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The Whiteman Inheritance

Origins of the Caucasians

I’ve written several posts on the concept of whiteness and how the term, which they created solely for their greed and xenophobia, will ultimately be their downfall. I’ve written how white privilege blinds white people to their own aggression, wickedness, unlawfulness and how it will destroy them from the inside out. I’ve explained in great detail how scapegoating the “dark-skinned” boogeyman will created an arrogant, childlike, pious frame of mind for white AmeriKlans ultimately leaving them vulnerable to foreign and domestic attack. And I’ve chronicled again and again how ostracizing the “others” that built this nation from the ground up would create apathy and even glee when their moment of harsh truth can no longer be deflected.

The only thing white people have to fear is themselves.

Singlehandedly, they have created a cocoon built on lies, fairytales of grandeur and their most telling and damaging psychosis: Projection. And now they are reeling from the 3 things blacks all over the globe have felt for 500 years:

Fear. Hopelessness. Anger.

When whiteness falls, and it will, not one person will be shocked… except them. When whiteness falls, and it will, not one person will utter a word of protest…except them. When whiteness falls, and it will, this planet will breathe a long-awaited sigh of relief. When the Boston Bomber was identified as a “Muslim”, whites from all over the world quickly grabbed onto the coded word and decided to excuse the plain-as-day fact that this man is from Chechnya, Russia, which is right in the middle of the Caucus Mountains. When presented with their own evil, they run from it, unable to own up to the harsh truth that they are indeed uniquely evil. Uniquely unjust. Uniquely anti-nature.

Whiteness, in its staggering denial, refuses to admit that they are the primary terrorists to all huemans, plants, animals and even the sweet air that we breathe. Only whites will destroy the very thing they need to survive in their attempt for total world domination. Whiteness, in its blatant refusal to accept its accountability, will continue to deflect their karma, which they cannot escape, til they are no more.

Michael Bradley, a white Jew, owned up to his ancestral shortcomings in this clip. Perhaps hearing it from the horse’s mouth will give you a different perspective. Listen carefully to what he says white people will do if they are no longer in control.

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63 thoughts on “The Whiteman Inheritance

  1. Marc-Lo on said:

    The WhiteMan’s Origin can be found in the Holy Bible.

    Genesis 25:25

    The WhiteMan’s Demise Can be Found in the Holy Bible.

    The Entire Book of Obadiah

    Happy Reading my People.

    Sis, can you please Email me privately, I have a quick question, but I don’t want to stray from the topic.

  2. Flugelrods. Lmao. I have a review of The Iceman lined up for next week at http://perfidian.wordpress.com, but I have not read the book yet. In the review it is mentioned that he dedicated the second edition to Dr. Clarke. Enough said. If I find an online version, I will put it up too.

  3. Kushite Prince on said:

    Oh boy! You took it there!lol This should bring out an interesting reaction from folks. I’m sure there will be those that are offended. I think I’m just going to sit back and watch the show. *grabs popcorn*

  4. Tyrone on said:


    I’m listening to the audio as i type this reply. A whiteman that is being honest about the wickedness of his own tribe…Interesting! Whites know what Michael Bradley speak of, afraid to acknowledge the truth. Right now, he’s talking about the environmental causes of agressive behavior within the white race. In other words, because they came about in a cold, harsh environment, it caused them to be more hostile in relation to non-whites…The Sun People! A true statement indeed. Blacks tend to be happier people compared to whites and more resilient as well. He’s speaking about the use of white supremacy by non-whites, the chinese and japanese…both nations have used elements of white supremacy to move ahead on the world stage. Talking about black africans getting from under the boot of white religion on the continent. Calling out Henry Louis Gates criticizing his works, a whitewashed black professor from Harrrrrvard. I’m not a fan of Mr. Gates, a so-called pan-africanist sleeping with the enemy…Becky! I didn’t know this about him, not surprised. Sexual Inadequacy, white male sexual inadequacy has contributed to psychosexual brutality of whitemen in relation to non-white females and males. Cutting off sex organs of blackmen, raping blackwomen, etc. Islam, Judaism, prominent actors in the proliferation of said behavior…True! Will continue to listen. Thanks for the info Negress.


  5. Marc-Lo

    The book of Obadiah always puts a smile on my face. Sure. I’ll contact you.

  6. Pete

    Can’t wait to hear your take on things.

  7. Your Highness

    I don’t give a hot effing damn if Flugelrods are upset. You should see the things they send me that I erase. Even Jeffrey Dahmer would blush.

  8. Ty

    White people’s evil runs through their veins. They are beyond a point of no return. They feed on melanin which is why they seek us out in life, cyberspace and the cosmos.

    Mother Nature is getting ready to wipe them off this planet soon and frankly, it’s about damn time.

  9. So true and in Revelation too when America falls too

  10. Kushite Prince on said:

    I know what you mean. It can get so frustrating at times. Almost drive you insane. But don’t let it get to you. Just keep doing your posts and educating the people. It can be very rewarding and help clear your mind. Don’t let the negativity get you down sis. Keep doing what you do.

  11. This is such an interesting thread. When their kingdom falls, which is AmeriKKKLAN, no one will mourn it’s fall except international traders who traded with this country(Rev.18. 1-11). White America will and are paying for the sins they have done to Blacks, Latinos and Native Americans thus the political unrest of this country as well as the economic downturn. Plus many Americans, regardless of color, went on reckless spending sprees as well as the housing bubble collapsed. Trust me, America, especially White America I will pay for their sins of:

    Enslaving Black people and oppressing them with Jim Crow Laws and mistreating them.

    Taking land away from Mexico

    Killing off Native Americans and taking away their land away from them without regret.

    Exploiting third world countries to their own benefit

    The devaluation of Black women’s beauty in the media and the uplifting of White women’s beauty above other types of beauty.

    Their legalizing abortion in 1973 by the court case of Roe vs. Wade.

    Their support of gay marriage, which always signifies the fall and destruction of a civilization.

    Starting a war in Iraq based on lies.

    Electing a president such as Barack Obama who has killed more people with drones than any other president in history.

    I can go on and on but ultimately America will pay for upholding their White supremacist ways and beliefs. And it will not be a pretty payback either. Jeremiah Wright was right , God damn America!

  12. Mickey on said:

    I don’t know if this is the right place to put this, but did you know that Tim Wise is having a documentary coming out called “White Like Me” which is about White privilege? Here is a bit of info about it. I know that you do not like him, Negress, but I would watch this just out of curiosity.


  13. Well said. You are correct. I am not a fan of Louis Gates myself but I respect him. We need real Black men like you, Tyrone.

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  15. No need for a post on NBP. The foreword on Perfidious is goohood enough. I will stick to Black Anon for a minute. Bradley set things straight just fine. Right now I am reeling from a review I have scheduled after the Iceman on Perfidious. These people are sick beyond words. Yet, they are able to make ‘friends’. I do not know whether to laugh or run and hide. Maybe both. But no caves for me!

  16. mstoogood4yall on said:


    “because they came about in a cold, harsh environment, it caused them to be more hostile in relation to non-whites…The Sun People! A true statement indeed”

    I saw shows and they were talking about in cold places they have winter depression, when the sun doesn’t shine as much.

    Yep when whiteness falls they will be the only ones surprised. They always act surprised when another white person goes on a shooting spree, when they should be used to it.

  17. Marc-Lo on said:

    Sometimes esau does things in order to escape from judgement. But they are the father of lies and the truth is not in them.

    Ask Tim Wise to give up his social riches that he inherited, and also give up his monetary riches he’s obtained back to the natural inhabitants of the land he resides on due to his grandfathers’ murderous lusts and greed, and then you’ll see the DEVIL come out, rightfully so.

  18. Mickey

    Thanks again for an awesome video. Wise is a Khazar who makes a living on “disinformation” and trickery. I would not be shocked one bit if the Southern poverty law or Zuckerberg was behind this.

    Did you know that the kkk is funded by Khazars? I’m sure some Jew is coughing up the cash for this.

  19. I know right and then they say they we are prone to being bad. SMH. There is good and bad people in all races yet we are deemed the bad ones just because our skin is darker than everyone else’s.

  20. Umoja on said:

    Well, I’m just waiting to see the look on their faces. I think they’re heads would implode on spot. I’d love to see that (sinister laugh). I’d just grab some pop-corn and my gun then sit on my porch and watch them running through the streets in search of melanin of course….then shoot them on spot if their heads didn’t implode first. Global jubilation is at hand. My only concern is who’s going to clean up all those bodies, because I don’t want all that in front of my house or on my front lawn if I’m still here. I re-planted my grass this summer…..sigh….my work is never done.

  21. blackgirlinberlin on said:

    I agree about the environment influencing behavior as well. Living in a typically cold place (although it hit 90/34 yesterday), I always wondered what is wrong with these people, but many of these posts have helped me figure it out. Especially the reading of Obadiah.
    For Germany, and deal with them they either want to f:ck or fight you. There does not seem to be a difference, at least when it comes to the men. The women tend to either want to be your best friend to gain access to the men you know, or completely ignore you, I feel it is out of jealousy, or that is at least what it feels like it to me. I attend these jazz nights, and when I am sitting, many young white girls come to me, asking me who I know, and if I am dating any of the black musicians, or are they single. Its interesting how thirsty these young women are, or some just stare and stare at you wondering why these black men aren’t all over them. One who was a friend of my bass playing friend sent him a message after seeing us speak saying oh I did not know you hang out with those types. I asked him what could she mean? He is black, and so am I…we are hanging because there are about 5 black americans living in the north east, so we try to stick together LOL. ..for the most part. However, speaking to many other black women here, they admit, they have never been with a Black man.. this to me is so off.
    Places like Poland, Russia, and Slovenia that I have visited have been worse. The Germans look nice to compared to these folks, and it is colder there.. so I completely agree with weather being a primary influence in their aggressive behavior.

  22. honeytreebee on said:

    Okay a few thing I hear tim wise is taking donations to do his documentary that is basically to tell white people what black people have been telling them for years. He is also asking for get ready… black people to donate to the cause! LOL!!!! WOW he has made so much money talking to what people about us, but wants us to give him money… You know some people will do this and then cry about how we don’t have and can’t organize they’ll give to a white man, but won’t give to save something in the black community like the oldest black book store.

    Second thing while the iceman thing is very interesting and all did he really tell us something that we didn’t know? I don’t think so and I think that all of the talking on the interview the only thing of interest that I heard was the old white iceman say that white people are racist and they gonna stay racist and no they ain’t trying to change the system and if, you think that you are confused. It was interesting as it was the only thing that you rarely hear a white person ever admit to. Also the adaption of the white mans religions doesn’t make it possible to defeat them or even come close to resistance of racism. However, even his admitting all of that he still fails to understand that he is a racist suspect and potential racist. He and all of his kind will remain that way until the system is abolished.

    The fact that these people are willing to kill us all even themselves to control the world should give everyone pause and reflection on their true nature and spirit of their being. This is good know thyself and thy enemies.

  23. blackgirl

    Isn’t it funny how white women automatically think that black males would want them? And your description of them being “thirsty” is stunningly accurate.

    You have no idea how thirsty they really are.

  24. Mickey on said:

    This is one of the reasons why I would not want to live in the northern United States. I used to consider living in certain northern states, but I changed my mind because it seems that Northerners have a cold attitude towards others and pricks are tolerated there. In many parts of the south, it is not like that. I am not shitting on the north entirely and I am not entirely praising the south, either, but I do notice a difference in attitudes regarding people from certain American climates.

    Where I work, people come from all across the US and I have noticed a difference in attitudes from the Northerners & folks from the Northeast as well as the Southerners & folks from the West. Hypothesis: Southerners and West Coasters tend to be laid back. Northerners vary. Some are nice & laid back, others are demanding and have a holier-than-thou demeanor. But once they realized that those uppity attitudes did not fly well down here, they changed their tune. Maybe because, although it gets hot and humid down here, we are not as uptight as those from colder climates.

  25. Umoja on said:

    Has anyone experience this? White people are “funny acting”. I have white neighbors who’ve lived next door to me for more than 5 years; I always speak to them, “good morning, hello, ect”….yet; THEY NEVER SPEAK UNLESS I SPEAK TO THEM FIRST. I tested this out one day; I purposely said nothing….they said nothing….so I continued on speaking….FIRST. They’ll see me and say nothing, see me out in neighborhood stores….nothing…..they continue to speak only if I speak FIRST. What’s up with that?!! Mind you, one of their daughters is on her second child with yet another Black man. They accept her hybrid children though. I don’t get it. Yet, I do know racist whites are more than willing to sex Blacks. Anyway….why do they not speak unless I speak first after more than 5 years?!

  26. Leviqueen on said:

    I love this type of topic. It brings a smile to my face a scares the hell out of the cave man, Neanderthal, inbred, genetic mutated and recessive Edomite. Tell all your friends and family, spread the word about these creatures. The truth is out, the jig is up, and good riddance. Every moment and day melanin gods and goddesses wake out of sleep and come into this truth we draw closer and closer to their final destruction and good riddance!

  27. Leviqueen on said:

    Because they are exactly what you said, funny actin. I’ve done the same thing at work and got the same result. The hell with them, they don validate my existence and I could careless if a caveman or woman speaks to me. Their insecurities rule over them that after 5 years those demons can’t show some manners a say hello!? Smh. Screw them, speak to them on occasion when you feel like it. Maybe today maybe not tmrw. The nerve of a leperous creature. Hmph!!!!

  28. Matari on said:

    “Their insecurities rule over them that after 5 years those demons can’t show some manners a say hello!? Smh. Screw them, speak to them on occasion when you feel like it. Maybe today maybe not tmrw. The nerve of a leperous creature. Hmph!!!!”

    ****** *


    (( I don’t think they can’t help it …. this is what happens when they buy into this being WHITE bs! They just being exactly who they ARE.. deluded, in denial, etc, etc))

  29. Umoja

    Because it’s your “duty” to acknowledge them first.

  30. Leviqueen

    I purposefully do not speak to my neighbours. It burns them up.

  31. Umoja on said:

    I’m going to “warrior-up” with them as of today. When I see them, I’m not going to speak and stick with that. Speak when I feel like it and only then. It’s so out of my nature because I’m a friendly person. It feels uncomfortable to not speak to those I recognize. It’s a shame that whites are always playing their “delusional superiority” card. When the cave queen of the house does speak back she has never addressed me with my name in all the 5 years . Oh, well, I have to put on my armor….it’s war time. Thank you

  32. I live in the South and I hate it. Full of racism and backstabbing Caucasians. I want to go back up North because I am better suited there than the South. Plus where I live is full of rednecks and racists.

  33. Umoja on said:

    I’m going to have fun with this. I enjoy being a bit mischievous. lol The cave-queen will look at me dead in my face sometimes….WAITING for me to speak first! Imagine that! I’m going to love watching the look on her face when she realizes she’s been exposed.

  34. Nat turner's Revenge on said:

    Sis, have you read My Soul To Keep by Tananarive Due? You are Fana…. She has ‘The Gift’ & is conducive to saving humanity.

  35. Nat Turner

    I’ve never read it but I definitely want to. Thanks for the suggestions.

  36. Ellis on said:

    Hi DOAN,

    I have read your comments on Abagond and on this site and you are so honest about race relations, the truth you tell is so refreshing, painfully honest and backed up by facts.

    I left this same message on Abagond:

    This is off-topic but I saw this on Clutch magazine. Didn’t bother to read the article because I know the score; the rationale that White Afrikaners use to justify their presence on a Black continent, their pathological, psychotic mentality of entitlement, that lands that they steal from other people belong solely to them.

    Thought it’s give you an idea for a future post perhaps. So frustrating yet typical. This attitude of Whites really really pees me off!!! I try so hard to understand why they are like that, why (as a whole) they are so cold, so arrogant, so calculating when it comes to interacting with Blacks, fearful of anything that is darker than them (in particular, us Blacks of course). Why they came into the beautiful land of Africa that was given to us by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, as shown in the Bible.

    We Blacks mind our own business, live in relative peace in Africa, then Europeans invade like a virus and dominate and destroy in every way imaginable through enslaving us in other lands or taking over our land.

    Sorry for the rant.

  37. Ellis

    I’m glad you find my humble attempts rewarding. The white man is an overgrown child with a neverending temper tantrum. Driven by his fear of being unwanted he imposes himself on others desperate for love and adoration.

    Perhaps the worst thing to do to this pale skinned demon is to leave him alone to fester in his own filth and dementia. We give him power by allowing him to feed on us and while we grow weaker, he gets stronger.

    Nature has spoken and whites are not wanted or welcomed here. He shall perish by his own hand.

  38. Whites are losing power worldwide and that is why they are so paranoid in AmeriKKKlan. That is why they are afraid of Obama and his wife because they represent the fall and decline of White imperialism and rule over the earth. That is why the Tea Party was formed and why racism has increased in this country.

    They are scared, I tell you! Scared.

  39. Yes they are funny acting. If they are nice to you be nice to them. If they aren’t, ignore them.

  40. I don’t really buy the whole idea behind The Iceman Inheritance. So their development was harsh living in frozen caves for x amount of years….. so what?

    We came up in 100 degree + jungles with endless humidity, arid and dry deserts, you name it…. getting eaten by lions, jackals, impaled by rhinos, etc. but we managed to be the most forgiving people in the world.

    All I see with his book is one more white male capitalizing on our innate desire for truth. I’m sure just the black readers alone put at least a year’s living expenses in his pocket.

  41. Brothawolf on said:

    I hope I’m right about this, but I think I’m seeing the first stages of the downfall of whiteness, but it seems to still be fighting to remain powerful. Maybe the fall of whiteness is coming sooner than we think. What do you all think?

  42. Very that is why you get it at the local library. Yeah a white guy telling some truth novel. It is not enough to know that we live in a mad house with a homicidal creature, we want to know why when we should just run away.

  43. honeytreebee on said:

    Northfield not fast enough we need a catalyst to speed things along.

  44. honeytreebee on said:

    Oops brothawolf not Northfield.

  45. Umoja on said:

    Agree, we need a catalyst, a disease of some sort that inflicts ONLY their species and off springs. At the rate that Blacks are succumbing to their sexual deviant agendas (homosexuality, lesbianism), interracial breeding, demeaning and degrading Black females… we’re going to end up just like them. More importantly, in such a weakened state of no return. Which will be the catalyst for our global death. We will then become complete prey. No fight, no boundaries.
    I tell ‘ya, bestiality and “legal” rape will be on the list down the road. They are both European culture. A boy 14 yrs old can agree to have “sex” with a grown man in Canada. Pedophilia will be made legal nationwide down the road also. The Black family— Black man and Black women will become a thing of the past….it’s already headed that way if we don’t wake-up NOW.

  46. emile on said:

    @No Black Pete:

    You have a very interesting blog, with the same quality as DOAN. A lot of must-read posts that are truly enlightening. Keep up the hard work you’re doing to educate and enlighten the masses.

  47. emile on said:

    @ Brothawolf:
    Your statements are confirmed. I would recommend that all here listen to one of Gus’ latest podcasts, “‘The Haunted and the Hated’ or Standard Operating Procedures” – June 17, 2013, especially towards the end of the show, which explains the slight build-up of anxiety that whites are experiencing now. The reality they face is very real, and as recorded throughout history via behavior patterns, we can expect irrational and deliberate reactions to the vulnerability that only they face. As more truth is spread, more light exposes the myths upon which the SOR (mistreatment) has built its foundation for injustice and mistreatment.


    Our responsibility is that of making a commitment to continually educate ourselves with constructive information that leads to the eventual end of this anomaly.

  48. Thanks. Hard work, but necessary. Perfidious Albino saves me the trouble of having to add footnotes at NBP. So does Too Much Black. Anyone can browse the archives, and find food for thought. And that goes for all the sites representing in here as well. Peace.

  49. Interesting that you say that. I pulled the glorious review I found, to put up the foreword of the book at Perfidious Albino (either Sun- or Moon-day). I still have not read the book, but, of course, I did read that foreword. Two things stood out: 1. he claimed to have ‘helped’ in the Caribbean and Africa (I omitted it from the posted text as the bait for sympathy or even empathy was too obvious), but he had NO MONEY to ensure his copyrights for the book; 2. he got paid by a certain zionist organization (BB) to write about certain topics, and go undercover into some snuff movie network. To be able to go undercover in that sick world, you have to be able to show sick behavior and deep pockets. Hired actor or trained psychopath? As far as I can tell now, the ‘research’ was a stick to get fake jhws (redundant) out of the Hebrew (Habiru) group. Which is fine by me. Let them fight amongst each other, as we take hold of the stick to beat all of them. As the jhws say: “use what works, leave the rest.”

  50. mswanda on said:

    Mickey, I live in AZ and these are some of the most hateful,angry and meansprited group of whites I’ve ever encountered and I’m from Mississippi! I can’t even go out in public without being mean mugged. This shit started after the first election of Obama. They are just angry all over the country! I can’t get a job or find housing. They don’t know I’m black by the name on my resume so they always call me and when they find out I’m Black they say they will get back to me or “you live so far away you wouldn’t want to drive that far! I’m an esthetician and a nail tech and the spas out here won’t even hire me and they need people bad but they would rather turn customers away than hire me. The Black women out here would rather give there money to Asians or white people or refuse to come to me because I don’t go to church. They say I deserve to suffer because I don’t go to church. But they are not trying to convert Chin Lu when they are getting their nails done. When I call listings for housing they increase the rent by 200 to 300 and the first thing they tell me is that they are gonna do a background check on me. Life is only gonna get harder for us Black folks and we better wake up soon. I fear it is late for most of us.

  51. It’s not much better up north, born in Iowa, raised in WI, w/ fam in Chicago, and the only difference is in how you want your racism served to you.

    Up north and west coast it seems to be via latent and subliminal digs day after day. Employment isn’t as hard to find, but once you find it you face more small cuts and bruises from white “co-workers” that eventually snowball into something really bad. Trying to rent a non-dilapidated apartment or get a house with anything less than perfect credit in both IA and WI is a nightmare.

    Southwest and down south they don’t seem to hide it as much, which is something I can tolerate a bit more than the “concerned liberal” that just pretends to care but is really looking down their nose at us while patting themselves on the back.

    East coast is a mess from what I’ve read, but never been out there except for D.C. once when I was really young.

    One thing I’ve been noticing up close and personal lately is that the few of us that do seem to be living in decent housing with nice jobs tend to be either extremely white-washed with their mannerisms, have a white spouse on their arms, or their employment involves something toxic/destructive to black people.

    When I say up close and personal, I mean I look through Facebook, or at relatives and family members when they visit or call and it seems like those of us who have our minds focused on doing what’s right and are focused on developing ourselves and our families are the ones with the worst “luck”.

    Or maybe I’m just over analyzing things…. who knows…

  52. Hi, I’m a subscriber to this blog. I enjoy it very much and I’d like to extend and invitation for ALL of you here to visit my blog as well: http://truthangel07.wordpress.com/

  53. Tyrone on said:


    I agree Negress, they need to go…ASAP! Whites will never be happy, Why? They’re angry with God because they’re skin is pale…Sunburn! Exposing the white female as the fraud that she is marks the final step in the process. She has castrated her men with no shame, brothas know better, she is the real enemy. Our race is stuck in neutral because Coonish brothas are keeping white female supremacy on life-support. Watched (Dark Girls) tonight on OWN, big fan of Bill Duke for many years It all makes sense now, the documentary has 2 whitemen in it that pinch themselves for pulling beautiful sistas. Brothas been hoodwinked, and don’t know what hit us…Shameful!

  54. Tyrone on said:


    I’m no better than any other brotha, God blessed me with Common Sense. Ty is pro-blackwoman, which our enemies hate. Free blackmen love Nubian Women…Bottomline! All i ask of fellow blackmen is to love our black sisters unconditionally. Our enemies have no problem killing us to get to you Adeen and other Sistas. Lebron is engaged, D Wade is with Gabrielle Union, Chris Bosh is married ..Natural Order! Sista Love Is Greater…No Doubt!


  55. Tyrone on said:


    Cold weather is not for black folk, we need to feel the rays of the sun. Our time is coming, Coons and Crackers alike can’t defeat us.

    The Sun People
    Greater Than Them…Yes!

  56. Mickey on said:

    Here’s what our friend Paul Mooney has to say about Blacks and the cold. Hilarious!

  57. White people’s are just damn evil beings, that need to be GONE! ASAP. so darker skin ppl can live PEACEFUL.as the most high wanted us too

  58. Whichever way you look at it, these so-called anti-racist whites are benefiting financially, thus uplifting the white race/population

  59. honeytreebee on said:


    I think it is more than just that… what about the Eskimo the lived in snow and ice with darkness under the snow. No fruit or veggies or wood to cook their meat. Yet, the are considered kind, gentle people. What do they have that whites don’t? They never lost their coloring they are a medium to dark brown hue. Their ether is not sulphur based. So, the ice and cold making them mean no it is something else. Got any ideas.

  60. Tyrone on said:


    As you stated, Eskimos didn’t lose their pigment, Whites Did! I can understand their anger at Mother Nature. Having melanin makes life so much easier. They have to worry about putting on sunscreen whenever they’re in the sun, sunburn, sun-spots, wrinkles, skin-cancer, etc. Who wants to deal with that ish on a daily basis? A rational human being would say that whites should let nature play itself out. What do you mean Tyrone? Whites want to be black and white at the same time…Not Possible! This mindset explains why whitewomen lust blackmen, yet, want their “black” children to be white like them. On one hand, blackmen make them weak in the knees, but, they’re not fully committed to black manhood and the advancement of the black race in totality. It’s about money and priviledge honeytree. Whitemen have the money and power, therefore, Becky is not willing to give up on whiteness completely just yet. They don’t give a damn’ about being white, never have. Notice how they keep lowering the bar as it relates to who’s black and isn’t? Nowadays, in the minds of some crazy black people, 1/4 black is considered black…Hell No! In that case, anybody with a drop of black in them can be in the club, which is insane. We witness this mindset in so-called mixed whites…Arabs, Persians, Spaniards, Portugese, Italians, Greeks, Gypsies, etc. How do they behave around black people honeytree? They try to be blacker than actual black people. “Tyrone, We’re Black Too!” The Moors created a big mess that we have to deal with today. We can easily dispense of white folk if we want to, they know this as well. How can i exlplain this? If all the attractive whitewomen flock to blackmen, up the creek. If all the attractive asian women start flocking to blackmen, up the creek. As the saying goes, black matches with every color. Whitemen may snag other colored women, but those same women will develop a taste for chocolate as well sooner or later. Blackmen need to understand this. Whitemen see us as a roadblock to them in relation to women and sex. Sex with their own women, and women in general. Therefore, blackmen must be exterminated from the human family. Notice, i didn’t say blackwomen? They want to be the lovers of blackwomen, not us. Women love dark-skinned men, this eats them up inside, and always will.

    Angry White Males R.I.P

  61. D.S. on said:

    Can I have a link or brief breakdown of Southern Poverty Law Center? I take it they don’t have our best interest in justice either…

  62. D.S.

    Short summary:

    They are a Zionist owned watch dog group like the kkk. They are funded by the Mossad.

  63. chameleonOfmoods on said:

    I need to go back and read the bible MORE. I’m a shame to admit, but I kinda strayed away. I didn’t know the entire Book of Obadiah is about the whiteman’s demise. OMG. Before I go to bed, I’m reading.

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