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When the Victimizer Becomes the Victim

Two white males were discussing the Martin/ Zimmerman trial. Since I can’t stomach listening to white people talk about race, I’ve basically tuned the trial out. But this caught my eye:

“Black people have this mentality that they are the superior race because “everyone is a descendant of Africa” and “You wouldn’t have white without black”. They have this ego about themselves that they were the first peoples on this planet and will be the last. Somewhere in between, they lived life secluding their race from everyone elses because of this ideology.

They are their own worst enemy but have adopted the ideology that it is everyone else fault except their own so they think and do whatever pleases them without the repercussions. This has affected their own community to such an extreme that no matter what they do to try and stop it whether it be through Jesus, (which religion is only a facade they hide behind) or through self improvement like education (which only glorifies their ego even more) it continues and will continue to be a problem for society as a whole.

While other races have found ways to at least advance themselves for the better and their fellow human race, the black community is selfish in their thinking that anything and everything is because of their place on this planet when actual history has show they have become a detriment to society and really do not wish to progress anything except their own agenda.”


Somewhere in the deep recesses of the white mind, white people have convinced themselves that they are the innocent victims being terrorized by the Dark-skinned Negro. Somewhere in their minds, their crimes against huemanity and against the entire planet have been replaced by a selective amnesia where they have forgotten the most important factor in this equation:

Race was their idea.

Race was their construct.

Race was their political tool for wealth.

What I find fascinating about white people is how easily they “flip the script.” It’s as if they are on a movie set where they direct their own lives. A screenwriter writes their own personal dialogue and a production team dreams up the landscaping and events that occur. When finished, the editor removes certain clips and frames and voila! The movie is ready to be viewed (and accepted) by the entire world.

I firmly believe that white people, as a whole, are mentally sick. They simply cannot deal with their crimes and the implications of what those crimes mean for the planet and ultimately, for themselves. So they run from it. Blindly. As fast as they can. And when that small voice inside each of us whispers in their ear, they swat it away like a troublesome gnat. White people are a woeful group of mentally ill patients eagerly awaiting a magic pill to ease their existence on earth. Obsessed with the very people they subjugate, they dwell on our lives with a vengeance that puzzles them, puzzles us and puzzles every other race that desperately seeks their attention. Like petulant children, they hate the power of their parents yet are made dependent on them for they cannot fend for themselves.

The thing that makes me (almost) sad for them is the underlying reason for their obsession.

They are deathly afraid of the repercussions for their crimes against the Original Hueman. They fixate on our would-be revenge because they know intrinsically what awaits them in the near future. They feel their impeding doom lurking beneath their nice houses, new cars and full-time jobs with 2-week vacations. Nothing they do or say now in the name of “righteousness” will make their karma less devastating. And they know this. They sense this. This is what drives them to buy gun, after gun, after gun. Fear is caused by wrongdoing. This is why they cannot be in peace. They are deathly afraid not of us, but of their own extinction caused by their own actions.

A white man once wrote me an angry letter regarding my “21 harsh truths” post daring me to “come and get ‘um.” For every white person reading this:

I, or any other black person, do not have to do one thing. The universe already has that under full control.

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87 thoughts on “When the Victimizer Becomes the Victim

  1. Tru Earth on said:

    Unfortunately, history teaches me to not be surprised by the comments you overheard. We are talking about a people who’s entire history is scripted… scripted and stloen from the Originals of this planet. They envy us, always have and always will. They envy our strength and ability to persevere. They envy our intelligence and ingenuity. They envy all that we are and all that we have accomplished as a people. It was our ancient ancestors who civilized the world, brought truth and knowledge to the world. We were worlds ahead of them in all areas of life when they first began to ask questions we had formulated the answers too long before.

    The comments of those men are the same attitude exhibited by abusers in abusive relationships. The abuser uses force and deception as a way to dominate others who they feel are weak and our weakness as a people is our lack of unity. They will exploit that weakness by every and any means. When they see things are not going their way despite all of the hurt, trauma, and injustice they have inflicted, the abuser always cries victim! They see their power slipping away, they see that the abused are getting stronger, are no longer afraid, beaten and broken. The reality that they have alwasy been the minority of this world is finally setting in and they are scared – scared of the retribution they so deserve…

  2. You expressed that thought brilliantly

  3. “Black people have this mentality that they are the superior race because “everyone is a descendant of Africa” and “You wouldn’t have white without black”. They have this ego about themselves that they were the first peoples on this planet and will be the last. Somewhere in between, they lived life secluding their race from everyone elses because of this”

    Their point being? If this person has such an issue with the way things were designed they need to go bitch to God, not us.

  4. Umoja on said:

    Cognitive dissonance and acute amnesia at it’s worst….uumm…I think it’s time to go meditate for a hotter planet now

  5. Since when did they become the ‘Black Race’ experts (as in white people)? I can’t decide on whether it is just their relentless obsession with us or just pure psychotic-ness. Is this what they do? Spend their days conjuring unprovoked discussions about Black people and how we’re not supposed to have an ego lol? All I can extract from this is the usual, fear, resentment, envy and ‘yap yap yap – Black people yap’. The effect that we have on Caucasians, especially being that in spite of all we endured, we exude this level of arrogance and assurance – such that they don’t understand and hate – equally, is just unreal.

  6. Matari on said:

    “uumm…I think it’s time to go meditate for a hotter planet now”

    *** ****


    I think I’ll join you!!!
    Let’s make it searing hot.. maybe this work will get done faster.
    : ))

  7. Who are they trying to confuse? After the first two lines, I knew they were talking about themselves. The first two lines point at what they are jealous of, the rest at what they put in place to cover up the jealousy and hate. Their white babble must be making sense to them, otherwise they would shut it.
    They need to address why they feel empty inside. No amount of white lies is going to cover up that hole they carry around with them. Actors can only act for so long… Cut. They cannot complain about this post, as you went nice on them, Negress.

  8. Leviqueen on said:

    Great post. And wait for me!!! (meditating really hard for a scorching planet and purge of Mother Earth!)

  9. Leviqueen on said:

    God I loveeeeee more than anything knowing the truth. When u have this type of knowledge there’s nothing in the world a caveman can say to me that could possibly offend me!! Thank the Most High I’m Hebrew, melaninted and conscious!!

  10. Tru Earth

    “The abuser uses force and deception as a way to dominate others who they feel are weak and our weakness as a people is our lack of unity.”

    You are the umpteenth person to make that comparison.

  11. Bry

    White people, lacking melanin, have no spiritual connection to God. If you’ve noticed, they are the ones most often to get in God’s face and challenge Her.

  12. Pete

    Jealousy is the main culprit of white rage. Always has been, always will be.

  13. emile on said:

    “I, or any other black person, do not have to do one thing.
    The universe already has that under full control.”


    “My Life, My Life, My Life, My Life in the Sunshine,
    Sunshine, Everybody Loves The Sunshine,
    Sunshine, Folks get down in The Sunshine,
    Sunshine, Folks get ’round in The Sunshine
    Just bees and things and flowers”

    “Sun!…Sun!…We Get Our Love From the Sun!”

    “Baby, Baby, Baby
    Look to the sky.
    Seeking to find
    The Third Eye”

    -All songs by Roy Ayers

    Seriously, this is nothing more than an example of deflection and projection. I’m finding that all of this defeating, accusatory terminology applied toward us over the past few decades is becoming more applicable and appropriate for whites. But then again, you’d have to think: had you done all of those things as wickedly and deceitfully, you’d have reason to play victim, too. That’s a helluva amount of accountability to own up.

  14. mstoogood4yall on said:

    “Black people have this mentality that they are the superior race because “everyone is a descendant of Africa” and “You wouldn’t have white without black”

    lmbao, so its ok for whites to feel like they are superior just because of their skin, but a black person can’t feel pride for being the first ones on earth? gtfoh, this the same mofos that say they are superior and that we would be in mud huts had they not enslaved us, and feel pride in doing so. They don’t want us to have a dam thing, its like they could have the whole world but still be mad at us if we get a little of our inheritance smh. They mad that they weren’t the first ones on earth, that is one major piece missing to complete their puzzle of lies. If they were the first ones they’d be even more egotistical than they already are. Blacks don’t feel we are superior because we are the first ones, we feel honored that the creator made us in his image, and chose us to be the firstborn. That wasn’t our choice it just happened.
    I don’t see black ppl rubbing that in ppls faces and being like i’m superior give me ur car, give me ur house, give me everything on this earth because i am firstborn and own everything. Black ppl have not done that., white ppl have, they’ve told ppl give me ur land, give me ur wife, give me ur children,etc. Black ppl have been made to feel ashamed for our features, the features the creator gave us. THink ppl if we felt we were so superior wouldn’t we be going around saying everyone should try to be like us, and that everybody should have our features, like our hair, our nose,etc. but we don’t we know the creator made ppl different and don’t try to change ppl, hell a lot of us try to change ourselves, to look like everyone else. BUt the moment we say no we will look the way the creator made us it is a problem and we are being anti white and racist. No u got it twisted we are just trying to be ourselves nothing more nothing less, if u think otherwise look around open ur eyes.

  15. I like this post a lot.

    I am tired of Whites in this country doing reverse psychology on us because they know that they are the ones who are the racists. They don’t want to take responsibility for their actions and apologize for years of oppression. Blacks could be prejudice but they can’t be racist in AmeriKKKlan because in this country, you have to have power and a superiority complex about your race to oppress and keep people down. And that is exactly what Caucasians in this country did and continue to do to this day.

    The oppressed can’t oppress the oppressor. It just doesn’t go that way. And if they don’t see it that way, well they are blind or mentally ill or both.

  16. @mstoogood4yall

    Excellent response!

  17. Well said

  18. Umoja on said:

    It’s comical how throughout Jew-tube; there are many Whites trying to re-write history by uploading videos depicting that THEY were the ancient Egyptians….get this!! They were “dark caucasions”!! omg! I heard it all….mind you…there wasn’t anything such as sun-screen , nor can they stay in the sun longer than an hour without their skin frying like an egg…nor does their hair (?) protect their head. Have you noticed during winter cold seasons, it’s only white folks who walk around in shorts….they feel right at home…. just like the Caucus Mountains. Have you noticed many of them like their meat raw or medium rare (raw) and secretly or openly practice bestiality (sexing their own maybe)…..uum, makes me wonder…..anyway…
    It’s one of many reasons we have been kissed and loved with the gift of melanin and our great spiral antennas called hair; and our broad noses in order to breath in the dense humidity caused by the sun.
    I’m no longer puzzled by their cognitive dissonance, predatorial, psychopathic and homicidal behaviors or sexual deviances as I used to be. It is their innate lack and absence of spirit, connection to God that is always speaking or shown. It’s like they can’t help themselves. Oops!! Don’t say that; that’ll be the excuse or loop-hole needed to get away with their psychopathy.

  19. mstoogood4yall on said:

    lol. yea it is crazy how they keep saying the egyptians were tanned white ppl or yellow as some of them say. They even dismiss the ppl who live there that say the egyptians were black. Yes i notice they like their meat raw, i don’t order steak when i go to restaurants unless its in a major black city because if u don’t they give u some half done meat even when u ask for well done. animals eat meat raw. i think we come from the earth but they as they always want to claim come from chimps, because they act alike, chimps have pink skin they have pink skin, chimps are hairy they are hairy, chimps have been known to attack and pull testicles off, whites have lynched black men and cut off their privates.

  20. Ellis on said:

    Great post Negress,

    Nothing about Whites surprises me anymore thanks to the wonderful invention of the internet and Whites expressing their supremacist, racist thinking. I am pretty much bored with their logic, deflections, hatred of us and their morbid obsession with us. However, I have something to show everyone, just when you thought that Whites could not be any more barbaric towards us, we have this:

    Kind of laughed (my blood pressure would have hit the roof otherwise) when I saw this because I couldn’t get my head round this inhumane, soulless, blood-thirsty rationale of creating a “Federal Nigger Hunting License”, as if lynching wasn’t evil enough… 😦

  21. Raw meat is common with wolves and other animals of the Canis species.

  22. No shock there.

    They hunted us when Katrina occurred.

  23. I have been posting and preaching this semi-new concept for a few months now. We gotta pay more attention as this mess gets ratcheted up on us.

  24. And they didn’t come to our aid either. Racism is getting worse and worse in this country.

  25. Kushite Prince on said:

    @ SisterTruth I posted this on Twitter. Just so you know sis. 🙂

  26. mary burrell on said:

    Succinct and to the point. The truth hurts some of them. That’s why they troll black blog sites. A great majority of them don’t like to here the truth about their pathology.

  27. If my son is protecting a neighborhood that is in danger of being taken over by thugs, and he is attacked, his nose broken & his head battered against the pavement, he is at liberty to defend himself. Better a scolding from racialists than a eulogy from loved ones.

  28. Just because those boys wearing their pants below their waist didn’t take kindly to your son’s Johnson-gazing doesn’t make them thugs.

    Truth, you’re slippin’ on the moderation tonight 😛

  29. Ms. J on said:

    It’s funny how Whites say they’re the victims of Blacks, greedy Jews, those Mexicans, etc., but the real victims of racism will argue with you for a whole year about how they’re not being held down by anybody. How ironic.

    Speaking of racial superiority, the book called “The History of White People” disproved these men’s arguments. Nell Irvin Painter’s work revealed that White people have vouched for their superiority ad infinitum for hundreds of years. I was also struck by the prevalence of in-group squabbles among White people about their racial identity. However, one thing they knew for sure was that those “Negroes” were at the bottom.

    I just ignore such people at this point. And like you said DOAN, we don’t need to do anything to change them but must change ourselves. We just can’t change people who revel in outrageous behavior.

  30. blakksage on said:

    White people for the most part have always attempted to trade places with blacks, not literally from a social stand point, but merely abstractly to give the appearance as being racial victims as a group. As if this strange pathological manner of thinking will somehow remove the devilry behavior of whites covering at least the past 500 years.

    I’m not trying to speak for anyone else, but I’ve never heard a black person state that black people are superior to whites. This is the folly of their own thinking. Furthermore, I’ve never heard of a group of blacks paying homage to a new African nation by burning the Amerikkkan flag. I’ve never heard of a story where blacks invaded a prosperous white town and burned every store in sight as whites did to blacks in Tulsa, OK. 1921. I’ve never heard of a group of black men looting, lynching and rioting a small, rural white town simply because of unsupported claims by a black woman that a white man assaulted and raped her, as they did in Rosewood, Fl. in 1923. I’ve never heard of a group of black men being provided a permit by local city officials, granting them permissions to walk down main street chanting: “black power”, as the KKK did up until very recently. I’ve never heard of a group of orchestrated black doctors devise a plan to intentionally inject over 400 white men with a venereal (syphilis) disease merely to what the disease does to the body as white doctors did to blacks in the Tuskegee experiment in 1932. The experiment was kept a secret for over 40 years.

    I could go on and on with this, however, I refuse to give scattered brain white people a minute more of my precious time.

    And after all of this and much more, some whites still have the audacity to state that blacks believe they’re superior. Go figure! Folks, we are dealing with a seriously deranged subspecies of which there is no treatment or potential cure. I will pray that the planet is exponentially hotter this summer!

  31. Ms. J on said:

    @ hunglikejesus

    I also fear that more and more Black people will believe them.
    You know how we are. We’ve been programmed to be sympathetic towards Whites even when end up in a much better shape than us.
    That’s why I think our people have been so optimistic about our conditions changes for the better despite evidence showing otherwise.

  32. Ms. J on said:

    @ blakksage

    Now, I’ve heard some black people assert that our people were indeed the superior race, but even these folks harbored anti-black sentiments and desired to be associated with non-black people.

  33. blakkminded on said:

    @Ms. J,

    Perhaps they were bonafide Uncle Toms and I don’t deal with nor do I befriend those types of blacks. I keep them at least arms length away or further.

  34. LOL!!! Hotter planet….

  35. Negress woman! You have hit the nail on the head this time!! They are some very sick people….I’ve tried to deal with their culture and their energy is too low for me! If you aren’t playing the ‘Mammy’ for them then you are a radical…..they are just sick….

    Well, I recall the Madame Blavatsky (the Nazi so-called ‘psychic’) told the Nazis that in order for their ‘Ayrian Race’ to survive “the extinction of “inferior” races as part of mankind’s evolution” which lead to the human ovens of Hitler……(http://www.mgr.org/FalseDawn-CH10.html)

    Of course they need to kill all the people of color to exterminate the TRUTH and to perpetuate their lies of superiority. (How can you be superior if you’ve got the original peoples and their history still walking around)

    When the evidence came to hit them in the face that they are NOT the Gods of the world….they can’t handle it and they are loosing their minds…..

    If I had a nickel for every white boy that said to me something about going to Africa and being worshiped as a God because of his white skin I’d be rich!

    They really can’t handle the REALITY that nobody sees that white skin as a reason to fall down and worship them…..we really never felt inferior to them, I know I never have…they can’t handle it!

    I think their heads are going to spin around 360 degrees when they find out that Atlantis was off the coast of Africa and they were Black!

  36. Profound comment…..and profound topic created.

    But, you haven’t lived until you’ve seen a white person come to your house (to fix something, etc.) and they almost have a heart attack when they see you house filled with Black Art……it always made me wonder did they really believe that we all are that brainwashed, as they are? The look of horror on their faces is PRICELESS….what were they really expecting?

  37. Zimmerman must not had his license on him….LOL!

  38. Their the VICTIM hmmmm:
    – When I see these all white places of business…..they’re the victim hmmm
    – When I see a tragedy on the news and no people of color even mentioned…they’re the victim, hmmmmm
    – When the news is pretty much filled with THEIR accomplishments and only them…they’re the victim, hmmmm

    This list could go on but I won’t……

  39. Ms. J on said:

    @ blakkminded

    That’s what I did and will continue to do.

  40. Umoja on said:

    @The Sanity Inspector

    Huh!!…are you defending G. Zimmerman?

  41. Tenacious

    Atlantis has already begun to resurface. Whites went to Mars and found black people ALREADY there with entire civilizations. They were rejected by the blacks there just like we rejected them 6,000 years ago.

    Low self esteem has done a number on their psyche and yes, their heads will explode…from the heat that will emit from our bodies.

  42. Umoja

    Sanity is from Abagond. Since I’ve decided to stop commenting on his blog, many whites have followed me here to see what the lowly Negress has to say.

    Obsession indeed.

    Sanity will be banned.

  43. I just finished reading this article and another on this website titled 21 harsh truths.
    I am a White woman who got to this website after googling jew vs white race war which side will Blacks join.? I got my answer. A few things pop out at me. I think you missed a few other harsh truths about Blacks also race is not a creation of the White man. Its a creation of nature or God depending on your point of view. Also I think you do have friends. The Jew. After reading this I feel that you will suit his purposes very nicely as long as you’re not too fond of your vital organs. The Hispanic will also side with you but I think his own sense of strong ethnic origins will disappoint you in the end.
    The White man is on his knees but you didnt put him there with your shining sense of justice and morality or racial superiority. It was the Jew. I guess this will be another harsh truth for you.

  44. Marie

    I do not allow whites on here for obvious reasons BUT, you do raise an interesting point. I’ll allow your comments…for now.

    Be advised: One negative comment towards my family and you’re banned.

  45. Melissa on said:

    Sanity Inspector you’re unbelievable to think that George Zimmerman had the “liberty” to defend anything. He was the aggressor in this incident and could have chosen to listen to the dispatcher and not initiate a conflict. He is the reason that boy no longer is living. Don’t forget that.

    You’re ignorant for also calling him a thug. Was he in a street gang? Did he have a criminal record? Even if he did, that doesn’t mean it is okay for citizens or police to kill people who they deem “thugs” or morally questionable. Your argument is deeply flawed.

  46. blakksage on said:

    Huh, …… The Sanity Insector? Shhhhh, your comment is more reflective of that of an Insanity Inspector! Perhaps you should conduct a thorough self inspection.

  47. @Tenacious,

    I think having (pictures of Gambele Maidens, fertility dolls, coffee table books like “French Caribbean Ladies”, “Black Ladies” and “Shades of Blackness”) is a stark reminder of what they are not/lacking–hence ‘The look of horror on their faces’

    BTW great commentary.

  48. emile on said:

    “The look of horror on their faces is PRICELESS….what were they really expecting?”….
    …Wait until they actually see how much Mother Nature resembles Jennifer Hudson, from head to toe, in her eternal beauty and glory!!!…

  49. emile on said:


    Based upon your commentary, I’m assuming you are a long-term student of history. I think you might find this blog an interesting read, as it relates to the subject of your recent comments.


    Up until now, there has been a lot of misconceptions about the true meaning of the term race and how it applies to the power dynamic behind the SOR (mistreatment). As long as whites feel they have the upper hand in comprehending how the system works in their favor, they will feel obligated in defending the status quo. But as more of us become less confused and knowledgeable about how the system works, the more it will crumble and become indefensible.

  50. Reblogged this on From The Mind of Truthangel and commented:
    I’m a subscriber to DiaryofaNegress and I found this commentary quite interesting, thus, I’m posting it to my blog for further discussion.

  51. Why do white people kill themselves? Why do they sleep with animals? Why do they commit violent acts (Colorado movie shooting, Sandyhook, Columbine) et al? Why do they fear wrinkling? Why is alcohol the only thing that makes them feel anything at all? Why are they so empty, paranoid, fearful, hateful, yada, yada, yada…yet they question WHY BLACK PEOPLE… Whatever, ok. I sleep good at night, baby.

  52. Emile

    Thank you for the article!

  53. Umoja on said:

    A “Jew” isn’t a separate race, nor is it a race. Are Christians a race? Muslims? ect.. Why do people do such a thing? Did the Jews in their delusional superiority do such a thing as to separate themselves?! Jews are WHITE PEOPLE who practice Judaism. Period. Newsflash—they aren’t real Jews, but impostors anyway!! Race was created by whites in order to implement white supremacy and to keep track on those of color ; via census, ( they’d like to know where the hell we are and how many) geography, ect….
    Besides the Native Americans, as did the African identified themselves from which tribe they belong to, NOT skin color. It is whites who are and always been hung up on skin color….in order to implement white supremacy. ..It allows them to maintain and support . Note the word “white”.
    Why did they go out and buy guns and ammunition, taking the gun sales higher than ever before? They wanted “their” country back….white supremacy that is. Note the word “white”. Why did many NOT want Pres. Obama as president?? Skin color alone. They had amnesia of the Bush administration; the economy went down immensely, hurricane Katrina, both were on his watch, just to name a few….but never mind that—they were just Black ppl. Pres, Bush should have been charged with capital murder.
    There was a young Black female who was in search for employment; she put “African American” on her resume’—no calls or interviews…..she then did an experiment, changed “African American” to “white”, result—many calls!! Who do you think blatantly practiced discrimination towards this young lady based on SKIN COLOR?? White ppl! The exact thing happened on the show 20/20. They did the exact experiment, yet the White female had LESS experience and education compared to the Black female who had a degree and experience; who was hired? The white female!! When the experiment was uncovered and HR was questioned; all the whites stuttered and asked for the cameras to be turned off. (morons)

    You know what really gets me boiling?? Many Whites are ignorant as hell. Every time they speak on race relations, Africa, history; their ignorance amazes me. It’s obvious none of them read or research yet dare speak. It’s obvious their “education” isn’t further than the boob-tube. It must be that comical high IQ that they brag about? I’m still waiting to be impressed. It would seem that whites in all their arrogance and psychopathic confidence, don’t have the need nor desire to research or read upon these subject—this system of white supremacy is their blanket of protection and confidence, so there is no need or desire for truth.
    ( I’m sticking to my meditations for a hot planet…and soon…grrr.)

  54. blakksage on said:

    thanks for the link, I really appreciate it! 🙂

  55. mary burrell on said:

    The sanity inspector is not sane if he is defending Zimmerman.

  56. I would like to reply to Umoga. You said that Jewish was not a race. This statement ( false belief) has lead to a great deal of misfortune among my race. It is at the heart of a massive amount of misunderstanding (deception) and has lead to the overtaking of all Western governments. Regardless of your opinion of if that’s a good thing or not, I think it would be wise for you to understand that the Jew thinks of himself as a race. He acts as a race. He believes he is a special race whether you agree or not. You stated a question in a retorical fashion”did the Jew in his delusional superiority seperate himself?” Yes he did. Jews aren’t just White people who practice Judism. This is the master deception. Jewish is not just a religion. Most Jews in the US are agnostics. Jews can be leftie or right wing. It doesn’t matter for all intent and purposes because Jews are Jews first. They are all taught that their RACE, Judism, is their overwhelming and primary concern regardless of secondary divisions. The Chosenites want you to believe they are whites who happen to be of the Jewish faith. The decision is yours ofcourse. The consequences of not remembering this are also yours the same as in the White race. The” Eternal Jew” is quite intent on his suvival. Maybe he shouldn’t have so many atomic weapons which, by the way he stoled that info from his number one friend in the world. Lastly, Jews have genetic marker which qualify him as a seperate race. Thank you.

  57. Marie

    Even though you addressed Umoja, I’ll just speak my peace about your comments and let it go. I’ll not waste too much energy on this topic.

    Semite, literally translates to Mulatto. A mulatto is an offspring between a black and white parent. Your people have ZERO ancestry or DNA to Africa. NONE. ZERO. ZIP. NILL. You are descendants of Japheth. Abraham, which you call your “father”, civilized your people whilst in the caves. You were stricken with leprosy (whiteness) and became diseased. Abraham, send by Jah, found you and helped you so now you are Followers of the Abrahamic Religion. Your religion, or so you called it, is none other than the Cabal, deeply hidden and rooted in paganism.

    What is paganism?

    Child sacrifice.
    Anal sex.
    Fire and Sun worship ( Amun-RA, Isis and Osiris)

    Jews are in fact Khazars from the Khazarian Empire in the Caucus Mts ( Russia). Your people converted in roughly the 7th century and literally took the Original Hueman’s religion as your own.

    You are not a descendant of Africa.

    You are not a Hebrew.

    You are not a Semite.

    You are Khazarian. That makes a whole world of difference.

    By the way…

    You weren’t even “white” once upon a time. You brought and paid for your whiteness for control of oil, the banking industry and blood diamonds. Hence the names:

    Rubenstein (rubies)
    Silverstein (silver)
    Goldstein (gold)

    Israel ( Isis-Ra-El) is Moorish is origin, Moors are BLACK…which you clearly are not. Therefore, Isis-Ra-El (Israel) is rightfully OURS. And one day, we will claim it.

  58. I’m a catholic.

  59. mswanda on said:

    marie you are right in everything you are saying. Jews do think they are a race and that’s how I see them too. They don’t care about other whites, only themselves. They do stuff and then hide behind whiteness. Almost all the shooters in the highschool rampages have been Jewish, The Batman shooter, Jewish. The woman that shot her black colleges at the university, Jewish. Regular whites ain’t got nothing on Jews. Others can believe that religious bs if they want to. This kinda reminds me of when these New Age people tell me there is no devil. I tell them it does not matter what they believe. Others do believe in him and they will steal, kill and destroy anybody that gets in their way for this devil that they say don’t exist.
    Oh and I do believe they have a genetic marker. I read somewhere that they were the most resistant to the so called HIV virus. See they made sure they protected the members of their religion, opps, I mean race that don’t exist.

  60. Umoja on said:

    @ Marie….

    “consequences” and “it would be wise”. Really!! There’s that delusional superiority and arrogance again. I stand on my statements. Say no more… Nuff said. thx..

    Thank you Beloved for the clarity….

  61. I would like to respond to many of the other posts here about a few things w/o offending your family. I am a 50 yr old white ,catholic woman. Firstly, as far as the comments in reference to guns: Yes, ofcourse we want “our” country back. However, Whites are very well aware of the unlikelihood of that. Secondly, in reference to White claims of victimhood, this claim by Whites is very new. It may have arose from the free speach which take place on the internet. White people were offended when they realized Blacks were still so discontent with them and what they thought was their efforts.White people are struggling to come up with a viable solution to their situation.This site is proof the we don’t play nice in the sandbox together(and please don’t say its just cause of White people). There are alot of Whites that feel they’ve lost autonomy over “their” government and not because a Black man is president. Given these facts and w/o advocating treason, wouldn’t it make sense for the Black Nationals and White Nationals to devise a plan for seperation. I have never in my 50 years on this planet seen Whites,especially White men, so angry at any particular group w/ the exception of the Jew. It’s becoming an embarassment for everyone. Thank you.

  62. What’s your solution to the problem that we can’t just all get along? Seriously, seperation, that’s one solution.

  63. Alot of you Black ladies have submitted posts w/ alot of the same themes. I would like to take a few minutes and make some replies to your similar issues.
    I find the references to hurricane Katrina constant. Nobody knew the levies were going to break.The constant blaming of White men about the treatment of Black women during the Katrina fiasco set a chain of events in motion(especially on the internet) which have been embarasing to all. I don’t ever recall White men being so angry with any particular group of people as he has been with Black women. Which leads to the second recurrent theme:
    White men claiming their victims. This is relatively new and a defensive position.I hope it ends soon. I don’t like it either.
    Lastly. the charge of arrogance is pretty ubiquious on this site. White people are arrogant. You Black people are arrogant too.
    On top of all this, White men feel they’ve lost control of” their” government and the economy very well may tank in a big way.This is the reason for the gun thing. It isn’t exclusively a race thing. Thanks Negress for letting me get that out.

  64. Negress, that explains a LOT!!!

    The Mars ‘Galatic Ghoul’ who kept destroying most of NASA’s probes were US!! Girl, I should have known…….I know they are some HIGHLY intelligent brothers and sistas there….I hope they don’t forget to come back and teach the rest of us!

  65. Mstoogood4uall: Excellent comment

  66. Emile great comment.

    I don’t remember seeing it in your article, but a caveat to that thought:

    – Funny how the European clings to the Greeks and the Romans as white people history but in his book: Race: The History of an Idea in America by Thomas F. Gossett – He states that the Greeks and the Romans historically thought of the European not as relatives, but as stupid people with a lot of spirit…..they never thought of themselves as being akin to the European. But, funny how the European sure hitches their wagons to them– as with the Egyptians…hmmmm

    Funny when white people put on Egyptian dress they look so ‘anemic’ meaning that is does not look right on them…it looks really weird like something is missing on them.

  67. You all do know that there are African Jews?

    Actually there are several tribes, the ones that I know of are the ‘Falashas’ (Ethiopian) whos knowledge of the Tora is so ancient that it can’t be tested by Israel. So, anciently they’ve been keeping the same laws and cultures that European Jews have been keeping for centuries.

    AND, they were blood tested for the strain of ‘Jewish’ DNA that only people of Jewish descent would have and they have it. Interesting……

  68. Umoja on said:

    @ Marie….

    Katrina? Once AGAIN that blatant ignorance and lack of reading and research. Point proven!! Reading is truly fundamental….sigh. The leeves didn’t break; they were blown up as was planned and MANY witnesses heard many bombs go off; which was NEVER reported on mainstream media.
    The U.S. military now uses H.A.A.R.P. to manipulate the weather; which can create thunderstorms, hurricanes, etc. Sandy Hook, the Boston fiasco—-both fake. If you’d bother to READ AND RESEARCH you’d know this. They were both staged with actors, amputees, blood, ect… for the implementation of Marshal Law and the excuse needed in order to confiscate all ammunition and fire arms from U.S. citizens.
    Hurricane Katrina was a deliberate rehearsal for Marshal Law. FYI….it DOES NOT take the U.S. days to rescue its people on their own land. Thailand had a massive tsunami and earthquake in 2004 —the US was there within hours!

    MANY countries offered help and medical attention; food, medicine, clothing, housing AND transportation—–FEMA turned all of it down….none of this was reported in mainstream media.
    A woman reported that her son had to sign papers of “do not tell”, why? He had to arrange the burial of over 5,000 Black men who were shot in the back of the head during Katrina.
    Blacks who tried to leave were met with armed military, guns drawn and told they were not going to leave. When buses pulled up to rescue these ppl—whites were escorted to the front of the line to get on the bus. One young Black man’s father asked why; he was told to “shut the F-up” he was then hit with the end of the officers rifle for asking such question. I could go on and on and give you fact after fact, but I’ve grown tired of conversing with white folks. I’m sooooo done. Do read and research instead of spying and following us. thx

  69. not a strain of jewish DNA, specific race markers. Jews from Russia have a “uniquely “high IQ. You still haven’t mentioned what you feel would be a reasonable solution. How about this one: I’m not advocating an overthrow of our government since that would be treason but what about a complete overhaul to a more libertarian one w/ much less government. This would solve the threat of things like marshall law. If the government were disarmed would you feel safer? If the government had no money or personnel would that reduce their threat?

  70. Marie

    I always ask the whites who insist on coming here or any other black blog the same question:

    Why are you here?

  71. mswanda on said:

    Marie made some good points in the beginning but now she is just pulling stuff out her ass. Her last two comments proves that. I’m with Umoja now. I too grow weary of her. Negress it’s time to put this Cracker out to pasture. Because now all she is doing is derailing and distracting on purpose. I see why you don’t let them comment.
    Umoja you are so right about katrina. They made rescue vehicles and crews wait outside the city for three days before letting them in. I’m from MS and I have family in La and they know about the leeves being blown up. There were also lots of black children being kidnapped. So tired of white people playing dumb about whats going on,

  72. Umoja on said:

    Lawd child!! You don’t read or research. I’m not going to bother educating you any more. I find myself educating whites because the majority of them DON’T read or research, yet their delusional superiority and psychopathy allows them to speak; under the blanket of white supremacy which gives them such confidence….having no need to read or research…..as though their “whiteness” gives them instant intellect and knowledge without research or reading. smh

    ” You still haven’t mentioned what you feel would be a reasonable solution”.—– A scorching hot planet!! Do meditate for us on this also. (wink)

  73. Umoja on said:

    She’s been “pulling stuff out her ass” from the start. She spoke in codes in the beginning as they always do; then she let the truth come out. They can’t mimic or pretend too long.
    Didn’t you notice she said, ” yes, we want our country back”. Whites claim every dam thing. Steal then claim. Since when was America their country? The only people here who aren’t immigrants are the African Americans; besides their were Africans here when Columbus arrived….that’s kept out of the white-washed history books of course….so the African cannot claim America as their homeland….as they are currently white-washing the history of Africa…totally displacing the African in ancient Egypt. They’ve gone as far as removing Egypt from Africa; as those it is separate from Africa.
    Whites just can’t seem to place us anywhere for the sole purpose of their intent of ownership. Yet, every time they dig….they find us.

  74. Ellis on said:

    “Kidnapped” really? By Whites? Oh my gosh…

  75. mswanda on said:

    Yes Ellis, kidnapped. When people were on their roofs the “rescuers” told the parents to let them take the children first and that they were coming back to get them and they never came back. Heard too many stories about black parents placing their in the hands of the enemy and never to see them again.

    Umoja I did notice that. They can’t take it and are having a meltdown. They always accuse us of having an advantage of being black and the government and Obama doing stuff for us. They sound like spoiled children.

  76. Umoja on said:


    Ironically, they see that nothing has changed for the betterment of Blacks….save one—those Obama phones, that many whites possess also…lol
    Pres. Obama cannot side or mention Blacks or do any “favors”. He’d be killed immediately. Once again they don’t realize that no President of the US has ever “run the country”….they do as they’re told. They steer the slave masters ship. I think it’s the integrity of each President that determines how far they will steer the ship.

  77. mstoogood4yall on said:

    Thank u sistah.
    Btw what black art do u have? i love the artist wak, but his paintings are expensive, when i save enough money and have my own place, i would love to own some of his art.

  78. Much appreciated. I allowed myself to skip out on editing part 2. Ahum. I will make an effort to have part 2 up this week.

  79. Tyrone on said:

    (Realities of Color)

    Whiteness, in and of itself, has no usefulness on this planet. Therefore, their impending demise by Mother Nature was set in motion before they came into being. Black and Brown is the norm, White is not. Wouldn’t trade my color and ancestry for no amount of material wealth to be White. This is what irks them, we don’t want to be white. But, they want to be Sun-Blessed as we are from birth. Yes, black people are prideful…Damn’ Right!


  80. “Atlantis has already begun to resurface. Whites went to Mars and found black people ALREADY there with entire civilizations. They were rejected by the blacks there just like we rejected them 6,000 years ago.

    Low self esteem has done a number on their psyche and yes, their heads will explode…from the heat that will emit from our bodies. ”

    I heard a very similar yet unverified report from a blogger I trust. He claimed the surface was littered with the shells of grafted machines from the time when we used them bionically. Can you direct me to a link or source for your own info?
    Btw,though I advocate freedom for everyone’s input I see why you’re so restrictive-subtle derailing is worse than outright trolling,though the dominant WRS patterns can often be seen.

  81. Kay

    Delbert Blair is an excellent source. His works can be seen on Youtube.

  82. Leviqueen on said:

    Amen!! Beautifully said!!! Wow!!

  83. I do not engage them either, however, it is this very european who put forward “everyone” came from Africa. This was put out there in the 90’s to give themselves validation for claiming Africa. African people were and many Still are Overjoyed at this “revelation”, a reaction the european wanted and got!
    As for “repercussions” , their species have Never taken respobsibility for their Crimes agaisnt All of Huemanity. How many of them “repercussed” for the Apartheid they created in S.Africa?
    They can no longer Ignore nor paid others for to take on their Karma. Nor can they deceive others into their Karma for the door has shut on this baby! Even their own “scientist” have said about themselves, “we are seen as a Virius in the universe and nobody out there wants us”. Nuff said!

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