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Land For Sale

I’ve gotten a few emails about buying land, where to start, how much, etc…Black Family, now is the time to buy land before it’s too late. Ghana is a great place to start looking. Also, the less “popular” islands, like Nevis or Turks and Caicos, may be a great start. 

Island living is slow. If you are a get-up-and-go kind of person, then island life may take a while for you to get adjusted. The air is clean, the soil is rich and fertile and the seafood is plentiful. If you are somewhat independent and can build, fish, farm, cook, sew, teach, have masonry skills or any other life skill, you can live reasonably well for little money. My cousin just came back from looking in on his property and told me that the Asians have taken over large parts of the “tourist-y areas” and are building more and more Asian companies locking the indigenous peoples out of jobs. Corner stores and restaurants are popping up but we are not the owners. This is a travesty. We must do something.

Obama’s departure from the White House will be a point of no return for Africans. Whites, who are being lead to believe that blacks are getting “something for free”, will seek revenge when Obama is no longer a puppet of the Big Bankers. Unemployment will skyrocket even further and I predict an increase in hate crimes. Not one group will come to our aid.

I’ve done some research and found some info for you. Please discuss this privately with like-minded people who share your ideas and dreams. Tip: Gather other blacks who wish to “drop out from the system” and buy land TOGETHER and start your own community like what I’m doing with Sankofa. It doesn’t have to be a large group but it does have to include people who share your ideas and dreams.

Tip: Your group should include:


farmers/ farmhands/ gardeners


medical people

Spiritual advisers

And what I like to call The Glue. What’s “the glue?” Everyday men and women who are willing and able to babysit, make baskets, sew, cook, harvest crops, wash clothes, protect us from intruders, etc….There are no small roles in a black community. We all must function together as one cohesive entity. Here’s two websites. Look them over and call for more information. Please remember to discuss matters privately IN PERSON WITHOUT YOUR CELL PHONES.



One last thing, Many islands/African countries have group tours where you can travel relatively safely and alone. There are plenty of websites where you can do research and pick a region that best suits you. Please utilize the internet and consider speaking with a travel agent for your search. Use the currency converter to figure out how much AmeriKlan dollars you’ll need to buy land overseas.


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34 thoughts on “Land For Sale

  1. Matari on said:

    You, my dear friend, are on a roll!!!
    Everyone benefits when you do what’s on your heart.

    Thank you!!

  2. Matari

    If I’ve never told you this in the past, I’d like to say it now. From day one, you along with a few blacks here have been my number one supporter.

    I can feel, actually feel, through the energies of my readers, who is giving “lip service” and who’s really trying to make an honest effort to uplift all of us. It takes a lot in the society to fight evil and a lot of us have given up.I know who they are but keep silent.

    I also know who’s real and honest and trust worthy and you are one of them. I’m proud to have “known” you.

  3. anonymous on said:

    Thanks Negress
    There’s so much more I wish I could share with you openly. Hopefully one day. Concerns about privacy.

  4. Anonymous

    Me too. One day, we’ll be able to communicate as our ancestors did.

  5. Matari on said:

    TruthBeTold, you are very, very gracious…

    I love it when any of US are unafraid of the LIGHT and TRUTH that the Creator gives us to say – regardless of the consequences.

    I’ve felt a kindred SPIRIT connection with you from when you first appeared on Aba’s site. I’m happy to do whatever I can to assist you!

    (I pity those who won’t/can’t realize this)

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  7. Leviqueen on said:

    I love this type of information!! We are really communicating on a different level now and the pale demons are getting nervous now. Keep this great information coming, I am currently looking into the islands and something in Africa.

  8. mstoogood4yall on said:

    Great post, those houses in the Caribbean look nice but expensive lol. I remember that documentary about blacks going to live in south Africa and their homes were nice, the amount of money they paid for it was a good price, they had acres of land and a swimming pool. When I get older I do want to travel first then see where I would want to live. Umar Johnson talked about buying property in Nigeria but said he wouldn’t move yet since he has his mother and daughter to take care of. Definitely time to start planning for the end game. I see vids on youtube talking about how the Chinese are opening shops in all over Africa and the local salesmen have no chance competing against their cheap goods. Its sad, they takin over and a lot just don’t care so long as they get a good price,smh. Asians make money from other countries and take that money back home, and they racist, yet some still give their money to them.

  9. Kushite Prince on said:

    Great post sis! I think by 2016 we might all need to bounce! This is some good information that brothers and sisters can use. We need to get the hell out of Babylon!

  10. Mickey on said:

    Dr. James Smalls said that Black people practice a profound humanity and that is their downfall. Black people treat others well by patronizing their establishments and giving their hard-earned money to others, but the respect is not returned.

  11. Prince

    Yep. The writings on the wall and has been for a very long time now.

  12. Ms. J on said:

    @ diaryofanegress

    Great post, but what’s up with these all these ads at the end of your writings?

    I would move to a relaxing place in a heartbeat!!

  13. darqbeauty on said:

    Wow!! You are RIGHT on time with this one, DOAN. I was JUST talking to my BFF about getting the hell out of dodge. This country is a sinking ship and I’ll be damned if I play the part of shackled prisoner left below deck. If it wasn’t for your blog and a few others, I would feel crazy and alone in my struggles. If there are people who are TRULY of like mind, I would like to pow-wow with them as well. I’ve been trying to convince my mother and brother but money is suuuuper tight. Even my little business idea is taking longer than expected, but I REFUSE to just lay down like a dying dog.

  14. kowaba on said:


    Thank you for this post. I was going to write you to ask about buying land and/or moving out of the country.

  15. darqbeauty on said:

    Also wanted to say that we need to keep this hush hush. Look what they did to Garvey and others who wanted to leave. They hate us with a passion but the thought of us leaving them sends them into a tailspin of panic. The last thing they want is conscious Knee-grows coming together. It’s cognitive dissonance in action. They say we aren’t shit, but are terrified of us becoming cohesive. I mentioned purposefully and in passing to a couple of pale co-workers that being an ex-pat in another country would be cool.
    “I would love to go to Africa. God it’s so beautiful there. Maybe take my whole family. Some friends too! Stay out my golden years in the cradle of humanity.”

    They. Actually. Had. A. Look. Of. Fear. Cross. Their. Faces.

    They tell you to “go back to Africa”….but that is the LAST thing they want. Yup yup. Their ship is sinking and they want us to bail water with them after everything they’ve done? Yeah, right.

  16. Umoja on said:

    …still making my products to post….I’ll let you know (wink)

  17. Honestly I don’t plan on buying land outside of the United States. My family origins are in Jamaica and I could go back there if I wanted to but there is such a high crime rate in Jamaica that some of my relatives are moving to AmeriKKKlan. When I get older, I plan on moving to a European country because their culture is similar to this country’s culture but with less racism or maybe some Caribbean island.

    All I know is I want to leave AmeriKKKlan so badly! If I have kids, I wouldn’t want them to be raised in this race obsessed, morally bankrupt country with a morally bankrupt culture and idiot ”celebrities”.

  18. Exactly and that is why we should start doing more for ourselves and less for non Blacks. You know how they really feel about us.

  19. Gat Turner on said:

    I’ve been researching this for awhile, there are opportunities in Africa for repatriation and dual citizenship. If anyone is interested this site has a wealth of information about obtaining land in Ghana for members of the Black diaspora.


  20. I saw that a couple years ago, I wonder if it is still going on and if anybody has gotten their land. I would love to see a testimonial.

  21. anonymous on said:

    Check YouTube. I think there are some uploads about people who have returned. If I remember correctly Journeyman Pictures might have a documentary. On phone and unable to locate my past bookmarks. Good luck, hope this helps.

  22. Really? I was looking for places to go to when I leave AmeriKKKlan for good. And my ancestors most likely came from Ghana. Thanks for the information.

  23. I know right, we all need to leave AmeriKKKlan. God is going to burn this place down in one hour, it says in the Bible. I can’t wait until that happens! I will be in another country, living by then.

  24. Kushite Prince on said:

    Yeah I hear you. We really are in the belly of the beast.

  25. Tyrone on said:


    Blacks in the West Indies and Africa need to realize that Asians set up shop in majority-black nations, but, don’t break bread or hire local black citizens. They rape the local land and resources, and smile in our face at the same time. As a race of people, we strive to like and be liked by everybody, which is our greatest downfall. As you correctly stated, land is the #1 priority. Others are swallowing up land in the Caribbean and Africa, and we have the arrogance to dismiss our homeland because of how non-black media has portrayed the affairs of our sisters and brothers in other parts of the world. As to Obama, he has no relation to us…Period! Any black person that continues to praise him is stupid. Black people, all of us are Africans, we need to get the tribalism bs out of our heads.


  26. SugarKiss on said:

    I was also noticing that same thing…Asians recolonizing parts of the Motherland and the universal disrespect for Africans and their want to be treated as equal and not be invaded, time and time again….It’s so discouraging.

    I have often thought of leaving but as a DEBT prisoner with a family, it’s so much easier said and dreamt about at this stage in our lives…

    If only these black misguided millionaires we have would stretch those dollars overseas and help us get a foot hold in some land and businesses there.

    Possibilities, like potential, are often endless when daydreaming…


  27. honeytreebee on said:

    This is a dream of mine and something I am building up to.

  28. honeytreebee on said:

    A land of my own before I die.

  29. Tyrone on said:


    As a sidenote to this topic, i’d like to inform you and other sistas and brothas of a news story that i read about via bet.com yesterday…It relates to the topic at hand. In Ghana, 160 Chinese nationals were arrested for illegal goldmining, government officials claim. The Chinese and other men have devious motives in Africa, this black folk must understand. Africa is a monopoly board to others, history is repeating itself. China has no respect for our homeland, and blackmen on the continent allow them to punk them to their faces. Ghana is known for it’s gold reserves, which the Chinese covet. Blacks in the US and other parts of the globe need to go home again…ASAP! It’s disrespect, but, i’m not shocked. This incident is a vivid example of why i don’t trust other men in relation to our race. In closing, Happy Black Father Day to all the blackmen that love their seeds and the blackwomen that birth them!!!


  30. Just coming back to this… thanks for sharing. Ready to bounce.. just got “requirments” in the way right now. Looking to ancestors to give us a sign of how to navigate and where to end up …

  31. cheryl on said:

    I just started reading your blogs and I’m greatly impressed. This thought has often entered my mind, but I had never thought about the islands. I strongly agree it’s time to separate. I strongly recommend we start groups in each of our states (if possible) and I agree wholeheartedly when you suggest to only share with like minds. We also need native tongues (speaking in codes) when communicating with each other. All in all this could be something great.

  32. Eric Foster on said:

    Thank you so much for this post! Great advice about not telling other people about plans to leave unless they are awake. I actually made the mistake of telling someone I thought was like minded and her reaction shocked me. Subsequently I have kept my mouth closed about my future plans. Lesson learned.

  33. Eric

    Not all who look like us are us.

  34. Eric Foster on said:

    Your comment reminds me of a Bible verse.
    I John 2:19-They went out from us but they were not of us, for if they had been with us they would have continued with us. But they went out that it might become plain that they were not of us.

    I don’t know where all of these Bible verses are coming from. I haven’t read it in quite some time, but it seemed relevant to me.

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