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Now What? The Aftermath of the Zimmerman Trial

Last night, my friend called me.

Between sniffing back tears and a mouthful of profanity, she ask me, “What do we do now?” Isn’t that the age-old question in the fight against white supremacy?

“Now what?”

Black family, you are not powerless despite what they want you to think! Your power lies within you. Your mind, your ability to think for yourself, reason and rationalize is your greatest weapon against this system. White supremacy WANTS you to take this fight to the streets so they can unleash bullet after bullet into your black bodies. They want you to become so enraged that your anger seeps into your bloodstream so they can feast on your melanin rich chakras.

Nothing is done by chance in a system dominated by white supremacy. This is yet another wake up call that we must unite NOW. Instead of screaming and yelling, which serves no purpose, use this ritual killing of our boy to fight the system in the only way you can. White people understand only 3 things. Money, Sex and Violence. Since we are out-gunned, we must use the other 2 tactics to defeat them. Last year, I gave you clear-cut ways to fight this system. One of the ways I listed was to stop voting. Some commenters became enraged and left for good. We have no business getting involved in white people’s politics. Leave them alone. The other way, which caused a firestorm of anger directed at me, was the simplest and easiest, most effective way to have real power in this system. You know exactly what I’m talking about:

What way is that, you ask? I’ve been talking about it for an entire year:

1. Stop sexing whites and other non-blacks.

2. Stop including everyone in our struggles.

3. Stop shopping in their stores.

Leave them alone and focus on our communities!!!!!!!!!!

We have no friends, no allies, no sympathizers in this fight. Everyone uses us to better themselves while calling us Niggers behind our backs ( and sometimes to our faces ). All they want is our money and our black bodies…and we give it to them freely hoping to have “friends.”

In the name of raw honesty, Black people have no friends on this planet. We are the most hated, despised and feared race on this planet. Do you understand what I am saying?

We have NO friends.

Unity is our cure for white supremacy.

Stop excluding blacks from other countries, backgrounds, languages, skin complexion, hair texture, class…and come together now. We cannot win this fight if we are a Black Nation Divided. See past the illusions that are being presented to you. Do not be fooled by whites who “cry” and “protest” for the loss of black life. They too are apart of the system of illusions. When Rodney King was brutalized, many whites “protested” out of FEAR…not justice.

I’ve been giving you real, tangible ways of defeating the Beast.

What you choose to do with it, is totally up to you.

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159 thoughts on “Now What? The Aftermath of the Zimmerman Trial

  1. No rallies for me, that’s
    For sure … I’ve warned my other melinated friends to focus our energy in positivity and not to fall for the bait..
    Negress , I posted a comment yesterday about know the ledge tv and a fund they have.. It said awaiting moderation.. Did I violate something because its not showing??
    Any whoo , Ill continue on my way and not get involved in the medias agenda.. Stay uplifted fam..

  2. Alia

    Please post it again. I’ve been having many issues with wordpress.

  3. Bump21 on said:

    I too believe they are waiting for us to act up so the government can have a reason to suspend civil liberties and replace it with martial law. Intergration did notging but make us dependant on the white economy and in essence making ua slaves again. I agree that an independant black economy is our key to getting out from under this oppression. At the same time we can not forget about how they blatently destroyed black wall street so we need a plan to arm up to DEFEND ouraelves. I guarantee that once the money starts leaving their pockets, the devil will rear his ugly head in the worst way! Educating our own youth is key also. Just my thoughts.

  4. I agree we must leave them alone all non blacks. Invest our 3 trillion a year purschaseing power in our communities. Do not trust anyone even blacks who have not demonstrating they share your conscious vibration level. Give up their religions and educate our children. And if you work with them share none of your true thoughts. We have built nations it is time to do so again. Places like this is where we unite.

  5. My Sister your words are the truth nothing but the truth salvation lives within us and only us. First, yes we need to pool our dollars in every black community and buy among ourself, release the tv,cable fake jewelry,purchasing new cars and remove ourselfs from celebertyism. Second, we are going to have to fight physically at some point because once we achieve these goals war will ensue. Black wall street history and police occupation currently aswell. My People Mind Body and to the death for our souls. Teach your seeds train them and yourself as the Sister said we are alone until we Unify. Positive Elevation Always Creates Energy.

  6. Thanks for saying,”Stop Excluding Blacks from other countries”. I am SO fed-up over the years when ever slavery is mentioned, you’d think it was ONLY in amerikklan. Even in the so called “conscious” community, so call teachers were even making a distinction between amerikkklan Teachers and Caribbean Teachers. They even have us hating Africans from Africa.
    We are the ONLY people on this Planet that can look each other IN the face and say ,” you ain’t s…t, cos you ain’t Black”. No other people does this, just us. The Chinese that help build the San Francisco railways hundreds of years ago is NOT SEEN as a different person form one in China! A Hindu Indian reagardsless of how many hundreds of years in the Caribbean is STILL SEEN as an INDIAN by Indians FROM India. Africans point blank deny us Africaness! This is Madnesss. The same thing happens between ALL knids of Blacks in amerikkklan. People what is wrong? Don’t you see this IS CRAZY?? A Latino is a Latino IN amerikkklan and in Puerto Rico. We are the same people. How could we be any other?
    We were sepaerated, on African soil. We were seperated IN england BEFORE being taken TO the Caribbean, seperated there, then taken TO Virginia, seperated there before being sent to the southern plantations. We could all be related, STOP this S…T PLEASE, PLEASE!!

  7. Ralph on said:

    Slow down, negress. John Brown, who fought an armed battle with former slaves against the slave system, gave his life for the liberation of Black people. White sympathizers helped Harriett Tubman in the underground railroad. White workers with SNCC and the Freedom Riders were brutally beaten and some were murdered organizing Southern Blacks in the 1960’s. There even were white faces angry about Zimmerman’s aquittal. One commenter considered MLK’s statement in the 1963 speech in Washington D.C. to not judge by the color of skin (which is how white supremist and racist minded people judged and still judge African Americans) but by the content of character to be full of s..t. And That King was a pawn for whites because of white supporters. And what about Malcolm X’s revelation after his trip to Mecca leading to his change of opinion of white people? Would he be considered a sell out also? Nothing is either/or. Nothing is absolute. Nothing is eternal. The ANC had white members and supporters in the South African struggle for freedom. Hate and fight against an evil social economic system; not individuals.

  8. Ralph

    i want you to know that the Creator just gave me a flash of your face.

  9. Amarie on said:

    Negress I hear you loud and clear.

  10. Tyrone on said:


    As you correctly stated, we have no real friends on this planet but ourselves. We focus a lot of attention on GZ’s white jewish father and ignore the fact that his mother is of native-american descent(hispanic identified). I didn’t see a lot of spanish folk speaking out against Zimmerman either. All of our so-called allies showed their true colors, but, why are we surprised? Negress, i’ve never been one of those black people that are quick to include others in our struggle, because, they use our blood, sweat, and tears to get ahead at our expense. To hell with everybody else, we gotta put us first. I can’t believe so many of us actually believed that whites had changed for the better. What was the civil-rights movement really about? In hindsight, it was more about advancing the causes of other folks that don’t look like us. To understand the trickery that got us back in quicksand, we must take a deeper look at the Integration Movement and Black Power Movement of the 1960s. The dogma of Dr. King gave us false hope, which resulted in us letting our guard down. The Black Power Movement brainwashed blackmen to get in bed with those that enslaved our people…Spaniards & Arabs. Both groups of men spit in our faces with no shame. Arabs are supposed to be so Islamic, yet, they sell alcohol and cigs to black people, which are killing us. Spanish men have convinced blackmen to ignore the fact that they are the s**t-starters of all the wickedness. Kissing our ass like it’s going out of style, yet, many spanish blacks hate their african ancestry…What Friends? Blacks in Africa are being killed in the name of Islam, blackmen in Cali and NY are being killed by mexican and puerto-rican gangs because they hate blackmen. Yes, all of this is related to the death of Treyvon Martin and other sistas and brothas. We keep assuming that other folk got our back when it’s not the case. Zimmerman can call himself hispanic all he wants, his jewish forefathers know who they are. The frauds in our race must be exposed to the masses. Black males in the hood killing other black males because they’re trying to “Keep It Real.” Wanting to be so black that they end up hating that which they claim to love…Reverse Psychology! The flip side of the coin, the Uncle Tom blackmen are so afraid to be black that they make young brothas in the hood afraid to be smart, well spoken, respectful, and practical. As a result, we have a generation of blackwomen that have no respect for blackmen, which cuts blackmen even deeper. Other men s**t on us, blackwomen don’t like us, no economic infrastructure, death and chaos in every hood, afraid to have babies because of hiv/aids, Africa in turmoil, etc. The killing of Treyvon Martin is set against this backdrop. Black politicians, preachers, and professors keep us enslaved to lies. A black president in the White House, So What? He has no real power, just a mouthpiece for his Puppetmasters. Whitewomen aren’t as bad as whitemen, Really? The OJ Crowd should be proud of themselves, all the time, money, and energy invested in Becky for nothing. This was a black and white case like Rodney King, yet, they still found Zimmerman Not Guilty…Not Shocked! The irony is amazing…a jury comprised of blackwomen let OJ walk free despite him not even liking blackwomen. Yet, a jury full of whitewomen couldn’t come thru for a dead 17 year old young man that whitewomen would have been lusting after if he was still alive…Think About It? And some of us have the nerve to talk smack about blackwomen. When push comes to shove, whitewomen always follow behind whitemen. Not just with this trial, but, other cases as well. I mention this because many pundits mistakenly believed that the jury composition would benefit the State…So Wrong! Blackmen are so stupid, we’re being killed by whitemen the world over while continuing to chase white tail just the same…Coonville!!!


  11. Yep. all this is true, and needs to be put into action. 1 and 2 I never did, 3 will be a little hard since we own no black grocery stores, gas stations etc, but i will buy what i can from our people. And also we need to separate ourselves from the white identified black people who will say and do anything to please whites, and throw black ppl under the bus.

  12. Ms. J on said:

    Here’s my response to these suggestions:

    1. Stop sexing whites and other non-blacks.

    – I think Black parents need to put their foot down about this with their children. I can only imagine what would’ve happened to Trayvon if Zimmerman caught him holding hands – or even kissing – a White girlfriend. And I suspect that a lot of White families would prefer their child to be with someone of the same sex rather than have Blacks in their family. Don’t let the “Kimye” hoopla fool you.

    – I don’t want to hear another Black person say, “White females/males are more supportive to us than other brothers/sisters.”

    2. Stop including everyone in our struggles.

    – Every movement promoted by whites that appeared to include us NEVER did. The women’s rights movement, gay rights movement, Progressive movement, Tea Party movement etc. were for Whites ONLY. We’re always the ones that have to drop what we’re doing to help everyone else, so that must stop.

    3. Stop shopping in their stores.

    – Stop spending all this money on their holidays. I find it very telling that this verdict was decided a week AFTER the Fourth of July holiday. We got played.

    – We really need to draw the line between what we NEED and what we WANT. The RWS have us believing that “wants” trump needs rather than vice versa, and it’s causing us to have too much unnecessary debt.

  13. Ms. J on said:

    I forgot to add that no matter which other non-whites are in this country or on this planet, BLACK people will be the primary target of RWS. If we suddenly disappear as a group, then that may change, but people of direct African descent are the most hated and mistreated.

    This article is proof of that:

  14. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwnnnnnnnn…

  15. Leviqueen on said:

    No disrespect to MLK but integration was the worst things black people could have do e. forcing ourselves into a demon beast who the holy bible called outlets enemy from the beginning was a huge mistake. Forcing them to accept us and love us was a mistake. Giving these demons the benefit of the doubt that they too are capable of hue-man kindness, love compassion and sympathy was a mistake. DOAN is right, to hell with them and seperate from them. We for damn sure don’t need their approval or need them to validate our existence! Hell if it wasnt for us they wouldn’t even exist right now. I posted the other day remember the black Wall Street in Tulsa OK, we need to get back to our own sovereignty and independence just a thy did. Support our own business and create our own!! Lets trickle out if this country and move else where, carribean and or Africa. African real estate is beautiful and affordable. Google it people. It’s time to break up from this nightmare sick abusive relationship!! To hell with the beast, it’s not even hueman!!! Stop looking for love and acceptance from a demon.

  16. I just wrote one long arse post about how I agreed with you and how they’re just using this ‘verdict’ (which I predicted) to rile Blacks up (because Caucasians/Luciferians’ feed off of our energy), make them angry, make them riot – giving them the chance to kill more Blacks and incite a race war – another chance to KILL a lot of Blacks but my post just disappeared – strangely.
    Oh and Dr. York prophesied that they were – in later years were going to become more frequent with these type of attacks – so that Blacks are sure to feed into their hands. The book he wrote this in was written over a decade ago I think.

  17. That the media were going to showcase Blacks being brutalised/killed by non Blacks at a frequent level, keeping Blacks angry – distracted and vibrating at a specific level…is what what I should have stated.

  18. Ellis on said:

    Breaking news you guys!!!:


    Pay particular attention to the last paragraph:

    “Mark O’Mara, Zimmerman’s defense attorney, claimed that her statements were irrelevant and shouldn’t be referenced at trial. He also said her comments about the racist Zimmerman family could potentially cause “widespread hostile publicity.”

  19. Tyrone on said:


    I have to confess something to you DOAN, as it relates to politics. You’ve always scolded me about not supporting either party, You’re Right! The fact that Sean Hannity and Fox News put their support behind Zimmerman was the last straw for me. Hannity has always promoted himself as a whiteman who wants the best for black people in this country. He talks a lot about abortion, violence in the hood, terrorism, the black family, etc. Any sane person can see that the killing of Treyvon Martin is evil in every way, how can any human being defend the actions of George Zimmerman? I know i’m not the only black conservative that witnessed the blatant hypocrisy of Fox News Channel in relation to this case. Honestly, i’m done with both parties for good after this debacle. Republicans say they want and need the black vote, yet, they make all kinds of excuses for a racist white/hispanic man who killed an innocent blackman. My views will always be conservative, but, i’m not getting in bed with either party from this point on. I was an Independent from the start, and i shall return to that in the near future. Negress, you were so right blackwoman! Practical Solutions…Black folk in the US should have no allegiance to either party. We have no leverage in that way, they take our votes for granted. Both parties stabbed us in the back anyway, both are stumbling over each other trying to legalize Jose and Maria, while still blocking our Haitian sistas and brothas just the same. We’ve screamed and cried enuf already, we keep giving our money to Hollywood, Ralph Lauren(Polo), Def Jam, Toyota, Viacom, etc. Our culture is dominant on the planet, yet, we have no sizeable ownership in any of these industries…Needs To Change! We love to buy clothes, but, are we supporting black designers? Love to eat food, are we supporting black-owned restaurants and cafes? Black folk love to flock to South Beach…Stop It! Miami Beach ain’t changed, it’s still averse to us being over there. Other cities have sun and beaches as well, pick up a map? If Amerikkklan wants to slap us up side the head, 2 can play that game, Yep! Lest we forget, the murder of innocent, unarmed blackmen is acceptable behavior in Amerikkklan…Ramarley Graham, Oscar Grant, Amadou Diallo, and many others. Black people, please take heed to what Negress is telling us, White Folks Are Trying To Kill Us…Please Believe! Those in bed with them, i don’t know what to say at this point…PrayFor You Still!


  20. mstoogood4yall on said:

    “claimed that her statements were irrelevant and shouldn’t be referenced at trial”

    Hmm so its ok to air the dirty laundry of the victim out, that had nothing to do with his death, yet its a no no to air out the fact that this clown was a child molestor and racist, which would show how his character was and aide in proving race had to do with him following him. thus a hate crime wow. this backwards arse just his sytem.

  21. Tyrone on said:


    We’re wising up, we didn’t fall for the bait. The guns and bullets were ready to blast with glee. It’s sick enuf that our own kill us, not gonna allow Casper to add to the body count. As i tell folk all the time, black folk aren’t gonna be fools forever, blackmen included. Ass-U-Me is the biggest downfall of White Supremacy. They think they know us, Not Really!


  22. Kushite Prince on said:

    A few suggestions.

  23. I hope so Tyrone because the reactions that a lot of Blacks have expressed, given the verdict, don’t seem to be one of us wising up. It baffles me how they actually believed that in this injustice, anti-Black system, Zimmerman would be given a verdict of ‘guilty’. Blacks were actually SHOCKED that this system – one that has never catered to or helped Blacks, would let him walk free. They actually, in all their ‘White Supremacy is real’ drivel, believed for a second that Blacks and Whites were ‘equal’ and that justice, for once, would be on the side of the oppressed. That scares me…because even Blacks who claim they’re awake…are still not actually awake.

  24. @ Negress

    I’d like to add a number 4

    4. Do not be taken in by the whites who appear to support our causes. It doesn’t matter if they’re sincere or not, their presence in marches and protests ONLY CONFUSES THE VICTIMS (us) and keeps black people locked into that “Good White People Syndrome” and their presence at rallies and marches has NEVER stopped a single incident of racism OR saved the life of a single Trayvon Martin, so their participation is USELESS at best, HARMFUL at worst.

    I also believe some of the white faces are PLANTS in the crowds and protests for that reason: To make black people LOSE FOCUS on the real problem (racism/white supremacy AKA white people) and lose the EMOTIONAL DISTANCE necessary to do what is necesary

    We must develop some EMOTIONAL DISTANCE from whites regardless of how physically close they are at work, school, etc. — the SAME way a white family can hire a black maid but still recognize that she is NOT their equal (is not white)

    because if they started seeing her as a REAL person, like themselves, they wouldn’t be able to exploit her and mistreat her as a black person without having a severe attack of conscience.

    that’s also why HAVING SEX WITH WHITES IS A NO-NO because there is NO WAY you can fight white supremacy by day and sleep with it at night.

    I agree with your statement and have seen NO EVIDENCE that disproves it:

    “We have no friends, no allies, no sympathizers in this fight. Everyone uses us to better themselves while calling us Niggers behind our backs ( and sometimes to our faces ). All they want is our money and our black bodies…and we give it to them freely hoping to have “friends. Unity is our cure for white supremacy.”

  25. Yes!! Like TIM WISE .. I used to like him but I feel he’s just an imposter, fake, not for our cause, even though he states he is..

  26. Ellis on said:

    On point as usual TrojanPam.

    I just thought about mixed-raced families for some reason, and their feelings about the verdict.

    Where do Black women/men with White partners or spouses who have or have no children together go from here?

    Those Black/White interracial who have children, especially Black boys, what do/ should they teach them about White supremacy and that Black lives are worthless no matter how nice, academically brilliant, articulate they are?

    How does the Black parent teach them about White racism/ supremacy and how it destroy and damages every fibre of Blacks spiritually, mentally, emotionally, financially, culturally when their partner is White? Or will the Black parent try to strengthen their Kumbaya beliefs in “post-racial” crap?

    I am really curious about Mixed-raced children and how they feel about this situation.

    What do you guys think?

  27. Ralph on said:

    I hope the Creator is not The Judeo Christian Creator taught our ancestors during the slave trade by the Christian slavemasters. That Creator could not give you a true image of me. I’m just a graying 73 year-old chocolate colored African American who grew up in the 40s and 50s. My great grandfather was born a slave in 1854. His son, my grandfather, taught me to read at 5 and to be black and proud at that young age. I go by the name my mother and father gave me. I am not what white folks called our ancestors: negro which is the masculine to the feminine, negress. But I don’t understand why when you’re contradicted or disagreed with, instead of countering with facts to strengthen your point of view, you go on a personal attack against my face that the Creator gave you a flash of.

  28. HI-larious, Sis, HI-fucking-larious. Who they think they playing with? Y’ain know…

  29. Ill try again.
    Know the Ledge TV which is hosted by the Twin “Pillars” which are two melinated men, are expanding their blog talk radio to include smartphone apps and other things. It’s a black owned business, so I felt the need to pass it on. Because of Know the ledge , I am able to listen to their guest speakers which inculde Dr. Phil Valentine, Taj Tarik Bey, Yaffa Bey, Dr. Sebi, Dick Gregory, and more who are in the know. Check it out and support our own.



  30. Ill try again.
    Know the Ledge TV which is hosted by the Twin “Pillars” which are two melinated men, are expanding their blog talk radio to include smartphone apps and other things. It’s a black owned business, so I felt the need to pass it on. Because of Know the ledge , I am able to listen to their guest speakers which inculde Dr. Phil Valentine, Taj Tarik Bey, Yaffa Bey, Dr. Sebi, Dick Gregory, and more who are in the know. Check it out and support our own.


  31. heres their facebook page as well.

  32. I was impressed with Wise WHEN I was totally confused, but after I became LESS confused, I realized that NO ONE is allowed to benefit who opposes white supremacy — so if you see ANY black or white person getting book deals and making major network TV appearances or making substantial sums of money off their “counter-racist” work,

    then you KNOW they are NOT LEGITIMATE because no one, including the white supremacists are going to PROMOTE or FINANCE anyone who wants to break up their MOB

    and that includes financing a candidate for “president’

    come on now

  33. @ Ellis

    I was thinking about these black/white couples and wished I could be a fly on that wall, to see how many blacks were speaking honestly and how many whites were going along or opposing them

    I do not believe the Verdict will cause any huge exoduses of blacks who are currently sleeping with whites. It might drive a few “under cover” so to speak, but I think their NEED for white validation and that “soothing lotion” is much greater than their desire to break the psychological chains that bind them to white people.

    I hope there will be a few at least that walk away from that white partner to REGAIN their SELF-RESPECT (yeah, I went there)

    because being in those relationships MANDATES that you LIE to yourself AND lie about your white partner, and like Mr. Fuller says,

    Lying to yourself is the HEIGHT of disrespecting yourself

    RE the children, in my experience, it depends on the level of white identification and if it is high, like it is in my family, they will try NOT to identify with it personally but will talk about it as though they are a white person

    I really don’t know but i’d love to hear from anyone in a relationship like that OR anyone who is a product of a black/white union

  34. Ralph

    “But I don’t understand why when you’re contradicted or disagreed with, instead of countering with facts to strengthen your point of view, you go on a personal attack against my face that the Creator gave you a flash of.”

    Fact number one: I never argue with my own kind. It’s like having an argument with myself.

    Fact number two: I’m not here to look for a “good white person”. I’m here to help my people dismantle this diseased system.

    Fact number three: There are only 2 types of people in my estimation that bring up John Brown. 1. A white person desperate to prove that not all whites are monsters. 2. A confused, white-washed black person.

    Fact number four: Whites and black have not and will not EVER live in harmony for we are polar opposites of each other.

    Fact number five: If you are indeed an African, please help us come up with ideas. For instance, I’m working on a company called Sankofa. Please email EVERYONE you know and have them join us. If you are indeed an African, you’ll understand why separation is key.

    Fact number six: You, or anyone here, can disagree with ALL that I say. Fine. We all have free will. What I’m asking us to do is band together, as blacks, and defeat the enemy.

  35. This whole case makes me angry. Zimmerman’s fat ass should be in jail! This judicial system sure lets people go free for killing a Black boy. Plus the jurors were five White women and one Hispanic woman. Of course, they were going to let Zimmerman go free! He is one of them. How come a Black person wasn’t picked to be apart of the jurors? Because the Black person would have ruled in favor of Trayvon, that is why! They don’t want that. They want Zimmerman to get away with this.

    Honestly I want White America to pay for this! Jeremiah Wright was right, America’s chickens are coming home to roost but White America doesn’t realize that.

  36. Exactly, that is why I am not going to marry a White American man. If I do have children one day, they are damned either way if their father is White or Black. This system was never meant for us. White America doesn’t see Black people as human, that is why they are happy about the verdict.

  37. TY

    You think Sean Hannity was for Black people? IMAO, he works around rightwing nutjobs on Faux News. He is most likely just as racist as his Conservatard counterparts. I don’t like him or the GOP.

    Why in the world were you in the GOP? Most of the Whites in that party are racists.

    As a Black woman, I am Liberal in my views but I am a Independent. I hate both Democratic and Republican parties. You are right not to give allegiance to either party because I know I am not. Both parties aren’t out for the interests of Black men and women.

    I think forming our own nation is a good idea but how many Blacks would actually help us build another nation? Or even agree with the decision?

  38. but but but… Our LEADER OBAMA said that our judicial system works, and to remain calm… (SARCASM). No, I believe when the Europeans came along and invaded OUR land, and changed things, and cast a “spell” on us (english language), that it changed to their land. I do believe that not all melinated people are not from Afrika per say but some of our ancestors were here first.. not the so called native americans, but thats a whole nother conversation. I guess my point is, this used to be our land, but they changed it, ruined it, hacked it up, made up these fake azz laws that only protect them. Amerikkaaa will pay, the universe and Jah will get them for their behavior. I was pretty restless myself Saturday night, but had to focus my energy on something positive. Very odd, because I lived in the Central FLorida area before, and the demographics is hispanic, and many other minority types.. so I thought.. We have to keep those higher vibrations no matter what.. I know its a challenge.. Keep on going though.. we will have peace one day… . .

  39. Well said. We need to do something about Black on Black crime. That is a problem in the Black Community?

  40. Well said. They are scared because they know their numbers are dwindling so they have to instill fear into us because they fear we will take over. They are scared, trust me. This country is going to hell in a handbasket

  41. Donna on said:

    Zimmerman’s acquittal has now solidified for Latinos that they are now considered as a part of the “white” establishment, until whites decide to turn on them. What whites want to do openly to Blacks, they can use “Zimmerman like latinos” to channel their hatred. Living in Southern Cali, latinos are & have been killing Blacks to either get them out of their neighborhoods or for gang initiation. There are neighborhoods in Southern Cali that are latino that use to be majority Black at one time or another. But latinos are not friends of Blacks, even the Black latinos, the consider themselves latino first (i.e. Mexican, Panamanian, Dominican, etc.) before they see Black. I’ve had a Black Panamanian tell me “you Blacks” & this sister was darker in complexion than me. Your post is right.

  42. Well said, Tyrone. When will you tell other Black males to wake up and realize White women don’t care about them. I knew that White women are only out for their own White males. There is a reason White women and Black males marriages almost always end in divorce. I met OJ’s coon ass in jail regrets looking at a White woman and messing with them. Now he is in jail! LOL that is what he gets!

  43. Nice to hear from you, Alia5012. I live in Central Florida too. I agree with you 100%. I was upset about the verdict and I still am.

  44. Soforeal on said:

    Hello Negress.

  45. mary burrell on said:

    I feel they were counting on Blacks being so filled with anger and rage. Waiting for Black people to do something stupid so they could start a race riot.

  46. Latinos aren’t on our side, for the most part. Majority of them fundamentally think they are White. Only a few of them aren’t like that. I have a good Latino friend and she is actually on our side 🙂 For the most part, they want to assimilate into White American culture and be privileged like White people.

  47. I know. They want a race war to happen, trust me, Mary.

  48. Soforeal on said:

    Hello Negress

  49. Soforeak

    Hi and welcome back.

  50. Soforeal on said:

    I see you called me a freak, but ok.

  51. Soforeal


  52. Soforeal on said:

    It’s ok. that’s actually my nickname. I’ll be back just checkin out rachell on cnn talking to piers morgan.

  53. Cinnamondiva on said:

    All I will say is that I’m utterly heartbroken by the verdict, but definitely not surprised. I wish I could help Trayvon’s family in some way. 😦

  54. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @ Adeen…yes, I believe that, too. Many of the Latinos/Hispanics here in Florida have issues with Black folks and they will let you know it in a hot minute. I’m not saying they’re all like that, but many of them do not like Black people, whether you are AA or Caribbean.

    I went to school with them, I’ve had to work with some of them, and you should hear the shit that comes out of their mouths about anyone who isn’t Latino.

  55. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @Donna…preach! What’s funny is I don’t mind how they identify themselves, but sometimes it comes from a place of hating Black people and anything associated with Black people. That mentality bothers me. This is why I give the side-eye to Black folks who talk about wanting to mate with a “Spanish” person (actually Latino, not Spanish from Spain) because they want children who look a certain way. Some of these same “Spanish” people will call us out of our names, so I’ve never understood the fascination with them.

  56. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @Adeen…sis, you speak the truth. Unfortunately, this was the verdict. I, too, feel that there is something suspect about having an all-white jury in this case (except for the token Hispanic and I don’t know if she is a “white” Hispanic).

    The way I see it is that Zimmerman is off the hook. This is what life is like in the so-called “Land of the Free”…you can kill a Black child and there will be no punishment. If anything, he is probably being patted on the back while they are swilling down champagne and toasting to victory.

  57. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @ Ellis…that is a very valid point and some very good questions. I am a grown woman, but of mixed race. I believe that parents of mixed-race children (just like parents of “monoracial” kids) have a responsibility to prepare them for what’s out there in this crazy world.

    I think Black parents (and some White parents, even if they don’t know the struggle) can be honest and realistic with their children. Not in the sense of “you’re doomed to hardship because you’re Black”…more like instilling a sense of pride/consciousness in who they are, self-worth, and teaching them how to navigate this fucked-up society we live in. It saddens me that this kind of stress is placed upon Black children, who aren’t even allowed to simply be children many times, but it needs to be done.

    The “Kumbaya” mentality is dangerous and I learned that the hard way when I was younger. So what I believe is that in the case of a Black or mixed child, you can teach them basic lessons about kindness to others, but also to actively resist the damaging racist hate that will undoubtedly be thrown at them sooner or later.

    Just my thoughts…hope I was somewhat coherent.

  58. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @Kush…whenever I see certain pictures of Trayvon, it makes me sad. Some people (mostly white) see him as a “thug”. I see him as a beautiful boy whose life was snuffed out way before it should have been.

  59. I hope lard ass get attacked by ten red nose pitbulls! lookin at him in court made me want to hurt somebody. now these cholos are going to get even more brave now.

  60. Soforeal on said:

    Y’all watching these white women jurors on Anderson cooper? they make me sick! CNN is hiding their identity. lol all 6 of them and zimmerwoman should be in the grave.

  61. I know right. I hate how they make non Blacks get away with things but let Blacks go to jail for petty crimes. What an unfair double standard!

  62. We do have to be VERY careful not to get caught up in hate towards the hispanics over this. I recall reading several threads on Stormfront where whites were literally foaming at the mouth over the utility they would be provided by having blacks and hispanics at each other’s throats.

  63. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @mstoogood…now I’m interested! I will do my own research soon. But can you (and hopefully somebody else) please tell me where y’all heard that Zimmerman was a child molester? This is the second time I’ve heard this and I was shocked. I mean, as if it isn’t bad enough that he killed this young boy…he fucks with kids, too?! Seriously?

    And yes, I agree with you 100%. It bothers me how this whole situation has been handled. There is only one victim in this case (besides Trayvon’s family, of course) and he can no longer defend himself because he is in the ground, dead. It infuriates me how some folks are making Zimmerman out to be the victim. They are bringing up all kinds of stuff to muddy Trayvon’s name and make him look bad. Oh, he smoked weed…oh, he was doing a drug called “lean”…oh, he was suspended from school…when will they stop?

  64. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @Bry…true. You are right. I don’t hate Hispanics/Latinos in general. I’m simply disgusted at the ones who join with racist whites in hating Black people.

  65. Cinnamondiva on said:

    mzchoco…I’m with you on that! Some people I know believed he would at least be convicted of manslaughter. Being the cynical person I am, I felt differently. I knew in my heart that he would walk free.

  66. Soforeal on said:

    Yeah. because we let em.

  67. mstoogood4yall on said:

    @ cinnamondiva

    His female cousin said he molested her when he was a teen on up. And i read another woman said the same thing but didn’t want to come forward. Here is a article and the audio of the woman interviewed about the molestation. http://www.jsonline.com/news/crime/trial-to-begin-for-man-76-accused-of-killing-teen-neighbor-b9954502z1-215504241.html

  68. I know right. I hope White America pays for this.

  69. Zim Zim was set free but he ain’t free by a long shot. He will never be free. People know that fat bastard and somebody ain’t got nothing else to do, but take out some trash.

  70. mstoogood4yall on said:

    thanks didn’t know this was on i’m watching now, cowards have to hide their face. Smh white folks gotta hide their face and never stand by what they say. U let it be black jurors acquitting a black person for killing a black person and their faces and names would be all out there. Whites are like the kkk, they cowards, but when they are anonymous they show their true feelings. I knew these white women would let george off because they can remain unidentified, but if their arse wasn’t anonymous they would’ve acted differently.

  71. mstoogood4yall on said:

    black person for killing a black person

    i mean a black person for killing a white person

  72. Ms. J on said:

    @ Cinnamondiva

    A guy I was dating literally told me that if our relationship didn’t last, he would start dating Latinas and Asian women because “Black women were too much trouble”. My discussions on RWS got on his nerves because he was caught up in “multiracial America”. Smh.

  73. Cinnamondiva on said:

    OK…I finally read the article. If this relative of Zimmerman’s truly was molested by him, my heart goes out to her. I can only take her word for it. Hopefully she has been able to heal from what happened to her.

    Now as to the accusations that his family is racist, I definitely believe that. Looking at his family in general, something seems “off” with them. His father and brother both seem to be very calculating people. I’ve heard that his mother was very abusive to him as a child. And his wife…well, I don’t know much about her, but she also has a “strange” look to her.

    As far as I know, Zimmerman didn’t refer to Trayvon with any racial slurs on the police tape or in the 911 call, but there is no doubt in my mind that he wouldn’t have bothered him if he were white. We all know that “suspicious” is code for “black” in America. Poor kid never stood a chance. 😦

    I love how that dude Frank was on TV defending his pal Zimmerman. *SMH*

  74. Ms. J on said:

    @ Trojan Pam

    I agree with you, Trojan Pam. Today I saw a Black man hugging and kissing up on a White female before getting in the car with her. And I have actually seen White females who have male offspring with Black males complain about why people kept bringing up race in regards to the Zimmerman trial.

    Some will get the wake-up call, but other’s will not get it.

  75. Soforeal on said:

    They have no reason to be scared. after all they`re white.

  76. @ Ms J

    that white “soothing lotion” against a black reality is too tempting for some to resist. This “attitude” of white partners toward dismissing racism is VERY common in my experience — and the black people seem to become more anti-black and in denial (mentally ill) in order to stay with that white male or female — who in all likelihood is a racist.

    Unfortunately, this “blindness” about the increasing overt racism in this nation will be extremely dangerous for black males who are parading their white “choices” up and down the street

    I believe these males will be increasingly targeted by white males who feel emboldened by the callous disregard of Trayvon Martin’s life

    I believe this is already happening — that some black males are being murdered for being with a white female and the police call it black-on-black crime when it might be something else. It would be extremely easy to get away with it if you are a white person

    My attitude is — if you want to be with white people — GO on your way, I don’t have enough time to convince you of what is RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE

    you will have to figure it out ON YOUR OWN — the best way you can

    just get out of my way while you do it

  77. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @Ms. J…look at it as being his loss, not yours. Was he black? I had an ex just like that. He couldn’t handle any difference in opinion, although I treated him well and respected him as a man. He said I had too much “attitude”. In reality, he needed an excuse to run after white and Hispanic vagina. He is now with a Latina (Colombian) and has a baby with her. I say, good riddance.

    I’ve said it before…I have no issue with interracial relationships. I’m more lenient about it than most folks who visit this site. But I can’t stand people who bash their own and uplift those outside of their own race. That indicates a poisoned mentality, IMO.

    In your case, it sounds like that guy wanted an excuse to be with women of different races. Hey, if they want to date the rainbow that’s fine with me, but all of the bashing really irks me.

  78. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @mstoogood…thanks for the info. If this is true, he is even worse than I thought. Damn.

  79. Ms. J on said:

    @ Cinnamondiva

    Honestly, I’m GLAD he’s out of my life. The guy hated reading and was downright ignorant about so many things. I think he’ll see that racism is unavoidable once he’s in the workforce, and especially if he’s working with mainly White females. They know to seduce a Black male one minute but get him fired in the next minute.

    But the guy I’m talking to now actually knew about Mr. Fuller’s work way before I did, and he really wants to be a force for change in the Black community. He’s a great, conscious Brother who also appreciates us Black women and wants to see us at our best. So I look forward to being a part of his life for years to come 🙂

    Despite any loss, the Creator makes things happen for a reason.

  80. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @hunglikejesus…true. A lady I know said that he will probably spend the rest of his life looking over his shoulder, afraid of what could happen.

    Personally, I’m conflicted about this. On the one hand, it should be “an eye for an eye”. But on the other hand, killing him won’t bring Trayvon back, nor will it fix all the stuff that ails this world.

    But I’m with you…he should NOT have been allowed to walk free, without any form of punishment. This is outrageous but hardly surprising.

  81. Major on said:

    Major on July 16, 2013 at 1:55 AM said:
    My brothers and sisters I am awake and I see the light and know the truth. The truth is in Yeshua but not as the false teachers continue to preach. I am of royal and holy blood and I will never bow to the agents of Satan. To whom much is given much is required. I am a Black Male who by the grace of Yah my Holy Father have survived the assaults against my soul from the drug infested streets of Detroit to Afghanistan and Iraq. The wars I engaged in left me enlightened and pushed me further into the spiritual warfare I am being equipped ny Yeshua to fight! I no longer eat from the table of of secular religion and temples of devils Black or White for they hold the truth for money and disdain from those who are weak and confused. The Black preachers who act as agents of Satan have a high cost to pay and shall pay thus saith the Lord who made the heaven and earth. I seek mI seek the Holy Father for an anointing afterward the inner man to lead a charge to set the blind free who have been taken by Satan at his will. Money is not the answer it is Love of the One Holy God (Yah), love of his Son, Love of self and love of others. If my people that I am born of would be still and learn to love one another in the spirit of unity and peace which we will by Faith we shall move the mountains of greed, envy, lust, drugs, prostitution of self and children for money, and hunger.

    Men need to be men and not boys consumed with sexual gratification and stand in the gap through prayer and action to lift up our women and children. Anyone who stands in the way of truth shall be I say again shall be ran over Black, White, Christian or any Faith that does not believe I came out of I AM. It is written and so shall it be! Satan and his henchmen have no hold on me and people shall go free by the Word of the Creator (Yah) the Holy of Holies!

    Jeffrey D. Simmons

  82. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @Ms. J…yes, that is the way to look at it! 😉 Sounds a lot like my ex and another guy I dated after him.

    Sometimes I wonder about men like that. Is it self-hate, ignorance, or both? Anyway, it’s good that you found yourself a decent man who likes you for you. And I must thank you for telling me about Dr. Fuller’s work…I confess that I didn’t know much about it before.

  83. This is a great post! I wish I as as enlightened as you are!

  84. His fat ass should be in jail! Anyone who defends him is delusional

  85. Really? He is a murderer and molester. Not surprised. SMH, what a sick country we live in.

  86. True. Zimmerman’s ass should be in jail F*** those jurors. Of course they were going to let Zimmerman off, he is one of them, well partially. It is a double standard in this country, you know.

  87. I don’t hate Hispanics. I hate the ones who sellout and join in on Whites oppressing and putting down Blacks. I hate the Hispanics I live next to not because she is Hispanic but because she is a Whitewashed sellout who raised bratty annoying kids. Her kids think she is better than me and her brother because they are lighter than me and my brother(We are Black). This woman thinks she is White and her daughter is the same way.

    No, I don’t hate Hispanics on whole. I love their culture. I like Hispanics in general but not the Whitewashed, sellout ones.

  88. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @Adeen…I hear you. I’m as angry and disappointed as you are. I’m not religious anymore, but deep inside, I hope there is a higher power who will deal with him (and “people” like him) in the right way.

    But then again, let’s look at how Florida tends to deal with these things. Casey Anthony is a white girl who killed her child and never served any real time. Now she’s out and living her life. If it had been a young Black mother, she would still be in jail. Notice how she was deemed “beautiful” by the media. A young Black mother would not be described that way and no one would sympathize with her. Casey was caught in numerous lies, but she was pronounced not guilty.

    Zimmerman stalks a young man, a kid, in a dark neighborhood one night. There is a confrontation, a fight, and he shoots the kid dead. Something tells me that if the roles had been reversed, if Trayvon had killed Zimmerman, white folks would be shouting for the death penalty and they would probably get their wish. I see Zimmerman as a mestizo with a white racist’s mindset.

  89. Umoja on said:

    A Black woman in Florida fired shots IN THE AIR to scare off her abusive boyfriend ……guilty-20yrs in prison.
    White man, stalks a young Black boy, confronts him with a loaded gun, shoots and kills him….not guilty.
    It’s a free for all to kill Blacks with impunity. I fear for those Blacks simply living their lives while any white person can start a fight or any confrontation; shoot them dead with impunity.
    This reminds me of the slavery era when Blacks weren’t allowed to come and go as they pleased, stopped and asked by whites as to where their destinations, were etc, and killed them at whim. If this doesn’t wake Blacks up, nothing will. I’m hoping that Blacks let go of that comical utopia notion and “some good white folks”. Hoping for “some good white people” is too risky and foolish. Whites care and concern has always resulted in the demise and detriment of Blacks. How much history is needed for crying out loud!!
    There is no race of people that whites haven’t offered a hand and lost their own hands as a result.
    I’m going to continue to focus on the many key elements offered throughout this blog ; yet I think we all should try not to neglect ourselves; take the break when needed, rest and nurture ourselves individually. I’ve personally realized this lately. It can be a heavy load and can cause depression, worry and discouragement….then regroup and go right back into battle.

  90. Agreed, Soforeal, and on a quick ride to hell….

  91. Thinking about white people can make you exhausted. I broke up with these bastard’s they’re too draining.

  92. Black on Black crime is indeed an issue, like many others in the Black community but I’m convinced that government agents are also killing young Black males and making it look like the murders are gang related. A percentage of the killings in Chicago for e.g. may be down to skilled marksmen and not young boys yielding guns.

  93. Pretty much …. Looks like Iam going to have to take a majojor break from tv and Facebook .. I’ve got whitewashed friends putting comments about the case and its going to have my vibrations real low.. Something we don’t need.. Lets focus our energy on something positive and away from this crap… I am over hearing about it.. On another note anyone hear that Malcolm x could possibly be Obama dad? That’s very interesting…. I think “our “voices are used in so much because melinated people hold so much power in the universe .. So when they get a melinated person to represent a cause it cast a sort of spell or energy.. So if Malcolm is Obamas true father he could hold a lot of power , but because he was raised and conditioned by WP to be a politician, the power is directed towards keeping us down and the whites on top… Just one of the many tools of course… Thoughts??

  94. Ellis on said:

    I agree, I have often wondered why Whites are the way they are. They have proven over and over again that they are soulless, Godless and inhumane towards Blacks. I try to escape their hatred by visiting Black blogs but so many of them flock there. E.g. Blackvoices, Madame Noire, The Root, Abagond. We can’t have anything that exclusively belongs to us can we? Not even the most beautiful, abundant continent in the world…Africa. Smdh.
    I have read on sites like Stormf
    ront, Stuff Black Peopke d

  95. Ellis on said:

    Stuff Black People Don’t Like, Amren and the like that Whites want to separate from us, however, it is ALWAYS them who initiate hostility between us.

  96. Tyrone on said:


    I talk about self-hating blackmen a lot on DOAN and other blogs because they’re full of s@#$. Any blackman that lust after whitewomen wants to be a whiteman, let’s be real about this. For a long time in this country, anglo inspired blackmen have been allowed to assault black womanhood without penalty, promote white supremacy without penalty, dilute and pollute the black race without penalty, and so forth. At the same time, they want to be seen as champions of melanin people, want their mixed children to be seen as authentically black, want others to view their IR relationships as being the same as a black female/black male couple when it’s not. They need to be called on their bs…Real Talk! Black people want to be black, want to stay black because God blessed us with the best. It makes no sense for us to throw away blackness when every other group on this planet obsesses over what we have naturally. This is why we fight so hard for “Black Love.” Whites and other races envy the love and passion that strong black women and men have for each other and always will. I don’t see real love in the BM/WW context. Blackmen are trying to satisfy the urge to taste forbidden fruit, hurt whitemen, and produce mixed black children that will love black, so they think. Whitewomen lure brothas in with the false promise that they’re pro-black. No, they’re not about advancing the black race, blackmen have been hoodwinked. They want mixed children so they can turn them into white people with tans. Again, a blackman that has no genuine love for blackwomen can never expect his mixed children to love black if he does not…Common Sense! I struggled with this issue back in the day like most blackmen. Me and some of my homeboys assumed that sleeping with white females was harmless, we were so wrong. Some brothas sleep with them, others date them, and some wifey them…All Bad! A non-black woman can’t turn herself into a blackwoman, no matter how black she may look, act, talk, dress, etc. This is the lie that blackmen are trying to sell to other brothas. “But Ty, she’s from Malaysia, She’s Black.” Of course, any woman of color is a notch above Becky, but it’s still betrayal. I like other women of color, but, i would never place them above blackwomen, just saying. Blackwomen love blackmen, and want to grow and expand Africanness globally, but that can’t happen as long as we’re chasing after women that don’t look like us…Bottomline! A note to black people, we can never talk about this issue too much, black people are supposed to love each other.


  97. Tyrone on said:


    The Integration Movement was a trap for black people. We should always love Dr. King and what he did for us, but, acknowledge that he was used by “The System” as well. Malcolm was used in the same way.


  98. On sunday I was on a blogtalk radio show about zimmerwoman and sure enough here comes the leg humpers trying piss us off. you’d think they would something better to do like glaze each others buns, because you know majority of them are faggots!

  99. Tyrone on said:


    Before i became a Republican, i was an Independent. I voted for Democrats election after election and saw no tangible results. My vote was a waste of time. What really caused the shift was the destruction of blackmen in this country. I’ve always been conservative in my political beliefs, parties notwithstanding. I didn’t wanna be on the fence anymore, so, i registered as a GOP member. Yes, both parties have racist elements in them, but, i always saw liberals as the greater evil because of what they support…abortion, illegal-immigration, terrorists, high taxes, feminists, hollywood, etc. I’ve never hidden the fact that i was a republican, black folk have never given me a hard time about it because i’m not a stereotypical conservative brotha. I talk s**t about white folks just as much as a liberal brotha. Ty is a hood brotha, blue collar brotha, i have nothing in common with Clarence Thomas. Thomas Sowell is a hero to me in every aspect, but, a certain clique within the GOP is dead to me right now. I wanna add some context as to why Fox News jumped on the side of Zimmerman. As we all know, both parties are fighting for the so-called latino vote. Zimmerman is white/hispanic, therefore, white republicans assume that kicking black folks in the behind is gonna curry favor with Mexicans, Cubans, Brazilians, Guatemalans, etc. Remember, spanish folk are equally or more anti-black than whites in this country. Notice, both parties don’t talk about the black vote anymore, it’s all latino this, asian that. They’ve already kicked us to the curb, which is why both parties are one in the same when it comes to us. I wasn’t in denial, but was hoping that sane individuals would come to the fore. My stance on issues will not change, we’re fighting for our lives at this point in history. Compromise is not an option.


  100. “Typo” Would have

  101. Mickey on said:

    Co-sign! My mother taught me that I had to be aware of White supremacy and how it works in this society even though I am mixed. I told someone once before that no White person has ever discriminated against me for my Whiteness; my Blackness was the reason. Children of color in a society built on White supremacy need to be equipped with both the basics of kindness and how to deal with the slings & arrows that will be directed at them at some point.

  102. Tyrone on said:


    Marissa Alexander is the name of the Sista in Florida who was shafted by Angela Corey. As black people, we need to keep this sista on our minds because when Obama leaves office in a few years, a select group of inmates in this country will receive presidential pardons from Obama. Obama is strange in many ways, he is married to a blackwoman, has 2 black daughters, yet, is not a staunch advocate of blackwomen who have been wronged by the criminal justice system. Why in hell did Michelle marry him? Ironically, Angela Corey showed Marissa Alexander no mercy. An abused woman who fired one shot in the air to stop her crazy ass boyfriend from attacking her. She gets 20 years, Casey Anthony walks, George Zimmerman walks for murder. Blackwomen need to wake the hell up, and realize that the love and infatuation that whites have for them is superficial at best. This reminds me of the death of a Dominican sista down here in Miami who was stabbed by “The System.” The sista was involved in real estate, making money, loving life, and somehow she got caught up in some real estate corruption ish. Meanwhile, the other defendants(white/latin) escaped serious charges, She Didn’t! As a result, the was locked up in federal detention, her health went downhill. She begged anyone that would listen to grant her bail so she could have access to proper medical treatment, but, the feds didn’t care. She died in jail, and a black female judge was her biggest obstacle. Some black people are worse than whites, let us not forget this. As black people, we can’t allow this Sista to rot in jail when she killed or injured no one. White people are evil, a whitewoman would have never been convicted of protecting herself like this. Negress, don’t let us forget about Marissa? Good blackmen in this country need to ensure her freedom, because, a punk ass blackman is to blame for her enslavement. Google is acting up right now, but, the link can be found on the New Times Miami website.


  103. Ralph on said:

    You still didn’t explain your personal attack about the Creator giving you a flash of my face. You didn’t say who this “Creator” is. Nor what he created. Did he create black and white people to be “polar opposites”? If so, the Creator should be blamed for our oppression. If the creator created us to be polar opposites he/she must be a racist. The Creator, who made us polar opposites, created us to suffer 400 years of inhumane slavery, another hundred years of Jim Crow oppression. Why? What did we do to be so black and blue? The facts you mentioned are merely strong opinions. You state facts but don’t back up you statements with facts. White folks have done that throughout our history regarding us. “Niggers are lazy, negroes are inferior, negresses are sexual savages, Black children can’t learn as well as white children”: that’s how white people stated opinions they swore were facts. Now, do we think that is the way to search for truth? Whoever thinks that way is truly brainwashed by the enemy. I can understand why you THINK I am a white person or a whitewashed black person. An opinion is valid but it is not truth.

  104. Tyrone on said:


    Keskea Hernandez is the name of the Sista i mentioned in the last post. It takes a lot to make me cry, but, i shed tears after reading this. The website is miaminewtimes.com. Search for Keskea Hernandez/Dies In Federal Custody.


  105. I know. I live in Florida and I am a Black woman and I am scared for my safety. There are good White people out there believe it or not but the evil and horrible White people make the good ones look bad. There is good and bad in all races but you can’t trust Whites in situations like this.

    However I feel as if Black life is not valued in this country. It isn’t Black people need to stick together as a race of people to overcome racism and unite as a community.

  106. People the Latinos aren’t fooled or lulled by the zimmerfarce. Most other non-whites Know what time of day it is. That is why they have their own businesses and keep their money IN their ‘hood and amongst their people.
    The Spanish speaking people aren’t about to forget OR forgive Neanderman for his crimes against them, like we do. Fact is zimmerfool knows damn well, that if he had bulleted a Neander, his arse would of been grass a very long time ago.
    However, we must not let the system direct our focus only on THIS incident, but remember those young Africans murderes by the police who still have their jobs.

  107. True. I don’t know what we do to them that makes them hate us? And this is just a segment of White Americas who dislike Black people. They don’t represent all of White America. We don’t represent all of Black America either.

    Blacks should unite and stick together. Away from the racist segment of White America.

  108. mstoogood4yall on said:

    I just looked her case up and it is so sad. Mortgage fraud should not have lead to her being locked up and dying from improper treatment for her lupus. smh her lawyer didn’t ask for a bond hearing like the other ppl did and were released. What kind of incompetent lawyer was that. This case kinda reminds me about that black women Anna brown who was at a hospital and she kept complaining about her legs, and they released her and she said her legs were still hurting so the cops showed up and arrested her for trespassing. She was in a wheelchair and couldn’t walk.they got her to jail and she was still complaing about her legs and they ignored her and she died from blood clots that started in her legs and ended in her lungs. Here’s the full vid of what happenedhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0jL9fk1qWw

  109. Ms. J, I like your list. We need to keep our distance from many racist Whites as well as Whitewashed and sellout Blacks. There is nothing worse than a Black person who sells you short. Personally, I emotionally keep my distance from White people. At school, I barely engage in conversation with them. I just say hello and goodbye because I don’t want them using anything I said against me. I don’t trust the majority of them in this country at all but there are good Whites out there. We also need to keep our distance from Blacks who sellout like OJ Simpson and Clarence Thomas. I dislike them as well.

  110. I know same here. It is mostly stereotypes and social conditioning by the media and centuries of imperialism, racism and White supremacy that makes many Whites think Trayvon was a thug. Trayvon wasn’t perfect but he was a young man living his life.

  111. Hey Fam,
    Phil Moreland of Know the Ledge Radio is looking for melinated peoples with experience for an Assistant, a Booking Agent, and a Manager. This is a Black owned business by two twin brothers. They host blogtalk radio, have a university in Kemetic/moorish studies etc.
    Sharing to support Black Owned Businesses.. They’re in Florida though… I would “apply” but they need a physical person to help out..


  112. Exactly. Assimilation and integration was the death of Black America. Segregation was bad for Black people but at least we stayed together and fought racism and discrimination where it mattered. I believe Black people should have separated from White America and started our own community aside from White America. White America has never meant us well at all. Look at all the negative affects integration has resulted in our community:
    High out of wedlock birth rates
    Black kids not graduating from school on time
    Many Black males in jail or prison
    Black children not knowing their history and following whatever the media tells them
    Black females wearing weaves and relaxing their hair to the point that they are bald.
    The breakdown of the Black family and now 72% of Black children grow up with a father in the home.
    Black men dating non Black women and putting down Black women for validation from White people and the media.
    Black women and Black men are in a gender war to prove who is more efficient in surving this racist society.
    Black on Black crime is at a all time high
    We are still behind our White counterparts in education and wealth
    We hate ourselves more than ever before yet we aren’t segregated from Whites.
    He have slowly accepted homosexuality in our communities.
    Many Black women abort their babies in their wombs.

  113. This is why I think assimilation and integration was the death of Blacks in America. We shouldn’t have integrated with White America because they are our oppressors and they never meant us well. We should have stayed an community and build our own businesses and restaurants etc.
    I will list many of the negative affects integration has had on Black America:

    High out of wedlock birth rate

    Black on Black crime is at an all time high

    Black children grow up in homes without fathers and single mothers

    Black women wearing weaves and relaxing their hair to the point that they are bald

    Black men putting down Black women and dating non Black women to seek validation from Whites and the media

    Black children not being able to graduate on time

    Black men and Black women engaging in so called gender wars to see who will win in this racist society and gain approval from Whites.

    Black women aborting their children in their wombs

    The slow acception of homosexuality in our communities.

    Black kids looking up to the media as the way to fit in

    Rap music went from being a good genre of music that was creative and spoke about life and hardships of being Black to this Pop, anti Black, soulless, party like music that degrades Black women and promotes misogyngy, colorism and sexism.

    Black Youth are in trouble today in America today: We are in the middle of an economic crisis, race relations are getting worse and most of all, our generation is going to have to pay the debts this country has as well as future generations.

    I maybe be 17/18 years old but I am here because I am mad at the verdict and because I wanted to discuss why integration was bad for our community. We should have never integrated with White America. They aren’t our friends. It doesn’t even make sense integrating with White people, they are our oppressors.

  114. I think I remember DOAN posting something about real estate in the caribbean and how we should be jumping on it because of the Chinese are taking over. .. Ill have to look for that post now. Its mighty tempting…

  115. Well said but wealthy Blacks don’t realize that until their money goes back to the White Community when their mixed kids marries a White person.

    I believe in Black unity and we need to stick together.

  116. Well said. If Trayvon was White, White America would have gone crazy! This case reminds me of how racially divided America really is.

  117. I agree. I was also saddened by her case. America is not safe for a Black woman like us to leave in.

  118. Ralph on said:

    Tyrone, you are retelling history all wrong. White historians have done that for years. The Civil Rights movement had less to do with integration than with taking back the humanity that Jim Crow segregation stole from our people. I’m sure if you ask your parents and grand parents, they will school you on that. Dr. King did not give us false hope. The struggle to be free in the country of our birth was a people’s movement. Black people did not blindly follow Dr. King. Our people directed King by active, physical participation in the struggle. That people’s participation defined and created the unity that is missing today. Missing because there was more active participation than the mere talk, unproven theory and simple opinion than Facebook ramblings. Economic power (Black people walked rather than be humiliated by segregated bus transportation) change the dehumanizing treatment under Southern laws. Most actions by Black people forced America to live up to its claims of being the land of the free when TV and modern media showed countries around the world a different. It was a real Black people’s unity and power that changed history so young political theorists like you are allowed to speak their minds on social medium without being threatened, You blaspheme not only King and Malcolm but the whole generation of African Americans that worked for a better world than the one they lived. History is an ongoing process, always moving to the next level. We have moved from slavery to Jim Crow to where we are today. I’m sorry if our past struggles haven’t brought us to what you would consider the ideal freedom, but the struggle continues. Take us to the next level by actively organizing our people to act, if you believe that change can happen as opposed to the belief that our people are so in a slave mentality that prevents our unity. Unity happens from acting together and that created a culture of unity. The raised clenched fist, James Brown’s “Say it Loud”, the Impression’s “If you had a choice of Colors, which one would you choose, my brother?” Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On?” and The Isley Brother’s “Fight the Power” were all a part of that culture. Our past struggles were not misguided, sir. We took back our humanness, our humanity. The Black Panther Party declared, ” All Power to The People” to awaken our people to the power to change that lay dormant. There was no nihilistic perception that Black people won’t do what it takes, because,as you say,”Blackmen are so stupid…” If that absolutism is so, there is no hope. We have to educate our people; not condemn them.

  119. mswanda on said:

    Ty, The reason Obama is gay. That marriage was a set up. He needed a connected black female with roots in the bc. He use to go to a gay bath house in Chicago Called the White House I think. They said that he use to service older white men. He was a bottom. He was sent to Chicago to learn how to be black. He was selected to be President.

  120. Crissjensen on said:

    I agree. i think we are stating to really see this.

  121. Somthing about u that don’t sit right about you. what is it?

  122. Tyrone on said:


    Yes, there are good white people, but, they allow the bad within their race to keep them silent and immobilized. If whites say they’ve changed…Prove It! Too many black men and women beaten and killed by white cops, too many black women and men in jail and prison, drug laws and sentencing guidelines. Good white people have the means and votes to remedy all of these ills, however, peer pressure prevents them from doing so, Why? Whites are losing the country, they can deal with spanish folk because whitemen don’t fear them. Releasing hundreds of thousands of blackmen back into society scares the hell out of racist whitemen. They have no incentive to do right by black folk, if so, these issues would have been dealt with by now. We have to take our dignity back, whites can only do so much.


  123. Tyrone on said:


    As crazy as it sounds, i can see that taking place. Obama is overly obsessed with gay issues and abortion…Red Flag! Another point, as much as some blackwomen mention the love between Michelle and Barack, i don’t see a lot of kissing going on. Michelle is sexy as hell to me, PDOA would be commonplace. I don’t see passion between them. Obama is a whiteman with a tan, It Shows! When he failed to nominate a blackwoman to the US Supreme Court, i knew what was up.


  124. Tyrone on said:


    Yes, there are good white people, but, they allow the bad within their race to keep them silent and immobilized. If whites say they’ve changed…Prove It! Too many black men and women beaten and killed by white cops, too many black women and men in jail and prison, drug laws and sentencing guidelines. Good white people have the means and votes to remedy all of these ills, however, peer pressure prevents them from doing so, Why? Whites are losing the country, they can deal with spanish folk because whitemen don’t fear them. Releasing hundreds of thousands of blackmen back into society scares the hell out of racist whitemen. They have no incentive to do right by black folk, if so, these issues would have been dealt with by now. We have to take our dignity back, whites can only do so much.


  125. mswanda on said:

    Tyrone, Has everyone forgot about larry sinclare the white man that said he was Obama’s lover and they did cocaine together. All the mysterious deaths at reverend Wright’s church of gay men. Rumored to be Obama’s former lovers. Se the shadow government was doing damage control. You see that nobody can find a woman that he has ever been with.

  126. Tyrone on said:


    Thanks for the info Alia. I gotta get some z’s, but, i will check out the blog.


  127. Tyrone on said:


    All of the hoopla about his college records not being released, it makes one wonder? As most informed blacks know, gay blackmen are prominent in the Black Church…Bishop Eddie Long, Gospel Singers, Members, etc. I was surfing another blog earlier in the day, and they talked about a whitewoman that he dated in college. The name of the blog i can’t recall right now. Black folk have no idea how polluted and turned out blackmen in hollywood, sports, music, and other areas of life have become…It’s Out of Control! All the nuts in our race are in the clique…Thugs, D-Boys, Gang-Bangers, etc. Anybody that is in the circle is suspect, Obama Included. Real Talk, i would not be shocked if he was on the other team.

    Appreciate the feedback Wanda, Z time.


  128. Kushite Prince on said:

    They can’t connect with him sense he didn’t look like their son. It’s the sad truth. But they all say it was a “fair” trial. They want us to believe that only whites can be neutral in a trial. What a joke!!

  129. Ladies and Gentlemen, this “not guilty” verdict reinforces what Negress has been telling us from the get-go, and that is, white females are the primary culprits behind our destruction as a race…While white males take center stage for targeting/oppressing us, white females are often the instigators (9 out or 10 times), but they are often kept in the dark/background until the light shines on them. The fate of this murderer was left in the hands of a predominantly white female jury that proves exactly how they feel about us.

  130. Ellis on said:

    Sigh…typical from them.

  131. yep. And its interesting that most of the riots and lynching and destruction of black wallstreet and other communities was because of a white woman lying and saying a black man raped or put his hands on her. They are the most protected and sneaky group in this country. So protected that black ppl were killed because a black newspaper said white women were sexually loose. people couldn’t say anything about a white woman or they got killed, that is why i laugh when ppl say freedom of speech and freedom of expression, oh really well where was that when this stuff happened. This is why they stay trying to get black youtubers banned while others can spew their hate. we say something we told we need to shutup, they say something racist to us and oh its freedom of speech. smh.

  132. I know there are good White people but the bad Whites outnumber the good Whites in my opinion. You can’t trust the majority of White Americans because they support the system. I am against the system and White supremacy. That is why I refuse to date and marry a White American man, which I would never do anyways.

  133. I know, I wish Black men woke up and realized that White women are just like White men and that they are only out for their own interests. And we, as Black women, need to realize that White women are our enemies. It took me a while to realize that but now I do but I never liked White women much anyways.

    It is White women who own the shows on TV and dictate whether or not a pretty Black woman or a stereotypical one is on TV.

  134. Yes we need to support our Black businesses. They need our help to stay afloat in this economy and racist country.

  135. Crissjensen, Ralph is a Whitewashed Black person. Don’t mind him. And at 78 years old and having experienced segregation and Jim Crow, you think he would have woken up by now. But he is still delusional to think that integration works. IMAO, integration was the death of Black America. We should have never integrated with White AmeriKKKlan.

    I am only 17 and I know integration doesn’t work.

  136. And it is strange to hear a Whitewashed Black believe in Black unity to me. LOL. I do agree that the Civil Rights Movement’s purpose was to take back the humanity that Jim Crow stole from Blacks.

    However as a young person, I do believe that Dr. King gave us false hope. We should have followed Malcolm X’s example and not integrate with White AmeriKKKlan. And look have integration has done to the Black Community:
    High out of wedlock birth rate

    Black on Black crime is at an all time high

    Black children grow up in homes without fathers and single mothers

    Black women wearing weaves and relaxing their hair to the point that they are bald

    Black men putting down Black women and dating non Black women to seek validation from Whites and the media

    Black children not being able to graduate on time

    Black men and Black women engaging in so called gender wars to see who will win in this racist society and gain approval from Whites.

    Black women aborting their children in their wombs

    The slow acception of homosexuality in our communities.

    Black kids looking up to the media as the way to fit in

    Rap music went from being a good genre of music that was creative and spoke about life and hardships of being Black to this Pop, anti Black, soulless, party like music that degrades Black women and promotes misogyngy, colorism and sexism.

    Integration just made things worse for Black people not better. I find it funny how you think things are getting better for Black people. Things are getting worse for Black people! We shouldn’t have assimilated with White America because they are our enemies and oppressors. It doesn’t make sense to integrate with people who hate us.

  137. I was watching CNN during the trial and it seemed like everyone was on Zimmermans side except for this one black woman who they repeatedly cut off. I thought this had to be a joke…Zimmerman is not going to make it out of there not guilty! But he did! The bw brought up good points about how Zimmerman kept changing his story and wasn’t making sense, but they kept cutting off…

    On top of that they made Anderson cooper the host, that guy thinks that BP make up racism cuz we have nothing better to do lol, I really dislike him…he brought Chelsea Handler on his show, calling her a racist and cutting her off for making a video on YouTube called “s**** white girls say to black girls” the video spoke so much truth and it was talking about the racism bw face…but ooh nooooo, nowadays talking about the OVERT racism you face is considered racism…all the ww in the audience were crying, it was just so stupid..,it was hilarious…

    Why do u think CNN did this? Diary of the NEGRESS? I live around Asians and their kids were very racist, but they thought it was a “safe black” so they didn’t understand why I was upset.,.they say the n word like no problem…and this is Canada, we like to think we’re less racist then the U.S… SO taking the teachers they kept asking “are u sure that’s what you heard?” “and why does that offend you”Like she didn’t believe me…even when she talked to the clas about it…like hello, I’m black, they think I’m a magical Oreo…black on the outside but not really.
    They took over the market in my area and turned into a Chinese on (its better than the original) e, Chinese people are taking over Africa too…

  138. ^thats right, Adeen!

  139. Once white peoples domination over us is up
    the asians will get their chance to rule over the majority of our
    people and it ain’t gonna be pretty, and we all know
    they can be worse than whites sometimes. get ready my friend. we will
    soon enter the age of the dragon.

  140. SMH, I hope Chinese don’t take over Africa. We need to fight for Africa’s independence! Africa was already colonized by the Europeans and look at how negatively they has affected Africa. I think the Chinese would be just as bad the Europeans in this!

  141. @Soforeal

    I believe Asians would be just as bad. We need to get ready for them to take over.

  142. Ralph on said:

    Crissen and Adeen, How is it that you don’t deal with the issues I present? Instead, you take to name calling. Where is intellectual dialogue in that? Where is critical thinking? Any juvenile, 17 and older can call names. Contradiction can bring about understanding and development. Dogmatic babble will not travel the road to solutions of problems in our communities. That’s the way of our enemies; the way to our destruction. Adeen, integration was never the issue for me nor your grandparents. That word was invented, like “race”, “negro”, “negress’ and nigger, by whites. Segregation was forced on our people by those same whites to keep us in the bottom of the well, from having right that the U.S. Constitution supposedly guaranteed all people born here. Segregated education, segregated health care, segregated housing, segregated employment, non of which Black people chose implied a non-human position in society. Segregation was the law that defined Black people as inferior. Segregation legally kept us in what whites considered “our place.” The word of our choice was desegregation, not integration. Apparently, the white supremacists have given you a distorted history which you, without any serious thought, hold to be true. I’ve even seen comments blaspheming Martin Luther King and Malcolm X by some who agree with your opinions, naming them as whitewashed. Two great soldiers for our cause were assassinated, it’s unbelievable that they were sellouts to anyone who know our history.

  143. Ralph

    May I ask you for a small favour?

    Black woman to black man.

    Since you grew up the age of the Civil Rights Era and know first hand how difficult it is for us to obtain freedom from the system, can you please help me to spread the word about Sankofa?

    Black businesses are drying up and suffering from lack of support. Can you help us? Can you tell everyone that you know to shop black and buy black only?

    I’m sure King and El-Hajj would approve of you spreading the message across. To your right is a link. If you click that link , you’ll be directed to a black owned store. Will you help fight for a noble cause?

  144. Ralph on said:

    What is Sankofa? Tell me more.

  145. Ralph on said:

    It doesn’t sit right with me that so many of you agree with and praise an African woman who proudly uses the demeaning name that racists gave African women during the slave trade. Accepting that insult is unacceptable. And negress has the nerve to call me “white”, or a “white washed black person! Any of you consider yourself a nigger?

  146. Ralph on said:

    “Great African kings and queens have this fear of white people. Do you feel inferior to them?

  147. Ralph on said:

    You are an expert at twisting my comments. I never said things were getting better. I said, “WE TOOK BACK OUR HUMANNESS, OUR HUMANITY.” And, strangely, you agreed with me: “I do agree that the Civil Rights Movement’s purpose was to take back the humanity that Jim Crow stole from blacks.” My point is that segregation was dehumanizing for us. We weren’t about integration. We demanded equality. And desegregation, not integration, would rid America of that inferior label placed on us.

  148. Ralph on said:

    The United States is the leader of the world empire. Do you think you can escape it’s power of influence by trickling out? That Snowden boy hiding out in Russia is not safe. Bin Laden was not safe. Nor is anywhere in Africa safe, until the beast is destroyed. Are you ready for battle or are you ready to run and hide?

  149. EyesWideOpen on said:

    I found this blog from Abagond’s blog where our host identified herself as “Truthbetold” when she commented there. I have to admit, when I clicked on her name to come to this site, I was surprised and puzzled that someone claiming to be black / mixed race would choose to use the word ‘negress’ as part of her blog title. That, plus the exaggerated hair in her avatar made me wonder if this wasn’t a troll site mocking black people.

    After reading a couple months worth of her posts in one sitting however, I decided she was legit despite her interesting choice of blog title and avatar. I’m sure she has her reasons for them that she may or may not be willing to share.

    Anyways, what’s most important to me is the quality and content of her posts – most of which I agree with – as well as the fact that she has the good sense to keep caucanderthals/trolls out of the comment sections unless she’s using them as an object lesson.

    I found the following comment (5th from the top) interesting:

    “All I needed to see was the web site name and I know a Black woman did not write it. Black women do not call themselves “Negresses” as it is an insult.”

    That comment highlights the importance of first impressions and why DOAN’s blog title and avatar are interesting picks, IMO. I do love the picture of the woman in the logo at the top of each page, though. She’s gorgeous.

  150. EyesWideOpen on said:

    It looks like the link in my previous comment doesn’t work. If you still want to see it, Google: Godlike productions: 21 harsh truths black people don’t want to hear

    It should be the first result that pops up.

  151. Fred on said:

    This should be a wake up call for all my black people. Here is a video about making Trayvon Martin being a “thug” that the media portrays us…..Black people remember this, only person is important in your life is God and the person in the mirror….Who cares what people think. Like my Godmother says, “Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PN6ucLenbY What about the positive black people who are actually doing something with their lives…..

  152. Yesterday, I was talking to my friend from Ghana, West Africa. They have discovered a lot of gold over there lately, and the Chinese are coming in vast numbers pulling GUNS on the farmers. He said Ghana expelled 5,000 of them. Our ancestors in Kemet called the Asians “vile.” The writing is on the wall get educated about Racism White Supremacy–what it is, how it works in depth, organize, and mobilize to take back our minds, bodies, and souls. Let’s free our lands from these criminals. Here’s a suggestion. First, stop weaving and relaxing our hair. We non-white (blk) women could pool just that money and build schools instead of sending Koreans and everybody else children to Harvard. Also, I live in Texas and Mexicans hate black people cause they love white folks and want to be white. “I’mmm white.” They’ll tell you that in a NY minute. Unfortunately, so many black men are sexing, marrying them and turning their backs on their sistas. I know it’s self hate and wanting to be reborn through a so called “mixed” child. Yes, we have NO friends, but the truth is the light, so let’s proceed. We’re going to win this WAR by allowing the magic within us to guide us out of this prison. yeah, I don’t hate anybody, but they HATE us, but that’s okay. Now we know who we’re dealing with. justice and peace. P.S Also, there’s NO GOOD white folks period, so get that out of your mind. Let’s focus on getting the chains off our minds NOW and forget about those who despise us. We don’t have time to waste energy. No I don’t think God, Creator,or karma is going to get child-killer zim-murder-man or white folks…we have to by working on loving ourselves and kind! We need to channel all the pain, anger, and tears into unity to defeat racism white supremacy!

  153. Adeen, Your ignorance of history amazes me. It must be the result of your laziness in your research. Everything on your list of the negative affects of integration (except Rap music) existed under Jim Crow segregation. But since you’re only 17/18 years old, you didn’t live it. But that’s no reason to not use your 17/18 year old brain. Black people were segregated as a group and as individuals from white America. Segregation took away, or refused us, the rights as citizens guaranteed to whites. We were treated as inferiors, so we got inferior education, inferior health care, inferior housing, inferior positions on jobs, inferior pay on those inferior jobs, inferior positions in the military and no chance of political power to improve our conditions. It was white power from the president down to the person who worked you on your low-paying job that kept African Americans in an inferior position in our so called land of the free. If you lived back in the days of slavery, you probably would have refused to acknowledge the Emancipation Proclamation, choosing to stay with your fellow slaves on the plantation so you wouldn’t have to compete in the white world. Black youth were in trouble back in the day. Black people have been in the middle of an economic crisis since we arrived on slave ships, and race relations got worse since Europeans invented the word “race.” And listen to you sounding like white folks, talking about “our generation is going to have to pay the debts this country has as well as future generations.” Massa, our generation…, this, “our country…” Your talk like a House Negro, Adeen! This country owes us for the work our ancestors did to build this country! The U.S. has not paid its debt to African Americans. I guess you would let that slide.

  154. Hey Ralph

    How’s it going?

    Listen…I’ve decided to ban you from this blog. I don’t like the way you just spoke to Adeen. She’s only a baby and is still learning and is very confused…as we all are.

    White domination has fucked us all up in all areas of life. Even those of us that think we’ve “figured it out” are still taking baby steps in this fight. I have days where I look at my people in Louisiana being homeless and think about that bomb going off and begin to cry.

    I think about my people in Haiti trapped in rubble and debris…dying…and I begin to get teary eyed. I think about that black farmer up here where I live that filed for chapter 11 and I get teary eyed.

    And I think about my men and women dying from a policeman’s bullet every 36 hours and I get teary eyed. My point is this:

    If you wanna take you anger out on someone, take it out on white people…you know…like yourself, and let my family alone. Adeen is young and still growing. She needs love and support and guidance. I need love and support and guidance. As do all blacks throughout the diaspora.

    Funny observation, Ralph…

    For someone who PREACHES about Black Wall St, black solidarity, Jim Crow and all the shit white people…you know…like you…put us through, why haven’t you supported Sankofa?

    Why haven’t you told every black person you know about it and help us to get customers and rebuild? Why? Why, Ralph, why?

    Cause you ain’t one of us, bitch!

    And I’m tired of your shit.

    And bored.

    Fuck off.

  155. Tyrone on said:


    We need to understand that “Slavery” is still alive and well. I feel that Dr. King was beyond naive to believe that the white power structure was gonna turn a new leaf just because we supposedly got our freedom. I don’t focus on theory, i deal with what’s in front of me. My Reality, our race has not benefitted greatly from so-called Integration, which was the mantle that Dr. King championed. The Why of Something is where i’m at, mentally speaking. Thanks for the feedback blackman.


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