Observations of an Invisible Woman

Amos Wilson Speaks the Truth

Dr. Wilson, a great speaker and educator, speaks on how white politics and the white supremacist structure is directly involved in black destruction.

Why do whites practice racism?

Because they have the power to do so.

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22 thoughts on “Amos Wilson Speaks the Truth

  1. One of his best speeches. The parts regarding the efficiency of their mob like behavior couldn’t be more true.

    Let a black person develop a drug problem – we inevitably end up in prison for LONG periods of time.

    Let it be my aunt and uncle from the white half of my family – a little over 20 misdemeanor drug possession, theft and eluding convictions between them, and neither of them have ever served more than 14 months behind bars and have been able to keep custody of their children.

    My uncle led the police on a high speed chase through a residential area – 24 month sentence, 8 months served on parole now he’s out with a full-time 40 hour a week job paying $18.00 an hour…. until he decides to act crazy again.

  2. Bry

    I’ve known rapists and murderers get second chances as supervisors, low level managers and get full pensions because society has deemed them “rehabilitated” after prison.

    I’ve met females with NO education or experience who are given 60,000 yearly for “looking the part.”

    Of course all were white.

  3. Yep. When I started working at the courthouse here I had one of my previous supervisors from a call center come in to our office, she had been charged with dealing meth, managed to keep her job even though she handled people’s credit card info all day and every day. No qualifications as always.

    I can’t even count the number of temp jobs I’ve had where I’ve had to fight during interviews to get 9 or 10 bucks an hour instead of minimum wage despite having references and 8-9 years experience as an office worker, only to start the job and work alongside whites with no experience complaining they were “only” being paid 12-13 an hour. When I raised hell trying to get the same pay: nothing, just stonewalled completely by the recruiters that brought me on.

    In one temp contract for a financial services firm back in ’09 I taught a new temp all of the company’s data entry and document tracking software, answered questions for her at the cost of my own performance – she came in late every single day chugging energy drinks and talked on the phone non-stop, I had been there for 8 months and interviewed twice with no luck, she was hired on permanently after two months.

    White women in particular are the shadiest motherfuckers on the planet with white men right behind them. My own mom even admits to it, “I swear could go into a bank with an open bag, toss my hair and walk out with cold hard cash”. She can get a refund on literally anything, as a kid I watched her work magic at return counters to get free food, discounts on clothes, manufacturer’s coupons, free video games at Blockbuster back in the day, you name it.

    Organized crime is all it is.

  4. I can top all of that criminality with just three words. THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. And how many of those deviants ever go to jail?

  5. This is an informative piece. With Whites having the power to practice racism, there is no such thing as reverse racism because Blacks, Latinos and Asians in AmeriKKKlan don’t have the power to oppress Whites the way Whites have oppressed non Whites for centuries. I don’t see why Whites and many others don’t see it that way.

    And White supremacy is all about oppressing non Whites and the supposed inferiority of non Whites and the supposed goodness and superiority of White people. Most Whites in this country are conditioned to support or passively encourage White supremacy in this country whether it be in education, prison system etc.

  6. Several years ago there was a “nurse” going around to old peoples homes and stealing their house keeping money, and or putting her grocery bill on to some of these old people’s expenses. When it was discovered that she was doing the stealing, it also came out that she was NOT a visiting nurse with the social services, BUT a white woman who went to THE CHARITY SHOP and Bought a “nurse’s uniform” to help gain entry into these old people houses. The African Sistas on the job on the other hand HAD TO PROVE who they were EVERY time they went to a home! AND the relatives would call to make sure, even though they KNEW who they were. NOTHING, absolutely Nothing was done to this white female, she didn’t even get community service! They past out some shit that she was desperate and that she wouldn’t do it again! LMAO.

  7. Kushite Prince on said:

    One of the greatest teachers we ever had! This is 100% TRUTH!!

  8. Dang. 1991. And what happened? Things got WORSE. We still do not have a backbone. It is worse here in Europe. Now, I was asleep in 1991. I had all the information that I needed to put things together, but I was beaten down and blinded. And now that I have to go sleep, I realize that this was not a good bedtime story. To realize that we have to deal with the traitors in our midst. People playing games, selling us out for trinkets. It reminds me of all those traitors that I have let close. Wasting time, falling behind. But to understand the traitors, I had to understand white Pete. They follow the sick white state of mind. I feel a rant coming up. But, it will have to wait till tomorrow. Peace.

  9. Tyrone on said:


    When you’re the majority in any given nation, you can act a fool as much as you want. Oftentimes, we ask why rogue cops can kill innocent black people for no justifiable reason? Why would whitemen send their kinfolk to prison to get their asses kicked and raped by a bunch of blackmen with nothing to lose? Fear of the unknown keeps the bs intact.

    Racism is about self-preservation at any costs. Whites are the thieves of the human family, which explains their mindset. They should be paranoid, just saying.


  10. honeytreebee on said:

    Wow this is great I will be listening to him and getting his works. Thanks for posting this as I didn’t know of him. This is truely great.

  11. Sugarkiss on said:

    Great video, I agree. It feels like a really bad dream. More complacency, less progress. I’ve been trying to keep myself from staying angry and frustrated about the current state of affairs in this country…

  12. Sugarkiss

    Wilson said more than 20 years ago that blacks will wake up when they are being lead into the gas chamber. I’m beyond angry now.

    I just want results. And the only people that can give us results is us.

  13. Umoja on said:

    @ Negress….
    They’re already being led into gas chambers……..they don’t smell the gas.

  14. @diaryofanegress. Unfortunately Sis we are getting results many of us who are tying do not want. It is so very frustrating when people you love tell you not to tell them how or where to spend their money ( they take it personal) and other hurtful things because they want “stuff now” only to be stuffed later. This has not been a good week-end. My folks won’t listen to this, just said “what’s a dead n…r goinn do now”. I said it’s THE MESSAGE….going to hit some Courtney Pine now, I feel depressed and sad, If anybody out they gotta a few hints for the hard of hearing please let me know.

  15. C

    There is only one advise I can give:

    Leave them alone.

    As for being sad…Been there. Channel your sadness into meditation and try to heal yourself as best as you can. You’ll need your strength for what’s coming.

  16. @dairyofanegress. That’s why I feel sad. I Know precisely what’s going to Go Down!

  17. C

    Don’t be sad. Things have to end this way. Just get prepared as best as you can. Remember that Demons feed on your fear.

  18. kowaba on said:

    Excellent video! I definitely agree with what he has to say.

  19. Tyrone on said:


    Divorced Reality

    My advice to black people who want to avoid losing their minds.

    1. Limit exposure to white media…tv, internet, magazines, etc.

    2. Be in the company of rational black folk.

    3. Listen and Learn from other sistas and brothas via diaryofanegress.com and other black-centered blogs that speak truth to our people. We go thru the struggle together…Not Alone!

    I have a lot to learn, i’m not as aware of Dr. Amos Wison, THE COWS, and other black scholars. The greatest aspect of this blog, is that, Negress brings the best and brightest of our family to us. The violence and hatred that we witness day to day can beat down even the strongest sistas and brothas. Negress, you keep me sane, Really!


  20. @diaryofanegress. Thanks again. The Meditations help ;). Getting Pschic attacks in my dreams, but I know what to do. Time to Roar!!!

  21. Forced Reality on said:

    Dr. Amos Wilson spoke the truth on many subjects. Wish he was still alive.

  22. Forced Reality on said:

    Dr. Amos Wilson and other late great educators left big shoes to fill.

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