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How The Obama Deception Obliterated the Black Diaspora

Remember this?

In 2008, I watched a man that looked like me walk on stage with his beautiful, black wife and pretty, black babies and the rest was history. Pride swelled up in me and I couldn’t help but feel that somehow, after watching this black man become our president, after everything AmeriKlan has put us through, something was finally right with the universe. I cried. Openly. I didn’t sleep that night. My phone rang with phone calls from family to friends screaming how, finally, things would be different.

I looked at his handsome face and listened to his stunning acceptance speech and in my mind, only in my mind, I hope that AmeriKlan would begin to give us, black people, the Original Earth Mother and Earth Father of the planet, some due respect.

Well change did come.

For the worse.

Since Obama was SELECTED president, more blacks are jobless, homeless, underemployed and our children are losing their schools. Philadelphia is being “recolonized” right under our noses. The line has been drawn with Organic Farmers Markets and prep schools on one side and fried food restaurants and the shutting down of charter schools on the other. White on black violence has risen, racial hatred which lay (somewhat) dormant in white AmeriKlan, was awakened with a vengeance! White AmeriKlan got their Nigger Wake Up Call when McCain and Romney lost the election and they did not like it one bit. Fears of losing their white privilege prompted them to buy every gun and bullet money can buy. Talks of us “taking over” made them dizzy with apprehension and “Prepping” became the rage.

While whites lost their minds at the thought of a dark-skinned monster “taking away their jobs and having their way with their daughters”, I prayed that more opportunities would finally open for us so at the very least, we could TRY and compete on a SOMEWHAT even playing field. I prayed that more black businesses would open up and black farmers would keep their farms. I prayed that more charter schools would open and our children would have real books instead of photocopies of chapters in a book. And finally, with embarrassment, I prayed that whites would stop treating me like a nigger and start treating me with more respect.

None of those things happened.

Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski, Obama’s (Psy-Op) handler, played an excellent game of chess against us and ultimately the entire world. He gave us our long-awaited black “saviour” to pacify us while he plotted to put a black face on the sinking ship called America. With the intentional rise in illegal immigration and the outsourcing of jobs to China, India, Taiwan and Bangladesh, whites are feeling strangled and afraid. They are now the ones that need to watch their pocketbooks while they eye with trepidation that over-priced T-Bone Steak. Once privileged with nice homes and nice paychecks, they now fear joblessness and homelessness. Once arrogantly strutting their new Mercedes Benz in front of our old, beat up Chevy, they are now praying that their car will last one more winter.

When the white psyche caught up with reality that “Change” had indeed come to AmeriKlan, the backlash on black life was forever changed. As Obama dropped drones on innocent “insurgents” and signed the NDAA Act permitting any citizen to be arrested and jailed for being a terrorist, as he signed the Monsanto Protection Act that obliterated organic farms and murdered life-saving honeybees, as he raised taxes that took even more money out of our paychecks, as he tested out martial law in Boston and gave us numerous false flags like Sandy Hook, as he largely ignored the black community that voted for him except to admonish us with his sanctimonious speech on “no more excuses…”, all the world saw, unfortunately, was a black man, who was (s)elected president, who made promises and did not keep them, who is now making their lives miserable. And who do you think will bear the brunt of their anger and disenfranchisement?

Black People. The universally propagandized scapegoat and the most hated race on earth. 

Obama’s handlers are, in my estimation, the craftiest, most cunning, slithering people on earth. They gave us Obama, this handsome, somewhat effeminate caramel-skinned man, who was married to an obvious black woman, who actually took care of his children, who went to church and “praised God”, who went to Harvard, who spoke different languages, who looked like Malcolm but spoke like Martin, on a silver platter. And we ate it up and begged for more. Not once once did we question:

What are white people’s motives for doing this?

In the words of my Spiritual big brother El-Hajj:

“My brothers, you’ve been had…you’ve been took…”

I wish to make two things clear to my readers:

1. Obama has NO power and NO say in his actions so this has NAUGHT to do with him as a man. His handlers, the invisible rulers of Babylon, are to be blamed. Obama is just window dressing.

2. For those of you that will write to me regarding Democrats vs. Republicans, you can save your energy. Both parties are different wings on the same bird.

My concern is as always: My people.

As Obama implements stricter gun control laws, whites will feel more threatened and desperate in their mental sickness to stay on top of their white privilege. As their crops dry up and their children go hungry, their anger will spill over to each other and ultimately to us. As more immigrants are PERMITTED to come into the country and are given FREE training in construction and other types of manual labour, they’ll watch helplessly as their homes go into foreclosure. As tel-lie-vision hints at Affirmative Action permitting blacks to obtain “black privilege in the age of Obama”, they’ll go out of their minds with outrage.

What do you think will happen in the next 3 years pertaining to our families and communities? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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77 thoughts on “How The Obama Deception Obliterated the Black Diaspora

  1. To be honest, I think Obama is just as much as a demon as the people he works with and for. If he really had no control or say over the atrocities that have occurred, he would have probably gone crazy. That is, to say if he didn’t agree with specific executive orders. A lot of crazy, horrific things has happened while he’s been president but the dude is just as charismatic and as ‘smiley’ as one could ever be; almost as if he doesn’t care – which, as I believe, he doesn’t. Him having brown skin doesn’t mean anything. Nor does him having a Black wife mean anything – because Black people can be devils too. I don’t think he’s any different from your other American presidents, like Ronald Reagan and George Bush, to name a few. It just so happened, they they picked the ‘right guy’ – and coincidentally, he’s Black.

  2. mzchoco

    Do you feel that he was “groomed”?

  3. moorbey on said:

    Hell to tha yes he waz groomed and michelle waz groomed to be hiz wifey.

  4. Kushite Prince on said:

    We were hoodwinked,bamboozled and lead astray. Like my homie used to say “We fell for the hokey doke!” I just want to know when the hell are we going to wise up. Damn people! We seriously need to wake the hell up!

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  6. Illusions can have very real effects. Sometimes its better to close your eyes.

  7. mstoogood4yall on said:

    I do think when he leaves office we are in for it, especially when they were saying on the news that black ppl voted for him, they gonna blame us for this. And also In the news they were showing how some black ppl voted twice, that really pissed them off. They are going to come after us hard its gonna be more trayvons, Jordan davis’. Too many of us bought into this a black man is in the white house not realizing that he was selected and backed by the elite.
    Brotha umar Johnson on point about Obama

  8. larissa on said:

    @mzchoco interesting points
    i remember reading somewhere, maybe on trojan pam´s blog, that you cannot survive among sharks for a long time unless you are a shark yourself
    i also read a while back on miss ´pam´s blog, about how black faces are being put on the most ´´powerful positions ´´ in order to create black scapegoats when the shit hits the fan, and fuel rage at blacks on a global scale. She made a few predictions and one of them wasthe appointment of Susan Rice into a high position. What did did i see today on CNN? Susan Rice has been appointed National Security Adviser. A few years ago I would have been indifferent or happy that a black person was getting that level of positive recognition in the media. but today, i couldnt even feel indifferent…..

  9. Things are getting worse for Black people and has been under Obama and whenever I have pointed this out in real life and on Abagond’s blog, I get told that I ”have no hope for my race” and shit like that. I know things are getting worse for my people yet people ridicule me for pointing this one.

    Honestly as a young, Black woman of eighteen, I am disappointed in Obama’s performance as a president and commander in chief. I expected him to do more for the Black Community and America at large. Yes I do like and respect President Obama as a person but as a president, he has failed the American people. He has proven to be a weak and inefficient president just like George W Bush.

  10. Well said. I agree with you.

  11. mzchoco

    I saw this video from Mickey. Great video that everyone should watch!

  12. Yep they use black ppl faces only when the ship is sinking. I remember when the oils spill happened all I saw was commercials with black ppl speaking for bp and I’m like I know dam well black ppl don’t own this company its whites but they will use our faces when they screw up. Chicago has a black female ceo for the school system and u see how that is going, they use people who look like us to be their foot soldiers and carry out their orders so we won’t say its racism. They are tricky

  13. i felt the same way when he first became president, i voted for him first time. then later i thought, you are racist, you expected this man to be different because he was black. due to his color (as well as his pleasing well rehearsed rhetoric), i thought “here is someone who will understand finally” … what a fool i was. lesson well learned the hard way

  14. Umoja on said:

    He’s the SELECTED slave steering the slave master’s ship. End of story

  15. Umoja on said:

    Trojan Horse = President Obama

  16. emile on said:

    I’ll tell you this much: I surely am a lot less confused than I was 4 1/2 years ago!

  17. Umoja on said:

    Have you all realized yet that NO President of the U.S. has ever “run” the U.S.? They don’t have much power and control as people are led to believe. The elite are running and controlling this corporation called the “United” States. Always has been. The President is to take orders or be killed.

  18. Matari on said:

    This may offend some, but I’m going to say it anyway.

    Americans, black white asians hispanics and others – buy the same old tired BS BRIDGE in Brooklyn EVERY FOUR YEARS each time they step into a “voting” booth!

    It’s as if people don’t realize that if voting could change anything, it would be rendered illegal!

    The amount of stupidity and confusion that exists between the east and west coasts, between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans is unbelievable! Americans, as a collective, are truly idiotic, DUMBED DOWN, gullible people. That’s why *things* are the way they are.

    This ship (the TITANIC) is quickly sinking, and the passengers (rats) hardly know it.


  19. Mickey on said:

    I’ve posted this before, but I think that it deserves an encore posting regarding voting:

    Here is another video showcasing George Carlin’s views:

  20. Yes! he was indeed groomed like a show piece dog! Before him there was some Neander called Fine something? Harry or something like that, he was rumsfeld golden boy. Then, he literally disappeared and rumsfeld became MORE of a Monster. A couple of years later they deceided to Launch Condoleeza Rice, Yes indeed!! BUT in the UK!! Oh yes my Peeps! She could do no wrong, on EVERY Mag cover or space available. EVERYTHING from what she ate to how refined she Farted! He PR was a slimy little kzr, who was doing ALL the hard work accomodating her ease into the euro psyche, no castle, palace or palazzo was out of bounds, no royal beyond reach, this s…t was in heavy overdrive!!! Rumsfeld was beside himself, he didn’t want a Coon Btsh in the oval office and was gunning for disclosure on people’s private affairs. That did it. She didn’t even go back to her previous job, remember that?? she was given a stint in some University which was looking to be permo when Dubba stepped in ( of course!) she then returned to dubba IN the oval office but as his side kick! The rest is Their Story.

  21. Perhaps…or maybe he’s just straight devilish. It could be in the genes. I doubt, given everything that has happened today, he’s ever been a ‘good’ person.

  22. @ Moorbey: I also believe their marriage is a sham. They always select the partner for these politicians (especially if the politician is gay). I doubt they’re in love and I don’t believe they ever have been. They’re just actors.

  23. Umoja

    JFK was proof of that. He spoke out against “secret societies” and…well, you know what happened to him.

  24. Matari

    Last year when I urged blacks NOT to vote, I was attacked relentlessly.
    People got angry at me and I lost readers because of it. There seems to be a deep disconnect with reality when it comes to politricks.

    I get the same tired. ” We fought for voting rights so I’m gonna vote!!”

    Trying to convince people that voting is a sham has worn me down so I no longer try. Just like blacks who REFUSE to believe that Dems vs. Republicans are the SAME.

  25. Matari on said:

    “Trying to convince people that voting is a sham has worn me down so I no longer try.”

    Dear TruthBeTold-


    BUT, please do not cease in telling the TRUTH, my faithful friend!! Seemingly the majority may not want to hear it or believe it, but there ARE a few (literally A FEW) that will hear it and get it.

    You, we, all of us here have gotta walk by FAITH — not by sight or by what we think our senses are telling us. Especially now and in the following weeks and months to come. The big pot’s about to be stirred and shaken … SHAKEN!!!

    We’re going to have to trust and believe in the UNSEEN. (That’s temporarily unseen…)

    Everything that’s supposed to be is going to be – as long as we’re doing our specific individual instructions.

    @ Mickey

    I’ve always been a George Carlin fan! But I don’t recall seeing those two particular clips. Carlin was way too BRIGHT for his generation — who should have been weeping in shame and disgust – and motivated to act — instead of laughing at the TRUTH and then going back to their business as usual.

    I guess that’s why the elite allowed him to preach. They know that if the average person has a TV, coffee/beer, a few bucks in the pocket, etc… – then they were most likely asleep, GOT and beyond Carlin’s truthful reach.

  26. Crissjensen on said:

    I agree. we are in for it, get ready for “jacob troubles” oh yes! he’s gonna get whats coming to him. hahaha!! Mr.Obama you are done.

    The most high see right thur you sir!

  27. Go to HELL Obama!!! your king is waiting for you.

    He works for the “zionist devil’s”

  28. I voted for the first time last year, because my mom told me to lol. I am figuring out this voting stuff is to make us think we are in control when really we aren’t. How can a country that didn’t allow the poor,blacks,poc,women to vote all of a sudden change and let everyone’s vote count. I say bs the same way they made racism subliminal is the same way they changed voting to make it look like they include everyone while the elite are still the ones in control but a lot can’t see it. The only way I could see voting being legit is if people can put up their own nominees for presidency and everyone have an equal amount of money for campaigning and an equal amount of publicity .instead of them choosing candidates for us and putting 2 candidates in the spotlight. By watching the media during the election you’d think it was only the democrats and republicans i rarely saw the independent party in the spotlight.

  29. very good piece Sista.

  30. emile on said:

    Well, let’s use our brain-computers as advised by Dr. Welsing, using a little deductive reasoning to conclude on factual evidence. Instead of criticizing and name-calling the president (and his wife for that matter), let’s assume that it’s true of what has been said repeatedly, that the president, school board executives and mayors, in actuality, really have no effective power to influence bottom-line issues affecting the average individual. Based upon this rationale, we have to ask ourselves how are we helping to solve the problems of injustice when we hold them accountable, when in fact we know that there’s not a damn thing they can do? To paraphrase an analogy by TrojanPam, this would be akin to kicking the tires of a car that just ran over an old lady, instead of going after the real cause of the problem: the driver of the car.

    Mr. Fuller often states that there would be a continual refinement of showcasing Black and non-white people as “leaders” in all nine areas of people activity, as a facade for the true wizardry behind the SOR (mistreatment), where key players would be placed within positions of “seemingly” influence and power as a social mechanism in keeping people complacent and less critical of current events, i.e. stagnant unemployment, woefully shameful income disparities, excessive and completely unnecessary war campaigns, unbelievable public debt, unprecedented imprisonment levels, sub-prime mortgage rates, financial redlining, targeted school closings, blatant sexism, you name it. All one would have to argue in favor of keeping the status quo is to point to certain Black and non-white individuals placed within these positions as a sign of “progress”. But what is progress and on whose terms is “progress” defined?

  31. Matari

    When I walk down the street, I can literally see the separation between blacks who are conscious and trying and blacks who have given up and no longer care.

    The illusion is so much easier to handle and you know what? I’m perfectly fine with that now. Before, I used to kill myself trying to convince black people what the real deal is. You know what happened?

    I got cursed out. I got weird looks. I got ignored. They wanna have “debates” with me on how I am wrong to see who’s “smarter”, etc, etc, etc…

    I’m tired, Matari.

    The info is out there for those who wish to see. Those that do not…well…be in peace.

  32. Emile

    The very fact that I wrote this piece and you asked that question tells me that we haven’t progressed one iota.

  33. emile on said:

    I know. That’s exactly why I positioned the question last, to remind us of how we’re running in circles and not getting any further than step one. For the sake of constructive criticism, I find we often fail to take the emotional aspect out of our frustrations with these types of topics. The frustration is a given, and unavoidable, especially if you’re knowledgeable about how things are really being conducted. But we can’t stay focused on “what” they’re doing to us. We know what they’re doing to us…(lol!)…The next step is to think strategically in what way each of us are going to counter such effects.

    Not voting anymore? Fine!
    Helping other small Black businesses the best way that you can? Excellent!
    Reducing your patronage of low-quality and disrespectful grocers, fast-food joints and salons in your area? Outstanding!

    But the thing is, do something. It doesn’t have to be much; it doesn’t have to be grand; but with each doing their part, in their own little way and by countering anticipated behavior that’s assumed of us, we make a helluva difference in the long run. I would advise everyone to do the best thing that we all are doing at this very moment: staying informed, thinking critically, asking questions, being observant and spreading constructive information that benefits everyone. It takes a system to defeat a system. Download pod-casts, listen to them twice as a minimum and view your listening as a source of empowerment, using the information to build your own strategy and personal plan. These are the types of small-scale efforts that will amaze you in helping to shift your behavior.

    The fact is, there’s not much that we can do about those things beyond our control. But there is something that we can do about those things in which we can make a difference.

  34. Forced Reality on said:


    Great, thought-provoking post!

  35. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Sister Truth said; “Dems vs. Republicans are the SAME.”

    For all intents and purposes, they certainly are. Here are two great quotes that explain American Politics in a nutshell:

    Americans are under the delusion that we have two mainstream parties. WRONG. There is one party, the War Party with two RIGHT wings; the Democrats (soft imperialism) and the Republicans (hard imperialism).
    Greg Bacon

    America is a puppet regime. The financial controllers of its major multi-national corporations are international oligarchs – mostly of jewish and WASP origin – and they run the show and drive policy, not the US. The US is a violent attack-dog for their purposes, nothing more.

    As others have stated, Obama is a puppet just like all the other
    Presidents have been. He may even be a product of the CIA’s MK-Ultra mind control program (Google: Obama’s mother CIA MK-Ultra).

    If a President suddenly develops a conscience and tries to defy his handlers, he gets JFK’d or exposed (Google: Obama, Rahm Emanuel, Larry Sinclair gay bathhouse).

    Brainwashing and blackmail are how the puppet masters maintain control. No high ranking official wants the world to see pics or video of them sodomizing 8 year old boys so they do as they’re told.

    If you haven’t seen the movie Eyes Wide Shut with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, I highly recommend it as a great peek into a secret world I don’t think we were meant to see. Director Stanley Kubrick may have revealed a little too much for the puppet masters’ liking. He ‘passed away’ before the movie was completed (Google: Stanley Kubrick Illuminati Eyes Wide Shut).

  36. wordshavmire on said:

    damn, this was an awesome, well written article. It rings true in every sense. I feel that the façade that is Obama is little more than a cardboard cut out that has behind him a slew of evil, demonic devaluers that use his face to do extreme ills all over the planet. when he is finished (and I do not believe they will let him go out of office honorably) they will use his face again as the poster of black arrogance and black stupidity that will lead to even more WHITE resentment.

    I knew MANY white people who shared this blogger’s hope of a better future and voted for Obama as enthusiastically as any of us had. they viewed Obama as a bridge to race relations and a person to point to as a catalyst for this nation FINALLY healing.

    now, those same WHITES that voted with us for Obama have had their WHITE GUILT replaced with WHITE RESENTMENT. while we are dancing and partying, they buying guns and training in the woods…

    #WakeUp or #SweetDreams

  37. Emile

    Well stated. It must be a joint effort on all of our parts.

  38. Kushite Prince on said:

    Wonderful post!! Beautifully said! Everything you said is so true! I hope others are listening.

  39. emile on said:

    Here’s a perfect example of the kind of confusion that’s in the works. This C.O.W.S. program is a free pod-cast and a must-listen with each show. The latest has TrojamPam as a host in the discussion about the current Chicago school closing crisis. As you listen, you will see how this type of destructive protocol is used to approach the problems and setbacks we’re facing, by putting Black faces on a larger problem and having us react emotionally toward them instead of thinking logically. It is key to comprehending how the system works to our detriment and keeps defeating us in all areas of people activity, and in this case, the subject of education.


  40. Ms. J on said:

    I wish I would’ve seen this clip back in 2008:

  41. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Thanks for the kind words Prince.

  42. Ms. J on said:

    Also, The Purge comes out tomorrow. I’ve seen people post on Facebook how they would Purge the president. ANOTHER movie comes out this summer called “White House Down”. It’s about a paramilitary group that’s seeking to get rid of the President (played by Jamie Foxx).

    This whole dilemma about President Obama is a set-up. He was put there to give our people of a facade of racial progress, but what’s really happening is increasing White angst. So those severely confused victims might not listen to Blacks like us right now, but I believe they will be woken up by by White people’s behaviors towards them.
    Maybe I’m paranoid, but I can really feel the phoniness of White people when they smile, laugh, or make much of me in their presence. I get the feeling that they would rather mistreat me, but maybe I’m just imaging things.

    What do others think? Are you seeing a change in White people you come across everyday?

  43. mary burrell on said:

    @Miss J, Dang you beat me to it. I was just going to mention that new film the Purge. It is very telling that the system is planning for annihilation of marginalized people. And this business with Obama wanting peoples telephone calls monitored by the FBI. Dang, he really is the devil. And he lies saying it’s to monitor terrorist activity. He is such a liar. He works for the demons.

  44. Ms J

    Yes dear. Their desperation is becoming obvious.

  45. To all:

    When was your moment of awakening with Obama?

  46. mary burrell on said:

    His lack of responding to the African American community. And not caring about the death of young black youth in urban communities. Yet he was always there for the white community.

  47. When the Republicans won the House and Senate in 2010 and Obama didn’t do anything to stop them from opposing their agenda. I noticed that he didn’t do much for America or Black Community at all.

  48. Same here, girl, same here

  49. I was attacked by my own people too for the same reasons and they called me a sellout for it. You are right.

  50. Ms. J on said:

    I got my wake up call with Obama when Donald Trump kept badgering him to show his birth certificate. I had never ever seen a President called out over something like that before. I was under the assumption that working hard meant acceptance into American society as an ambitious Black young person. But witnessing the disrespect made me realize that we were always going to be seen as n-words by Whites no matter what we did.

    So I’m done with being caught about in the Obama deception. He’s just there to lull dark-skinned people to sleep and rile up White folks. Black people will literally pass out if you criticize him, while Whites will get stinking mad by just hearing his name. It’s all fascinating and scary at once.

  51. kowaba on said:

    When he got elected was my awakening with Obama. He’s mulatto and is being used against non-white people. What came to my mind was how in white supremacy they claim many people to be black, but they have one white parent, generally these people are sympathetic towards whites. Obama is the same way. When he went back on his promise of getting a dog from the shelter (such a minor thing) I knew he would not keep his other promises like helping black people.

  52. The first time I heard him speak. By the way I am not American. However, you can always depend on the politician, at least most, to bullshit their way through anything. If you vote, you should vote for the least likely to bullshit you. I know, I know, that can be hard as they are all cut from the same cloth!

  53. EyesWideOpen on said:

    “When was your moment of awakening with Obama?”

    SCROLL to the last sentence if you want the short answer LOL.

    Honestly, when they put a black man as President on ‘24’ I knew ‘they’ were conditioning Ameriklans to accept a black President. One of the reasons why most movies and television ‘programming’ SUCK is because the white man slash jew ALWAYS has an agenda. There’s no truth or purity in them so there can be no art (unless they’re stealing it from us, of course).

    Even in my personal life, whites always had an alterior motive for everything they did, it was rarely out of the goodness of their heart. For example, inviting me over to dinner was because I bought them a wedding gift even though I couldn’t make the wedding.

    Or one that took me years to figure out was why this particular white guy always wanted to go clubbing with me instead of his white friends. I finally realized that it was because I was presentable enough without being as much as threat to his chances of getting laid as an equally presentable white guy would be. Contrary to what many seem to think, MOST white girls (~90% IMO) are NOT attracted to black guys. But I digress.

    So, where was I? Oh yeah, as soon as I heard there was a black man running for president I thought back to ‘24’, patted myself on the back and said, “I knew it!”

    Remember, zee jews plan shit out 100 years in advance so they’ve been grooming Obama as well as Ameriklans for quite awhile slowly getting them used to blacks as ‘stars’ and with ‘power’ (Bill Cosby, Denzel Washington, Clarence ‘Uncle’ Thomas, Colin Powell, Condasleezy Rice, Dennis Haysbert as President on ‘24’ etc).

    Damn, I just realized I STILL haven’t answered the question. OK, up until the Democratic National Convention, Obama played his cards right and REALLY made it look like he was sincere about “Change” lol. But I’d long since learned that President = Puppet so he honestly wasn’t fooling me.

    However, he let the cat WAY out of the bag in that firey (sp?) speech he gave at the DNC when he talked about going after Iran in such an aggressive, hostile manner. His exact words were, “You don’t protect Israel and deter Iran just by talking tough in Washington.” I was like, “Yo, did any of you dummycrats at the convention HEAR what he just said???”

    Of course they didn’t because they were too busy hollering and screaming like monkeys to realize that he had just admitted that it was all a big fucking lie, there wasn’t going to be any ‘Change’ if he got elected.

    So, August 28th, 2008 at the DNC giving his acceptance speech when he started warmongering against Iran is when I knew fo sho that Obama was just another puppet.

  54. When he didn’t defend his wife or kids against those people who were speaking badly about them and didn’t say anything when there was a death threat against his wife. Also when he didn’t even speak about what’s going on in his supposed hometown. I hate to sound like the ppl questioning his birthplace but who would turn a blind eye to the stuff going on in their hometown and not say a dam thing. How is it when a shooting happens in his hometown he can’t be bothered but if it’s some white kids in another state killed, he crying while givin a speech. He don’t care about black ppl. Another thing is how he had the time to call Jason Collins just for coming out, but didn’t call Charles ramsey or attend hayden pendleten funeral, naw he sent his wife but he had the time to go to sandy hook.smh

    The last thing I noticed was how he speaks to black people in a condescending tone. When he gave the speech at morehouse college he was mostly talking about yall need to take responsibility and make no excuses and talking to them as if they are some of the black men who are messing up the community and not trying. And telling them to not only fix their communities but to help everyone, I bet he wouldn’t say that to a white college.

  55. I got my moment of awakening when he couldn’t be bothered with his supposed hometown and the violence and school closing there. When he didn’t attend hayden Pendleton’s funeral but sent his wife, and had time to go to sandy hook and cry for those white kids. And when he had time to call Jason Collins and congratulate him on coming out but didn’t have the time to call Charles ramsey a real hero. Also the way he speaks to black ppl in a condescending tone when he gave that speech at morehouse college. He was talking to those men and saying take responsibility and help your community and no excuses, he was talking to them as if they are some of the black men who are the problem in our community, instead of talking to them like they are the solution. He was telling them to not make excuses for discrimination and to overcome it then he was going on and saying look at the previous black generation they did so u can too. That is the kind of speech he should give to some high schoolers at a troubled school not some grown college grads who did make it.

  56. Certainly, Pres. Drone ObomBer is imbibing on the influence of cultural imperialism. That is, passively condoning the imposition of authority of one culture over another culture. His continuous appeal to white sentiments for acceptance. Obomber is perpetrating a fraud as President of this united empire of ours juast as the previous 43 Presidents had done so. He has very little executive power, if any at all. And the reason why he has no power is because he was SELECTED to office, not elected.

    My moment of awakeing to Obomber’s smoke screen presidency occurred in 2009. That was the year I wrote two petitions to the US Supreme Court without the assistance of an attorney and without having a law degree conferred upon me. I requested ObomBer’s assistance in writing regarding two rogue federal agencies. You know, the alphabet police (CIA and FBI). I’ve yet to receive a response from him personally or from a mere representative of him. But also, I’m not holding my breath while hoping that I’ll get one either. Now that would be fatal if I did so, wouldn’t it?

  57. Wow, that is terrible. It shows how much he cares about Blacks and Americans in general: not at all!

  58. Bestpartofwakingup on said:

    To be honest y’all, I believe The Great Spirit gave me a nudge of a notion as time went on that we had been duped but my “aw naw, yeah I’m awake now” moment came when he endorsed same sex marriage. Not one president has come out and said I’m all for same sex couples to be married but here be is first, the first one. I read something somewhere talking about he’s not Moses he’s Pharoe and that stuck with me. He looks like us but he is not of us don’t relate to us but got so many of US on lock that his name might as well be Miss Jenkins(don’t NOBODY say nothin bad bout miss Jenkins). In the bible in revelations it is said that there will be a strong delusion that if it were possible the very elect would be deceived. I think we are the elect first of all and I think that strong delusion is him bringing change for the better to the brothers and sisters.

    I would like to also say, I know that all who come to this blog have read between the lines and can see what others choose not to see and so I know that I’m not crazy when I think and sense and feel things. I kid you not some of this stuff just comes to me because I am not THAT learned enough to see and figure out some of these things but I give all credit and praise to The Most High. So in saying that, I feel like this plot is to bring about a race war to try and let whites exterminate us and then the fake and phony punk ass elite will come in and clean up the mess.

    When I say how they were just openly firing on black folk during Katrina, this is all they can think about and they don’t want to be at peace with us, they are war savages and mongrels… They want to devour our flesh and drink our blood because their hatred is heritage and it’s passed on.

    Has anyone ever had a white person say ” I’m sorry to say but that NIGGER…!”, when they get upset and feel that the word is properly allocated to the correct people? I have heard it from the mid to the southwest. I pray and feel hopeful that The Most High will protect us(even if by giving us common sense and quick witted thinking) to survive(prayerfully untouched from what ever event that’s going to happen if it happens WHEN it happens. So much more to say but I’ll breath for awhile but I’ll leave with this…this man has the children of The Most High held hostage for ransom but they don’t plan to pay; like everyone knows a d has stated, it was a design to keep black folk right here in this country and when your enemies want you to stay with them… The. They most have rigged to for doom.

  59. emile on said:

    If you were to ask me this question over four years ago, I would have given you a volley of reasons why I should be critical of the president and many others. However, being less confused now, I’m more apt ask to look beyond the antics/actions/public front of these individuals and ask for the core reasons “why” they have conducted themselves in such mannerisms toward us.

    Again, we are failing/not remembering to take the emotional aspect out of our reasoning for all of these related events pertaining to us collectively as Black people and the global population. Let me state this comment by Dr. Welsing as premise for why I am now less critical and/or accusatory of such individuals:

    “It is an act of Black mental health to refrain from criticizing and name-calling other Black people.”

    Fact is, we may have no clue as to what these individuals are up against or are obliged to do for the sake of their own safety, sanity and livelihood, nor the “true” conditions under which they are operating in the SOR (mistreatment). We don’t everything, but we are still learning. This does not preclude them from making conscious choices as individuals.

    Out of our frustration and confusion, we are kicking the tires of the car that ran over the nice old lady next door, instead of going directly to the driver’s side of the car, retrieving the driver from the car and holding the driver accountable and answerable to obviously destructive behavior. We have to be less emotionally reactive and proactively logical in our assessments, queries and comprehension of why certain events conclude in the manner in which they do. It is every easy to put all of the blame on a manager at a branch location for failing to successfully execute and maintain a predetermined, non-feasible management plan that was purposely designed to fail in its operation, when in actuality it was the executive board at the corporate headquarters, in another city, that created the plan in the first place, had it troubleshooted for intentionally negative outcomes, anticipated the negative backlash from employees toward the manager. But the board is protected by legal counsel who are paid to shield them from any accountability from any angle.

    So if we keep saying that the president, the mayor, the school board CEO, the police chief, have no power, then w-h-o does have “the” power to affect change? Who are the people in the backdrop, “pulling the strings”? Writing the speeches? Setting the policies? Are very knowledgeable about the drastic social/political/economic outcomes of certain policies, regulations or agendas, but don’t give a damn? Logic, not emotional response, is how to find the answers to the questions of why certain things keep happening to certain people with certain outcomes.

    While it is understandable that how painful and hurtful it is to be a victim of condescension, gentrification, school closings, food deserts, employment obsolescence and other crimes committed against us, there must be a counter-strategy, an appropriate maneuver that will help in avoiding the arrows pointed at you. You can’t stay in one spot and become further victimized; you’ve got to move, think, react in unpredictable, incalculable and unanticipated ways.

    Deception is an art. I think that, just as we should study and master the game of chess as advised by Dr. Welsing, we can do likewise with the practice and refinement of deception. Not in a bad way, or because we have ill intentions, but as a counter-strategy that renders us less as victims and more as victor of justice.

  60. Kushite Prince on said:

    You’re right,it’s all about conditionin. Back in the 70’s on The Richard Pryor show he would portray the President. And back in 1997 in The 5th Element starring Bruce Willis,the President was played by actor Tom Lister Jr. And of course in 1998,Morgan Freeman played the President in the film Deep Impact. So as you can see,this conditionin has been going on for quite some time. We were mentally “prepped” for Obama years in advance.

  61. sheagirl on said:

    I was definitely a fool too. I’m just wondering why people voted for him a second time. Was he the lesser of the two evils? Were people still being hoodwinked and now after the election they’re finally waking up? I really don’t know. It kind of looked like Romney wasn’t even trying with his comments and plans for change.

  62. i did not vote for him second time, i think too many people in US have some weird loyalty to parties regardless of their agendas.

    i agree with Romney and all the republican choices for candidates they gave us, jokes, not really a challenger in lot. The one man who could have beaten Obama, Ron Paul, was blacked out by media.

  63. kowaba on said:

    Dave Chappelle also did a skit on what it would be like to have a black president, so this programming spans generations. Many white college students were a fan of the Chappelle show.

  64. Kushite Prince on said:

    Yes that’s very true.

  65. You did for me Negress.

    You open my eyes to him and what he was all about the evil white Jew(ish) ppl and a few other ppl too.

  66. I got the “obama wake up call”, when he said he would demolish guantanamo bay and abu gharib” with other neo-nazi concentration campsm they have around the world AND he DID NOTHING but when back on his word. The fact that europeans can “rendition” whole families and TORTURE their children to death and RAPE their women AND their men in front of their own children and or parents whilst obama claims to be a “father” AND a “parent” himself was beyond belief!

  67. Mickey on said:

    Dr. Umar talks mostly about understanding White supremacy, but at the latter half of the video he speaks about Obama.

  68. Mickey on said:

    Here is another video about Obama being a “corporation”:

  69. Tyrone on said:


    Obama was handpicked by white powerbrokers within the Democrat party, not the grassroots. Why did they want him over Hillary? They wanted Obama to be in the seat of power because they could use his racial background as a weapon against white republicans and to pacify black democrats at the same time. Hillary is a white female, she can’t play the race card, Obama can. Illegal-Immigration is a vivid example of his dual racial makeup helping spanish folk and hurting blacks. “Latinos are a melting pot, Why would blacks be against them flooding into the country?” The so-called latinos that are flooding into the country are not black, they’re mestizo/indian and white. Second point, racism within Spanish culture is alive and well, ain’t s**t changed. Meanwhile, Spanish blacks that do attempt to make it to the US run into a brickwall…ICE. Guns & Violence…Don’t believe the bs about violence in big cities decreasing. A week ago in New York City, 25 people were shot within a 48-hour timespan, 3 of these souls lost their lives. I haven’t heard one word from Obama’s camp about the bloodshed in NY, Nothing! This is par for the course, yet, when violence grips other folk, he has something to say. Negress, i’m sure you’ve already heard about Obama and his FDA allowing girls of any age to purchase the Plan-B pill without restriction. A girl can be six, eight, ten years old and walk into a pharmacy and get the pill…Madness! Notice, he didn’t put up a big fight to keep the age limit in place, says a lot about his psyche. He is also the biggest supporter of Abortion of any President in recent times, white or otherwise. Radical Islam is increasing all over Africa, because Obama supports it. The Red Chinese are the new Bullies, Obama supports it. Barack and his anti-blackness should not be a shock to educated black folk. In the end times, whites would use someone that looks like us but is not one of us in totality to deliver the final deathblow to our race. Obama, knowingly or not, has exposed the mulatto class within our race. This is the only positive act that he has given us.


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  72. Tyrone on said:


    At this time, whites are attempting to place blame on us for the “Hot Mess” that is Barack Obama. In actuality, whites were and continue to be his biggest supporters. They wanted a figurehead for the post-racial movement and that’s exactly what they got.


  73. Simsimi on said:

    I already knew this before he became President that’s why I wasn’t so excited, just because he’s black doesn’t mean everything, if everyone else is white…they’re the ones in control while he’s the one who’ll get blamed. It’s sad. And I knew he wasn’t going to address or take care of black ppl, because then the white ppl (as always) will complain that helping us is harming them…nonsense! @Negress Why do you think he doesn’t address or help black ppl? I think it’s because he’s scared that people wouldn’t elect him and that people would find him suspicious…

  74. Clair on said:

    I do not understand how Obama is to be blamed for white rage and whites buying more arms because a black president is in the white House. Wasn’t the reaction the same when a black child first entered a desegregated school, or a black adult entered University or any other sign of black progress? Were you not expecting a back lash?

  75. Everything you spoke about is coming around full circle. The flood waters have risen almost above our heads in this country. Even being a “respectable negro” will not save you now.

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