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Sankofa: An African Collective Company

I’m working on Sankofa: An African Collective Company.

Sankofa, which is Ghanaian for “Return and Fetch It”, will be an African company and the ultimate symbol of togetherness. As Originals, we owe it to our past, present and future to think black, live black and progress black. When I spoke to a good friend of mine and she told me that Asians were taking control of her industry while she watched utterly powerless as blacks patronized their shops, I knew that something had to be done!

Black Family, we control NOTHING!


We produce NOTHING!

Yet be brag about our “purchasing power.” That is utterly ludicrous. The black dollar does not turn over ONCE, not once! Yet we rush to buy Baby Phat clothing, Micheal Jordan sneakers and headphones from Dr. Dre. Ask yourselves one question: What are these Negroes doing for their community? Then why do you continue to patronize them? Why buy from Asians and Jews who give nothing back to your community except cheap materials and foul language when you enter their stores? Buy black and black only!

Shaquanda Mattox, a very talented young woman, will be commissioned for her variation of this icon bird:

Sankofa Bird

Remember her, by the way? She made me this along with X, my good buddy:

Shaquanda and X's Design

Shaquanda and X’s Design

Here is her store:

And there’s the very talented Charmaine of the Tambo Collection:

I brought this from her as my head scarf! I also have her necklaces. Please do not buy from Asians. Charmaine has all that you need in her beautiful African store. Visit her here:

And the very talented Trojan Pam:

I brought Death of a Dark Nation, an incredible read! Please support her blog and her books. Do not buy from Amazon or Borders. Pam has all that you need to know about the black struggle including ways to uplift and educate yourself.

Visit her here:

And the beautiful Megan Dorsey:

Megan modeling her clothes

Who searches for vintage finds and brings them to your neighbourhood! Why buy from Jay-Z who does nothing to help or support the black community? Megan is available and willing to give your wardrobe elegance and style. Visit her here:

And the Goddess herself, Ajua Love:

Who practices deep African meditation and sells healing crystals for your mind and soul. Why shop with Jewish stores for 3 times the price? Keep the money with within our community and visit Ajua here:

Then we have the artistic, curvaceous beauty, NZinga of Infiniteeart:


Who makes prints that will make your jaw drop! I brought this tee from her:

Afro Tee

Buy a tee this summer from her here:

Mr. Marcus Kwame, the soulful artist:

Rita Marley

Who deserves to have his pictures and drawings hung from your walls. Why buy from European stores when you can have a piece of authentic black art? Visit him here:

And for your organic skin and hair care needs, now including pets!

DSCN0306[1] Woof ‘N Hoof: Organic Animal Shampoo

UrbanFire Products is having a June sale on hair care products and soaps. Buy any three products, get a free bar of soap! I need to move my inventory to make room for the fall collection so support my shop! I also have a referral program. Check it out here:

This truly takes a joint effort on all of our parts. When I need fabric, I know where to go. The same for books and jewelry. It is a conscious choice to shop black, think black, breathe black, eat black, sleep black and function black. Other races know, instinctively, that they either stick together or die. They do not need to plead with each other and beg for “assistance” of any kind. It is an almost unspoken rule that they must function together…collectively, like a well oiled machine lest they perish.

Dr. Anderson’s wife gave me grim statistics on our future and it’s not hard to see these changes taking place; from the closing of black schools, to the closing of black-owned farms, to the taking over of the 9th ward in L.A. by rich, white land owners and developers, to our children having nothing to eat but fried, greasy food and finally, to the re-colonization of Africa by the Chinese, the Koreans and the Japanese. We must take responsibility for each other and our actions and consciously Return and Fetch It.

Once I asked my Chinese friend how her people could just come here with nothing and in 5 years have supermarkets, spice stores, laundromats and the like. Her response? “We don’t compete with each other and there’s no jealousy.” Blacks are the only race who feel angry, envious and competitive when one of us is trying to be successful. Slavery has done a number on us but it’s not too late to fix it. I’ve been told, unfortunately, by the black business owners that I’ve promoted here about other races trying to sabotage them and take business away from them. They only way that can work is if we fall for it! If we do not support other races, they’ll have no economical power over us.

Every other race will promote each other’s businesses by word of mouth. No advertising needed. It is this method that we must employ to have success with each other. Amos Wilson, amongst others, taught us that when you create a black-only organization and keep the money circulating between us, everybody wins. If only one person has 100 dollars they are limited. If 1,000 people have 100 dollars each and pool their money together and buy just from each other, they create automatic wealth.

When you start black owned businesses, no matter how small, everybody wins. When you tell every single person you know to shop with Miss Pam for books or email Shaquanda for graphic arts, or buy from Charmaine for African clothing and prints, we all win. Sankofa will be a work in progress but I cannot do it alone! WE HAVE 1 TRILLION DOLLARS IN SPENDING MONEY YET WE HAVE NOTHING OF OUR OWN! Consumer power is a farce if you are giving money to people who do not look like you! I need your help…ALL of you. Please pass this around to as many Africans as possible and urge them to buy black. If you know of anyone, and I do mean anyone, who has a black owned business, please send them here to this post. When they make a comment, I’ll have their email addresses and I’ll contact them personally and write a post on them. This includes ALL black companies like, plumbing, hair salons, seamstresses, chefs, etc…As long as it’s black, I will not turn them down. And it’s FREE.

Let’s return and fetch it.


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43 thoughts on “Sankofa: An African Collective Company

  1. Shoot Negress, you are on a role! Looking forward to trying out some of your new soaps especially the cocoa butter one!

  2. Hernie

    I’ve been working on this for a loooooong time. Please pass along this info and urge your family to buy black. Thanks for the support.

  3. Methinks you are on your way. I’m glad know you now so when you get big I can say, “I knew her back when”. Again, Sista really proud of you and all that you do.

  4. I am a black women who would rather buy from my people than any other race; however
    When asking blacks to prationize black own
    Businesses please also mention to the black
    Business owners to respect me us as a customer when we come into their establishment.
    I live in Atlanta, GA. My mom and I went to Bronner Bros. to purchase a wig for my mother for Mother’s Day, when we walked in the woman was on the phone, after being inside the establiment for at least 7 minutes or longer, I started keeping time after being there so long and no assistance. It was clearly not a business call from the way it sound, that day I was angry
    I told my mom lets go down to the Koreans and I will buy her two wigs; after hearing me say that ; the worker wanted to end her phone call and help, but I was already mad as hell by then.

    Medu book store is another black owned business in the Greenbriar Mall, I had to walk away from due to lack of assistance and when I did get the attention of the worker, she was very rude and I left.
    A lot if these businesses don’t keep the hours that they post on the window. There’s a black owned resturant, I like to stop by on my way to work, well some morning they are open at the time that they list; but mostly closed. Smh! There is way too much attitude trying to shop while black while shopping in black owned businesses!
    I will say this to offset all that negative behavior. I get my hair done at Royal Crown hair salon in the Westend and the sister in there are always on time, welcoming and humble, they provide great service and a reasonable price to do natural hair.
    I purchase my oils from a sister in the West end Mall for years, she always professional, although the oils are a little pricey, I would rather buy from her 1 because she’s black and 2 because of how she handles business.

  5. WOW amazing post truth. I’m making my wish list now lol.

  6. honeytreebee on said:

    Love this great post. Yes, we are so capable and can do this. This makes me so motivated to do something and only stiffens my resolve to show black and do business with black owned as much as possible.

  7. I’m spending -all- weekend writing for my upcoming blog and designing its layout. Everybody hold on to your hats.

  8. Reblogged this on Moorbey'z Blog.

  9. Thanks Jesus.

  10. Zen

    On behalf on rude black shop owners, I apologize for them. Shopping with the companies I’ve listed will give you a pleasant consumer experience.

  11. Thanks moorbey!

  12. Bry, let is know when you’re ready.

  13. It’z all good komrade.

  14. Damn, this is great! It is hard to find a Black owned business where I live since it is so lily White. But I would love to buy from Megan. These White and Asian owned businesses don’t give a damn about Black people at all and will talk bad about us behind our backs. That is why we, as Blacks, should open up our own businesses and stores. This was a great post.

  15. Adeen

    Please pass this around to as many blacks as possible and help us promote Sankofa.

  16. Leviqueen on said:

    I will support them, I will definetly buy those natural beauty t shirts.

  17. Matari on said:

    Hey Ms Truth,

    Have I told you lately how much I love you – and what you do??

    : )))

  18. Thank you but many Blacks are ignorant and brainwashed and will still buy from these White and Asian owned businesses. But I will try to reach out anyways

  19. Thanks! She’ll love that!

  20. 🙂

    You just made me blush, sir. LOL!

    Please pass this around and help us. We have great products for the whole family.

  21. Beautiful post sis! We need to pull our resources together and start building. No more waiting for someone to save us. We have to save ourselves and support one another. We know this Beast doesn’t want to see our people progress. You get respect through production NOT consumption. Thats what our people must learn. But this is great to see so many of our people doing big things. It’s time for nation building! And move as a collective unit against this racist oppressive system.

  22. Reblogged this on Black Survival and commented:
    Buy black! Nuff said!

  23. Matari on said:

    “… and help us.”


    Already done, Ma’am! : )

  24. emile on said:

    There’s only one good word to describe this post.


    Right on DOAN!

  25. mary burrell on said:

    Sister Negress. out of all the soaps in the Urban Fire collection. I love the cocoa butter one the best. Next to the teatree ginger. I love the hair yogart as well. The Tambo collection has a strapless dress in there that’s cute, but she needs to consider us goddess size sisters.

  26. mary burrell on said:

    I tried to share my stuff I purchased but they want to shop at Bath and Body. I explained that we should help our people. These people want to spend their coins with white folks and Asians.

  27. Miss Mary

    Thanks for the great feedback! And for supporting black business. We have a great sale going on for the month of June so take a peek.

    Charmaine is an excellent seamstress. Email her and ask for some alterations. I’m sure she’ll be happy to oblige.

  28. It’s ok. Only a small few is needed to do what we do.

  29. Crissjensen on said:

    All good, Negress! will support you in anything thats, Pro-Black!

    Thank You Again.

  30. emile on said:

    I hope everyone is taking DOAN’s efforts seriously, and will replicate her steps here. There’s so much going in the business of working against Black people, and especially when it comes to making a living, that we’ve got to step up our game. The fun part about all of this is that there’s an opportunity for growth. You won’t see it as you put the long hours of hard work, but it’s inevitably going to happen. As the saying goes, “big events have small beginnings”, so too should be our expectations of ourselves (myself included) to do produce a better outcome for the future. We have indeed so, so much to look forward to, and IMO that’s the best part of this whole thing!

  31. Prince

    I am so proud of us. No matter how beaten down we appear, we always find a way o rise up and keep on keepin’ on. Sankofa will be hard work but it’s so worth it. Thanks for the kind words.

  32. Criss

    Thank you!

  33. Emile

    My team has alerted me about the Chinese and Korean takeover of black products like fabric, jewelry, (theirs is cheap and plastic!) and cosmetics made with rice. I’m no longer surprised that EVERYONE is trying to push us into 4th and 5th class citizenship.

    But their efforts can’t work if we don’t support them.

  34. Truth I love that pic of Cleopatra u got there.

    “Time for that sexy, skin-baring dress or eye-popping bikini. My all-natural, vegan tanning butter will give you beautiful, bronze skin…the natural way.”

    Translation: white ppl get ur tanning crack right here so u too can have bronze skin like the gods and goddesses. This is the alternative to get tan if u aren’t naturally born with bronze/ brown skin. But please don’t go overboard with this stuff or this could be u

  35. hehehehehe…

  36. Forced Reality on said:


    Yet another great post!

  37. Thank you! Pass it on…

  38. kowaba on said:

    Reasons why we need to support each other and unplug from the system. This documentary is one of the most honest documentaries on racism I’ve seen to date.

    Documentary: The Façade of the American Dream

    Part I: This is Why We Have the Blues

    Part II: From the School House to Jail House

    Part III: Lack of Wealth, Lack of Health

    Part IV: You Aren’t Free

    For those who are starting their own business, here’s a website to help you get started and/or expand your business

  39. Pingback: Kemetix | Land For Sale

  40. emile on said:

    In reference to Dr. Anderson’s comments on the video (1:22-2:29), he is absolutely right in his definition of markets. A consumer market with quotes of the ridiculous amounts of expendable income that is ignorantly distributed out of our sphere of influence is nothing to be proud. Those who produce are the real creators of wealth. “Produce + Achieve = Prosperity” – Jim Brown. The businesses listed on this page, when viewed through this promotional post, are “the” market(s) Dr. Anderson is referring to, as they produce a product or service that is beneficial or supplying a need demanded by consumers. For many years, we had it twisted but are finally getting it right, thankfully. The best thing that any of us can do from this point on is stick together, promote, patronize and wish success for each other. I’ll do my part as best I can and hope to provide greater assistance in the future.

    @DOAN: You might remember sometime last year when you provoked a heated discussion about the new course we should be taking in the first area of people activity (The Holidays). It’s good to see that we are making progress on our promise to do better. That is why I say that this post is a sign of growth!

  41. Emile

    Thank you. More awakening to come.

  42. honeytreebee on said:

    Hi every one I have some important news to share with you all and I hope you find it in your hearts to lend some support to the oldest black bookstore that is under attack. I hope all will sign the partition and buy a book or two from them. If, we really believe in supporting black owned businesses we should at least put up a fight when the powers that be try and steal it from our collective.

    Also, one of the reasons the building is also coveted by others it is no other than the once great bop city home of black west coast jazz and so has been in black hands before WW two. Any way hope you find a way to give them some support.

  43. Sorry my IPad is loopy.But once I stopped to think they don’t use this stuff they sell to us.And they’re rude,disrespectful and ignorant why give my hard earned money to them so they can build an empire off us.It’s a shamed so many of our black people haven’t opened their eyes to this RIP OFF.These Asians and the poisonous food they serve and their hair stores. They treat us just as bad if not worse than whites.Stop supporting these Asian stores let them eat and use the things,starve them of the support.They’re exploiting us and we need to let them go elsewhere.

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