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Open Discussion #14

Guys, I need the next few days off. I’m working on a few things. I’ve decided to get back into my crafting: Home made Thank You Cards

I’m making handmade “Thank You” cards for my customers who buy my products. I feel that a personal touch makes the world of difference! I used to LOVE arts and crafts as a child, cutting out paper snowflakes, making origami and homemade birthday cards. Isn’t it funny how we fall away from things as we get older and life becomes “serious?” I urge you to get back to your creativity. It is very soothing.

Since, I no longer watch TV or movies (unless someone really recommends something), my garden, cooking, shop, (soon-to-be) canning and other things, besides family, of course, takes up A LOT of my time.

I’ve been getting into fights lately with the critters that LOVE my garden. You know, I wonder if it’s my aura that draws them in? Yesterday, a bird cursed me out when I told her to step away from my blueberry bush:


The flowers, they become the fruit, are already beginning to pop out and I think she can smell them. Last year, my family and I were salivating thinking about fresh blueberry buttermilk pancakes. The bird called her entire family over to my yard and ate the whole thing!! She left me one stinking blueberry then had the nerve to come back for my spinach. Well, I really let her have it while my mom laughed at me.

My peppermint, you know I gotta have my mint, right, is coming up NICELY!


Hmmmmm…..I can almost taste fresh iced peppermint tea with a lemon wedge now! *sigh* My brother steals it, by the way, and pretends he “doesn’t know what happened.” Two weeks ago, a rabbit caught sight of my spinach.


This hoochie mama brought her children over and tried to climb my steps to feast on my budding spinach! I grow it in big containers to keep the deer and wild turkey away, but noooooooooooo…..she had to take it one step further. I yelled and waved my shovel at her and she just looked at me like I was crazy. Isn’t it a crying shame that I can’t enjoy the fruits of my labour because of Bugs Bunny? Anyways, I have a lot of work to do with my gardening and crafts…and trying to keep critters away from my food.

Enjoy this open thread.

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91 thoughts on “Open Discussion #14

  1. LOL, this is soo funny. I wish you were with me we could craft together, my favorite pastime.

  2. Charmain

    Yes! Isn’t it grand? I’m just ordered a “lace edger” to make the paper more fancy looking. They have so many selections but the lace is timeless and simple but very pretty.

  3. Matari on said:


    You might protect your outdoor plants from the larger flying and four legged “opportunists” by using some short of shade cloth (kinda like a fine net/mesh cloth..) as a barrier between THEM and your garden.

    Bunnies and birds are like most white folks. Neither of them listen to our instructions to cease and desist! So ya gotta take preemptive actions as needed… plus research natural insect and pests repellants.

    Enjoy your well earned break.. : )))

  4. Sir

    Good advice! I tried vinegar and cayenne pepper but the smell wears off quickly.

  5. LOLOL. Calling your brother out! I read Home by Toni Morrison a short while back. And there seem to be easy tricks to dealing with animals. I have no specifics as I suffer from self-imposed ignorance in this area, but seems all about finding out what those animals hate so they stay away. Hoochie and coochie mamas begone.

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  7. mstoogood4yall on said:

    those plants look beautiful. i’m trying to grow some collard greens lol they are getting big but these darn bugs keep eating the leaves. I may try a soap and water spray or something

  8. LOL I loved crafts when I was little too, I guess I have to get back into it now! I enjoyed reading this post.

  9. Ms. J on said:


    I love how you’re so in touch with nature. This culture has done a great job of separating our people from what’s natural in this world.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  10. Mstoogood

    Try vinegar and water in a spray. But if it rains, you have to spray it again.

  11. Adeen

    Great. I’m glad.

  12. Ms. J

    I grew up with nature, literally, in my living room. LOL! It’s all I know. Nature is peace. Nature is God. Nature is us, you and me.

    I’m happy my mom raised us to be “simple folks.”

  13. Pete

    My brother comes over to *cough* “look at” my vegetables and herbs…you know, while he’s making fresh tea and telling me how delicious fresh tea is. Last year, I gave him an entire planter full of fresh mint…I mean the WHOLE thing.

    It was done in 2 days.

    Then my phone rang…

  14. emile on said:

    Yes, I totally agree. In a complicated world, and even more complicated as a Black person, we must return to those things that bring us happiness and some joy, even if it is temporary. Sometimes, we just need a break to recharge our natural energies. Great pics and topped off with a great story!!!

  15. Emile

    Thank you! I’m gonna let Nature carry me away this weekend.

  16. thanks truth I will try that.

    I do think nature is a beautiful thing I feel so relaxed when I go fishing and get away. We definitely need to get back to nature, I can’t deal with spiders, snakes , and mosquitoes though. I tell ya this country is always trying to go against nature. how is it they say black women are masculine but they call these “women” born as boys, women[ feminine}? Sadly some black ppl are taking on their unnatural tendencies got some black men not being fathers and some black women trying to be the father. Got kids disrespecting their elders and ancestors.
    I might go to louisiana next weekend to see the family, seeing how ppl are there makes me appreciate all I have. I can’t stand how they have undemolished buildings and drunks outside gas stations. I notice about the hood is that there are never any cops patrolling they are only in the white neighborhood across the river[probably making sure the ninjas don’t come over there smh]. There are people there though [elders] that keep their yard together and are nice, its the young ones that seem crazy, the parents aren’t doing there job with these kids its so depressing.

  17. I know raccoons don’t like prickly things hurts their hands. So they hate nettles with a passion. So, do rabbits and nettles is good eats, great tea, just wear gloves, and long shirt when working with it. The birds are harder to deal with netting might be an option. Funny I was thinking about blueberries too. They can also s
    Tell who is a gentle soul. That rabbit knows you don’t eat rabbit and knows you won’t harm babies.

  18. Umoja on said:

    Love this post Negress. Have you ever tried moth balls? The smell runs some critters away; also try catnip….see what happens. Yet neither has worked on my critters.
    I’m afraid to grow a garden in my backyard because of Mr. T ( the raccoon) and his pals…the possum ( Ms. Purty) and the skunk ( Professor ). I’m going to figure it out one day….sigh.

  19. Miss too good:

    Louisiana? Hot damn! Pleeeeeeease bring us some crawfish and hush puppies? No one and I mean no one can cook like you folks.

    I’m jealous now.

    I love the food, the music, the old houses with the Victorian gingerbread moulding and of course the jazz festival!

  20. Honey

    Thanks for the tips. So my aura DID bring them, eh?

  21. Umoja

    LOL!!!! Rotflmbao!

    Wait…wait…you name your critters???

  22. honeytreebee on said:

    Yep, cause you don’t eat rabbit, you have a gentle soul and I bet you are one of those those that could feed the birds right out of you hand. You might be like my great aunt a bee charmer. I used to watch her get honey from the bee hive … it was like she had an agreement with the bees the had her garden, their hive faced due east like they liked, no bears to attack their hive, and fresh well water everyday. So, she could collect honey without smoke, equipment, or getting stung. You might be the same way negress in such case you might have to plant double to get some as the minute you rescue a bird entangled in a net they’ve got your number.

  23. I never had crawfish lol I do like crab though. The gumbo is amazing my mom makes it in the winter. I’ve never been to the jazz festival, never been to new Orleans either lol. where i’m going is a couple hours away from Shreveport its a small town where everybody almost knows everybody lol.

  24. Lol. You got your brother hooked, and now you are his mint pusher. Better mint than pharma drugs!
    I have experimented with sugar-free tea for years, but it would only make me sick. But, as I took your lead to find non-GMO mint, I must say that it makes good tea. It does not make me feel ill or down after I drink it. I do add non-GMO fennel to it.
    As I stick to filtered h2o as my main liquid, the mint-fennel tea is a nice treat once in a while. I am still careful because of my poor track-record, but I no longer fear tea. I will finish my last mint today. I need to get back to my mint pusher. Ah… the good life.

  25. Pete

    hahahahahaha Mint-Pusher….I like that. That’s what Ameriklan is deathly afraid of you know, Africans who “push” herbs! LOL!

    I’m glad you’re getting on the bandwagon of non-gmo herbs and seeds. You’ll feel the difference soon.

  26. Umoja on said:

    Well of course. You see all my critters would like to live peacefully together and visit every now and again, they stay in the yard….but wait….I didn’t mention Mr. Neanderthal (the cat). Unlike my critter family, Mr. Neanderthal doesn’t respect my property or the critters. He struts on my property as though he’s royalty and as though he owns the place. He sits on my porch chairs of all places. My family critters respects my space….but noooo!…Mr. Neanderthal invades my property. I found him basking in the sun on top of my vehicle one day! I asked him, “would you like a tequila to go with that you savage….and how about some sunglasses and an umbrella?”
    I believe he’s trying to land grab, colonize and implement imperialism. He’s a fat cat with arrogance and attitude. I’m sure he’s fat from eating all the neighbors resources. What a narcissist!
    I sent my one man army Honey (my little Pomeranian) out to handle this beast toe to toe; after all, aren’t they arch enemies……I thought. I sent the ankle bitter out; she barked like a warrior queen, ” yap, yap, yap,….get the hell off! ” Well it didn’t help that my one man army started to wag her tail and surrender to this beast and proceeded to offer friendship……the sell out, traitor…she’ll have my critter family all killed and my property taken over by psychotic cats….sigh….she’s due a wake up call and a history lesson. Meanwhile…..Mr. Neanderthal didn’t bulge or flinch; he adjusted his seating and rolled his eyes. This means war….

  27. Bwhahahahahaha!!!

    I love it. I love how you name him the Neanderthal Land Grabber. hehehehe

  28. Hey everyone

    This is an ad that cherrios had of an interracial family and it had so many racist comments that they had to disable comments for it on youtube
    To me the woman kinda looks like casey Anthony lol. hide yo kids
    In a way I think it is good it got backlash because it can show those dumb ones that think we live in a post racial society that, this stuff still happens. They are hypocrites, they are fine with dumb shows like scandal that show beautiful black women being a bed wench but still get outraged at a black man with a white woman. I don’t really care to much for interracial stuff myself but I do see the hypocrisy in it. Read the comments its crazy I kinda agree a bit with some of them on there about race mixing, but they are on there talking about its white genocide. And they are using the same argument that a white commenter on abagonds used that white countries are being flooded with non whites and Asia and Africa aren’t being flooded with whites. Its a shame they are so wrapped up in themselves because when I see it , I see black genocide. They still see white couples in romance movies, we don’t the last black love movie I remember was love and basketball.

  29. kowaba on said:

    mstoogood4yall, thank you for the link. I viewed the video and found White Supremacist code. I believe they are trying to get people to become accustomed to seeing “mixed” children and interracial couples. I would even go as far as saying perhaps they, the white supremacists, have been doing this for decades, but have been introducing these concepts into the media subtly.

    As for the commercial, I noticed that the little girl (has dirty blonde hair looser curls (not afro or coarse) and lighter features. She has european facial features too. (Translation: these features are more appealing and cute. She looks closer to white so she is more endearing) She approaches her mother and states how her father told her that Cheerios is good for your heart. Is that true? (Translation: Go to the white person who can confirm that what a black person has said is true.) Then the mother is reading off the cereal box (which has more technical language; the voice of authority and intelligence). The commercial then switches to the father (who is black and the butt of the joke. ) These techniques that the white supremacists use appeal to people’s emotions and tap into associative memory. The white person is the person of authority and the black person is the one being laughed at.

    I agree it is black genocide to have kids with a non-black, but of course, from my observations, other groups see it in their own perspective (white people make everything about themselves). Unfortunately, many black people do not see it that way. Although, I’m a product of an interracial couple, I don’t agree with having kids etc. with a partner who is not the same race. It not only causes maximum confusion for the child, but also causes more heartache as well. Anyway, I think they are definitely trying to make this place like Brazil.

  30. wow love the way you broke the commercial down like that, didn’t think about her going to her mother for confirmation on if it was true what her father said. I do think they are subtly trying to tell us we need to mix. That is why we are seeing more biracials playing black movie roles and we see actors that look like us only playing the bed wench, slaves, maids, and abusive person[subordinate roles]. They are trying to tell us we need to get back and that the biracials will replace us, they will be the new and improved negro. Since their race is dying out they are trying in a last ditch effort to put their genes in us so that the kid will have white in them and have a greater chance of having a white looking baby. Look at paula patton she is biracial and has a son with robin thicke[white], their child looks white to me he has blonde hair blue eyes and white skin, he does not look black at all. Halle berry’s daughter we can tell she is mixed,but what if a lot of the biracials looked like paula’s son and could pass for white? would they? I also think it depends on the parents as well if a child will want to pass especially the ones with white mothers.

  31. Jay in the Black Dimension on said:

    Speaking of nature, I see now that the way many of us are going to be taken out is through miscegenation. When Black people are one with nature, and in tune with who we truly are, we don’t breed interracially. I really wish that more than just a handful of Blacks could actually see what’s going on. They are really pushing the interracial agenda HARD. And because sex is pleasurable and we look at family from an emotional instead of practical perspective, we don’t see that it is literally destroying us. We saw it for years with the Black men in rap videos, commercials, sports shows where they pair Black males with white female co-host. Always subliminal suggestions. Now it’s on to Black women. Tyler Perry and Oprah have a new show called the “Haves and the Have Nots” and VH1 has a show called “Hit the Floor” where they are pushing Black woman white man sexual relations. And of course we know about the BWE bloggers and youtubers.

    Because of this stupid gender war, many of us don’t see the bigger picture. Preservation. They really want to transform us into a race of mutts, not knowing what our roots are and having no loyalty to our origin.

    Just look at any Latin American country where Blacks frequently breed interracially. In all of these countries, all that sex produces caste systems and in each case, the true Black people are at the absolute bottom and the whites are at the top. And the crazy part about it is the Blacks on the bottom are hoping to one day marry someone lighter than they are to “improve” their lineage. They call it “marrying up”. Does marrying up mean a future with no Black people in this country or being nearly wiped out like in Argentina? Maybe, so. Maybe it will make those of us that survive stronger and appreciate what we have more.

  32. Jay

    I couldn’t have said that better myself! Yes, that is why growing our own food is now “against the law.” And wearing our natural hair is “ugly and unprofessional.”

    Since nature is us they wish to remove us from who we really are: Earth. As for the interracial agenda…whites feed off of us literally.

    They are demons missing a soul (ba) and need to feed on our asili to live. They know that their time is almost up so they graft their inferior genetics with our Carbon as a way to survive.

    In every post on fighting white supremacy, what’s my number one rule: Stop Sleeping with white people.

  33. Forced Reality on said:


    Very valid points!

  34. Forced Reality on said:


    I think blacks need to take things further by not mating with whites AND other non-blacks.

  35. Forced reality

    Agreed. Sex is apart of the conditioning. It’s a basic hueman emotion so it can and is being used against us.

    By letting go of our lower carnal selves, we are able to better ascend.

  36. Mickey on said:

    And speaking of Mulattoes passing for White, check out this little gem all the way from 1990.

  37. kowaba on said:


    thanks. I see this (a need to get additional confirmation or verification from a white authority figure) consistently at the school I work in, particularly among non-white students. I looked up a picture of Paula Patton’s son. I agree her son does look white. I guess it depends on how the genes pan out too.

    There has been a history in this country of slave owners sending some of their mixed children away who could pass for white. Not all of those slaves that looked white would be in the fields. Apparently many also occupied the higher echelons of the free black population. It all really depended on the slave master.

    As for biracials today who can pass for white, I think they would. Especially, since the economy is on life support and will get even worse in the coming years, they would find themselves having way more advantages by just passing for white. Plus, I would think it would be annoying for them to constantly remind people that they’re black when everyone is treating them as white (i.e. white people making racist remarks in their presence). Trust me, people would forget that they were even black. I would say some may submit out of frustration and maybe also because when they would tell others that they were black they would of course be treated worse. Some may feel ashamed so they may ignore any mention of it since no one would ask them anyway. Of course, it depends on the child’s upbringing and which parent is white. If the black parent explains racism to the child correctly that it is a system and not just a few individuals who are ignorant then this could also affect whether the child decides to pass or not.

    The definition of white may be changing again now and has changed over the course of U.S. history. Now maybe even if you have a black parent you could still be white. Do you think Rashida Jones is considered white? Personally, I think she looks mixed, but I’ve asked white people separately and each of them told me she was white. Also in films she has starred in, she functions as a white person would. Plus, she seems to exclusively date white males. Besides, when it comes to racism, the illusion is more important than what actually is.

  38. kowaba on said:


    I totally agree with your points. One of your points you mentioned definitely wasn’t something I had in my mind that I never was able to verbalize well specifically how people see family in an emotional perspective. I think this is the reason why people get upset when I tell them my thoughts about race mixing etc. People are not dealing with the issue: racism. They think saying hello and being “nice” and having wives or husbands of different races will make the problems go away, but it doesn’t. It makes things more complicated. What do you tell your child when the white parent or non-black parent accuses the black parent of some thing even if the black parent is innocent? And the black parent ends up dealing with a hefty penalty? These things can not be solved without being confronted.

    As for your comments on Latin American countries, my brother resided in Brazil for a couple of years and told me that black people’s attitudes there were just like what you described. Great insight on the television programs by the way. I don’t watch or own a TV which I think has helped me see things more clearly. The sad thing is that many people watch TV but don’t study it. If one is going to watch the TV at least know the harmful things the WS are trying to push. At least that’s how I see it. Plus, what really bothers me, is that no one is forcing people to watch TV they do so willingly.

  39. honeytreebee on said:

    I’m still slow with lumping all biracial people as suspect. It really depends on how they see themselves and how they live their lives. I know of plenty of biracial black people who classify themselves as black only and live thier lives that way too. I think we have to be careful with this as most of us have some nonblack whatever in our past.

  40. Mickey

    Watched the whole video. You can tell that Rock was seething and made the white audience very uncomfortable.

  41. Mickey on said:

    I agree. All of us mixed race persons are not anti-Black.

  42. Umoja on said:

    My problem with bi-racials is that no matter how they’re raised, they cannot and will not be 100% Pro-Black/African for obvious reasons. They will not fight against racism/white supremacy whole-heartedly because of their love, loyalty to their white parent—-one of the desired goals hoped for in this old war tactic of interracial breeding with whites; which has more times than not been the result. They (bi-racials) will talk the talk but they’ll not walk the talk to the end.
    This tactic works quiet well, which has been successful for centuries. Destroying and thwarting necessary revolutions of the Black populous, continued white supremacy , continued disunity world-wide and complete annihilation of whole civilizations. Whites have no problem with using others as sexual toilets for the benefit of their race and sick desires for domination. They’re sexual terrorist to the core. There is no need to update this war tactic of white supremacy because most people are completely ignorant to it…….succumb to it head first.
    Maybe some bi-racials, fight against, but very few. Those who where rejected by their “white” side I would bet.
    I could care less who is non-Black in my family tree; what matters is now. Those in my family tree/past are long gone….dead…..in addition; if a white person is in my past or family tree; I have no loyalty, considering the history of whites and how and why they’re in my past or family tree.
    It is no coincidence that President Obama was selected ( not elected by the way) as President. A stanch Black man would never get such selection here in Amerikklan.
    Bi-racials usually possess the delusional, comical mindset of a “utopia”…. are “white identified” in their minds or have a foot on both Black and White playing fields. They’re weak and useless in this war AGAINST white supremacy/racism. Possessing more than enough leniency/ exception towards Whites than I care for. They’d invite Whites in on a Pan-African meeting and allow them to join!!
    Whites are intentionally and systematically desiring for a caste of people who will more than likely be praised and propagated through all White media engines; while Blacks continued to be dehumanized, demoralized and negatively depicted. It’s happening now….just wait….It’s GOING to get worst. Interracial breeding with Whites creates a caste of people used as “buffers” AGAINST the Black populous for the benefit of Whites. This tactic strengthens and increases white supremacy/racism. I honestly believe that we as a race of people were ripe for the success of this war tactic prior to it’s implementation and propaganda. Whites new when to strike. Hell, they created the necessary poison in the psyche’s of Blacks for the success of this future war tactic.
    As Dr. Neely Fuller stated, ” no sex with Whites as long as this system of white supremacy exists”. It is a war tactic and nothing more. We must be staunch warriors in our minds, bodies and souls against this system of white supremacy/racism, not afraid to bleed…..no leniency, no exceptions…..or continue the same.
    Dr. John Henrik Clarke desired to write the atrocities of this white supremacy tactic, yet he said, he’d start and couldn’t finish because of his rage and hurt over this clever tactic…..

  43. Umoja on said:

    White man tells the truth about race mixing….

  44. Mickey on said:

    I own this movie, “Rabbit-Proof Fence” which is about three mixed race Aboriginal/White girls who were abducted and sent to Moore River, one of many orphanages where mixed race children were brought so that they could assimilate into the White population. They are referred to as the Stolen Generation.

  45. I love the idea of an open discussion

    I just responded to your post on abagond’s blog where you asked the black people reading it why we even bother getting our blood pressure up talking to white people

    yes, I am guilty even if not charged lol

    the biggest reason I do it (I think) is because there are MANY black people reading his blog that will never read mine or don’t know about it

    and it gives me a chance to put my opinions before them

    I agree, I can’t change white people’s thinking but it is fun to occasionally try to stump them (whether I succeed or not)

    or just to counter some of that

    “It’s about money, not color”
    “sexism is a bigger issue than racism”

    and because so many victims are confused, they wind up swallowing that propaganda and repeating it

    that’s the main reason I do it

    I also responded to your question by talking about the energy sapping that white people may be doing at non-white people’s expense

    here’s the link for those who want to check out his blog

    (diaryofanegress’s comment is about fifth or sixth from the end )


  46. Miss Pam

    Abagond lets whites take over while I restrict them (I let SOME of them in to make certain points) because I know all too well of their blood lust.

    I will not further subject my family to their predatory ways. I’ll do a post on you this week to generate you more readers. I think you have fantastic things to say that will aid and heal us but folks need to know that you exist.

  47. Your moderation is one of the main things that keeps me here, I look at so many other blogs, or Tumblr authors that open themselves up to being derailed by allowing whites into the conversation.

    I’ve tried explaining it to my dad as well – all of these statistics so many p.o.c. collect about our suffering,… for what?

    To reason with white people, like it’s going to change their mind? White people made the realities behind those statistics happen -on purpose-

    Sometimes we talk about RWS and don’t really understand the S stands for supreme. Supreme in and of itself means “I don’t give a shit what numbers, figures, stats, or stories you have, I don’t give a shit about you…”.

    Period. So you keep up your supreme moderation of this site, and I’ll keep coming back.

    I’m in a mood today if my cadence hasn’t given that away already lol.

  48. @ kowaba

    In some pics of rashida she looks biracial in others she looks italian.
    What is funny to me is how biracials like paula patton have kids with whites and are confused as to why their kid came out looking completely white. I saw an interview where she was saying she was trying to get her son to look darker by putting him in the sun lol.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if we start seeing whites trying to expand their race by offering membership to biracials and the kids that look like paula’s son. If tiger woods could I guarantee he would want to pass. I think if a person chooses to pass its mostly on the parents because they teach a child how to view themselves and their culture. The biracials I’ve seen are confused or they are ashamed of one of their races. I was in fifth grade and this girl had an Asian mother and black father and she would tease me for being darker than her. On the last day of school her mother picked her up and she was looking embarrassed and had her head down. I asked her best friend if that was her mother and she said she’d never met her mother. I learned that most ppl pick on others because they don’t have what someone else has. I love being black and my mom would volunteer at my school and everyone loved her I wasn’t embarrassed of my mom. Its a shame when ppl aren’t proud of who they are, that is why I think some of them are confused because they don’t have equal time with both cultures, and feel like they have to be loyal to the one that they are around the most. So that is why I am suspicious of biracials from a white mother they spend most of their time with the white woman and are more sympathetic to their white side. Just look at Obama he always cries for the white kids getting killed but never for the black kids[unless they lightskinned and female], and even when it happens in his hometown he is silent.

  49. Mickey on said:

    Paula Patton is a bit of a one-dropist. She once said that she believed that if one is mixed and identifies as such, she sees it as them trying to say that they are too good to be Black, which is total shite. You can have a mixed person that is extremely proud of their Black side and a full-blooded Black person that wishes that they could be anything but Black or, at least, be mixed with at least 25% of non-white ancestry (i.e., My grandmother was Cherokee, my grandfather was White, I’v got White blood in me but you just can’t see it, etc.)

    I also read that she was trying to find “something Black” about her son as far as his physical appearance goes. If you dilute your bloodline (either to the White side or the Black side), something is going to be bred out.

  50. @DOAN,

    Why not invite some fairies or African gnomes in to protect your garden and keep critters out lol?

    You could do this by getting some semi dark chocolate chips and broken walnut shells and sprinkle them about the garden inviting playful, yet serious minded spirits so you won’t have to shoo away uninvited guests all the time.

  51. I sometimes think her and halle berry are delusional when it comes to race. Halle is calling her daughter black when she is more white than anything and paula thinking u have to just call urself black even when u have a non black parent smh. I’m suspicious of it because the biracials like her and halle will be taking movie roles for black people. Just look how they did precious and the hunger games. I have not seen either movie but did look at the reviews and ppl were saying that in both movies the book described the black character as having dark skin and natural hair, yet in the movies they cast biracials to play those roles. It’s like they want us to accept the biracials as fully black when they are not, yet white ppl will not look at them as being fully white [yet]. Its like white ppl make the rules and we enforce them smh. I tell ya black ppl will claim Obama and other mixed ppl that don’t want anything to with us *cough* tiger woods *cough* then get upset when a mixed person plays us in movies[nina simone]. We have nobody to blame but ourselves for accepting more than we have to. If they are biracial then accept that they are half black and half non black, and may not have the same views as us.

  52. Umoja on said:

    Thank You Negress for your efforts! Believe me, I think many of us, including myself, find your blog to be a sanctuary and a place to find peace and understanding with those like-minded and to avoid the predatorial, aggressive blood-thirst of whites. If it were not so, I wouldn’t be here. I was on a hunt months ago for a sanctuary like this with like-minded, “conscious” Blacks. YT is infested with blood-thirsty whites, eager to spew their white supremacy rhetoric and ignorance. I step lightly on videos pertaining to Blacks….the white racist make it their business to troll on all of them, unfortunately, many Blacks allow it. Thank you again.

  53. Mickey on said:

    I can’t stand that when that happens. Blacks could not go to White websites and troll and if they do, they are banned. If you are not allowed into their spaces, you should not allow them into yours. I feel that Blacks who allow those trolling Whites to spew their racist rhetoric are acting a bit like slaves. In other words, massa can come up in my slave cabin but I’d better not even THINK of traipsing up into his big house spouting shit.

  54. Umoja on said:

    @ Mickey….
    I completely agree! The disunity that Blacks share is definitely practiced on YT also. If Whites make a racist comment, I KNOW many Blacks read all of it and say nothing…..same goes for the many videos degrading Black women. FEW Black men speak up or reprimand the owners of such videos. There are only four Black men that I know of who speak out against any of it and will not allow the degradation of Blacks on their videos, especially Black women.
    For the most part…. you will go it alone on YT when whites attack….and let me tell you….they do not hold back; they are bloodthirsty. They somehow know that Blacks have become complacent and weak….they boldly without hesitation spew their racism/white supremacy. It’s unfortunate that they know our men do not defend their own race of women on YT, yet join in on the degradation of their own race of women. There was a White male, of all people, who was appalled by this and made a video about it!!
    Many Whites will attack together. They know they can get away with it solo also. Unfortunately Blacks don’t report them either. I report all the time…many channels have received “strikes” or cancellations due to my reports.
    I make it my business to have zero conversation with Whites on YT….my temper will not allow complacency or restraint.
    I’ve received many bogus “hate speech” strikes in retaliation to their racist BS. Ironically, yet not surprisingly many whites( and Blacks) have channels dehumanizing Blacks and promoting white supremacy…which YT allows. I think YT is in a partnership with those who degrade Blacks and the promotion of interracial “relations” with whites; in addition the countless videos that degrade Black women….but that’s not “hate speech”…smh.
    Many Blacks, both male and female have the mindset, ” I have nothing to do with that” or out of fear. Disunity and weakness as far as I’m concerned.
    I had one Black male who gave me words of admiration after he witnessed myself and a white racist go at it….it was horrible. The Black male said he kept an eye on the whole thing. I gave him a tongue lashing for not saying a word, yet sat back and witnessed the whole dam thing for weeks!! smh
    I have a cyber Sistha’ who “piggy-backs” with me and vise-versa on such occasions now. We are known to be a kick-ass team. Whites and those Sambos dread us together. We don’t play. We send the message to each other, “meet me at this video”….we let them have it.

  55. mary burrell on said:

    And if black men use Palmer’s Cocoa Butter for men pretty white cheerleaders will fall from the sky in into your arms. The Mccourty twins of NFL players are starring in this commercial. Why couldn’t they be two pretty black girls being the cheerleaders? All the pretty aspiring models and actresses and they choose white females? I am truly shaking my head.

  56. I just saw that dumb commercial. They always have to show athletic dark skinned men with white women smh. I’m just tired of them showing interracial sheit, especially they always show beautiful black men and women with an average or ugly white person. They do this sheit on purpose to pit black men and women against each other. We have black men getting upset at shows like scandal [as they should be] but at the same time they say nothing when its shows showing a black man and white woman. Same thing with some black women they get upset at a white woman with a black man but don’t bat an eye when it’s a black woman and white man. Me personally I hate both, I hate seeing black men with white women and I hate seeing black women with white men. I really can’t stand when black ppl date out and blame the other gender for being the reason for them doing so. WE need to fix ourselves first and worry about others last. We have a lot of black men and women who won’t give someone they deem as acting white or not having swag the time of day ,then when they see that same person with a white person they are angry. That has to stop as well we can’t diss someone then get upset because someone else wants them.

  57. Guys, I’m tired now. Whew!

    I cut out so many pieces of paper my eyes crossed! I also made a slipcover for my favourite reading chair but need to sew up the edges. I did laundry, watered my food, made some bread and now, I’m gonna settle in with a cup of tea and listen to my radio program.

    We brought some fish for dinner so we’re gonna grill it with old bay seasoning and some mesquite chips for extra flavor. Broccli Rabe and a sweet yam will complete the meal.

    The bird is back by the way…

    This morning she was gossiping with her girlfriends right at my window. I told her I’m still sleeping and she ignored me. I think she enjoys pissing me off…

  58. Crissjensen on said:

    Great Videos about BW! beauty.

    Envious Of Red Lipstick On Black Women! .

  59. what is this sh*t

  60. Race is an issue in this country . No one should never downgrade the effect racism had on Blacks in the past and present but especially in the past.

  61. Black people, men and women need to look in the mirror and try and fix their own problems. Interracial dating, no matter how much we want to blame the other gender for us dating out, will not solve the issues in the Black Community. Interracial dating is just the tip of the iceberg.

  62. I like the video. How come everyone hates Black women? I feel the hate every time I go out.

  63. kowaba on said:


    Before, Tiger Woods used to say he was black. I don’t know what prompted him to change his tune, perhaps his father’s insistence. Below is an interview with Tiger when he was 14 years old.

    Yeah, usually I can tell when people are mixed too because many times they look visibly uncomfortable when the issue comes up. I know I dread that question, but luckily for me it doesn’t come up as often as it does for my brother. When I was a kid growing up and my mom would pick me up from school, other kids would always ask if that was my mother. I’d say yes and then the other kids wouldn’t say anything. I can’t speak for all people who are mixed with black and asian, but from my experience if you look visibly black then you’re pretty much shunned from the Asian community. I think it is hard to be proud of a people who treat you crappy. What’s even worse, I’d always find that I’d feel more comfortable when I’m around asians, but ironically I’m sure they wouldn’t feel comfortable around me because I’m black. In my experience, I seem to have an emotional and intellectual disconnect to the situation at hand.

    Some biracial people do not even get to know the other side of their culture, which becomes very problematic when they are expected by society to know and interact with only that side of their culture. As for President Obama, I think that is the case with him. He was raised by white people. He grew up in Hawaii and Indonesia. Those places don’t have large black populations. This is one of the reasons why he reacts the way he does.

    I think some biracial people may have a color complex, so they will go with someone who is really dark to compensate for their lighter complexion (Mariah Carey comes to mind.) Halle Berry and Paula Patton both seem to have problems with their children’s racial identity. Victims of white supremacy need to understand we are assigned/classified our race by the white supremacists; more likely than not Berry’s and Patton’s children will be treated by the way they look.

  64. EyesWideOpen on said:

    DOAN said;
    “In every post on fighting white supremacy, what’s my number one rule: Stop Sleeping with white people.”

    Questions For The Floor…

    How can we expect blacks who are asleep to stop sleeping with the enemy when blacks who are supposedly awake can’t even stop speaking with the enemy?

    To win a war, at the very least, you need disciplined, ruthless fighters who know who the enemy is and aren’t playing games. How can we ever win the fight against white supremacy when so many of us who should know better can’t even restrain ourselves from feeding white, racist TROLLS?

    What person in their right mind gets into discussions or arguments with insane, demon possessed psychopaths?

    How is this talk of not ‘race mixing’ or ‘breeding with non blacks’ any different than the garbage spewed by the nutcases over at Stormfront?
    (animals ‘breed’, humans ‘reproduce’ or ‘procreate’.)


    There are ways to rip and mock white lies without dignifying willfully ignorant and deceitful caucanderthals with a direct response.

    500 years later, we STILL haven’t learned that talking to whites about racism is a complete waste of time and energy. I think it’s safe to say that we are never going to learn so our time as the dominant race on the planet is long gone and it’s never coming back without natural or divine intervention.

    IMO, There’s only one war we have a chance of winning and that’s the war between our ears. Everything else is either a distraction or none of our business (eg who’s screwing who).

  65. Mickey on said:

    Another person who may be a bit delusional when to comes to race is Soledad O’Brien. I saw her on a CNN show called “Who is Black?” She and a few others, all of whom are Black/White, mentioned how they identified. All but one of the people in the show identified as Black. The one young lady who identified as Biracial was sort of being forced by Soledad and others to identify as Black.

    I was a bit offended by that because Soledad herself is married to a White man and all of her children look like Hitler Youth (i.e., fair-skinned, blonde, blue-eyed). I wonder is she going to force her very white-looking quadroon children to identify as Black.

  66. My take on whether “counter-racists” should engage in dialogue with white people.

    One big difference I’ve noticed between white people and black people is white people are CONSTANTLY REFINING their practice of racism, engaging in discourse, doing studies, writing papers, infiltrating black events, institutions, even black FAMILIES, and DIALOGUING with their victims.

    so they can LOGICALLY ANALYZE their targets (us) and then going back to the drawing board to further refine their methods of victimization (and they’re SUCCEEDING)

    While (some ) black people get a nugget or a hunk of knowledge we start assuming we know all we need to know or want to know about white people.

    YET we still haven’t solved this problem.

    Years ago, I FALSELY believed that I knew white people better than white people knew black people

    only to find out I didn’t know JACK about white people or what refined racism looked like

    Only after I started listening to Mr. Fuller, Dr. Welsing, Gus Renegade of COWS, Josh Wickett, Ed Williamson (counter-racism.com) who have dialogued extensively with white people about racism for many years.

    did I get a CLUE about racism

    In FACT, Mr. Fuller has said (often) that if you want to know something about racism, white people know more about it and practically everything else.

    Gus Renegade has stated publicly that he PREFERS white guests on his program — I assume because they can show black people more about racism by their behavior and what they say

    than any black person can by tell you about it. I personally have learned a TON about racism from white people (like Tim Wise, for example) who say they are not racist. AND I have improved my analytical and writing skills by years of dialoguing with all kinds of people about racism.

    Josh Wickett and Ed Williamson used to do Counter-Racism experiments (on http://counter-racism.com — and you can find them there or go to my website


    where they engage black and white people in dialogue and after watching some of these experiments

    My eyes SHOT wide open. Those experiments were KEY in changing my direction in LIFE and my understanding of racism.

    Had it NOT been for Dr. Welsing, Gus, Josh Wickett, and Ed Williamson dialoguing with white people , I would NOT have written a single book about racism or counter-racism, or created a BLOG about it.

    I know this FOR A FACT. Because, at the time, I was writing a novel and didn’t even know counter-racism existed.

    I think ANYTHING that helps another Victim understand the system of racism/white supremacy AND INSPIRES them to do something about it (as I was inspired) is WORTHWHILE.

    While I agree that dialoguing with white people for the PURPOSES of changing their minds is a waste of time, I do NOT think it is practical or useful to think we can understand HOW racism is being practiced and how it is being refined without observing AND engaging in dialogue with white people

    I would caution us (and myself as well) NOT to become too arrogant or all-knowing or judgmental about other Victims as we all work to solve this problem.

    because if ANY of us had all the answers (already) we would have SOLVED THIS PROBLEM a long time ago.

    Just my opinion and of course, those reading this are free to agree or disagree.

  67. to clarify what I meant (so there is no misunderstanding)

    what I meant when I said,

    ” I personally have learned a TON about racism from white people (like Tim Wise, for example) who say they are not racist”

    I mean that their CONTRADICTORY and DECEPTIVE (racist) explanations and behaviors are the BEST demonstrations of how white people practice racism — especially REFINED racism.

    which is why Gus prefers white guests on his program, the COWS

  68. soledad is crazy. Now that she got fired from cnn now she wanna go off on whites. She shouldn’t have been doing the black in America series to begin with, maybe she could’ve did biracial in America or something but they used her to tell our story. This is why a lot of black ppl don’t trust biracials like her because they will be ok when they get a job that black ppl should’ve got then when they get their ni@@r moment then they want us to come to their defense. Sheit her kids look completely white. More black ppl need to wake up to what’s going on. They pushing all this stuff so the end result will be a black race full of biracials who identify as black but sleep with whites and produce white offspring. At first they wanted a pure race and no black blood in it now they are desperate and will claim ppl as white if they look the part regardless of their bloodline.

  69. @ Adeen, Because of what my women are Blessed with, and by bw being the only true woman of the most high. which means she comes first in everything in life and she gets the best of everthing outta life, also she’s the orginal woman to birth black men including christ him-self. so, when you think about bw are the ones with the true history.

  70. @ EyesWideOpen

    Well Said!

  71. I just finished playing a game called far cry 3 and it is full of white savior sheit. The storyline is u play as Jason brody a white boy who is on vacation with his girlfriend, friends, and brothers. They get captured by some kidnappers and he joins the rakyat warriors to save his friends and defeat the boss. Anyway he saves them and there is an alternate ending, either u kill ur friends and join the warriors or u save ur friends but the leader of the warriors dies. One ending if u kill ur friends the female leader of the warriors has sex with him and then kills him and says our child will be the new leader of the warriors. I don’t understand why they make movies and games where the white person joins some poc warriors and learn the skills of the warriors in a couple weeks or months something that takes the warriors years to master. I also don’t get why they always have a woman of color sleeping with the white guy then their child ends up being the leader or savior of the people. It’s like they are trying to say u need to mix in order for the child to be the perfect blend of intelligence and strength.

  72. EyesWideOpen on said:


    I completely agree that much can be learned from whites about racism but that was not a point of contention.

    There are only two words I put in block letters in my comment above yours; one of them was ‘trolls’. Obviously, it’s a free country and everyone can do what they want but IMO, there is no justification whatsoever for dignifying white, racist TROLLS with DIRECT responses. Anyone who does so is allowing themselves to be played for a sucker and a fool.

    By definition, trolls are not arguing in good faith and they are not there to learn. Trolls on counter racist blogs are attention whores and hopeless pschyopaths who have no morals, no remorse and no decency. Their objectives are simply to disrupt, disturb, deny, deflect, derail, deceive and DRAIN your energy.

    ‘Don’t feed the trolls’ is a universal, basic rule across cyber space regardless of topic. There is arguably no more important subject on earth than RWS. We’re not discussing American Idol here. RWS is serious, serious business. Hundreds of millions of lives have been lost because of it. Billions of lives have been ruined. This is the last topic on earth where TROLLS should be indulged. Let them get their kicks somewhere else.

    For me, the real question is why do people who obviously should know better, continue to feed white, racist trolls? I’ll touch on that in my next comment.

  73. EyesWideOpen on said:

    IMO, the real reason why some blacks can’t resist feeding white, racist trolls is because they still subconsciously pedastalize whites. Put simply, whites and their opinions, no matter how insane, insulting, rambling or racist, mean more to them than the opinions of their fellow blacks.

    Abagond’s blog is a perfect example of this. Take this post,My Advice To White People that TrojanPam linked to above, read the comments section and note the race of those who get responded to the most. Coincidence? I think not. Take any post on counter racist blogs that allow white commenters/trolls and you’ll see that it happens over and over. The proof is in the pudding.

    It used to amaze me how so many of Matari’s awesomely insightful comments on Abagond’s blog would get little to no responses. CRICKETS because so many black commenters were too busy rushing to respond to Massa’s bullshit ramblings. As a group, whites haven’t changed much in ~400 years but it seems, neither have we.

    Continued in next comment…

  74. EyesWideOpen on said:

    This is why I say that the real war is internal between our ears, not external between the sheets. These counter racist blogs are EXCELLENT tools to help us depedastalize whites and undo all the brainwashing and psychological warfare that RWS has drilled into us.

    While it’s not surprising that whites troll these blogs simply for amusement and kicks, it’s been very disappointing to see how many of us have been willing to indulge their trolling. If that wasn’t the case and the majority of us were DEAD SERIOUS, whites would be ignored and ostracized until they got the fucking message that they were personas non grata and never came back.

    Sister Truth has asked many, many times why white people come to our discussions. IMO, the simple answer is because they KNOW they’ll get attention, usually LOTS of attention. Who doesn’t love at least a bit of an attention? Why don’t we comment on Stormfront (ignoring for a sec that it’s an FBI op)? One of the reasons is because those guys aren’t messing around and they would ban our asses in a second if we tried to. If only all counter racist blogs were that serious.

    Even on this site where Sister Truth does an excellent job of keeping the trolls out, some of her highest commented posts are ones where she’s published a white commenter/troll as an object lesson.

    I maintain that we can’t expect much from black folks who are asleep when so many of us who are awake are still showing (subtle) signs of Stockholm syndrome.

  75. EyesWideOpen on said:

    TrojanPam said;
    “I would caution us (and myself as well) NOT to become too arrogant or all-knowing or judgmental about other Victims as we all work to solve this problem.”

    On Truth’s 300th Anniversary post she asked, “What have you learned from your journey into awakening? What areas do you feel you need to work on?”

    13 of the 56 comments (almost 25%) were mine. If I was “too arrogant or all-knowing” I would never have admitted so many things that I’ve learned and so many areas I still needed to work on.

    As for being judgmental about other Victims, I think I can make a strong case that over the past few months, no one on this blog has defended or shown more compassion for our black brothers and sisters who are still asleep than me. For example…

    1) We are not the enemy. THEY are…

    2) Most blacks, especially in Africa and the Carribean have not spent their entire lives around the Evil Ones so it is VERY easy to be fooled by their treacherous, two-faced, forked-tongued, back-stabbing nature. That’s why I tend to cut my brothers and sisters a little slack who are not used to the treacherous ways of the white devils.
    Click for entire comment

    3) “The people holding us back, sadly, is us.”

    Truth, are you sure about that? I really wonder if, Koreans for example, would be any better off than blacks if whites did everything to them that they did to us – and I mean EVERYTHING. For reasons partly explained in the following paragraphs, I don’t think they would be…
    Click for entire comment

    That said, while I tend to cut those who are still asleep a lot of slack (we all have to wake up on our own time), I hold people who are ostensibly awake to a much higher standard, especially on things that, to my mind at least, are as fundamental and basic as not feeding the trolls.

    Continued in next comment…

  76. EyesWideOpen on said:

    As I’ve said many times before, I’m very grateful that Sister Truth does such an excellent job keeping the trolls and low lifes out. That said, I think we have a responsibility to disagree and call each other out when we see fit. Otherwise, these blogs will just turn into an echo chamber, which can be just as bad in its own way as feeding the trolls.

    As many of my comments have shown, when I strongly agree with something, I’m effusive with my praise and when I strongly disagree, I pull no punches. That’s how I roll. So this is nothing personal, Pam. We agree on WAY more than we disagree on. I’m like the FBI, I’ve got files on most of you, except I only document your best stuff! Here are some of my favorites of yours…

    Only a people who want to lose a war would share their strategies with their enemies!
    Trojan Pam

    Its time to relax and STOP TRYING to convince white people of ANYTHING period.
    Trojan Pam

    It will always be the minority that will choose the less traveled road, seeking truth and justice as best they can.
    Trojan Pam

    It is NOT white people that need to change. They won’t. Haven’t we figured that out by now? This is as GOOD AS IT GETS.
    Trojan Pam

    Most people are followers and will follow blindly wherever the masses are going – and the masses will always follow wherever their masters lead them.
    Trojan Pam

    The descendants of 400 years of chattel slavery (most of the black people in the U.S.) have to stop looking for outside validation (from whites and other non-blacks) and start to validate EACH OTHER.
    Trojan Pam

  77. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Thanks for the compliment Criss.

  78. @EyesWideOpen,

    I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiments, however, many of the people who post at Abagond’s (no offense to him he’s been a great guy) are not in the least bit analyzing whiteness to the degree in which you do, Pam or Negress does–not even Abagond himself. They are for the most part Black people who have a “racial” consciousness and are finally reacting to years and years of injustice…

    Which brings me to this point–those whites you speak of who come for the sole purpose of derailing, deflecting, and sucking the very life force out of the people they claim to despise still are largely influential in the minds of the Black people who post there–and also think of the many Black people that want to learn something who “lurk” Black sites meant to raise awareness. What i am saying is that if We do not fight racial terrorism from whites with our words on these sites (an other venues) where does that leave the already gullible and misinformed Black people? They will easily be manipulated into believe the following arguments presented by white derailers:

    1. You guys are racist for even having this conversation
    2. It’s about money with the world and not injustices based on “color”
    3. I am married to a Black man or woman therefore i cannot be racist
    4. Only in America do people care about skin color (as proven numerous times racism is Global phenomena practised by whites even when they are the stark minority e,g. South Africa, and practically all over Africa)

    There is an African proverb, When spider webs unite they can tie up a lion

    If you go back to Abagond’s post about “My Advice to white people” you can clearly see that when the forces stuck together in our adamant approach to resisting that Dr. Welsing’s theory is unworthy–it took the particular commentator Cornlia almost two days to respond and when she finally did it was weak.

    I definitely will say more (as soon as i put on the lentils and smoked turkey for tomorrow 🙂 )

  79. EyesWideOpen on said:

    When you think about it, white people were the ones who started calling people ‘red, black, brown, and yellow.’ Before white people, Asian people weren’t walking around calling each other “yellow people” nor were Africans calling other Africans “black people.” No one was obsessed with skin color because they were cool with the skin they were in. The only people who are obsessed with skin color are the people with the LEAST amount of melanin, and that speaks for itself. The absence of “color” and the inferiority complex it created also created the desperate need to dominate and mistreat people who had a surplus of it.
    Trojan Pam

    White people are the ONLY PEOPLE on the planet, in the history of the planet that created a SYSTEM and a JUSTIFICATION for dominating and oppressing non-white people BASED ON SKIN COLOR ALONE there has NEVER been a “system of red supremacy” or “brown supremacy” or “yellow supremacy” or “black supremacy” where those red, brown, yellow, or black people went all over the world and taught people who looked different that they were ugly, and stupid, and worthless, and DESERVED to be mistreated.
    Trojan Pam

    If we saw an INDIVIDUAL person manifesting the same behaviors in our workplace that many whites manifest toward black people, we would say with absolute CERTAINTY that that individual was “jealous” why would a supposedly “superior” person spend so much time trying to make another person appear to be inferior? Why would that inferior person be so threatening to that superior person? It doesn’t make sens e to explain that behavior as “ignorance” It can only be one thing; That supposedly “superior” person ACTUALLY feels INFERIOR to that supposedly “inferior” person there is NO OTHER EXPLANATION POSSIBLE.
    Trojan Pam

    All non-white cultures — especially black and African cultures– have been robbed of our traditions, cuisine, political system, dress, dance, arts and entertainment and those contributions have been RENAMED and appropriated by the white culture. like the food created by AFRICAN SLAVES (who did ALL the cooking for whites) is called “Cajun” and “Southern” cuisine but not a single word of recognition for the ORIGINAL CREATORS of that food because there NO respect for the contributions of anyone who is not white
    Trojan Pam

  80. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Hi Phoebe,

    Here’s part of what I wrote in my first comment on this thread;

    “There are ways to rip and mock white lies without dignifying willfully ignorant and deceitful caucanderthals with a direct response.”

    I’m all for ripping to shreds the junk comments thrown up by white, racist trolls. Unraveling and exposing the nature of the beast is an important part of depedastalizing them. We just have to do it in a way that doesn’t allow them to accomplish their objectives of hijacking the thread, disturbing shit and making it all about them.

    The key to that, IMO, is not to dignify them with a direct response. Instead, our responses should be directed towards our brothers and sisters lurking and commenting in the thread. For example, say white troll X vomits; “Whites have invented everything, blacks haven’t invented shit.” and I was in the mood to expose the hypocritical nature of whites, here’s how my response might look:

    White Troll X said;
    “Whites have invented everything, blacks haven’t invented shit.”

    Hey guys, ever notice how whites love to talk out of both sides of their mouth? Out one side, when it comes to the horrors of their race, they refuse to take collective responsibility saying shit like, “My family never owned slaves.” or “I never lynched or raped anyone.” But out the other side of their mouth, when it comes to the so called positive things about their race, suddenly it’s all about WE: WE have higher IQs, WE invented everything. WE put a man on the moon etc.

    The double standards and hypocrisy of caucanderthals never ceases to amaze me.

    /End Comment.


  81. EyesWideOpen on said:


    Because whites rarely have truth on their side (they have to lie about almost everything IOT whitewash their constant crimes against humanity), if you look closely you will almost always find the lie, flaw, hole, deception or hypocrisy in their statements. THAT is what you focus on when you respond to the other black people in the thread. Their surface arguments are usually just a trap that can be safely ignored.

    Then ideally, other blacks would respond to your comment or they would dissect other bullshit aspects of the white troll’s comment while continuing to completely ignore said troll. This way blacks (both lurkers and commenters) get to learn from other blacks as well as whites in a more disciplined manner without the trolls being able to hijack the thread.

    One thing trolls can’t stand is being ignored so white trolls would soon get frustrated and move on to find a place that indulged their constant need for energy draining, shit disturbing and attention whoring.

    IMO, the best case is not allowing whites to comment at all except as occasional object lessons the way Sister Truth does it. Add up the ages of all the black commenters on Abagond’s blog and there’s THOUSANDS of years experience dealing with RWS. Collectively, there’s nothing they haven’t seen, heard or experienced from whites re RWS.

    That blog would be much better without whites just as this one is. With few exceptions, the whites on Abagond’s blog contribute nothing except wear and tear on my mouse wheel.

  82. @ EyesWideOpen

    I agree when it comes to dialoguing with TROLLS. A complete waste of time, and like negress said earlier, it’s not wise or healthy to get all worked up trying to deal with one.

  83. @ EyesWideOpen

    I have to agree, there is still that deep-seated desire in many or most black folks that want the attention and the ear of white people aka that “white validation”

    OVER that of other black people — which is why so many of us SUCCUMB and SUBMIT to white sexual degradation and relationships

    There’s a sense of gratification, and a feeling of being seen as “an equal” when (not all but many) black people interact with white people,

    what one black male (who is married to a white woman he claims to know is a racist) describes as: “a soothing lotion”

    I think we search for common ground and a “humanity” with white people because we are SO dependent on them, and so there is a PRACTICAL SIDE to this behavior that is based in REALITY

    because the TRUTH is (in my opinion) that we get practically everything we need and HAVE from white people, and so that dependency breeds all kinds of contradictory behaviors even in so-called “counter-racist” people

    If black people woke up one day and suddenly became totally self-sufficient, meaning we could provide our OWN food, clothing, shelter, transportation, entertainment, health services, etc and didn’t need ANYTHING from white people,

    I believe there would be a DRASTIC change in our behavior towards white people

    and we would be more LIKELY TO REJECT THEM based on their collective behavior than CATER to them.

    you’re right, we haven’t changed much in 400 years because our REAL conditions haven’t changed much. We are STILL on a slave plantation, only the surface appearance has changed and the limits of our enslavement have expanded.

    but at the end of the day, black people are still considered the PROPERTY of white people and that is why we can be murdered, jailed, and mistreated without a white person spending ONE DAY in jail for doing it

    just like you don’t send anyone to jail for destroying a piece of property, like a file cabinet. And yes, I do think the murder of black people is treated with that much importance by law enforcement and the injustice system.

    We have never been allowed to fully heal, so becoming well when someone is constantly poisoning your food is an almost impossible task.

    It’s encouraging to see that some of us are at least trying to break those psychological chains

  84. @ EyesWideOpen

    when I said, “I would caution us (and myself as well) NOT to become too arrogant or all-knowing or judgmental about other Victims as we all work to solve this problem.”

    that wasn’t directed at you personally (it wasn’t), I was speaking of the TENDENCY I think we all (might) have to be human and become frustrated with other victims who are not exhibiting the behavior we think they should

    I think most of us have the best intentions, a true desire to help and a sincere concern and even love for other black people

    but we also have that impatient and intolerant side (in my opinion) along with that sincere side.

    I am guilty of this as well, and I think it is impossible not to feel a little superior when dealing with victims who are super confused.

    That’s why I think Mr. Fuller constantly HUMBLES himself by saying “I am still learning”

    because I’m sure that he might feel impatient and perhaps even a bit “smarter” when dealing with people who don’t have the same level of understanding that he has (and he doesn’t have much company in that respect!)

    just like a recently “born again Christian” can start to feel superior to those who have not embraced his or her faith.

    Not out of malice, out of being HUMAN

    because we are ALL “born again Counter Racists” and that is just human nature — in my opinion

  85. @ EyesWideOpen

    Yeah, I have said a lot of stuff over the years lol

  86. @ phoebeprunelle

    And I agree, and I believe sometimes they provide a VALUABLE demonstration or illustration of HOW “well-meaning white people” practice racism via DECEPTION and trying to shift the focus OFF racist white people to

    homo-phobic-ism (is that a word? hope not)

    because I have seen countless conversations like this where a black person who knows what the white person is doing

    this can get the white person rattled enough to expose their own BS

    and that can be a valuable illustration for a more confused black person as to what REFINED RACISM looks like — and it worked for me when I was more confused

    like listening to COWS and having a “ah-ha” moment.

    then again, sometimes dialoguing with white people is a complete waste of time and the “conscious” black person has to know when to abandon ship

    or not get on the ship at all

  87. This is sad, black man and his twin attacked by 10-12 white men in new York. As usual the nypd isn’t doing much smh. http://blackgirllonghair.com/2013/06/boyfriend-of-popular-natural-hair-blogger-cipriana-brutally-attacked-in-possible-new-york-hate-crime/

  88. Mickey on said:

    Behold! The Documentary!

  89. I think it is time for Madiba’s family to let him go…

  90. Forced Reality on said:


    Who’s sleeping with who is very important, unless you would like to see the black race diluted due to us breeding the black out.

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