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10 Ways To Be a Member of the White Supremacist Club

I’ve learned a few things since blogging about white supremacy. Anyone, even black people, can be a white supremacist. Yes…you are reading correctly. Does that shock you? Well, it shouldn’t. White supremacy needs HELP. And lots of it. That help comes in the form of books, tel-lie-vision, movies, music, people of all backgrounds, food, clothing and religion. You don’t honestly think that such an oppressive system can still be in existence without the help of whites and blacks, right?

Since learning that anyone can be a white supremacist, I’ve put together a simple list on how to be a member. Here goes:

1. Ignore, deflect and derail any and all conversations, ideas and solutions regarding fixing Racism.

2. Blacks can apply. However, they must:

a. NEVER bring a black agenda to the table

b. NEVER speak out against racism or white people

c. Openly date, sex and marry whites

d. Raise their children, however dark-skinned, to love all things white and hate and fear blackness

e. Blame blacks for their own oppression

f. NEVER wear your natural hair

3. Brown-skinned and yellow-skinned, non-blacks can apply. However, they must:

a. Speak out publicly against blackness

b. Openly date, sex and marry whites

c. Denounce their own cultural heritage including accents and food

d. Never bring a non-AmeriKlan agenda to the table

e. Raise their children, however dark-skinned, to love all things white and hate and fear blackness

4. Develop selective amnesia about AmeriKlan’s bloody past

5. Develop selective amnesia about Africa’s thriving past

6. Fear blackness but secretly desire it

7. Use white religion as a way of excusing racism

8. Use money as a weapon against poorer, less developed races

9. Cry, wail, scream, leave the room and do anything and everything except admit that there is indeed a problem

10. Know in your heart that racism is wrong but since you benefit from it, do absolutely nothing. 

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168 thoughts on “10 Ways To Be a Member of the White Supremacist Club

  1. Bestpartofwakingup on said:

    A few nights ago, I was speaking with a friend of mine(a brotha) about the current state of hip hop. I asked if he noticed a difference of the black and white artist.

    He proceeded to tell me some bullshit about record sales and Jay-Z and Eminem and a bunch of blackless soulless arguments that made me disappointed in him. I know we have to be patient with less aware people but I thought his taste in music was ok until I heard him talk this bullshit as if to excuse the white presence in Hip Hop.

    I said that it seemed as if they saved the best music and even dance choreography for the white artists. On YouTube, there’s a vid saying that whites seem to have more soul than blacks in their music these days(there’s that selective memory you mentioned).
    Scareface knows that hip hop is turning white, even macklemore wrote a song called “white privilege” discussion how hip hop is turning white and how they are getting away with stealing our culture…yet again.
    When I asked my friend what makes eminem a good rapper, he replied “his content”. I said exactly, his content, Jay Z said “if lyrics sold truth be told I’d probably be lyrically Talib kweli. I dumb down my music and double my dollars” this coon bafoon is tellin us to our face that we are to hear materialistic bullshit while white artist are held high for their content.
    Someone said they appreciate (wack) Mac Miller for his hustle as if he is the hardest working white rapper. Well, I appreciate soldier boy for his hustle, we should have just made him work on his content and say if you are going to grime this hard to be heard, make what you say count. I know that there are plenty of great lyrically talented MC’s out there but of course we won’t hear but 1% of it on the radio.

    White supremacy has stepped into the world of our music so many times and it seems as though it’s happening again with hip hop right before our eyes.
    I tried to think positive and say maybe it would force us to create another new form of music, but I like the hip hop that I grew up on and the underground true to form hip hop that is there. I don’t want to part with it but it seems that we would have to and the next sound wave that we create, NO WHITES ALLOWED.

    But hey, that’s just me.

  2. Kushite Prince on said:

    Death to Uncle Ruckus! And all his imitators! Whether they are black,hispanic or Asian! All of them can kiss my a$$!!

  3. Lol at Ruckus, I think the Cosby family would have been a better example though – trying to be “All-Ameriklan”.

  4. Yes I know that even a Black person could be a White supremacist, that is what I call the White supremacist mindset, all the things Negress listed was right. She also forgot to list:

    11) Black people siding with White people when their own people encounter racism.

    12) Encouraging and even believing that light skin Black girls are prettier than dark skin Black girls.

    13) Dating and marrying White people and putting down your own race in the process.

    14) Black Republicans siding with their White, racist, redneck trailer park trash dwelling Republican counterparts who molest their own family members over their own Black people even in crisis where racism is concerned ie Trayvon Martin incident and Paula Deen controversy.

    15) Latinos siding with White people and thinking that they are White.

    16) Latinos putting Black people down and not acknowledging their Black ancestry or Indigneous ancestry.

    17) Asians siding with White people and putting down Blacks and Latinos.

    18) Whitewashed Asian women dating White males and thinking that they are the best thing to ever walk on two legs.

    19) Brainwashed and self hating Black males date non Black women, mercilessly put down Black women and having biracial kids who hate Black people.

    20) Black women thinking that wearing their natural hair is not professional enough or makes them pretty.

    I could have listed more but it would most likely take up the whole page. White supremacists are dangerous but Blacks, Latinos and Asians who have this White supremacist mentality are even more dangerous. Trust me. They are.

  5. Why? I thought they were a nice, Black family with good values. I never have seen any White supremacist mentality in any the characters on that show. But if you do, point it out for me.

  6. blackgirlinberlin on said:

    Great post. I have been experiencing a lot of this lately. There are not many blacks here, and I do my best to befriend them and be nice. I say hello when I out to everyone who looks like me. Often they look down and say nothing, sometimes it is a language barrier (especially with French blacks) although I think that Hello is pretty recognizable in any language. Recently I have been meeting.. what I guess would be these Blacks who are the ones you described.. who tell me to stop bringing up the RWS thing because the Germans do not want to hear this all the time. Mind you, I am talking to THEM not white Germans about this. Even last night while I was out, I saw a black woman who I mistaken for an American. She was from Quebec and went on a whole rant about Americans and this and that. I am like.. yes, you are from Quebec.. but really it is not that serious. Her white friend apologized to me saying she is like that to all black people. I just wonder if we will ever get some unity. I just do not understand, it seems many hate being black, and me bringing it up just reminds me of that all the time.

  7. blackgirlinberlin on said:

    I agree with you.. here in Germany they are doing this as well. We were just talking about the gospel choirs that used to come here were all black. Some stayed and taught the Germans. Now, when you see the gospels choirs .. they are all white. Same with the jazz. My dude often has problems finding gigs even though he is a gifted bass player with 30 years experience. He says they want to keep it all German. I just say stop opening these doors and teaching them, but so many want to assimilate and this is what happens.

  8. It promotes the idea that by becoming highly educated and becoming wealthy, upper-middle-class professionals we can have happy, more “ordinary” lives.

    To quote Paul Mooney, if they’re after one of us, they’re after all of us, so being happy and living the American dream isn’t helping the cause.

    Also, looking at the women’s hair, Felicia Rashad was relaxed, so was Lisa Bonet. Bill Cosby himself has always directed his criticism towards us rather than the system itself.

    Granted it’s better than shows where were being deliberately miseducated, confused and shown being violent. But I think too many people – my dad’s family for example fell for the “assimilation” con-game way too deeply because of programming like it (Jefferson’s, Fresh Prince, Family Matters, etc.).

    Now the price is being paid as folks like them who are so indoctrinated won’t raise their voice a decibel against white people no matter how badly they’re being treated.

  9. mstoogood4yall on said:

    u right. I notice the same thing how the white artists get some catchy lyrics and dancers, while the black artists get autotune and dumb lyrics. They would rather have some black artists that can’t sing using autotune and talking about sueperficial things than have black artists that can actually sing. Now I am seeing white artists from the uk that can sing like adele and daley. Artists who copy off of black American music and soul. America would rather whites from other countries profit off of imitating black American music than give credit to us. Canada has Justin bieber and drake, and what do we have, goofy ppl like lil wayne. We don’t hear much black artists who sing about love, heartbreak, and all the other range of emotions. SO u got white ppl like taylor swif singing about heartbreak and Justin timberfake copying our dancing and singing. THe black artists that do sing about love, respect, and heartbreak like musiq soulchild, heather headley, jasmine Sullivan,dwele,etc. we don’t really hear on the radio or see their vids heavily promoted. The only time they have black artists with a lot of views are the ones who play stereotypes and use autotune. example, when jasmine Sullivan made that song bust the windows out ur car, that vid has more views and was played more on the radio than her other songs. why? because it showed the sapphire stereotype they just want to show us as angry to stereotype us as sapphires and thugs. They don’t want there to be black artists like back in the day that had soul and sang from the heart and poured out their emotions. They don’t want that good loving music made from blacks but they want it to be made from imposters, so they can be seen as sensual, sexy, romantic. THey don’t want blacks listening to postitive or baby making music lol. Oh no then our numbers might increase and we might respect and love each other. That is a threat to them and white supremacy.

  10. mstoogood4yall on said:

    Yes some are like that, but imo we need to separate ourselves from them. Its good to try to wake ppl up but if they choose not to listen even when they are faced with racism yet ignore it there is no hope for them. Just look at tiger woods and serena Williams, both have had racist remarks made about them yet they say nothing or downplay it. if they can’t stand up for themselves there is no way they’d stand up for other ppl. Me and Adeen encountered someone on abagonds blog who refused to acknowledge certain things and he said he was black. We were discussing George Zimmerman not guilty verdict and he was basically saying lets not jump to conclusions. another commenter and I was talking about the black female that was intern for georges defense and saying she was a sell out. And this commenter was like she is not a sellout and we shouldn’t accuse each other of such things. and he went on to say this
    ” On the contrary, I’m not trying to divide anyone I just think people shouldn’t be quick to judge. If anything YOU guys are the ones promoting divide saying things like

    “I don’t trust my kids with white women” “99% of white people are racist”

    ” White Americans are truly an evil group of people and the bad ones outnumber the good ones”

    THen he said this

    But if you’d rather be dismissive to satiate your ignorance then there’s nothing I can do. I can speak my piece and I’m sure you all are religious right?

    “thou shalt not bare false witness.” Ring any bells? If you believe in god you know only he know for sure.

    THen he went on to talk about mlk and not judging. I corrected his arse quick. I told him why do u bring up mlk and religion, that don’t work anymore in manipulating us and being kumbaya negroes. then when he saw that didn’t work he was like I just thought mlk had some good things to say about race and not judging ppl based on race.

    Its just interesting how sometimes we can’t tell the white imposters from the black ones as they all talk the same, exusing racism, bringing up mlk and the bible, and just attaking us when we react and say something about white ppl yet they don’t say anything about the white ppl that have attacked us. They go after us reacting to their actions.

  11. Stay away from racist Whites and sellout Whitewashed token Black people.

  12. Can’t watch the video.

  13. 11. You agree with Tammy sotomayor and Kola Goof

    12. You pour gasoline on the gender war battle we got going on

    13. You only look out for yourself.

    14. You support tyler perry movies.

    15. You threaten to date outside your race because you can’t get no play.

    16. Call our people in africa savages

    17. Raise your kids to work for white folks.

    Adeen finish this list for me I gotta finish my project.

  14. Courtney H on said:


    About black people who side w/white people — I recently watched The Young Turks on Current, and they were talking about that a–hole Allen West, who said on Faux Radio that blacks protesting the Zimmerman verdict were race-baiters who really don’t want to do anything about racism — he used the usual racist term “race-baiters.” Roland Martin stated that these terms have been used against black leaders who have challenged the status quo for centuries in this country — and are used to stifle progress and change.


    My family and I recently returned from a trip to Europe (France, Spain, and Italy). I make a point of speaking (or smiling) to fellow black people. In Europe, most black people will not speak to other black people if you speak to or even smile at them. The only other black people who spoke to us were fellow black Americans. The only time the Africans (and most of the black people in Europe are Africans) who spoke to us were trying to sell us those fake and/or hot purses on the street (my oldest niece bought two of them).

    Anyway, when we got back to the U.S., I told my older sister that I was glad that when I smiled at or spoke to another black person, that person replied. I guess blacks in Europe did not read that part of the book which says we’re supposed to speak to one another.

  15. An angry George Zimmerman supporter attacked Soul/Rock legendary Lester Chamber after he dedicated a song to slain teenager Trayvon Martin. The woman has been identified as Dinalynn Andrews Potter and the incident took place at a California blues festival.

    #trayvon martin
    #george zimmerman
    #white people

  16. THE ALCHEMIST on said:

    I think joining the WS club also might require claiming that blacks are the racists.

  17. jacinto on said:

    Everything is true, to cite an example of c. Denounce their own cultural heritage and food including accents: here in Colombia we have a ancient instrument known as “marimba chonta” that African people inherited malawi but the national department of culture with communist officials want to change the name to one that is more friendly and sophisticated “piano of the jungle” when our instument is nothing comparable to a piano. About food or speak since all ancestral feeding is considered sexual enhancer, competion no blacks afros we only know of good sexo.Tambien are encouraged to be African is to be poor indigent shown that African people living in extreme (famine and disease) and some of us have believed, then when a good income Afro-Latin has economic, social automatically changes its position and is considered white and therefore must marry a no black to raise beautiful children improved breed. (in the history of slavery in latin america dela this system she was known as “EXPANSION color line” and was introduced by the Catholic iglecia in his doctrine that only if white can go to heaven after death)

  18. jacinto on said:

    Of course when an African awake and not let it dominate the whole system, automatically accuse him of racist

  19. nmaat433 on said:

    If I hear this one more time…I’m going to scream…white people haven’t ‘stolen’ as much as we have ‘given’ our culture away…I know there is a parable or mythological story out there that sums up what we as a people seem to love to do: we don’t love and appreciate what & who we are, what we have been given by the Creator and as such, treat what others covet, hunger for and would and DO steal and kill for–with a certain cavalier attitude and even a certain disdain for. What comes natural for black people, other people have to work DAMN hard at and they STILL don’t come close to a mastery that we simply take for granted. Maybe that is a lesson that we will continue to experience into infinity until we realize what we are and what power we have been blessed with. Another thing and then I’ll hop off my soapbox…while they use trickery and spell casting to manufacture our reactions to what they have been doing for damn near a millenia (HELLO black people..have you not met these people before? Ain’t shit they do new or novel..it’s S.O.P. or standard operating procedures); we seem to miss the bigger picture—-they have negative zero birth rates either b/c they have unconsciously chosen to commit slow motion genetic suicide right before our distracted eyes OR because they can’t do a damn thing about it and the PLANET & our ancestors are exacting justice–either way…their time is running short and they know it. And finally….I read this while perusing numerology: that the 1 period that we left behind represents self..in all of it’s different facets, the preoccupation with self and personal aggrandizement..the 2 period is about peace, love and looking outward to each other. I’m simplifying it of course, but what that says to me is that ‘they’ were built for and meant to rule in that period and possess certain characteristics that allowed them to prosper. Well, that period is over. We are living in the end stage of that game. No one will prosper in this period working under that same paradigm. So I hope we start looking forward more (thru the fog) and start seeing what is coming. We can fashion it into anything we want. If they could without all of our natural gifts and blessings; then can you imagine what we can do? Hell, you don’t have to imagine. Just pick up a book and it’s already been written about–just get in line b/c those are the things that whites are using against us. Knowledge we ‘gave’ them.

  20. Tyrone on said:


    I just finished watching (Wicked Attraction) on Investigation Discovery Channel. This episode re-enacted the murders of 2 blackmen at the hands of a self-hating, wannabe rapper, white girl sponsor. To make a long story short, the Coon, his white girlfriend, and do-boy friend set up 3 unsuspecting brothas to get robbed for cash and jewels by using the snowflake as sexual bait. 2 blackmen are killed, one survives. Blackmen need to see this episode to fully grasp the evil of KKK inspired blackmen. The episode will re-air tonight at 12Midnight EST. Venus Guy Trap, S6/Ep01. Brothas, if you watch the episode , hit me back?


  21. Tyrone on said:

    @Courtney H

    Black Republicans like Allen West need to realize that the GOP is dead to black folk in this country. Any quasi support the party had in the black community is dead and gone for good. The support of George Zimmerman by white republicans and conservatives was the kiss of death for black conservatives. Any brotha or sista that stays in the party after this debacle is a joke. I have a lot of respect for Niger Ennis, Shelby Steele, Michael Steele, etc. But, the GOP lost any hope of getting black support. My advice to fellow BCs, have some respect for yourself…Walk Away! Allen West is a tool now, he just became a Fox News Contributor a few weeks ago, He’s Stuck! The shame in all of this, is that, conservative policies will be the savior of black folk. Basically, black people have no party to depend on either way. We keep voting for donkeys, the hole deepens. The GOP shot itself in the foot, a bunch of whitemen who want to be alone to themselves. Reminder, News Corp owns Fox News, Fox TV, Fox Sports, FX, 20th Century Fox Studios, Harper Collins Publishing, etc. Rupert Murdoch has to pay a heavy price money wise for supporting Zimmerman and his racist supporters. Boycott News Corporation black people? At least liberals pretend to care even if they don’t. We can’t keep being punched in the face, yet, they want us to keep giving them our money.


  22. Wow, those Black males are self hating coons! I regularly watch ID Discovery Channel and I do know about that episode. It just shows you don’t have to be White to be a White supremacist or have a White supremacist mindset.

  23. I know about that. Did she get arrested? I think the attack was racially motivated as well. She is a racist and seems angry that anyone cares about the life of a young Black boy. SMH, the nerve of some people.

    From now on, I wouldn’t care when a White person kills another White person. I wouldn’t care when some evil, sick, twisted White male goes on a killing spreee and kills his own people in a city. Nor will I care about the lives lost since they don’t care about our lives. That is their business like they see Trayvon’s murder as our business.

  24. My family is from the Caribbean. I might have some things in common with you but I am very aware of the racism in the Latino culture. I live them live next to them, these mestizos Latinos and they think that they are White and that they are better than us Black people. Her daughter is very Whitewashed and thinks she is a White girl and she shouldn’t talk to me because I am Black.

    The Spanish conquistadors put up this caste system based on skin color and wealth. The Spanish born settlers on top of the caste system with the most power and privileges and then the Spanish people born in the New World are after them with power and privileges after that comes the mestizos, Spanish mixed with Indigneous blood and then mulattos Spanish mixed with Black blood.
    Blacks and Indians were at the bottom of the caste system of power and privileges in Latin America for centuries and they still are. I hope things get better for Black people in Latin America considering that they are my people.

  25. 18 You relax your hair and weave it up and never wear your own natural hair

    19 You could care less when your own people are in distress

    20 You side with White people before you side with your own people.

    Can you respond to my list when you have the time.

  26. Girl, we both know who he was. LOL. I respect him but he was blind to the obvious problems that we face and we are going to face as minorities in a racist country. It is sad some Black people downplay racism even in the height of racial tensions like right now. I call these Black people, Whitewashed Blacks. Don’t trust White washed Black people because they are White supremacists and they are dangerous.

    I do find it sad that we can’t tell Whitewashed Black people commenting from White racist trolls on Abagond.

    Yes I believe Black people in America should have never integrated with White America. Integration and assimilation was the death of Black people in America and it didn’t better our condition or plight in the country. In fact, I believe integration made Whites become more conscious of the sight of us and made us oblivious to the fact that Whites will never accept us. We will always be low life Niggas to them and integration can’t change that. We should have separated from them and built up our own community and relied on our strength and self worth. We don’t need them, they need us. That is why they can’t coexist without us.

  27. Yes I noticed that too but I stopped listening to Hip Hop except for a few exceptions. Hip Hop these days promotes colorism, sexism and misogyny and I don’t want to listen to that at all, Most of today’s so called rappers are terrible from Shitty Minaj to 2 Chainz, Lil Gayne to Frake, Dick Ross, Chief Keef, Lil B, Waka Flocka, Soulja Boy, etc. These rappers lack creativity and talent and they are destroying a once good genre of music.

    I prefer old school Rap music and the few good rappers out today like J Cole, Lupe Fiasco and BOB.

  28. Oops I meant shoot not shout

  29. Lol In my neighbourhood the black ppl get along, cuz were very few…it’s mostly Asians…so whenever I see a BP they smile at me…it’s like they looked so relieved! I love the sense of community…even though we’re most likely never see each other again! Lol, the Asians are racist…I don’t know how the others deal with it, I go to an international boarding school outside my town (thank God)…there’s more black ppl and there’s power in numbers!

  30. 21. Every black person that come on the job you try to fight them out.

    22. Saying your mixed with Indian, Asian, Italian, Floridian, new yorkian, cincinnatian and Mississippian. when you know damn well your dark as the other side of the moon.

    23. Date and have kids with ignorant people in our race.

    24. denounce knowledge from a fellow brother or sister because the white man didn’t say it.

    25. Bleach your skin because you don’t want massa to feel uncomfortable.

    26. You let your kids aspire to become rappers.

    27. Work as a pharmacist giving poison to our people.

    28. When the cops shoot done one of our people you say oh well at-least it wasn’t me.

    29. Support white artist and look down on black artist.

    30. Become a gang member.

  31. Lol weave it up.

  32. Jay in the Black Dimension on said:

    Here’s another way

  33. Kushite Prince on said:

    Damn Youtube!lol

  34. Kushite Prince on said:

    That was a great addition! I love that list!

  35. Gat Turner on said:

    There’s alway’s gotta be one! To see blacks sell each other out in these day’s and times makes me sick to my stomach. It’s time to separate the wheat from the chaff!

  36. Kushite Prince on said:

    How does Channa Lloyd sleep at night? And to think she did this as a volunteer?? She wasn’t even paid for working on this case!! Shameful!!

  37. mstoogood4yall on said:

    Hey nmatt nice to see u again. Sistah u right. Black ppl have given these ppl our secrets and taught them and they use it and stab us in the back. Black ppl shouldn’t have taught whites about blues and how to dance. That is our downfall, I don’t teach them anything I play dumb, they ain’t getting nothing from me not my recipes, nothing.

  38. mstoogood4yall on said:

    ikr and she in her thirties and a dam intern wtf was she doing. The sad thing was she is so whitewashed, she asked for white confirmation on if George Zimmerman is a racist. Then she contradicted herself by saying i’m an African American and can pick up on when someone is racist. Yeah ok crazy beyotch then why u had to ask a white man if that is true. And why would u ask a white man who has a vested interest in his client, of course he’ll say he’s not racist, the devil don’t make his presence known and be like hey i’m the devil follow me. smh these naïve cooning black ppl.

  39. mstoogood4yall on said:

    I bet that beyotch watches scandal too. smdh

  40. mstoogood4yall on said:

    I see u and soforeal are tag teaming em uh oh rofl.

  41. Kushite Prince on said:

    It looks like killing unarmed black children will become the norm in AmeriKKKa. This old white bastard is on trial for killing a thirteen year old black kid. I think white folks are sending a message to us. The question is: Are we getting the message??

  42. Kushite Prince on said:

    So true!lol This “sista” is beyond lost! She can’t be saved. She’s too far gone. It’s so sad to be so pretty YET so dumb! How sad is that?

  43. Kushite Prince on said:

    She probably has it o Tivo!lol

  44. Exactly! That’s what I’ve been thinking lately…from no one I don’t say anything in front of them as I’ve been doing for a while…I wrote the first paragraph of a story for my best friend and everyone kept saying that was their favorite part when she read it to the class
    Smh, haha! But that was my best friend…so it was cool (and she’s Lebanese with nappy hair so I don’t consider her white)
    But I do think we let too much people in our business cuz now it seems like everyone knows our issues–cuz of stupid like Chris Rock’s Good Hair, that video was ridiculous…who the heck plays that much for relaxer?! I know ppl with long hair that wear weaves, cuz they like to change style a lot or to do certain styles (e.g. Gabrielle Union)and most white celebrities wear extension to stop from DAMAGING their hair…or to make look thicker…what about all the white women dying their hair blonde and now Chinese girls too are dying their hair cinnamon brown? With their roots showing, I think that’s even a worser issues that are own…cuz there is a lot of those nowadays! You can walk around and see one girl with natural hair but with ww is like the fake blondes come in wolf packs

  45. It’s easy for Channa LLoyd to work this case, cause like DiaryofaNegress say at No. 6. Selective amnesia. Selective amnesia when Sell-Outs Benefit from the system that Oppress their own kit and kin.

  46. Oh I see u made ur way over here, hey welcome.

  47. Courtney H on said:

    @TorontoGirl & all:

    I’ve learned the hard way what happens when you let white people into your business. A few years ago, I taught ninth-grade English/Language Arts (ELA) in a small town in the middle part of my state (GA). I made up a test for poetry that was based on a test that my cooperating teacher (God bless her) during student-teaching had given. The test included multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, circle the correct answer, etc. I showed it to the white ELA teacher (who later became the c0-chair of my department) just in case I needed to make revisions. She asked me, “Are you sure you made up this test by yourself?” She couldn’t believe that I made up a good test!

    Anyway, the following week, my white mentor teacher (who had been telling me “You can’t do this” and “You can’t do that,” came into my class during my planning period and asked me about the poetry test that I had planned to give that week. She grabbed the test and told that our principal didn’t want teachers to give paper-and-pencil tests anymore. She left the class with all of my tests over my protests, and because I was short on money to go to have copies made, I ended up not giving the test.

    I told my sister about it, and she said that these two teachers felt threatened by me because I was a black women trying to up the standards. It pisses me off that we are told to do our best, but when we do, we don’t get credit for it, or we got something because we’re black, or we get screwed over.

  48. mstoogood4yall on said:

    the man that wasn’t selected on the jury was a white man that was upset over the trayvon verdict. BUt I see they didn’t say that because they want ppl to think oh it was them ni@@rs that is why its only one on the jury because they can’t be unbiased. They did turn away the other blacks because they said they were not race neutral. He was found guilty but now they are trying to prove if he is mentally ill,so its not over yet.

  49. Kushite Prince on said:

    Thanks for the information. I didn’t know that. I need to do some more research on this case.

  50. mstoogood4yall on said:

    That is crazy. Wouldn’t be surprised if ur test ends up in a book somewhere smh. With these devils u gotta outsmart them stay one step ahead. Next time if u do that, just make one copy of it and put it away somewhere at ur house, that way if they take it away u have the original and can use it to make more copies. Oh but I see u couldn’t make more copies hmm…… oh u could have them write out the questions themselves on paper or u ask the questions and they answer on their papers.

  51. mstoogood4yall on said:


    It shows the vid of Darius simmons being shot. smh the vid is from the surveillance camera of the crazy old man that killed him. This child wasn’t doing anything and didn’t attack him or anything, so ppl can’t say oh he attacked him so the old man was defending himself. THis man planned this he waited for him to bring in the trash then went after him.

  52. Kushite Prince on said:

    Nothing but albino mutant devils! makes me sick!! And they wonder why we feel the way we do!

  53. Courtney H on said:


    Thank you for the advice. I teach Adult ESL part-time, and there are some assignments that I write on the board and the students have to copy them.

    What happened those years ago, that was a really bad experience for me. My mentor teacher had been named teacher of the year in that county, so that was her only claim to fame. She acted like she was the only one who knew how to teach. In fact, in this school system, they acted like you were supposed to teach a certain way, and if you didn’t they gave you a really hard time. I told my cousin, who retired after teaching ELA for about 30 years about it, and she said that she would hate to teach in a school system like that.

  54. Yes I get the message, the message they are sending to us is that our lives don’t matter to them and that they don’t care about Black citizens. I wonder if Black Americans would start a exodus out of AmeriKKKlan. This country was never meant for us.

  55. The education system is messed up and Black children are affected by this more than other children.

  56. Wow I never knew the plight of Black teachers, this is terrible.

  57. I don’t see why they are so fascinated with us yet they hate us. They always want to know our business and what we are up to. It gets on my nerves.

  58. This Black woman makes me feel bad! She is so Whitewashed and brainwashed by Whites and the system. **** her! She shouldn’t be allow to represent us or the Black Community.

    And I am a Black woman saying this.

  59. Kushite Prince on said:

    I’m starting to get the same sentiment. They have made their voice crystal clear! we are NOT citizens in this country(corporation). And we will never get justice. We as black folks have to face that harsh reality.

  60. Ellis on said:

    Negress, I don’t no whether to laugh or cry. I hope that this is a prank…Lord have mercy….SMDH


  61. Ellis:

    When he wakes up from his haze, it will end just like this:

  62. mstoogood4yall on said:

    wow. That right there is crazy, he is lost as hell. People like that need to be left behind, we gotta separate from them asap, they are damaging. I just wonder what his parents told him and how they raised him. He was probably raised in a white neighborhood around whites and I wonder if his parents taught him all that mess.

  63. I was raised in Milwaukee….. Not at all surprised. Be prepared for another Zimmerman, the city is beyond racist in every single way you can imagine.

    Back in the early 90’s we had Dahmer eating every black boy he could get his ghoulish hands on, then in the late 90’s some old ass Yurugu went and randomly ran over 2 young black boys in his car.

    I was robbed back in 2003, sitting in a bar shaken and the police were treating me like total shit – as if I were the one who had gone out and held someone up at gunpoint.

  64. Crissjensen on said:

    I hope so here’s the video

  65. I watch that channel all the time. lol love Deadly Women. new episodes come on this friday, be sure to watch.

  66. 31. Volunteer to help white kids and not the children of Amen ( blk kids)

    32. Look at your people and wish they were more like white people.

    33. Perm your little daughters hair.

    34. Refer to your hair as kinky.

    35. Avoid serving your people at the restaurant.

    36. Refusing to educate your children.

    37. Putting up white entertainers pictures up in your house marveling at them and modeling yourself after them ( marylin monroe)

    38. saying niggas ain’t shit.

    39. saying bitches ain’t shit but hoes and tricks.

    40. Selling drugs to your people (on the corner)

    41. Not letting your kids play with blk kids because blk kids are bad and white kids are angels.

    42. Joining the police force just to mistreat your people.

    43. Becoming a member of the hell’s angels.

    44. Encouraging blk women to date out. ( dee dee russel i see you)

    45. Encouraging blk men to date out ( Tommy sotomayor i see you)

    46. Saying blk people are racist.

    47. You make money off our peoples ignorance. ( tommy sotomayor, kola goof, deborah cooper, dee dee russel, Q the owner of worldstar hip hop.

    48. Money is more important to you than your people.

    49. you’re a 5 percenter

    50. You always make fun of darskin people.

    51. Tell a fellow brother our sister to wear sunscreen lotion.

  67. Soforeal

    I’m impressed with you observations.

  68. Nat Turners' Revenge on said:

    We will not leave… Not w/o tearing this m’fuKKKa down first. The only way we leave is over THEIR dead bodies. This country/corp./gov’t wasn’t made for us but we run nowhere. We built this. In Infrastructure & in wealth. We don’t walk away, we claim what’s ours! Make them leave. Send them to the caucus… If them bitches ain’t in a coma or on a liquid diet when we finish we ain’t done our job. The blog, the comments is cool but “You do know we gon’ have to fall back from these computers at some point & get our hands dirty?” You will have to dislocate a jaw or put they thoughts on the ceiling. All this talking bout leaving & shit, when do we arm ourselves, say fucKKK ’em & let ’em have it? You might be faced w/that decision so hit ’em hard & take out as many as you can. I’m addressing the entire thread. I Love Black People & will protect them ’till death.

  69. Nat Turner

    please be patient. while at war, we must focus on three components.

    The spirit
    The mind
    The body

    we have been broken after 500 years. healing takes time. After the healing is accomplished, I promise you we’ll “tear them muthafuckas apart.” But, it must be done within a system of military warfare. Not by emotions alone.

  70. Negress. please control yourself i’m not down yet. If people could see what i have seen since eleven they would go crazy. The motive is to take the bright ones from our race and regain that connection with Amen. Amen is the future, uncle ruckus is the past. whatever i just wrote may not make sense. but, hey i’m crazy like.

  71. mstoogood4yall on said:

    oh and donating money to white colleges instead of hbcus *cough* dr dre *cough* or getting on a song called accidental racist and talking about forgetting the past and giving them a pass[ll coon j]

  72. @Kushiteprince. Yeah. you get some pills from the pharmacy and the next day you wake up and your face looks like a baboons ass. lol

  73. Mr i want you to rub plum juice all over my body (LL Cool J)
    was wrong for that.

  74. Courtney H on said:

    @ Adeen & mstoogood4yall & all:

    I’m afraid that the education system is going to get worse before it gets better. And yes, black children and teachers get screwed over.

    In most public schools, teachers are now being told not to send disruptive kids to the office, because “you lose credibility when you send kids out of the classroom.” What happens is that if a kid is being disruptive, the teacher has to spend up to 15 to 20 minutes dealing with this kid — and the kids who are trying to learn are not learning. (This was a part of No Child Left Behind, btw.) Office referrals are counted in whether a school will receive federal funds through AYP (Annual Yearly Progress). That means that kids who need to be suspended or expelled are not being suspended or expelled because you have to have a certain number of kids in classrooms and in the school. That means kids who have taken the responsibility to learn anything are being promoted.

    Standardized tests and behavioral records are being used to expel poorly-testing and -behaving kids so test scores “look good” so schools can get their funding. These kids end up going to juvie hall for the rest of their school careers. When they apply for a job or to college, or they try to get into the military, that is on their record, and they will not get anywhere. This is obviously done by design.

    I left the school in the small town and started teaching at 30% magnet school in a sizable city near where I lived. The first year I taught there, my principal helped me and so did other teachers. The second year, we got a new principal — I’ll call him “S.” The assistant principal remained the same — I’ll call her “T.” About two to three months into the year, my administrators started giving me a hard time. When I wrote up students, I wouldn’t get support. They kept hauling me into the office up to two to three times a week and criticized me for everything I did — and I do mean everything. They kept threatening to fire me and pressuring me to resign. My students wouldn’t even listen to me anymore — since my administrators did not support me, I had lost credibility with them. It so bad that one day I marched out of class and went off on “T” and let her know that I didn’t appreciate the way that she and “S” were treating me. Unfortunately for me, a parent who happened to be a school board member overheard the conversation, and within days, “S” sent me to the school board office (on a lie) and the school board attorney said that “S” was going to recommend that I be terminated after Christmas break. I called my union rep and she informed me that the school was making budget cuts and that “teachers with problems with classroom management” were being forced out and that another teacher at another school had also called her that day because the same thing was being done to her. I took a colleague’s advice and went to a doctor to get stress leave for the rest of the fall, which I got.

    The situation continued the following semester. The fellow teachers on my cluster went behind my back and my students were divided among the other teachers on my cluster. These women had been my friends for two years and they back-stabbed me! (Two were white and one was black.) I helped out in the media center during the last month of the year. Then “S” called me into his office and had the nerve to ask me if I wanted to come back the next year. Here he and “T” had been persecuting me all year and he had the nerve to ask if I wanted to come back?!? One of my brothers told me that “S” did that because he actually expected me to get on my knees and literally grovel for my job. I told him that I wasn’t coming back. My brother told me that “S” was probably surprised that I didn’t beg for my job.

    “S” and “T” are black, by the way.

    I’m sorry that this post is long, but I wanted to use this as an example of blacks screwing over each other on the job.

    I taught in public school for three years, and as a black teacher, I got screwed over by both blacks and whites, which is a shame. SMDH.

  75. Wow, sometimes our own people screw us over as well. I do agree that things will get worse in the education system before it gets better.

  76. 51) Black parents moving their families into White areas

    52) Black people not supporting Black businesses and shopping at White owned businesses because it is simply ”better”.

    53) If a Black person watches BET. When they do, they subtly support White supremacy

    54) When a Black man ingrains the messages that light skin girls are prettier than dark skin girls from watching rap music videos on BET

    55) When Black people watch that Wendy Williams, ingrain her message of self hate and ignorance

    56) Whenever a Black person buys the album or CD of Lil Gayne, Shitty Minaj and any ignorant rappers out in mainstream today. And without them knowing, they are supporting the anti Black messages this type of music sends to young Black people.

    57) If you supported President Obama or voted for him in the last election.

    58) If you have believe every bad stereotype there is out there about your own people

    59) If you are Hispanic and prefer your children date and marry a White person over Blacks and Hispanics

    60) And if you are Hispanic and have fair skin and think that you are White and better than Black people and darker Hispanics.

  77. I see you reloaded. lol

  78. Bestpartofwakingup on said:

    61. If you vouch for a white person, no matter how HOOD he/she is, being allowed to call you nigga in songs.

    62. You see the rise of white people in black music and you think that it’s only fair to let them in

    63. You think that white people do black music better than blacks, sing and dance(bad enough they said that’s all we’re known for but now they want to take THAT away too)

    64. You think shows like Hawthorne and Scandal are finally showing the black woman in roles of success and power yet she only has non black gentlemen callers and will not ever have a strong black love life and you think it’s ok cause the brothas have been doing it too.

    65. You ever watched the T.O. Show and thought that its better to date non black women.

    66. You let your negative experiences with black love deter you from dating within the black pool.

    67. You truly hate your hair and keep it presentable because it bothers other people.

    68. You wish you were lighter skinned.

    69. You let TV movies and music influence your choices on finding quality love while pledging aligience to the system in which you currently reside.

    70. You’re too scared to tell a black person how you really feel about our attitudes, our behaviors, our situation as a whole so you avoid them all together creating a negative complex about blacks in general.

    71. You let racist jokes slide so you don’t make others uncomfortable.

    72. You diss other blacks when you’re around your white friends as if you’re not black yourself. Also known for downplaying situations that negatively affect blacks because if your white friends.

  79. Teachers when I was in kindergarten now that I think about it seem to prefer the white children…they’d help them out alway before me…like they’d be reading them a book and talking to them and then half way through ask if I want to join, so I said no and she didn’t even care…when clowns came to our class the teachers were tickling the white students…and the rest of us were there alone, fake laughing to these ridiculous clowns lol
    In elementary, and middle school…the teachers always asked me if I wrote this myself in English class…
    Now it seems they always go easy on the white kids making noise but if we start laughing its like “hush up!” And these aren’t just white teachers…
    They always ask us black kids personal questions for no reason, and not the white kids…about our hair and witchcraft (cuz our parents are from africa) and If we know so and so random black persons book…
    I had a friend that would joke about the stereotypes with them, she doesn’t know they actually believe what she’s saying…sometimes I’d wish she’d shut up and stop telling them what we do with our hair…the teacher was Indian, mind you…and making jokes about black ppl and black girls being sassy…they take this very seriously, she doesn’t realize…every time I met a WP they act so nosy and interrogate me especially the teachers asking me personal question about what I’m doing with my body and weird cultural questions, like I can speak for all blacks *mischew*
    And a history teacher said the ancient Egyptians aren’t black they’re Caucasian and the kids in my class start arguing him…the same guy who said he’s 0.05% Native American…does that mean he’s no longer white…
    He even said one time that maybe the white people are stronger and smarter than blacks, then tried to take it back as a joke, he said that cuz they created the gun they’re geniuses…nice job, whitey!
    And they always skip africa in the txb if they have them…unless its Egypt…or they’ll say a lil about Timbuktu and Ghana empire but its a very small section, in the textbook…
    When I was in elementary the teacher said the people in ghettos are just lazy and brought upon themselves, while trying to avoid eye contact with me, meaning she meant poor black ppl…
    Yet, I tried to remain colourblind, and thinking ppl arent racist until I met some overt racists then it all started making sense…thanks Chinese kids!

  80. And the most annoying is full grown white women staring at you in the mall like you’re at the zoo or smth…they should know better, they lack respect for others!
    It was photo day at school and I took my braids out…we were going in a line to the gym and I turned around to see that all the kids behind me were touching my hair…without asking! And it was time to take photos…
    That girl I was talking about before in class, this one Chinese girl will always touch ppls hair without asking…so my friend to touch her hair, and she flinched and pulled back she looked so annoyed…try touching WW’s hair and see how upset they get! But they wonder why it makes us mad? Do I know where your hands have been? You can’t ask before touching my hair? I didn’t understand when I was young until I heard other bw say they experienced it,..and then I experienced overt racism…It started annoying me…
    They’re touching our hair and saying “it’s so soft” they expect it t be hard so they can laugh to their wfs about it…while they hair feels like rubber and wire, and they shed like cat fur

  81. I understand you Ms.C, WP can be so cruel…they say if u just work hard you can make it…but then they won’t let you…I can’t believe that they would lie like that and get you fired…it’s insane! 😦 I hope you are better now, stay away from WP from now on….I think you were a great teacher, I’ve only had two black teachers in my life…gym teacher and Nigerian studies (only for a month)…I wish I had more, you did a wonderful job, and I love that you care for your students…
    Advice: many of my Asian friends go to Chinese and Indian schools along with their regular schools so that they can learn their culture along with normal school, I think that’s great way of doing things, I wish I had one of those…what do u think about that? Do you think it’s a smart idea?

  82. I meant BP not whites

  83. Agreed I mean that was a university but most of those kids are white Asian and they really didn’t need the money…we get a lil fame and wealth and we give it back to white ppl smh…

  84. LOL Yes I did, Soreal. Want to help me finish?

    61) If you are an minority and believe that White is the supreme race.

    62) When you side with White people when your own people are being made fun of

    63) When you are Hispanic and try as hard as you can to assimilate into White AmeriKKKlan culture.

    64) If you are a Black person and teach your children to date and marry light skin Blacks and non Black people

    65) If you are Asian woman and believe that White males are the best thing to walk on two legs.

    66) If you are a Black woman and only date White men and believe that White men are better than Black men.

    67) If you are a Black male and believe that White women are prettier than your own Black women, pretty sad and pathetic for those self hating Black males.

    68) If you are an minority of any type and believe that light skin equals beauty and privilege while you think your dark skin and ethnic features are ugly and undesirable.

    69) If you think your natural hair is ugly compared to straight and wavy hair types.

    70) If you are a Black person and you believe that Black women should wear weaves and relax their hair in order to be considered beautiful.

  85. Yes I encountered racism in school too. Personally I would just ignore it.

  86. Yeah tomorrow.

  87. Imhotep on said:

    Hello Negress,

    I think our issue is one great big nature issue or something, Sista. There are some white men who look miserable from birth. I am not sure if any positivity can enter their lives. From what I have seen, these men and women smoke cigarettes for as long as they can. Perhaps, they dealt/ deal with their frustration by being a bully to all other races. It is almost hard to hate them because a lot of the young men never look happy. They give off this negative energy which effects everything they build. As Afrikans, for the most part, we are a peaceful people. Some of these men have serious problems that cannot be ignored day by day. It effects us in every way. Their negativity stays with us everyday we are here in America!!! We cannot tell them this because of their attitudes. They treat everything poorily or they are too aggressive. That is scary for us because we know it everyday. We do not know how to express it like I am right now. Literally, I cannot say a word to them. I am automatically written off as an enemy to the ones who do not choose to be deceiving. So, we cannot communicate with them. They are in a different world from us. It is strange because THEY ARE THERE. We are not so sure if they are in a trance at all. We cannot ask a thing because of the system they set up. Their “Amerikkka’s Most Wanted” and “Unsolved Mysteries” makes us scared for our lives as individuals. We become to cautious to say a thing to a soul. Our young Men do want to ask these White men some questions. Our Brothas want to know if their is a line. If We are such enemies to these Europeans, how can we ask it? They won’t even allow us to ask it. So, we walk away hoping everything is fine. It is not, but a problem like this could be so easily fixed. Some of them bring up this “we’re all human stuff”, but our Brothas feel something when Europeans will not allow them to ask the questions. Europeans do it to themselves. They hurt themselves in so many ways it is painful to our Sistas that are forced to watch them. When the boys and men are fearful of us, it makes the next day harder. You never know if they are going to take out some of our Brothas and Sistas. They have a way of bringing about destruction to every idea of theirs. No one will talk to them because none of ours knows how to or who of theirs to reach. Perhaps, we should just leave them alone. I am not sure if they are “paranoid” (word created by them) of us or not. It is very confusing. As an Afrikan, I want to have peaceful harmony with my people. You cannot take the Kings away from the Queens. Everything leading up to the Trayvon case was totally destroying my spirit. First of all, I did not know who I should (or could) be to these men. I did not know how I should look around them. We cannot tell them this all. I am not sure if they are stubborn because they are secretly miserable or not. I know that they have horrible family lives. Their family is so different from ours. That recent destruction happening to our family is far too hurtful to me. I do want to talk about this to someone. These men act so absurd that I do not know who I can trust out here.

    It is nice of you to have a website that broadcasts our thoughts. America is crumbling because “one nation” has far too many problems. These men who smoke are effecting it more than usual. That is destructive behavior. Too many people are in the Amerikkka our Ancestors built. We are too far ahead, with no one doing anything about the underlying problems. As Afrikans, we observe nature a lot. Too much is effected to be out there anymore. I, as I type this, do not have a way of making any income. I love this technology. Life was hard earlier on. As Afrikans, we do need to get together.

    We cannot do it because of their destructive behavior. No one is perfect, but seeing that flag everyday is so hard for us all. There were Afrikan immigrants that we’re slaughtered by these men. The people of Amerikkka are so individualistic, that you cannot tell a soul about it. We have these Zimmermans, who could be living next door to us. Pardon my writing, but I love that I am doing this. Our unity with each other is well needed. It is a natural thing. How do you think our Ancestors lived with the birth of “this great nation”? A lot of us are suffering from all of this slavery out here and not saying a thing about it. We cannot because we think that these guys may slaughter us all. Yes, I am putting that out there. It needs to be in this Cyberspace. That is a good thing.

    A lot of destruction was done to us. We are set up to fail unless we teach each other something. That is hard to do because these guys think we may all come together and take their life. That puts us all in danger. We are so distracted by the millions of things, people and items that make up Amerikkka. We cannot/ do not do for each other.

    I love that I am typing all of this. I could die tonight and I need to get this message out there. I hope that it sounds positive. I am Afrikan living in Amerikkka, and I do not have the proper knowledge to succeed. I rest easy knowing that I am not alone. We are all suffering from slavery. As Amerikka advances, our voice still is not heard. That can be hurtful to the future Sean Bells (brothas) out there. I think of it like this, we are thought of like we are “aliens” or something. Unfortunately, for us, we do not know how to say “I come in peace”. We can spread some positivity or can we? It is hard because Amerikkka becomes a battlefield. It would be so much easier with these stupid guns and currency.

    I know that we have to get back to a more peaceful Afrika. It harms us everyday we do not. Hopefully, this Zimmerman case will be the “be all end all” for this nonsense. We will unite and have the peacefulness we deserve. Our Brothas and Sistas who migrated will stop looking down on us. We are stepping another day closer to explaining how hard it is for us. There is no happiness in our lives at all. I cry hard at all of this gang violence. I cry for those young Brothas who do not have Fathers. Worst of all, these Caucasians are laughing at that. I wish I could tell them so badly that I do not want to be around them. They give off negative energy which harms our Universe. We cannot talk to them. It is horrible because we never even asked to be around them. Hopefully, this message will be our solution. Caucasians do read this blog. I need them to give it some thought. They give off negative energy to psychopaths (another word made by them) that harm our Children. We are forced to ignore our children because we know of Driving While Black. This is an outrage. The end to it all could be around the corner, fortunately. This century has to be different from the next one. So, I will have to deal with Caucasians somehow, but it will be how I deal with them that can effect everything. We need to think like that. Why are so angry at people who already grin and smoke everyday? That is the question asked if our Creator was unconscious for some reason.


  88. That is crazy. Sorry u had to go through that. I think the kids that are constantly disruptive should be sent to another classroom and separated from the other gender, because a lot of them are trying to show off for each other. When I was in school we had this woman who was in charge of detention and she’d sometimes come into the classrooms just to make sure everything was alright and that kids weren’t acting up and If they were she’d take them with her to another classroom. Its also important for the principal to make his presence known so the kids know he ain’t playin. it’s very important to have that back up from the school or yes the kids will not respect the teacher, and think they can get away with things. This is when black ppl need to put our money together and have a school with black teachers that will have support, have gender separated classrooms, and have expectations of the kids to succeed.

  89. Tyrone on said:


    As i’ve said before a thousand times, those that claim to love black folk the most are the real racists, not those that hate us. Skinheads are not trying to steal black culture, it’s the hippie white chick from San Fran, the hipster jewish chick from NY, the black obsessed chola from LA, etc. Eminem, Mac Miller, Macklemore, and Iggy Azalea are born out of the so-called post-racial movement. Which is, blackness should be for everybody, not just black people. In other words, if non-blacks can’t be black, they steal or co-opt segments of black culture for themselves. This is what whites and asians are trying to do. In my world, ain’t no latino, arab ish…sub-races don’t count in my book. Blackness is the obsession of human beings, which is why whites are trying to steal black music, dance, art, fashion, etc. Black folk who’ve seen “So You Think You Can Dance” on Fox Tv know what i speak of. Black male and female dancers can’t dance together, only non-blacks. Black female with whiteguy and vice-versa. Again. the true racists cloak themselves in inter-racial, multicultural, post-racial, progressive, humanist, etc. Blacks in IR relationships are sleeping with the enemy, literally and figuratively speaking. The KKK doesn’t scare me, Kim K and her money hungry mother Kris Jenner are a bigger threat to our race than anybody. Kim and Khloe Kardashian don’t love blackmen, they wrap themselves in blackness, but, are they breaking bread with blackwomen, No! They use sistas as cover to hide their true motives. The Swirl is the pathway to enslavement. We allow others entry into our race, Why are we shocked that they try to steal our culture?


  90. Courtney H on said:

    @ Toronto Girl:

    I think these cultural schools are a great idea! Since other people of color do it, why can’t/shouldn’t we? Thank you so much for your compliments!

    As a substitute and a full-time teacher, I notice that a lot of black kids treat black teachers badly. Why? Black kids see black teachers not as people to respect, but as people to hate. It’s due to self-hatred. Black children are taugt to hate themselves from Day One, through stereotypes, the media, etc.

    You’re right about black as well as white teachers jumping on black kids … I have to admit that I have been guilty of that myself. I’m not making excuses, but teachers are indoctrinated to believe black kids behave worse than white kids. What happens is the focus is on the black kids who misbehave (while ignoring the majority of black kids who do well), while the white kids who misbehave are ignored — to our detriment, because many of them end up being school shooters.

    Thanks @all for responding to my post!

  91. Courtney H on said:

    @ mstoogood4yall:

    Thanks for your support! Kids don’t get sent to ISS (in school suspension) unless they are doing something really bad, and in the end, that is basically a revolving door. Kids know that they can get away with things because they are not held accountable for anything anymore. When I was in school, if you disrupted class, you were sent to the office and the principal took care of it. Nowadays, they want you to handle it, when means you spend more time disciplining students instead of teaching them. They don’t even want you scolding anymore! Why? It hurts the kids’ self-esteem! They don’t care if the kids are learning or not, but they want to make sure that their feelings are hurt!

    I went to Trojan Pam’s blog last month about how black children are being screwed in the school system and it is a low-down dirty shame!

  92. mstoogood4yall on said:

    @ Tyrone

    Yes I agree. I see how the ones who say they love black culture and black people are the worst. I see them with self hating black men who disrespect black women, its a contradiction, how can u say u love black culture and black people but are with someone who doesn’t? Aren’t black women part of the black race? Don’t black women contribute to black culture and birth the trendsetters? Then its like why do they disrespect black women yet claim to love blackness. It’s a dam lie, they can only stand blackness from some black men and want to accept them without accepting black women, the women who birthed them smh. OR the ones like Justin timberfake and miley cyrus, who were singing pop songs then they wanted to get with blacks and get the approval. Miley has said she likes hood music but doesn’t want to be hood,wtf. If u are not about that life, leave it the fk alone, but they can’t they want to capitalize off of it. They think twerking and beatboxing is all they have to do.smh. I’m more disappointed in the blacks who allow them to cross the line and say the n word and say oh they are down. No they are not they are down for the money, and stealing our sheit. They need to wake up to this, how many times are we going to teach them and get stabbed in the back with nothing to show for it.

  93. Courtney H on said:

    @ Adeen:

    I’ve never watched Wendy Williams’ show. Could you explain to me how she promotes self-hatred?


  94. Courtney H on said:

    @ Adeen:

    Sometimes you can ignore. Sometimes you have to learn to pick your battles.

  95. 71. You agree with the Zimmerman verdict (Charles Barkley I see you)

    72. You’re always telling fellow blk women they need a perminator, because your jealous of their natural hair.

    73. You support comedians that always make fun of Africa and the sick children over there .(they do it just to make massa laugh because they want that big paycheck)

    74. Sell knockoffs to your own people

    75. You become violent towards your people because you had one bad dating experience, and tell your daughters to stay away from blk males.

    76. Promoting skin lightning soaps, and bleaching creams to your people when they enter your shop. (I see you African and Caribbean stores)

    77. Become a neighborhood watchman for a white community

    78. Look at African dancers and think of them as a sexual play thing (yes my brother you have a white mindset)

    79. pimping out blk young girls.

    80. Won’t donate to a blk cause but go and by a 500 Gucci handbag or 300 pair of Jordans (You my friend have a white mindset)

    Adeen. did you hear about those 650 people that died in the UK because of the heat? god damn! white people have served their purpose now. Amen is taking them of the planet slowly but surely.

  96. Courtney H on said:

    Oops! It should be “which means you spend more time disciplining students …” and “but they want to make sure that their feelings aren’t hurt.”

  97. Kushite Prince on said:

    I’m Sorry to hear you were robbed. I forgot about Dahmer. But I was glad he got what was coming to him. Karma always catches up to these demons. Just wait….you’ll see.

  98. I just saw the Charles Berkley comment and was going to comment here, u beat me to it lol. wow uk wasn’t even hot that compared to where I’ve lived. Las vegas was hot it was like 110, and tx is hot as well and humid. I don’t see how it wasn’t that hot and this happened wtf. Or maybe its because their bodies aren’t used to the heat.

  99. I was downtown 2 nights ago it was so hot and it was around 12pm at It was nothing but a bunch of white folks down there i was looking and watching to see if they were going to fall down dead.lol, because that heat wasn`t normal.

  100. “Typo” and it was.

  101. Lol “school shooters” !
    I realized that too…with Blacks who were raised around WP and felt they gained acceptance or are trying to please them…they start trying to distance themselves from BP and showing dislike for other blacks…
    Thank God I wasn’t raised in a white neighbourhood, even though I spent time around what I soon found out to be racist Asians…but secretly already knew but didn’t want to admit it…the blacks here seem relieved and happy to see BP whereas the ones in white communities seem annoyed…at least the younger ones around my age (ill be a senior next year) the older kids seem less annoyed…

    Even the way we view ourselves physically is euro centrism …click on my name, For a beautiful tumblr that changed the way I view myself…

    I like that you admit that teachers lay more attention to black students…it’s really annoying though when the white students are always yelling and cackling but once we start giggling they all look at us like “these loud black women!” When we weren’t even as loud as them

  102. Lol I really dislike how ppl are associating Miley Cyrus with bw, like I can’t twerk and I only know one person who can…the rest fail horribly…

    It’s annoying, cuz they think listening to rap music and dressing up like a thug is all black ppl are about…that’s why I laugh when I see the token non black friend with a bunch of blacks, they always try to talk to me cuz I’m black , and all blacks are the same…they don’t know when black kids are in the comfort of their own dorms they don’t listen to modern rap music but pop and oldies music..

    Those WW are sick…I’ve had a wm say he disliked ww and it made me sick…I couldn’t believe what I was hearing then eventually I just broke if off…cuz of all the negative energy…his comments were comparing me to ww, and even if they were positive for me…I want to be liked cuz of who i am not because of what I’m not which is a ww…they really must have low self esteem

    My friend and also realized that most of the time like 90% the ww approached the BM…hmmm, why do u think so?

  103. And when I was listening to Asian girls talk about BM…they were disgusted…and believed that BM will take anything…maybe that’s why?

  104. @Soreal, yes I did. Their numbers are dwindling, thank the Lord!

    81) You date outside of your race and marry outside of your race especially Whites

    82) You tell Black boys to marry White women, we both know it never works out because in the end the White vulture woman would go back to her White vulture male.

    83) You tell Black women with natural hair to weave their hair up or get a relaxer.

    84) You listen to ignorant rappers such as Frake, Shitty Minaj, Lil Gayne etc and buy and support their music

    85) You stay out of the sun for fear that you would get darker

    86) If you are a Black parent and believe that your child is too dark

    87) If you are a Black male and dislike dark skin girls and prefer light skin girls, you see colorism is a counterproduct to White supremacy.

    88) You believe that Malcolm X was a racist

    89) You believe in Martin Luther King’s philosophy and prefer to Malcolm X’s.

    90) You avoid any Black website that is for the better of our race such as Abagond, Negress etc.

  105. lol Their skin can’t survive in such hot heat. Thank God for air conditioning. That is one reason why I could prove that Egyptians weren’t White. Egypt is in Africa and it is very hot and humid there. White people without air condition can’t survive such hot weather before fainting and dying off! lol!

  106. I grew up around White people and I used to be very Whitewashed until high school. These White girls bullying me made me wake up and realize that I am a Black girl. I don’t belong in their world.

    I will be a senior this year and I will graduate. I started visiting Abagond’s blog in the 10th grade and then commenting. Then I am on here now. Thank God for this blog and Abagond’s blog. Now I am learning to love and appreciate the beauty of Black women and people in general.

    I can sort of relate to your experience too you know.

  107. Lol same with me, I started in the 10th grade, I’ll be in 11th grade next month

  108. She promotes self hatred, ignorance and division in our Community. Don’t watch her show!

    I have never watched her show either but from the things that I have heard her say, her words are terrible. She constantly puts down her own Black people and her whole show is based on gossiping about Black celebrities.

    Viola Davis, who I think is very beautiful by the way, wore her natural hair to an Oscar related event and Wendy Williams, who I think is ugly and masculine looking, said that wearing her natural hair is not acceptable at all and crap like that.

    She is always criticizing and attacking Black celebrities especially Beyoncé. I think she is jealous of Beyoncé because Beyoncé is so much prettier and talented than she will ever be.

  109. I was bullied mercilessly by White girls in my freshmen year of high school. I don’t know why. They were so mean and acted like they were better than me.

  110. Courtney H on said:

    @ Adeen:

    I admit that my older sister and I have weaves (that we got from Ebony), but we will have them until our natural hair underneath grows long enough to wear out (we have a lot of hair barrettes that we don’t want to go to waste). Hopefully, by the end of this year, we can both wear our hair naturally.

    We got rid of our perms last year because of the chemicals and cost. Then we went to a Dominican place to get our hair straightened with the blow-dryer. The problem was, you have to go to get your hair done every three weeks, four weeks at the most. And then our hair started to break up (unknown to us, our hairdressers use keratin in their hair, which they didn’t tell us about). That’s why we’re taking phyto for our hair, nails, and skin, so our natural hair can grow so that we can eventually wear it naturally.

  111. I know right. That is why I dislike Miley Cyrus these days. She thinks being Black is all about twerking, listening to Rap music.

    I don’t like White women at all. Very few of them are nice. Yes they are sick.

    I have had a White men tell me that they disliked White women and compared me to them and saying that I am way prettier than them. I was shocked because I thought all White men liked White women.

    White women want Black men to think that they are the best and sadly many Black men fall for that lie ie my little brother.

  112. Ellis on said:

    I really hope that deep down this guy is messing around. I could not fathom that a BLACK man could write such drivel and sincerely mean it. My head almost exploded!!

  113. Courtney H on said:

    @ Adeen:

    Thanks for your response. I didn’t know that stuff about Wendy Williams.

    Anyway to you and TorontoGirl (I love your tumblr, by the way!) I was bullied by white girls in college (I went to a historically white women’s college in the south in the late 80s) and grad school. Unfortunately, in college, some of the girls who gave me a hard time were black.

    However, it was my white roommate and one of my white suitemates who gave me a really hard time because they did not want to understand me (and yet they called themselves such “good Christians!’). I developed a really low self-esteem and actually hated being black, because I thought that if I had been white, I wouldn’t have to put up with that kind of crap. I guess you could say that that was my n—– wake-up call. It has taken me many years since then to regain pride in my culture and heritage.

  114. @Negress, “tear them muthafuckas apart.”

    Damn, i can’t wait for that day to come. so i can beat some ass.

  115. @Adeen, you’re on point about wendy, dont like her at all. HATE HER! she’s being well paid, tho. so let’s not forget that part. JEWISH people are her BOSSES! hehe

  116. I had those moment when I thought that too…but apart from the privilege there’s no bonus in being white at least physically…it’s actually worse…more susceptible to skin cancer and lice, age quickly and the ability to get sunburns even in winter…these same WP came to America and spread diseases that no one else had…

    I’m so glad to be a bw now, that tumblr and listening to negress helped a lot!
    Thank you, Negress!

    I had a hard time with some black girls, the ones that want to be nicki Minaj and listen to fools like 2chainz…in fact one used to pick on my toned legs and make fun of my flat ass…I didn’t understand why she hated me so much…I don’t talk much, I’m shy…until she forced herself on me and cut my hair from -nipple- level to now neck level…everything has a blessing underneath its misfortune, cuz look here I am! More self aware…and examining the music I listen to, and who I am…
    Btw that’s not my tumblr!

    Again thank you so much, negress, I love you!

  117. Courtney H on said:

    @ Adeen & TorontoGirl:

    I’m really you had to be subjected to that crap! I agree that bad things happen for a reason, and the Bible says that perseverance create strength. And black women are a lot stronger than white women can every hope to be.

    White girls are really petty! They will stop speaking to you for nothing! And they are always falling out with each other. And because they’re white, they think that they are better than each other and are the worst bullies. Their behavior is really tacky.

    The black girls I had problems with acted the way they did because they thought that they were cute. One of my black classmates told me that it was wrong of me to ignore my mean black classmates and that we had to stick together. However, when I told another black classmate about it, she said that that was stupid, because if you continue to be nice to people who don’t want to have anything to do with you, “it makes them treat you worse.” This is akin to what we’ve been saying about leaving whitewashed blacks by the wayside. Blacks acting cute to other blacks is being whitewashed. People who are negative, of whatever color, need to be avoided.

    I have been viewing Negress, Abagond, Brothawolf, Racialicious, Ankhesen, and other “aware” blogs for about two years now, and I have been become so aware of blackness and a lot of other things! Thank you, Negress! Thank you all! All of this has helped me a great deal!

  118. Courtney H on said:

    Oops! It should begin with, “I’m really sorry you had to be subjected to that crap!”

  119. Pingback: 10 Ways To Be a Member of the White Supremacist Club | Kemetix

  120. “This is akin to what we’ve been saying about leaving whitewashed blacks by the wayside. Blacks acting cute to other blacks is being whitewashed. People who are negative, of whatever color, need to be avoided.”
    Agreed, they can even be worse than white ppl since they’re closer to black ppl…
    And I don’t have any white girls as friends (unless Lebanese counts, they have similar hair to ours, idk)…they’re very aggressive towards bw but when they’re confronted they use their ww tears…they’re not our friends at all…look at all these white feminists promoting sex before marriage, being a prostitute, or a reformed slut (Kim k) bringing harm to other races of women…

  121. “The black girls I had problems with acted the way they did because they thought that they were cute”
    The most dangerous of them all…
    Also include the bw that agree to give a tutorial on our hair to ww, who won’t tell you what they do with theirs (frequent flat ironing, and washing without dying their hair–that smells). I had one Russian friend who decided to go natural–let’s just say thank god that bw are the only race who can wear their natural hair without chemicals and make it look goooood.

  122. Exactly. She is getting paid to put down her own people and promote division, ignorance and self hatred in the Blakc Community.

    I hate Wendy Williams too. She is ugly and on inside and out and she is a vile human being,

  123. @Courtney H

    I was bullied by White girls in my freshmen year of high school for being different. They didn’t like me because I was Black and I was smarter than them. Plus I didn’t conform to their beauty standards so they wanted me to think I was ugly.

    I had low self esteem for a long time until I realized that they were wrong and started to love myself. I started to appreciate Black beauty and history and all.

    I am still learning as a eighteen year old.

  124. Good for you, Adeen!

  125. Very true! @Adeen.

  126. Have any of y’all seen these video’s

    Family get ready cause there coming after looking for a race WAR.

    Save the black family!!

  127. They are after at this moment so we have to wise up and keep away from our Enemies they are after the black males and then the rest of his family.

    BlackLove! BlackPride! BlackFamily!!

  128. @Courtney H

    I love this site and Abagond because these sites opened up my eyes to realize and appreciate Black beauty. Before I hated my dark skin and features and wanted to look White until I started coming on this blog and exposing the myth of White beauty.

    I don’t have White females as friends. Most of them are petty and think that they are all that. You can’t trust most of them.

  129. Yes there is nothing more dangerous than Whitewashed sellout Black people. They are more dangerous than White people. Stay away from them.

  130. Courtney H on said:

    @ TorontoGirl and Adeen:

    Thanks for further confirming my statements!

  131. Brothawolf on said:

    There’s nothing on Earth more pathetic than a whitewashed POC. With white people, it’s almost to be totally expected, but to see POC drink the kool-aid is like watching the slow painful death of a diseased animal.

  132. I have experienced aggression from White females and it is not pretty. Most of them aren’t pretty or nice. I barely have White female friends.

    I stick by my friend, Candace who is a mixed Black girl.

    Don’t trust 90% of White females or Whitewashed Black people. White women aren’t for the best interest of us. They are helping White men break down the Blakc family and race.

  133. Accepting and believing the stereotype that Black people originated from monkeys/apes is a sure-fire way to be a member of the white supremacist club.

  134. Yeah same here. Last year in 11th grade, I had this 4th period class that I hated so much. This stupid White boy got on my nerves and was always trying to act Black. He annoyed and aggravated me by acting ”Black” and he knew what he was doing. That was why he announced to the whole class that I always looked angry.

    But he wasn’t my only obstacle.

    There was this stupid, blond White girl that I hated. She is superficial, annoying and a petty brat who thinks she is better. She talked way too much and spoke about everything that went on in her life. She always spoke about me in class and always wondered what I was up to.

    I don’t know why.

    Enter the Whitewashed sellout Black people

    We had this self hating dark skin Black male who hates dark skin Black people and himself. He always complimented the light skin girl on her looks but never me even if I dressed nicely because I was dark skin. He even said in the class that he hates his coal Black skin.

    And there was this dark skin Black girl who was growing her hair in dreads and acted like a coon. She listened to Shitty Minaj, Frake, Lil Gayne and all those stupid rappers out today. She always spoke and sided with the annoying White boy and stupid, petty White female over me when I was teased by these White kids.

    My only friend

    My only friend in that class was a Black boy who people loved to tease because they thought he was different. He was actually very nice and sweet. The only person I could talk to in that class.

    The annoying White boy and this stupid White bitch would always get on my nerves and many times on purpose. Especially the stupid White girl. She always was asking me these dumb questions and getting on my nerves and talking about me. The White boy went after my friend, who is a Black boy and asked him if he ever had sex and crap like that.

    And the Whitewashed Black people I told you about, well they sided with these White losers. Especially the Whitewashed Black chick with dreads. She sided with the White boy who got on my nerves over me because she had something against me for some reason.

    And the ”light skin” girl, whom I think is brown skin by the way was also teased by the White boy often. She was called ratchet often like how the White boy called me angry.

    Thank God this ordeal is over. I kept a straight A in that class the whole year.

  135. I love the tumblr, I scrolled through all of it. Love the men on there *faints from overdose of fineness*

  136. Ikr especially the guys in turbans! And the way their skin glows in the sun… :’)
    Mstoogood4yall you have good taste!

  137. 91) If you are a Black woman and date White men

    92) If you are a Black man and date White women

    93) If you are Black and a Republican

    94) If you are Black and hate your own people

    95) If you are Black and don’t care about the plight of your own people

    96) If you are Hispanic and don’t care about the plight of your own people

    97) If you are Asian and abandon the ways of you ancestors and culture to embrace White AmeriKKKlan culture

    98) If you are a Black male and feel that Black women look ugly with their natural hair.

    99) If you are a Black woman and you dislike Afros

    100) When you become a member of the Democratic Party

  138. Tyrone on said:


    We take our african ancestry for granted. This is our downfall as a people. Blackness is like a plant…Fragile! If a plant goes without water, it withers away. Some black folk may not see this as a big deal, but it is. Look at the amount of wealth that is created directly and indirectly from black culture. As you stated Nmaat, we’re giving away billions of dollars to other folk because we’re “The Good Guys & Gals.” Yeah, we love and accept everybody, fight for everybody because we’re Firstborns. A lot of us feel guilty for being black. It’s more complex than that, but plays a large role. All of us have seen how black folk will fall over a bridge when a white person appears on (Showtime At The Apollo) singing r&b or rapping. OMG…That white girl can get down, TBR(Typical Black Response). It’s a reflex that black people have, because we see it as cute when others copy our culture. When whites began to say that Eminem is the greatest rapper in our time, not so cute anymore. The same applies to Adele. I’ve never bought the music of non-black artists in hip-hop, jazz, blues, etc. Give them an inch, they take the entire Interstate…Real Talk!


  139. Adeen

    Thank you for providing such a great list!

  140. You are welcome. I am sick of Whitewashed minorities is why I kept on listing. And I will keep on listing.

    My little brother and people around me encourage me to date White American men but I would never do that. I hate their mindset and their family would hate it when any of them dated me. Plus I have morals.

  141. Same here. I hate minorities with that Uncle Rukus mentality. One of them said I was cute to be so dark. SMH

  142. Kushite Prince on said:

    A bunch of pathetic black folks suffering from negrophobia. It’s so sad to see.

  143. 101 Black people who encourage interracial relationships with White people, which I think is wrong because Whites are our oppressors not our friends.

    102 Black people being brainwashed by the TV and believing every bad stereotype about Black people out there.

    103 Black people being careless when White people stereotype their own people

    104 Black people watching BET

    105 Black children and teens who believe we live in a ”colorblind” world

    106 Black parents who don’t sit down and talk to their children about race

    107 Stupid Latina women who only date White men only to end up dead on the streets with their head chopped off!

    108 Stupid people believing that White men are the best out of all men.

    109 If you are an minority of any type and encourage your children to date and marry White people.

    110 Black people who have never woken up until it is too late and they are emotionally drained for life.

  144. Courtney H on said:


    I know this is OT, but is a doc is coming on the Military Channel tonight at 10pm EST tonight called “Never Surrender: The Wereth 11.” It’s about 11 black soldiers who were massacred by the SS after a brave escape during the Battle of the Bulge. It’s aired before. It’s good, but sad.

    It’s interesting because it tells a little-known story about blacks in the military.

  145. Courtney H on said:

    @ Adeen:

    I am so sorry that you had to go through that. I’ve had similar experiences. The fact that you made an A in that class shows that you persevered despite everything. Good for you! My brothers and sisters were raised by our late parents to stay away from low-class, ignorant people like that.

  146. Courtney H on said:

    @ Adeen:

    Hi-5 on those comments! You took the words out of my mouth!

  147. Courtney H on said:

    @ Crissjensen & all:

    OMG! That second video — pure white hatred on display! I hope that old bastard rots in hell! I don’t give a f— how old he is! I remember a case from a few years back when I white supremacist bomber (who used a wheelchair and an oxygen tank) was convicted of a civil rights murder and sentenced to jail.

    As for the first video — damn! How come we’re not hearing about these killings? Even though I already know the reason why.

  148. mstoogood4yall on said:

    91. u become a cop and join in with the white cops in murdering ur own ppl

    92. u disrespect black women and tell dark skinned women they are pretty for a dark skinned girl

    93. u joined in with the racists in picking on Rachel Jeantel

    94. u love the confederate flag and see nothing wrong with it

    95. u tell ur biracial kids they are better than regular black folks

    96. u think biracial kids look better than black kids

    97. u think black ppl are racist even when we have no real power

    98. u cover for ur racist white friends [paula deens grown ass black son I see u ]

    99. u throw black ppl under the bus for a few pieces of silver

    100. u don’t like to hear this black stuff

  149. mstoogood4yall on said:

    101. u think good hair is straight hair

    102. u watch fox news and think they are unbiased

    103. u believe in white jesus

    104. u get on tv and coon

    105. u post vids on youtube saying u hate black women and love other women

    106. u buy every I phone and Jordan that comes out

    107. u allow someone to call u n1ggr

    108. u participate in mandingo parties

    109. u don’t put women that look like u in ur music vids

    110. u blame everything on black women because u have mommy issues

    111. u think black panthers are just as bad as the kkk

    112. u see nothing wrong with scandal, ghettogaggers, or thug hunter

    113. u cheer when somebody of ur sex gets with a white mate but hate when the opposite sex does the same. hypocrite

    114. u make fun of ur ancestors and think slavery was a good thing

    115. u have no respect for black life

    116. u don’t take care of ur kids

    117. u think interracial will cure racism, instead of black love

    118. u sabotage other blacks to get ahead not realizing u will reach the glass ceiling eventually

    119. you’ve never dated another black person

    120. u marry white women and don’t get a prenup

  150. Tyrone on said:


    How does the issue of whites co-opting black music tie in to the main topic? The biggest enemy of black…Is Black Itself! We forget that blackmen in West Africa helped enslave our foreparents. This is the scar that never heals. White folks don’t have to lift a finger, because, blackmen are doing a swell job of killing us. Casper has his own Fan Club…Bloods & Crips. Got a Debate Team…Black Preachers & Professors. Even got a posse of gigolos to perform for them…Black Bulls@&€. The list is a mile long. We still don’t get it. Every brotha is not our brother. If i get shot and killed, more than likely, another black male will be behind the trigger. This fear that we have to shun the worst in our race has deadly consequences…Think Rwanda, Sudan, Somalia, Congo, LA, The Chi, and so forth. Black people shouldn’t call out the evil of other black people, Says Who? I Judge, if i sense that your spirit ain’t right, i don’t see you. I could care less how you feel. My patience for stupidity is very low, as it should be. In The Night!


  151. Tyrone on said:

    So True! Art Imitating Life.


  152. Tyrone on said:


    ID is my favorite channel, it shows the ugly side of human nature, which is instructive.


  153. Tyrone on said:


    Channa Lloyd is the kind of blackwoman that will force us to start calling whitewashed sistas, Black Trash! Blackmen are the only race of men that defend women like Channa Lloyd. Kushite, we’ve tolerated this crap for too long. Obviously, she has no love for our race, looks be damned. Her allegiance is with other men, she has no value to us…X Her Out!


  154. Girl, got that right. High five to you!

  155. Good documentary. I would love to watch it.

  156. 121 When Black men tell dark skin girls that they think they are ugly

    122 When Black family members penetrate and promote the myth of White beauty

    123 When you believe that Black people are ugly

    124 When you don’t believe that the ancient Egyptians were Black

    125 If you are Black and believe that Whites are better

    126 If you are Black and hate your hair

    127 If you are Black and believe that you aren’t good enough

    128 If you are Black and support the Kartrashians and watch Keeping Up With The Kartrashians.

    129 If you believe that Beyoncé , Tyra Banks, Rihanna or Paula Patton represent Black beauty

    130 If you support any of Halle Berry’s films and her, you know she is a confused Whitewashed self hating biracial woman.

  157. Kushite Prince on said:

    I feel you brother! Channa is a lost soul! her mind is completely gone!

  158. Courtney H on said:

    @ Adeen:


  159. Tyrone on said:


    Sista, blacks from the US are not globally respected by other blacks, Why? The US is hated around the world because it’s unlike any other nation on the planet. A nation built on the backs of slaves from West Africa. As we know, the Spanish, Portugese, Dutch, French, and British are the Big 5, as it relates to Europe. Are we naive to the fact that blacks from other parts of the world will not have some sense of envy in relation to African-Americans? Blacks in the US have contributed a great deal to the black race and humanity as a whole. And the world knows this to be true. At the same time, a lot of ish is exported overseas that cast us in a negative light as well. Here in Miami, blacks from the Caribbean think themselves better than us, Spanish blacks think they’re better, it’s all bs to me. If their home countries were any better, they would not be here…Bottomline! So, i don’t wanna hear about England, France, and Spain blah blah blah. Yes, we’ve fallen short in this country, that’s a given. We know that we can do better as black people. However, that doesn’t give other blacks cover to hate on us just because. Blacks in Africa are coming out of countries with no educational or technological infrastructure. They don’t have access to the info that we have in this country, let’s remember this black people. The same in Latin-America, the schools and colleges don’t teach or celebrate the fact that Hispanidad exist today because of “La Negra(o).” Self-Hatred in black folk is not accidental. Educated black people are the most feared and hated people on the planet because they can’t be manipulated by the enemies of our race whomever they may be. It’s sad that you have to deal with Zombie black people who know better regardless of intelligence. I have issues with other blacks, but, i don’t treat them any different because they’re Haitian, Cuban, Bahamian, Nigerian, etc.


  160. B.R. on said:

    Hello everybody, this is my first time posting on this blog but I have viewed this blog for a while and as a 25 year old black man that has been poisoned by this Eurocentric society, I must say
    -To the black males =I give you a virtual hi five on the BLACK HAND SIDE
    -To the black females , including Negress= You are my African queens

    My Story as an Uncle Tom!
    Im a first generation West Indian(family is from Trinidad & Tobago) and I was born and raised in NYC, Brooklyn to be exact. When I was growing up during my early teen years(13-15 yrs old), I had some knowledge about black nationalism(e.g. Huey Newton & the Black Panthers, Malcolm X) however when I went to high school(my school was mostly Black), I ran into some “lets be colorblind” and “lets get over slavery ” integration minded Negroes and some Negroes that were just plain ghetto that they really did not have a clue or concern about anything in life. Since I was dealing with two radical opposing forces to my developing idea of understanding Black Power, I too became an Uncle Tom(trust me, I aint ghetto, so I could not go down that road). Also being from New York City, I fell into the stupid idea that New York is “international” and a “melting pot”(Guys, New York is just a big racist & class based city that pretends to be something that it aint). So as you guys mentioned, I started doing

    -Bashing black women(too ghetto), bashing black men(too lazy),bashing black people in general(pull yourself up by the bootstraps), I got Indian in my family(I have wavy hair from my mom who has mixed Euro blood), I aint that dark(trust me, Im dark), I need some mixed or light skinned babies(falling for that love is colorblind myth). However, as I went out into the larger Euro-centric society, I realized that no matter how “uppity” you think you are, you are still a NEGRO!

    Now, I know some decent whites and Im respectful to everybody that I meet but as Negress has said before, it is oil and water or night and day between us(as African people) and them(Europeans) on a collective group level. Their interests, attitudes and way of life is just radically different from our interests, attitudes and lifestyle. As one commenter here(Adeen) stated integration was not a great idea. Its like black people fell into a pit of snakes & scorpions and boy are we getting stung!

    Now I may never in my life become a strong black nationalist like Louis Farrakhan/NOI or some of the Rastafari sects out of Jamaica but I thank you Negress for creating this blog for us as black people to heal from our frustations of mental colonialism via dealing with the crap that this Eurocentic(or as you would say, Babylon) society has been throwing at us as African people for generations. I would continue to read your blog and others that I have stumbled upon(Abagond,etc.) when time permits. And may all of us on this blog be blessed with health and wellness(both mental & physical) so that we could change the African Diaspora(from Harlem & Bed-Stuy to South Side Chicago, Trinidad to Jamaica, Africa to South Central L.A.) from a culture of death with the homicides, unemployment, depression, no purpose in living into a culture of life(happy black men, women and children with strong community values).

    -Sorry for my long post but this was my venting. Blessings to you Negress.

  161. jacinto on said:

    Quoting @ blackgirlinberlin I like this:
    ” Self-Hatred in black folk is not accidental. Educated black people are the most feared and hated people on the planet because they can’t be manipulated by the enemies of our race whomever they may be. It’s sad that you have to deal with Zombie black people who know better regardless of intelligence. I have issues with other blacks, but, i don’t treat them any different because they’re Haitian, Cuban, Bahamian, Nigerian, etc

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  164. wonderful contribution

  165. Imhotep on said:


    I don’t think it is possible for anyone to “fix racism”. Racism is really self-love. We are not really fighting racism! We are against the thoughts and beliefs of the yt man. There is a large difference.

    We, as Brothas, cannot talk to the yt man (he won’t allow it). Sistas, truthfully, cannot stop the yt man from doing what he wants to Her Children and Her. I guess the yt woman could stop the yt man, but she (herself) is afraid of the yt man. She only helps “Yt supremacy” to stay up out of fear of him. The yt man is the problem!

    It would have to come down to a war with these Neanderthals !!!! There is no other way. They DO NOT WANT TO LISTEN TO ANYONE TALK ABOUT THEMSELVES TO THEMSELVES! The albino son did not only go through a mutation, but his mind did TOO, UNFORTUNATELY.

    I’m afraid, the YT MAN HAS A VERY POWERFUL SELF-LOVE BARRIER THAT NO ONE ELSE IN THE WORLD MAY HAVE! THE MUTATION RENDERED THE SELF-LOVE THAT ANY CHILD OF ” THE FIRST MOTHER EVER” (A SISTA) NORMALLY HAD FROM BIRTH! We are dealing with the scariest Superbeing of all time. He (yt man) goes by HIS OWN WORD ANYTIME AND ANYWHERE! THANKFULLY, HE HAS CREATED DISTRACTIONS FOR HIMSELF. I love Jah for giving yt men the thought to create playgrounds, board games, and do everyday things.


  166. Imhotep on said:


    “We are dealing with the scariest Superbeing of all time.”

    Okay, JAH IS STILL THE SCARIEST SUPERBEING OF ALL TIME (Thank Jah). Sometimes, yt men do believe that they can play Jah (Dolly,
    the sheep clone). I’m sorry I made that mistake with my last post.


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