Observations of an Invisible Woman

My Vision Part 3

Ira Levin’s Truth in Plain Sight

(Remember my number one rule? “There are no coincidences in Jah’s World.” Did you know that Anton LaVey was the technical adviser to Polanski’s movie? Yes, that Polanski…the one who was indirectly involved in the Manson Murders)

I was out in the sun recently for an entire day. The powerful rays both charged me and exhausted me. Tired and hot, I came in and settle down for a cool shower, a salad full of greens and grilled chicken and fresh peppermint iced tea. Sleep was calling my name and I could not resist.

I saw a black baby being born in a hospital-like setting with white doctors and nurses and staff surrounding him. They took the child away from the now-exhausted mother to clean out his eyes and mouth. I watched myself in the room standing off to the side… observing them. They did not see or hear me. The doctor spoke in a tongue that was foreign to me and his words sounded like jargon. He went into the tiny refrigerator full of vials and removed a clear white liquid substance. He inserted the tiny needle and approached the African child. As if he sensed something, he looked right at me and what I saw next sent chills down my spine.

His eyes glowed. He looked like a man yet he was not. I stared at him transfixed and unable to move.

Then he proceeded to inject the liquid into the child as it writhed and screamed. I stood there frozen watching as he and the white nurse spoke in their jargon. The child settled down and was returned to the mother who happily accepted her child in her arms.

This latest vision of mine served as confirmation for something I long suspected was being done to our children in white, Jewish-owned hospitals. The inoculations that “mysteriously” cause autism and brain damage. The addiction to drugs like sugar at an early age which pave the way for other substances. Unsettling behaviour by our youth despite strict home training by the parents.

It is my firm belief that everything in this Babylonian system is geared towards our failure and extinction. Did you know at birth, in AmeriKlan hospitals, your black child is automatically tested for drugs WITHOUT THE CONSENT OR PERMISSION OF THE MOTHER? Did you know that the “big-name” hospitals (you know the ones…they have Jewish sounding names) have something called a DNA Bank where genetic material from the umbilical cord of a black child is stored for “research?”

When questioned about that “research” they falter and claim it is scientific and no further answers are given. I was in WI when the Swine Flu epidemic broke out. Milwaukee had “medical tents” set up for “vaccines” and pills to counter the virus. I saw, much to my dismay, hordes of black RN’s, CNA’s and staff running to be “vaccinated.” And when I tried to educate them on Tuskegee, they became defensive and irate.

Black family, before you give birth in a white owned hospital, please consider African mid-wifery and having your child at home. These are the small steps you can take to ensure the safety of your bloodline.

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59 thoughts on “My Vision Part 3

  1. mswanda on said:

    Sis I believe you on that. I’ve always felt that they were doing something to our children. They are destroying us from the get go. Problem is a lot of Black medical personal are involved in this also. Black people are also too trusting of doctors. They will ingest any pill given. I’ve had a white doctor try to give me a persciption for my diabetic condition. When I asked him what it was he said in an angry voice “What difference does it make!” Like how dare I question his authority! I later found out that this medicine causes strokes and heartattacks in users and I personally know 3 people that had a stroke taking that diabetic medicine.

  2. Mswanda

    Diabetes is reversible. Cinnamon is an all natural aid to help lower blood sugar. Please watch your carbs and if you are over weight, please lose weight.

    Drink water, not soda and be mindful culprits that elevate sugar, like store brought snacks and bubble gum that contain saccharin.

  3. Not again… Lol another pondering question in my mind that you’ve answered. I’m due soon and i cant seem to find any information about the benefits of no vaccines.. My youngest is due soon for her two year shots but I don’t want to take her. I have trouble in my heart because what if she dies from polio or etc.? What’s the best way to protect unvaccinated kids against diseases, mosquito bites etc? Also, does this apply to military hospitals as well? Stupid question , I know, but I had to ask, because I’m being “serviced” by military.. Thanks sis for posting this.

  4. Alia

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do NOT get your child vaccinated! They are fine without them. Vaccines contain mercury and various poisons that interfere with the brain stem and pineal gland.

    Melanin, proper nutrition and the vitamin D from sunlight will help your child as he grows. Please do not let whites inject your child with any substance.

  5. Alia

    Let the Devil himself tell you his plans:

  6. Alia

    Co2 and the “temperature increase” that the Zionist speaks of is our MELANIN heating up the planet. When we heat up the planet, THEY CAN NO LONGER LIVE IN IT.

    Esau is telling you that the Sun, our activator, is their enemy.

  7. mswanda on said:

    Sis I think the reason they are giving our babies this shit at birth is to prevent them from developing their powers. They have to do something to stop what is coming. They are trying to damage our penial gland. To stop us from evolving to the enlighten super beings we are meant to be. That’s why all the vacines are given to us. My elderly aunt been told me about a black doctor told her not to let white doctors give her flu shots because they had aids virus in it.

  8. mswanda on said:

    I think I need a lot more than cinnamon. Is there anything more I can take that you can suggest. I don’t know what to do. I feel myself getting sicker.

  9. Kushite Prince on said:

    There are no coincidences in Babyon.

  10. Kushite Prince on said:

    He is an evil genius. 😦

  11. Thank you sis! I appreciate it. I know that this means ill have to homeschool my children but I’m fine with that.. I’m going to contact the POC you mentioned in a past post based out of Atlanta for a home school curriculum.
    On ANOTHER NOTE; I have hyperemesis gravidarium (HG) when I’m Prego .. Which basically means I’m deathly sick for the first two months, and then on zofran(ginger doesn’t work) my husband and I have been discussing sterilization for me but I’m on the fence. I know we’re supposed to reproduce but my question is , by tying my tubes or getting esure done, am I messing up natures balance? I really feel done with kids but I don’t want to alter my body in any way that prevents me from connecting.. We’ve tried ethnic method , pull out method, etc .. It doesn’t work and I’m on baby number 3 and I’ve been pretty sick up until these last two months. I know ultimately we decide but I wanted your personal/ professional opunion as you work in the healthcare industry AND have seen it all. Thanks sis.. 🙂 Q

  12. Ethnic? Lol I meant Rhythm method.. (Calendar counting and ovulation calculator)

  13. ^^^quickly starting to see this

  14. Pingback: Kemetix | My Vision Part 3

  15. mswanda

    What’s your diet like? It begins with food.

  16. Alia

    My patients ask me this all the time. If sterilization is what you seek, have your husband do a vasectomy. It takes 10-20 minutes with anesthesia and the recovery time is roughly 3 days with virtually NO complications.

    However, for the female, it’s a major surgery with a longer recovery time and it has complications. Discuss this with him and you’ll make the right choices, I’m sure.

    Homeschooling black children is a must! I’m glad you’re making those right choices for your children. White education is equal to African death. We are the only race that give our children to the enemy to educate.

  17. Prince

    Gates has a purpose on earth, like most whites, and he must fulfill his purpose.

  18. mswanda on said:

    I’m guilty of sodas. I don’t like sweets that much but I think I drink too much soda. I just left the store and I bought lots of water. No soda or juice. I just don’t know what to eat anymore. I had a more balanced meal as a child but now I just don’t know what to eat now. I used to cook more meals down South when I had my nephews to help me eat it. Now I try to cook smaller meals but it’s hard to cook for me and my child.

  19. I said that years ago and they called ME crazy. It’s the same vision I had about white folks’ treachery toward black people, especially kids who live in “certain” neighborhoods and zones demarcated for poor black people and their kids, especially black single mothers who happen to be poverty-stricken.

    Told them they are injecting our kids with poisons and medicines at birth and in those tainted school shots … it would explain a lot, especially all of the “isht” that goes on in the inner cities, the mental health depravities, the whole nine …

    I have always had this sinking feeling that they are intentionally poisoning black children with those medications, which explains a LOT of the mental health issues and the self-implosiveness. Will probably explain ALL of it.

    I started a Kickstarter campaign to try to raise funds to investigate this matter … the only person who is supporting it is an Asian-looking guy who is in the military. WOW.

  20. Ms Wanda

    Our ancestors ate fresh greens, nuts, fruits for centuries and were fine. We should go back to that.

    here’s my best advise:

    Take a trip to the market. Load up on greens, wheats, berries, lean chicken, fish and seafood and water. Bypass the soda and make homemade iced teas using fresh herbs.

    Walk, walk, walk to the store, to the park, to anywhere you can. It’s pretty outside. Walk. And flush out that kidney and liver with water.

    Take a cinnamon pill once a day.

    If you are over weight, lose weight. Drink water. Results will be slow due to the fact that your body needs to flush itself out of toxins but you’ll eventually begin to feel better after 1 month.

    I used to love orange soda…now I replace it with fresh peppermint iced tea.

  21. I don’t know if anyone mentioned this, but Polanski is also the same cracka they let move over seas as to not be punished for raping a child. So Rose Mary’s baby is right up his filthy alley.

  22. Reneegede

    Most blacks will not awaken in time to save themselves. We’ll have many fatalities. But the ones that do awaken will lead the resistance against evil.

    As for kickstarter and getting black support…many will see your noble cause as you being a “tricky nigger” who just want money. They would much rather give their money to Asian weave shops and Tommy Hilfiger for 600 Jeans.

  23. Jesus

    Yes, he fled to France and Hollywood SUPPORTED him.

  24. I wonder what would happen to me if I tried some shit like that? Them crackers would move heaven and Earth to see my Black ass back the in states and locked away from now on.

  25. Mickey on said:

    Apple Cider Vinegar helps with diabetes among other things.

  26. Mickey on said:

    Yep. He raped a 13 year old girl and left the country to avoid criminal charges. Most of Hollyweird supported (and still supports) him.

  27. Matari on said:

    @ Ms. Wanda

    “I’m guilty of sodas. I don’t like sweets that much but I think I drink too much soda. I just left the store and I bought lots of water. No soda or juice. I just don’t know what to eat anymore.”

    * * * * * * *


    Healthful, tasty, refreshing, filling — much better than soda.

    All that’s required is a blender, water, FROZEN peeled BANANAS – and other frozen fruits like strawberries, melons, peaches, cranberries, pears, pineapple juice/or chunks, etc, etc, etc. I use a little of NOW’s Stevia to sweeten mine.

    Two of my favorite recipes are:

    Strawberry Smoothie:
    1 – 1.5 frozen banana broken into 3″ lengths so your blender can work them easily.
    Frozen strawberries
    Add the above into a blender, add a cup or so of water, until desired consistency is reached. You can get very creative and add nuts, choc powder, cinnamon, nutmeg, apples, oranges, etc,

    Lemon Smoothie:
    Wash several medium size lemons, cut off the tips on both ends, cut in half, bag them (peel, seeds, everything!) put in a zip-lock bag, place in the freezer.

    Add one frozen lemon half, 1 to 1.5 bananas – broken into pieces – to your blender with sweetener, (honey, stevia ….) and water.

    Smoothies are easy, cheap, fun and TASTY. Just get in the habit of freezing BANANAS, strawberries (lots of medicinal/healthful value…), and whatever other fruits you enjoy so when your thirst for soda comes a-calling, you’ll have everything you need on hand to drink a nutritional and delicious drink.

  28. Of course they support him, sex with children is what they do.

  29. Good post, Negress. I never thought of it that way. I was the year the flue vaccine came out in 1995 and I received it as a baby. And many more after that until I was diagnosed as ”pre Austistic”. I really think these vaccines are dangerous to Blacks as well. America’s health system is really messed up.

    Anyway agree with me?

  30. SMH, That is the typical nature of Hollyweird. Hollyweird promotes pedophilifia, homosexuality etc. Holyweird is an evil place.

  31. I heard that going raw vegan helps tremendously with problems like diabetes and other diseases…but of course it requires strict dedication and you’d have to know where your fruit and veg is coming from. I doubt gmo would help.

  32. Umoja on said:

    There’s a hospital here in town ( Metro General) that caters to the poor. Those on welfare or those who have no medical insurance. Unfortunately many naively place trust in this hospital. It’s a student hospital where the patients are guinea pigs to the students. Much abuse of authority and violation of the patients rights is common there. Many are white male, student doctors who delight in viewing Black vaginas in groups WITHOUT the patients approval to enter the examination rooms , with the approval of the white female nurses.
    This hospital , without notice have the females fill out surveys pertaining to their sex lives; while the sexually thirsty terrorist (white male student doctors) listens to the questions being asked by the white female nurse co-horts…..he’ll pretend he’s “working” while the survey is taking place in those rooms where the surveys are given. The patients ARE NOT asked for the permission of these sexual perverts who secretly desire Black females as sexual toilets to be in the room.
    ( I had a horrific experience pertaining to all of the above more than 20yrs ago; which still torments me today and still goes on today).
    Many of the females are given unnecessary hysterectomies at an earlier age and many are given what is called a “colposcopy”; because the majority are told they have “abnormal cells” on their cervix and are in need of this procedure.
    Every time I come across a young Black female who has had a hysterectomy, I’m never surprised when she tells me the hysterectomy was performed at this hospital….in addition after the procedure, “colposcopy” many of the females are not able to carry a child full-term; which ends in a mis-carriage. I truly believe this hospital has been practicing Medical Apartheid.

  33. Matari on said:

    “in addition after the procedure, “colposcopy” many of the females are not able to carry a child full-term; which ends in a mis-carriage. I truly believe this hospital has been practicing Medical Apartheid.”


    These BIRTH CONTROL/POPULATION CONTROL (Margret Sanger/Planned Parenthood) NWO practices are carried out all across the USA wherever young, black and naive females trust their lives (via blind faith) to the racist Amerikkkan Medical Association – AMA – medical establishment.

    Our AMERICAN experience overwhelmingly proves that hospitals in the US are potentially very dangerous/risky places for BLACK people!

    We need to learn Nursing, EMT, Physician Assistant, Surgical, Basic Dentistry, Combat Medical procedures for ourselves – for our own collective *EDUCATIONAL* benefit.

    There are all sorts of other ALTERNATIVE HEALING practices that work which the medical establishment won’t touch with a 40 foot pole-because it doesn’t produce a lucrative and excessive profit.

  34. Mickey on said:

    An excerpt about Medical warfare.

  35. Here is a website aimed at medicine for US. For strictly melanated people. All melanin is NOT the same. The little melanin “they” DO have is sulphur based. Sulphur. As in what you smell when a demon comes around. Hmmm…

    Anyways, here is the link.


    Sorry I haven’t been posting more. I’ve been working, taking care of a sick and unemployed mother and taking classes at summer school. I miss this blog like crazy. 😦

    Been having a hard time at work with “them”. Some new girl was trying to fuck with me. Until I started CONSPICUOUSLY taking out a notepad and scribbling down everything she did. In front of her. Now she leaves me the fuck alone. That and someone at work checked her in white code. They asked her, “Why are you always messing with Kelli?” = “You’re being racist and we consider Kelli a “good one” so knock it off”.

    I fucking hate these people with the intensity of a 1,000 supernovas sometimes.

    I’ll try to be more consistent with my posts. This blog is a refuge from “them” and I love that DOAN does not allow them to cause us stress here. Thank you DOAN for all your hard work.

  36. Folks, this Margaret Sanger was an eugenicist. She promoted birth control in order to promote white supremacy so the ‘coloured’ would eventually become extinct.


  37. kowaba on said:

    Thank you for the link. I can relate to working with “them” and how much it sucks. I have a couple weeks break before I head back to work in July. My last week of work was very stressful. I’m literally treated like s**t at that job, but hopefully it won’t be as bad during the summer, since I’ll be working with different people. I’m glad I have some time to recharge before I head back, though.

    I like this blog because there are no trolls on here. Went to abagond’s blog last week and there were a bunch of comments from white people in his blog postings. They always are feigning ignorance asking how does eradicating racism help a white person like me. I don’t even answer stupid comments like that . . . so ridiculous. I hope your mother’s health gets better. Good luck in your classes!

  38. kowaba on said:

    Thank you for the video, Mickey. I always like the videos you post. They have such great information.

  39. Mickey on said:

    You’re welcome. Here is another one you will like.

  40. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Yes, unless it’s a life or death situation, stay the hell out of hospitals.

    I’ve also wondered what “they” do to babies when they take them away. You would think that new dads would have the good sense to not let their freshly new born babies out of their sight. I know I wouldn’t. Anything they want to do to my baby they can do in front of me or not at all, or over my dead body.

    On a sort of related topic, I’m highly suspicious of why it’s been 20 YEARS since there has been any great, black American heavyweight boxing champions in their prime (Tyson, Holyfield, Bowe etc). I’m not completely sold on the theory that the best black American athletes ALL went into basketball and football. Some, many, most; definitely. But ALL? Hmmm.

    Look at this list of heavyweight boxing champions and tell me something’s not up. Notice the gradual change over the last 2 decades? What they be putting in the water in po black neighborhoods???

    We’ll know for sure that the white devils (redundant, I know) have been up to no good if a caucanderthal ever beats a pure hue-man being (aka a black man or woman) in the 100 meter finals at an Olympics in our lifetime.

    Just in 2011 a white dude named Christophe Lemaitre ran a 9.92 which is awesomely fast by any standard except Usain Bolt’s so you know those mutant freaks are working HARD to ‘create’ a white, sprint champion.

  41. blakkminded on said:

    @Negress, are you or anyone of your bloggers here are aware of a treatment for Autism? I truly enjoy reading your blogs Negress!

  42. Negress,

    We need to go back to the craft of midwifery. Black midwives believed they were called by God to be midwives, and that the Lord guided their work…Those white doctors and nurses are using our Black babies as guinea pigs and food for the devil and his demons. They are not only injecting these black babies with poisons, they are tainting their souls, making them spiritually weak, that’s one of the reasons most of us grew up/will grow up to be adults with such weak resistance against their evil aura.

  43. Mickey

    Thanks again! Great videos.

  44. blakkminded

    Sorry. I do not. Autism, in my estimation, is NOT organic so I’m not aware of a treatment or cure.

  45. mstoogood4yall on said:

    not surprised they have dna banks, they probably looking for the next Henrietta lacks in our genes. they know who we are, they just trying to figure out how they can create something to put them on our level. They will destroy themselves trying to become greater than everyone. Its not enough for them to lie about being better now they gotta put their money where their mouth is and try to be better then everyone.

  46. mstoogood4yall on said:

    I agree adeen. That is crazy that happened to u. My brother had a hepatits vaccine and after that he had seizures for years, but thankfully he doesn’t anymore. Yes these vaccines are fishy, they affect ppl differently but they don’t care about that only the majority. we have to remember these vaccines and things are created to help the majority, and who is the majority in this country? Who is considered the most important? whites, so of course vaccines will affect us differently than it affects them because these things were made from them. It is the reason why black ppl are locked up more because the laws were made by them and for them. Everything is made for them

  47. emile on said:

    “Until I started CONSPICUOUSLY taking out a notepad and scribbling down everything she did. In front of her.”

    Great chess move.

    No one has to take mistreatment like this from anyone. Besides, a workplace is “supposed” to be a professional environment, where all “personal” issues, pet peeves and trifles are exactly that: personal!..Stay positive!

  48. honeytreebee on said:

    Ya gotta ask if polio is cured and wiped off the face of the earth why are they still pushing these vaccinations. Doctors have spent a lot of time and money to be in medical school to be indoctrinated. So, when you question their knowledge you question their wisdom and foolishness of spending so much to be glorified pill pushers. You know doctors are the ones who get vaccinated the least. So why is that okay for them and not you. Also, if you and your child are eating real food and getting rest you don’t need a lot of medical aid ever. See negress newest post.

    If, you have already vaccinated your child you may need chelation. For the lead you can use herbs like cilantro. You should find a good traditional healer to work with to get the poisons out and heal any damage. There are also things you can do if,you or your child are ever forced to take a vaccine before hand that can block, protect, and greatly reduce side effects.

  49. Mstoogood4yall on said:

    I liked orange soda too, especially watching kenan and kel show, kel always singing about orange soda rofl.

  50. Sorry what happened to your brother. Yes you are right. I could hardly function as a normal child when I was growing up and had a hard time relating to others. I think the vaccines harm Blacks on purpose. These vaccines don’t affect them as much as they do us.

    I never knew the danger of vaccines until this thread.

  51. Me either. I agree. The Whites in power (This doesn’t go for the regular, normal everyday Whites.) want power over non White people so badly that they will destroy themselves just to get ut.

  52. Tyrone on said:


    Black people in the US should prepare themselves for the onslaught of Obamacare. Obama and his Puppetmasters have put Uncle Sam in charge of the private healthcare system in this country, which means, they will use their power to force us to comply with their demands whether we agree or not. As expected, our people will pay the heaviest price. Other folk will just pay out of pocket to private doctors because they can afford to. If we think it’s bad now, we have no idea what’s coming in 2014. Basically, the IRS will know all of our personal and financial info, if we don’t go along with the plan we pay a fine, paper-pushers will determine if our grandparents live or die depending on how much they will cost…It’s Sick! Negress, Why does Planned Parenthood seek to kill black babies? What is the financial motive for them being racist out in the open? Educated black folk know the answer to that question!!!


  53. Crissjensen on said:

    I love the heat.

    they can’t live with the earth changing from cold to HOT something blacks were made for. can anyone say DARK-SKIN!

    Now we see why blacks are soooo HATED.

  54. That’s true

  55. I do agree with you on all of this. Nice to see Black men like you in the world who is aware of what is going on. I wish the Black Community wakes up and realizes that we must stick together.

  56. DOAN thanks for everything. I have spent all night making my research paper (for personal use) on the vaccinations, when scheduled, what ingredients they’re made of and etc. This is more for my husband to look over as well, as he isn’t completely on board. I have to ask, where do “fetal cells” come from for the Rubella, chicken pox and etc “vaccines”. I have a feeling this is from babies who died, and aborted babies. Also, Gelatin in vaccines? this is nonsense.. So I’m getting human cells from some other dead baby, injected into me??
    Where can I get a list of ingredients of all/each vaccine. I looked on the FDA website and no luck.
    I need this proof mostly to get my husband to see what the hell they are injecting us with. TIA!!

  57. agreed. Hospitals are where the sick go and definetly SHOULDN”T go… Pregnant women aren’t sick so we shouldn’t even be there in the hospital laying down on a bed trying to push a baby out(working against gravity) It makes NO SENSE at all. Getting back to true birthing and how it should be.

  58. The worst part of Obamacare is what it’s doing to us as black men who are the largest group of underemployed and unemployed in the country. So many who were in 32-hour a week plus jobs are now finding their hours cut or flat out being laid off so they don’t have to be offered insurance when the requirements kick in in 2014.

    I warned my family and friends day after day after day from the beginning of 2009 onward that it would happen, but I just became a “self-hating black person” when I tried to go into detail about how the bill itself was the one, single issue worth siding with conservatives on.


  59. Mickey on said:

    In the opening scene of “Roots”, we see Kunta Kinte’s mother giving birth to him in a hut. She is standing up holding on to a thick pole. Even though I had never scene anything like it before, I instantly knew why she was standing. Africans knew that gravity pulls things down and childbirth is easier while standing. We as women are not really supposed to lay down to give birth.

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