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Will AmeriKlan Fall Prey to the Zionist’s Propaganda Machine

Free Mason, Zimmerman, in court

“I’ll kill him,” tweeted “Lindsey Franco.”

“Watching the Zimmerman Trial. If he don’t get life ill kill him myself (sic),” said the ironically named “Love.”

“Trayvon Martin need justice ! Gimme me tha pistol ill kill Zimmerman myself,” declaredanother Twitter user.

One person offered to kill Zimmerman for $20, and several said they would murder random white people.

“If they don’t kill Zimmerman Ima kill me a cracka,” said one person, using a racial term for white people that Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher said is a “proud nod to the region’s history, and one’s own ancestry.”

“If George Zimmerman win I’m gonna kill a fat white boy dat look lik George Zimmerman I swear lol (sic),” tweeted “Creeplife.”

Last year, Martin supporters flocked to Twitter, using the site to express their desire to see Zimmerman killed.

The volume of threats was so high that a member of the family wrote the Seminole County NAACP, saying blood would be on their hands if Zimmerman was harmed.

The unidentified family member said “the rest of the racists that have rushed” to judge Zimmerman will also have blood on their hands if he is hurt.

“You need to call off the dogs. Period. Publicly and swiftly,” the letter added.

The New Black Panther Party put out a $10,000 bounty on Zimmerman’s head with a “Wanted Dead or Alive” poster and issued calls to murder white people.

“Kill these racist honkeys, these crackers, these pigs, these pink people, It has been long overdue!” the group said in a tweet that has since been deleted.


Meditation works.

For me, it has channeled my emotions to an (almost) desirable state. No longer swift to become enraged, I now look at things in a more quiet fashion. Perhaps my brother was the first person who called it. Last year when the news exploded, he said calmly, “This is more than meets the eye. The devil is involved in this killing of a black boy.”

Melanin is a conductor of energy.

Anyone that tells you that melanin (carbon) is NOT needed to sustain life, power the planet and invoke spirits is lying to you. Africa, being the birthplace of ALL life on the planet, holds secrets that we cannot even begin to comprehend. These secrets are not evil. That is the current misconception being propagated by white supremacy. No energy is ever evil. But…the man who channels that energy has the potential to use it for evil. I don’t know how he knew, but my very spiritually-aware brother sensed something was wrong from the very beginning.

Ascending Triangle

Mr. Rocafella Himself with Mr. Washington

Since the beginning of time, the Jewish Cabal has desired our melanin-rich power. A power that was not meant for them for they misunderstood the meaning of it. Martin, who I firmly believe was a sacrifice, was needed for Zimmerman and his Jewish father to carry out their desires. What those desires are…only time will tell.

When I heard that Martin laid expired in the morgue for 3 days BEFORE his parents were called, I suspected his most potent melanin-rich power (organ) was extracted and ingested:

The pineal gland.

The “secret” to black God-hood..the reason why fluoride is secretly being administered in our food, drink and air. Since Martin is now in the Spirit realm and cannot tell us what happened, we are left to prognosticate for ourselves. The Jewish Illuminati wish to have “order out of chaos.” They want us to tear each other in half, rip our hearts out and devour the very essence of what makes us hueman. Then, like a white knight in shining armour, they’ll swoop in and “save” us from ourselves…by further enslaving us.

AmeriKlan, a diseased nation founded and made rich in my ancestor’s blood, will fall. There is no doubt in my mind to that fact. My concern is this:

Will the much overplayed hype by the Jewish-controlled media fan the flames of racial hatred into an orgasmic crescendo? Will our emotions over this planned lynching of yet another black family member lead us into a path from which there is no return?

Or…will we awaken and see the traps being set for us?

Any thoughts?

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118 thoughts on “Will AmeriKlan Fall Prey to the Zionist’s Propaganda Machine

  1. I was ANGRY at one point too. Especially seeing the post mortem images of TM… But I am learning not to be angry and just sit back and think and take it all in. The ones who aren’t “asleep” will not fall into the trap but I am sad to say the rest of “US” (which is a lot) will go full anger massacre if Zimmerman isn’t found so called “guilty” and sentenced. It is true and I agree with what you said above about this being a sacrifice. I’ve heard before that not only do they steal our body parts, they eat them too, they steal our melanin, eat our pineal glands, and hack into our bodies when we die, taking organs, and bones replacing them with PVC pipe when they’re done. Sis Yaffa Bey had a segment on this a while back.

  2. mswanda on said:

    Negress, these tweets are by bots of the goverment. I was on prison planet last night and 98% of the comments were from angry white people wanting a race war. They were just showing their white asses. Tired of all of this. Somethings got to give.

  3. bmx1982 on said:

    Trayvon is with the ancestors now – FAR from the demon’s grasp. What will happen to the Ogos that killed him is of no concern. The hole inside their souls and the pain it inflicts on them is punishment in advance and is part of the reason they can NEVER know lasting joy – the perfect ‘life sentence’.

  4. So sad Trayvon didn’t get the justice he deserved. Sad.

  5. Yes some will not see these traps they are setting up. They’ve been wanting a race war, charles manson tried and failed by killing whites and blaming blacks.That whole thing of killing a white person or their own kids then blaming a black person hasn’t worked, now they are going to keep killing blacks until we react. The sleeping ones will not see it, that is why i and others are saying rioting will solve nothing it will only lead to paranoia and more bloodshed. Everybody tries to bait us to get a reaction, it is why i don’t respond to certain commenters on abagonds blog. They want us to react to prove them right and justify what they have in store for us. The best thing we can do is stand down and if possible move far far away. because even if one of these sleeping ppl gets to george they will have thrown their life away and they will not get let off, they will get life in prison or the needle. ITs like checkers, when u have a choice to jump someones picece but u don’t because u see that if u do they can jump 2 of ur pieces and get kinged .so the move u make is to put another piece behind that one so they can’t jump that piece or the other one. we don’t need to fight at least not yet, no we need to prepare and wait.

  6. Alia

    I’ll be sure to listen to her tonight. I spoke with her earlier this year and the things she told me was mind blowing.

  7. mswanda

    Agent Provocateurs, eh? Must be working for the mossad.

  8. bmx

    True. But I still wonder what Zimmerman wanted why he sacrificed a child.

  9. I stopped going to Abagond a while back. The white energy there was a bit too much for me. Good reference to the Manson killings which were staged by the Zionist Polanski and his MK ultra buddies.

  10. Adeen

    He’ll get his justice in one way or the other.

  11. Thanks but this reminds me of the Emmett Till case if you ever heard about him. His murderers got off too. SMH.

  12. Really? And I miss you on Abagond! I like the blog but I agree there is way too many White trolls that ruin the conversation.

  13. mswanda on said:

    What do you expect Blacks to do? Keep getting murdered and wait on Jesus? I’m not saying we have to riot but everyday I’m reading about our children getting killed or attacked by cops. These children be minding their own business and this is what they get? Violence is the only thing these demons understand. I bet they wont try that shit with the Nation Of Islam? Because they are not a bunch of spineless scary Negros that just wail and prey to a white god that is not listening. I’m not saying to fall for the bait but we have to stand up and speak out and demand respect like other groups have. They know we aint gonna do shit. GZ plotted and killed Trayvon Martin because he watches the news and he saw how other whites and cops get away with killing our people. He studied the stand your ground law, took martial arts training 3 days a week for a year and he got the chance he was waiting for when he saw the young Mr. Martin walking alone. He took his chance and murdered that child and he put the brusises on himself like a good wannabe cop. He know what lies to tell and how to set people up. Probaly learned from his Jew pappy.

  14. bmx1982 on said:

    ‘They can only stand tall when they put others on their knees’.

    It’s the same in every case.

    Toni Morrison got it 100% right.

    The way I see it the only people worth feeling sorry for are whites…. We have God and nature backing us up eternally. When we rise above them there won’t be a place in all the universe as cold and as desperate as the one they’ll find themselves in.

  15. Umoja on said:

    Those “awake” will remain confident that justice will be done, not only to GZ but this whole system is falling…..look around, it’s inevitable and happening now. Their low birth-rates are no coincidence. This is a metaphysical war. Their time is up. It is no coincidence that many Blacks are “waking up” globally.
    Those not “awake” may react, many not; but I do believe Blacks will get angry and do nothing. Many have been neutralized and infected with the Slave Stockholm Syndrome. Hurricane Katrina angered millions, yet everyone went about their lives, now the tragic, planned murders involving Hurricane Katrina is no more than a figment of most imagination.
    GZ will be murdered in prison. No witnesses. Many are waiting for him and have nothing to loose.

  16. Umoja

    That’s what my buddy says. Prison murder. Or a “random” bullet will hit him.

  17. I agree 100%. That criminal will get what is coming to him.

  18. FOOD. LOL laugher.. it keeps me sane.. but have you SEEN how fat he has gotten since the murder..
    Sacrifice must be for some sort of power for his family…. somethings definetly up.

  19. mswanda on said:

    Negress I see him getting shot going to court.

  20. mstoogood4yall on said:

    i didn’t say wait on white jesus. i just said we shouldn’t riot like these ppl on twitter are talking about, it does nothing. At the same time yes i do want justice, but i don’t want more black ppl losing their lives over this. And yes black ppl do need to unite and fight this, but we aren’t. So that is what we need to focus on is getting organized so we can be a strong united voice and let them know we ain’t playin. That is how gays and latinos get their voices heard, but just look at how many black ppl throw each other under the bus, others don’t do that. watch how many attack rachel jeantel, i expect that from whites but there are some blacks that are cosigning with the racist whites about her appearance. Like somebody else said whites laugh too hard at ppl like charles ramsey but u won’t see them laughing as hard at ppl like honey boo boo why? because they know that if they do, it give others the ok to attack, and lump all the whites as being like honey boo boo. FIrst we must work on ourselves and seperating ourselves from the enemies within our race. If we can’t organize to get rappers like lil wayne off air even after he said that degrading mess about emit till how can we take on this huge battle of this unjust court system? white women organized and got rick ross off the air and we ain’t heard nothin from him since. WE must seperate the good from the bad, the awake from the sleep, we can’t afford to go into battle and have some uncle toms and judases among us destroying our efforts. I’m just as outraged as u and want to do something, but i know it is best to strengthen ourselves before we can do anything, otherwise we have ppl running around and getting picked off one by one. But if we organize and become one then they can’t pick us off one by one.

  21. Verbs2013 on said:

    Typical ignorant Negroes, hypocritical as ever. How can black people even begin to complain about outside attacks when it is on record that we are killing each other at a far higher rate than anybody else?

    I believe I read somewhere that 94% of deaths among African American folks are caused by other African Americans. So 6% of murders within the black community are caused by other nationalities ie non blacks. 6%???????

    Black folks first need to clean up their own house of 94% internal filth and degredation before they start taking to the streets over a measly 6% of damage caused by external forces. This is complete insanity. Always looking to play the victim role eh Negro!

    Black people on the whole are suffering from mental illness and low self esteem, jumping on cases like this gives us a little racial pride and confidence. However, you are looking in the wrong place black, the main source of your woes today is within you, not from an outside source.

    I wish we black men and women would put in the same amount of effort when it came to actually dealing with the reprobate hooligans and the ratchet ultimate scum buckets running loose in the neighbourhoods, terrorising whole streets and having everybody living in fear from day to day.

    So sorry black, I will not be partaking in your riots of foolishness and insanity, you ignorant Negroes who wish to tear up some neighbourhoods if Zimmerman is acquitted, you are on your own and you will receive absolutely no support from me whatsoever.

    What result you expect to achieve via this route is another question that you ought to ask yourself before engaging in the foolish destruction of your own local infrastructures.

  22. Tyrone on said:

    When black discover who the real puppetmasters are within the white race, they will see the light. The murder of Treyvon Martin has proven to me that white people cannot be saved…Nada! I’ve seen a handful of whites who grasp what’s taking place. The verdict watch is for blacks who have invested their whole lives in a lie. The jury composition speaks for itself, we know the deal already. Black folk need not fall into the trap by getting enslaved and killed. Treyvon is just one of many that have been killed by “The Zionists” in the US and beyond. Media, Journalism, Bizness, Sports, Education…they have claws in everything. Killing random whites is what they expect, exposing them is their greatest fear…Think Ahead! Many ways to skin a cat, lest we forget. Meanwhile, black blood spills everyday, and it’s tolerated by the Zionists just the same.


  23. Umoja on said:

    Your name wouldn’t happen to be Tommy would it?
    Total deflection, self-hate, ignorance and rejection of your own race of people here buddy.
    FYI….Blacks will NEVER match the deaths of each other compared to those deaths by the hands of Whites. Does AIDS and Ebola ring a bell…..both created intentionally as bio-weapons by white folks for the sole purpose of genocide of the African….as it still goes on today; including the orchestrated wars with those in Africa…..and the list goes on.
    Coonmasters parrot the voices of white racist. (wink)

  24. Mickey on said:

    This case is garnering as much attention as the OJ Simpson trial in the 90s. I am awaiting the final outcome like everybody else, but we all know that whichever way the pendelum swings, someone is going to be disappointed.

  25. Verbs2013 on said:

    @ Umoja,

    This seems to be the problem with most black folks today, they lack critical thinking and reasoning skills as is clearly demonstrated in your response.

    I hate the reprobate ignorant scum lowlifes among my people, I am under no obligation to accept black folks who are detrimental to the progression of the nation as a whole, nobody has to. So yes, I have the right to deflect scumbags and ignorant hooligans and sorry that cannot in any wise be self hatred as these traits are not reflective of my character as an individual. Your error again, rejection of scum buckets is not a rejection of my people as a whole, I have no idea how you reached that conclusion.

    We are not dealing with Africa here, we are dealing with black folks in westernised nations as a first formality, namely the US or Ameriklan. When black people were united as a whole then your statement about disease would have carried more weight however among blacks in the US and here in the UK, the number one enemy of black people as it stands immediately is other black people.

    If you do not want to face this fact(which is an uncomfortable one I will admit)then that is your business however you should quickly be reminded that dishonesty with one’s self is also a cultivational trait of a coon master.

  26. Umoja on said:

    The point of this board was the hypothetical question in a nut-shell….how do we think Blacks will react if GZ were to go free? Period.

    Yet you continue to go on a rant of total deflection of this case and throwing Blacks completely under the bus. …and now you completely simplified the death of millions upon millions in Africa…..and growing…..and there’s more… the undercover systematic deaths and sterilization of hundreds if not thousands here in the US at the hands of Whites. But I’m sure you’ll justify that also. There’s my “critical and reasoning thinking skills” for ‘ya. Those ppl who are threatening to go on a rampage of tearing up property, etc….are just expressing their anger and nothing more. Your critical, thinking skills?
    If you have no love for your own race of people, you kid yourself to think abuse and degradation will bring forth a change Tommy. I will not be your toilet of hate and rejection for our own race of people. You’re not going to dump your personal garbage on me. Peace

  27. Verbs2013 on said:

    Also Umoja, by your own logic a child can turn around to his or her parents and call them “self haters” just for pointing out something the child did that was wrong. Rather than you desire to be honest with yourself and deal with the problems within our community, your solution is to reprimand those who point out the problems and cascade them instead. Honestly, is this the type of logic, thinking and reasoning that you are bringing to the table?

  28. Well this is new. There I was thinking that this whole Trayvon Martin thing had been staged (like 99% of the other things the media put out – including this trial) but I didn’t know that his body sat in the morgue for 3 days while his parents were oblivious as to what happened. Strange thing is I was told that a so-called ‘dead’ person could wake up within 72 hours so in actuality, when doctors pronounce a person ‘dead’, they should actually wait that amount of time in case the person revives themselves, so that whole ‘THREE DAY thing with Trayvon’s body, especially when pertaining to the rituals they perform on Black bodies and the extracting of melanin, is really interesting to say the least. If this whole thing is real (because I still don’t know what to make of all of it) then he was DEFINITELY a sacrifice. This goes back to what Yaffa Bey was saying during the very radio show that was brought up in the above comments, as it does to the ongoing atrocities in Chicago. THEY – government agents, TARGET young Black males and make it look these were murders that were committed by a rival gan g member. Yaffa Bey explained it very thoroughly. And we’re talking about skilled shooters and unprovoked ‘ gang’ attacks happening at events that they, in the history of Black street gang-dom, have never happened before. How many young gang-bangers and armed dope dealers, do you know, that can catch a 9-month old baby in the head with a bullet – while her father is hovering over her – changing her – IN a vehicle, and at such a distance? These are the doings of SKILLED assassins. Not street-loitering, pant-sagging little boys who have never been to a gun-range, in their lives. Something it’s going on but MOST people, can’t see it.
    Anyway, it’ll be interesting to see what follows if it so happened that Zimmerman is found ‘non-guilty’. I do n’t think employing all non-Black female actresses for jury duty goes without its purpose. Oh – and the Rachel girl as ‘star witness’ and not – for some strange reason, the police officer who was on the phone to Zimmerman and told him not to pursue Trayvon.

  29. Verbs2013 on said:

    That is exactly what I stuck to, the black reaction in relation to Zimmerman possibly being acquitted. It was you that brought in Africa which has nothing to do with this discussion. This is why I question your logic and reasoning skills. If this is about the possibility of blacks in AMERICA rioting out of an acquittal, where are you going on the Africa trail?

    The possible rioting rampage is mere stupidity and foolishness as you know aswell as I do that blacks will simply destroy their own neighbourhoods then expect the same “white man” to come in and give them a handout to clean up their own mess. They will never direct their anger at the guilty culprits. It has never happened in the history of blacks rioting apart from slavery times and I doubt that this possible outcome will be any different.

    You keep getting it wrong, I am throwing the reprobate trash under the bus because that is where they belong. Now if you want to forge an alliance with these reprobates then go ahead and enjoy yourself but be warned that these same no goods blacks will eat you up in times of desperation and you will only have yourself to blame for your own demise.

  30. As much as it kills my Nigerian woman pride and arrogance to say it, I completely agree with you. On this aspect anyway.
    Black people, in all actuality are HELPING these creatures kill us. Why aren’t we saying no to degeneracy, to the drugs, to the alcohol? Why do we continue to be sitting ducks to whatever it is the enemy has in store? Why aren’t we raising our children properly or changing specific things about ourselves and lifestyle, to ensure that they have the kind of upbringing that will benefit them as they become adults? We put them in schools where there are teachers who rape students and we let the TV bring them up because we can’t be bothered to make the time out to sit down with the child and delve into the going ons with their minds? We know that certain foods are slowly destroying our bodies but we just shrug and eat it anyway because the alternatives require too much of our energy. Oh and money…but, we don’t want to put in the work and whatever money we do have, we don’t want to spend on the things that will benefit us in the long term. It’s so much and it’s the same with Blacks who claim they are aware of the plots at hand. You are conscious of it but instead of abstaining from what is counter-productive to Blacks and helpful to the enemy, you would rather engage with in it. So yeah, I can actually see it from your perspective, despite our obvious differences. Black people don’t want to fight. They just want to sit there and indulge in complete ignorant bliss…and delude themselves into thinking that it’s ‘all okay…that ONE day. We shall overcome’. The sheer laziness and weakness of Nubian people (worldwide) cannot be overlooked. We can’t blame the enemy for EVERYTHING – including how we perpetuate the things that they have introduced ( light skin vs dark skin for e.g) when – especially knowing from where it originated, we could easily do the opposite. We can’t entirely blame them for the spell that Blacks are deep under…because then that would be implying that in order for Caucasians to have tricked us they way they did and continue to do so, that we were ALWAYS vulnerable, weak and stupid.

  31. Umoja on said:


    I question those murders in Chicago for the reasons you’ve stated. I think there are hired assassins ( military and police) to do the job of killing off Black males then blame Blacks for the killings. “they” say they’re all gang-related (typical when all else fails, pull out the “gang” card in order to justify and cover up murders). Notice how NOT ONE “gang” member is ever arrested or in connection to any of these killings via ANY local or cable news.
    I honestly think they are intentionally and systematically killing off Black males in predominately Black populated areas; or incarcerating them unjustly ( The New Jim Crow, by Micheal Alexander). Look at Detroit; it was systematically and intentionally squeezed of all life and progress….yet blamed on Blacks. They were intentionally marginalized. New Orleans was another case of marginalization and genocide.

  32. Verbs2013 on said:

    This is all I am saying, blacks for the most part are making up excuses instead of accepting responsibility and making the necessary changes themselves. This is simply foolishness and I won’t be a part of it. Am I now an Uncle Ruckus or a Sambo for wanting to evade stupidity, folly and ignorance and for wanting to think with a mind of logic and reason?

  33. Umoja on said:

    If you notice, you made a comment of Blacks killing themselves more than whites, I believe, while excusing and totally deflecting from the GZ trial….which is why I made the comment of Africa, etc. It seems you are incapable of having a conversation without the usual degradation that many self-hating, rejecting Blacks project onto each other. You’re just as poisoned as those you judge. I’m not interested in your poison and your need for a toilet for it, nor your not so hidden hate for Blacks.
    I’m quite aware of the ills within our communities and individually; which seems to be your ONLY focus while totally deflecting from this case of T. M..
    Like I said those Blacks our just expressing their anger and rightly so. I doubt seriously if they’re going to “do” any of the rioting or killing mentioned.

    The question was, in a nut-shell…what do you think Blacks will do if GZ goes free. Period ….not how fuc*ed-up we are!! We know that, I know that. I’m not your toilet. What I don’t understand for the life of me; is why Blacks such as yourself CONSTANTLY berate, demean and degrade each other….constantly in the complete DISGUISE of “helping”. Nothing could be further from the truth. Abuse and degradation DOES NOT BRING ABOUT POSITIVE CHANGE. Nor does your focus on all the negatives and ills of Black life. I GET IT!!! Many of you sound identical to white racist. You think your hate is hidden behind your computer. It is not!! I have no interest in hate towards my own race of people. We are abundant in that area. You speak with hate, not love OR understanding. The majority of you do all over the dam internet. I’VE HAD ENOUGH OF IT!! I get it…You have no intent for change just degradation….bash, bash, bash. I GET IT. I’m indeed aware of the language and your type who speaks with such hate while projecting such hate on ALL Blacks who oppose you or are just plan Black for that matter. You’re not unique at all. Hate and rejection is easy . This is my LAST comment to you. I AM NOT YOUR TOILET!!

  34. Umoja on said:


    How dare you speak with so much arrogance and pride!! Were you always aware , “conscious” of what is going on, what is being done to us? HELL NO!!! You were just as ignorant, asleep, unaware, a mere sheep. Yet you dare stand on a soap box with pride and arrogance and your nose far up your azz. You have no love, just hate and degradation. You dare lack understanding of the place where you were!! You think degrading and demeaning will bring about change. Blacks are degraded, demeaned and abused. Abuse NEVER brings forth change. Blacks have low self esteem and self worth as a result….yet here you are with more of it in the disguise of “help”. smdh. I know the difference. I listen to all those who speak as you do, but not those who’s only focus is hate and degradation such as yourself.
    Your ONLY focus is the retaliation of Blacks if GZ goes free. Wow!! Says the house negro, “don’t do that, massa’ will get mad”. So what are we to do….. sit back and work on our ills. smh

    You speak like an abuser, ” I’m doing this for your own good”. You may have the awareness, knowledge, but you lack love and understanding….but dare speak in the disguise of “help”. You were there, how dare you. I am not fooled. I’m sure you’ve cleaned up your language here. I’m sure there is more abuse from your lips.

  35. Verbs2013 on said:

    No, I speak with confidence and authority as a black male who is sick and tired of the lies and sick and tired of watching most black folks wallow in the mire as if they cannot pick themselves up and get out of it. Again, you wouldn’t claim that parents were abusing their children by correcting them.

    Sorry, loving correction does not always come in a soft manner, sometimes the correction must be given harshly especially in the case of black folks today who for the most part just seem to be walking in circles bleeting like lost sheep who act like they cannot possibly help themselves at all.

    The severity of stupidity that most blacks are exhibiting today more than warrants this harsh type of chastisement. This is an emergency situation which requires immediate drastic action.

    Trying the soft approach with most blacks hasn’t worked, therefore the hard approach is the only other option available. So on the contrary, I am indeed helping black people however you are personally unable to see it yet.

  36. Kushite Prince on said:

    Zimmerman(flugelrod) deserves to rot in Hell! he will get what’s coming to him. He wont escape justice. Best believe that! End of discussion!

  37. Umoja on said:


    Continue on with your pride, arrogance, abuse and NOT SO HIDDEN hate. And do forget as you have….that you were where many are today. Unaware. They are unaware, their minds poisoned, conquered, asleep….until you understand that, you will continue to get on your self-righteous, prideful soap-box. You were there also. Many are waking up. They aren’t making up excuses….you lack total understanding and love to give any message or to wake up the flock.
    Blacks are not your children nor are they in need of MORE of the pervasive hate and degradation that many practice today in addition to the pervasive hate experienced from whites—massa’ taught you well.

    It is indeed alarming that your ONLY focus here has been if Blacks will react negatively if GZ is set free….in other words…
    “will they act like the savages they are” ,
    “what will white folks think if they do”,
    ” don’t wanna get massa’ upset now” ,
    “yeah I knows he’s kill’in us off, but don’t ya’ll do noth’in”— Just like a house negro. It is your predisposed negative, ugly mindset towards Blacks that assures you that their righteous anger expressed in this case concerning T.M. –is your ONLY concern if acted upon….as you’ve expressed repeatedly. I know, respond with the identical abuse and massa’ rhetoric in the disguise of “help”….sigh. Stick a fork in me I’m done. Good luck with that hate and abuse. Hope your fall isn’t too hard when you fall off that soap-box. Peace

  38. A smiling zimmerman. Zimmer means room in German. He must be roommates with the-evil. I agree with the tweets being used to plant the seeds of revenge in the minds of our impressionable youngsters. And clearly, Trayvon had been targeted. He was alive for a minute after he got shot. What did the-evilroommate do to him in those last moments?
    As for Katrina. Does anyone have a direct link to articles about Black men shot in the back of the head? (No vids plz.) It is time for me to start posting on Katrina. To research how many children are still missing. There is nothing I dislike more than “creepy cracka” messing with Black children. It is interesting that children in Haiti died for the same reason as children in NO. Enough. Katrina still gets me sick to my stomach. And then I have to mention Haiti too. When will the hurting stop?!

  39. Prince? Is that a gun in your pocket, or…

  40. Umoja on said:

    No, only books I read from , but there are a few vids on YT reporting on how many Blacks where hunted by whites and one specifically on YT about a young Black man’s experience during Katrina. Contrary to what the media portrayed; many of the Black residence were the working poor, middle class and owned their homes.

  41. Thanks for the reply. I overdosed on Katrina videos a long time ago. I will just find some articles and post them. Things must have gotten spelled out by now. No one in their right minds is still blaming Nature for the Black genocide.

  42. The area where I grew up in Milwaukee (North side), supposedly had large amounts of gang violence, I went to what was thought of as the worst high school in the city, knew all of the kids that dealt but not one ever involved in a shooting.

    One of the things that the white people in the city loved to do was talk about how bad our schools supposedly were. Though we weren’t the most academically accomplished I never saw more than a fist fight or two every other week, some bloody broken noses, etc. yet the suburban whites spread rumors about there being shots fired on a regular basis, someone knocked off a roof, bottles being busted and used as weapons, etc.

    Wouldn’t surprise me if the crime statistics about us killing each other are completely and totally fabricated.

  43. Kushite Prince on said:

    Use your imagination.lol

  44. honeytreebee on said:

    @ verb is there no room for redemption? When you say ” I hate the reprobate ignorant scum lowlifes among my people, I am under no obligation to accept black folks who are detrimental to the progression of the nation as a whole, nobody has to. So yes, I have the right to deflect scumbags and ignorant hooligans and sorry that cannot in any wise be self hatred as these traits are not reflective of my character as an individual. Your error again, rejection of scum buckets is not a rejection of my people as a whole, I have no idea how you reached that conclusion.”

    Does this mean that they can never be saved. I mean wasn’t the likes of Malcolm X, and a lot of the men from the nation of Islam as you describe above before they were awakened? Didn’t they eventually see the light? I understand the frustration, anger, angst, and what not, but a wholesale condemnation of those still asleep… I don’t know verb. I’m not saying don’t protect yourself against the walking dead amongst us, but Umoja has some valid points.

    I see you focus a lot on this scum as you call them. However, I have yet to see you offer any solutions on how to help, save, enlighten, rehabilitate such people in our midst. I mean if, this is so important to you what are you doing to fix it? Have you ever given consideration to joining up with the nation of Islam or some other group that saves black people in the above situation you keep mentioning? Just a thought.

  45. mswanda on said:

    Pete, I was in MS during Katrina. We were much more organised. Our govener did not sell out our people like New Orleans did to his people. Ray Nagin made me embarassed to be black. Harp weather manipulation was being used. Instead of Katrina hitting NO it hit the MS Gulf Coast directly. That was the plan because they had charges in the Super Dome and they were gonna blow it up and blame it on the hurricane. More black sacrafices. Lots of black were shot in the head and elsewhere. I white doctor comfirmed this. The evil ones were upset more damage wasn’t done. If the hurricane was a direct hit on NOl the death toll would have been in the tens of thousands.

    The 5000? maybe black men that were murdered were from the prisons and they were shot in the head and dumped in the swamp. They weren’t buried. At least three buses that were transporting the survivors ended up missing and never heard from again. The people of NOL should file a class action against the government.

  46. Ms. J on said:

    I think the Zimmerman case and even Trayvon Martin’s death is one of countless warning signs signaling a need for Blacks to end RWS. The killing of Black people is a trademark of this kind of culture, and I feel like it’s going to happen again, and again, and again.

    And look at the psychological toll that racism takes on Black people 24/7 all over this planet. The Creator blessed all living beings with a beautiful Earth to live on and share, but we here have to worry about people mistreating us simply because of our color. I find that insane. If they don’t kill us physically, they make sure to cause us mental anguish.

    But I will admit that I do not believe RWS will not last forever. Even though I wonder if the people responsible for all these problems will pay the consequences for it, I think this empire will fall like all the other ones before it. And the little we do each day will help to make a big difference.

    DOAN, I also appreciate your blog being a safe space for Blacks to speak constructively about our issues. I notice that when Whites are allowed on such blogs, they cause a lot of confusion and simply want to derail Black people’s efforts to live justly. I really like Abagond’s Blog, but I can only retain my sanity by ignoring what White commenters say about his posts; whites in general like to deflect their mishaps onto us.

  47. Katrina is not a good topic for me. I get highly upset. I was in the UK at the time, and I could not believe what I read. Nature got blamed, Black people got blamed not just for staying, but for reciding on lower grounds. The victims got blamed. The thing is that if the govt. had told them that they would blow up the levees, they would have decided to leave. They were right not to fear Nature, but they were DEAD wrong not to fear the govt. And that govt is expected to pay up because of a class action suit? You better bring some govt. secret documents along as evidence. And footage of the executions, number plates of the buses. And proof of being related to the DEAD victims. They want to get rid of African Americans, not pay them (NOs). So, there has to be another goal than money. A law suit might help us to get some answers on the missing children. Whether they are still alive. Save those who may still be alive first, the dead later. Sigh. Katrina is not a good bedtime topic for me. Double sigh.

  48. @mstoogood, why are they, so sure they’ll win this so called long awaited race war. that somthing i don’t get.

  49. Have any of you all heard about the two blk-males killed by the four white devil’s??

    Very sad story! our ppl better wise up to our enemy.

  50. emile on said:

    To answer your last few questions, yes, there will be some who are going to be misled by the hyped, sensationalized media coverage of the trial. There will also be those who won’t have any self-control over their emotions. While it is fully comprehensible to be angry (it angers me too), we must also control our emotions and not forget to use logical thinking when approaching this sort of issues within the world.

    To be wise is to reflect back on previous events of this nature, where justice was not carried out as we assumed it would, and we did more damage to ourselves by simply not planning and thinking strategically and logically.

    There are whites out here who would love nothing more than to have us fall for the bait, to relieve themselves of pent-up frustration that has been building up over the years and other unrelated issues for which we have nothing to do with. By if ignorance is the surest path to death, then those who doubt or deny this reality will surely meet such a demise.

    As someone has stated elsewhere, there are hundreds of Trayvon Martins that are innocently killed by other Black people. Where is all of the hell-raising for those young people? Is self-hatred that crippling to where we can see the contract of events here? This is an area where we need immediate improvement among ourselves before putting the entire blame solely on people like this coward. And yes, this is an isolated incident where the media found it had the right ingredients (racism, violence, etc.) to work on your emotion. They know how emotive the topic of race is, and uses it to further antagonize and pit people against each other at the most disruptive and vulnerable times in their lives.

    We’re in a game that many of us haven’t a clue how to play. Put on your thinking cap, and approach/anticipate/analyze this shit for what it really is. If past events are any indicator of the future, we should know that these white folks undoubtedly have some dirty tricks up their sleeves. How long has it been that non-white have been getting screwed over by the courts? More importantly is not what they have that matters most, but what plans do the defense team have in reacting to such an unexpected situation?

    For example, I listened to a pod-cast the other day while working, where the host made a great point about the O.J. Simpson trial years back. Although Mr. Simpson’s criminal trail resulted with a not-guilty verdict, the Brown and Goldman families not only got angry about the unexpected verdict but they did something about it, pursuing a civil trial that broke Mr. Simpson financially for nearly all of his remaining fortune, including the forestalling and cancellation of later business ventures he started to pay off his debt. So when we say we want justice for Trayvon Martin and his peers, what plans are going to be put in place that will ensure practical solutions are provided in a smart and efficient way?

    The unwarranted, uncompensated replacement of valuable body parts seems to be a recurring issue. I keep reading about this happening everywhere, even in prisons. I don’t know where this is going but it will be brought to the surface of controversy very soon.

  51. Negress,

    Regardless of the outcome of this trial, Back folks will have nothing to celebrate because another young Black man was killed; we are also reminded (once again) how hated we are by white Americans to the extent that they were donating large sum of moneys into Zimmerman’s Paypal account for killing a Black man. I also find it comical that Zimmerman supporters are calling Trayvon a thug, if I recall correctly wasn’t Zimmerman the one arrested for abusing his ex-girlfriend and assaulting a police officer?.

  52. Umoja on said:


    I could be wrong, but I suspect Verb may be a white troll. Now again, I could be wrong, but there are MANY whites throughout the internet who are impersonating Blacks. Many have become skilled at impersonating Blacks. What they use against us? The self-hate, rejection and degradation that Blacks have unfortunately made commonplace when speaking of their own race of people. It’s dangerous and counterproductive.
    They (whites) speak this way and none or few are the wiser. They KNOW it will be accepted by many Blacks because it is common amongst Blacks. It is their sole purpose of spewing hate towards Blacks in the hopes of leniency in order to spew such hate….more often than not, they get much leniency and the “green light” to do so. Period.
    Why would I come to this conclusion? In the mist of the T.M. trial, Verb is focused on the following—if Blacks will react negatively if GZ is let go to be a free man and how messed up we are; and that we should focus on our ills as a race of people. He speaks identical to a white racist. Justice did not pierce his lips but the continuation of degrading Blacks. In addition….much pride and arrogance as he spoke each time. Very common with whites and in this case of T.M.
    I have a friend who conversed with a Black female via the internet who had hurt feelings about being dark-skinned throughout her life. She expressed how she hated herself and how light-skinned people are treated better…how she was picked on during her childhood….how she wished she was dead for being Black….being dark-skinned…..made her mother cry when she blamed her mother for sleeping with a Back man—-found out; it was a white female who found it sporting and fun to inflict hatred of Blacks while impersonating a Black female. She spoke the identical self-hate and degradation that many Blacks freely speak. She had it down to a ” T “. Unfortunately, it is easy for whites to play such game because we speak this way to each other both in public and in private.
    Whites KNOW they can get away with it; because we allow Blacks to speak this way about our own race of people….and speak this way also….in addition, adding to a conversation of hate and degradation. They ( Whites) KNOW they will be given leniency and the floor to spew hatred no-hold-barred as a result of this.
    We MUST stop degrading and demeaning each other and confront those who do. It is complete and utter poison and a complete detriment to growth, love , healing and unity. Again, I may be wrong, but he is suspect in my mind….just saying.

  53. Correction: *Black folks*

  54. @ Negress

    Fascinating take on the Zimmerman trial! Just posted this link on my post on Trayvon Martin.

  55. idk maybe they think they will win because they have technology, weapons and their arrogance. And they have locked up black ppl, and the ones with felonies are not allowed to own guns. They are trying to take as many of us out as possible, because they know what we are capable of. I read somewhere that a black man held off a lot of attacking native americans by himself and escaped, they know we some bad mothafkas. They are attacking black women and children because that is what they do, just look at their history. During the gullah wars when andrew jackson was being defeated he still boasted that they were winning, and since he couldn’t get the strong males, he killed the defenseless women and children. Which is what we are seeing right now, they are killing black children, and attacking black women, because they are afraid of the strong black men.

  56. THE ALCHEMIST on said:


    I believe that Verb2013 is a BLACK HEBREW ISRAELITE .He has a blog and sounds just like every other BHI on You Tube. Here is a link to his musing on the wicked black woman and her zombie like love for her white father (WM):


  57. Verbs2013 on said:


    The black folks who do not fit the demographic of a thug, a hoodrat or a reprobate will not be offended at my words as they do not apply to them. Now, by you taking harsh offense to what I have stated, you are actually beginning to declare that you may possibly belong to one of the negative categories above. That is your own doing but if indeed you do not fit into one of the above categories, then why on earth would you take offense at something that has absolutely nothing to do with you or your character?

    Nobody here is negating the mechanisms that the white man has put in place in order to bring about the complete and utter destruction of the black nation, however it still is within our power to offset and nullify many of these negative perpetuants with little effort whatsoever. He supplies the neighbourhoods with drugs and alcohol, we simply stop using the drugs and alcohol. He sell us GMO food, we grow our own, buy organic or at least buy non GMO. See, it isn’t that difficult to counter his skull duggery however the last thing we ought to do is to continue making up excuses for our current position.

    Your issue here is that you still think that you can save all black people, that everybody must be brought aboard the ship regardless of who they are and what they stand for. All the best with that mission, I will simply sit on the dock and watch the chaos begin to ensue upon your vessel and then I will further witness your ship begin to sink before it has even set sail.

    All I am saying is that not all black people are beneficial to the cause, so in other words good black men and women today have to be very choosy about who they decide to align themselves with as there is a large cadre of black folks who are a liability to the nation. Blacks who wish to partake in riots should Zimmerman be acquitted are a red flag and a serious place to consider.

    This rubbish about me being a white racist is utter nonsense. You simply are unable to receive a harsh correction. That is your business, that is no fault of my own. You would rather fire 21 cannons at one of your own for simply point out that we do indeed have a contaminated house that we need to clean up first before pointing fingers at those outside of the house, rather than be honest, face the filth and begin to rectify and do your part to put our house in order. This type of reaction is not surprising with most blacks today, shoot the messenger and pay absolutely no mind to the message being spoken.

    So you enjoy your riots if things do indeed go in that direction and lets see if I am right as to what will follow and how the situation will pan out afterwards.

  58. Umoja on said:

    @The Alchemist….

    I wouldn’t be surprised at all. He speaks nothing but venom towards his own race of people. I am not fooled by his abusive, ugly, pseudo “help”. I’ve read the article…..horrible to the core. Unfortunately; many Black Hebrew Israelite males speak this way. Very hateful, arrogant , entitled and self-righteous. They parrot and co-inspire white supremacy. His concern isn’t justice for TM but Blacks (scumbags as he preferred amongst others) to get their shyt together. Not healing, unity, uplifting….nada. smh
    Thank you for they article.

  59. Umoja on said:

    @The Alchemist….

    Check this out….IT IS HIM!! The identical diatribe spoken here!!
    His application accepted for the Life-Time Achievement Award for Sambo of The Year. He has won, hands down. I sensed something wasn’t right…


  60. Umoja on said:

    The Alchemist….
    He has the identical avatar on his blog and similiar verbiage spoken here such as …scumbags, reprobates….and he hates BW, we have nothing to offer after sex. Omg!! In addition, he DOES NOT support T.M. at all…..wow! A total fraud!
    FYI….I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he deleted those articles above and changed his avatar, now that he’s found out.

  61. Verbs2013 on said:


    The folks who wake up are going to be a handful in comparison to majority of the zombie public. Believe it or not, my message is very light in comparison to the persecution that is coming down the pike for the black nation.

    When the real persecution ensues, folks are going to wish that they could read a sentence of mine in place of what will be happening to them out on the streets.

    It cannot be helped, even those blacks who are currently asleep will fall under the rod of condemnation until they awaken, this issue cannot be avoided as in their slumber state they are still a detriment to the black nation.

    The solution for me personally is simple, separate myself from the decadents, represent myself as an individual first and foremost and then link up with other like minded intelligent black folks who have their heads screwed on.

    It is not for me to decide what solutions best suit you, solutions are something that you are personally going to have to figure through and forge out for yourself based upon your own experiences.

  62. Amarie on said:

    I too agree with this.


    What a not so surprising blog

    The diabolically clever white supremacists have created so much anti-blackness and black scapegoating that even the VICTIMS get confused.

    When I see this kind of anti-black-female RANTING, I’m reminded of something Mr. Neely Fuller, Jr said,

    that white supremacy creates two kinds of people: MONSTERS (the white supremacists) and MONSTROSITIES (black people)

    The anti-black-female black male is so FULL OF FEAR of the white supremacists (racist white male AND racist white female) that he is desperate to please and appease them by making someone else (the Black Female) the target in the hopes that he will be spared from the wrath of white people.

    Just like the appeaser who hopes the alligator will eat him last, of course, it won’t work.

    The black male is the BIGGEST TARGET in the white supremacists’ genocidal sights and the only way to avoid total annihilation is to GET UP OFF HIS KNEES and EXTEND A HAND to and JOINING FORCES with the Black Female — which of course, the SELF-HATING BLACK MALE IS UNABLE and UNWILLING TO DO.

    Unfortunately, this kind of attack on the women who represent his mother, daughter, and sister is the SINGLE BIGGEST ACT OF COWARDICE that any male can commit, tantamount to holding up a baby as a shield against a barrage of bullets.

    And I wouldn’t be surprised if many anti-black-female black males are in the grips of some STRONG homosexual compulsions–which they are projecting onto black females as LOATHING for the female sex.

    Not trying to play PSYCHO-ANALYST but I believe that any black male who professes such a strong dislike for black females definitely has some SEXUAL ISSUES going on. No doubt about it.

  64. Umoja on said:

    @The Alchemist….
    Well, I’ve just visited his blog again…..it seems that many here support him. His hate is unbelievable, yet supported. His many articles about Black women are deplorable and his total lack of support in his article, ” Oh negros…..thou hypocrite” , referring the T.M. case is deplorable, referring to the majority of Blacks as reprobates, beast, savages and the like….yet, I’ve witness many names here on his blog. Not mentioning any names…..sigh.

  65. @ Umoja

    Just posted my above response to his blog. Let’s see how long it stays up.

    The good thing is I’ve become more numb to blogs like this because it is no reflection on me but on the person so full of VENOM that they cannot contain it within themselves and have become their own worst enemy.

    All in all, a very sad existence, one that is only a short step away from total self-annihilation.

  66. Umoja on said:

    I’ve read it. Excellent!! I doubt seriously if after he reads it; it’ll stay posted. He’ll spew venom towards you of course, get ready for that. smh
    This is sad….not only are there whites who are the enemy but my own race of people!! He’s definitely a coonmaster. Unfortunately, many could be the mascots and representatives for the KKK. This is truly something to get used to….I wasn’t raised with this level of hate nor was it common at such horrific level as it is today. We have to fight against whites and our own race of people! Geeesh!!
    I’m saddened by this…. ( putting on thicker armor)

  67. @ Umoja

    We’ll see what happens. What I’ve found is MOST people don’t post even when they agree or disagree, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he had fewer posters than it looks. It’s easy enough to fabricate multiple identities on-line.

    I don’t believe for ONE minute that most or even many black males agree with him. Sure, they have their gripes with black females, just like we gripe about them, but they don’t think all black females are “evil” or that we’re a bigger problem than racism. If I’m wrong, then I might as well throw in the towel and the bucket because our butts are toast!

    I also experienced a lot of white people posing as black people and some are very skilled at what they do. And there are a lot of gov agents out here stirring up gender wars between black males and females.

    They’re biggest concern is that black males and females will become UNIFIED and the SPIRITUAL POWER that UNITY would release into the Universe

    Otherwise, why would the white supremacy system put so much time, money and energy into keeping black males and females apart?

    If he wants to come my way, he’s wasting his time since I am almost numb to that anti-black-female RANTING because I know it’s not about me, it’s about the one who’s DOING it.

    And as miserable as he might make me out to be, NO ONE is more miserable than the one spewing VENOM and POISON into the universe against their own kind.

    There is nothing he can do to me that is worse than what he’s already doing to himself.

  68. @ Umoja

    Also, I had to get used to reading this tripe because I wasn’t raised around black males who tolerated this kind of insanity. I agree it is very sad

  69. Alia

    Thanks again for the clip of Dr. Bey. It was wonderful.


    This thread has been derailed and I do not wish to shut it down. I contacted Verbs last night. I’ll await his response.

    Are there Mossad agents posing as blacks?

    Yes. I’ve dealt with them before. In fact, I have a few “shells” on here ever since I wrote the post Darkness Matters. Is it to be expected? Absolutely. Whiteness is on its way towards extinction and they’re not going down without a fight.

    I’m writing a post due out soon on the venom between us, males and females, and HOW and WHY it was created. Please, no more attacks on the family.

  71. Umoja on said:


    No you aren’t white; I’m quite aware of who you are now and what you stand for. I’ve read some of your articles on your blog. I’m aware of your true feelings about Black women and Black people in general—full of hate as I’ve suspected and stated many times.
    This isn’t about excuse, reprobates, scumbags, beast, savages or any of the colorful words that you persistently choose in reference to Blacks and Black women in general both here and on your blog. I’ve had enough of your abuse and derailment of this whole topic.

    It simply asked how will Blacks react if GZ goes free….that’s it….yet you’ve chosen to go into a complete diatribe that these “savages” and “reprobates” will riot, ect. Not once have I supported rioting, not once. The question asked again, HOW do we think Blacks will react….that’s it.
    Yet, you went into a complete diatribe that Blacks are reprobates, make excuses, need to get their shyt together, their scumbags and how dare they desire retaliation, they need to get their shyt together.
    According to your article, ” Negro…..oh thou hypocrite” on your blog which talks about this very subject….Blacks are once again reprobates, scum, savages, beast, ect….and GZ is NOT guilty at all….T.M. a thug. You clearly have no concern for T.M. according to your article.
    It explains quite well the hate, attack and derailment expressed here ….nuff said….got it.
    In another article you stated, “Black women have nothing to bring to the table after sex”……it also proves my initial statements as I’ve suspected…your full of hate towards your own race of people and YOU HAVE USED THIS BLOG to express such hateful venom towards Blacks as you do on your blog continuously. End

  72. Umoja on said:

    I really don’t know what he is; Black or white, but much of the language is that of a white racist with an agenda. Either way; it’s ugly, counterproductive and definitely suspect.

  73. mswanda on said:

    I knew it! I knew you would come in and say something like this Negress. When black women call out hateful black me like Verbs you shut it down quick. Just like the last thread. When he was calling us scum and not worthy of living because we have weave in our head. The sick and sad part about it is that you agreed with him. But “no attacks on the family.” Is that just for black women that calls such men like Verbs? Negress you seem to be a male identified female. Females like that always side with men that attack black women. How awake can you be if you saw nothing wrong with the hate spewed out on black females? All you did was derailed and started that “can we all get along ” crap. See anytime a black woman calls out sexism she is destroying black unity. She is just suppose to shut up and take abuse. This sounds so much about whites in denial about racism. “If you just stop about it it will go away. All the while still practicing racism. Or “you are the racist causing trouble calling them a racist.” That’s what going on here. Calling out this hateful black male behaviour is causing division. We should just take the insults for the team and for the sake of “unity.”

  74. @ Negress

    I wouldn’t be surprised if many of these anti-black-female and anti-black-people posters are IMPOSTORS.

    I prefer to judge black people BY the people I have seen and talked to and the MAJORITY of black males I have met do NOT talk or think with utter hatred.

    I think the younger black males might fall prey to this type of thinking due to being prepped by gangster rap music defaming black females and black people in general and watching too much TV and movies and overdosing on “entertainment”

    which is why WE- as mothers and fathers — must NOT allow the TV and entertainment industry to “raise” (brain trash) our black children because of the bitter crops it produces

    give them a book or a puzzle or a chemistry set or building blocks or coloring books and TURN THE BOOB TUBE OFF

  75. Leviqueen on said:

    This is a perfectly planned and orchestrated boobie trap, ready to intice race riots and chaos where 1000’s of angry mobs of blacks seeking justice will be murdered and killed. This is an excuse to inact martial law strip us of our last remaining riots and lead us into camps. Don’t buy into the media hype and lies. They are playing into everyone emotions, predicting and planning the next lie of events to stir more violence and fear. Babylon is fallen, the Most High is returning and judgement is coming. They know this. We need to wake up our people as many as we can and get them out of their low vibrational state and elevate them I consciousness. That fat rat will get what he deserves. But in the mean time while blacks folks are simply talking about what they are gonna do to him. Esau has already bought out the gun store and has a stock pile of guns and ammunition, I hope y’all ready to defend yourselves against the beast once it’s unleashed.

  76. Kushite Prince on said:

    Yeah it seems to get derailed quite a bit. The so called “gender war” is so played out. We have to stop pointing the finger and trying to blame each other. Black men and women need each other. We have NO allies at all. We need to figure this fact out very quickly. All the blaming does is divide us more and more. Black men and women both have their faults. But if we want to beat this BEAST–we better get on the same page with a quickness! I look forward to your next post. I’m sure it’ll be a good one.

  77. mswanda on said:

    Umoja, of course many here support him. Especially when he attacks black women. Where are the so called good black men on here when he was calling us such vile names? Crickets. Calling other blacks reprobates and no good. Attacking the black family. lots of the family hate black women and that includes black women. I guess I’m a Mossad agent now. Will be banned for speaking up for the sorry, weave wearing, abortion having , baby mama rachet black females that are destroying the bc and not worthy to live. Peace

  78. Leviqueen on said:

    This is what they are afraid of ultimately our own sovereignty and success.
    “At the end of the day, June 1, 1921, this is what remained of Black Wall Street. Lost forever were over 600 successful businesses, including 21 churches, 21 restaurants, 30 grocery stores, two movie theaters, a hospital, a bank, a post office, libraries, schools, law offices, a half dozen private airplanes and a bus system.”

  79. Ms. Wanda and Everyone

    1. Verbs in banned.

    2. Trying to keep the peace while having an open discussion on black issues is difficult. We LOVE to get in each other’s faces because we don’t know how to fix the issues between us. I’ve said this before and will continue to repeat it: ALL Black people are mentally ill. Until we accept this true but harsh fact, we’re never going to get anywhere.

    3. I am a woman. Not a male-identified woman, but a woman.

    4. Am I a bit of a traditionalist? Yes.

    5. Do I advocate one gender over another? No. I wrote 2 equally scathing posts about male and female dysfunction and took CLOSE notice on who commented and who refrained. I also keep notice on who here is quick to derail by talking about matters unrelated to the thread.

    6. Is Verbs correct in SOME of his harsh statements. YES. Black people do need to claim responsibility for their own actions. IS he ranting due to his own frustrations? YES. As we all do, myself including. Do I feel that his words are harsh? YES. I’ve told him so many times on his own blog. I’ve been chewed out on my own blog by blacks who feel that my assessments of our mental illness is also too “rough.”

    7. Do I want you to “take insults for the team?” No. In fact, all I’ve been advocating here is black spirituality, getting back to who we are (Sankofa), black education and having a clear understanding of who the enemy is and studying our history.

    I’m sure everyone reading this knows by now that I have “shells” on here. Since I stopped commenting on Abagond’s blog, a few “Shells” have followed me on here. Are there black “shells”? YES.

    What is their purpose? To have us riled up so the level of melanin in our bloodstream increases. Then, Demons can “eat.”

    I don’t prefer one commenter over the other. As you can see, I let everyone comment freely. That’s why you’re all here. You have the freedom to state your peace.

  80. Miss Pam

    Blacks need to stop getting in each other’s faces and start devising a tangible plan of action. By keeping us at each other’s throats, we lose sight of what we should be doing.

    Fighting the enemy.

  81. Prince

    I’m going to write a post about our gender wars and end this once and for all. It keeps coming up and there’s a reason why?

  82. emile on said:

    This perhaps one of the reasons why Dr. Welsing has said that, “It is an act of Black mental health to refrain from criticizing and name-calling other Black people.”

    When we do this (Black males and Black females), it furthers the confusion that already exists. I think the best approach is to either stay focused on the topic at hand, or just simply ignore discrediting criticism directed toward both genders. After all, order is the antithesis of confusion and it takes hard work reversing older, ingrained behavior.

    The fact of the matter is, one is no better off than the other, and both genders are in a confused state of existence as a result of the SOR (mistreatment) for a multitude of reasons. I think we’ve explained this in detail many times before and concluded that there is much, much work we all have to do in this area. Once again, it’s an emotional issue that only fuels more anger, antagonism and mistrust among us, further debilitating our potential for substantial relationships. Additionally, we should forever keep in mind the examples we are setting for the next generation, as you may never know who is reading this blog and what type of impression it may have upon them. Our stated goal (for those who want better treatment) is that of redeeming ourselves from this non-constructive psyche, because it benefits both genders in the long run. A worthy ambition I might add. And yes, it is quite a challenge to practice self-control and refrain from spewing misdirected frustration at the wrong person(s) and wrong causes. But we have options that allow us to convert this type of negative energy into more positive, reaffirming outcomes in constructive ways.

    Therefore, if certain comments that are extremely critical of either Black men or Black women, the more it is ignored and not given a response, the more it will decrease in value as it relates to our ultimate agenda: healthier relationships. Pretty soon, such actions will undoubtedly have an effect of the commentator, as we hope they will critically rethink, reanalyze how they feel about themselves, first, before correcting others.

    “People is glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks.”

  83. Kushite Prince on said:

    That’s true. But screw them!! That shouldn’t stop us from doing what we need to do. We need economic empowerment and freedom. We can’t let them scare us into doing nothing. That’s what these beasts want us to do!

  84. emile on said:

    Good idea DOAN. A lot of us really don’t “get it” in this area, and not cognizant of the fact of this being a weapon used against us. “Black Love Is Revolutionary Act” should be required reading for those who have much to say (negatively) about this issue. There’s a lot of historical baggage that simply has to go if we want “actual” relationships that work.

  85. Mickey on said:

    Here is what Tariq Nasheed says about the Zimmerman fiasco.

  86. mstoogood4yall on said:

    Yes i wouldn’t be surprised either if some are imposters, i see it all the time on youtube. When it’s a vid about a black woman doing something, the black imposters come out in full force. I can kinda tell because they don’t comment on the positive videos about black women and men, and they say some crazy things. I don’t reply to them just look at abagonds tommy sotomayor post, a lot of commenters that i’ve never seen came on there and said some vile things. I suspect these are lurkers who when they see a negative post or hot topic will create a username and spew their hate. i kinda wonder why someone woul have a white superhero as their pic if they are black. I know there aren’t many black superheros but u can find a couple to use instead of white.

  87. mstoogood4yall on said:

    also why does the white superhero have his hand in the air? why does it look to me like a white supremacist with their one hand in the air proclaiming white power

  88. Umoja on said:

    It is true that we must stop getting into each others faces and throat; but I will confront those who find it privy to constantly berate, demean and degrade Blacks while love, understanding and solutions are ever absent….while in the same breath homicidal verbiage, degradation and diarrheic venom remains a constant.
    I refuse to sit back and watch or read such venom against my own and say nothing whether it be Black men or Black women….of course whites. Many Blacks do this throughout, which only permeates the hate and reveals lack of unity, love and understanding.( The weak spot that whites use against us…to our demise). Yet, I have no compassion or loyalty for those who consciously choose to continue spewing venom.

    I tell ‘ya, if one continues to listen/read such venom, I promise you, it will begin to affect you psychologically, slowly but surely. You will begin to hate your own….as it is cleverly intended as the desired result.

    It serves no purpose. We all know the ills and dysfunctions in Black life. It doesn’t need to be said any more as many will say….except for—solutions, understanding, compassion and love if we must. We’re flogging a dead horse. I’m against sharing those things publically in such detail…. if we must; limited and solutions offered.

    It is dangerous and poisonous. None of it leads to healing, unity, growth or progress; yet, the trap of many co-inspiring hate and division…. unbeknownst to those who indulge…including myself.

    It is easy and indeed tempting to add to such conversations. Yet, I’ve learned months ago to refrain from such conversations whether one means well or not; it all boils down to one thing—you’ve added to the tactic of divide and conquer whether that was your intent or not. Period

    I refuse to speak against Black men or Black women publically. Believe me, it is an awesome tool that Whites use against us. They study all of it and can mimic it to a “T” behind these computers unbeknownst to many Blacks who will co-inspire and succeed the agendas of white supremacy—divide and conquer.
    We all need healing, including myself. I have deep compassion for us all and understanding. I refuse to c0-inspire white supremacy/racism with my own race of people with whom ever; therefore placing the noose around my own neck. It’s poisonous, counter-productive ; permeates hate, division, alienation…..death.
    Abusive venom in the disguise of “help” is complete and utter insanity and horrific deception. You don’t abuse the handicap by handicapping them further with vile hatred and contempt then expect them to get up and walk. These are the type that we get us all killed.
    We are our only allies.

    ” We can’t have war between Black men and Black women, because no people can be free if one half of the mind of the people is tied up in conflict; it’s going to have to be both of us or none of us.”

    ~~Dr. John Henrike Clarke~~

  89. Ur welcome. 🙂 I hope to call Sis Bey one day soon.. She’s got the type of information that opens your eyes and she and breaks it down..

  90. Despite I agreed with his post about Blacks taking responsibility for their own actions, I actually went HAM on him some months ago on DOAN’s post about the black hair business and how the Koreans were profiting from it. What he said about Black women (because of something as trivial as weave, mind you) was so disgusting. A few women actually co-signed on what he had said (something about how a majority of Black women need to be killed blah blah blah) and while I was going back and forth on him, only one person came to my defence and that was the Alchemist. A black WOMAN, of course. It comparison to the comments he posted about Black women, these recent posts weren’t even THAT bad. Seriously. And because of that, I wonder why it took these specific comments to ban him and not the ones about how Black women are evil and should go to Hell. Because those were hate-rants. He was speaking about the women in the same manner a KKK grand wizard would speak about Black people. Strange…

  91. Tyrone on said:


    I’m not gonna claim innocence on this subject. Yes, Negress has scolded us about attacking the family many times. In theory, she’s correct to say that. However, it’s not good to keep emotions bottled up. As is already known, i have a lot of anger in me as it relates to less than godly blackmen on this planet. Blackwomen have blame as well, but, we as black males are f@#king up big time. I’m amazed that we have tolerated the hatred of our race by a certain percentage of self-loathing BM. The only reason i f@#k with the blogosphere is to encourage other blackmen to love themselves and blackwomen. The other ish that DOAN talks about is secondary to this specific issue. Sistas, i want ya’ll to hear me loud and clear. A blackman can’t love his people without loving you…Please Understand This! I don’t care if i sound like a broken record sometimes, i’m gonna shout this to the masses every chance i get. How does all of this relate to the Zimmerman Trial? We’re fighting 2 devils at the same time. Some naive blacks want to assume that Amerikkklan has really changed, no, it never changed…We Changed! Racist whitemen have always regretted the fact they didn’t kill us off the first time. Our freedom was gained in 1964, and that’s when all hell broke loose. Another point that i want to make, this in relation to so-called militant blackmen…Black Panthers & Nation of Islam. In hindsight, both groups got us off track. The Black Panther Party had it wrong from the start. It was all about the blackman, the needs and wants of blackwomen were and still are ignored. The Nation of Islam lied to blackmen, in relation to thinking that non-black men would really assist us in the struggle. Today, blackmen in the hood kiss the backsides of arab storeowners who set up in the hood and rape our culture, asians do the same. Black males are picked on for being smart and using the Queen’s english…Acting White? So, inner-city black boys are marked from birth to be inferior to other men, Peanut and Bobo ain’t supposed to be smart, only the black girls. People love to yap about the Panthers, but, look at what was born out of their sexist mindset? Multiple generations of black males that have no respect for human life because they hate blackwomen. Love flows from the female into the male, this will never change. Treyvon is dead and gone, but, we lose young black life everyday in this country. Yes, we should be outraged. However, our anger is one-sided. “Let them ni##gers kill each other, as long as they don’t hurt me and mine.” That mindset is killing us. So many black girls and women have lost their lives here in Miami because they were out and about. Yet, the killing of black females is given scant notice by so-called black leaders who are sexist to the core. The earth’s axis needs to shift in a major way. Whether Zimmerman walks or gets convicted, the senseless loss of black life is not going to stop until blackmen can look their sisters in the eye without blinking.

    Not A Ni##a…Not A B##ch…Not A H#e. Treyvon is not in a better place, he should be here amongst us.

  92. mswanda on said:

    Pam, I just read a comment of yours on your black world. You were spot on about the Black Scapegoating. We are being attacked all kinds of ways. I’ve also commented about how black folks would be blamed for bringing down “poor Paula Deen”. Why haven’t we been able to bring down Pat Buchanan, Bill O’riley. Alec Baldwin, Donald Trump and a host of others. Not trying to defend her because she will be better off than me but she has done more for Black than all those men put together. At least she gives us jobs. All of these men have bashed black multiple times and where is the outrage? Nothing but excuses for them. But Sweet little Paula can evoke the anger of white people on us Blacks. We are destroying that sweet little old lady. She can ignite sympathy from whites unlike the others because to be honest nobody likes Donald Trump. So Paula is the sacrificial lamb here.
    You are right we as Blacks should expect more of this in the future.

  93. mswanda on said:

    These last couple of threads have made me have a new respect for the commenters here. This is deep. The woman bashing has to be dealt with. I’m glad to hear a male being honest about this. You are right about black females losing their lives and nobody cares because black men have it so much harder. Right. We deal with racisim and sexist males in our own communities and we as black women still rise. Sometimes life gets so hard I just want to give up. I can’t get a job to take care of my child no matter how hard I try. A couple days ago I just felt like I wanted to just die. So tired of living like this. But I’m all my little girl has so I just try to hold on and keep living for her.

  94. THE ALCHEMIST on said:


    I agree. Black females are not supposed to be smart either and are ridiculed for speaking in SAE. I think a lot of black people especially black males are ready to blame GZ walking free on Rachel.

  95. mstoogood4yall on said:

    That is so true. I see the comments on youtube and the white racists were attacking her and calling her grape ape and things. ANd guess who was co signing with them? coonin black ppl. peanut did a post on Rachel. Those black males that are blaming Rachel are effeminate as hell. They would rather attack one black woman who gave her testimony instead of attacking the murderer , the all white female jury that has his fate in their hands, and the prosecution that didn’t do their job to the best of their ability. Yeah but its one black woman’s fault if gz walks, yeah ok ppl that makes a lot of sense smh.

  96. mstoogood4yall on said:

    Thank u brotha Tyrone for acknowledging what black women go through. I see too many stories that do not make it into the news about sistahs getting killed or disrespected by white men and some black men. I remember two cases that didn’t get much attention. One was a black girl killed and another family member was injured by a white supremacist neighbor but it was ruled accidental, the man claimed he was cleaning his gun and it went off. The family reached out to al sharpton and got no response. Another case i recall was Abreeya brown and ashley conaway, where they were kidnapped by a man one of them was going to testify against. They were put in the trunk and one of them texted her family about what was happening. the news didn’t show it until 2 or 3 days later, by then it was too late.

  97. @ DiaryofaNegress

    who said: “Blacks need to stop getting in each other’s faces and start devising a tangible plan of action. By keeping us at each other’s throats, we lose sight of what we should be doing. Fighting the enemy.”

    I agree, and have been guilty of “jumping into the fray” — and i know that is what the white supremacists want me to do–to come out swinging at other black people.

    That being said, I feel that some issues and comments need to be addressed, the question is HOW should they be addressed to get the most constructive results?

    Because while some of you have managed to build a force field against those harmful insults that seem to come from everywhere — which D determine how black females will be treated in the real world,

    there are many sisters who have not, and have internalized all the hurtful things said about black females AND have begun to believe them

    this is why I think so many black females spew so much VENOM at each other in the form of name-calling (bi*tch, ho, rachet ho, etc) and why we do not trust or like each other (like we should)

    because if a black female is “nothing” then I’m nothing and if I’m nothing that other black B over there who “thinks she’s something” ain’t nothing either and I’m gonna tell her, show her, and treat her like she’s nothing”

    We have internalized all the degradation about black females for the last 500 years and we’re ANGRY about this mistreatment but do NOT understand where it comes from OR how to deal with it

    That doesn’t excuse my my desire to occasionally strike out at those who are attacking me, but I also won’t say I’ll never do it again

    but overall i do agree that I have to work harder not to fall into the traps that are designed to make us rip each other apart.

    I’m still a work in progress..

  98. ms wanda

    Giving up is not in our DNA. I’m sorry to hear about your job loss. Many of us are either unemployed or UNDERemployed and that’s exactly what they want.

    To drive us into further poverty.

    Do you have a skill?

    Crafts? Hair braiding? Sewing?

    Why not turn your skill into $$$ and start a small home based business? Are you good with computers? Maybe advertise doing a Splash Page for aspiring black business owners.

    Our ancestors turned innards into cuisine…just ask Sylvia of Sylvia’s Restaurant. I would pray for guidance and answers will come. Do you have old antiques? Maybe old purses? Shoes? Sell them!

    Antique stores will buy your old things and give you $$$ for them. Do not ever give up. We’re here for you.

  99. Miss Pam

    I’m writing a post due out soon.

    I’ve said this many times on this blog openly: I’m as crazy as cat shit. I was born into a gotdamn mess and I’m trying desperately to hold myself together.

    But…I am so fortunate to have my family as a shield and safety net to fall back on. We’re NEVER apart for too long and keep in touch daily via phone, email or text. That’s what’s needed here: A STABLE black family unit.

    Do I strike out at Negro blacks? YES. Am I angry…hell yes. But my anger is 90% directed at white people and their evil system.

  100. Ms. J on said:

    What keeps me grounded is reminding myself that the problems between Black males and females – and Black people in general – is caused by the RWS system.
    An unhealthy system breeds unhealthy people, both Black and White.

  101. Okay Verb,

    I don’t need a solution for me I was saying for those you were calling lost. From what I have studied and learned it really doesn’t work when you call people out of their name. One they tend to manifest whatever you call them. I was thinking how it would have gone if, someone had called X what you are calling the lost today. I think a great person would have been lost to us.

    Also, I would be interested in hearing about any solutions you would have offered to a lost soul. I mean if, you were to meet one of these people you talk about and they we willing to listen to you really listen and take in your message what would you tell them? How would you go about changing their minds? I could be wrong on this Verb, but I have not ever seen you post an idea on how best to help those that are lost or are in the very early stages of waking up.

    Are we to shun all that we find lacking? How do we progress then if, we only deal with those who are on our level?

  102. honeytreebee on said:

    @ Umoja

    I think he is very hurt by something and has festering wounds that have yet to even begin to heal. I think he is frustrated and has yet to give any solutions to what is vexing him. I have read his rants here and thanks to other bloggers have now visited his web page and it is full of frustration no solutions or musing of ideas that will help except to distance himself from those he deems as trash. seeing things out of order and feeling helpless will make anyone over time go crazy.

    As to your question of is he white maybe, but I think he is a black man in pain as he seems to really hit hard with the women folk on his site. I must admit though being a woman that if, you go back and read my post while I never call black men names I do have my own angst regarding them. I just think that if, you are going to go hard at it like that one should study up and know that all that name calling is only going to lead to a fight.

    Yeah, and the why are you offended bit if, this is not you? Well, you care for your people even if, they are wayward because if, the might redwood can fall so can you or I. I am not there yet, where I feel like I am able or willing to use such language or tone with my people. We have been denied gentleness, kindness, and love for so long that when we get frustrated we turn to the whip. I am not saying turn away from the harsh truth, but the name calling never helps. it only hurts.

    Yeah, I get it about the White thing that is why I have said to Negress before that we must be careful about our words as they cast spells. We must be careful not to let people amp us up as it will excite our energies and they feed off of this and it is draining to us.

  103. honeytreebee on said:

    Not surprised. Even though there maybe some truth in what he is saying. Now that I have visited his site I must say I don’t see any love, kindness, or caring towards the asleep, lost or broken amongst our people. It seems that if, you take any offense or concern for his harsh words then it, must be you who has the problem. I also, noticed a need to be right. All of this is sad.

  104. honeytreebee on said:

    Thanks, Tyrone. We need more love not hate. It is a shame that black women ever get used to being called out of their name. We should speak to each other in loving terms never with venom or hate on our lips.

  105. mswanda on said:

    Negress, I’m an esthetician and a nail tech. I also make soap and lotion, body oils but not selling enough to pay my bills. I’m gonna have to get out of my funk and just do it. Some days it’s so hard. I can’t tell other blacks out here in Az about racism because they don’t think it exists. So I imagine it. I had 2 interviews this past week and at one European Wax Center the were so racist. This is my 4th time in contact with them and they just won’t hire me. Went to 20 lounge and the owner Brooke Lamb gave me the runaround again. Earlier this year I interviewed with them and I did not get hired even though they needed people really bad. I called her and asked her why did I not get hired. She told me they were only hiring one person. The next day on Craigslist she had a new ad saying they need people for part-time , full-time and for special events.
    My resume gets me lots of calls and emails offering me work but when they call or I call them they all of a sudden say they will get back with me or act like they are concerned about the hours I work or saying I would not want to drive that far. They try to talk me out of the job. Black women aren’t any better. When they think they are paying my bills with the services they pay me for the then stop getting them. Or if I refuse to go to their church with them they won’t get pedicures from me. That’s their way of punishing me. I had a former friend thats a hairdresser she would talk about me to any of her clients that would listening and tell them not to get services. One of her clients and a former client of mine heard me talking about a racist salon that didn’t want to hire me asked me for their number so she can get services from them! The nerve! I also have a disadvantage because I do natural nails. Acrylic nails are causing cancer in too many black women and I can’t talk them out of it. I try to convince them to do gel but no. I also do natural facials and skincare but they want name brand. I feel I can’t win.

  106. you WILL come into great success soon ! I know you will. Keep those positive thoughts and intentions flowing and the universe/Jah will give you what you need to live. You are in my thoughts. Never give up, You will overcome Sis. 🙂

  107. Ms Wanda

    I’ll contact you privately.

  108. Umoja on said:

    Thank you for sharing Beloved. I don’t know what to say any more. Yes, our Black men have dropped the ball immensely towards their race of women….. and children. Black women of course are blamed for it all. If you’re a Black female on YT, or throughout the internet; you’re a one woman army against the racist whites and Black men—they’re on the same squad unfortunately. It’s the state of Black life now it seems. I don’t know what happened to our men. I know they’re victims also.
    Yet….I’m pro-Black, but lately I’ve been giving great thought to this now. What the hell am I doing! Why have I aligned myself with my own race of men who find us contemptible and vile!! It seems that the majority of Blacks have reached a pinnacle of no return. It’s shocking to say the least. We’ve let our guards down throughout the years in the face of whites and have succumbed to their comical notion and deceit of a “utopia”.

    What’s most troubling? Black people have grown accustomed to abuse, I see…to the point of even having lost the ability to recognize abuse. Abuse is not only condoned, yet excused. It reminds me of The Battered Women’s Syndrome. I witness many Blacks repeating, ” it had to be said, it was harsh/rough , yet true” when others spew out complete vile, contempt, hate and disrespect in the disguise of “help”; completely devoid of respect, honor, love and understanding.
    We give Blacks who speak this way a pass because…. they’re Black. Has anyone paid any attention to the words we use in reference to each other….condone, excuse and support!
    Being “Black” doesn’t give one card blanche to speak with such vile to ones own race of people.
    Something is terribly wrong if hate, contempt and vile has become unrecognizable and now equated to “help” when speaking to each other or when making a point. We are not so vile and contemptible that we are deserving of such diarrhetic venom that , “needs to be said”, completely absent of respect, understanding and honor. It’s identical to the voices of a slave master…..full of hate and contempt who whipped their slaves, “for their own good” and who felt,” it had to be done”. NO! It is a blatant display of hate and contempt. Period.
    … And if I am to unite or align myself with someone who speaks this way because it “had to be said”, ” it was harsh, but true”….I might align through fear only, but mark my word—I will betray you. Such venom in no way creates enlightenment, healing, honest dialogue, peace, progress, trust or unity. We have become our own oppressors and abusers. Someone with such vile and contempt does not give a dam about you or any Black folk; yet for themselves….purging their own agenda….mere arrogant bullies…. pompous, controlling abusers. It is a total lack of self-love, esteem and worth that anyone would condone such abusive language. It isn’t necessary.

    The U.S. is no place for Blacks. It will destroy Blacks. It’s designed that way. In my opinion; the US is the #1 country immensely engulfed in racism/white supremacy. A monster that never sleeps; infects every nook and cranny of Black life; destroys the Black mind. I have no solutions ….yet a warrior spirit. If I did have solutions, I’d speak on them.

    Food for thought….I read a comment from a Black man who decided to leave the US to escape racism/white supremacy. He moved to Africa and said he doesn’t have to sit down with his son and have the conversation of racism/white supremacy…. and that he has a “real” Black son.

    I bid you all peace and outrageous joy!!

  109. @ Negress

    I feel the same

  110. THE ALCHEMIST on said:


    Sis Letava

    Accountability, part 1

    Why Many Black Women Are Angry

  111. ….and to Know that, had zimmerman Murdered a white child, he would NOT be sitting like a CONtented Evil Frog grinning from ear to ear. His zionist relatives Know this and so does he!

  112. emile on said:


    Hang in there Sis! We’ve all been there, so don’t feel you’re in this struggle by yourself. As DOAN has suggested, I too would encourage you to refine and master that particular skill or talent that mswanda and “only” mswanda can do like no one else. It’s there within you, so keep the faith.

    There are indeed trying times for many of us. We are in a paradigm shift in all phases of our lives, especially economics. However, challenging times always bring out the very best in us, sometimes even surprisingly with the things we felt were impossible to do. The curse is to be unemployed; the blessing is the excitement of knowing and reaffirming that something better, even unimaginable, is in the works for you and your family. If you ever doubt what lies within you, just look back at all of the people who came before you, me and the rest of us here, the seemingly formidable obstacles they had to overcome and the way they excelled beyond their expectations. And yes, it can still happen in spite of all we face today.

    “You have to start where you are, and not where you wish you were.”
    DOAN is right; “giving up is not in our DNA.”

  113. Tyrone on said:


    The real enemy is within, not external. Sistas need to be aware of this ugly truth. These self-hating men aided in the enslavement of our race, which is why i hate them. Dislike is not a strong enuf word to express my true thoughts. Blackmen kill black people everyday, and it’s okay in the minds of Obama, Sharpton, Jackson, Farrakhan, etc. All 4 of them can go to hell. I’m upset with Oprah for having blind loyalty. And, what does she get for her support, Redrum? How does this relate to Treyvon? The black male activists that will cry like a baby if GZ is acquitted don’t care about Treyvon and his family. Their job is to keep us off track. As soon as the case is over, media will fall back in line. The same Zionists that support GZ, control black males in this country. The enemies of our race love blackmen, because they keep us in line bs…whitewomen, hip-hop, sports, cars, etc. Sistas are mentally stronger, our enemies know this. How should blackwomen deal with this? In my mind and heart, the black female is the only hueman that really matters. I gave up on other women a long time ago, they have malice as well for The Original Woman. The first rule of Black Womanhood…Love Thyself! Second Rule…Support those that have love for you and blackwomen as a whole. Third Rule…Hatred of Nubian Women Is Sin! Fourth Rule…Evil Blackmen and Whitemen Are On The Same Team. Sista Uno…Blackwomen Come First. Any blackman that does not adhere to this, well, he knows what he is. Sistas, put your dreams first, ya’ll need not continue babysitting blackmen. I love Iyanla Vanzant deeply, i applaud her and Oprah for bringing these issues to the forefront.


  114. Tyrone on said:


    Sista, i have in my black sisters. Wise blackmen know better. The Tommy Sotomayor’s of the blogosphere and youtube hate blackwomen. I couldn’t look a sista in the eye if i spoke animosity against my Mother. Sadly, some of their mothers fuel the hatred of blackwomen. We’re at a tipping point right now, evil ass blackmen are in bed with WM & WW. 2 against 1, that’s some foul ish. Basically, sistas are battling The Globe. Envy of blackwomen is global, please understand this Nubia? Militant No Mas…I and other black males have been living a lie. Rosa Parks did what many of us are afraid to do…Confront White Supremacy! Thank You Sista!


  115. Donna on said:

    I don’t see these characteristics applying to all Blacks. Maybe some, but not all. Maybe where you live, you see this all the time, but that is your experience. I’ve had the opportunity to be around Blacks on the East Coast (hometown); where I went to undergraduate school (Morgan State) where there were Blacks (& other ethnic groups) from throughout the US, the Caribbean, Africa, US territories, India, Asia, etc; military (the South, Southwest, Panama, DR, Haiti), & now out West (Southern Cali)…..And please don’t say if this doesn’t apply to you then don’t worry about it. If you meant to describe some Blacks as being these characteristics, then you would have said some Blacks, not generalize all Blacks into one category. Since being in the military & living out West, one thing I will say that I notice about other ethnic groups, man they sure do protect their own no matter what, i.e. the Good, the Bad, the Ugly, & whatever else you want to throw in that category. I don’t read Spanish websites, so I can’t say that they do or don’t talk/write about each other negatively the way Blacks seem to love to do….If they do, they keep things in house for their own to see & talk about, not the rest of the world. But oh well…………

  116. Donna on said:

    @mzchoco, I agree with you on this. After awhile, people need to start “questioning” & “thinking” about why these so-called “gang banger” shootings keep taking place for just no apparent reason at all & it appears Chicago’s mayor doesn’t want to do anything at all about it. Its probably CIA operatives & the PSYCOPS program is at work here, besides the possibility of some occult taking place, i.e. the sacrifice of people through bloodshed. But never-the-less, whether Zimmerman is convicted or not in this courtroom, his fate is sealed. He will answer for his crimes.

  117. mary burrell on said:

    Zimmerman is such a piece of shit. He better watch is back. But I always knew this would happen. I am not surprised by the verdict.

  118. Tyrone on said:


    None of us should be surprised by the verdict. A jury of 5 whitewomen and 1 spanish-speaking woman convicting GZ was too good to be true. This case is a litmus-test for white for blackmen, young and old. A certain group of blackmen in this country have been lying to themselves about white on black racism. Also, the same group of black males have mistakenly believed that whitewomen are not as bad in relation to whitemen. Well, this jury shot a hole in that dogma. What are those brothas gonna say now? No matter how outraged brothas may be right now, the mindset isn’t gonna change. Some negros will still run behind Whitey. Another innocent black female or male will be killed, and the process will repeat itself. Whites are supportive of the verdict, because it instills fear in black males. Blackmen kill black people because it’s tolerated by the larger society. Their anger is about white males punching us in the face, but killing whitemen has consequences. So, they target each other…No Penalty! This underlying subliminal messaging is what we need to be aware of. Blackmen need to realize that we’re Marked For Death. Don’t wanna hear bs from other men, they’re not targeted, We Are! I’m enraged right now, but, we channel our anger in the right direction. Sistas, ya’ll suffer with the bs as well, not trying to slight you. Blackmen can’t live in Disney World. As far as boycotts are concerned, Go For It! Here in Miami, dirty cops are the norm, City of Miami cops have killed countless numbers of blackmen without just cause. Yet, the same whitewomen who sat on the jury will beg us to spend our money in Greater Orlando and Miami. I’m not giving Orlando/Sanford one red cent, and i mean that. As far as the SYG laws are concerned, if the laws are used in an abusive way, Chuck Them All! Stand Your Ground has no relation to this case, Zimmerman killed Treyvon because of racial profiling. A racist white/indian man killed a 17 year old because of his actions. This Fight Ain’t Over!!!


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