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Colin Ferguson

Colin Ferguson, born in Kingston, JA, to a wealthy business couple, is known as the infamous LIRR Shooter. On December 7, 1993, Ferguson purchased a ticket for the east-bound train at the Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn. This train stopped at the Jamaica Station in Queens. Ferguson boarded the third car of the east-bound Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) commuter train from Penn Station to Hicksville, along with more than 80 other passengers. Ferguson, who sat on the southwestern end of the car, was carrying his handgun and a canvas bag filled with 160 rounds of ammunition.

As the train approached the Merillon Avenue Station, Ferguson waited for the black passengers to depart before he drew the gun, dropped several cartridges on the ground, stood up and opened fire at random. During the next three minutes, Ferguson killed six people and injured another 19. Some passengers mistook the gunshots for caps or fireworks until a woman shouted, “He’s got a gun! He’s shooting people!”

Roughly 26 people were shot and six died from their injuries.

Police found pieces of notebook paper in Ferguson’s pockets with scribbled notes with the heading “reasons for this”. The main reason listed was “Racism by Caucasians and Uncle Tom Negroes.”  Ferguson was arraigned on December 8, 1993. Convicted of 19 counts of attempted murder and 34 counts of assault, Ferguson received a sentence of 315 and 8 months to life.

I remember when this incident came out and the reactions to it. Whites were terrified and enraged. Blacks were empathetic and worried about “white backlash.” Incidentally, the Ferguson Murders were the catalyst for stricter NYC gun control laws. I remember his Jewish lawyers who took the case. They decided to plea insanity to which the courts denied. They believed he knew exactly what he was doing.

Question: What’s the difference between Ted Kaczynski, Jeffrey Dahmer, Wade Micheal Page, James Holmes, Ted Bundy, Charles Manson and Colin Ferguson? Do you classify their crimes separately?

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8 thoughts on “Colin Ferguson

  1. Mickey on said:

    As far as I am concerned, all had motives for doing what they did. Granted, their motives varied, but each had a reason. Some were smart, others were crazy as cat shit.

  2. GreeneInk on said:

    Hey: Got a New Thing Going on on Indiegogo. Let me know if you would like to be an Editor – I can list you on the New Project. http://igg.me/at/internalizedracism/x/426760.

  3. The difference between Ferguson and the rest of the above is pretty obvious and THAT Racial difference was made quite clear by the sentence Ferguson received. The Neanderthal Savages were ALL without any reserve whatsoever, regardless what was said OR written about them, including the movies maqde on them, that they WERE Insane and somhow NOT responsible FOR their actions. Most telling of all, is that these european Fuglerods were more often than not depicted as having “good” qualities and that they were NOT the norm for the rest of the Neander population ( oh really! ) The media often ISOLATED these ScumBags from the rest of the european milieu, so as to make it look ( at least to themselves ) that the Savage Actions of these Neanderthals are an “abberation” from their everyday “civilized” selves!!
    How often have we heard that the Raping, Torturing, Murdering, Neanderthal “soldiers” are a ” one off” and does not represent the whole! Yet these “one offs” would video themselves IN the act of Raping and the “normal” soldiers etc, would have NO PROBLEM pasting these Vile Crimes on the Internet NEXT to their photos. This is by way of example, to highlight THAT Difference.

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  5. This is the results of constant racism that we face. The real miracle is that more Black people haven’t Blacked out and shot up the place.

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  7. Mark Essex….New Orleans, 7 January 1973

  8. Tyrone on said:


    Any rational person can see that the whitemen who killed multiple people did it for the love of death…Bloodthirsty! Colin Ferguson got tired of the bs and snapped. I’m amazed that we don’t see more blackmen “Snapping.” At this juncture in my life, i don’t care anymore. Whitemen have killed untold numbers of our people without apology, so, why should i shed a tear for them, Seriously! They kill us every day, but, have the nerve to question our psyche in relation to them. Whites need to understand that righteous judgement will come down upon them…Karma! A race war is coming, in fact, it’s already started. If we think white males are gonna go easily into the night, we’re sadly mistaken. As black people, we have a war within our own race…black gangs, drug cartels, black muslims, fake christians, gay blackmen, uncle toms, and so forth. We’re fighting internal and external enemies simultaneously. I’ve always been cynical by nature, but, i don’t trust anybody nowadays.


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