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Open Discussion # 15

Hey Guys,

It’s that time again. Anything on your minds? There’s something on mine. My “21 harsh truths black people don’t want to hear” post is causing a ruckus… again. But not with blacks. Blacks have mostly agreed that there is something wrong with our behaviour and we must be the ones to take that first step towards change. No…no…the uproar is with whites. My best “view day” ever was the other day with over 17,000 views from all over the U.S., Canada and Europe! I got TONS upon TONS of emails demanding “an explanation”. LOL! As if I need to give white people a damn thing. Funny, no, that I never go on Stormfront and “demand” an explanation from them…

I got nasty emails. Angry emails. Emails begging me for an “open dialogue” so we could “work this thing out.” Emails calling me every dirty name in the book. Emails telling me that I’m a coward for not allowing whites to comment on my blog. Emails that would make Charles Manson sleep with a nite light and teddy bear. And of course, they were predicated with the obligatory,”…but, I’m not racist…”

I’ve been pouring my heart ( perhaps a little too much? ) on this forum and re-reading my former posts has given me some clarity and hope that I’ve grown. Once the walking personification of blind rage, I’ve become a bit more introspective on our plight as Originals on God’s planet. Learning who I am has given me insight as to who the enemy is since polarity is indeed apart of the Natural Order of Life. Perhaps that’s why now, at last, I feel (sort-of) sympathy for the enemy of Nature. By karmic design, they will be exterminated no matter how many apologies they give. No matter how much money they donate to black charities. Now matter what they do, it is destined to end for them.  Read this new (and I do mean new…about 5 hours ago) post by the alleged Superior Ones. You know…the ones who tell us that we’re the ones who started the hatred.

What I find funny and a bit sad is how they kind of know that racism is bad and they kind of allude to a “problem” yet they just can’t seem to make that extra step to admit what that problem really is. It’s like they know. But…that white mental illness is keeping them from fully having that innerstanding.

“All of you are very sad human beings if you think this is a good post. What you say about white people is 100% wrong— and the reason you say it, is because you need a scapegoat to blame all of your problems on. Is it really so absurd to take some responsibility of your own for a change? And not blame an entire race for problems you directly create for yourself?

Contrary to your beliefs, millions of whites have and continue to fight for your cause everyday—- your civil rights were championed by many whites, and education systems around the country promote having more blacks in their schools and offer grants and support for blacks to succeed. Corporations around the country are dying to hire educated blacks so they can have diverse work force. Blacks who take a step forward and try to make a life outside of thugging and wellfare dependence are welcomed with open arms into our society— and by are society, I don’t mean society of whites. I mean the society of people who pursue a life of hard work, good morals, and seek a good life for themselves and their family. Not included in this category are people who breed senselessly, commit acts of violence and crime regularly, have no respect for themselves or others, dwell on materialism and have no financial stability, no value of education, blame everyone else for their problems because they can’t take responsibility for the bad life they created for themselves single handedly. People who act like this, regardless of color, are not respected by the hard working population that want a happy & peaceful life for their family.

So go on— keep blaming white people for your faults. Your brothers who see past this bullshit are the ones succeeding and making something for themselves. You shit-dwellers who say there is no point trying to succeed because the “white man” is holding you down have never even tried to succeed in the first place, so don ‘t know what it means to try. Whites don’t want you to fail, whites are happy to see a good, honest, hard working black person succeed. But go on— keep thinking everyone is your enemy, and everyone wants you to fail. Keep stereotyping a whole race of people, then complain about “racism” when you are actively practicing it yourself. See how far it gets all of you….”


 My favourite part?

“Blacks who take a step forward and try to make a life outside of thugging and wellfare dependence are welcomed with open arms into our society— and by are society, I don’t mean society of whites. I mean the society of people who pursue a life of hard work, good morals, and seek a good life for themselves and their family.”


When did this happen?

Did I miss something?

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201 thoughts on “Open Discussion # 15

  1. moorbey on said:

    Negress keep up tha blacktastic workz.

  2. I think whites are terrified of blacks knowing the truth about racism and how it functions. They are scared to death! Because once we understand what they’re doing and how they do it, it will change the way we see them and the old black inferiority stick won’t work anymore. (I pray for that day!!!)

    I used to think we could get whites to change by proving we were human (how do you do that?)

    or by shaming them into changing by begging for mercy and showing them how much blacks are being harmed but now I know better. The only things racists fear is exposure.

    Because being exposed makes their victims SMARTER and less likely to fall for the next con game. And before you know it their victims are THINKING for themselves and figuring things out. Like Mr. Fuller said, black people are slowly getting smarter.

    I compare it to a houseful of roaches (no, I’m not name-calling, just using an example) who are swarming all over the kitchen. And then you walk in the kitchen and turn the light on and they scatter.

    Roaches don’t run to their hiding places because they’re ashamed. Roaches ain’t ashamed of nothing they do. They’re roaches who are just following their nature.

    They run because they don’t want to be SEEN. They don’t want to be exposed because that means you might KILL them or find a way to get rid of them

    I would love to see a blog with more comments by whites, especially those emails and comments where they are accusing us of victimizing them (!)

    I think they do a much better job of exposing their racism by what they say than any black person ever could.

  3. Thanks Moorbey!

  4. Miss Pam

    I could not agree more. In fact their desperation is slowly becoming more evident as they try and make up even more excuses for their continued evil. Remember Katrina? Not one white person gave a damn about us drowning in our backyards.

    When did they finally show some feigned concern?

    When other nations began to say, “Look how those AmeriKlans are treating their black citizens.” Exposure is quite terrifying for them, isn’t it? Happy to remain in the shadows but afraid of the light.

    Funny you should mention crackaroaches. I was thinking about a vampire.

  5. Hey guys…guess what? We have another…

    “As a successful, happy, white person I could not agree with this more! You all are mentally ill and will always be. You are a defective species of sub human. Without white people you would not progress any more than modern day Africa, living in mud huts and throwing spears. You are the worlds pests. At least you know it and sabotage yourselves and each other.”

    And from the same person:

    “No ne is scared of you. You will never organize enough to make any bit of difference. You have a half back president and you’re too lazy to even support him. You will never learn that it’s not racism holding you back, it’s your own lack of will power, drive, intellect, morals, etc. Racism is just an easy out. “Everyone is racist so I won’t get what I want, so I won’t even try.”



    My power must be fierce today.

  6. To the commenter “Mike”

    If you’re reading this, we the Original Man/Woman, will not have to do one single thing. Nature will rectify the wrongs all on her own.

    Good luck.


  7. @ Negress

    I agree! And after the press died down, whites started right back in, talking about most of the blacks in New Orleans had felony convictions and the government went after them for “stealing” $2,000 checks for assistance while white people stole over ONE BILLION or more from Katrina donations.

    and years later some newspaper still referred to Katrina SURVIVORS as “refugees’

    I got ya, roaches and vampires come out when it’s dark and their victims can’t see what they’re doing.

  8. Miss Pam

    I actually liked it when they called us refugees. It was a clear indication of how they view us.

  9. I remember taking a temporary contract for an insurance agency just before the summer of 2008.

    During a break, the corporate trainer in charge of our group decided to rant about how “resilient and self-reliant midwesterners (white) were in times of crisis (the miniscule farm land flooding in Iowa back in 2008) compared to the “people in Katrina”.

    Vampire isn’t dastardly enough to do them justice, soul-sucking demons from hell is a bit more apt…. a bit.

    The more and more I think about it the more it seems that they have to be some kind of unimaginable evil…. to do the things they do and say the things they say – it’s like they’re literally tools of some kind of devil.

  10. Bry

    You have no idea how on point you are. They were chosen by their god or should I say “dog” to do its bidding.

  11. I agree with Pam. Expose these assholes for what they are! Besides, I find them to be quite comical in their obstinacy!

  12. I wish like hell somebody would give me some welfare so can stay my ass at home.

    Anyway, what’s on my mind today is the end of one’s life and the trival pursuits that I find myself in at times. The former will be on my blog later, so I’ll go on with the latter.

    Have you ever clicked on something to either read it or watch it and then when you’re done, you ask yourself, why in the hell did I even click on that? I find myself wanting all the time back that I spent in pursuit of BS. Of course you don’t really know it’s BS until it’s over.

    I’ll give you an example of something that I just did and felt like a fool after it was over. The headline read, “Alex Baldwin Spews Racial Epithets at Reporter”. I don’t give a sh*t what Alex Baldwin says or thinks and that didn’t dawn on me until after I had watched the minute long video. I gotta get me a new life.

  13. Jesus

    We ALL do that. Click on something and even read it then ask ourselves, “Why did I just waste 10 minutes on this shit?”

  14. @ Negress

    I agree. There is a ton of proof that blacks who descended from slavery can NEVER be U.S. citizens. That’s why we need separate ACTS to give us citizenship rights, like the Voting Rights Act, and the Civil Rights Act.

    If we were real citizens we wouldn’t need them.

  15. You know it!

  16. @ Bry

    A similar thing happened to me when I was taking a class in Oklahoma for my job. This old white male instructor said out of nowhere how the Vietnamese immigrants had already started rebuilding their businesses in New Orleans unlike those other ones who are still whining (meaning blacks)

    but as soon as he gets a chance he’s going to be calling those Vietnamese people some kind of racial slur

    It seems they always have to put non-whites down to feel better about themselves

    come to find out that this white male starts “confiding” in me about how his own daughter doesn’t talk to him and I was like, I really didn’t give a damn but it helped me realize that a lot of racists need blacks and nonwhites to feel better about their own jacked up lives.

  17. We gotta do better next time:

  18. What sex with whites will do to your mind:

  19. @ Hung

    I won’t even talk about the time-wasting junk i watch… 😦

  20. Verbs2013 on said:

    The issue here is that more time there is no need to demonstrate that whites on the whole are stupid, they tend to demonstrate that themselves most of the time without any effort from another party.

    A “defective sub human species”? Yet I see blacks and whites coming together and having children all of the time. Now which way does this chieftain want to take this? Either this means that whites are also a defective sub human species or this means that black people are AT THE LEAST on the same level as their white counterparts.

    Which ever way he chooses, the snowman has just melted himself into his own stupidity. We already know that white folks are inherently afraid of black success on mass, Black Wall Street taught us a hard lesson of what happens when black folks begin to come together and start building on a grand scale.

    So whites do not mind blacks being successful, just not on the greater scale that they are, in other words blacks can be successful in numbers that count as nothing in comparison to whites, numbers of insignificance.

    “Mud huts and throwing spears”??? Has the white man forgotten about his past of squaller, disease, famine and utter poverty already, that up until recently he was dwelling in rock holes, walking around barefoot and naked and had absolutely no concept of hygiene whatsoever? Thank you for allowing me to refresh your memory Edom.

    With that said, there were also some truths mentioned here that are very hard for most blacks to accept especially about blaming others all of the time for the mess that the ratchet scum bag no good blacks who have been taking refuge among us have created.

    Once enough blacks have figured out that harbouring bad apples has done us absolutely no favours and that we are better off without the low lifes, then we can begin to move forward in a more positive and progressive manner.

    It also must be mentioned here that intelligence, education, wanting to do well and positive thinking seems to be an anathema to most black folks and anyone who wishes to break the chains of indoctrination and programming is seen as a sellout, an Uncle Ruckus or somebody who wants to be white. This also illustrates the stupid metality that many black folks wallow in on a daily basis. You can no longer associate with black people who think like this if you wish to move forward and better yourself as an individual and better the black nation as a whole.

    As I stated before the separation process has to be of a two fold nature, separation from ratchet reprobate no good scumbag blacks and then separation from the European, his mindset and culture. Remember, we should not be coming together with a desire to build within and amalgamate ourselves with whites as we have already seen that this position shafts us. We as blacks should be coming together with an aim to build our own separate empire.

    It can be done and it will be done but just remember that this cave dweller is not going to accept our rise. He will pull out every trick in the book in an attempt to derail our efforts including and not limited to soliciting the aid of degenerate scum blacks who hate their own people. Remember, those same blacks who wish to remain in decadent squaller will do anything and sell anyone down the river for a morsel of bread and a piece of silver, ANYONE!

  21. Verbs

    Well stated. I’ve concluded that even though I love my people, having black skin is simply not enough. This year, with all that’s happened and will happen, our people need to get it together and quick.

    Those that do not care, I’m willing and now ready to leave them by the wayside.

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  23. Verbs2013 on said:


    These steps have to be implemented in order for us to truly make some actual progression.

  24. I think its funny.. Entertaining.. How they always assume we’re all on welfare, poor, and working at McDonald’s. In the same sentence they’re telling us to do something with our lives instead of being racist????? LOL Okay. How do they know what we do for a living? They’re automatically stereotyping us on here, when they have no idea that some of us are healthcare professionals, lawyers, military, and etc. So no “You’re” not racist but you just called me a lowlife and no good and get off welfare, because I’m melinated?. GTFOH(Get The Freak Outta Here) with all of that nonsense. Maybe if they took what we’re discussing and thought about it, they might actually learn a thing or two.

  25. Ms. J on said:

    Hi Folks!!

    What are your thoughts on the DOMA and VRA rulings from the Supreme Court?

  26. Pale people hate the truth, but their reality is based on lies millions of lies

  27. Kushite Prince on said:

    Oh my GOD! This woman is a demonic whore! This is a great advertisement against interracial sex.

  28. Saw this link on my facebook page, A school in Ohio wanted to ban “AFRO PUFFS” and braids. So because my daughters hair isn’t relaxed shes in danger of getting suspended? wow


  29. Kushite Prince on said:

    It’s okay,you can call them roaches. No one here will be offended!lol

  30. Kushite Prince on said:

    Here’s a great article with Lauryn Hill speaking about white racism. This sista spoke nothing but the TRUTH!

  31. This is what the advisory board member said..

    James Knight, an advisory board member for the school, told HuffPost Live that the proposed policy was “a misunderstanding.” Knight, who has four African-American sons, said that the policy was specifically directed at the school’s male students.

    “It had nothing to do with young ladies, young African-American ladies. It was really more so addressing young African-American men here at this school,” said Knight. “We want to maintain a certain type of college prep culture here, and we just want the young men to be well-groomed.”

    I believe that our natural hair holds a lot of “value” and helps us to connect with our ancestors and helps us to connect and be united with the Creator and the universe. Why chop it off, relax it, and conform to European standards?


  32. I’m in the middle on it. Why I feel that Marriage should be between man and woman…. What really is this European view of “marriage”? Should marriage in front of a “priest” or “pastor” really exist? What exactly are we participating in when we get married in a “church” or by a “priest” or “pastor”? I’ve come to question everything specifically rituals such as weddings and celebrations of these Americanized “holidays”. But with my lengthy drawn out answer, I do feel that it is opening up the door for things that shouldn’t be.
    I still feel that 2 individuals man and woman should be together raising a family and being there for each other, and making love to one another. VS 2 men together and 2 women together.
    Just my two cents though.

  33. Mstoogood4yall on said:

    That is crazy. Its amazing to me how they want to get rid of this hairstyle and say it is un kept yet aren’t these the same mofos that will be saying black kids act like school is a runway and don’t want to learn. So its ok for ppl to put chemicals in their childs hair that we don’t know the long term affects of but its not ok to leave their hair natural the way it grows from their scalp? this is what i see they market all this bad sheit to us then when we don’t buy it, they want to create rules to make us conform to it. This is why ppl need to homeschool their kids and hire black tutors because these ppl will say blacks are not learning and care about looks, then the moment we don’t focus on looks we are un kept wtf. The reason why alot of ppl chop it off and relax it is because of stories like this, where u have whites in charge of most things then they tell you, what is acceptable. I say fight that sheit we should be able to do what we want with our hair and tell them to stick it if they don’t like it, but sadly if we did that we’d be out of a job. Which is why black businesses are important for us to have that way we can be ourselves and not worry about being fired or harassed just because of how we choose to wear our hair. THey should be more concerned with performance than anything else. But they no,t because they don’t want black kids to succeed they want them to stay thinking i have to look a certain way, and i can’t leave the house unless my hair and everything is perfect. they want us to stay in a mentality of just being superficial, so we don’t focus on important things like education.

  34. mstoogood4yall on said:

    And now that more ppl are going natural they gotta try to find a way to get back at us. These ni@2@ s are fighting the power with their afros, cornrow, etc, they coming from under our spell and waking up. Oh no we gotta make sure these ni@@rs stay under our spell if not we’ll make more bs rules to tell make them conform.If they don’t do what we want we’ll fire them and expel them from school and make their lives miserable. Reminds me of how the good ole days when whites would keep blacks from voting by having them take unnecessary tests. Now they trying to keep black kids from going to school by saying ur hair isn’t acceptable. smh what they gonna do bring back the dam pencil test, u know i wouldn’t be surprised if they brought back the pencil test as a way to determine if ppl were following the dress code. Its going back to the 50’s by the time obama out of office it will be just like the 50s

  35. I agree and I’m okay with cutting hair, but if a melinated man or woman for that matter wants to keep their hair in a fro or braid it up,then let them. why should they have to cut their hair off.. To fit this cookie cutter image that they have for us. I grew up with “crazy, curly, unmangeable” hair and at the age of 14 my aunt threw some that “creamy crack” on it to manage it better. She would tell me that girls with straight hair looked better than the mess that was on my head. 😦 . Truth is , she didn’t want to deal with and didn’t want to teach me the proper way to care for my hair. My grandfather was devastated and he kept telling me not never let anyone mess in my head, and sometimes that meant even “family” if I felt they didn’t know what they were doing… I went natural 2 years ago, and its the best thing for me and my hair. Those relaxers are just … something weird about them. And my hair isn’t “unmangeable” at all. If she just would of told me to use some natural oils and braid it up at night, then I would of been set. SMH…
    Quickly finding out that home school is the way to go. “oh you don’t want my child in your school, because their hair is natural?, F!@# Off and Ill keep my child and school them myself!”

  36. @ alia

    That is good for you. its crazy too that my aunt was the one to put the creamy crack in my hair. My mom used to put a jheri curl in my hair then my aunt was like no that is out of style and put the relaxer in my hair and she made the comment that my hair is the type of hair that needs something in it smh. I am now transitioning to natural and can’t wait to be fully natural. Our hair is amazing and strong, i remember i broke a comb that said guranteed not to break and this was with the jheri curl, lol so i can’t wait to see how strong my natural hair is. Imo natural hair is beautiful and u actually have to style it and learn it, whereas with relaxed hair i just put it in a ponytail and didn’t make much of an effort to style it. Now i do flat twists and twistouts, and am learning different hairstyles thanks to the natural sistas on youtube. I think when ppl think about natural they picture the old slave movies, and feel ashamed and use that as a way to attack ppl who are natural. Like u look like the person from roots or something, it’s like is that supposed to be an insult? Just because u are ashamed of being a descendent of slaves isn’t true for everybody else. That is why i think a lot of ppl who do that are whitewashed and full of self hate.

    It will be great if more black ppl took their kids outta school because a lot of schools gets money based on how many students attend, hit em where it hurts their pockets. Umar johnson spoke on how the schools will say oh this child is acting up and call their parents and tell them they won’t put it in the childs record that they were suspended and the parents think the school is doing them a favor. When really they aren’t because the school gets paid based on how many students they have and the attendence, so if they keep sending that child home and not recording it they are still getting paid for that child even though that child is not going to school and learning. These snakes are tricky.

  37. mstoogood4yall on said:

    And as far as cutting the hair, maybe because its kinda like the samson thing where his hair was his strength, our hair is our identity, our culture, our birthright, they are jealous and so they try to convince us it is ugly and needs to be tamed and cut.

  38. Tyrone on said:


    In order for black people to have peace of mind on this planet, whites have to wither on the vine. They can’t be saved, their behavior has not changed. I dont care what happens to them at this point in history. Blacks who choose to pledge allegiance to whiteness will suffer the same fate as them…Ultimately! The Treyvon Martin Trial is Exhibit A. Please forgive me for forgetting the name of the young Sista who is the prime witness for the State. In her testimony, she stated that Treyvon described Zimmerman as a “creepy cracker” who was following him. I watched some of the cable news shows after work, and i was vexed in the worst way. A young blackman had his life snatched fromim by some white/mestizo man with a white jewish father who is equally racist. But, the albinos aren’t outraged about the killing of Treyvon. Instead, they’re offended because he called Zimmerman a “Cracker.” Lest we forget, these are the same people that love to call themselves niggas in the company of ignorant black folk. Whitewomen are showing their asses right now, with regard to this case. Beating up on a 18 or 19 year old just because she is not some whitewashed sista from the Burbs…F**k Them! I wanted to throw a rock thru the tv. Blacks who are trying to save white folk are wasting their time and energy. Paula Deen thinks a blackwoman can save her…Typical White Response. Black folk ain’t Zombies…WTF?


  39. They’re only important as lessons on how we’ve been manipulated.

    The concept of love and marriage in this society has always been distorted from its actual function which is to build families. DOMA being put into place and being struck down both fit the images that they needed to burn into our minds at particular times.

    Remember, it was passed in 1996; the same time that the internet was becoming mainstream and allowing millions of non-white people to access information and imagery of white perversion.

    DOMA generated cognitive dissonance. On one hand you had white people both Democrat and Republican voting for it overwhelmingly (it initially passed 342-67 in the house and 85-14 in the senate) while on the other hand internet pornography was blooming like weeds – literally everywhere. There wasn’t a guy (or girl) in any of my middle school or high school classes that wasn’t using it to download porn.

    Anyone here remember dial-up AOL back in the day as a kid? You could get hit by 8 or 9 sex bots a day asking you to ‘check out their cams’.

    Now that non-whites have normalized homosexuality, white people are feeling more and more free to go back to more classical lifestyles

    As far as VRA, during important elections the winner is chose ahead of time so it doesn’t matter. So long as we aren’t talking about wholly black owned and operated cities and nations it’s just more white noise to distract us.

  40. mswanda on said:

    I read that the witness in the Martin case is Haitian and english is her third language. So that’s maybe why she talks funny. White folks are looking for anything to defend Zimmerman. Reading blogs and the racist comments from whites is making me ill. They say things like “trayvon deserved to die” or “one less nigga to rob us” These people are sick. And they are saying that this child attacked a grown man that was stalking him. If that is true maybe Mr. Martin was standing his ground. Paula Deen can’t be helped. The Jew media is the one doing this to her. A jew female is suing her and she is throwing black people in the pot to strengthen her case. Black people can care less about Paula Deen. I’m more concerned about these cop/pigs killing our people, discriminating against us in employment, Blacks catching hell just trying to live our day to day lives. I can care less about what some white female thinks about me. Why isn’t Donald Trump catching hell? Just two weeks ago he said Blacks and Latinos are more violent and commit most of the crimes. He is not catching hell because he didn’t say anything about Jews. Now it will look like Black people are gonna be blamed for Paula Deens Downfall when we had nothing to do with it. Wow, I didn’t know we had so much power. First it’s our fault the gays can’t get married and now we took down Paula Deen.

  41. honeytreebee on said:

    Hey Tyrone,
    Do you think that here in the U.S. that the light skinned latinos will be the next new white people? I mean it seems to be going that way and it would boost their numbers and slow the rate of their decline. I think that WP’s will do this till there is no more POCs left. I see the latinos going first because they are christian, like large families, are eager to be here are viewed as docile and would be eager to push us out. Then maybe light skinned asains, then arabs as these two groups resist full indocternation as the either have no religion or are not yet eager enough to drop their heritage to be white. I think that is why they are bombing the hell out of the middle east to weaken them and get them ready when their numbers drop again. I’ve also noticed that every group that became white used to have a large birth rates slowed and is almost extinct. Think spanish, italians, irish and such. I wonder if this will happen to the latino population too? Is this how they plan on doing population control? I think at this rate they will coop everyone, but us. Yeah, they may get some of us, but black women marry only 5% and marry only about 1% white the rest is nonwhite men. Black men while not as low still choose in large majority black women. I think they are trying to figure out how to get black women to be with white men. Black women have shown that they are not really interested in white men as there isn’t really a shortage of white men who would sex, date and even marry black women it is that most black women even if, they found a WM physically attractive just can’t seem to go through with it. If, no bM are avalible they either stay alone or find other men that are nonwhite. I think the whole t.v. scandle show, the doma thing, and even the tryvone martin thing is done to set us up. They are trying very hard to make dating WM the norm for BW with that show and others like it. If, you can’t get a man then try a woman is their next pitch, their last one is to portray us as tratior to our men and show us that our black sons will never make it to manhood and will and can be destroyed at random. I see they have cooped some black men into marrying out, being gay, and or destroying them all together. While showing sisters as not caring for them. It is tough for us and will only get tougher and rougher as 2016 comes closer y’all. They know we are the holdouts and they are coming for us. So, Tyrone got any stratigies for the ladies how to hold on when so much is going to make it so tough for us ladies out here to find our BM.

  42. Yes, Negress, THEY ARE Terrified of us coming to grips WITH the truth of who they are and that the days of StockHolm Syndrome is on the way o u t! These Bitches have Murdered close to 5Million people ALL OVER the World in the last 10 years alone and made homeless refugees of many more. There are at least 1Million orphans in Iraq at present. THIS IS THEIR Work.
    Last week on the train minding my business, this Neanderthal Fuglerud wanted to know what was the pendant I was wearing. When I noticed it was showing, I covered up. He persisted in questioning me and I completely Ignored him. His Neandethal Feemale had to be restrained from hostilities, so he asked was it “satanic?” I had to call, no, summon, (hahahaha) every fibre in my body to stop Bustin out laughing! I firmly and politely pointed out that what I was wewqring and my personal beliefs were no concern for him, but his Bitch started to Foam at the mouth and siad that, she “didn’t care” and that I was evil etc etc etc . When they got off the train they couldn’t even look at me (Ankhcestors, Baby!)She was just going crazy on the platform (Ankhcestors, Baby!)LOL. To cut to the chase, Dr. Cress Welsing, Dr.Umar Johnson and Dr.Amos Wilson Ashe, would of being proud of me because I too was once a RAGE, but, I learnt from them and their example and I didn’t shame my people, BECAUSE I WAS IN CONTROL and THAT made them TERRIFIED. DON’T you EVAH feel bad for these Beast! They have had the chance AND the choice to do the right thing and they consistantly choose Evil everytime. They have at present their own people telling them the truth BUT they prefer to turn them into Scapegoats OR kill them. They call some of them “whistle blolwers”. They kill off their own for trying theo expose Evil, So they have sealed their fate IN EVIL.
    Please remember that the “soldiers” who are NOW Raping children as a specialty and Torturing innocent people and Droning them were only BABIES in the 80’s and 90’s!!!
    The fact that I wasn’t into Churchianity, but returning to my Spiritual Heritage had these two Bitches in a quandry. THRILLER…….

  43. Forced Reality on said:


    I am new to this awakening process. I know that people speak of raising their vibrations. Is there a book that you can recommend that explains what the vibrations are and how to raise them?

  44. blakkminded on said:

    Has anoyone noticed that white people are always attempting to give black folks guidance on how to live their lives? They tell us to get off of welfare; go to school in order to have a more prosperous life; how to dress and how fix our hair and how to speak. It seems as if most whites believe that we (blacks) are literally wards of the STATE. And that this is what gives them the impetus to belittle and speak to us in a condescending manner.

    But yet, they never self-reflect and take a look at themselves. I surmise that taking inventory of themselves involves responsibility and whites for the most part as a group are in fact irresponsible people and are in fear of realizing the truth about themselves. THAT THEY ARE EVIL!

  45. Forced Reality on said:


    I agree!

  46. Forced Reality on said:


    Would you be willing to share your beef bone broth recipe?

  47. Tyrone on said:


    What’s Good Mama? As always, appreciate the feedback. Honey, it’s vital that blackwomen know the real deal, as it relates to race, identity, and relationships. How do i construct race in a world that lies about race. I’m pro-black and pro-blackwoman, all of the other ish is noise to me. Blackmen are supposed to beautify their own lawns, it’s not our job to worry about what other men are doing. I respect all men, but, all of them don’t respect us as blackmen. The bs that goes down on this planet is male-driven by and large. As a general rule, i trust no man not of my tribe…Period! Also, we have to properly identify folk, racial confusion is deadly. White is White! Honey, don’t be fooled by white spaniards, arabs, italians, jews, etc. Them having black blood means that blackwomen were raped by their white forefathers. Naturally, the mixed whites don’t want angry blackmen to focus their attention on them. They will swear up and down that they’re not white, which is bs. The US and European whitemen are trying to save mixed whitewomen in the Middle East for themselves. It’s bigger than just oil, the women are coveted by other whitemen because they’re mixed with black…Kim K! As to Asian men, the same rules apply. Like whitemen, they use their “whitewomen” as fish bait to fool blackmen. The most attractive Asian women are the “Brown Girls” who are told to bleach their skin. Sistas, don’t believe the bs you see in media. Blackwomen in Asia have been exploited just the same as those in Africa, Central Asia, South Asia, Oceania(Pacific Rim), and so forth. A lot of blacks in the US have no clue about blacks in this part of the world…Hawaii, Tahiti, Samoa, Guam, Borneo, Solomon Islands, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia, India, etc. Anyone that knows my line of thinking, is aware of this Universal Truth…Blackness Runs Thru The Female. This is the dynamic that is most prevalent on the world stage. In spanish culture, black female beauty is exploited and commodified, asian culture exploits and commodifies black beauty as well. At this time, we have a planet full of women that look like blackwomen partnered with men who don’t. This is the end result of non-black males using the wombs of blackwomen to further their own racial agenda. The real fight is for the hearts and minds of blackwomen, f**k what you heard from them folks? Blackmen are wasting their seed for whitewomen, Why? White females will always envy blackwomen, they have no desire to raise their black offspring to be pro-black because she can’t walk in a blackwoman’s shoes. Basically, blackmen are fathering white children with tan skin. As to blackwomen, they need to realize that they’re in bed with a bunch of jealous-hearted men who will try to segregate them from their black brothers by default. Sistas, don’t hate us so much that you lose sight of what’s really going on? Driving a wedge between black women and men has always been the primary objective. A lot of sistas are pushing white supremacy and don’t even realize it until it’s too late…this applies to asian men as well. Only 3 tribes on the planet…african, asian, and anglo…Race Rules! Once sistas understand these truths, the rest is easy!!!


  48. ‘I love throwing up’…
    How can someone LOVE throwing up? And how can you brag about giving someone an STD, anal sex and cutting wounds into people?
    She’s beyond sick. Someone kill it already.

  49. A woman who’s radio show I listen, talked about this. She basically says that the only reason they are trying to prohibit Black girls from wearing natural hairstyles (including braids) is because the little white girls they attend school with, are both envious and fascinated with the hair. She herself, had a white parent come up to her and admit – with her head lowered with shame, that her daughter – was obsessed with the radio personality woman’s daughter’s hair and that she ‘wished she had hair like that/looked like HER’. Now we all know that if Caucasians hate one thing, it is being reminded of how basic they are and to have one of their own offspring, desire the features of a people that are so called ‘ugly’ and ‘inferior’ (and of course they know that this not true – hence their obsession etc). Another, is not be able to give that child what it wants. And Caucasian women know, that they will never be on the Nubian woman’s level. Not when they can’t yet manipulate their dead ‘hair’ strands to be like ours. They have ‘pretty much’ (or you could say to some extent), mastered everything else but not the hair. And Caucasians, when it pertains to be Blacks would always demean whatever it is they can’t emulate. Now imagine being a Caucasian WOMAN and having your daughter come up to you and say: ‘mommy I HATE my hair. I wish mine was curly and big like Latoya’s! How comes she can put her hair in all different styles and the only thing I can do is put it in a pony tail?’
    You’ll know for a fact that you’ll be calling EVERY white parent you know who’s child attends that school and within a matter of days, you’ll be down there – voicing your concerns with the principle. ‘Voicing your concerns’ being: ‘I don’t want these Black girls wearing their hair the way they are currently doing so because it is making my little Becky upset’. Viola. And we are talking about a predominately white school here.
    Caucasians know the power of our hair. They’re more fascinated and more engrossed in our HAIR than they are themselves. Of course nothing will make them happier or more comfortable, if you were to chop it off or make sure it stays lying down like how their canine fur does. Then they won’t feel as inferior.

  50. Mickey on said:


    If you don’t mind my asking, was the pendant an Ankh? I noticed that you said “Ankhcestors”. Good one!

  51. Mickey on said:

    Speaking of Paula Deen and some Black people’s defending her, here is what Tariq Nasheed has to say:

  52. To Forced Reality
    Here is one of my beef broth recipes enjoy.
    5 pounds of beef marrow, knuckle bones, bits of leftover beef
    4 pounds meaty rib or neck bones
    5 or more quarts cold water
    6 onions, coarsely chopped
    4 carrots coarsely chopped
    1 celery stock, coarsely chopped
    sea salt – optional – only after broth is completed

    Place all of your bones that have meaty bits on them on a large cookie sheet (with sides) or roasting pan and brown in the oven at 350 degrees until well-browned (30-60 minutes usually).
    Meanwhile, throw all of your non-meaty marrow bones into a stockpot, add the water. Let sit while the other bones are browning.
    Add the browned bones to the pot, deglaze your roasting pan with hot water and get up all of the brown bits, pour this liquid into the pot. Add additional water if needed to cover the bones.
    Bring to a boil and remove the scum/foam that rises to the top. No need to remove the floating fat. Reduce heat, cover and simmer for at least 12 hours and as long as 72 hours. The longer you cook the stock, the more rich and flavorful it will be.
    After a 2-3 hours you will want to ‘rescue’ any of the meat you need for recipes or marrow that you’d like to eat.
    After you simmer for 12-72 hours, add the veggies take the lid off and let cook until the veggies are tender. Then add desired herbs 0ne cup of parsley, one bunch of thyme, sage, 2 to3 sprigs of rosemarry add last 30 minutes.
    Let stock mellow strain save bones for next time then let stock cool completely should become jello once cooled and placed into refridge. If, not resimmer on stove as there is too much water in it. If jello forms when cooled in fridge then you did it right. Enjoy.

  53. Forced Reality

    I’ve read books by Jewel Pookrum, Phil Valentine and Brother Polight has great videos on Youtube. In fact, all of the stated scholars have great videos for free.

  54. Leviqueen on said:

    On behalf of the Original gods and goddesses and hue-man beings of the earth I would like to make a public announcement!
    There is a desperate movement going on by the caveman and woman, beast, leperous demons etc to promote interracial dating with us melanin rich hue-mans! I’ve seen now more than ever more commercials, movies, silly music videos which promote and push interracial dating geared directly at us Hebrews!!! It’s a desperate attempt and last stand before Edoms destruction to assimilate and mate it’s way into our kingdom and melanin protection. HELLLLL NOOOOO!! Reject the cave man and beastess kick them to the curb!!! Be fruitful and multiply just like Yah commanded US with each other!! Continue bringing forth blessed melanin rich children to this earth!!! And let the earth continue its PURGE of the white devil!!
    That’s is all stay blessed!

  55. No, it was Not an Ankh.

  56. Please watch the Youtube “The Nature of the Beast…An Investigation of Common Purpose. Watch ALL of it and pay attention to the time frameof 38:55. You may begin to overstand and realise HOW and WHY many African people and yes, People of Colour,Still defend, apologise, sympathise and forgive Neanderthals for treating them Less than Shit! Mind- CON Big time, Baby!

  57. Man you hit the nail on the head!!! Thanks for responding and for posting . I agree that this is exactly what’s going on . I too have felt before that I only looked “put together” if I had straight hair. I don’t know what it was but a couple of years ago I just decided to go natural. It’s been a journey as my husband met me with straight hair flowing down my back lol but I’ve had to tell him it wasn’t healthy and he understands now .. I actually feel more liberated and free. Not to mention I have a 9 year old that was constantly asking me to flat iron her hair. Which to me was weird because I’ve always felt her hair is so pretty and it fits her.. But I finally got it.. If mommy has straight hair and isn’t embracing her natural curls than why should I … So I think it was a combination of setting a good example to her of being comfortable in
    My ski and not putting crap in and on my body… She’s funny as she’s always running her hands through my hair and now she states how she wants her hair more curly like mine lol kids.. But you know I’m happy she is now comfortable and doesn’t ask as much o alter her appearance .. On another note, DOAN posted things about how not letting our kids hang out with whites.. Well most of her friends are little white girls with straight hair and she tells me how they either play in her hair or talk about how curly it is… Grrrrrr I’ve told her not to let folks be all in her hair , so I’ve had to bun or braid it up at times because I don’t want her to draw in negative energy…

  58. @ all

    Yes i see the interracial agenda being pushed. i was on abagond’s blog and a commenter was saying how interracial will not breed out racism and another commenter said it would because there would just be mixed ppl. What i get from it is this. THey can’t accept us only tolerate us, u tolerate unpleasant things like a toothache, headache,etc. But they are more willing to ACCEPT mixed ppl than black ppl. They want us to have mixed kids with them so they will be white identified and there will be a new category of mixed, then the numbers of mixed blacks will be more than blacks born from 2 black parents. I do think they will claim light skinned latinos, that vid of those girls saying racist things and one of them was latino. They know we are stronger than other ppl so they will try to capture us last save the best for last lol. Then after the latinos it will be light skinned asians offered white membership. Maybe biracials will be offered membership as well or if not they will be the new black. They are locking up and killing off black men, and some black men are killing off each other. Notice the cops don’t care if blacks shoot up their neighborhoods, and don’t really patrol there. They only care when it is white neighborhoods. I just hope when george get off they don’t destroy their own neighborhoods, but take it to the white neighborhoods where they racist behinds defended george.

  59. Forced Reality on said:

    Thanks DOAN!

  60. Forced Reality on said:

    Thanks honeytreebee!

  61. Nat Turner's Revenge on said:

    Please forgive Sis/Hung. I watched @least 20min. Of Rev. C.L. Bryants’ Runaway Slave. Please don’t ban me from your sites. I didn’t know & damn sho’ ain’t mean it. Not being able to get that precious, what could’ve been productive time in life back is punishment enough…

  62. Yea^^^!i had posted something earlier this week about the Trayvon Martin murder.. On Facebook some Europeans created a page off the post mortem image that was shown for ALL to see on national tv, and are making a meme/mockery of it.. (Placing picture of this poor dead boy, in very disgusting and disrespectful ways). It boiled my blood down to the core because he was a CHILD who was murdered and they just showed it on tv like nothing , I have NEVER seent his done on any child that’s been murdered.. But with him they did it.. Long story short… Stop watching tv and don’t get involved in the trap. While we want justice, someone mentioned to me that its a trap, a distraction, and of course it’s going to anger us.. That’s what they want .. US to be angry..

  63. emile on said:

    I think that we all have to go back to the very beginning and re-read the posting to which DOAN is referring. The post’s title was directed at us for a specific reasons, for our personal reflection(s) on how our contemporary behavior is primarily some of the causes behind the challenges we face in all areas of people activity. If we earnestly practice the method of refraining from criticizing ourselves and other Black people as Dr. Welsing has suggested, I think we can begin to see some progress in our personal lives. It will not be easy, as self-analysis and self-criticism are hard things to do, especially with all of the other behavioral characteristics we must get rid of, i.e. control of our emotions, super-ego and attitudes about self. This is not to say we are not victims of centuries-old processes of brainwashing, abuse and mistreatment by the SOR (mistreatment). But it will give us a chance to strengthen those personal areas that need the most redemption.

    I’m placing an emphasis upon “personal” aspects of our individuality as Black and non-white people because this is the first step any of us can take if we’re serious about realizing justice. As they say, the first step in solving a problem is acknowledging that the problem exists.

    Let’s face it: we have a lot of problems. Lots of problems. If each of us focused, bit by bit, day by day, on those things that we can realistically change in our personal lives the best way we can, then we will begin to see the greater potential we have to positively affect others on an aggregate level through our actions. To me, affecting other peoples’ behavior through positive and reaffirming examples does work. It would get us at least half way toward reaching our goals in solving some of these problems. We have many areas of our functioning lives that need immediate attention, requiring sincere efforts on our part to ensure that future generations will emerge and become armored with a cleaner and saner knowledge of self. This is the message I get through re-reading the post, especially when reflecting upon all of those things that have happened in my lifetime, both directly and indirectly.

    The protocol of suppressing whites’ input on this blog is therapeutic and an extremely wise choice, not because there’s a purposeful, racial bias against them. It is because these are the critical, self-defeating issues where work is needed for improvement in our lives. This blog is a good thing because it provides Black people with a medium on which to air/vent/express our emotions and frustrations in an insane world of injustice and mistreatment, in a constructive and helpful way. The kaleidoscope of shared information, viewpoints and positive, mature dialogue here could perhaps be one of the best tools some confused reader might happen to come across, influencing them in a positive way at a very confused period in their lives. Therefore, the very last thing any of us need is projection, deflection, condescension and put-downs from the very perpetrators of this confusion.

  64. Emile

    Self reflection is the most important thing we need to start doing immediately. It’s hard because none of us wish to see the demons within ourselves.

    Have you noticed whenever I post on our dysfunction and actually DOING SOMETHING and not just giving lip service, I get very few responses and comments?

    Emile, we have a lot of work to do if we want to live. As for allowing edom to comment on here, I wish to remove them from all aspects of my black life. To me they are useless.

  65. Great video! othing but the TRUTH!! Lol

  66. DAMN these F**king white ppl. these evil group of Demons will soon get whats coming for them, and my God! i can’t wait, for this Sh*t to0 go down.lol

    Whties your time is up and your HELL! is Knocking at the door

    DIE DEMONS!!! u wont be missed at all

  67. There will be no peace until you pay for sins and when that day comes(and it is coming) i will ENJOY IT! no sadness on this end.

  68. Ms. J on said:

    @ CrissJensen

    Very interesting video!! I recall reading about how a lot of the integrated factions of the Civil Rights movement were rife with tension between black males and females because many of the white females involved were having sex with the black males.

  69. Tyrone on said:


    As blackmen, we need to realize that the real battle is between blackwomen and whitewomen. This is the deal…whitemen know that sane blackwomen don’t want them, so, they use whitewomen as a bridge to blackness. Whitewomen are white just the same, but, they’re female. Blackmen are the alpha male, so, many of us feel that we should have sexual access to all women, regardless of race. Whitemen know that we have a lot of sexual frustration within us due to slavery. Knowing this, they present white females to us on a silver platter. The Swirl is not about love and racial harmony, that’s bs…it’s about dna and genetics. Mixing with asians and native-americans is not gonna save them, our blood is the strongest. Blackmen are still in sex mode, some of us don’t see the evil that is within whitewomen who lust blackmen…they don’t love blackmen. How can they covet blackmen and hate black womanhood? Black Vagina Envy is real in the minds of pale women. Any woman with brown skin will be hated by women were not blessed with such beauty. Any blackman that supports white womanhood is not worthy of membership in our race. Biracials, it’s not about you, self-hating blackmen don’t love you either. Their mixed daughters are black, yet, they have no love for their black sisters. We wonder why mixed blackwomen are so confused, blame their black fathers. Pushing Snow White out of our beds is the final stage in the process.

    Peace CJ

  70. Tyrone on said:

    @Ms. J

    I read this blog from time to time, it provides insight into the mindset of whitewomen via blackmen. On the blog, it also talks about the whitewomen who came from The North who engaged in orgies and the like with blackmen who were involved in the civil rights movement.



  71. dang criss u post that vid on every black blog i’ve seen lol. That’s right get the word out there. I do think white women want what black women have which is to create strong black kids. All the greatest black athletes come from black women, not white women. They think they can do it better than us. Whites view everything as a competition and want to be on top. So this is why we see biracials of white women and black men being pushed as beautiful and getting movie roles and things. They are willing to buy the competition to win, even if there are black ppl who are more talented than them, they will back that person because they come from them. It seems white men and white women have had some envy of black women, because they are always talking about us. They are always focused on black men’s sexuality as well. White men display homosexual tendencies, why would they lynch a man then cut off his manhood? what straight man does that? none that i know.,but chimps have been known to pull mens genitals off when fighting.White women envy black women because we have black men and create strong black babies, they will figure out they can’t do the same even when they have kids with black men.Because a white woman cannot teach a child how to be black even if they do adopt a black baby, that is one part of the equation that they will never have . White men envy both black men and black women. THey envy black mens strength and sexuality, they envy black women’s features, just look at how they talk about mrs obama and serena williams. This is why some ppl think white women are less racist than white men, because some white women will be nice to black men but nasty towards black women, whereas white men are nasty to both black men and black women.

  72. I tried replying to your comment but it must of moved down further on this post. However I was stating that this Trayvon Martin killing has really brought the ignorance out in Europeans. This is in response to a post that I posted on my facebook about how sad it is that the media displayed a CHILDS POST MORTEM BODY ON NATIONAL TELEVISION FOR ALL TO SEE. I stated that no matter the race no ones family should have to deal with the nation seeing this picture and also because some Europeans took the image of his DEAD BODY and started posting it in disrespectful ways such as with images of shit, images of people stomping on him… mind you he is a CHILD who was MURDERED.
    So just today…. this happens white “friend” post the link to this on my facebook wall. DA FUQ?!

  73. Forced Reality on said:

    “People should be loved; things should be used. Unfortunately, we have it backwards.” –unknown

    I am really liking this quote!

  74. Yes. If you ever go into a debate with them they start talking about how the saved us, and that we should be thankful for slavery because they provided for us. SMH SMH SMH… who thinks like that?? oh White People. Sorry. Where would I be without you? Probably happy enjoying the plentiful bounties the Earth and the Creator had provided for me before you came along and messed it all up.
    Yea “thanks”.

  75. which brings me back to a post you posted a while back about the older white gentleman and the gas can and about how white people REALLY feel. If given the chance I now retract my statement. If they come looking for help in the event of when a world disaster happens I will not open my door to them , I will not help them? Why? Because I truly see what they are about, they think we’re a bunch of lowlife, classless Ni$$@#, who don’t deserve equal respect and equal treatment. Constantly saying how white people are the real victims and that no one cares about them. Constantly saying how we should be THANKFUL for them…. You never know how someone feels until they get with their buddies and start commenting about how they’re so high and mighty and know it all, do it all, and a good nigger is a dead nigger mentality. I’ve lost a lot of friends recently because I can’t be surrounded by their bullshit and their negativity. Facebook is my main communication with them, and they continue to show their azz on there with posting hate images and blogs about how whites are the REAL victims of this Trayvon Martin case. SMH .. Reminds me of when the OJ simpson case happened… people couldn’t wait for a Black person to do something bad, so they could talk about how useless and how we have criminal mentality inbreeded in us. No sir, You are the violent, careless, disgusting individual who has brought these “thug” mentalities to existence in the world. Get it right. We have always been peaceful, but you want to see it a different way.
    DOAN thanks for keeping the European infiltration on this blog away. ..

  76. Forced reality

    Me too.

  77. While living and traveling in the deep south I had the privilege of meeting and conversing with many people. An elderly black woman in her 80’s told me she was one of the first black educators in her town. She worked hard and saved her money to buy a home.

    Now blacks buying a home was not unheard of BUT there was a condition. A black person was allowed to buy a home as long as it was not BRICK. I remember sitting there looking at her dumbfounded. She then said to me, “You heard me, colored people were not allowed to buy brick houses.”

    All I could do is ask her, “But why?” She went on to tell me it was just the rule – COLORED PEOPLE COULD ONLY BUY WOOD FRAMED HOUSES.

    The school superintendent was notified of her desire to purchase a BRICK house. At first he “gently” tried to dissuade her but she refused to budge. His next step was to threaten to fire her. She still did not budge. He relented (not having a replacement for her) and she was able to buy her home.

    Resist the devil and he will flee from you.

  78. That is crazy, hmmm maybe they didn’t want black ppl to buy brick house only wood ones because they burn easier. sounds like they wanted black ppl to own wood so that if they got outta line the klan could easily burn their house down.

  79. Forced Reality

    You are welcome. Please let me know how you like it.

  80. honeytreebee on said:

    Hi Tyrone,
    Thanks for you feed back. I gotcha on the fakers and the takers. However, what I think a lot of sistas out here face is finding like minded brothas here especially out west. It is not enough that a man has black skin, but has to be an upright brotha that is family minded. If, TY is prblack and problack woman Honeytreebee is problack and problack man. I get you that a number has been done on our men all due to this RWS system we live in, but what can we do as black women to help our men snap out of it? Black women even according to WM are the least likely to get with him and most likely to stay with black men. However, I don’t think that is enough. I do see black women geting it together and bringing more to te table. However, as it gets paraded in fromt of our faces and living here the numbers of BM in interracial relationships is crazy high it is not just seeing it or their flauntung it, but the out right demand that you give up be alone or find someone else that has made some sistas move away. I find myself needing to take brakes and vacations away from here. This summer I’m finally going with friend to Senegal I’ve been spending lot’s of time with my friends from there and the islands and I tell you Ty without them I don’t know…

  81. Mickey on said:

    That’s exactly what I thought. Wood burns faster and easier than wood. And burning Black people’s homes back then was very common.

  82. Leviqueen on said:

    Amen! 🙂

  83. Tyrone on said:


    As black folk, we need to realize that the racists are out in the open, they’re not hiding anymore. The Swirl crowd is anti-black, the LGBT Crowd is anti-black, the Hip-Hop Crowd is anti-black, the ESPN Crowd is anti-black, the MTV Crowd is anti-black, etc. As we know, the colorblind racists are pushing IR relationships, homosexuality, and radical islam just to name a few. They’ve infected black media, black and non-black owned respectively. They use blackwomen such as Melissa Harris-Perry of MSNBC to brainwash blackwomen. Who in turn, brainwash their children and blackmen as well. They use naive sistas as a portal into the black community. Blackmen need to divorce themselves from society, any blackman or biracial that is pushing whitewomen and gayness on other blackmen is in bed with “The Beast.” All of the bs is connected, including abortion and illegal-immigration as well, it’s all an attack on the advancement of blacks in the US and globally as well. They call themselves Humanists, nothing humane about them. Cali and New York are their headquarters…Global Media Centers. Blacks in both states are already dead, mentally speaking. The lawsuit that overturned DOMA and Prop 8 came out of what state, Cali? Both states are going to hell, they can’t escape Judgement.


  84. Courtney H on said:


    How is Melissa Harris-Perry brainwashing? Could you explain? Thanks.

  85. EyesWideOpen on said:

    I just noticed this comment to me written a couple weeks back by Forced Reality: “Who’s sleeping with who is very important, unless you would like to see the black race diluted due to us breeding the black out.”

    It’s a non issue. Black genes are dominant. White genes are recessive and despite their delusion, whites are the true “minorities” on this planet (less than 10% of the world population). That, coupled with the fact that they are not having kids at replacement levels means that it is they, not us, who needs to worry about being “bred out”.

    Considering the nature of this blog, it’s ironic that some seem to be forgetting that the vast majority of white people are profoundly, pathologically racist and REPULSED at the idea of having sex – and children – with black people who they (still) consider subhuman. The subhuman part is also quite ironic since we now know that it is THEY who are the subhumans thanks to their Neanderthal DNA, but I digress.

    The fact that a small percentage of children born are of mixed race does not change the fact that the overwhelming majority of children are born to parents of the same race. It’s been that way since the races first encountered each other.

    Check out this post if you want hard numbers supporting the fact that racism is alive and well when it comes to dating and mating:
    How Your Race Affects The Messages You Get. Pay particular attention the table: “Would you strongly prefer to date someone of your own skin color / racial background?”

    I think it’s beautifully ironic and fitting that the caucanderthal’s persistent, pathological racism and inbreeding will play a significant part in their eventual extinction from this otherwise beautiful planet that wants them GONE.

    Based on the 1500+ comments to that post as well as the consist comments on this blog about “the swirl”, interracial sex is obviously a topic that is VERY important to A LOT of people. I get it, and I think I understand the real reasons why that is, but the facts are; history, logic, genetics and data do not in any way support the notion that the black race is in any danger of being bred out. That’s a white people problem – thankfully – not ours.

    I said it before but I think it bears repeating: our focus should be internal between the ears, not external between the sheets.

    The promised land is a state of mind.
    Majek Fashek

  86. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Me three. One of the things I love most about great quotes is that they pack a punch in very few words. I wish I could do the same!

  87. Agreed, and trying to help and show relatives in particular is the HARDEST part, some no longer speak to me. Some of them just come to life during ChristMess and act the part. ACT being the main word here, I believe one of your commentators said something about “forced reality! ” Well, it’s hard to wake the dead.

  88. Jay in the Black Dimension on said:

    While im sure you had the best of intentions, you have to be careful with many of these youtube revolutionaries and in this particular case, the Black females. After watching this video, I went on this young lady’s page and checked out some of her others. She has a video about how Black women are more mature when involved in interracial relationships. And in the comments section, she flat out says “Black women I urge you to move on!!!!”. Another youtuber sending mixed messages. In one video, she’s for Black empowerment, the next, she’s promoting laying with the people we have been at war with for thousands of years. Pay close attention to these types of people.

  89. Eyeswideopen

    Our lower carnal selves are what’s keeping us from ascension. Interracial sex is always a “hot topic” for those of us who put importance on it.

    For me, personally I’ve moved on from whites. They are no longer a concern in my life.

  90. C

    I stopped trying many years ago.

  91. Crissjensen on said:

    Ty, I agree Many of our women are starting to see the truth about this whole thing of whats really going on here.

  92. I recall the same thang, and it’s still is here today.

  93. I think she on point about many things as you can see when it comes to blackwomen and non-bw and also many black men and their evil attacks on the BW not saying all her videos are True, but sorry. this was on point about the blackwoman.

    Black love Rules!!!

  94. LOL! Just sharing the good stuff with all the black family. there’s more to come.

  95. Oh, and i agree with what u said, Thanks. @Mstoogood

  96. This was a well choreographed scene..

  97. Melissa Just Can’t Help Herself…. playing both sides of her race.

    she not for black ppl y’all watch ppl like this.

  98. White People’s Origins in the Bible: Lepers, Gehazi, Canaanites, Edomites

  99. It’s very interesting. Someone on here mentioned something about Latinos being next or being lumped into the same category. You know whats interesting is that I was in a relationship with a mexican and when he got with his family and friends, they would speak in spanish about black people. I’m like “hello” i’m sitting right here. It may not be true with all, as I don’t like to lump anyone as a whole, but ALOT of mexicans cannot stand black men and women. I grew up in a prodominantly mexican environment and I’ve heard them talk about us more than the whites in that area. My ex called me a “nigger bitch” to my face plenty of times when he got mad at me. So whats up with that? Thoughts. WHy do they feel as the better so called “minority”? But on the same thought,I never experienced discrimination or so called “hate” from other latino groups such as puerto rican, cuban and etc. I mostly notice Mexicans havin an issue with “us”. What gives. ?

  100. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Yes, I absolutely agree that an excessive emphasis on immediate gratification and our lower carnal selves – whether it be materialism, movies, music, TV, video games, web surfing, gossiping, food, drugs, alcohol and/or sex (interracial or otherwise) – is partly what’s keeping us from ascension.

    Elevating and controlling our thoughts – IOW mastering mental discipline – is the key to breaking those bad habits, detaching from the lower vibrations and ascending to the higher spiritual realms. It may not be sexy or trendy but it is the truth; There can be no transcendence without first mastering our mind because the mind is the gateway from the physical world to the spiritual world.

    Since most caucanderthals are either soulless or demon possessed, they are stuck on the physical plane, hence their pathological preoccupation and obsession with all things physical, material and sexual. We must always remember that we are not soulless psychopaths trapped in the physical realm like they are; the spirit world beckons and awaits any of us who are willing to pay the full price of admittance.

    That is why I occasionally – perhaps even hypocritically – poke my nose in here to give friendly reminders that our focus should be inwards on the things we can control instead of outwards on the things we can’t control and that frankly, are none of our business. Do we really want to emulate that filthy race of devils that is notorious for sticking their fucking noses into other people’s affairs?

  101. Pingback: Kemetix | 2nd Annual Black Homeschool and Education Expo July 19-21, 2013 in Atlanta, GA

  102. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Hi alia5012,

    “I’ve heard them talk about us more than the whites in that area.”

    That’s simply because no one – except maybe the Japanese – are as two faced as caucanderthals. I guess it boils down to how you like your hatred; in your face or behind your back?

    “My ex called me a “nigger bitch” to my face plenty of times when he got mad at me. So whats up with that?”

    I’ll tell you what’s up with that: His ass should have been out the door the first time he ever called you that. He should never, ever have been given the chance to disrespect you again.

    Ditto for low lifes who will switch to their native language in your presence. That is a MAJOR sign of disrespect. Don’t give your money, time or “goodies” to anyone who is that blatantly disrespectful. If possible leave immediately. If that would make too much of a scene then leave ASAP and never deal with them again.

    You have to play hard ball with low lifes: No compromise. No discussion. No remorse. And above all, no second chances.

  103. Matari on said:

    “My ex called me a “nigger bitch” to my face plenty of times when he got mad at me. So whats up with that? Thoughts. WHy do they feel as the better so called “minority”? But on the same thought,I never experienced discrimination or so called “hate” from other latino groups such as puerto rican, cuban and etc. I mostly notice Mexicans havin an issue with “us”. What gives. ?”


    Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Dominicans have, from my observations, a greater (or different) mix of African DNA in their blood line, on average, than most Mexicans …

    My guess is that SOME Mexicans feel that society sees them as being on par with blacks on the lowest rung of the RACE ladder – and no ethnic group wants to be perceived as low as we are perceived, so they project/delude themselves into a position where they can LOOK DOWN on those they believe are beneath them.

    It’s part of the, “at least we’re not black,” ethnocentric attitude that seems to be universal among poor and/or oppressed others.

    EyesWideOpen is right. Never remain in any situation where you’re not respected.

  104. Thank you for the input. It always helps to get another/other viewpoints. Yes. I got the heck outta there fast after I realized how verbally and physically abusive he was it was years ago when I was younger and little more naive. You never forget harsh words though. and I remember them like it happened yesterday. I’ve moved on from that and I notice that no matter what anyone says, the melinated men I have been with know how to treat their women. Its on a different level. We do belong together. that is for sure.

  105. Yes. thank you. It was years when I was younger and I got out the first chance I got. Like I stated below, it just has left an impression and most Mexicans I do come across eventually show their colors. I have stopped going to really any restaurants as I notice Asians like to talk about us in their language and so do Mexicans. You want my money, but you want to be disrespectful? No thank you. Thanks for your insight.

  106. Going a bit further, the nature of white supremacy has “poisoned” the relationship between Black people and other non-whites due to a false hierarchy based on skin color (Brown is othered, but lighter Browns seem less threatening to whites–don’t know how though its all melanin (!)), and hair texture. However, the scope of history shows that a part from Blacks, ALL other populations of non-white people have had genocide practiced against them–Tasmanians (no longer here), Indians (millions starved to death under British rule), just to name a few yet many of them have bought into the notion that they are “above” white racism being practiced against them and the war is ONLY between Blacks and whites.

  107. Love this post and thread, wow!

  108. Huedflower

    Stick around…the stuff white people say to me will blow your mind.

  109. anonymous on said:

    Colonialism, has affected them as much as it has the rest of us. During the time I spent there I immediately noticed that. In the past when every I watched Spanish soap operas there was always the Black maid feather duster in hand being interrogated about something that had happened. It is funny, because of the past history between Mexico and people of African descent. I concluded that colonialism, oppression, and white being pushed as desirable were the reasons why. I met with similar attitudes in Africa, and in Europe. I think that the RWS predominates all over the globe, and it has impacted standards of beauty worldwide, including the treatment and perception of people of African descent all over the world.

  110. Have you heard of the striking down of the Voting Rights Act of 1965? Clarence Sellout Thomas was the one who initiated this whole thing in the first place and Scalia is not far behind him either. It was such a sad day in history when it was struck down. The GOP wanted this to happen so that they could suppress the votes of minorities and win elections in the South easier. That is why they are requesting voter IDs so that they could choose which vote counts and which vote doesn’t count. These GOP Southern senators could now take advantage of this opportunity in suppressing the vote of minorities . How evil! Even gays are making more strides than us in this country!

    Did you hear about the Trayvon Martin trial lately? That George Zimmerman should go to jail! He is a racist.

    Man, do I want to leave this country so badly! I tell you guys, things will get worse for Black people in AmeriKKKlan once President Obama leaves office.

  111. I have nothing against Latinos or Hispanics, whatever you call them. My best friend is one.

    My mother can’t stand Latinos because she said that she experienced racism from them as you said with your ex. According to my mother, she said that MANY Hispanics think that they are better than Black people because they have lighter skin and ”straighter” hair. She tells me not to bring home a Hispanic male or date one.

    Then again, I have nothing against Hispanics. I actually see them as an extension of the Black Community since many of them have Black blood and are disenfranchised and oppressed just like Black people.

  112. Yea I don’t have anything against them. Just really my ex and his group of vile persons. I agree that the latino culture is an extension of afro culture, however I’m not sure about Mexicans. I’ve dated a cuban and a puerto Rican and it was a complete 360. I never felt the need to defend myself, never felt like they hated our culture and I’m very observant and watched the way these men carried on and mingled with our melinated brothers and it was very different. It was more of a peaceful brotherhood. I haven’t spent time on the eastcoast, but maybe it is different there. The Mexicans that I have observed. .. again taking into account that I grew up in the Southwest and spent a ton of time with them, only want to associate with each other, and feel threatened when one of us is introduced into their tight knit circle. They weren’t very comfortable associating with myself or any other of my “melinated friends”. I’m careful not to lump ALL of them into the same category, but based off of my experience most in that West Texas/Southwestern area could not stand us so called “black ” people. The women would talk about how nasty we are, and our butts are too big and nappy hair, and the men absolutely hated “black” men there. There’s a military base down there in El Paso, and the soldiers are given briefings that warn of this “threat” in the area and just to be careful. So with that being said, maybe its just that west Texas/Southwest region, but its definitely there. Not really sure why other than whats stated above , as they feel they are better because they aren’t us.. Its funny and I’ve mentioned this before. Every body else will dress like us, want to be like us, “rap” like us, and do their hair like us, but they dont’ want to be “us” . Like Paul Mooney said. “everybody wants to be a nigga, but nobody wants to be a nigga”.

  113. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Hi Phoebe,

    I agree that “the nature of white supremacy has “poisoned” the relationship between Black people and other non-whites.”

    This is part of the monstrous evil that whites can never be forgiven for. Even when there isn’t a white devil around for miles they are still disturbing shit with their divide and conquer tactics causing endless enmity between POC.

    They do this mainly through their movies which are seen around the world and create a very negative impression of black people on people who have never met or otherwise dealt with us.

    Hollyweird knows exactly what they can and cannot get away with. They know whites will boycott a movie in a flash by word of mouth if there is anything in it that they collectively don’t like. Movies wouldn’t keep disrespecting and killing us off first if whites didn’t love it.

    Yeah, that’s right. Whites don’t just “don’t mind” seeing that garbage, they actually LOVE it – they NEED it – because they are so insecure, so racist and so evil it actually makes them feel good to see us mocked, mistreated and murdered on the silver screen (just as in real life). That is their idea of “entertainment”.

    The last movie I ever PAID to see was “The Departed” in 2006. Not even two minutes into the movie, I was just digging into some over priced but delicious popcorn only to hear Jack Nicholson end his opening line with “…That’s what the niggers don’t realize. If I got one thing against the black chappies, it’s this – no one gives it to you. You have to take it.”

    “That’s IT.” I said to myself at the time. That’s the last time I ever give relentlessly racist Hollywood my hard earned money to insult me and my race. Only a fool with no self respect PAYS to be disrespected, especially in front of other people.

  114. Mickey on said:

    You could have flipped the script and let your ex know that in White America’s eyes, he’s a nigger as well. I have heard White people refer to them as “Spanish niggers”.

  115. @EyesWideOpen,

    The last movie I ever PAID to see was “The Departed” in 2006. Not even two minutes into the movie, I was just digging into some over priced but delicious popcorn only to hear Jack Nicholson end his opening line with “…That’s what the niggers don’t realize. If I got one thing against the black chappies, it’s this – no one gives it to you. You have to take it.”

    Ha! Take a person like me (i rarely watch television or movies) who enjoys reading. You need not look far as some of the “classics” that have all white characters shows a deep level of psychological obsession with Blackness and Black folks–when the plot is not even about Blacks!

    I would say this is a part of what Black folks should be interested in and why at every turn whites are ALWAYS alluding to us in their films, t.v. shows and literature even we don’t physically appear in their “entertainment”.

  116. phoebeprunelle on said:

    “even we don’t physically appear in their ‘entertainment’ “.

    Correction–that should read “even when we don’t physically appear in their “entertainment”.

  117. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Yes! A lot of people don’t realize how racist (and lousy) many of the “classics” are. I have the entire collection of “The BBC’s Top 100 Novels Of All Time” and the first thing I did before starting a novel was a search for the word “nigger” to see if it’s used, and if so, in what context.

    I’m no prude. I don’t have a problem if “bad words” are used in context (eg the way gangsters or racists would talk) but if it’s just gratuitous because “that’s how it was back in the day” I won’t even start reading.

    Everyone’s heard of Mark Twain, one of America’s most famous and revered writers. In fairness to him, he does have a few great, very witty and insightful quotes such as…

    Be careful in reading health books. You may die of a misprint…

    The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read…

    If you don’t read the newspaper you are uninformed, if you do read the newspaper, you are misinformed…

    Few things are more irritating than when someone who is wrong is also very effective in making his point…

    But here’s the ignorant, mean spirited, racist Mark Twain that you rarely hear about… He practically puts gangsta rappers to shame with how often he uses the word “nigger” when he gets on a roll.

    Continued in next comment…

  118. EyesWideOpen on said:

    From the supposed “Classic” The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer…
    “Ben told a NIGGER, and the NIGGER told me. There now!”
    “Well, what of it? They’ll all lie. Leastways all but the NIGGER. I don’t know him. But I never see a NIGGER that WOULDN’T lie.”

    Here’s a gem from “The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn.” Did he make a bet with someone how many times he could squeeze the word “nigger” into a couple of sentences? I put the word in upper case to make it easier to spot. Needless to say, I didn’t bother reading either book:

    Jim was monstrous proud about it, and he got so he wouldn’t hardly notice the other NIGGERS . NIGGERS would come miles to hear Jim tell about it, and he was more looked up to than any NIGGERS in that country. Strange NIGGERS would stand with their mouths open and look him all over, same as if he was a wonder. NIGGERS is always talking about witches in the dark by the kitchen fire; but whenever one was talking and letting on to know all about such things, Jim would happen in and say, “Hm! What you know ’bout witches?” and that NIGGER was corked up and had to take a back seat.

    Yeah, that’s real, great writing.

    Hemingway was another racist. Agatha Christie was a big time racist. You can Google “Agatha Christie racist” if you want more info. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. It’s not surprising that many, if not most, of the “classics” are over-hyped, pretentious garbage. True, great art, meaning art which moves you on an emotional or even spritual level, rarely comes from corrupted, mean-spirited, soulless psychopaths (aka caucanderthals).

  119. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Here’s an interesting quote from an interesting source that helps explain why so much of the “art” that comes from caucanderthals SUCKS unless it’s been stolen or aped from hue-mans:

    Neanderthals existed for 300,000 years yet there is almost no art at all to show for this enormous length of time, and not much progress in tools or weaponry. They may have been intelligent but they were NOT creative.
    Tenniel (white supremacist from Stormfront!)

    “They may have been intelligent but they were NOT creative”

    …just like caucanderthals until they were taught by the Moors and then stumbled into North Africa and STOLE their knowledge from the black Egyptians who built the pyramids.

    The closest you’re ever going to get to hearing whites talk openly and honestly about the defects of their race is to listen to what the more intelligent ones have to say about jews (jews are whites on steroids – they have more neanderthal DNA than regular whites), psychopaths (whites = psychopaths) and women (whites are genetically weaker than blacks, just as women are physically weaker than men, both compensate in remarkably similar ways).

    Eg Schopenhauer on women…

    As the weaker sex, nature has intended women to rely not on strength but on cunning: hence their pathological tendency to deceive and tell lies. Just as nature has equipped the lion with claws and teeth, the elephant with tusks, the bull with horns and the cuttlefish with ink, so it has equipped woman with the power of deception as her means of attack and defence.

    Dissimulation is innate in women and it is as natural for women to lie at every opportunity as it is for those animals to turn to their weapons when they are attacked. From this fundamental defect and all that it involves, springs falseness, manipulation, treachery, ungratefulness, and so on.
    Arthur Schopenhauer (Google for the full quote)

    Tell me, which RACE is NOTORIOUS for their cunning, lying, deceiving, manipulating and treacherous ways???

    I’ve found that little trick (switching the words jew, psychopath or women to white when informed white males are talking about those subjects) works remarkably well in learning what they really think of themselves. It’s classic caucanderthal projection since we all know that white men are perfect and godlike so there’s no need for them to ever analyze themselves.

    For any new readers, check out cynicalafrikan.com to see just how perfect they are lol.

  120. I realized years ago that all whites say about us is how they feel about themselves.

  121. So have I.

  122. I can bet, peace to you sis! I love the interaction on this thread, lots of knowledge being dropped. Thank you for sharing.

  123. @Eyes, Well Said!

  124. It’s all Jealousy about as a people many know who we are, and don’t like it. so many are trying thier damn hardest to kill us off, and its not only the white devils its many evil jealous nations that is against us.

  125. what they (whites) put on us, they know it’s really for them.

    The truth is coming out. watch and see!

  126. Well said, I wish I was as wise as you were. They have an inferiority complex and their insecurities is one of the reasons why they are racist against Blacks.

  127. Jay in the Black Dimension on said:

    I don’t want this to sound like a personal attack on anyone but, I have noticed a pattern with Black people when it comes to speaking the truth about racial issues. We have a lot to say about whites but we give other ethnic groups a pass. Much of this stems for the white people vs people of color philosophy. I’m so tired of Black people saying “well those people are oppressed too.” Then when you inform them that these other groups have oppressed or attempted to oppress Black people they come with the lame excuse of “they’ve been brainwashed through white supremacy.”

    Check the history. Arabs murdered, raped, enslaved and displaced Africans long before the European. Indonesians waged war against the negroid people of the South Pacific. Indians engaged in the traffic of slaves from East Africa. In Chinese literature they refer to Black people as devils or ghost. White happen to be in power right now, but what if it were another group? Do you really think that they would treat Blacks better?

    This is why I reject the POC label. I ain’t no person of color. I’m Black. My roots go back to the African continent. Stop labeling Puerto Ricans and Dominicans that have an inch of African blood as our people. They’re not.

    I know a lot of Black people love Neely Fuller Jr. and Dr. Welsing and I was a fan of Dr. Welsing at one point in time, but I have come to the conclusion that their philosophy of white people vs everyone else puts Blacks at a disadvantage. It is too dependent on whiteness and how whites view us and it perpetuates the myth of brotherhood between Black people and other non whites. So when a Mexican calls a sister a “nigger bitch” many of us want to give them a pass and brush it off as an offshoot of white supremacy.

    The truth is, Black people are on our own. Other groups care about the success of their own. Not “replacing white supremacy with justice” or “universal man and woman.” In fact, many of them want to replace white supremacy with their own form of supremacy.

    Acting as the moral conscious for the world is getting us nowhere. The world is harsh and it’s inhabitants aren’t going to give us a helping hand or slow down until Blacks catch up.

    If we are to succeed, our love for our people must extend beyond our relationships with non Black people. In other words, if I woke up one morning and racism had ended, I wouldn’t go out and marry a white, asian, arab, or indian woman. I would still follow the path set by my ancestors. I want my descendants to be Black like my anscestors before me. Black forever. And I say this without hate towards other groups.

    So how important is anscestry to you (everyone reading this)? Do you care what your future lineage looks like. Would you reproduce with someone of another race/ethnic group if there was no racism. Or do you wish to see you race/lineage/heritage/phenotype live on in perpetuity?

  128. Jay

    I’ve urged us to stop including “others” in our struggle and just focus on us. Excellent analysis.

  129. Forced Reality on said:

    Jay in the Black Dimension,

    Great post!!!!

    Our ancestry is very important to me. I have stressed a few times now that blacks should not reproduce with whites NOR other non-blacks; it causes some people on the blog to become agitated though.

  130. emile on said:


    I have to agree with your assessments, not because we hate other ethnic groups or that sort of “white” behavior. And yes, they are victims of the SOR (mistreatment) but we shouldn’t get it twisted. The days of coalitions (only to get screwed over/stabbed in the back by the same people you’ve supported) are over. I’ve known many people from other ethnic groups over my lifetime. On a personal level, they were genuine but changed liked a chameleon when they felt certain things said would give them a social advantage over me (Black people). But if there’s one thing that has been faithfully and repeatedly shown me is this: although we might been friends or good associates, had similar upbringings, struggles, etc., when push comes to shove, those people are down for their people. I’ve also learned that some of the bitterness others have against Black people who can’t hide Blackness under a different language, geography or culture is based upon the fact that they “do” know what the SOR (mistreatment) is all about. Whites automatically tell them that if they are to succeed, that must never be caught associating with “us” in any type of way, because we will only bring them down. In the meantime, I have seen, heard and read about so many other non-whites who have been manipulated all kind of ways by these white people, just for the sake of not wanting to be associated with “us”. A lot of Africans do the same thing, until they get mistreated in the manner that they mistreat us. I know that they are just as frustrated with SOR & mistreatment and its involvement, too. A lot of them think that they will escape the personal/family histories that they try to hide or cover up, which are in a lot of ways similar to our struggles here. Black people is the u.s. are always viewed upon as being less educated about others around the world. It’s just a social convention that they learn: mistreat Black people as a prerequisite for qualifying “honorary whiteness” in the u.s. Considering the history we’ve had as Black people, I think the only option we got is to do as the others for our own survival. We need to stop kidding ourselves.

    Based upon some of the things I’ve heard them say about us, I hardly think they are as brainwashed as we would like them to be. I’m not going to single out any particular group, since the number of competitors for resources, power and wealth have increased over the decades. Funny….things are turning out just as Dr. Anderson said they would…(oh well)…However, there are signs of hope that “some” of us are finally waking the f**k and realizing the deception and illusion of inclusion, especially with the refined immigration laws of late which clearly show the preferences for anybody and everybody but “us” in jobs, corporate contracts, etc., even at double-digit unemployment figures.

  131. Jay in the black dimension:

    I don’t want this to sound like a personal attack on anyone but, I have noticed a pattern with Black people when it comes to speaking the truth about racial issues. We have a lot to say about whites but we give other ethnic groups a pass. Much of this stems for the white people vs people of color philosophy. I’m so tired of Black people saying “well those people are oppressed too.” Then when you inform them that these other groups have oppressed or attempted to oppress Black people they come with the lame excuse of “they’ve been brainwashed through white supremacy.”

    Phoebe says:

    I have not read anywhere on this thread where any Black person has implied that other non whites have not done their share of harming Black folks.

  132. phoebeprunelle on said:


    I can almost say with a degree of certainty that most of the literature written by whites on through the postmodern age is loaded with racism and their true feelings towards Blackness…

    Yet there are some that stick out in my mind that i had to read as a kid going to school:

    Aldous Huxley
    Flannery O’Connor short stories
    Joyce Carol Oates
    Edgar Allen Poe (Almost all his stuff deals with a stupid macabre perception of the color Black)
    Tennessee Williams plays (All of them)
    and even the “master” himself–Shakespeare (Othello has been mostly blamed for the actions of Iago because he “internalized” the racism that was becoming prevalent in Italy)–lol wutt???

    Had it not been for my Grandmother buying me an African-American collection of plays and playwrights coffee table book set at that age–i’d have been scarred for life.

    Don’t even get me started on Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer–interestingly enough these titles were banned when i was coming up from school libraries–now they are going to be required reading for some adolescents–we got the summer reading list for my niece and she has to have Tom Sawyer read before the start up of school.


  133. Jay in the Black Dimension on said:

    I didn’t mention anything about this thread in particular. Like I said, I have noticed this pattern among Black people. Whether on the streets, blogs, youtube, whatever. Many Black people love to talk about this so called solidarity with other “people of color”.

  134. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Hi Jay,

    I don’t know about you but where I live, I’m surrounded by WHITE people. Not Arabs, not Indians, not Chinese and certainly not Indonesians. My life has been affected primarily by White Racism and White Supremacy as have the lives of tens of millions of other Black people in the western world. That is why our primary focus is rightly on caucanderthals. They’ve been the enemy for the past 500 years and they are the enemy right here, right now.

    I and, dare I say, most of the commenters on this blog are under no illusions that, basically, we “have NO friends” in this struggle.

    That said, it doesn’t change the FACT that Europeans were the first to REALLY exploit skin color as a tool for “divide and conquer”. Over the last 100 years they have used the media which they control to continue this strategy by demonizing all the races except their own but especially the black race.

    They have been so successful at this that most POC don’t even know who the real enemy is. Instead of hating white people for what they’ve done to their own people, they hate black people for NO REASON at all except white, racist propaganda. Instead of wanting to beat whites, most POC want to BE white or at least befriend whites. How whack is that?

    It is undeniable that whatever the state of relations between various POC were, whites have made them much worse since they have been on the scene. It is on that basis that I agreed with Phoebe when she said “the nature of white supremacy has “poisoned” the relationship between Black people and other non-whites.”

  135. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Jay said:
    “So when a Mexican calls a sister a “nigger bitch” many of us want to give them a pass and brush it off as an offshoot of white supremacy.”

    After rereading the thread, I am having trouble finding ANY examples let alone “many” examples of people giving that punk a pass. Care to quote a few examples?


  136. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Forced Reality said…
    “I have stressed a few times now that blacks should not reproduce with whites NOR other non-blacks”

    Surely, I don’t have to explain what is so VERY wrong with this statement?

    One of the first rules in life is, “Live and let live.”

    I would have no problem if you said, “I don’t want to reproduce with whites or other non-blacks” but saying, “blacks should not reproduce…”???

    WHO ARE YOU to say what blacks or anybody else should or should not do? This business of people concerning themselves with how other people live their lives has caused countless problems in this world for millions upon millions of people – if not billions.

    Could someone PLEASE explain what business it is of ANYBODY who other people have sex with or reproduce with as long as they are two consenting adults. I just don’t get this busybody mentality.

    “it causes some people on the blog to become agitated though”

    I reread my reply to your statement @EyesWideOpen “Who’s sleeping with who is very important, unless you would like to see the black race diluted due to us breeding the black out.” and it still seems to me like a fairly thorough but measured response as to why blacks being “bred out” is a non issue.

    Care to point out the part or parts that seem “agitated” to you or is an ad hominem response the best you could come up with?


  137. @EyeswideOpen
    She states the above because the general ongoing theme on DOAN’s page is how whites/Europeans are our downfall. So yes, breeding with them and having relations with them wouldn’t be in our best interest. For those of us that already are married/ in committed relations I’m not sure. But she is correct in saying “melinated ones should not be with whites”.
    Unfortunately they are our downfall and we must protect ourselves accordingly.
    Check out DOAN post below.. She doesn’t associate with whites and advises us to do the same with some good points.


  138. Exactly.

  139. Forced Reality on said:

    My conversation was with Jay and I did not say anything about you. I am not going to argue with you. I am not here to ARGUE with another black person. You need to chill.

  140. Forced Reality on said:

    Above was addressed to EyesWideOpen.

    In addition I have the right to state my beliefs without being attacked, so back off.

  141. I gotcha.. Maybe we should let DOAN address this. Not sure how to contact her other than replying but I’m pretty sure the one and only rule is no attack on the Black family. We’re all adults here. and Europeans are the ones we need to shut out and set straight.

  142. Forced Reality on said:

    Thanks alia5012. Maybe DOAN will get the chance to see some of these last exchanges on this post.

  143. Ellis on said:

    Very honest post. I agree with you. Other ethnicities as a whole despise us, think of us as inferior, even if they enjoy listening to our music. LOL.

  144. Ellis on said:

    This reply goes back to your post on literature.
    You said: “Agatha Christie was a big time racist. You can Google “Agatha Christie racist” if you want more info.”

    Yes!!! I recently discovered, on the Jim Crow Museum website (great website by the way) that Agatha Christie wrote a book called “The Ten Little Niggers”. Never heard of that book until this year and I’m 24. I doubt that many have heard of that book either due to today’s political correctness climate. There was me thinking that Christie wrote cute mystery stories. Lol. Oh well…

  145. EyesWideOpen on said:

    @Forced Reality,

    I see you like stating your opinions but not defending them. Got it. You have my word that I will never comment on anything you have to say again. Interesting that this started with you commenting on something that I wrote, but whatever.

    Personally, I love a good, healthy debate so to everyone else who enjoys them as well, please feel free to debate, discuss or disagree with ANYTHING I write. It’s one of the ways openminded people learn and grow. Providing I see it, and unless I’ve already said everything I have to say on the topic, I will NEVER not respond to any comments or questions addressed my way, either directly or INdirectly.

  146. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Hi Ellis,

    “The Ten Little Niggers”: Unbelievable but at the same time, not surprising. And as you say, it’s only because of political correctness that we don’t see more disrespectful, racist garbage like that. From the majority of white Ameriklans supporting the illegal, imperialist invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan to the majority of white Ameriklans seemingly supporting George Zimmerman murdering Trayvon Martin, I see very little evidence that whites have really changed.

    Thanks for mentioning The Jim Crow Museaum website, it looks very interesting.

  147. and another past post for anyone who doubts having relations with WP:

    @Alia, i think it is noble that Black people are sharing information with one another about white supremacy and how it can entangle itself in the romantic relations between Blacks and whites; however, a post does not and will not change a Black person’s mind about being with a white person especially if they have already decided to do so.

    If you personally deem such relationships a roadblock to Black unity–the only thing you can do is not make that decision yourself. I learned that a long time ago, and in fact, chastising adult Black men and women about not having romantic relations with white people will only backfire (they eventually will go that direction because you [the rhetorical you] “forbade” them to), this has happened several times in my own family.

    And if people are worried that ALL the white men and women are about to descend on the Black men and women–that simply won’t be happening as white people want to exist as white. There will always be a small percentage of Black people who marry them (as history has shown), however, most Black folk are going to prefer to be with other Black folk and our interest should be on empowering and strengthening these familial ties.

    Just my two cents.

  148. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Phoebe said:
    “If you personally deem such relationships a roadblock to Black unity–the only thing you can do is not make that decision yourself.”


    Personally, I would never marry or have kids with a non black woman unless she was an orphan. It’s just not worth the hassle, IMO. But that’s just me. So obviously, I don’t have an issue with people who feel the same way.

    To summarize, my contentions are twofold:

    1. Someone stated something about the black race being “diluted” by race mixing. I gave a fairly comprehensive reply as to why, IMO, that is a non issue. So far, none of the points I raised in that comment have been refuted.

    2. The even bigger issue, IMO, is the fundamental concept of “Live and let live” which is really a subset of “The Golden Rule”. People need to stop concerning themselves with how other people live their lives and focus on making the most of themselves and their own lives.

    Live your own life. Do WHATEVER you want to do, just stay the hell out of other people’s affairs – literally and figuratively. That is my beef. That is my message.

    How easy some of us seem to forget that we are in this mess because that filthy race of evil devils couldn’t LEAVE US ALONE in Africa to live our lives as we see fit. They STILL can’t leave us, or Africans, or Africa alone. I have no more tolerance for black people trying to dictate how others should live their lives than I do for caucanderthals.

    Some of my favorite quotes on this subject…

    Let everyone sweep in his own door and the whole world will be clean.

    There’s only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that is your own self.
    Aldous Huxley

    Others will manage or mismanage their own little kingdom. That is their business. See to it that you reign strongly over your own. Your entire well-being lies there. Leave the world and come back to yourself.
    James Allen

  149. Jay in the Black Dimension on said:


    “Could someone PLEASE explain what business it is of ANYBODY who other people have sex with or reproduce with as long as they are two consenting adults. I just don’t get this busybody mentality.”

    No long explaination is needed. This is a blog largely made up of peoples opinions on certain topics. If you really felt that way, you wouldn’t even be on here leaving comments. Technically you’re right, it’s nobody’s business. But can you say that you’ve never judged/wrote/said something about someone else?

  150. Jay in the Black Dimension on said:

    It was a general statement, which is why I started the comment with “I don’t want this to sound like a personal attack on anyone” because it wasn’t aimed at anyone in particular and not necessarily someone on this blog. As I said, it is a pattern amonst Blacks to give “POC” a pass. It would take me too much time that I don’t have to show you these examples but just go on youtube, and check out others blogs. You will find Black people all over talking about Black/Brown alliances, all POC sharing the same struggle, and other nonsense.

  151. Jay in the Black Dimension on said:

    1. As far as race mixing is concerned, it’s only a “non issue” when you are the majority population. If we are only 12 to 14 percent as the U.S. census indicates, then this can have grave consequences for us as we have already seen such as colorism, and lack of opportunities for Blacks of darker hue.

    2. That sounds easy, but when you are being oppressed and your very existence is constantly being degraded, sometimes you have to focus on the way other people live because sometimes the decisions they make affect you.

  152. Jay:

    “1. As far as race mixing is concerned, it’s only a “non issue” when you are the majority population. If we are only 12 to 14 percent as the U.S. census indicates, then this can have grave consequences for us as we have already seen such as colorism, and lack of opportunities for Blacks of darker hue.
    2. That sounds easy, but when you are being oppressed and your very existence is constantly being degraded, sometimes you have to focus on the way other people live because sometimes the decisions they make affect you.”

    Phoebe says:

    The U.S. Census also indicates that as of 2012, over 90% of Black men who has a wife described her as being Black. You are right, our population hovers around 14-16 % but i would say if there are any Diasporians who need to think–it would be those in the U.K. as they are only 1% of the population and the interracial marriage for Black men and women is well over 20% for both. But worrying won’t do anything. Like i said earlier, trying to convince Black people not to do the sex/marriage/dating thing with whites will only backfire. I have made my decision and my partner in life is a Black man. I can raise our future children to value Blackness and work for our betterment and in doing this, will ensure that they make a sound decision when it comes to a life mate.

    If another Black person pulls me aside and asks what do i think the pitfalls would be if they seek/choose a white partner–i will try my best to educate them on what i have learned and experienced from white supremacy. But still it is his/her choice.

    If you are interested, Paul Ifayomi Grant has written some great books on this subject, but at the end, his solution is to only be concerned with Black men and women who are building Black families. I’d rather do that than to make myself and my spouse crazy over what some Black folks are doing.

  153. Forced Reality on said:


    You had already made your thoughts known to me on
    07/01/13; I feel nothing else was needed to be said. We have differing opinions; I can agree to disagree. But you then tried to begin an argument following my attempt to have a conversation with Jay on 07/02/13. I feel that you are not looking for a debate; you are looking to argue and I do not care to do that. Feel free to find someone else to “debate” with.

  154. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Jay said…
    “Technically you’re right, it’s nobody’s business. But can you say that you’ve never judged/wrote/said something about someone else?”

    Do I have opinions on the way other people live their lives? Absolutely, who doesn’t? In fact, I have very strong opinions on just about everything including hair weaves, interracial sex, marriage, blacks using the word ‘nigga’ and on and on but I try to keep those to myself because a) it’s none of my business and b) it’s not what I frequent these blogs for.

    I’m here to learn the truth and to share the truth, as I see it, about caucanderthals because the truth really will set us free IF, and only IF, we internalize it. If we get our minds right then our actions will be right and eventually our emotions will be right as well. And as I stated in this comment the mind is the gateway from the lower physical world to the higher spiritual realms which is my ultimate objective.

    I understand that I have major philosophical differences here with those who think that we as a race will ever “get it together”. Frankly, for a multitude of reasons, I honestly don’t see it happening in my lifetime without devine intervention so I’m certainly not waiting around for it nor am I messing around. I’m doing whatever I have to do so that I’m ready ASAP for my plane ticket off this demon planet and on to the higher realms whenever that might be.

  155. EyesWideOpen on said:

    The following is a general clarification not meant for Jay specifically:

    re #2 above; When I say “People need to stop concerning themselves with how other people live their lives and focus on making the most of themselves and their own lives”…

    …In no way am I trying to mitigate the devastating effects of racism / white supremacy like caucanderthals who would pretend that RWS doesn’t exist and our success is solely dependant on us “pulling ourselves up by our bootstrsps”.

    I just wanted to make sure that’s perfectly clear.

  156. Tyrone on said:


    The Paula Deen controversy is a prime example of the fear that Gentiles have of so-called White Jews. Instead of talking about the allegations of a jewish woman that worked for Paula Deen, the media decides to focus on the n-word instead of the real issue. Slowly but surely, blacks and gentile whites are starting to realize that jewish white folk are s**t-starters. They’re bringing down this country brick by brick. Imagine the hoopla, if the real issue was out in the open?

    I’m not condoning her past indiscretions, she’s from the Deep South…Historical Context. However, her use of the n-word is a smokescreen. Paula Deen is a southern whitewoman that cooks soul food from a whitewoman’s perspective, and the liberal elites in Cali and NY hate her for it. Because she’s Southern, they see her as an easy target. Lest we forget, the real racists are in DC, New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, etc. I smell rotten fish, my third eye is not seeing what others claim to see.

  157. Tyrone on said:


    Spanish folk assume that blacks and whites in the US are stuck on stupid. White spaniards claiming to be non-white, spanish blacks hating themselves to please their slavemasters, mestizos/indians ashamed of their native-american ancestry. I don’t see how or why american whites would waste time with phony white people who are fakin’ the funk. I beat up on spanish folk a lot because they’re full of it…Seriously! How can they talk about diversity and other racial issues when all 3 tribes within the culture hate themselves…Am I Right or Wrong? Whites will still exist on this planet, but, they will look like a typical Italian. Really, whites are already mixed. The blonde, blue-eyed caucasian is a minority within a minority. Whites are conflicted, they don’t like the baggage that comes with being white. Yet, want to meddle in the affairs of black folk. They need to choose a side and be done with it. Black & Brown are the colors of my flag, can’t speak for other folk.


  158. Tyrone on said:

    @Courtney H

    I love her as a blackwoman, hate her politics. I despise liberals because of what they have done to the black family in this country. As black people, we can’t continue listening to sistas like her and others, while our house continues to go down in flames. Ty is a conservative because it’s life and death. Not gonna fall into the trap just because a well-meaning but naive sista wants me to believe as she does. Again, look at the bloodthirst in Chicago? A 31 year old sista and her 5 year old son killed in their South Side residence, etc, etc, etc.


  159. mswanda on said:

    Ty, Paula Deen is being attacked by Jew! People should see through this bs. Lots of whites have attacked Black people real hard. Alec Baldwin has done this a month ago and not a peep for them. Oh I get it, he is an Obama supporter. I think people should leave Paula Deen alone. Paula said “I is what I is” so leave her alone. Its the dangerous whites I worry about. The teachers that won’t teach our children, the dirty cops that kill and arrest us, the lowdown dirty judges and lawyers that throw black lives away and the employers that deny us work. I can care less if Paula Deen said nigga last night! She is not our problem. At least she gives Black people a job.

  160. mswanda on said:

    Jay I live in AZ and there are more mixed Blacks that real blacks. White, Mexican and Asian’s are having Blacks men’s babies. These brainwashed brothas need to slow their row. It’s already getting to desperate levels. Black women are not gonna hold on and wait for Black men to get it together. I don’t blame them. Black men don’t wait for permission to abandon the Black woman,family, or community but Black women have to. Not me, like I said before, I’ve excluded white men from my dating pool but I will date others. Funny thing is now Black women are exploring their options, now people have a problem with interacial dating. Out West the Black men won’t even say hello to a sista. I once said hello to a brotha that moved in to my apt complex because there are not many of us. He looked at me and said in his Morris Day voice “ha” and look both ways like ” I know this black bitch ain’t talking to me.” He continued to walk past me and went to a white female that he was moving in with and he kissed her while looking at me and laughed. He whispered is her ear and she laughed also. I got the last laugh when he did what he does best. He got Becky pregnant and was gone. Now she is looking stupid. I see a lot of this out here and I don’t get mad at the white woman. I get mad at the self hating negro that hates himself and the black woman he comes from. These are the very Black men that get mad when they see me with the “others” But they won’t even look twice at a sister. And Black women are suppose to be patient and wait and believe their Black prince will come. BS! Waiting has turned Black women to other races of men, old, childless and turning into lesbians. I’ve spoken to many of them. They said they could not find a man so they moved on to women. This is not white washing of Black women. When there are no men available this is what it is coming to.

  161. EyesWideOpen on said:

    A human being is a vessel and a medium. According to its intentions it becomes a vehicle of light or darkness. As it seeks control over itself, the light advises and guides it. As it seeks control over its fellows, the darkness advises and guides it.
    Les Visible

  162. Ellis on said:

    Hi DOAN,

    I read this story today, unbelievable but so typical of Whites:


    Look at the little darlings, their parents must be so proud that they’ll grow up to be upstanding, civil, moral White men who will heroically protect the honour of White womanhood, you know, to keep them free from “nigger” rape (according to the wonderful KKK). 😉

    What would hate groups like the Klan do if there were no Blacks in the USA at all?They would be soo bored, they can’t help themselves but hate us when we have done NOTHING towards them to deserve their hatred!!

  163. EyesWideOpen on said:

    By saying that I don’t think we’ll ever get it together without divine intervention, it might seem like I’ve lost hope in the black race. Actually, it’s worse than that. I’ve lost hope in the human race as a whole.

    From the BILLIONS of animals enduring horrific suffering before slaughter in factory farming each year to the 40 MILLION innocent, defenseless, unborn babies MURDERED each year in their “mother’s” womb, to the millions of SLAVES (child, sex, prison, sweat shop etc) around the world – with barely a protest from anybody – this planet is obviously under the control of Satan and his demons.

    IMO, things are so bad that I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some form of “divine intervention” before the end of this century…

    There seems to be a fundamental corruption in human beings that from time to time requires correction. There are accounts of what might be considered cullings, when a culture regressed to a point where it was no longer viably ‘civilized’. There seems to be a correlation between stories of cultures becoming severely depraved and events like the great flood, or Sodom and Gomorrah which wiped out most, sparing only a few as a viable gene pool.

    Some cultures, which history suggests lost all pretense of civilization by regressing to the point of mass human sacrifice and even child sacrifice, dissappeared all together. Were they exterminated by the ‘creators’? Have the non viable versions of humans been disposed of from time to time?

    Given the unrelenting corruption, depravity and evil in the world today, have humans regressed again to the point where it’s time for another mass culling?
    Abridged – click to read the entire comment.

  164. Eyeswideopen

    The culling has already begun. Our enemies are dropping off the face of the earth. Or…they are committing suicide at mass rates.

    We will be victorious in the end. I’ve seen the prophecy.

  165. hey have yall seen this vid of this brotha running at 25 mph on the treadmill. Now whites are asking how do black people run so fast. rofl here’s a hint white ppl some of us run fast because we were breed for this sheit, while yall were inbreeding and marrying ur cousins we were getting faster and stronger. While yall were sitting ur ass on the horse and in the house we were working the fields and getting stronger and passing that strength to our offspring.http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=robert+gill+treadmill&view=detail&mid=24BF4030EFE89B1AC50324BF4030EFE89B1AC503&first=0&FORM=NVPFVR

  166. Courtney H on said:

    @ Negress:

    This is in response to Ty’s response to my question to Melissa Harris-Perry. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

    Also, Negress, thanks for the post about white liberals.

    Courtney H

  167. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Master-D-Bating says:

    Hey EyesWideOpen, aren’t you guilty of talking out of both sides of your mouth like “caucanderthals” as you love to call white folks? In this thread, you whine on and on about how black people should mind their own business but in Open Discussion #14 you droned on and on about why black people shouldn’t respond to whites in comment threads.

    What business is it of YOURS if black people want to respond to whites (trolls or otherwise)? Aren’t you being hypocritical?? Hmm???

  168. EyesWideOpen on said:


    Technically, I AM being hypocritical. And I also recognize the hypocrisy in my statement that “People need to stop concerning themselves with how other people live their lives and focus on making the most of themselves and their own lives.”

    HOWEVER, I make a distinction between BP who are still asleep and BP who are waking up and trying to break the mental chains of RWS. I try not to concern myself with BP who are still asleep because we all have to wake up on our own time. Trying to wake up people who are still asleep is just as futile as trying to get an alcoholic or drug addict to quit before they’ve hit rock bottom and are ready to quit on their own.

    With BP who are awake or trying to wake up, things are a little bit different. I think we have a responsibility to help each other out, especially when we get sidetracked and lose sight of the things that are really important. Obviously, “what’s really important” is largely a matter of opinion which is why open discussions and debating are so important.

    I recognize that for a certain percentage, race related blogs are not much more than another form of entertainment, socializing and “light reading”, so it’s “fun” for them to debate with whites and/or air half baked opinions. To me, the subject of RWS is far too important to treat it so lightly but to each is his own. My comments are not directed at them and I’ll do a better job in the future of recognizing them and leaving them free to chat with likeminded commenters.

    To summarize; IMO, I’m not really being a hypocrite when I express my opinion about what other black people should or should not be doing because those comments are meant ONLY for the SUBSET of black folks reading these threads who are genuinely here to improve, and grow, and free the their minds. Sleepwalking BP – IOW Black Joe Public – are not even on my radar. “Let the dead bury their dead.”

  169. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Also, some commenters are just WAY too intelligent, passionate and sincere to be casting their pearls before WHITE SWINE so I was really curious why they did it. Nobody owes me an explanation but perhaps there was something I was missing. I am grateful that Trojan Pam at least took the time to respond.

    Finally, I have a very selfish reason for wishing BP would stop talking to whites on blogs like Abagond’s: It puts black commenters on the defensive which derails and drags down the quality of the thread making it a pain rather than a pleasure to read. Worse still is that reading white SHIT is an affront to my spirit. Caucanderthals KNOW THIS which is exactly why they do it. If BP ignored them they would eventually slither away.

    For now at least, I can’t bring myself to go through the rest of Abagond’s archives because doing so means having to wade through endless amounts of their denying, deflecting, derailing, disgusting bullshit.

    Why someone would put so much time and effort into their blogs and then practically ruin the comment sections by allowing insane, racist psychopaths to come in and piss all over them just boggles my mind. Mostly though, it just annoys the hell out of me because I LOSE by not benefitting from all of the words of wisdom buried in the archives but completely littered with white trash.

    So that’s what business it is of mine that black people respond to whites/trolls. It’s not the end of the world and I’ll survive but it really does annoy me for all the reasons mentioned above and in the original thread.

  170. mswanda on said:

    I have to agree with you on this. I always wondered why Black people argue with white people on sites or blogs. They are just on there to deflect and play dumb. But no, we have to engage them. Waste our time and energy. If white people were allowed to post on this site I’d never come back. I’m so tired of them and their self pity and selfish ways. I get so tired of even people on this site who should know better, talking about how they get into arguments on certain sites with white people. If you are awake why waste your time on BS.

  171. EyesWideOpen on said:

    There are two discussion threads going on right now on this predominantly “white” MMA forum called the “The OtherGround”. It’s kind of like these Open Discussions where you can talk about anything.

    In one thread, they’re discussing the case of a rottweiler shot and killed by a cop. Heartfelt compassion and sympathy is being shown for the dead ROTTWEILER and the cops are being branded by most as power tripping, out of control thugs who handled the situation horribly and need to be punished for the death of the dog.

    In another thread, they’re discussing the case of an unarmed black teen being shot and killed (Trayvon Martin). Shockingly, based on the couple of pages I read* almost zero compassion, sympathy or respect is being shown for the victim – a Human Being – and every attempt is being made to justify the murderer’s actions. Some are even trying to make the killer the victim and the victim the would-be killer.

    *I’m not wasting my time reading all 163 pages / 4000+ comments written mainly by insane, racist caucanderthals.

    There is something so, so wrong with these “people” and it’s WAY beyond racism. Their double standards, contradictions, psychopathy and lack of self awareness is truly breathtaking.

    Here we are in the year 2013 – not 1713, not 1813, not 1913 but 2013 – and these creatures STILL value the life of a DOG more than they value a black person’s life. PLEASE, as long as you live, NEVER, EVER, E-V-E-R allow yourself to forget this. If they haven’t changed since 1713, they’re not going to change in our lifetime.

    And no matter how good looking a white person is or how nice nice they ACT, never, ever allow yourself to forget that caucanderthals are the most treacherous, two faced creatures to ever stalk the earth and there’s a greater than 95% chance that you’re looking at and/or talking to an insane, racist, anti human psychopath who mourns the death of random animals but CELEBRATES the death of innocent black people.

    Anti-hue-man to the core.

  172. Eyeswideopen

    They value the life of a dog simply due to genetics. The sons of Canaan are grafted from canis lupus. They mourn their own.

  173. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Yes, I’m training my mind to see an ANIMAL / Demon In Human F
    orm every time I see a caucanderthal. For centuries, they’ve been showing us what they truly are. It’s time we believe them and respond accordingly.

    Their hair and hairiness should be a clue.

    I now see Becky’s long, thin hair in a completely different light.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if genetically, their “hair” is closer to a horse’s or lion’s mane than it is to a pure hue-man’s hair. It certainly feels more like one of their furry four legged friends.

  174. Ellis on said:

    You speak the truth. Especially regarding how Whites in general view the lives of Blacks.

    A while back I used to regularly visit (but never comment ) “race-realist” websites like Stromfront, Chimpout.com, Niggermania, American Rennaisance, Occidental Dissent, Stuff Black People Don’t Like. Oh my!! On one hand, I was shocked, saddened and so angry that so many many Whites still have this cold, inhumane, ruthless, supremacist attitudes (99% of the time) towards their favorite victims (us Blacks of course!!). Yet, on the other hand, I was intrigued to understand the mind of Whites and their intrinsic racism. For example, how they rationalise slavery, defend Whites who constructed and maintained the Jim Crow system, defend the KKK, defend Whites constructing Apartheid, constantly talking about how we should be grateful for them “civilising” us, how upset they get whenever a Black person portrays someone positive in a mainly White movie/ TV show.

    It really opened my eyes and stopped me from being deluded with the hope of a post-racial utopia foolishness.

    Regarding your argument about Whites placing little to no value on Black lives. I saw many comments on Chimpout.com cheering and even congratulating Mother Nature for killing off many Haitians during the earthquake of 2010!!!! The hatred for our people was just soo surreal and distressing. I couldn’t take it anymore and stopped visiting those websites. Same arguments… “Niggers are inferior, we need to separate from them they have an IQ of 85 blah blah blah.”

    Speaking of Whites being “anti-hue-man”. Have you noticed that Whites like to eat red meat rare or half-cooked? I watch this show where people invited guests to their house for dinner to win a £1000 prize, and it’s always Whites who like their red meat to look red (rare or medium-rare), that is unhygienic and disgusting. We Blacks don’t like that nastiness.

  175. Ellis

    Raw meat was and *is* apart of their historical diet. Nothing ever changes.

  176. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Hi Ellis,

    This is one of the reasons I am SO grateful that I was born in the internet era. Prior to the ‘net I had suspected that there was something up with these “people” but I could never be certain because of their treacherous, two faced nature. Many of them are really, really good at ACTING nice to your face so despite my suspicions, I continued to give them the benefit of the doubt.

    The internet removed any last bit of doubt I had about caucanderthals. Their comments on the web show how frustrated and angry they are at having to ACT so civilized in the physical world. As their history and comments prove, acting civilized is just not their true nature.

    Sometimes we say “the internet is not the real world” but the more I think about it the more I think that in some ways, cyber space is more real than the physical world because so many people – especially the nasty, cowardly caucanderthal – finally feel FREE to bare their fangs and expose the ugliness and evil that lurks within.

    IMO, “race realist” sites are an accurate reflection of how Billy Joe and Becky REALLY think so I agree that it’s good to occasionally check them out to remind ourselves of that. That said, my spirit can only take so much of their malevolence at a time – I can literally feel their wickedness through the screen – so what I do is read just enough of their trash to remind me how evil and anti-hue-man they are and then I move on to more positive things.

  177. EyesWideOpen on said:

    One thing I noticed that happens remarkably frequently on the site I linked to above is that caucanderthals constantly bring up BP even when the thread has nothing whatsoever to do with us. For example, a guy will post about problems he’s having with Becky and he’ll literally get a dozen responses saying, “She’s fucking a black guy.”

    These white males don’t even have the self awareness to realize the deep seated insecurity and fear of “BBC” that their comments reveal about them. I think WP are obsessed with us but not in the sense that they are thinking about us all the time. I think the obsession is more on a deep subconscious level that manifests itself in all sorts of benign and not so benign ways.

  178. EyesWideOpen on said:

    As for the love so many caucanderthals have for “rare”/raw meet, I never understood it until I realized that in many ways the white race is much closer to four legged predators than they are to pure hueman beings. Now, their taste for blood drenched meat makes perfect sense.

    Another thing I’ve noticed from watching white female gymnasts, dancers, MMA fighters and porn stars is that Becky does NOT like washing her feet! The fact that their filthy soles are being seen by millions doesn’t seem to bother or matter to them at all. I find it a disgusting and distracting turn off. I’ve walked around barefoot all day long to see if I could get my feet as dirty as Becky’s and I couldn’t do it. This says to me that they must be walking around barefoot and not washing their feet for DAYS. It’s like, WTF?

    As the saying goes, you can take Bubba and Becky out of the cave but you can’t take the cave out of Bubba and Becky.

  179. Mickey on said:

    Once I started going to websites dealing with race, I quickly realized that the White people 90% of the time were not there to be educated. They were at these sites to deflect, derail, project, & destroy. One would, on occassion, learn something from the dialogue, but more often than not, they did not care to learn anything positive from the discussions. Trying to engage them was fruitless.

  180. Ellis on said:

    Hi EyesWideOpen,

    You make me laugh, not because I am laughing AT you, but the way you describe Whites is so blunt and hilarious. “Caucanderthals” and this “As the saying goes, you can take Bubba and Becky out of the cave but you can’t take the cave out of Bubba and Becky.” LOL.

    Yes, I notice that Whites are obsessed with us. Seriously though, recently I have been very interested in colonial attitudes towards Blacks and Bllck history in general. One example, the website that I mentioned to you: Jim Crow Museum. Have you seen all the objects, paintings, postcards, games, books etc? that depict us Blacks as inferior, savage, sexual predators, promiscuous, ugly, filthy specimens. They hated/hate us so much yet they spent/spend so much time devoted to creating objects that degrade and dehumanise us.

  181. Ellis on said:

    Also, regarding Whites’ obsession with Blacks. I remember reading a comment section about something to do with Blacks (I can’t remember the topic), a commenter mentioned that Whites are obsessed with us, and that other races are crying for their attention yet they constantly focus on Blacks.

  182. Well said. That is why I don’t support this post racial colorblind utopia that America is trying to create. I am a Black person of this generation and it bothers me that most Black kids in my generation don’t realize how racist this country really is. Most of them actually believe that we are living in ”post racial America” when we are not. When will the Black youth of 2013 wake up and realize America is still as racist as ever before?

  183. And I always wondered why Caucasians are so obsessed with us yet they hate and degrade us. I am a apart of the Black youth, this current generation and honestly I hate my generation. I hate the way many young Blacks are ”colorblind”. People will always look at a Black person and think of them as the n word no matter where they live, how nice they dress and what type of car you drive. I feel like many young, Black people of my generation are blind to the fact that America is still a racist country and that we don’t live in a post racial society in the least bit.

    Paula Deen’s attitude towards Black people, the Trayvon Martin trial and the striking down of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 confirms how racist America truly is

  184. And when will the current generation of Blacks wake up and realize that we need to stick together and not buy into this brown post racial utopia crap! We are not living in a post racial America at all. And many racists are coming out of the closet since President Obama was elected in 2008. That should have told the Black youth something do. And the White youth isn’t any less racist than their parents or grandparents, trust me. Many of them are just as racist as their parents and grandparents. They just hide their racism while their parents and grandparents make their racism more apparent.

    I am a young, Black woman in my late teens but I have woken up and realized how racist, evil and sick MANY Whites in this country are. Whenever I go on the internet or blogs, Whites are putting down Black people or calling us n words. Or I hear a White celebrity like Paula Deen, Alec Baldwin or Donald Trump say something racist. And I can go on and on but this country is going down the tubes and racism is just one of the main reasons why this country is going down the drain.

  185. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Hi Ellis,

    All that “memorabilia” is what happens when two of the defining characteristics of a race are psychopathy and a deep seated inferiority complex. There’s simply no limit to what they’ll do. Collectively, there was NOTHING in them to say – this is just WRONG. No morals. No shame. No decency.

    I’m sure when whites visit the museum they ACT all serious and contrite but take that same memorabilia to a random gathering of Ameriklans with no BP or cameras around and I guarantee you they’d have a riot laughing their heads off at all that vile, racist garbage.

    Depicting us as filthy, inferior, savage, promiscuous, sexual predators is just pure projection on their part. That’s how they really feel about themselves.

  186. mstoogood4yall on said:

    i went to louisiana for the weekend and i observed different things while there. what i noticed is the arabs are slowly taking over the different gas stations and shops there. And there are new homes being built, yet some of the abandoned buildings still remain.the police don’t come there even when there were ppl popping fireworks 2 days after the 4th. I also notice that there are churches that look better than most of the houses in the neighborhood heck one even had a nice bus. The people there are friendly, even when we went to walmart lol.
    I went to the dentist today, i wonder what happened to the black hygenist there, but anyway the white dentist always goes on about how pretty my teeth are and that i’m lucky and oh ppl would pay to have my teeth. i think she be thinkin how this ni@@r got these good teeth.rofl

  187. SugarKiss on said:


    Hey everyone, I wish I could read and post more, but….just life. :/

    I just wanna say… I do believe in Universal balance. And if you have time to read this article, the things recorded are vile and disgusting and very “white” in nature.

    This is just more proof that they are on their way to extinction. They have used their time on Earth to help separate us humans from spirit and manipulate at will for personal gain.

    So on a spiritual, soul level, they are back to destroying themselves in vile and disgusting ways.

    From the article:
    “But authorities say Edwin Vargas logged onto the restricted system and ran names for reasons that had nothing to do with his duties as a New York Police Department detective. Instead, he was accused in May of looking up personal information on two fellow officers without their knowledge.

    The allegation against Vargas is one of a batch of corruption cases in recent years against NYPD officers accused of abusing the FBI-operated National Crime Information Center database to cyber snoop on co-workers, tip off drug dealers, stage robberies and — most notoriously — scheme to abduct and eat women.

    “NYPD recruits are warned that “if you misuse or you access information in an inappropriate manner … you are in serious trouble — such as being prosecuted, being fired and also big fines,” a police academy instructor testified at the trial of Gilbert Valle, who was convicted in March in a bizarre plot to kidnap, cook and cannibalize women.

    When my King read this to me…it’s the first thing I thought of. WTF??


  188. SugarKiss on said:

    Meant to give the above comment it’s own post, sorry 🙂

  189. mean while while we’re distracted by Zimmerman trial.. Obama just signed an “UPDATE” to mass communications and shutting them down in the event of a emergency or disaster. With the control the “government” has on all communications, its surprising how many people actually get away with committing crimes. “BIG BROTHER, EYE IN THE SKY, ETC”…

    Don’t know how RELIABLE the examiner is but its a good place to start to do research on this new “UPDATE”


    “WE” really need to stick together and get our stuff together for when SHTF.. Little by little AMERIKKAA is going to start taking what we’re used to , away…

  190. kowaba on said:

    Here’s an interview with the President of the Black Farmers and Agriculturalists Association:

  191. kowaba on said:

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    Just wanted to share this valuable information with everyone.

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    Also, oil of oregano can be ingested to help clear the body of infections, parasites, and other ailments. Only thing is that you should have yogurt or kefir after ingesting oil of oregano because it is very strong and may kill of the good bacteria in your body as well.

  192. Forced Reality on said:


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  193. Forced Reality

    I just emailed you.

  194. Forced Reality on said:

    Thanks DOAN!

  195. kowaba on said:

    Hi DOAN,

    I seem to be having technical problems with your blog. As you know, I’m subscribed as a follower and get a weekly bundle of all of your post that is supposed to be delivered between 6AM and 8AM Mondays, but usually comes much earlier to my inbox. Today I checked my e-mail and didn’t see it there. Also I’m having problems seeing videos, not just at your blog though (also at Trojan Pam’s blog). I get a lot of youtube errors with all of these constructive videos. I don’t know if it is the blogs or if it my e-mail or perhaps both.

    I also checked my subscriptions and they are set to the same setting as before. In addition, I sent you two e-mails. Were you able to receive it? I sent an e-mail to another individual and it bounced back as well even though the e-mail address I used was what they used to send me the e-mail.

    Have a good day!

  196. Kowaba

    Sorry for the trouble. My blog is under constant attack. It seems white supremacy does not let up….ever.

  197. I guess i have missed the fun been trying all weekend to get here…so impressed with the topics ….me ..lol always late for the fun

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