing to do with the current situation. Well, that ain’t the case. Many bishops from Monrovia had a LOT to do with the Evil Trade.
    ALL europeans gained and STILL Gain privelidges FROM the Racist Oppression of ALL Ethinic Minorities. It isn’t neccessary to list, that speaks for itself. As for “freedom” what “freedom” was that? Thw World wars was YOUR War, fought for certain europeans supremacy OVER Other europeans and Non-europeans had NO Gain of FREEDOM whatsoever!
    Poland IS an alLIE and therefore a Terrorist. Any nation that willingly agrees to Butcher other people for their resources IS a Terrorist. Europeans have Massacred their Savage way throughout the entire world and there is no people you have EVER came upon that has not fear the worst! How do you think amerikkka is a place for you today, because of the damn near Genocide of IMMIGRANT FOREIGNERS IN sombody elses Land!
    Perhaps there is no god or soul for the likes of you in whatever you call death. After all europe was a Living Hell for europeans thenselves which is why they LEFT it in the first place only to create a LIVING HELL for the Native People they found in Turtle Island, the Original name of this Land. Maybe too much queing up for rotten cabbages overnight in the freezing cold and digging out potatoes in the dead of night so the germans don’t know and Shoot you down dead, has addled your brain with the comforts you now have the priveledge to enjoy in amerikka where you have now had the joy to become e “real” white.
    As Alkebulan, it proper name for “africa”, tribes killing themselves, please try to remember that when you are coming close to the orgasmic state of the “glories” of the WW1 & 2, that it was Your Tribes that were happily killing each other off and betraying each other. Indeed, quite recently the Bosnian War, saw some horrific Massacres of innocent children in europe, yes you are all innocent until you are Taught to Hate for the priveledge of the few, that THIS was “Tribal”. As for signing out. You did that a long time ago, when you try to justify the european atrocites that gave those like you unlimited priveledge in the past and now today 2013. How many of your peoples children are gunned down in the street because they’re eastern european? That’s right I can’t think of any either.

  110. Chris on said:

    I’m contributing a commit to this pretty late, but. I am a white male. I’m also openly gay.

    I am fully cognizant of the oppression my race has committed and still perpetuates. And not just to africans. The mass genocide of native americans that nearly wiped out their entire culture. The internment of japanese americans during WWII. Our invasion of Iraq that directly caused the rise of a radical regime.

    The discrimination I’ve experience because of my sexuality is wholly different and not equivalent to the systematic oppression of black people in america, but it has given me a unique perspective. I know what it feels like to not be safe in public, but at the same time I also understand the privileges I’ve benefited from throughout my entire life and I seek to end them.

    To more directly answer the original questions presented – yes, I feel great guilt for the oppression that all non-white-straight-cis-christian males experience in my country, but I am not worried for my soul because I am a good person and I strive to rectify the sins of my ancestors. We are not all evil.

  111. jenny on said:

    Why do you keep appealing to the morality of people who clearly don’t care? I’m white and I’ll be honest with you and tell you something you should have figured out by now: it’s a dog eat dog world. Everyone is fucked. Everyone. Black. White. Brown. Yellow. Whatever. Knowing this do you really think white people are going to give up the one upper hand they have? Please.

    Black people have been the scape goat of this country since it’s creation. Why did they enslave black ppl when they already had Irish slaves? 1.) the Irish slaves were dumb as rocks and 2.) they could run away and blend in with free whites. So they get black slaves who can never hide who they are. But what happened? White slaves and black slaves got to talking and started rebelling together. Next thing you know white slaves are free and black slave conditions get worst and worst. Why? As a message to poor whites about what could happen. See no matter how bad things got for poor whites, they could always look at themselves and say “at least I”m not black at least I’m not a N-Word.” So they didn’t rebel again. Remember it was rich whites who rebelled against the England. not poor whites. Poor whites were too stupid. They think as they ain’t an n-word they are free, when they aren’t. They just ain’t in chains. Sorry but it’s true.

    This mentality exists today in most white people, especially poor whites, unless they are wiggers, but even they have part of it. That’s how white people benefit the most from slavery — they have black people to give them social status and be the scape goat. So no white person feels guilty, because being racist makes them feel better about how fucked up their lives are. Better to be an unhappy hillbilly than a n-word right? That’s how white people think.

    White privilege is not going to go away by white people feeling guilty. Wake up Black America. White people aren’t going to save you. Save yourselves and stop asking us if we feel bad we benefit from not being you, because in a dog eat dog world we can’t. You take what you can and fuck everyone else. Sorry. Rich white Americans can feel guilty, but poor whites, the one with the numbers to actually change shit never will. So take what’s yours black America. Don’t ask, don’t whine about oppression, because no one cares. TAKE. The few white people who can see the bigger picture will join you, but just like the Irish slaves who turned on you, most will just get in your way. Never forget who you are, because trust me white people won’t.

  112. Jenny

    Thank you for an honest comment. I hope we ALL take heed.

  113. ….and the irish Slaves are still turning against those who have helped and aided them. Libya once funded the irish rebels against the english Occupation of northern ireland with money, arms and training. In the end the irish didn’t even breathe a word aginst the Total Destruction of Libya, not ONE WORD on a Dead Libyan Baby, not one word in disgust! Today ireland is STILL under the english Boot AND most race hate groups have a high proportion of irish. They are clearly still enslaved, bill oreilly comes to mind, he seems to have absolutely no shame with his ingraciating buffoneryive tv. Yes he IS a Buffoon!

  114. To the black family:

    I hope you’ve read the comments by Jenny.

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  116. What you have written is true, after all who was gapping under the lynched bodies of men, women & children and working themselves up into a Frenzy of pure Demonic Delight. Trailer Trash!
    After all your standing armies would NOT exist without this Low Breed Neanderthal, who is always looking for validation from his “betters”. The Infamous Atrocities is being done by this same portion of Species, that has Abu Gharib & Guantanamo Bay on the same footing today as Nazi cconcentration camps of the “past”.
    Most if not all of your Killer policemen are also from this group, and those in most people services who are only to willing to foist their Low Level Status onto someone else, usually African American.
    Does this make rich whites nice? No.They simple get these species to do their dirty work Most of the Middle Class whites are being eroded by THIS group, being put into position once held by mcw. This is called Social Engineering.
    After all who was being dragged out of their nice homes by these Red Necks after the Farce called the Boston Bombing. That’s right Middle class
    whites! With guns to their heads!!!
    So before you tell us that whites don’t care, please remember that YOUR BETTERS don’t like YOU or ANYBODY Else Either!!! Because the Trailer Trash are simple Cannon Fodder!! That’s their purpose, Disposable.
    One of our Elders said way back in 2001, “these people would sell their own mama for a Buck!”Guess what 2013, he is proven right on so many things, so most of us didn’t need you to tell ushat whites don’t care. We know.

  117. I’m sure you spotted the venom in what she said Truth.

  118. Bry

    Her venom was appreciated. It’s not every day a white person says EXACTLY what they’re thinking and feeling. Most hide behind European Word Salads.

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  120. floydmerit on said:

    Are you sorry for what you and your ancestors have done and continue to do to my people?

    No. That’s the only meaningful answer. I don’t think it was right, but that’s 21st century me looking back in hindsight. Knowing my personal character, I may not have owned slaves, but I probably wouldn’t have spent much concern on the fate of blacks either. That handles the meaningfulness of passing moral judgement on past events that are remote to me. So far as whether I harbor personal regrets, of course not. I had nothing to do with it. With regard to what my ancestors continue to do to your people, my ancestors are dead, so they’re not doing anything to your people any more, and the most recent few generations of their descendants have extended themselves greatly to facilitate the development and thriving of blacks, so I see nothing to regret there. In summary, I don’t accept the premise that I carry accountability beyond the limits of my own fingers and toes.

    Do you feel even the slightest ounce of guilt or sadness

    Sadness? Perhaps, when considering historic events deeply I’m able to personify and empathize with the victims of travesties and horrors. Guilt? Of course not.

    Are you worried about your soul and what may happen to you when you die?

    That stuff doesn’t exist, so: no.

  121. floydmerit on said:

    Two additional things:

    What “jenny” said is pretty close to the fundamental truth of it all. It’s a real head-scratcher the way the black empowerment is somehow always expressed as a demand for white people disempower themselves. Why? So we may all be weak? How is an apology issued centuries after the fact supposed to be meaningful recompense for something as sustained and brutal as the conversion of people into cattle? How is that remotely empowering? Real power isn’t something you beg for. Real power isn’t what you’re owed. It’s having people beg you for what you have.

    Black uprisings in the US have been costly, but not threatening. In the worst case scenario – say, blacks drive whites up into Canada and occupy the entire continental US – history instructs that the outcome will be a looting followed by a crisis of unsustainable disorder and decay while whites build a new dominion for themselves in the hard tundra. Twenty years later, so-called “black nationalists” will be claiming whites stole everything built on the Canadian tundra from them. If it could possibly be otherwise, it would be epoch-changing, breaking a vicious cycle which began when the Dutch had the bad idea of taking the black man out of Africa. For now, the model is Detroit.

    If whites are fifty, seventy-five percent neanderthal, clearly that’s a good mix. everyone, save for Asians, want what we have and are unable to build it for themselves.

  122. @ Floyd

    I approved your comments because we need to read them. Again. And again.

  123. Thank you again, Floyd.

  124. I know this reply is late but you said we could so I’ll take a chance. I’m new to your sight and although I think you are hateful, I also think your opinion is pretty important. Especially if you are young.

    Are you sorry for what you and your ancestors have done and continue to do to my people?

    No, not at all. Even things that have happened recently. I don’t not feel sorry in the slightest because I have done none of those things to black people. On the other hand I feel a great deal of empathy for black people in this country. I am a student of history and the past is pretty fucked up. I also think it’s seriously wrong what happens to this day and I wonder what can be done to to open up peoples minds and make them change. I think the word “reparations” mean the dominate race should hold up the oppressed race and bring them to a higher level. I think blacks and whites and should just be even with everything and I read blogs like this because I’d like to figure out how. Anyone who knows history could never argue that black people haven’t been held down at every turn, in ways you wouldn’t even know. Turning a corner and deciding to help out Black America is an act of love that everyone should be into. I think the only way to end racism is for people to start thinking about it individually, right now.

    Do you feel even the slightest ounce of guilt or sadness?

    I’m sure you want me to. I see the news and think “What the fuck?!” I hate the police personally and not because I’m old enough to know about NWA. It’s because their fucked up. Their is racist shit happening to black people right now that is just straight up wrong. I know it. I’m against it. I want to change it.

    I’m not ready to kill myself over it.

    Are you worried about your soul and what may happen to you when you die?

    Not one bit. I’m an atheist. I’m sure you think I’m headed to Hell. Sorry, but even if there was a creator. It ain’t the one from the Bible.

  125. Mr. Serpentine

    I approved your comments because we need to hear it. As long as we’re being honest with each other, allow me to shed some light from a black perspective.

    In the future, when the white race falls to the ground and crumbles, we’re going to treat you the exact same way that you’ve just described.


    By the way, your name fits.


  126. Don’t you mean “your” perspective. I know plenty of black people who don’t hope for and advocate and plan for the the death of an entire race. You’re a good writer but it doesn’t take long before one realizes that you’re just dancing around the word “Death” with other descriptive words. I’m pretty sure there are a lot of black people that don’t want to see an apocalyptic loss of human life. That’s pretty much what you are looking forward to. I’ve read a lot of your blog already and it’s a reoccurring theme.

  127. Serpentine

    I’m in a generous mood today. Tell me, what do you feel would be a reasonable solution to your ancestors man-made issues with the social construct called “race”?

  128. I got to be honest with you. I really don’t know. I know the system we have today is wrong. I know it this way because of the past, and I see how time has SLOWLY changed things, but it has definitely not moved fast enough. Things aren’t good enough for Blacks in America. I know I’m willing to do something in my life to change the world around me for the better. Just what that is I haven’t figured out yet. But I know I want to be apart of the conversation. Especially when it comes to race. Black people in America are people I have to live with. Why would I want them to have it shitty all the time.

    You seem like you’re dead set in you ways. I guess I was looking for a conversation with someone that would take me to a different level. Maybe set me on another path, closer to finding the answer. I want to be a teacher someday soon. I’m looking to teach History. It’s all good an well to teach the truth about how shitty ALL people have been to each other throughout time. But it’s not fair to leave students with just that. Here you go, the history of all mankind is awful. Have a good day.

    I won’t bother you anymore. I read enough of your blog to know we are on different wavelengths. Good luck destroying your enemies!

  129. Serpentine

    There is one way out. And we all know what that is. Good luck to you as well…for the future.

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