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What is Polarity? Does it Play a Role in Karma?

In order to recognize good, there must be evil. In order to know happiness, you must first understand sadness.

When Unbreakable came out in theaters, many movie goers, hyped about The Sixth Sense, felt a sense of deflation regarding the director’s vision. I actually liked this film and watched it recently on Youtube. I got the messages, and there were plenty, in this film.

What is polarity? Polarity is defined as, “an intrinsic separation, alignment or orientation. The possession of two opposing attributes.”

Polarity, or “opposites”, are apart of the universe. Night and day and up and down are some basic examples. The polarity of good and evil has existed since the dawn of time. Certain roles must be played. I’m sincerely beginning to wonder if these roles were not created for a reason. Last night, I reflected on the Martin/ Zimmerman murder, the trial and the way it was played out through the media. There’s always more to a hyped story than meets the eye.

Reading various religious texts, including my favourite, The Dogon Tribe of Originals, has taught me that certain people were created specifically for a certain role. For instance, if a certain group of people were created for peace, harmony with nature and Divinity, then polarity teaches us that another sect must be created for war, disharmony (also called dis-at-ease or disease) and Death. If you’ve never had dis-at-ease how would you know to appreciate ease (also called freedom from pain, worry and agitation) ?

Since all Spiritual/ Religious texts teach us, directly and indirectly, that Karma is a universal key to polarity, I’m beginning to ask myself some very hard questions.

1. If polarity must exist, should we be surprised at evil acts perpetrated against us?
2. If polarity must exist, should we be surprised at why we’ve survived the Maafa?
3. If polarity must exist, what destiny awaits us?
4. If polarity must exist, what destiny awaits our enemies?
5. And finally, if Karma, a result of polarity, is inevitable, should we worry about the things that are currently being used against us?
While thinking about the melanin energy being ingested due to our anger over the verdict, I began to veer away from my emotions and think about the roles we play on this planet. I thought about how those roles fulfill our karma and if that karma can be altered.
Any thoughts to this piece? Do you think polarity must be in existence in order to fulfill karmic design?

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31 thoughts on “What is Polarity? Does it Play a Role in Karma?

  1. bmx1982 on said:

    This reminds me of a line from the oracle in the matrix: “You didn’t come here to make the choice, you came here to understand why you made it.”

    Our actions and reactions are going to be whatever they’ll be (regardless of how hard we try). What we’re really here to do is come to awareness of how our lives, individually, and collectively as black people feed into rebalancing what Ogo defiled.

  2. mary burrell on said:

    Sister Negress, I keep seeing that photograph, the one of Malcolm X positioned at the window in my mind. It’s clear as day. I keep thinking this is some kind of intuition. Maybe it’s just because of what happened over the weekend with the verdict. And I am just being emotional. It’s probably nothing.

  3. mary burrell on said:

    The photograph with Malcom X at the window with his rifle.

  4. Bry

    Well stated.

  5. Miss Mary

    There are no coincidences.

  6. Ms. J on said:

    Great questions, DOAN.

    There’s a deceased Native American scholar named Jack Forbes, and what you wrote sounded to so similar to much of his work. He claimed that the European way of life was totally opposite of many Native American cultures.

    Perhaps polar opposites are necessary. If not, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. But I really have no idea.

  7. Courtney H on said:


    I know this is off topic, but I just left Abagond’s blog, and one commenter talked about the upcoming movie, “12 Years a Slave.” Other commenters talked about how these “slave movies” (“Django Unchained,” “Lincoln,” etc.) are being produced recently, and they seem to be sending the message that Blacks could be slaves again. What is your take on that? Thanks.

  8. Karma is going to come back and haunt Zimmerman and the people who sided with him. And what goes around comes back around. The way you treat people, people are going to treat you exactly the same way, well in most cases. We, as humans, have to be careful what we do and how we do it.

  9. mary burrell on said:

    Karma or the spiritual law of sowing and reaping. It is a spiritual law set in the universe.

  10. mary burrell on said:

    You reap what you sow.

  11. Forced Reality on said:

    I just recently got off the phone; part of the conversation included me saying that perhaps karma does exist and it just may catch up to Zimmerman. I came unto the blog and- tada- here is a post on karma.

  12. @Courtney H. Yes you are correct, that’s preceisley what they are attempting to do, THROUGH the Movies. Movies aren’t just “movies” to them, it’s their “vechicle” to bring about what they want. It’s all about “ritual” with them and they are Desperate as hell!
    A lot of things are finished or coming to an end and there is NO PLACE for them, so they now have to attempt to RE-CREATE something for themselves based on staying in power, but there is no more “time” nor can they pull some back, which is why there is this “retro” old fashioned tv shows etc. They know that they MUST now live IN the shoes of those whom they have harmed, but they don’t want to fulfill THAT contract.Too bad 🙂

  13. We have our own karma coming and I think it is when we begin to go back to our roots, when we reconnect with who we are, which I believe will then be what will ultimately undo the system. Those who know better than others who say “get over slavery” will be the ones to excel. We cannot possibly see ourselves in our true potential until we see the power of the idols which mirrors us.

  14. * to add – The power to win opposed to the power to lose.

  15. Courtney

    I honestly don’t know. It may be a hint at what they want or perhaps it’s just a way to draw box office dollars.

  16. Ms. J

    Thanks for the name. I’ll look him up.

  17. huedflower

    I often wonder if that’s why the system teaches us to hate and be ashamed of Africa. I wonder why if that’s why they lied and said AIDS came from the Congo. I often wonder why if that’s why they show mud huts and starving children on TV instead of developed cities and thriving farm land…to deter us from connecting with our roots.

    So much has been hidden from us…and there’s so much to learn.

  18. Courtney H on said:


    I agree. When another Newtown happens, I’m not going to be compassionate. I’m not going to be happy like these racist idiots (Ted Nugent, Ann Coulter, et al) because I am not depraved. However, I’m going to develop an “I don’t give a f—” attitude. They have shown not only are they indifferent to our lives but hate our existence and cheer our deaths, so why should I care about their lives?

  19. Courtney H on said:


    My sister said something similar when the show “Mad Men” first came on TV. She said it’s because white people want to live back in that time, when we “knew our place.”

  20. Same here. I am going to develop a I don’t give a f attitude too because they don’t care about us so we shouldn’t care about them. Plus from now on, whenever I hear about Whites killing off their own White people I wouldn’t ever feel sympathetic for them again.

  21. Well said. Mary.

  22. I see a new movement rising from our community. We have to forsake the ways of Whites and White AmeriKKKlan. We should have never integrated with White America, that was a mistake. Blacks should have lived separately from Whites and built up our own community so that we could rely and depend on ourselves. We don’t need White AmeriKKKlan or their approval.

    And this is karma for the whole Black Community and especially the Whitewashed Blacks. He need to unite and stay together and love ourselves not seek approval from Whites. However Black Americans, I am an Afro Caribbean woman, need to know where they came from first in order to know where they are going. And who you truly are will shock most of you too.

  23. True. The truth is majority of Black Americans are descended from the Biblical Hebrew Israelites of the Holy Bible. Your ancestors were Abraham, Issac and Jacob. Jacob had two wives but Jesus came from the line of Leah, the wife, whom Jacob disliked.

    I could tell you more about this but I don’t have time. These White Jews called Jews today are imposters and the synagogue of Satan. Don’t be fooled by the media or Whitewashed History books. Yes, Blacks did have a history before slavery. It is important to know your history.

  24. I am still learning more on polarity and karma but its nice to hear different views.. I do feel that things that happen to you in life are a direct result of what you put out into the world….

    With the Trayvon Martin case I am starting to feel as if it maybe its not what we think.. I know the media has blown this up even more and the resulting race war.. It’s just I don’t trust ANYTHING that the media throws our way. I was surprised to know Trayvon Martins father was a Freemason .. I wonder how that plays into it all.. I do believe that it was definetly some evil powers at work but do you think there could be more to this than there is??

  25. mstoogood4yall on said:

    @ alia5012

    I think there is always more to it than what we see. Its like an iceberg we only see a small portion of it that is above the water, and to underestimate how big it is beneath the water , what we cannot see, could be fatal. I don’t know about the feemason stuff, but it was weird that this one black hairstylist I went to was the owner of the salon and she asked me one day if my dad was a freemason and I said no, and she just said ok and went back to doing my hair. I think I was 16 at the time Idk who or what those ppl are or what they practice. THe media is already searching for the next trayvon, take a look at the different websites like yahoo and msn, they are comparing the murders of Jordan davis and Darius simmons to trayvon. I think they are trying to get us riled up again and get a not guilty verdict again or in the darius simmons murder trial the defense is trying to claim insanity. So they want to get us to be angry so we riot and they can unleash their guns on us. the not guilty verdict in the trayvon case they thought would make us riot but it didn’t work as well as they’d planned, so now these other cases will be used to do that.

  26. I definitely agree with you, many blacks who I speak to about history are proud to claim what is said but had never lifted a book to find out. A lot of that is because the education system doesn’t speak of it as something of importance to our knowledge. We go for what makes us money in the white world, neglecting who we are, sometimes unaware.

  27. @Courtney H. Yes, your Sister is right on that. It why they are obssessed with those british period dramas and the so called “british” royal family. All the re-runs regardless of what they are, evokes a “time” for them and what was going down at that point politically in time. Another thing they play with is old war movies. Hope this was helpful.

  28. Clair on said:

    The idea of Karma seems like wishful thinking. I look at world history and all I see is that the people who have done the most killing and stealing prosper the most. The white races have one objective to control all of the resources of the world (these resources include humans). They have killed out whole continents and decimated some. In Tasmania they would hunt indigenous people like rabbits as a Sunday evening sport. The perpetrated holocaust after holocaust in Africa. In Congo the slaughtered over ten million. They murdered the American Indian with guns and diseased blankets etc. They carried on slavery in the Americas in a way hither too unseen in human history. the Germans slaughtered people and made lamp shades from their skins. I don’t want to be too long but the point is these people act like demon kind, but who live their lives in comfort? Who live the longest? Who have not an ounce of guilt? Caucasian! I think that we self impose punishment as black people. We have embraced guilt and shame and self hate and that determines our fate, our health and our experiences. In other words the sociopathic killer who has no guilt will prosper. We as black people are more spiritual people and MUST live in accordance with this. I am not talking about religion. Sorry to be so long!

  29. Eric Foster on said:

    Romans 9:22 immediately came to mind when I read this article. Biblical Schholars have a tough time with this verse because it states, in a nutshell, that is it not within God’s power to make vessels of wrath prepared for destruction and vessels of mercy. The verse makes it seem that there is not a lot that the vessel can do about it. So if it is true that chalkies are evil and they are vessels of wrath, isn’t trying to get them to see the error of their ways futile? Or have I totally missed the boat on this. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

  30. Eric

    No, you’re no point. I’ve come to the conclusion that certain entities were put here for a reason. Since polarity exists, if you are here for the work of goodness and the principles of Maat, then others must be here for the opposite reason.

  31. I find that polarity is a reaction to a reflection we know as karma or the ying yang of life. Yet universal laws of existence and balance can be found in this verse which I find to be a powerful assertion of what you do comes back at you! Galatians6:7
    Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

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