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Wet Goddess

The Goddess Herself

Last night I was on the phone with a blogger buddy of mine. As she surfed the web, she said suddenly, “Truth, have you ever heard of Wet Goddess?” “Wet what?” was my response. “Wet Goddess. It’s a book where a white man has an affair with a dolphin.”


“Get the fuck outta here”, was all I could say.

She laughed.

I suddenly had the imagery of a naked man lying underneath (or on top) a 700 pound dolphin and I giggled out loud. Then I got serious. “Why?”

“Why..what? Sex a dolphin? ‘Cause that’s how they do.”

Malcolm Brenner, now in his 60’s, wrote Wet Goddess, a book that chronicled his nine month sexual affair with a dolphin called Dolly. Brenner claimed that his fling with Dolly began in his 20’s when he was a sophomore New College of Florida in Sarasota. A writer hired Brenner to take photographs for a children’s book about the dolphin show at an amusement park. He was given free access to the park and introduced to the staff. Initially, “she became more and more aggressive,” said Brenner, who lives in Punta Gorda, Fla. “She would thrust herself against me.” Brenner claims that the mammal courted him.

“I found that extraordinarily erotic,” Brenner said. “It’s like being with a tiger or a bear. This is an animal that could kill you in two seconds if it wanted to. Some people find it hard to imagine that I wasn’t abusing the animal,” Brenner said. “They didn’t see me interacting with the dolphin. They weren’t there. These creatures basically have free will. What is repulsive about a relationship where both partners feel and express love for each other?” Brenner asked. “I know what I’m talking about here because after we made love, the dolphin put her snout on my shoulder, embraced me with her flippers and we stared into each others’ eyes for about a minute.”

Brenner said he might consider another relationship with a dolphin in the future.

“Under the right circumstances I would if I had the energy for it,” Brenner said. “I’m 40 years older now.”


I bet you’re wondering why I wrote this post.

Illusion is all apart of the system of white supremacy. When we begin to see these “people” for who and what they are, right from their own lips, we begin to remove that shroud of omnipotence. Beastiality has been apart of European culture since the dawn of time. Syphilis is evidence of that. See who and what you’re dealing with beneath that leather bound briefcase and those 300 dollar wingtip shoes. Beneath that home with the white picket fence and that position that draws awe and undue respect.

See the enemy…and fear not for they are just an illusion.

(Thanks Kemetia for telling me about this)

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47 thoughts on “Wet Goddess

  1. all kinds of bad sh*t manifests itself when you are a pious, misogynistic prick

  2. blackmystory on said:

    What the fuck did I just read? I am putting in a call to the mother ship to get me the hell up out of here!

  3. I don’t even know where to start. Nasty, beyond nasty and dude thinks this is okay and says this stuff in public. This shows they have no preference just need a hole. I have to go wash my eyes now.

  4. It’s too bad the dolphin didn’t bite this piece of shits’ pecker off as he was molesting it. I bet it was really a male dolphin! In any case this man should be charged with animal cruelty. Hopefully his next ‘affairs will be with a starving she grizzly bear or a Tasmanian devil. It will be interesting to see what the asshole writes if he survives either encounter.

  5. Bestpartofwakingup on said:

    Talk about flippin the script. Surf-n-turf-n-dat ass. But for real though uh…eew! Makes me think of the last picture show when they described the teens banging the sheep on the farm. They do this stuff because they have Neanderthal DNA and I guess they smell it on them and they mate…or…they are spawns of satan plain and simple. 🙂

  6. honeytreebee on said:

    On a totally different note checkout my posting under sankofa it is about the fight to keep the oldest black own book store from closing due to predatory loans and stealing of our legacy. Right now like the poor dolphins they are experiencing a different type of molestation.

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  8. The comments had me rolling!:) We should not be surprised however, here you have a Neanderthal man who by all intents and purposes should of been arrested OR sectioned, yet he writes a book ON his Molestation and Abuse of one of the Most High’s creatures??!! And gets it published!
    Just like a typical european, HE BLAMES the Dolphin! It’s the Dolphin fault. Same as when they rape, the first thing out they Jaws is, “she asked for it!”. Nuff said!

  9. LOL I am not shocked. White men would have sex with their dog and no one will blink their eye in AmeriKKKlan. In my mostly White area where I live, I heard of a White guy having sex with a donkey. Another reason for me to not date White men, which I never will do. Very few people of color would do this because we have a conscience and mind.

  10. Umoja on said:

    This is just like white “people”. Everything is of a sexual nature. How do they not know that maybe the dolphin was trying to crush her sick demented azz. These “people” are psychopaths and sexual terrorist. Period. It’s that animal dna that resides within them all. Something is innately and horrifically wrong with them psychologically. I wouldn’t be surprised if American whites tried to propagate bestiality next. They’ve been successful at much sexual deviance that is now accepted in the minds and lives of many; including the non-suspecting Black populous. White sexual deviance has no limitation…..young, old, dead, alive, animals, objects….what ever. Everything and everyone is up for grabs.

  11. Amarie on said:

    lol, I knew something wasn’t right with white folk the first time I saw them kiss their dogs on the mouth or let the dog lick their lips. EWWWWWWW just Nasty.

  12. Verbs2013 on said:

    Edom will not cease until every decadent behaviour is unbound, he will not stop until every act of sexual deviancy is unshackled and set free. Now that he has mainstreamed homosexuality, pedophilia is the next docket on the table however pedophilia is now being deceptively guised under a new term so beware of it, “inter generational sex”.

    Once this agenda is normalised(and it will be easily achieved, look at the decadent zombie general public today, they will in the near future readily hand over, accept their children being buggered and fondled by adults and will even defend the actions when questioned, after all the child has “rights” too, right?) the next perversion on the list to push through will be beastiality followed by necrophilia.

    Again, we as black people sometimes lack the ability to think something through to the fullest extreme. There is no reason why these things will not come to pass as the zombie public are already being positioned and groomed for these perversions each and every day through that electronic one eyed devil that sits in their houses and apartments as a shrine of worship.

    Don’t believe me, go into the average zombie’s house and observe the set up and the layout, the furniture is set up to where the television is the main focus of that area. Any room where a television resides, its the same pattern over and over again.

  13. I wish there was mindwipe so you permanently erase unwanted visions like this. Recently in Kenya a Swiss was arrested for bestiality-mofo was misusing Kenyan women and a dog for porn.
    Sighhhhh. Yurugu truly exists on another plane.

  14. I love how he tried to justify it too. Yuck.

  15. Bry

    Behold the illustrious white woman…you know, the epitome of femininity.

  16. Verbs

    I’ve been saying that the tel-lie-vision is the propagator of abnormalcy for years. Look at that teen movie Twilight.

  17. Forced Reality on said:


    I hope he got more than a slap on the wrist for that craziness.

  18. Yes, blame the dolphin. The dolphin was already a prisoner, thus in the right state of mind to identify with this psychopath. They dare call their sickness ‘love’.
    This is in line with all the ‘news’ about “bang rooms” in female prisons, juvenile detention centers, and orphanages. I am just waiting for them to blame ‘reptillians’. Sigh.

  19. Malcolm J Brenner Interview with Stuart Vener – I had Sex with a Dolphin

  20. anonymous on said:

    There is also a war on our children, across the country they are being taken from homes under the guise of the parents being “unfit.” In South Dakota Native people are taking the state to court for this. I have witnessed second hand poor whites being divested of their children by social service agencies, who pretend that they want to reunite the families, but in reality are working keep the families from getting children back. The real deal is not intervention and to reunite families and children, but to make them wards of the state, where they are subject to all sorts of abuse and mistreatment.

    Society definitely seems to be in a downward spiral, even the Alex Jones, Don Paul over at Prophet TV, ect, are talking and warning about some of what you have mentioned here. There is a difference between freedom in a society, and just downright insanity. I can’t wrap my mind around the person being able to write a book about something like this, and being completely absent of remorse or guilt of any kind.

  21. Verbs2013 on said:


    Indeed, the one eyed shrine does indeed prepare the zombie public, the willingful victims for the cauldron quite efficiently.

  22. Mstoogood4yall on said:

    lol here is a white man get dolphin fkd too lol. Even the dolphins know who the real hos are, they don’t do this sheit with us they know they’d be slapped back into the water. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2TIGUjh2_o

  23. Mswamda on said:

    Umoja, Whites that control PETA were so hard on Mike Vick for the dog fighting but they refuse to push for laws to protect animals from sexual abuse. It is legal in quite a few states to have sex with animals. If they really care about animals why don’t they come at this sicko!

  24. So true.

  25. And don’t forget about the fact that the Edomites and Khazars have tried to steal the birthright of the real Hebrew Israelites for thousands of years. These so called White Askenazi Jews are not the real descendants of the Biblical Hebrews but they are from the line of Japheth. And the line of Japheth are Gentiles! And Khazars, a war like tribe that lived in Eastern Europe converted to the Jewish religion thousands of years ago. And Judaism is the twisted Gentile interpretation of the real Jewish religion, not the real religion itself.

    I hope for the day that it is revealed who the true Jews are!

    Plus AmeriKKKlan is going down the drain morally and politically. 99% of our political leaders are weak and inefficient and don’t care about the American people. Also homosexuality, pedophilia, and bestiality will be legalized soon in this country. Abortion is getting worse. The society worships celebrities with loose morals like Kim Kardashian(I wanted to puke when I typed this trashy woman’s name) and watched reality TV shows with no morals. Kids these days only look at material things to make them happy when they should realize that God could make them truly happy. What a mess our society is!

  26. mary burrell on said:

    That is an abomination and it’s deplorable. That is just sickening. It’s too disgusting.

  27. Umoja on said:

    Mswamda……In Germany over 100,000 practice bestiality. Many say, ” it comes natural”. Whites of course. Can we have a holocaust already for those deemed white. Bestiality will be propagated in a few years. Whites notice how homosexuality and those tragic interracial relationships, pedophilia (NAMBLA) , ect, have all gone over well; this will be next. The depopulation, genetic suicide agendas are doing well.
    Whites, ” let’s squeeze everything out of them and pour us into them.” I’d rather die

  28. emile on said:

    Yet another perfect example of what Mr. Fuller means by not having sex with whites/genetically-deficient albinos/albino mutants. From a scientific standpoint, it comes as no surprise that all of these behavior patterns and inherent genetic traits makes their exceptionality all the more clear. It also makes a point for re-segregation of the so-called races.

  29. mary burrell on said:

    Abhorrent! It’s just disgusting. Sexing mammals. God help us.

  30. @forced reality
    Much as I’d like this Swiss mofo to spend 3 lifetimes picking up the soap in Shimo la Tewa,Mombasa’s toughest prison (Oz is a holiday resort!) I’m not hopeful.
    The pros were all over 18. Nobody was coerced.

  31. Tyrone on said:


    White people are crazy, let’s be real about this. They’re known to fornicate with animals…dogs, cats, goats, horses, and so forth. This post reminds me of an incident that took place some years ago involving a whiteman and a horse. To make a long story short, the horse won and the white guy lost. Whitey died from internal injuries, the horse stood up in him and ruptured his backside. Another crazy story told to me by a homeboy…whiteman puts a hamster up his anus and dies as a result. I’m sure other blacks have heard even crazier ish over the years.


  32. Sangoma on said:

    Exactly. Psychopathic demonic entities, yet so many NW Black people and other NW people worldwide literally worship these nasty insane things and some even aspire to be like them. This is absolutely disgusting. The vampires are the ones in power and NW people have yet to effectively figure out a way to deconstruct this stranglehold. I honestly wish I hadn’t read this particular blog yesterday. No thing, No one, Nothing is sacred. Nothing… I wish I could beam away.

  33. Sangoma on said:

    Right on point Verbs 2013. Every word you wrote is true. As I go about my daily grind, I’m seeing so many NW Black people who are in bad shape mentally and physically. There are many thing that have been and are being instituted in our communities to continue softening the minds of Black people: homosexuality, lesbianism, drug abuse, smoking potpourri (fake herb), unemployment, underemployment, homelessness, crime, etc. When people are desperate, depressed and ignorant of who the real enemy is they will not mount effective defenses against their enemy, because many are simply trying to stay alive one day at a time, even sometimes surviving becomes moment to moment and can be an arduous task. This global shitsytem of psychopathy has dumbed down the masses of our people through their re-LIE-gious propaganda, their educational (should read DEADcutional) programs, their myriad forms of terrorizing us for centuries, the sexing (read-RAPING) of both our males and females to the point of no return to sanity for some of our people and now critical thinking is an art form that many of our people have been trained to shun.

  34. Welp. I just threw up and followed you all at the same time. Great blog.

  35. If Mike Vick had molested these dogs instead of setting them to fight, PETA may have had a dinner in his honour instead. Anyways, this Brenner fellow is making Lassie and Rin Tin Tin jealous! Seriously, you can’t make this shit up. This gives a new meaning for dog fucker(an obscene metaphor for laziness on the job).

  36. Negress,

    I wish I could say that I was surprised by this…These hedonists will do anything and everything to satisfy their depraved and perverted need. I’ve seen white females inserting huge fire extinguishers, shoes, scissors, monkey wrench, wire metal brush, knife, live snake, live fish, live octopus into their vagina. I’ve also seen white males screwing a drinking glass, metal tubes, birds, fish, frogs, ducks, chickens, plastic bags, etc. so I guess a dolphin is a huge step-up to my list of objects/items.

  37. Cynic

    Wow…sick isn’t the word.

  38. Did you hear about a school banning Black kids from wearing twists and Afro puffs? SMH.

  39. Wth ?!! That’s all I’ve been thinking all week. I even went on amazon and these crazies have given the book positive reviews.. Major mind screw of the year!!! I’m sure it gets worse… Smh

  40. mary burrell on said:

    @ Adeen: I saw that about school banning afro puffs and twists. That’s a damn shame. I was and am still hoping this is not true. It’s just so messed up.

  41. My head is REELING…Yes…Reeling. I know they are beyond anykind of hope, BUT didn’t that Neander who was having her not so privates benn service by a dog, see that her OWN Children were scared and uncomfortable??? This is a Mother and a Parent????? Is it????

  42. Aurelian Solaris Carpathia on said:

    You seem to imply Europeans have some special connection to bestiality, but it is a universal – and universally rare – practice. Also, as strange as zoophilia is, if one adheres to the utilitarian harm principle of John Stuart Mill, it isn’t inherently wrong, as Peter Singer argues in “Heavy Petting.” Consider that we humans are ourselves animals, and that in prehistory, we interbred with Neanderthals and Denisovans. In the distant future, we may even encounter extraterrestrials of similar intelligence, or genetically engineer some species – such as dolphins and apes – to have human-equivalent intelligence, as well. How might attitudes on interspecies relations then change?

  43. Only a European would justify this filth.

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