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How AmeriKlan Got Rich

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12 thoughts on “How AmeriKlan Got Rich

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  2. mary burrell on said:

    America got rich of the backs of black slave labor. Something many racist white supremist refuse to acknowledge.

  3. Kushite Prince on said:

    That first cartoon has a lot of truth in it. Truth can be found in the strangest places.

  4. Mstoogood4yall on said:

    ikr. that is my favorite vid on how amerikkka got rich. I always laugh at the part where he says I loves muh gun and the white flight part.

  5. AmeriKKKlan got rich on the labor of African slaves and exploitation of third world countries. I don’t see why people don’t see it that way.

  6. honeytreebee on said:

    Love the first one it has so much truth to it and the film it is attached to tells how they are with themselves. No wonder they are the incredible shrinking race.

  7. The last video is interesting, becaust the Neander narrator is attempting to cast the ENTIRE Blame on other Neanders called “jews”.
    We as a people as STILL wearing CHEAP, elastic multicoloured jewelry, only this time – willingly. Just check out the youtube (jtube) videos and the amount of “Hauls” sistas are doing in jshops AND other shops is mind buggling. They even got Sistas NOW PROMOTING THEIR WARES ON youtube, for FREE or to get some baubbles. Nothing has changed, we can’t seem to get the message. There are now “co-wash” products that THEY now produce AND we buy!!!!!!! No body use the term “coWash” before now you can see the back of Sistas throats as they advertise for free!!! This is COONING!!
    Too bad for cristobal Colon. He knew what he was doing was wrong! His men used to cut off the heads of young children and used them as footballs to break up their boredom. That is where the game of “football” came from and still played by hispanics.
    They raided native men, women and their children and raped them as evening entertainments. Their Neander descendants STILL raid men, women and children and SODOMISE them for fun whilst on their Fake war on “terror”.
    Jews ARE Neanderthals and No Different from the rest of their Savage race. The face remains that the christian Neanders were WILLING then, and STILL Willing to carry out Atrocities on other people, so they CANNOT attempt to blame the jew FAKE as they are.

  8. C

    Something that Khazars try to do is separate themselves from other whites. Many of us fall for that old trick. White is white. Period.

  9. mstoogood4yall on said:

    Happy fathers day everyone.

  10. Umoja on said:

    I’ll never understand why both Blacks and whites repeatedly say, ” Whites are not Jews” as though they’re a “separate race” of some sort. Jews are no more than Whites (Europeans) who practice Judaism. It’s like saying, “Blacks are not Black, they’re Christians, Baptist, ect..” Since when did a religion become a race…..sigh. It’s identical to whites intentionally removing Egypt from Africa.

  11. Umoja

    It’s that brainwashing. The Khazars have duped the whole world.

  12. Tyrone on said:


    In human history, men take what they want by force. As african people, we need to prepare ourselves for WWIII. China is aiming to repeat the process, when the bombs start dropping out of the sky, don’t act surprised. White and Asian feel that they have to force themselves on others to get ahead, we’ve seen this movie before. As always, black people are the targets of loony men with nothing to lose. Whites do what they do best…Steal! If they were smart, they would get out of Dodge. Europe has no resources, therefore, they have no incentive to leave The Americas no time soon. China has no resources, connect the dots black people?


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