Observations of an Invisible Woman

The Zimmerman Experiment

Honorary White Man George Zimmerman

Hitler conducted many experiments throughout his planned and permitted rise to power. The Khazars, once deemed subhuman, were given the highest level of success and integration before their extermination. They were made to feel as though they were fully accepted within the Aryan Race and intermarried freely. During the occupation, multiple experiments were carried out just to see the reaction of the masses.

Wearing the Jewish Star as an identifier:

And mandatory vaccines and blood/ DNA tests quickly come to mind. Studying Hitler and his “secret” ally, Prescott Bush, has given me a new understanding of Sun Tzu’s The Art of War. History repeats itself over and over again because Hitler called it:

“Luckily for us, the masses do not think.”

Social experiments have been played out via the Jewish media propaganda machine as a way to closely watch our responses, read our thoughts via blogs, tweets and text messages and to have a full understanding of exactly WHO their target audience really is. It is my innerstanding that black people, since the dawn of creation, have been at the forefront of white people’s thoughts since the day they laid eyes on us.

Zimmerman, a Masonic Jew, conducted a social and esoteric experiment for the world to see. The one officer, from the very beginning, who claimed OUTRIGHT that he did not believe a word of Zimmerman’s story, was quickly removed from the crime scene and, in the fashion of the occult, disappeared from the face of the Earth never to be heard from again. Jews, Charles Manson and Bernie Goetz:

Also conducted “experiments” which, for the most part, failed to bring desired results. Last night, whilst relaxing with a cup of tea, The Creator, in Her/ His Imminent Glory, gave me a “flash” of reality. I saw an image of Zimmerman grinning with his father. When his father looked up, his eyes “changed”. The media would like us to riot, burn down and essentially rip each other in half. They would like us to venture into new “riot territory” and bring our 500-year-worth anguish into WHITE suburbia. They want us to stew in the same rage as the King and Till murder. They want our melanin power to become so potent with cortisol-induced anger, that we’ll take it to the streets and unleash ourselves. Then…without warning, they’ll have no choice but to bring another experiment, The Boston Bombing aka Martial Law, into full effect.

Zimmerman’s planned murder of a young melanin-rich boy and staged acquittal is leading us into another Black Holocaust. Now that his PERMITTED freedom has been viewed all over the globe, yes…people from other countries do watch AmeriKlan tel-lie-vision, what simple message does that send to ANYONE of ANY race regarding black life?

That black life is worthless. That black people are worthless. That you can shoot ANY black person for any reason, for any offense, real or imagined, and GET AWAY WITH IT.

What message does that send to us?

That anyone, anywhere can now claim “self-defense”, and kill our mothers, our grandmas, our 2 year old nephews or us in the name of “protecting white life.” This experiment, which was televised and blown up on purpose, was not done for naught. It was done as yet another way to push forth a White Supremacist Agenda. What is the name of that agenda?


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62 thoughts on “The Zimmerman Experiment

  1. “That anyone, anywhere can now claim “self-defense”, and kill our mothers, our grandmas, our 2 year old nephews or us in the name of “protecting white life.” This experiment, which was televised and blown up on purpose, was not done for naught. It was done as yet another way to push forth a White Supremacist Agenda. What is the name of that agenda?


    Our answer to that threat never changes, it’s always self-respect, self-knowledge and unity.

  2. Bry


    I sometimes wonder what will it take for us to become united. How much more will we suffer before the message registers?

  3. Sometimes I think we’re already more united than we know, but the media and those in our community with an axe to grind get confused, and think that we aren’t.

    Granted there’s a ton of room for improvement, but the first step in regaining our sanity is to stop critiquing ourselves so harshly and apply that harshness to critiquing whites to anticipate their moves.

  4. mary burrell on said:

    Sister Negress, When this first happened I subscribed to your blog. We discussed this. I told you what was going to happen then. That there would be no justice for Trayvon Martin, I was right, But it just goes to show you ,what you already know, that Blacks and Brown people are just mother-fucking non-factors, to borrow a term from Tammi Roman on Basketball Wives. I hate to use her for an example,but that is what Black folks are in this country. I am sure lots of white folks are dancing in the streets.

  5. mary burrell on said:

    This should be a wake up call for many Black and Brown people. It doesn’t matter if you are young,old,middle age, rich,poor. Black people lives don’t matter.

  6. Ralph on said:

    You do’t have to bring Hitler into the picture. Look at the history, modern history, of our country. Emmitt Till’s murderers were aquitted in a court of law by an all white jury. Medgar Evers’ killer was initially found innocent in a court of law by an all white jury. There were many other murders and lynchings of Black men, women an children went unpunished by our legal system. Supreme Court Justice Taney’s declaration in his Dredd Scott Decision that the Black man has no right that the white man is bound to respect. r.morethn_any@comcas

  7. mstoogood4yall on said:

    ew his pic is disgusting, what is up with the one eye closed thing, i see the sell out rappers do it or they have their hand over their mouth. is that illumati ish. anyway I do think this is waking more black ppl up, i hope it wakes the black ppl up who think white females are not as racist, and the blacks who think latinos are for us. Hell no latinos want to be white, remember the vid with those girls talking about black ppl and it was one cuban girl participating. This was like lynching from back in the day, white male kills black male and white women do nothing. idk how many more black youth have to be killed before more black ppl wake up, imo by this point those that choose to remain asleep will perish. If the writing is on the wall and u choose not read it or see it that is on u. It is time to support black businesses and no that doesn’t include the black church. It’s time for us to see that we have to do something we can no longer just pray but take action as well. People need to save money to leave this damned place. WE have no black president nor will we ever have a black president in this country. The whole world can see how corrupt this place is, and are wondering wtf is wrong.

    “It was done as yet another way to push forth a White Supremacist Agenda. What is the name of that agenda?

    THis right here is on point, all this stuff has been for that, do they have to come out and say that it is eugenics for ppl to know that it is. If u don’t know what’s going on by now u will never ever know it. Even in brazil they brought in more whites hoping it would lighten up the population, they copy off each other. Remember white folks don’t like coming up with a new plan so they jack it from other ppl, which is what we are seeing. Sadly it works because a lot of ppl are sheep, and will stay asleep until they are put to sleep permanently.

  8. Kushite Prince on said:

    “A culture that goes against the balance of the universe is
    psychopathic. A culture that goes against nature is psychopathic.
    Nature is a divine and conscious being that isn’t separate of
    humanity. A culture that promotes violence instead of peace is
    psychopathic. This distorted European/Amerikkkan culture continues to
    emcompass injustice, sexual deviancy and perversion, grotesque and
    extreme abuse, inhumanity, patriarchy, and negative pathological

    Sadiki Bakari

  9. mary burrell on said:

    I am feeling a heavy feeling in my soul and heart this morning. I need to do some quiet meditation and deep breathing.

  10. mary burrell on said:

    A picture speaks a thousand words. Two devils conspiring. Two evil spirits that recognize each other. Devils nothing but devils. This country is in retrograde. I remember our friend Hung Like Jesus telling us that. Certain segments of white America want us to go back to the way things used to be.

  11. Ms. J on said:

    Despite all the sadness that we all feel, I want to tell you all THANK YOU.
    Thank you for speaking the truth on this website about the conditions we face.
    Thank you for always talking about improving the well-being of Black people.
    Thank you for highlighting who the people who seek to harm us are.

    DOAN, I don’t think the Creator is giving you visions for no reason.
    The powers that be are turning back the clock, and must be stopped.
    Non-White people are dying everywhere, everyday, and under every circumstance.

    Maybe we all need to think of ideas as to how to stay safe from physical harm at this time. Things aren’t going to ever improve under this system.

  12. Ralph

    I’ve urged us over the past year to study Hitler and the Nazi regime as a way to “predict” what’s coming next. History isn’t “new”. It’s a continued cycle of events cleverly dressed up and neatly packaged in “new clothing.”

    Yes, Dredd Scott does indeed play a role…as does the Esoteric. That is why our melanin is being melted down and injected and ingested for the purpose of power and control.

    Hitler new how to rile up the masses. AmeriKlan is the new version of Nazi Germany…we just can’t see it yet. I’ll keep on making references to Hitler, Prescott Bush and the Nazi rise to power because they are DIRECTLY related to our struggles today.

  13. Miss Mary

    Quiet time is needed now. Please find solace and try to come up with solutions to help us.

  14. Ms J

    Thanks for the encouragement.

    Many on here get upset and angry (or bored) with my different way of analyzing things. Trayvon’s death happened for a reason. Zimmerman killed him for a reason. This case was made public for a reason.

    What reason is that?

    I believe to push forth an agenda. That same agenda is being shoved down our throats and it’s waiting for a “spark” to set the world on fire. What we need to do now is unite. Push aside our differences and unite.

  15. Ms. J on said:

    @ DOAN

    I feel like there’s an agenda too. The publicizing of Trayvon’s death wasn’t without reason.
    And honestly, I think his death is also a big read flag to YOUNGER black people.
    Despite all the imagery of the “Obamanation”, a gay-friendly and mixed race America, and technology at our fingertips, Whites are going to come after us just like they did with to all the generations before.
    And look how fast this happened. We had Oscar Grant, Troy Davis, Trayvon Martin, Rekia Boyd all in less than 5 years.

    This case also reinforced the role of White woman in the system. I think the female jurors would’ve been chastised by their family and friends if they advocated for Trayvon. And considering that most of them were White anyway, we knew it would be toast for him. All I know is that I’m going to ignore White women’s cries of sexism from this point forward. Sure, they can complain and be angry about it, but I’m offering zero support. Their loyalties are to White supremacy regardless.

    I know a lot of Black and White people, and the contrast in reactions are so interesting. Whereas many Black people have expressed discontent with the case via Facebook, most Whites haven’t even posted anything about the trial. Those who did were just neutral. They said, “Trayvon shouldn’t have been dead, BUT George Zimmerman…”. A number of Non-White, Non-Black people also were apologetic to George Zimmerman.

    Please be safe, everybody. We deserve justice and peace, not racism. Racism is inhumane and downright demonic. And we are by ourselves in this struggle as Black people. The other non-whites have been so brainwashed into accepting White supremacy that they’ll forget their past encounters with whites just to look down on us.

  16. Ellis on said:

    I posted this response on Clutchmagonline, it was a response to a commenter, in particular to her solution of trying to change non-Whites negative beliefs about Blacks:

    I feel the same way as you do, as in that I am not surprised at all by the verdict. Just another demonstration of Black lives’ being simply expendable, only useful for free labour, only useful for spending power for non-Blacks, only useful for entertainment for non-Blacks, I could go on and on.

    I don’t mean to lower the mood even more but Whites and other non-Blacks will always see us as inferior (their attitudes and beliefs about us remain the same except that there are now some legal repercussions for discrimination), despite the fact that we have never invaded their native countries, systematically oppressed them, eradicated their culture and heritage, lynched them, systematically raped them. How fair is that? Peacefully minding our own business in Africa and Northeast Africa (Middle East) and then to suffer all this…SMDH.

    You said, “We are not post racial and we are still considered second class citizens. Our lives do not matter to the larger society and we must change that using our vote, our voices, our feet, our financial leverage, and the courts. We cannot give up our future depends on us being engaged. Using our power as consumers let’s BOYCOTT FLORIDA.”

    I am not attacking or being cynical about your beliefs but haven’t we been trying to change how other races (in particular, Whites to be honest) view us for centuries on end with no real success? I mentioned on the post here about the Blacks for Paula Deen that it always us Blacks who try to teach other races (Whites in particular) about how inhumane it is to enslave (e.g. Equiano), how lynching is evil (Ida B. Wells), teaching others that we Blacks are human and that we deserve basic human rights etc. Tired and fed up of the fact that we are hated primarily because of our ethnicity.

  17. OMG, I am so mad at this verdict, it is unreal! I was so upset last night hearing about it. And these racist mfs had the nerve to come on my status on Facebook and say that Trayvon deserved and that Zimmerman did it in self defense and all sorts of shit.

    I believe Zimmerman’s fat ass should be in prison and no one should ever change my mind on that!!!!!!!!!

    SMH. I read the comments many White AmeriKKKlans posted about the case and they said that Trayvon got what he deserved and crap like that. This case only intensified the growing tension between Blacks and Whites in this country. After all, this country never meant Black people well.

  18. We can’t change what other races and cultures feel about us. All we can do is stick around and be strong.

    Like I said, AmeriKKKlan was never meant for us.

  19. sigh….. it allowed white people to voice on facebook and twitter How they REALLY feel, and what we already know about them.. That in their homes and when they think no one is looking and listening , we’re all just a bunch of low life nigg$$#. Which we already knew they felt this way, but I can’t lie I was surprised how many of my WP “friends” really came out their shell writing statuses such as “justice has been served”, “people need to let it go because it was all played out in the court of law” etc, etc. .. I personally dont respond to ignorance , it sparked alot of tensions, but led me to do something I should of done a while back… DELETE.. I don’t need their negativity in my life..
    Everything happens for a reason, and no… AMERIKKAAS laws don’t protect us in the land they turned to theirs.
    Now and the upcoming future we need each other more than ever. I had a dream I won the lottery last night… and if I do … I want US to get the heck outta here, live on our own land and work togetherFor Real.. That’s my ultimate wish.. For us to get back to the basics and live in unity… .

  20. jacinto on said:

    With reference to the comment of mstoogood4yall I am Afro Latin American and the truth is that racism around here is perhaps worse than in the U.S., what happens is that in Central and South America racism is subtle, people think that is white when they come to North American or European countries and whites reject them, they are debastados and feel marginalized, then return to Latin countries looking afros that support them with the speech that we are all descendants and nondiscrimination. Mexico that have a direct crossbreeding historical record with which practically afros were reduced in number and they prefer to say that in his country there are no afros and who have never had. To stand out in the Caribbean Dominican Republic are not wanting to Haitians and Cuba has an ancestral racism derived in part by the mixing process

  21. 😦 where can we go, and live in peace and unity. 😦 Sweeden?

  22. Courtney H on said:

    @ Adeen:

    I went to DaveyD’s blog a few minutes ago, and you had racist white trolls twisting everything around, trying to make it look like Trayvon instigated it, “Where are Jesse and Al about black-on-white crime?,” that Blacks deserved to get shot after Katrina for “rioting like savages,” and speaking fake Black English. These people are disgusting.

    They are practicing selective amnesia, remembering what they want to remember and to hell w/everything else. However, I saw one comment on WARN that stated that the chickens are coming home to roost for white America, and that it has already happened, what with all the school shootings and mass shootings against mostly white people by white male shooters. The commenter added that with this verdict, white America has not given up its white supremacy and that it will pay for it with “white children’s blood being spilled by white people.” I hate to say this, but that is the only thing that comforts my anger right now.

  23. “where can we go, and live in peace and unity. Sweeden?”

    Probably the only safe(r) place would be the sun, but I bet they(whites) would create a super SPF to follow us there.

  24. Well, I’m packing my shit right now and heading to the moon. I hope to find some peace there.

  25. true indeed @ynotme.. true indeed.

    In due time we will be at peace. .. and away from these crazies… in due time. Peace fam and stay forever uplifted and positive.

  26. Victor Spinks on said:

    After hearing the verdict (from a white co-worker) my thoughts were, “I am not surprised.” Whites have been waiting for such a high profile criminal case to go ‘their way’ since the OJ trial. My next thoughts were of how dangerous it will soon be for black people in the US; perhaps as dangerous as jim crow or apartheid South Africa. Many blacks who think they’ve arrived because they’re earning a decent salary and think they’ve finally arrived, will, sadly, treat the verdict as “just another one of those things,” and just keep it moving with their daily lives, still kiss white asses for the pay check, and still be ready to kick-or even kill- black ones for little or nothing.

    This is definitely a wake up call for ALL black people, but the spiritually and psychologically dead among us may never rise from the slumber. I believe the time for blacks to start separating themselves from others who aren’t aware is now. Let those of us who believe in the unity of our race start separating ourselves from the rest now. We will be able to recognize each other, the elimination process should not be that difficult.

  27. ALL: /Negress. I don’t know how to contact you direct but I know of a black owned business sankofa.. Without know the ledge radio, I wouldn’t get to find out more information about many melinated people in the know such as Sis Yaffa Bey, Taj Tarik Bey, Dr . Sebi, Dr. Phil Valentine and etc. They have guest speakers at leastonce a week, and they are all about melinated empowerment. This fund is for mobile apps to make it easier to get that information out. Spread the word.. donate and etc.. Please pass on and please take a look. Lets support each other and unite.
    Peace Fam.



  28. Donna on said:

    The Verdict……….This Zimmerman verdict is another of many signs for us Blacks to unite as one & to seriously think about whether or not the US is a place for us to stay & live here. This may be a time to seriously think about a possible Exodus out of the US & start over again with our own nation. We have the people, we have the skills, & we have the talent to rebuild. If we had our own communities during slavery, jim crow, & civil rights eras, then we can do it again. Many of our ancestors built America & as a nation within a nation, we continue to build America everyday. Our culture has influenced this country in so many ways. Everybody is making money off of us BUT US. So why can’t we do it again? But then again, the question becomes, do we want to come together as a united front, despite the differences we may have, or do we want to continue, shuffling, jiving, partying, dancing, laughing, etc. because we think everything is going to be all right?

    An Exodus………….An Exodus is coming for Black Americans whether we want to accept it or not. This case, as well as other cases, have been, & are already setting the stage for this. Don’t be surprised about the increase in jails due to minor offenses (i.e. concentration camps)- the spirit of Jim Crow at work; Voting Rights; & now I’m waiting for the dogs/water hoses to start coming out again. History continuously repeats itself in each age/era & so the idea of an Exodus should not be seen as being a far reach. If you are Black, regardless of your economic status, education, ties to the community, etc., it doesn’t make a difference, no one is exempt. Do we stay in America or think about leaving? You don’t have to believe me or accept it, but it is coming.

    But Until Then…….

    A. We need unification within our Black nation, whether we live in urban areas, suburban areas, and/or rural areas; economic development: creation/support of co-ops & our own businesses; use micro-financing and/or crowd sourcing to fund our own economic/community projects; & the pooling of resources where everybody contributes & receives.

    B. Something I learned from being around other ethnic groups in Southern Cali, have a VSL, aka Village Savings & Loan where the group pools money/resources, helps each member (family or otherwise) set up a business/project, & once it is established, then work on setting up other businesses/projects for other members (learned this during microfinance summits).

    C. We can home school our children or create our own learning institutions, even if it starts out as additional teaching outside the school system; have big block parties, where everybody gets fed, & there is food left over for everybody to have something to eat for the week; help those Blacks that can be helped; & any other meaningful actions that encourages/support our people.

    Conclusion…….There are some Blacks who have left the US already living in Israel, South Africa, etc., & others planning on leaving. Something to think about & start making preparations.

  29. This verdict is just more of the same news. This is war it has always been. Whites pale lepers never will get over their arrogance and hate. They will unite us and wake up even the most delusional. We will soon recognize the black devils amongst us for they are the most dangerous. At least we can recognize the pale lepers by sight.

  30. mstoogood4yall on said:

    rofl, the moon they already been there and were talking about having where ppl can pay to go there, so jesus u may wanna choose another destination lol.

    @ ynotme “Probably the only safe(r) place would be the sun, but I bet they(whites) would create a super SPF to follow us there.” lmbao u know they would in a hurry, and bring their flip flops and their dogs too. smh

  31. I know right. I realized that many of my so called White ”friends” were saying that I should get over it and that Zimmerman had the right to kill Trayvon and all sorts of crap.

    I hope White AmeriKKKlan pays for this!

  32. I really hope White AmeriKKKlan gets what she deserves for killing and oppressing Black people and non White minorities. Too much stupid Whites came on my status on Facebook that night to support Zimmerman and tell me to get over it. How cruel.

    And most of the White commenters online are horrible when it comes to Trayvon. Most of them said that Trayvon got what he deserved and that Zimmerman was right in killing Trayvon. SMH, the nerve of most of them.

    However I had one nice White female express her opinion about the case. She actually said that the verdict was wrong! Very few Whites think like her.

  33. I wonder that too. The racism in AmeriKKKlan makes me sick.

  34. Well said. This is why I believe Blacks should stick together!!!!!!!! Whites don’t like us and never will like us!

  35. I plan on leaving America after I graduate from college. I am sick of the racism in this country and the disrespect from Whites, Latinos and Asians. Plus I hate the Blacks who side with these people too. Honestly I think building an all Black nation would be a great idea but sadly I doubt it would work. Many Blacks among us don’t want to unite and work together.

    I think finding a nice country and researching it before eventually moving out is a good idea. I think many of us have had enough of this country and it’s ways.

  36. @alia5012. Sweden already had thier race riots about two months ago. There is no plac “to go”, we are here already and it’s time to deal with the s..t

  37. It reminds me of Mary Turner………Please look her up, ’cause SOMETHING has GOT to WAKE US UP……and I don’t know what anymore.

  38. Yea been dealing with “their”stuff for a while. Mary Turner?? Gruesome at its finest.. Very sick twisted human beings these WP are.. It would be interesting to see them left at their own devices…

  39. LMAO. ‘Flip flops and dogs’.

  40. Donna on said:

    @ C……I remember studying events such as Mary Turner in my African Diaspora class…..whites also would take corkscrews & dig in the skin of Black women & then pull out the skin. On the C.O.W.S. (Context of White Supremacy) with Gus Renegade used to be on blog talk, but I think it is on Black Radio Network…one of his guests wrote a book about how after the whites would hang the Black families, for the women, they would cut out the baby from the mother’s womb & then stomp it to death (abortion & genocide)….whites threw Black babies to alligators & crocodiles……pick a nigger, aka, picnic (lynch mob)….& so on & so on………
    Black families, with the

  41. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @mstoogood…he’s winking at his attorney, is what he’s doing. Like there’s a secret between them or something. Like he has nothing to worry about, because they both know what the outcome will be.

    Funny that you should mention the video of the two racist Cuban girls that was on Youtube…that happened here in the lovely state of Florida, too. It seems that a lot of weird shit happens in my state for some reason. Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely *some* positive things about Florida but it is mostly a miserable place to be, IMO, especially if you are not white or Latino and you aren’t wealthy.

    Anyway, I agree with you. I probably would have moved to Canada a long time ago if I could have. Of course, there’s plenty of racism in Canada too, but I find it to generally be a much better place for me in many ways. Some of my family has been there for years and they love it.

  42. Cinnamondiva on said:


  43. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @Adeen…you are right. I, personally, believe that Black people have been strong for longer than is humanly possible. No matter what, we can’t be broken.

  44. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @Adeen…girl, back away from the Facebook. It will only get you even more heated.

    About two weeks ago, I made up my mind that I would try not to read comments about the case because I knew I would be even more upset about it. There will always be ignorant people, in real life and on the Internet. I knew that I did not want to have diarrhea or high blood pressure from reading foolishness, so I avoided it as much as possible.

    It doesn’t surprise me at all that racists side with Zimmerman.

  45. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @ Courtney…I agree. I talked to this white guy I know and he brought up the murder of Jacqueline Gardner last year in Indiana by 3 Black guys. He was saying how unfair it is that the media hasn’t covered it at all, but they discuss Trayvon’s murder.

    I was just like, WTF? What happened to her was horrible and inhumane (look her up) and the same is true for Channon Christian from Tennessee, but then again…there are many double standards within our society. Plenty of Black children are either killed or abducted on a daily basis, but no one cares about them. Meanwhile if a white girl/woman goes missing, America turns upside down.

    So I told him that yes, I feel terrible for Jacqueline’s family, as well as Channon and her boyfriend Chris Newsom…no one deserves to be tortured and murdered. But Trayvon was also a human being. He was somebody’s child, too. He is no less worthy of attention than a pretty white woman. All this talk from white people about Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson is annoying. Sharpton and Jackson are simply noisemakers, IMO. They don’t speak for all Black people.

    And this same guy insists that Trayvon jumped Zimmerman, therefore he deserved to be shot…smh. He thinks that what really happened was that Trayvon turned around, walked back over to Zimmerman, and beat him up. Then Zimmerman, who claims he was in fear for his life, had no choice but to shoot. I mean, really?! Come on.

  46. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @mstoogood…girl, you so crazy! “Flip flops and dogs”. I know that’s right!

  47. Donna on said:

    @ cinnamondiva is Canada pretty good? I’m checking it out myself, i.e. visas, etc.

  48. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @Donna…personally, I love Canada! I haven’t been since 2008 (went to Vancouver with my husband). But I have lots of family there. I would say that Canada is pretty multicultural, but in a slightly different way from America. I can’t explain it. People just seem nicer overall and not in a fake way. My older brother lives in Toronto and I also have several relatives in Montreal.

    I wouldn’t say Canada is utopia. After all, white folks put the First Nations people through hell over there…but I believe that unlike America, Canada has taken steps to make things right and they genuinely care about improving things instead of simply putting a band-aid on it.

    I would recommend taking a trip when you can. Do you like snow and cold weather? The summers can be hot, especially in Montreal. I also enjoy shopping in Canada, although some things are a bit more expensive. But it’s great. I wish we had a condo there to visit as often as possible. 🙂

  49. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @Adeen…I don’t believe that all whites hate us. There are *some* decent ones among them. But I do believe that many can’t be trusted.

  50. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @Adeen…the white people who feel that Zimmerman was justified aren’t only displaying ignorance, but a lack of conscience.

    As to the white lady who disagreed with the verdict, there are other whites who feel the way she does, but they are too afraid to express that in the company of racists. She is brave for speaking out against injustice.

    What bothers me is how some white people (many of them, actually) willfully ignore history. I’m not talking about slavery…I’m talking about things that happened long after slavery and that continue to happen. Like the murder of Emmett Till in 1955. Like the murder of Michael Griffith in 1986, when he was chased into the street by a mob of white men and struck by a car after being beaten. Like the lynching of Michael Donald in 1981. Like Yusuf Hawkins being shot by racist white Italians in Bensonhurst because a white girl lied and said he raped her, when she didn’t even know him. Like Rodney King being beaten. Like Arthur McDuffie’s death. Like the 4 little girls bombed in Birmingham. Like James Byrd being dragged to his death from the back of a truck in 1999. Like Brandon McClelland, also dragged from a truck by a white guy he thought was his “friend”. Like James Anderson, the auto worker who was viciously attacked by a group of white teenagers with a history of racism toward blacks…they beat him up and when he tried to run away, one of them deliberately mowed him down with a pickup truck, then bragged about “running that nigger over”. You can find the video of the truck backing up and slamming into him at full speed.

    When I was younger, and far less conscious, I was affected by these things but not to the extent I am now. All of these things make me so afraid for humanity, for the world we live in. 😦

  51. Donna on said:

    @ Cinnamondiva thanks for the information about Canada. The last time I was there is when I was somewhere between 7-8 yrs old (now in 40’s). I’m from Baltimore, MD & my father drove there (I think 77-78, I can’t remember) from Baltimore to the part of Canada right above Niagara Falls, I can’t remember. Thanks again.

  52. Victor Spinks on said:

    Most white people never admit to being racist, and the rest are in denial. They will quickly point out the trials and tribulations of people who are overweight or gay, for example, without acknowledge that unlike black skin, these are conditions that can be changed. They will also assume that we are all entitled to the same “privileges” they take for granted because most have no idea how different our lives are compared to theirs when dealing with their people – and also many of our ‘own’ (self-hatred is wickedest wickedness of all) – on a daily basis. I don’t think whites’ racist attitudes will cease until WE take their power away by doing as much as we can for ourselves at the grassroots level, and forget about asking what THEY are going to do for us (I’m not going to elaborate on what we should do, because negress has already laid it out in some of her previous posts), because it should by now be quite clear to those of us who are aware that we are on our own, it really is us against the world.

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  54. Imhotep on said:

    Yts put up their “yt supremacy” as a shield too. They say that “we’ll never know of a hard history like theirs”. “Don’t we know what happened to the aryns in the 1600s and before?”

  55. Imhotep on said:

    @ Victor Spinks

    That’s the truth. They don’t think about how what they have done was wrong because they think of themselves as blistered souls. “Why is everybody here always coming out against a yt man, where is the respect for another human being?” They think that, because they turn red while saying that, we should care!!!

    Their kingdom is falling, so that gives me something to be happy about.

    – Imhotep

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  57. Azazel on said:

    The message to white people was that black life is worthless and can be taken on a whim without legal repurcussions. They have been told from the very beginning of their savageries that the ‘negro has no rights the white man is bound to respect’. They took it to heart and have acted out unimaginable evils that I don’t even dare to start recounting. The Zimmerman affair was a reminder to them that nothing has really changed. They can still kill us and be found not guilty of any crime.

    For black people, the murder and sham trail was to promote the false reality of black powerlessness. This is something they have to constantly communicate to us overtly and covertly. Because the moment we stop believing it and therefore stop ceding our power to them, it’s over for them. It might sound counterintuitive, but protesting and requesting that they change is placing the keys to our liberation in the enemy’s hands. It represents a commitment to their system and a desire for it to continue to exist (albeit in a changed form).

    Fortunately, I think the whole exercise might have backfired to a large degree. Many black people woke up to the fact that the whites are completely morally bankrupt, evil, degenerate, and incapable of changing for the better. This mental shift will finally open the way for judgement and a cleansing rebirth of this planet.


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  59. Imhotep on said:


    “The message to white people was that black life is worthless and can be taken on a whim without legal repercussions.”

    Yes, all yt people LIKE it that way. It allows them (albino sons and daughters to The Mother of All Civilization) to PUSH themselves (because they are the albino sons and daughters in a different form) on Us and We are not allowed to complain about it ever! Does that sound like love to you? I know it doesn’t to Me. Yet, yt people hate when We call them the devil!


  60. Imhotep on said:


    Thank you for the pingbacks!

    A yt adult told Our Child to go back to Afrika?! We need to watch out for the male elders, they are the worst threat to Us. They have been living with yt denial for so long that they have not allowed themselves to be the albino sons they really are. The male elders cannot be who they are (Afrikan Woman admirers) making them want to harm Our People fast. When they are at this stage, they will harm anybody Blk without a worry in the world (because they know the system was made for them).

    Stay Strong,

  61. Imhotep on said:


    “One of his guests wrote a book about how after the whites would hang the Black families, for the women, they would cut out the baby from the mother’s womb & then stomp it to death (abortion & genocide)….whites threw Black babies to alligators & crocodiles……pick a nigger, aka, picnic (lynch mob)….& so on & so on………”

    Unfortunately, that is what the devils do when We do not want to agree with them. It’s too bad they cannot leave ALL of Nature alone. They are just heartless when things do not go their way. They are hellspawn that came about from the negative side of The First Ever Mother. The mutation hurt the albino sons and daughters the worst. By the transformation of their curly blonde hair becoming straight hair, they went through a lot of pain going on upstairs (in their head). Sad, they might have been able to solve their problems without all of the violence as natural albinos. That mutation made them cold like the climate of the Caucasus Mountains. We may not be able to reason with them and that’s the scary part to all of this.


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