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African Education and Survival Tips: What Every Black Parent Should Know and Practice

Evolution is not a hierarchy of ‘most developed to least developed’, the illusion that it is comes from a rationalized, European abstraction that only exists in their mind, (and consequently – ours) in order to give a false sense of control and security as their deficiency causes them to see themselves as being apart from nature and not an integrated part of nature.   ——- Bry

Black children at school

White parents teach their children from birth how to be “leaders”. They teach them the meaning of their whiteness and incidentally, the meaning of your blackness. From that moment on, the building blocks of white supremacy is stabilized and codified. By the time the child is a teenager, he/she is a full blown white supremacist.

I hear white parents all the time wondering with feigned innocence, “Where did my child learn that word?! He didn’t hear that from us!” White people, living in a system where they are constantly bombarded with imagery and un-spoken messages of their own superiority, know from a young age that black people are simply “different.” That difference eventually means bad or unsafe or violent or animalistic.

That is why black parents must teach their children from birth:

How to be counter-racist.

How to spot racism in every aspect of life

How not to fall into the traps and pitfalls of the system of incarceration

How to build strong self-esteem and spiritually fight Demonic forces

Here are some counter-racists tips and ideas to protect and teach your children the dangers of white supremacy:

1. Do not allow your black children to have white friends. White children, by nature, will eventually use many forms of micro-aggressions to mock, tease, insult and potentially harm your child.

2. If possible, home-school your children. There are growing numbers of black families that have jumped on the bandwagon of home education. Dr. Baruti, located in Atlanta, GA, is a great source of information on this topic:

Mwalimu K. Bomani Baruti may be contacted at Akoben House, P.O. Box 10786, Atlanta, Georgia 30310 or
via e-mail, mwalimubaruti@yahoo.com.

Homeschooling will provide your children with the safety of a comfortable environment with people that look like her/him. African master-teachers will give your child REAL information on their lineage, who the enemy is and provide them with spiritual well-being. Our ancestors taught our children outside in the blazing sun. It is not African to be locked away in a room and made to memorize fantasies/ mythologies under the guise of “education”. This is the foundation of Stockholm Syndrome. We are the ONLY race of people that allow our enemies to school our children…which is utter madness.

3. Do not allow white children in your home. EVER. This should be obvious but many of us do not understand the dire ramifications of this. One lie and your entire family unit will be turned upside down.  

4. Do not allow whites to give your children anything to drink, wear or eat. Teach them about “Stranger Danger” and to never ingest anything from Caucasians.

5. Broken Record: Stop processing your children’s hair! Eurocentric identification is the root cause of black mental illness.

6. Be apart of PTA meetings. Get to know your child’s teacher. If you do not approve, do something! Write letters or speak with the school principal.

7. Never allow your child to associate with other black children whose parents are “asleep.”

8. Never allow your child to watch anything on Tel-lie-vision unless you approve of its context.

9. No white music, books, pictures and dolls should be permitted in your home.

10. Only say positive things about your race around your children. This should be obvious but many of us, in a moment of anger, will utter phrases that will burn into your child’s brain forever.

Any more suggestions?

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54 thoughts on “African Education and Survival Tips: What Every Black Parent Should Know and Practice

  1. Mickey on said:

    Teach your child not to “get an education and get a good job” but to CREATE and OWN jobs.

  2. Mickey on said:

    Also, teach your child about group economics. Spend money in their own communities so that the dollar circulates at least once amongst their own before leaving it.

  3. on point as usual truth.

    I was homeschooled it was good, but my mom used their curriculum so I still learned the same white washed bs. If I have kids I would hire a black teacher to teach them.

    I did have white friends, I noticed it was the white females who were worse though. I had 2 white friends we’ll call them a & k. A came to my house the first day we moved in and was friendly. I learnedshe was from britain and had lost her accent but her mom still had hers. After a while I got to know the other kids in the neighborhood and they told me she was crazy, but I didn’t believe them because I was 8 and thought they were lying. My neighbor who was biracial told me she didn’t like A because she had invited her over for a sleepover and A flashed ppl at the sleepover. I still didn’t want to believe it. Then K moved in across the street and A and me became friends with her. K was very good at telling stories and said her, her siblings, and mother, moved in with their aunt because her father was on the run from the law in Colorado. I do not know if that is true or if her parents just divorced and that is the made up story she told herself. One day A came to my house and we played in my room. I went to the bathroom and came back and saw a boogie on my dresser. I told my mom and kicked her out. A couple days later K and I were playing and A got on K’s nerve. K told me to follow her and that we were going to get back at A. We went to K’s house and she got a cup and poured motor oil, and other things in a cup. By this time some other kids came over and were watching. I just stood there, then she called over A, and told her to drink it. A sipped it and K said does it taste like motor oil? well that is because it is. Fast forward to later that night and there is a knock at my door. It is A’s mother asking my mom and me to go to her house to talk. We go and guess what I see, A and K together acting like the best of friends and trying to blame me for trying to poison A. I started crying and A’s mother believed me and that was the end of that. A couple days later A and K tried to get me to play with them again, but I was no fool and never spoke to them again.
    What I learned was they stick together, even when one tries to kill the other they know to blame the black kid.

  4. Kushite Prince on said:

    Reblogged this on Black Survival and commented:
    Mwalimu and his wife are doing a great service to the community. They deserve the utmost respect!

  5. Kushite Prince on said:

    I suggest everyone donate to Baruti. We have to show support by giving money not just lip service. These schools need money to stay open. We have to be willing to support schools like this. We need schools like this all thought the country.

  6. “Evolution is not a hierarchy of ‘most developed to least developed’, the illusion that it is comes from a rationalized, European abstraction that only exists in their mind, (and consequently – ours) in order to give a false sense of control and security as their deficiency causes them to see themselves as being apart from nature and not an integrated part of nature. ——- Bry”

    Another thing to note with that is that in academics they will actually say “Oh, well evolution isn’t a hierarchy, it’s just adaptations that occur in response to an environmental changes”, but the insinuation is there, in the charts, the diagrams, graphs, etc.

    Especially if you take an anthropology or psychology class, the textbooks are so politically slanted towards white-male chauvinism and maintaining the current hierarchy that it’s unbelievable. Looking at one of Darwin’s quotes:

    “It is an interesting fact that ancient races, in this and several other cases, more frequently present structures which resemble those of the lower animals than do the modern. One chief cause seems to be that the ancient races stand somewhat nearer in the long line of descent to their remote animal-like progenitors.” – Charles Darwin

    “It has been asserted that the ear of man alone possesses a lobule; but ‘a rudiment of it is found in the gorilla’ and, as I hear from Prof. Preyer, it is not rarely absent in the negro. – Charles Darwin

    Baruti’s school is awesome, he’s a good man and I do plan on making a donation pretty soon. Anyone who lists Dr. Ani as one of his primary influences is A-okay in my book.

  7. kowaba on said:

    I’d suggest supplementing our education. In the Asian (Chinese and Indian) communities, they have cultural centers where Asians learn their history, language, and arts. They also have academic centers where they get tutored in mathematics — particularly mathematics tutoring centers. As black people we need these centers and supplemental education. I know that there are some centers that service us, but they are either run by white people and/or funded by white people. Here’s the thing, white people will NOT invest their money in something that will empower us and get us out of this mess.

    My mother also encouraged me to supplement what I learned, but unfortunately I was lazy as a kid growing up and my father discouraged it. Plus, at my school, which happened to be in a predominately white suburb, they kept telling me that I shouldn’t strive and everything was good enough. The bottom line is the school doesn’t teach everything a student needs to know, even if a parent decides to homeschool, the child should still have activities and/or work to reinforce what the child has learned.

  8. Mickey

    That is my number one rule. Black group economics.

  9. Mstoogood

    If I had a nickel for every white female that tried to destroy me, I would have ALREADY left this country.

  10. Prince

    Already on it.

  11. Bry

    The book, The Bell Curve comes to mind.

  12. Kowaba

    Whites will try to put any and every obstacle in our way to PREVENT our empowering. We must be the ones to empower ourselves.

  13. emile on said:

    2. Rebuttal: Considering the sheer fact that school closings are occurring intentionally and purposely in Black populated areas, this is the only option that we have to set a new course for controlling education for our children. I would even advocate the petitioning of receiving exclusive tax credits for children’s education to retrieve the amount of money that is unsuccessfully used in now-closed schools. I know a lot of people view this from different angles, but I see it as a doubly beneficial in redirecting educational efforts for young Black children. First, it would give parents more opportunities to spend more time with their children while monitoring their progress. It would also give them the opportunity to control what the child learns and reinforce the essentials. Here’s an article I read that I found pretty inspiring:


    11. Teach your children to never feel that they “have” to prove anything to whites or that that they’re good enough, just as good or even better than them. Tell them that if they have anything to prove to anybody, challenge self first.
    Take your time, concentrate, focus and do a little bit on a daily basis, working on at least three different subjects in which you want to excel or even master in skill. This will also keep the brain-computer active. “Read something every day; the brain loves it.” Dr. Niyana Rasayon.

    When you fall for the okey-doke of “competing” with whites, you’re doing great harm to your health (hypertension, high blood pressure, etc.) by committing to these ridiculous tasks, all while they are laughing their asses off at your emotional reactions to their quests. This is what keeps us running around in circles, that emotional “I’ll-show-you!” attitude (John Henryism) to which most of us unfortunately fall victim. And, even if you do surpass all that is required of you, whites have proven time immemorial to never, ever give you any honorable, just or due credit even in the least bit, without some debilitating caveat or condition that stains you, or takes away the credibility of the work you’ve done, or through deceitfully infringing upon it for self-gain/self-advantage, or some other ultimate scheme of that effect in the long-term. I’ve learned this the hard way, i.e. taking a well-written business plan to the bank and having the very same bank manager turn you down for a loan, even as he/she made a “copy” of the very plan that was so-called formally rejected/turned down. Whites are very sneaky people, even as they admit this when they are pissy drunk or high. It’s as if this is some type of blood oath or genetic code they are injected with at birth. Sorry to go on a rant and hate to sound paranoid or unnecessarily cynical, but there are so many scars from our past that will take another millennium to heal. It is easy to forget that while in the daily mix of living, struggling and surviving how much of a psychological war we’re in. We’ve got to stay on our toes, and especially for our children.

    12. Never suppress a child’s artistic ability, in any form, for Black children are naturally artistic, capable of being very creative, innovative and are far more advanced in perception than whites. As a matter of fact, I’ve personally witnessed a lot of jealousy from whites after many encounters with them in this area. We have a well-documented history where we know how whites became insanely wealthy off of the artistic and intellectual wealth of Black people. The enemy knows this too, and will try at everything to corrupt our fortune. Quite too often, we allow our children to be stolen from us as jewels and returned as damaged goods after being used, exploited and depleted for the gains of others, sometimes cruelly with life-long effects. Just look at how some of the lives of Black authors, artists and musicians and how they concluded in poverty. I believe in education but there are a lot of these elitist schools that intentionally voids us from the contributions of many talented young people. The term of “gifted” should also be excluded from our vocabulary when referencing our children because it creates divisions among us at such an early age, stunning a child’s intellectual capacity. Their need to be more “competitive” than “contributive” isolates the child as a more attainable prey for whites. The secret to succeeding in anything in this life is in large numbers, working together, as the cliche states “no man [or woman] is an island.” We have been taught this foolishness of “making it on one’s own” when in fact hardly any other ethnic group falls captive under this type of counter-productivity. We know for a fact that whites, no matter where they are, will seek out and work together to retain or capitalize on their advantages. Our aggregate skills, talents and creative forces are sources of undervalued wealth, something that we’ve got to keep in mind when developing the appropriate strategy for the situation at hand that allows us to control outcomes to our advantage and serves our best interest.

  14. Negress, these are some good tips and we should teach our children more about our culture and heritage as a people. We should teach our children to be proud to be Black and not watch TV. TV indoctrinates young Black kids to hate themselves and hate being Black so I would take away the TV away. And it is good to stay away from Whitewashed Blacks too because they are just as dangerous as Whites since they would turn on you to be on a White person’s side.

  15. Emile

    I wish I could put your entire post on a t-shirt!

  16. Adeen

    Well spoken!

  17. emile on said:

    I look and learn from things 50 % visually, 50% through reading…three-dimensionally….don’t know if it’s a special gift or not, but that’s how I’ve learned a lot about life. I study a subject that really interests me or provides something new to learn. Soemtimes the obvious is revealed to us but with all of the mental clogging of “higher education” we fail to see these things for what they really are. Therefore, based on my observations, typical, propagated “evolutionary” figures are really nothing more than early renditions of white people, not Black people. All you have to do is pair this fact with what has been learned about whites having habitat origins in caves, hence “cave-people”. Darwin, Freud, Marx all obviously had the job of projecting the nastiest, most-lowdown and repulsive “human” traits upon us, which we fully comprehend now, seeing that they must forever make attempts to hide their true identity.
    It is the ultimate insult to The Creator to say that we come from animals, but that’s the type of audacity and arrogance that these people have. I personally think that we (Black/non-white) are originated from other stars in this Universe, which is why we (Black people) have been so historically attracted to them, while on the other hand whites, once gaining power, have shown us what they do “best”…

  18. mswanda on said:

    I hear you Negress on that. I live in Az and my child and I have been catching hell. Teachers lie and say she does not do her homework and when I confront them they say “opps, here it is I found it. The principle also said that my little girl punched a boy in the jaw and that never happened. When the school called me to come get her I just came in and left quick. I kept a smile on my face and was polite. I did not go to the principle’s office. My ancestors told me not to talk to her. I’m so glad I didn’t. The next morning around 8:30 the police were knocking at my door saying they are gonna arrest me and that I was at the school cussing in my child’s classroom and he said I cussed everybody in the office out. It never happened! The principle was prepared to lie and say I pulled a knife on her and threatened to kill her. I thank my ancestors for warning me not to go into her office. I got slapped with a no trespassing order from her school! I don’t put anything past these demons. They don’t care if I went to jail for nothing. They see nothing wrong with lying on Black people. Lying to them comes as natural as blinking and breathing!

  19. emile on said:


    Great idea, as this could be used a s supplement to improving education on a general level for specifically Black children and teenagers. I also agree with it being started and managed specially and exclusively by interested Black parents, vetted Black teachers and Black tutors. Whites are never, ever going to give our children what we should be giving them ourselves. We’ve got to admit this mistake, swallow our pride and do it right this time with these next generations.

  20. emile on said:

    It’s obvious how passionate I feel about education. It is our only hope for the future and these devils are onto it already with doubled effort. The crisis in Chicago is just that: a crisis. It brings actual tears to my eyes when I am only “thinking” about what type of unforgiving world these children are going to confront when older. Sure, some will make it by the majority, if not equipped at least halfway, aren’t going to make it. I hate to sound so pessimistic but the reality is, this is one helluva ship to turn around and it’s not going to be easy.

  21. Verbs2013 on said:

    Let us never forget what the word “job” stands for, Just Over Broke. The best way forward for black people especially in these grim economic times has to be from an entrepreneurial standpoint.

    We have to break out of the pattern of always expecting a handout or a hand down from the snowman and start forge our own paths. We now have an opportunity to do so on a bigger scale than before since Babylon is falling, let us now strike while the iron is hot.

  22. But it is true. Blacks needs to know who they are and where they came from and then work on our issues to make ourselves and the community better. We need to stop relying on Whites, the government and the Democratic Party to fix the problems in the community. The Democratic Party hasn’t done anything for Blacks. The GOP is not even in the best interest of Blacks, which is obvious by their disdain for Blacks and minorities.

    Black kids should learn and love being Black because sad to say I didn’t grow up liking my complexion. It took me years, I am 18 by the way, to like my skin color.

  23. Exactly, like I said, us Black people need to stop relying on Whites and the government for help and handouts. We should also stop supporting Democrats as well but don’t join the GOP, which has become a political party for Whites. AmeriKKKlan is falling apart and I don’t see things getting better for Blacks here.

  24. @ mswanda

    Wow that is crazy.

    @ Verbs

    Lol at the definition of a job

  25. mstoogood4yall on said:

    This is a great spoken word vid about the importance of education, but u don’t have to get it from college,http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_ZmM7zPLyI

  26. Teach them their Spiritual Heritage. This is absolutely Dynomitel, LOL to learn the Spiritual Power of the Ankhcestors., becuase no joke, they about taking yo’ Mojo and working that Hoodoo to bring you down withsome more Voodoo! ok. You saw what happen to da Haitians when they put Neander Idols in their Warship – it took a Nose Dive!!
    hey use our energy against us. This is one aspect of our being we Cannot afford to Bargain with.

  27. emile on said:


    “The best way forward for black people especially in these grim economic times has to be from an entrepreneurial standpoint.”

    Fully agreed and well stated!!!

  28. kowaba on said:

    @ emile

    “Great idea, as this could be used a s supplement to improving education on a general level for specifically Black children and teenagers.”

    Thanks. The education system in the states is definitely subpar. While I was in school, I got decent grades, but like what I said in the previous comment I didn’t do the extra supplemental work my mother got for me. By the time I got to high school, I realized that I was behind in math because I didn’t learn all of the formulae I had to know for more advance math. Also my writing was really crummy. I went to a community college briefly and I placed into a College Algebra course even though I had taken Calculus and got an A in it during high school. I would suggest gaining some understanding of grammar, English, even math at a community college because at other 4 year schools they don’t go through it so extensively. This is one of the reasons for the performance gap. We need to be PROACTIVE it with early intervention BECAUSE it takes time to develop these skills in math, reading, writing, science, and history. We also need to structure things in a correct fashion and have a solid curriculum. What is being done in the schools is not effective, especially the black public schools. If we teach things effectively in our centers it saves time and helps us do things better.

    I believe that Asians know that they can not entrust white people to fully educate them so they educate each other in their study groups and centers. Notice these centers are open to their own kind. I’d also dare to say that it would be a good idea that we don’t have these centers open to other groups. It’s for us and that is it. These other groups don’t advertise it for other people; they do it for their own. We, as black people, have already been abused, ideas stolen etc. by not just white people, but all other groups; therefore, I believe it would be in our best interest not to open it to other people of color.

  29. everyone

    Kowaba brings up a great point. Everyone has something that is fully theirs. Except us. Our schools, festivals, etc should be for blacks only!

    Our need to include everyone is our downfall.

  30. Ms. J on said:

    Thank you for this post, Diary of a Negress.

    I think you brought up great points about white children befriending black children. From my experiences, some took my kindness for weakness while others totally isolated me when they got around white peers. I feel like Whites and Blacks can’t ever be genuine friends under these racist conditions we’re in. And those who try to act like that’s possible are faking. Black people will be my only true friends in this hateful world.

    I think we also need to remember to teach Black children to see our own as romantically/sexually desirable. I was just reading a book called “Multiracial Couples”, and it made me want to scream. Most of White partners in these interracial couples faced extreme cases of hostility from their families from being with a Black person, but the Black partners continued to pursue relationships with these Whites.

    One White female even cussed out her Black husband’s mom when she was suspicious about their relationship, but said nothing to her own White mother who called her each day fussing about the n*^%&@ in her daughter’s life. Many White partner even admitted to having racist tendencies, but their Black partners just brushed it off. Even the authors of this book declared that such unions would end racism.

    Our children deserve better and need to avoid being romantically with people raised to see them as inferior. That’s one thing my children are going to be taught from day one. You can’t lay down with white supremacy and fight it at once.

  31. Forced Reality on said:


    “Our need to include everyone is our downfall.”

    So true!!!!

  32. honeytreebee on said:

    I just can’t help, but think that even though I went to a predominately black school it would have been better for the black students if, it was just us as we are saturated with whiteness everywhere in our lives and truely need a space of our own. Also, it is hard to learn and form your own thouts when you are under constant attack and under treat at all times of life altering violence, degradation, depervation, and a wholesale raping of the soul.

    This could bring about a new chapter for us and our children. I mean giving them some real protection and education would make so much possible for us all. I so hope this becomes a trend for us especially here un the states. It is so needed even after school programs would be of tremendous help.

  33. kowaba on said:

    Thank you, DOAN.

    “Our need to include everyone is our downfall.”

    In the past, I would see this all the time when I was part of programs that were meant for black students. The speakers in these conferences, who were black, always felt a need to include those few other people of color in the audience. The way I see it and from my interactions with these non-blacks they couldn’t care less about us.

    So here it is. We have these other groups (all non-black) who are getting resources and information from white people ( at least more information than what we are given), information from their own respective group, and getting information from us. Then, on top of that, they withhold any information from us that could help us, mistreat us along with white people, and want us to feel bad for them!!! (Maybe I’m pushing it here, but to me that sounds like the white mindset) They want us to join their struggle?!? The fact of the matter is they are not joining our struggle and not reciprocating any kindness we extend to them. We need our own space just like they have their own space.

  34. emile on said:

    “Our need to include everyone is our downfall.”

    Co-sign on dat! If your in a survival of your people, your culture, you have to be very discriminating. Every other ethnic group protects the “family jewels”. We should learn from this.

  35. Kowaba

    With Sankofa, I’m trying to organize us, just us, so we can have those same rights. I’m tired of people spitting in our faces yet they use our struggle to better themselves and their race.

    Sanoka will remedy that.

  36. Tyrone on said:


    Do you think black folk in the US and other parts of the globe are ready and willing to embrace “Black Supremacy” in a meaningful way? Black people are the cream of the planet, which is the fundamental difference between both racial ideologies. One is fact-based and the other is bull@#$%…Period! Yes, I’m a Black Supremacist, and proud to be one. Black children are taught the wrong things by their parents, we know the public schools are garbage, they didn’t teach me anything either.


  37. Ty

    Speaking frankly, I don’t expect 3/4 of us to wake up anytime soon. Some will be stuck here in this earthly Babylon FOREVER.

    only a small few is needed for the awakening. And I’m 100% ok with that.

  38. Ralph Moore on said:

    I wonder, when I think of how the NAACP, in its fight for desegregation of public schools, used white dolls and black dolls to show how our educational system brainwashed black children to believe that white was preferred over black, how these days its the same with black women’s hair issue. Could the same test be used to show that black children think straight, long flowing hair makes them more beautiful and attractive than natural kinky hair given us by God? Makes me wonder how we are educating them about our African history.

  39. @Ralph Moore,

    Yes the say could be used and if, you could get past the I don’t know what to do with my hair excuse I think you would find that the deal is they like the children with the white doll test have swallowed the who white sumpremacy thing. This is becasue we are not being educated in a correct way about our african heritage. We are still running away from us and loking for other to tell us our history and validate us. So, we say black people built and ruled in all of east africa whites, say no you didn’t and we scramble to either prove we did, entering into long debates with them, get shut down when they throw out words like afrocentric and never really challenge them on their eurocentrism, or just swallow what ever they say. We have to stop this and understand that their experts don’t come with the truth, but with an agenda to sway and maintain. We know this yet we I use we collectively not to mean all that are awake, but i do think to some degree most all of us still don’t trust our own authority. I think this is also why we are still in ths position because we have listened to others for too long and entertain their every useless babble as something that is worth our energy and time when all along these outsiders are not interested in truth or real change just maintaining the status that our poor state provides.

  40. honeytreebee on said:

    Yeah that is so true. Micky you are right on it.

  41. honeytreebee on said:

    Damn what a lesson to learn at such a tender age. I think we all have stories like this we can share. I went through similar things growing up. It never stops amazing me how we all have such similar stories dealing with RWS. Yeah, when I have children I want to home school or send to a school where we are and only us. There will be plenty of time to be out there and we need special preping and need to have a safe affirming place before we have to face RWS in any meaningful way.

  42. honeytreebee on said:

    I agree even if, it is just 10 or 20 dollars it makes a difference and will let them know they are reverbrating their good throughout blackness.

  43. honeytreebee on said:

    Funny you mention anthropology Bry as I will be taking that soon to fill requirements. Any ideas on what I should be reading are welcomed.

  44. honeytreebee on said:

    Negress we are the only ones who are concerned with everyone else, but ourselves. Civil rights no… should be black rights. Why not you think you would see any other group carrying around a sign fight for everyone else and always being last. No, when they go to fight they put themselves and their collective first, middle and last and everything in between. We should have a members only club.

  45. Kushite Prince on said:

    I totally agree!

  46. anonymous on said:

    Just wanted to post another link I found for open courses. Yale University is now offering them. The courses listed under African American studies look pretty interesting.


  47. Tyrone on said:


    The Ugly Truth…A minority of black folk are saved, and, the majority are unsaved. If most black people on this planet were in their right mind, we would not have to deal with all of the ish that we do. I agree with your point Negress, but, we still gotta swim against the tide no matter what.


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  49. mswanda on said:

    Negress, I just read on Dr Broyce Watkins Your Black World website, that a school in Ohio was banning braids and afro puffs on little girls hair. Stating that they were striving to teach successful students. So tell me how is wearing ones natural god given kinks or curls make one less successful? This is an attack on Black womanhood! I’m so pissed! They just won’t stop! When are we Black people are gonna say ENOUGH! Damn, we can’t even be black anymore!

  50. Crissjensen on said:

    Thank you for the TIPS, Negress!

    I will share this with family and friends

  51. Mickey on said:

    I bet you’d never hear a school banning White girls from dying their hair blonde to keep it in its natural brunette state.

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