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Finish This Sentence #6

Zimmerman Loses Bid to Delay Trial (ABC News)

Only in AmeriKlan…”
I’ll go first:
Only in AmeriKlan, can you kill an unharmed black person on tape and have the crime covered up, supported and defended by white supremacy.
Your turn…

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73 thoughts on “Finish This Sentence #6

  1. Only in AmeriKlan are you called racist for thinking it was wrong for an armed “white” self-proclaimed rent-a-cop to stalk and shoot an unarmed teen because he “looked” suspicious.

  2. Ms. J on said:

    Only in AmeriKlan and a RWS world can you call the victims of your victimization the most “racist” people alive.

  3. Mickey on said:

    Only in Ameriklan can a person say that they hate an entire race of people and then still proclaim, “But I’m not racist.”

  4. Only in amerikklan can slavery continue in prisons.

  5. Only in AmeriKlan can you be arrested and prosecuted for smoking a plant that grows out of the ground, proceed to lose your entire life savings paying for attorney to a public defender whose best efforts consisted of a week worth of 5 minute meetings badgering you to “just confess” to trumped up charges.

    Only in AmeriKlan can you then proceed to be convicted of felony charges where you’ll then be forced to labor for .03 cents an hour in hopes of being released into a world where even the most degrading servce-sector jobs will refuse to hire you – at which point you’ll then have your parole revoked and be returned to prison for “failure to adapt”.

    Only in AmeriKlan can that entire process repeat itself for a person’s entire lifetime, with its results being rationalized to soundbites such as, “those people don’t want to work – they’re just lazy”.

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  7. Verbs2013 on said:

    Only in AmeriKlan do blacks kill their own people at a higher rate than any other race. So called “black leadership” is nowhere to be found and the black community does not utter a peep about this top cause of black death. Yet when a white person kills a black person black people readily take to the streets in droves and in some cases go on a rioting spree, destroying the very shops that they use everyday as well as wrecking the rest of the neighbourhood. Black leadership all of a sudden pops up, has everything to say and manipulates the so called Negro into taking the victim role……………………………yet again.

    Isn’t this hypocrisy? Is there a hidden rule somewhere engraved in stone which states that black on black killings are cool, permissible and accepted? Is this the reason why we don’t take up the same momentum and protest the black goons and the reprobate hooligans in the black neighbourhoods holding everybody hostage with their continual violence and oppressive antics?

    Sorry to go against the grain here but in AmeriKlan and in the UK the number one problem facing the black community at present is……….the black community. I here what you are saying here, oppression and racism does exist but I think that we as black people need to stop taking the victim position constantly and start to clean up our own house first. Remember Negro, its not white rolling up in your neighbourhoods killing blacks, its YOU!

  8. “Isn’t this hypocrisy? Is there a hidden rule somewhere engraved in stone which states that black on black killings are cool, permissible and accepted?”

    There is, Bobby Wright talked about in ‘Psychopathic Racial Personality”. Menticide is the hidden rule – through programming in every area of life we’re conditioned to identify with white people rather than our own.

    The reason that we go to the streets in droves when a white person kills one of our own is because it fits the needs of white supremacy.
    In order for American society to fit the image of being post-racial, there has to be faux-outrage at clearly racist actions.

    Having white people and their non-white victims rallying together in the street in hoodies while protesting works to erase the cognitive dissonance (white guilt) that would develop in the white masses and work to undermine their control.

    Like Dr. Fuller has said time and time again – tacky, trashy, terroristic, not a single exchange that’s happened between white people and non-white as a result of these killings has ever been any better than tacky, most of it terroristic.

    All of the exchanges that have occurred work to fan the flames of our self-hatred so that we repeatedly kill each other.

    The majority of us as black people, even those of us posting here, really don’t feel anything for him because in having our minds warped to identify with whites we lose our group identity and instead think of ourselves as individuals. Individuals can’t find time to really feel much of anything other than the responses to the hassles of day to day life.

    In this case and every other case – the problem is white abuse with the solution being black self-respect and through that respect, self-knowledge, and through that self-knowledge, unity. Unity means none of us referring to one another as Negros anymore, as ALL of our fates our tied together.

    I’m just as guilty of repeating “Sometimes the wolf does the herd a favor”, but it’s not true, it might make one of us feel better for a moment, but what we have to be about isn’t necessarily something that feels good.

  9. Bry


    I will admit that, yes, we do need to accept blame and responsibility For our actions but in this system under white domination, we are still on the plantation.

  10. Only in AmeriKKKlan a Black boy could transform into a White woman without anyone saying anything about it.
    Only in AmeriKKKlan can a whore like Kim Kartashian become wealthy and famous based on a sex tape.
    Only in AmeriKKKlan is where Black women are undesired and seen as hoodrats, loud, etc.
    Only in AmeriKKKlan, I can go on and on but I wouldn’t for the sake of time.

    But AmeriKKKlan is very unique in it’s ways and structure especially when it comes to race. if we lived in a society that values life, George Zimmerman would have been given life in prison!

  11. Mstoogood4yall on said:

    Only in ameriklan ppl will start wars overseas while ignoring the ones right at home.

    Only in ameriklan whites tell us to be colorblind and then turn around and stereotype ppl based on color.

    Only in ameriklan ppl call u unpatriotic for bringing up history and pointing out how we are not as free as we think,[can’t harvest rainwater in some states, monitoring ppl, etc] but will look at other countries and say they need to be like us.

    only in ameriklan can a biracial person be called black when they mentally white[Obama]

    Only in ameriklan a person can kill a black person with impunity and call ppl anti white when we point it out.

    Only in ameriklan ppl will ppl call someone a terrorist if they are black and have killed one person[assata shakur] , but not won’t call a white person a terrorist when they’ve killed more than 10 ppl but say they are mentally ill.

    Only in ameriklan will black ppl align themselves with racists and diss their own ppl and put their oppressors on a pedestal.

    Only in ameriklan black ppl will allow themselves to be used by other poc for their gain and our loss

    Only in ameriklan ppl will defend rappers who degrade us and makes explicict lyrics about emit till

    Only in ameriklan black ppl don’t unite unless its a tragedy[trayvon, Jordan davis, hurricane Katrina etc] but not unite to get our voices heard about schools closing in our neighborhoods and black on black crime

    Only in ameriklan will black ppl complain about shows and movies portraying us negatively but still watch the mess.

  12. Verbs2013 on said:

    Herein lies another problem though, you cannot think along the group think mentality any longer because of the scum buckets within the group who have always put the group back. Today it is because of the ratchet black reprobate hooligans as to why the black nation on the whole continues to trundle backwards at an alarming rate.

    As I commented recently elsewhere, blacks will not be able to build anything on mass again, it will have to be done in small groups with like minded individuals coming together with similar ideas and goals. However, until we separate ourselves from the no good scum bucket reprobate wild beast blacks who have taken refuge among us and who wreck every stage of progression that we attempt to build, I have to say that the best way forward is to think as an individual and represent yourself as a black individual first and thereafter with care put your neck out for selected black folks who have not been contaminated with the foolish thinking and mentality that most black people having subscribed to Babylon and its philosophies display.

  13. Bestpartofwakingup on said:

    Only in amerklan white people say blacks should be thankful for slavery and that if it weren’t for them(whites) black people would be still living in mud huts and behaving savagely.

    Only in Ameriklan white people are not taught the truth and then defend the lie to be held as truth when awakened black people let them know that they are thieves and murderers and have never discovered anything but stole everything and put their Image on it.

    Only in Ameriklan can black people be considered less than human and treated worse than animals by being brutally and savagely sacrificed by hanging and mutilating and saying its justified by the very same God that you stole from us and then turned around and said that same God wants us to be slaves and that it’s your God given right to rule.

    Only in Ameriklan can the education be horrible for blacks and then you parade scores and stats around to try to prove that blacks are inferior on all levels.

  14. Only in ameriklan can the IMMIGRANT FOREIGNERS from europe presume to call other people “ALIENS” including the Native Peoples they MET HERE!

  15. Verbs

    I agree wholeheartedly.

    That’s why I’ve stated many, many times that the majority of us will not make it. Those of us who do, however, will be the SMALL chosen few who shall rebuild the nation of Africa.

    By the simple fact that we’re even having these conversations daily tells me that we’ve *already* begun to move away from that lower vibrational level blacks who insist on remaining asleep.

  16. Adeen

    If we lived in a JUST society, Zimmerman would not be here.

  17. Fantastic replies everyone!

    Keep ’em coming…

  18. Mickey on said:

    Not to mention that the scores & stats are purposely skewed to make Black children & other children of color appear less intelligent than their White counterparts.

  19. emile on said:

    Have to agree here. At some point, in each individual’s life, personal responsibility will have to be considered as a viable option to victimhood and allowed to take its course. Whites are never going to accept their vulnerability nor responsibility for what has been done, but in the saner world we’re all seeking, somebody has to be smarter and make the more logical decision in this game of pointing fingers. We’re dealing with a distinct and nonredeemable mindset (Yurugu) that is embedded within their DNA and there’s not much we can do in helping them, regardless of how much we try. Bottom line: let us begin to get back into the business of helping and healing ourselves. As the saying goes, “birds chirp, bees buzz, dogs bark and white people practice racism.” On the other hand, our best defense is a good offense, where our personal actions, choices, self-respect, self-esteem and our way of thinking about ourselves, first before beginning to consider others, are the keys to buffering the impositions and attacks know experienced in the nine areas of people activity. If we focus more on working on our individual behavior patterns as suggested by Dr. Welsing and Mr. Fuller, there is no doubt that these methods will have a tremendous defensive effect on the SOR (mistreatment), putting the ball back in their court. At some point, as with all things in this life, all games come to an end. The refinement process of perpetuating injustice and mistreatment as a compensatory action for a genetic deficiency effect that is beyond your control, no matter how much they try, surely has its limitations and will ultimately become evident in its futility. In the meantime, we will have huge losses due to an individual’s choice of denial, evasiveness and failure in admitting the existence of the problem we’re dealing, which ultimately requires each individual to get serious about a serious situation that requires serious solutions.

  20. Umoja on said:

    Only in Ameriklan is it deemed “racist” when Blacks love, support or commit to their own race of people….yet it is NEVER deemed “racist” when all others love, support and commit to their own race of people; as a matter-of-fact; others are completely supported, admired and respected when they love and support their own race of people by those deemed “white”. Others are given capital and incentives to build their communities, businesses, ect…throughout. Yet only in Ameriklan ( this is really global) are Blacks thwarted in all endeavors of building communities, collective economic Black capital, growth and progress.
    Only in Ameriklan is the demoralized racist term “n” now used and accepted by white media,” entertainment” and by Blacks themselves.
    ….and only in Ameriklan are Blacks in some parts of the United States, is it now illegal to braid “Black hair”……

  21. Mickey on said:

    Only in Ameriklan can a Black person be ridiculed for having a certain type of hair and then be ridiculed when they try to assimilate by getting hair weaves that resemble European hair for trying to fit in.

  22. Only in Ameriklan can white folks create medical disorders to justify their evil and wickedness

  23. Only in Ameriklan can you earn an income for urinating and shitting on white people (mostly white males).

  24. Umoja


    Why do the white man’s “law” only apply to us?

  25. LOL! Yuck, ynotme.

  26. Mickey on said:

    Only in Ameriklan can a place like NAMBLA exist. (Look it up and you’ll see what I’m talking about.)

  27. Umoja on said:

    What really has me in a tizzy, is that Black folks will accept this nonsense. Since when did this African/Black custom become illegal? When Whites and others decided everything Black is a cash cow; therefore open for exploitation….including this century old custom. This is what comes natural to us, yet it’s illegal….deemed by whites!! I swear they have the mind of slavemasters. Since when do they have the right to tell us where and how we are to practice our NATURAL custom!!! How about white women can no longer dye their hair blonde at home, only in a salon.

    I say the hell with this law and continue on braiding.

  28. Only in Ameriklan can a white person use scientific evidence to deny the existence of God and get black people to agree with them; and yet somehow also use scientific evidence to prove that black people are an inferior race on the basis of skin color alone.

  29. Only in ameriklan, can it be Illegal for a True to the Bone African woman to do African Braids ON African hair, but perfectly ok for a Neanderthal female to have had her Fur braided and then be proclaimed to be the world’s most” beautiful” woman. Anyone remember a female called “bo derek?”.

  30. @Mickey. Just looked up NAMBLA…and O M G! I thought there was nothing left on this planet to unsettle my spirit anymore, but OMG is ALL that’s coming out my mouth at present.
    Yes, that veil of “civility” of theirs, is just about shot ta fk!

  31. Tyrone on said:


    I have no faith in the US legal system, Zimmerman is gonna escape judgement because blackmen are stupid. No matter how much we get stabbed in the back, blackmen keep crawling back to white folk. If we don”t respect ourselves, why would others? How many of us have to die at the hands of other men to realize that we are “The Hunted?”


  32. mary burrell on said:

    Only in America can a famous pe. rsonality from a cooking show Paula Deen admit she wanted Niggers dressed in white tap dancing at her brother Bubba’s wedding like in the Shirley Temple movies during the civil war. And she is being sued by a black employee. She said she can’t know who will be offended. Only in America can a racist southern red neck be acceptable by the rest of white America. Oprah loves her some Paula Deen. Butter and bigotry on a plate. That’s why that witch got diabetes.

  33. It’s truly “amazing” how easy the Hatred is to roll out they Jaws BUT these ScumBags WON’T DARE presume to do the same to their lords and masters, the FAKE jews! Who openly says that the Goyim, their Neanderthal Slaves, “everything the Goy holds is ours!” and ain’t shit these Red Necks can do about it! LOL LOL!

  34. I understand…..and I fault (50% fault) these cultures of young Blacks, the rappers (gansta) and the comedians for ACCEPTING the mentality of Satan by the acceptance of the concept of the “Nigger” AND their use of the word…..the devil can call you any name, BUT you DON’T have to answer to it, so PULL YOUR PANTS UP!!!

    I’ve had conversations with the Black youth of today….and it is sad that they were raised with the comfort-ability of being a “Nigger”, a “Bitch” and a “Hoe”…HOW SAD….and when you try to educate them, you can tell that you are wasting your breath.

    We are helping the Zimmerman’s of the world feel justified in their feelings of ‘superiority’ and that it is O. K. to have open season on little Black boys with what I hear of the acceptance of our youth to being a ‘Nigger’ and not having an OUNCE of pride about who we are as a people…..they are helping racists with their feelings of superiority and they were raised to do that…..how did we get so stupid?????

  35. Only in amerkkilan can u kill ur own and get props if u r black

  36. Right on…..

  37. Well, when there are Black homes that DON’T value education…..they ARE the ones who are producing those low test scores…..AND DON’T CARE! I didn’t get mad @ Oprah one bit for putting a school in Africa….most of them over there WANT and education and WILL do what it takes to not waste an opportunity so magnificent….we are privileged o have what many in the world would give ANYTHING to have and our Black kids are born into households that teach them to waste such a BLESSING!! Africans created writing and mathematics so, where do our people get off being so BRAINWASHED as to believe that being intelligent as being “White”???? But, yet they go and marry every white girl they can find…….SMH….the concept of the “Nigger” has been ingrained from birth for this young generation…..

    I can’t point at the devil outside my door when their are so many devils inside my house……maybe the Black ppl who are awake can save themselves….the greater part of our community is lost….too lost to help save….

    As Harriet Tubman said, “I’ve freed 10,000 slaves and I could have freed 10,000 more if they only knew that they were slaves…….

  38. P.D. not surprised, although she couldn’t pay me enough to be a slave….but the ‘almighty dollar’ will get some ignorant Negros to do it….sad

    But, with Ms. Deen. “You can take the white-trash out of Georgia, but you can’t take the Georgia out of the white-trash”….or something like that. She’s a Georgia redneck for pete’s sake!!!

  39. Black folk cook the food in her restaurants…..and I must confess I ate @ her Savannah restaurant and it was delicious….(won’t be patronizing that establishment ever again)….that’s how I know she has Black cooks…but maybe they’ll be smart enough to leave her and start their own establishment if they aren’t too brainwashed to realize this….

  40. How appropriate that the video of the young woman in Utah would be posted during this discussion, as I used to live in Utah for a couple of years in the late 90’s and braided hair there myself. The ironic thing was the majority of my clientele were white (and blonde) to boot!

  41. Tyrone on said:


    When i was around 8 or 9 years old, my Barber was having a convo with another brotha while cutting my hair. He made a profound statement that has always stuck within my mental. “The true purpose of so-called black leadership is to keep poor blacks at the bottom, and, exploit them for personal /financial gain to curry favor within the white power structure.” As you have noticed, black leadership are the biggest supporters of violent blackmen and non-black men as well…they’re on both sides of the fence. Nigeria is a vivid example…i checked out bet.com this morning, and was sickened to my stomach to read about the savage killing of 9 black schoolchildren at a school, a few days earlier, 13 children were killed by black muslims from the al-qaeda linked terrorist group Boko Haram. The Irony, black liberal leadership in the US are among the biggest defenders of radical muslims, black and non-black alike. If you haven’t heard about this, there’s a reason. Black people are in bed with the racists, because, they control the minds of blackwomen. We can’t continue sweeping the truth under the rug. Our children are already being killed, and so-called black leaders remain silent. My advice to young sistas and brothas, save your own backsides. The Black Elite are anti-black just the same, they don’t care about ya’ll!!!


  42. Mickey on said:

    Are any of us really surprised by her comments? I mean, she is a White woman from Georgia in her 60s. Segregation Baby through and through. I always say never trust anyone over 45 from the South.

  43. Tyrone on said:


    Let us not segregate the white female from the male. She is the real enemy, women are the superior sex. Whitemen think and act as they do with the consent of their women. It’s vital that blackwomen understand this. Yes, Lucifer comes to us as a man in a female body. Whitewomen are running this country, not whitemen. All of the filth that is promoted in this country is pushed by whitewomen and gay whitemen, let’s keep it 100 black people?

    PS…Sistas, stop pushing a lie to yourselves and other sistas? Ya’ll know what the hell is going on, stop pretending you don’t know! Crying about a bunch of bottomfeeders, it’s beneath you.

  44. Verbs2013 on said:

    Couldn’t have put it better myself Ty. We have been manipulated, used and rinsed out to the fullest, its time to relegate so called “black leadership” to the fire and become individual leaders for ourselves.

  45. I agree but White supremacy has trained Blacks in America and aboard to hate ourselves and love the White man. Of course, they don’t want us to love each other. That is why a Black couple that loves each other is a threat to White supremacy

  46. Got that right! I love Oprah but I sort of see her as a Uncle Tom, a someone who wants to please Whites. Am I wrong on that?

    But I don’t know Paula Deen. I can’t say anything about her.

  47. Mickey on said:

    No, you are not wrong about Oprah. She is a modern-day mammy with money.

  48. Have we forgotten how to build an ‘underground’ economy…..I say cut out that UNNECESSARY ‘middle white man’…..I give my money to whom every I please and they can do nothing about it…..and if enough of us continue to do so…..It will become law……

  49. TRUTH!!!! George Zimmerman had a bad childhood …..and his father mistreated him….and OTHER WHO CARES BULLSHIT!!!! Funny when the candidate is Black….he’s an animal who has NO sense of family, or connection to the human race…AMAZING…

  50. There is a saying from an author named Ali Mazruhi (Sp?), but I remember him for something that he said that had always spoke a truth to me, he said that ‘it is the young men that usually buy into the trappings of so-called society’ And, that statement has always blew my mind….

  51. I may not agree with the whole ‘package’ of Oprah, but I still see her as a person in our community who we are better with having her in it than not having her. Well, at least for NOTHING other reason alone than seeing a Black face on the magazine rack even if it is just her face.

    Heck, I’m proud to just see her as a Black person who has gotten money and learned to keep it in her possession and grow it vs. seeing another dumb (or just plain ignorant) Black person that has gotten money and spent every dime of it foolishly….I’m proud to see that she has never fallen in THAT trap!

    Do you know how many white devils Oprah alone has WORRIED……If I had a nickel for every white devil that I have heard say that if they were Oprah they’d give all their money AWAY to charity!!!! They are truly crazy… And, you know if the shoe was on the other foot THAT would NEVER happen if they got money….DON’T GIVE IT BACK OPRAH!!!

  52. Mickey on said:

    Here is another deal regarding Black hair. A school in Ohio has banned certain hairstyles, namely Afro puffs & braids. The natural hair community is in arms.


  53. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @mary…the Food Network finally decided to drop Paula Deen.

  54. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @Tenacious…I agree. Oprah might pander to white folks but she’s dumb like a fox (which is to say, she played her cards right, hence the success). I actually admire her. She might be a “mammy with money” but I still see her as a driven, motivated woman.

  55. Cinnamondiva on said:

    Personally, I am hoping that justice will be served…this Zimmerman clown should NOT be allowed to walk free while Trayvon rots in the ground. My mother also has her fingers crossed. An all-female jury, five of them are white. I just don’t know what the outcome will be.

  56. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @C…now that you mention it, I’ve been remembering all the times people have talked shit about my physical features (including my hair). And I was reading about Cheryl Tatum, who in 1987 was fired from her job because her neatly braided hair was considered “political” and “unkempt”. I’m not sure if she won that lawsuit, though.

    But yes, it does strike me as funny that certain features on Black women are viewed as ugly…but those same features on a white or Latina female are considered “beautiful”.

  57. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @ynotme…very valid point. At Christmastime, I had a conversation with some white people about the Sandy Hook tragedy in Connecticut. This white lady was like, “oh, it’s the violent video games” making excuses for what Adam Lanza did. Yet this same woman has no sympathy for Trayvon Martin…a Black boy who never killed anyone or harmed innocent children, but had his life brutally cut short.

  58. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @Mickey…truth! I was ridiculed for having “nigger hair” as a young girl and the taunts only continued when I relaxed my hair.

  59. Mickey on said:

    That’s fucked up. In my case, I have so-called “good hair” and, as a result, was treated better because of it. But I also endured a lot of backlash from Black females who had kinky hair. I felt sorry for them because I knew the deal. They were degraded by other Blacks for their hair texture & type.

  60. @Cinnamondiva

    Oh sure, blame it on the violent video games…When it comes to the most horrific crimes, such as murders, Whites lead the way, but they are classified as product of a bad environment while Blacks are seen as natural born killers who deserve to be killed.

  61. @Tenacious D-ham

    “AMAZING” is an understatement… Most whites are like parasites that kill their hosts before ensuring their own survival

  62. Only in AmeriKKLAN… can the media show on national TV for all to see, the dead lifeless Post Mortem body of a young teenager that had been brutally murdered. I have never seen a news station show the image of a dead teen or child, but now its okay to show the image of Trayvon Martin. What was the point in doing this? oh , for stupid disrespectful people to take the image of our “brothers” death and make a meme out of it, and make a facebook page dedicated to this image and placing it in disrespectful pictures. Oh and have all of their European friends dress up in black face and encourage to post pics of themselves in the same state as the victim, when he was shot and was killed and was dying. Breaks my heart to see this stupid crap floating all over the internet.
    Not surprised just saddened to know that no matter what, “they” will continue to make fun of us, and depict us as SHIT, MONKEYS, Scum of the earth. I remember Paul Mooney saying, “everybody wants to be a nigga, but nobody wants to be a nigga”. Get what he saying now. I’m just venting because none of my friends on FB want to really acknowledge whats going on and probably thinking I’m throwing the race card. It doesn’t matter .. NO ONE would want a picture plastered all over the internet of their dead sons lifeless body, …. talk about sick , disgusting Europeans…

    Only in AmeriKKLANN…
    AmeriKKKANNS can have this “America”
    take me and my loved ones and lets get the hell up out of here.

    And honestly I don’t think “justice” will be served.
    just really angry seeing that image. It was so unexpected…

  63. Alia

    It’s in the European’s nature to kill. It should be expected at all times.

  64. Mickey on said:

    How would they like it if Black media showed pictures of the lifeless bodies of those innocent kids who died at Sandy Hook? All hell would break loose.

  65. Don’t be upset Family. I’m meditating on Zimmerman. He’s done.

  66. I think this is exactly why we shouldn’t view negative images “especially” of us. Yaffa Bey mentioned this too.. It’s so negative and crunches my heart when I see stuff like that .. Probably why you don’t watch TV as well. I actually saw this on a Facebook post. Yes sis I will keep calm and remain positive .

  67. Exactly..

  68. Anybody can be a “killer”, but only the European thinks that it’s a ‘God-like’ power (and they considered US 3/6ths human) I call it plain old in-bred psychopath-ism…we are not talking about a people (and I use that term loosely) who mentally doesn’t have it all……

  69. I meant “A people who does NOT mentally have it all”…..

  70. They’re desperately trying to provoke a race war (Blacks against all the other races). We need to learn to identify their traps and avoid them…The firing of Paula Deen and many other media giants are living proof that we (the Black race) will be triumphant in our fight and struggles. Our patience for fair justice will pay off very soon.

  71. Mickey on said:

    This is why I refuse to watch anything that shows Black people in a negative light. If you watched television in the 80s & 90s, you would have seen TONS of positive images. But now it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. And here is what Dr. Umar says about Black images & its affects on everyone.

  72. Agreed thanks for sharing ..

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