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Introducing USU: A Graphic Novel by Jay Artarius

USUcoverpage Looks intriguing, doesn’t it? It’s about time we had a black comic book/ graphic novel author! I remember reading X-Men as a child and being engrossed with the true origin of Wolverine and Magneto. I wondered where Storm really came from and why Mystique and Beast both had blue coverings. Yes…I was a nerd. I never thought of us, Africans, actually making a comic book that depicted heroes and sheroes who looked like we did! We must support ALL of the family’s endevours at independence! Please support Jay Artarius and his efforts at bringing the excitement of childhood fantasy, with a black twist, to life. Follow him at http://ususeries.wordpress.com and follow him on twitter!

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17 thoughts on “Introducing USU: A Graphic Novel by Jay Artarius

  1. Bestpartofwakingup on said:

    Oh man this comic looks too dope! I’m excited to read it and I’m digging the vibe completly. Good job.

  2. Best part

    I know! He submitted it for publication. Can’t wait…

  3. Ralph on said:

    I didn’t see any African American characters in the sample. What’s up????

  4. Ralph

    The “star” Jaden Prince is black amongst others.

  5. Tyrone on said:


    Yes…It’s Long Overdue! Like blackmen in professional sports breaking bread with other blackmen and blackwomen as well. We know we’re great, but, we’ve been deprived of positive images of ourselves. Media is a big part of the problem. Seeing proud black people in media is a mirror for us. M & M…Media and Money. Our destiny as a race on this planet is tied to both entities. Magic Johnson has Aspire Network, Sean Combs just inked a deal with Time-Warner Cable, Oprah has OWN Network via Discovery Networks, and TV One is owned by Cathy Hughes of Radio One and Comcast/NBC Universal. Yes, all of them are not owned outright by blacks, we have to crawl before we can walk.


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  7. Thank you. will show some love and support.

  8. Brothawolf on said:

    Thanks a zillion.

    J. is still waiting on the final word. The thing is on the website it said that it would take 4-6 weeks. When I contacted them, the company said it takes 8-10 weeks. It was submitted on May 7 of this year. So, hopefully, it won’t be long.

  9. @ Brothawolf


    Doing a politically-oriented graphic novel has been my dream for a long time (but my artistic talent is lacking ūüė¶

    so I’m thrilled that a talented person like yourself has stepped out

    Love it!

    It looks great, please let us know when and where we can buy a copy, will check out your website tonight

    Just let me know when it’s available for purchase and I’ll do a plug on my website:


    my email: racismws@gmail.com

  10. Negress, this is a very good post. Yes, Blacks should make our own comic books. Yes I am very interested in reading this comic if it comes out. We need more Black people like Jaden Prince out there and less sellout uncle Toms like Clarence Thomas and brainless idiots like Shitty Minaj and Soulja Boy.

  11. Most welcome!

    Let us know.

  12. To the creators of this outstanding looking work, I think we should do something together. I know that’s bold, but we must let no grass grow.

    Thank you Truth.

  13. G Wiz. I’ll look into this. thaks for sharing

  14. Congratulations Brothawolf, I cannot wait to read/see it in its entirety.

  15. Brothawolf on said:

    My graphic novel got rejected. So, as you can tell I’m disappointed, but somehow I knew it would happen.

  16. Imhotep on said:

    DOAN and Everyone,

    “remember reading X-Men as a child and being engrossed with the true origin of Wolverine and Magneto. I wondered where Storm really came from and why Mystique and Beast both had blue coverings.”

    X-Men was supposed to be about Us (The Civil Rights Leaders). So, naturally, I took offense. Why are We being called “mutants”?!!!!! If this comic book wasn’t the invention of a pro-yt yt jewish man already, look at what they did to Storm! Overtime, Storm went from wearing an all black uniform to wearing an all yt one (much to a yt man’s liking). Who can forget about how Storm went through so many interracial relationships? Even then, even then, NOTHING came out of all of it (and still doesn’t). As you know, race relations in Amerikkka are STILL horrible! In Stan Lee’s defense (not that I like defending him), race relations will NEVER be good here for as long as the yt man and woman are around!

    We need to put down all of those comic books not made by Us alone! They serve no purpose at all! Worst of all, Our Leaders were called “mutants” by Stan Lee and some of Our Young People go around thinking nothing of it. Shame!



  17. Imhotep on said:

    As much as I like the thought of this comic, USU, it is hard for Me to support it! Why is it done in “japanese animation”? Where is Our Egyptian Art or Sub-Saharan Art? I hope these Brothas creating this comic do not have “self hatred”. Why are Afrikan Men using japanese animation (when We know the japanese don’t like Us over yts) ? THAT IS SELF HATRED! We don’t need the self-hatred that We already have as a People! We NEED to do better for Ourselves!


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