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Mother Nature’s Cruelest Revenge

Womb For Rent

Sometimes when life gets to be too much and my illness comes too close to the surface, I look to the heavens for guidance. I pray and meditate for answers on why I was chosen to survive both the Maafa and Cristobal Colon’s men. My DNA has stood the test of time through the rainforest, through droughts, boiling heat, poison gas, the man-made influenza virus, wild animals and famine.

I wonder why some of us lived and some of us didn’t. My foremother could have easily been one of the slaves that were thrown overboard to be eaten by sharks or burned alive by Colon’s men. I do not ever take life for granted for I am the living, breathing ancestor of the Mother Land. Karma, the Law of the Universe, reigns supreme. It is morally justified and superior to any law that man could have ever created. There is no escaping your destiny. All melanin-rich peoples of Earth understand the basic universal rule:

Whatever you put out into the universe, you get back.

Karma mandates whatever you destroy in the name of evil, you must replace with your own life. That includes all animals, plants, water and rocks. I think I first became aware that Europeans had trouble conceiving in high school. I had a white, Jewish teacher who spoke relentlessly of “babies”. When one inquisitive student asked her if she had a large family, she said very quietly that she and her husband were not “blessed with that gift.”

Researching white supremacy has taught me that the white population worldwide is actually LESS than 10%. It is roughly 7-8 %. The European has forged their numbers by including Light-skinned Spanish speaking Africans in their demographics. If you’ve been reading my blog for some time now, the Spanish-speaking African, like the Italian, the Jew, the (southern) Frenchman and the Portuguese, will NEVER be an Aryan. Shame of Moorish blood will have them deny this fact, but we all know it is true.

The current white birth rate is NEGATIVE ZERO.

What does that mean? It means, simply, that even if every white person on this planet were to have 10 children each, and their children had 10 children, they would N-E-V-E-R be able to catch up with us in demographics.

They cannot reproduce. And if they can conceive, they cannot bring the child to full term. And, perhaps the harshest reality, (or is it punishment?) they and they alone have the highest demographics of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, a condition that doctors, til this day, cannot fully explain. Their men’s sperm count is defective and their women have an increasing medical condition called “non-specific ovarian failure.” In their panic to reproduce, they have done what they’ve always done:

Turn to melanin-rich peoples for our seed and labour.

The Akanksha clinic is at the forefront of India’s booming trade in so-called reproductive tourism — foreigners coming to the country for infertility treatments such as in vitro fertilization. The clinic’s main draw, however, is its success using local women to have foreigners’ babies. Surrogacy costs about $12,000 in India, including all medical expenses and the surrogate’s fee. In the U.S., the same procedure can cost up to $70,000.  ——-  Taken from Womb for Rent {Thank you Dr. Patel}

In African countries like Nigeria and Sierra Leone, the increasing but hushed “womb for rent” practice is driving up white tourism. When I saw this article from one of my readers, I decided to look into it further and was not shocked in the least that the European has no other choice than to turn to us for help. After all, doesn’t His-Story repeat itself? I was also not surprised that Mother Nature has exacted her justice on the European by doing to them, by the law of nature, what they’ve done and continue to do to us:


Our blood has saturated this earth from the moment the European gazed at us with hatred and envy. In his haste to rid the planet of the Original Hueman, he never contemplated what would be the consequences of his actions. He never thought that his offspring would pay for his mistakes in the form of Karmic Justice. He failed to realize by his own arrogance that by breeding us like cattle to work on his farm, we would outnumber him and one day, sooner than he thought, he would become the dreaded “minority.” By the year 2050, I personally think it’s sooner if you count their increasing suicide rates, white people will be the official minority in the Divide Snakes.

What do you think his mindset will be when this dreaded day occurs? What are your thoughts on this “Womb for Rent” practice? Should melanin-rich peoples help the incubate a white child? Do you think there is a karmic plan in the works? And finally, do you think by incubating a white child, some Spiritual DNA will pass on from mother to child?

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48 thoughts on “Mother Nature’s Cruelest Revenge

  1. @ negress

    Thank you for such a TIMELY and IMPORTANT post!

    I have talked and thought about and written about this for YEARS in our books

    in the hopes that the MOST MELANATED people will STOP seeing ourselves as “inferior” and to stop us from DILUTING our powerful genetics to help whites survive their defective genetics

    I believe that the Universe and Universal KARMA will deal with gross injustice by ELIMINATING THE MAJOR PROBLEM on the planet and will do it in his and her OWN TIME

    I believe the PLANET has marked white people for EXTINCTION based on their degenerative hybrid genetics AND based on their global behavior

    Otherwise, HOW would the (white) people with access to the best FOOD, ENVIRONMENT, EDUCATION, MEDICAL CARE, ETC.

    have the MOST problems with reproducing?

    How do I feel about wombs for rent? It makes me angry and sad, the ENDLESS exploitation of non-white people to help extend the white supremacy system

    we need to STOP DOING IT asap

  2. Miss Pam

    Every night before bed and every morning, I have the same wish day in and day out: For the universe to hear me and exterminate them from this solar system.

    I meditate on it HARD each day.

    During my African prayer/mediation sessions, I pray for justice for my people in every single way possible. I honestly feel that they are marked for death for what they have done to us.

    Arrogance prevents them from learning from their mistakes and they are too far gone to help themselves. They must be banished for the sake of the planet.

  3. Negress,

    after all this time, I don’t think they CAN change their ways. The evidence of this is OVERWHELMING

    I believe there is something MISSING from their psychological make-up that allows most to have any TRUE remorse for their Victims or their Crimes

    I remember during Hurricane Katrina and the way poor black people were shamelessly and INHUMANELY treated, that ONLY when the rest of the world started writing about the way white people were treating their NEGROES did white people come forward and offer help

    it wasn’t “shame” or a desire to correct a wrong

    It was FEAR of EXPOSURE

    AND a fear that their Black Victims would FINALLY WAKE UP and see WHO we were dealing with

    I believe we are dealing collectively with SOCIOPATHS and PSYCHOPATHS

    and it’s time to come up with a STRATEGY to deal with that reality

    and a good start would be to



  4. This has happen before but through acts of war and terrorism. They are defective in every manner possible to assist them, to prolong the inevitable is akin to trying to catch a rain storm in a cup. By your very actions you prove yourself oblivious to the mandates of righteousness and nature.

  5. Mickey on said:

    Wow! But, I’m not surprised. The last time I heard of this was actually from a Black radio station that talked about Black people who had trouble conceiving and they were going to India for this “womb for rent” deal.

    One Black woman said that since she could not have children, her husband’s sperm was coupled with an Indian woman’s egg. So, technically, she will be the child’s stepmother. She was glad for this opportunity. Her only complaint was that she wished that the Indian woman was dark-skinned because since she herself is a dark-skinned Black woman, she could easily pass the child off as her own. But because the Indian woman was of a lighter hue, she felt that it would raise questions from others since the child is not as dark as her.

    As for Whites doing this, I am not at all surprised. Since some Whites fear extinction, do you think that they will try to expand the definition of White to raise their numbers? I mentioned this before, referring to it as a reversal of the one-drop rule (i.e., one drop of White blood makes you White.) We already know that certain “White ethnics” were not considered White until the 1940s in America (i.e., Italians, Irish, etc.) to increase the number of the White population to prevent themselves from becoming a minority. What are your thoughts, Negress?

  6. Mickey on said:

    And here is our clinic!

  7. Yup, that is their karma for trying to kill Blacks off. For centuries MANY Whites mistreated Blacks and killed them. Yes Whites do have a lower birthrate than Blacks and Latinos. Currently the birthrate for minorities has suppressed Whites and many Whites are getting scared. The very people they hate are overpopulating them!

    And Whites aren’t very numerous in the world, most of mankind are brown skin people so about 7-8% White is pretty accurate.

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  9. Tyrone on said:


    Whites aren’t hiding the fact that they need our DNA to survive. All of a sudden, whitemen wanna hook-up with mixed blackwomen such as Halle Berry and Paula Patton just to name a few. Whitewomen, married and single, allowing random blackmen to impregnate them. Essentially, whites are trying to up their numbers via “Creoles” as they did during slavery. The Spanish, Portugese, Italians, and Greeks were created from Creoles(Half-Breeds). As is noted, the wombs of blackwomen were and still are owned by whites. Spanish blackwomen have given their blackness to whitemen on a silver platter, yet, are placed underneath the so-called Latinas they created…J-Lo, Sofia Vergara, Eva Mendez, etc. Do blackwomen have ownership of their bodies, or, do white people? The current generation of young black females are willing to throw away their ancestry for crumbs. Sistas are prostituting themselves for men they have no native attraction to…Asian Men. It makes blackwomen look bad, they don’t see what blackmen see. Another group of non black males using blackwomen as a stepping stone, and brothas are supposed to clap for this insanity…No!


  10. Rofl

    Not only are they sending jobs overseas now they making babies overseas oh lawd!!

    They just outsourcing everything for cheap[greed] smh so now not only is some computer troubleshoot companies[HP] in india now they going there for their fertility issues. They fertility is bad I sometimes see them with adopted black babies or they have biracial babies. Anybody else notice they mostly get with the darkest skinned blacks to have babies with? I don’t think a lot of the interracial stuff is love because the ones I see are mostly together long enough to have a child then after that they split up. They are like vampires, they try to get with black ppl then they are adamant about having kids asap. There is this guy I knew from childhood and he is now married to a fww[fat white woman] and she wants to have kids right away. They know their time is running out, they so desperate they let their kids get pregnant. What parent allows their daughter’s boyfriend to sleep at their house then acts surprised when their daughter is pregnant, white ppl. It’s getting so desperate Russia is willing to pay ppl to have kids lol. This is karma, they are being greedy and not wanting to have kids until they are in their late 30’s 40’s because kids would get in the way of their career then when they do have kids they have nannies for them which are usually latino. So oh well their kids should be used to seeing more poc now than whites. They went from having black women raise and breastfeed their kids to having latinos raise their kids and now since they have shown they don’t even want to take care of their own kids but pay ppl to, the universe is like hey if u are just gonna take them for granted then u don’t deserve them. I do think this is karma, because even in the bible ppl who were disobedient had their kids killed to pay for their wrongs.

  11. Umoja on said:

    Ironically, India has a caste system thanks to intentional, systematic White supremacy propaganda. Many possessing darker skin are discriminated against compared to those who posses a lighter skin tone. Yet, they are co-inspiring their demise and subjugation by assisting in white survival. They are presently being subjugating through all forms of horror and oppression. Sound familiar?!

    Now I understand karma. It is true, what one puts out, one receives; whether in thoughts or deeds. An unavoidable universal law.
    I must say, the universe will not be mocked…..whoa!… to those interfering in this karmic justice—those women and men who are assisting in white survival…globally. It doesn’t matter what form. The universe is all inclusive…nothing is excluding in this undertaking. The universe is all knowing. Many may call this God.
    Whites have gone beyond having a chance to make amends….to replace this system with justice. They have been given thousands of years to make right and abolish this system, yet arrogantly refuse. Amends will no longer suffice. Death is inevitable. They were suppose to die off long ago. Yet they were given patience and time to make amends. They squandered such mercy…..yet, increased their psychopathy in unlimited horrific and unimaginable forms. They’ve foolishly mocked universal law/God.
    The ante’ has gone up immensely….it is NO coincidence that there is finally an “awakening” happening amongst the global Black populous. As I’ve stated, the Universe is all inclusive and it fulfills it’s agenda until the end. An “awakening” is necessary for this karmic justice which is indeed happening now. The awakening will assist in this karmic justice. We are not to assist or interfere or we’ll meet our death also. We are not to succumb to White appeals or psychopathy in the disguise of emotion.
    This is the vision and message from my spirit when I inquired. In addition; all those who lay with them, breed with them…. their descendants, ascendants and their off-springs will all meet their death in the form of a plague….riddled with an unknown incurable disease which will cause sudden death. We are to remain mindful, aware, warrior-like and steadfastly succumb to the “awakening” and Spirit, who is aggressively beckoning us for this cause. We will be unharmed throughout this ordeal.

  12. Nat Turners' Revenge on said:

    THERE WILL BE NO WOMBS FOR RENT! The melanin deficient albinoid subjugated us to the worst form of slavery, stripped our spirituality & subjugated us to his religion, subjugated black mothers to mother-less by stripping them of their kids. In some instances if they were white enough they were raised in house because his main snow bunny was barren. In other instances, in the south, black babies were used as gator bait in the hunting of alligators. These are 3 Illustrations where WE were forced… And now do the very same action we were subjugated to on our own w/o force. There’s a new game the FEDS play now where snitches are giving the FEDS people for the life of one person. So if you have a relative, a friend, a lover, etc. that has a substantial amount of time already, you can give them say, maybe 10 ‘big fish’ so to speak, for that one life. Catcher Freeman. Enslaving your own kind. Yeah they provided the avenue, just didn’t put a gun to your head because you seek the FEDS bout the deal. They call it “E-mailing.” So when your homie, relative, lover, etc. hit U on the phone & say “E-Mail me or give ’em my E-mail” is code for the set-up. The slang may vary according to region. Religion. Our people were raped, massacred for resisting THEIR religion but you have Africans, especially in the south, who will verbally castrate, label you heathen, iconoclast or heretic for not believing in their god. Some on this very site will pontificate verse after verse from The King James Version of the bible. A European King with no indigenous ties to Alkelbulan & a homo at that. It’s always a European who has a version of the bible or revises the bible never an African but who follows it more than those who killed your ancestors into accepting it? Black people in cracKKKastan. Willingly now, not by force. You will defend white jesus harder than any albinoid ever could. You’ve forced children out of OUR hands before cracKKKastans’ inception now once again, w/o force, under the guise of fair exchange you will take babies from us. AGAIN. We gave y’all life & look how y’all played us & replayed us…

  13. I still have the dreams of rage I told you about. If I seriously just had one wish, just one, it would be for the sky to roll back and the sun to burn them away like ants under a microscope.

  14. Nat Turners' Revenge on said:

    “E-mailing” was only In reference to drug cases or offenses in exchange for a reduction in sentence.

  15. Mickey

    They are already doing this. They now count, of course depending on hue, South Americans as “white” and I feel that Asians will be next. Some Indians are very light with hazel, green or blue eyes. I’m sure they’ll be happy to be in the White Club for some perks.

    White people have taught me a few things over the years. They will go to any lengths, and I do mean any, to keep their privilege. If that means turning to Coloureds and offering them “whiteness” to up their numbers just for the sake of keeping us down, they will do it!!

    Once their purpose has been fulfilled, they’ll kill them and be done with it. And don’t believe for one second that whites have forgotten where Italians come from.

  16. Mickey

    Thanks for the video.

  17. WTH! These Neanderthals really USE the World’s Indigeneous People’s like Toilet Paper!! Here they are STILL going to Big Mama to Suckle their future Racists! If we look at Obomber, there is NO spiritual Conscious there at all, however that is not true of others like him.
    These future racist are IMPLANTED into a Woman of Colour, with the Neader feemale’s egg. The Ethnic is literally used!. It’s the same with body parts they stole from Africans and Haitians, they would actually USE the parts and STILL REMAIN NEANDERTHAL NOT SEES! Nothing works on these Btchs, ok. ALL that milk from Our African and Ethnic Women Ankhcestors over the last 500 years and they are STILL butchering the planet!
    Even the animals of Ntr, the Dogs for the Blind, the Horse for transport, Dolphins they used in WW2 and still using by strapping bombs on their backs on and ON….the use of them IN comsetics, NOW THEY’RE PUTTING us IN Sun lotion so dem arse nah burn!! NO, they DO NOT GET SPIRITUAL. Period!

  18. LMAO!! “Obomber”

  19. I don’t know why any person of color in their right mind would want any part of having children with white people.

    They are in fact some of the most linear thinking people i have ever met and the more and more i experience them, the more i realize how truly one dimensional they can be. (not all but too many)

    But… good luck to those Black people who want nothing more than to be with them. For years Jet magazine featured Black couples who have recently tied the knot–now every other copy we get has at least one white person in there marrying a Black person in that section.

    Just. More. Power. To. Them.

  20. “I don’t know why any person of color in their right mind would want any part of having children with white people.”

    Any act of sex between a white person and person of color is an act of rape. The white person in such acts is ALWAYS the perpetrator – it doesn’t matter if it’s a white 4’8 90 lb granny with a black 6’9 325 lb NBA star. In our natural, healthy state we -never- elect to have sex with recessives.

  21. Crissjensen on said:

    Thank You, Negress!

  22. nicoleizhername on said:

    Let’s not forget yt has said that they are the Original Ethiopians.
    So psychotic & delusional.

  23. mary burrell on said:

    I hear many black people and some white saying that mixing black and white makes for more beautiful offspring. I was just think will there be any more black people left?

  24. mstoogood4yall on said:

    Great vid, I know I’m wrong for this but that guy kinda look like borat. Anyway white ppl want to say the Egyptians were white because they can’t stand the fact that they haven’t figured out how they built the pyramids. Lord knows they can’t stand when poc or blacks out do them or do what they can’t do. This is why we probably will start to see them classify light skinned Asians as white, because Asians are leading in technology and labor, they don’t like to be outdone so their next tactic is to offer an olive branch and get ppl to join them.

  25. mstoogood4yall on said:

    I think there will be black ppl left we’ll just be lighter skinned and close to white looking. It can go either way. Either the mixed offspring have kids with black ppl, or they will be with white ppl and the kids look white and identify as white[increasing white population].
    I hear white ppl say that sheit all the time on tv and youtube saying white and black make beautiful babies so nature must want us to do this. I say gtfoh with that bs. Then if u ask them if white babies look cute they say yes, ask them if black babies look cute and they give u the run around, but will say biracial babies look beautiful smh. I don’t care about them but what makes me smh the most is when black ppl say this sheit and parade their biracial kids around like they some kind of prize. I remember seeing an episode of tyra and this dark skinned black woman was saying she had a biracial child and didn’t want kids with a dark skinned black man because they’d be too dark. Some ppl in our community are so messed up mentally its crazy.

  26. mary burrell on said:

    @mstoogood4yall; I agree with what you are saying. I feel like i’m in the twilight zone. I just want to know what is going on with our people. It’s seem a lot of black people don’t want to be black. And many are ashamed of their African features. Lots of self hating blacks. I just don’t know what’s happening to our people.

  27. THE ALCHEMIST on said:

    I heard on a podcast that in the Denver public schools there are more black/white children than black children. Mostly from BM/WW IR couples. I don’t know if this is true but in Denver it might be true.

  28. @Alchemist that is probably true. In those places BM outnumber marriageble age BW so they are likely to pair up with ww…

  29. mary burrell on said:

    @The ALCHEMIST: It’s good to see your commentary. Yes, Denver is snow white. No pun intended.

  30. Mickey on said:

    What’s funny about the Asians is that in a country where they are the minority, it seems that they either stay to themselves and, if they assimilate, they try to identify with the majority group, though there are some exceptions. I read once that in South Africa, the Chinese were being reclassified as Black for economic benefits.


    In America, the main belief is that Asians try to assimilate into White American culture. As for the Egyptians, the modern-day Egyptians are, for the most part, not descendants of the ancient Egyptians. They are an invading force. They keep the pyramids around because they know that tourism to the pyramids fuels the Egyptian economy. They know that the sphinx and pyramids are not there creation since their people did not build them.

  31. Leviqueen on said:

    Incredible article!! I don’t think we should help them at all. Incubating a white demon child is allowing “it” to receive and generate some of our spiritual blessing in hopes of passing some to the child!! No way!! They will exploit the economic and financial needs of Africans who will willing incubate the white devil and bring it to full term. The fact that Esau ever increasing need for our help is becoming more evident and clear their arrogance will full them and others!! Do not help these savages!! Melanin rich huemans continue to reproduce beautiful melanin rich babies and continue to populate the earth and subdue it like the Most High commanded!!!

  32. I HEAR YOU TY. but what is a sista to do when brothas act like they don’t want you unless you look like Halley. It is hard out here in places like cali, where bm tell you to your face don’t try you don’t stand a chance. If you get lonely or get with the wrong guy you are blamed for that too. Yes, bw should make better choices all around and this is not an option. I often think good bm and bw have a hard time finding each other. Do black women have ownership of their bodies. To some degree , but too often is left alone. 95% of black women are with black men and have black babies. This is changing as black men are being killed, jailed, dying too soon too fast, and are marrying other women. Then couple in gay men, men who don’t want children, and don’t want a wife just… I’m not condoning it just stating what is there. How long can a woman be left alone before nature fills it with something. Back women will, do, and want black men as their men can black men say the same about black women?

  33. See, it’s shit like this that remind me of how deeply mind-fucked melanin rich people are. Sometimes I say to myself that all it takes is thirty YEARS. If Black people stopped mixing their seed with Caucasians for thirty years…it would help…to a certain extent.
    But in some cases it’s not always OUR fault. I can’t say we’re entirely to blame for Caucasians snatching up Black children, draining their blood and putting them in Big Macs (which they do). Or Caucasians eating Black people’s organs and drinking their blood. Which they do. These creatures are relentless, desperate…and will go to extreme lengths, as we already know, to survive. Interracial mixing, ‘womb for rent’ and the kidnapping of Ethiopian babies (disguised behind ‘adoption’) is just the beginning. That’s nothing compared to the other vile shit they do to obtain melanin. It’s probably the most easiest, because everyone is under the spell of sex and love.

  34. mzchoco

    Oh yes!

    We’re under some spell all right! And since sex, like food, is a basic hueman instinct, it’s easy to trick us. Well stated!

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  36. mswanda on said:

    I have to disagree mary. Nowhere in this country do black men outnumber black women. These black men just want to date other races of women. I live in AZ and I noticed the same thing. At my child school I was in a class that had almost as many mixed children that white! Everywhere I go I see a white or Mexican girl pushing a stroller with a black child. When I see a brother in public he won’t even say hello. I’ve spoken to other women out here and they are seeing the same thing. We are not gonna just wait on them. They aren’t coming back and I’m not taking the blame for why the black man don’t want me. Black women will not continue to be alone. They will get with others. I see it now out here. Sistas with mixed babies and most of them have a wedding band on. They riding in nice cars, not the bus, like the poor white trash pushing Ray Ray’s baby in 115 degree heat. I’m not waiting either. The sista soldiers out West can wait all they want. I’m moving on. I’ve excluded white men from my dating pool but I will date others.

  37. mswanda on said:

    Sorry Mary, I meant Phoebe.

  38. Yes, we’re definately under a spell. One of the biggest is “church” sorry folks but the truth IS the truth. Apparently in mixing races, that is with African with Neanderthal, Indian with Neanderthal, etc, etc, they can or attempt to remove or “lift” the Neander gene cells FROM people of Colour! They have been doing FOR REAL BREEDING Programmes and attempting just that! This interracial crap you see on tv is one big hoaks! The Neanderthal isn’t going anywhere and CANNOT survive in the future so basically it is using People of Colour to hitch a ride into the future LOL, it ain’t gonna work! From their own “scientist” mouth, ” the universe doesn#t want us, because we’re like a VIRIUS nature doesn’t like us”, “we not making strides as we thought”, etc. Too bad!

  39. Ms Wanda,
    I understand your frustration I feel it and have it too. Yet, when I do get married and have children I want to give them they full blessing of being of the originals. Foolish BM and BW May make these choices, but can you say at the end of the day you are with the one you are ment to be with. I need someone who is going to get it without me having to break it down about white supremacy bull. I never want to wake up and find out that the man I love, had babies with, grow old with t h is a racist shit or hates blacks.
    My frustration is watching bp not be their true selves and finding my mate. I know too many wonderful BW who are ready, but the BM we bump into are not. So, it takes more effort than it used to and a lot of BW are getting with and marrying BM a decade or two older than them. In order to have children. However, slot of older men don’t want children,but want a wife or girlfriend. You see we have a clock and men don’t. So, they can wait us out and often do.

  40. Crissjensen on said:

    Thank you Mother Nature’s for your Cruelest Revenge on white people.

  41. Tyrone on said:


    Sista, any blackman that tells you that does not deserve membership in our race. I’m aware of the fact that blackwomen have to deal with bulls**t blackmen, however, we have to remember that self-hating blackmen are tools of our enemies. I have no love for them, the other women can have them as much as they want. They’ve killed, raped, and robbed enuf blackwomen on this planet already. We can survive without them, but, we can’t exist without blackwomen…Period! Sistas have to look at the big picture, as it relates to their womanhood. As a blackman, i don’t think blackwomen in Africa or India/Asia should be renting out their wombs, let nature take its course. We forget that whiteness is a genetic mutation…Albinism. It was never supposed to last forever, the genes are recessive. Whites have no natural shield from the sun, which makes whiteness obsolete in this day and time. Honey, blackwomen can do with their bodies as they please, but, every action has a consequence. The irony is amazing to me…Whitewomen in the US and Europe want blackwomen to abort their black babies, yet, are willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars to blackwomen in Africa and India to carry their white babies to full term. Sistas, let Becky carry her own babies, if she can. The benevolent blackwoman ish is outdated, stop viewing white females as greater than you, because they’re not. Honeytreebee, it’s about you and other strong blackwomen. Our race is matriarchal, the women determine our fate. I want blackmen to understand that our survival as a group of men can’t be segregated from black womanhood. I don’t hate other women, i respect all women, i just love my sistas passionately. Hopefully, blackmen in Cali and other pockets of black male insecurity will come to their senses in the near future. This fight is a marathon, not a sprint…we win some, lose some, we keep fighting. Stay encouraged Honeytreebee, myself and other like-minded brothas love and respect you…Always!


  42. Tyrone on said:


    Inter-racial is a cottage industry, whites are not hiding their motives. Blackwomen in Africa and Asia birthing their babies is just an extension of what is already taking place. Whitemen pushing their wives and daughters to have mixed babies with blackmen, none of this is accidental. I agree with you, there is no love in IR relationships. Blacks have what whites need and want…Melanin. Let’s tell the truth about what’s really going on? Sista, their obsession with us is limitless. Whiteness needs to wither on the vine…Go Away!!!


  43. Mickey on said:

    OMG! I saw this movie. It tripped me the fuck out. And one of the men whose videos I watched said to pay attention to the movies as they will tell you what will happen. The director said that the reason he chose a Black woman to be the character that is pregnant is because human civilization started in Africa.

  44. jacinto on said:

    yes, it’s true. I had a relative who thought so until your baby white / black was diagnosed with autism at 4 months of age

  45. a relative of mine had a baby with her white husband and both her children had developmental problems. I know it didn’t come from her highly melanated side of the family but from his weakly genetic European heritage.

  46. thefourthangelsbowl on said:

    This is an EXCELLENT article!

  47. Thank you, sir.

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