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Dear Truthbetold Part 3

For those of you that are unaware, I moderate white commenters with a zeal. They leave the most “interesting” stories and quips in my inbox about me, my family, my situation and how I can “fix it.” Last year, I wrote “21 Harsh Truths Black People Don’t Want to Hear.” It was fraught with difficult but honest issues, physical and mental, that are affecting us today.

It would seem that white people have taken a great offense to that post, ignoring my counter post called “21 Harsh Truths White People Don’t Want to Hear. For some reason, they have decided to completely pretend that the post designated FOR THEM was unworthy of comment and debate and have taken my “Black Post” very seriously. If anyone wishes to tackle the white asili and explain that to me, it would be greatly appreciated.  

X, a white commenter, has written to me in a tone of “peace and love” (his words) and wanting me to have “understanding and deeper thinking” about my way of thought. You know, I actually love when whites write letters to me trying to explain and rationalize and have adult conversations about the “problem with no name.” It gives me great insight into their minds…greater than any book ever written.


“trying to figure out what i typed to get here but here i am. im a white 52 year old male. most white people would go to extremes if they knew for a fact one single thing would help the black community come out of there problems. im going to tell you some truths. the vast majority of white people have no ill will against blacks simply because they know one simple truth. not one of us had a say in what color we were born. since most people are decent it would be impossible for them to psychologically feel that way. there conscious would eat them alive.

some more truths. most white people fully understand the bitterness felt over slavery but they also know that the bitterness is holding you back. its done and over.

most white people fully understand that because you are black that your gonna have some obstacles we dont. we also understand you live in a country where those obstacles can be overcome with determination.

most decent white people dont understand why you cant see that the very people that claim to be for you actually keep you from moving out of poverty. if i was a black leader and i truly cared about you the last thing i would do is try to keep my people mired in poverty and welfare. the liberal politicians have a vested interest in keeping you dependent so you will continue to vote for them. thats the truth wether you like it or not. the last thing they want is for you to find some success because that might make you think differently.

most whites would put a hand of friendship and help to any black person that said i dont want the white mans tax dollars feeding me. I CAN FEED MYSELF. I KNOW I WOULD AND GUESS WHAT I HAVE AND I DO!!!

also i might add im from texas so this is not some northeast white liberal typing this.

I know many successful black people and i can say with certainty the vast majority would agree with what ive said here.

until the black man comes to a place where he takes responsibility for his kids and the black woman says no more children until i can support them the die is cast for the black community.

I do not consider myself one ounce better than you and i pray that the black community can someday find true freedom. i am telling you that the color of your skin is not the problem. im sure i will be ripped apart and called every name under the sun but thats another point. instead of reacting with emotion why not react with some deep thought. maybe im right, or at the very least maybe im partly right.”


I’ve learned so much from these letters. I cannot tell you how I’ve grown in terms of my overstanding of the white mindset and why, after all this time, I’ve begun to feel less anger for the European. With these letters, I’ve come to realize that he/she is beyond their own control. And the sad part is, they don’t even realize it.

Any thoughts?

And please, tell me why a post written for blacks is so upsetting to them?

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104 thoughts on “Dear Truthbetold Part 3

  1. @ negress

    I think the STEREOTYPE from the “letter” by the 52-yr-old white male from Texas says it all:

    “…until the black man comes to a place where he takes responsibility for his kids and the black woman says no more children until i can support them the die is cast for the black community…”

    He acknowledges there are “some obstacles” but doesn’t describe what they are OR who is putting them there (himself and other white people)

    So RACISM is the fault of black males and females (the Victims) who can’t or won’t be fathers or responsible mothers not the fault of all those “decent white people with no ill will” who practice it like a religion (and you know he will NEVER write what white people say when no black people are in the room)

    Because racism is mostly in the Victims’ imaginations

    NOT the fault of

    mayors who close 43 black schools in Chicago and give black children “worksheets” instead of schoolbooks (yes, it’s true, in some black Chicago schools!)

    or criminal justice system that allows white policemen to shoot an unarmed black male and female OVER 100 TIMES and get away with hit

    No, it must be the fault of

    a 7-year-old black boy who was EXPELLED from school for telling another classmate that a female teacher was “cute”

    and a “successful” black male, Dr. Christian Head, a UCLA surgeon who was portrayed in a memo as a GORILLA being SODOMIZED by his white male supervisor that was circulated during a PUBLIC ceremony he attended with his mostly white colleagues and told to “get over it” (come on, Doc, where’s your sense of humor?)

    and the fault of a black mother who was convicted and SENT TO PRISON for falsifying a FORM so her child could go to a better school

    and the fault of a black female who was sterilized (her womb removed) when she went for a MINOR procedure in 2008

    and the fault of a young black male who was hung from a tree in Mississippi in Dec 2012 and termed a “suicide”

    and the fault of Oscar Grant who was murdered by a white transit cop as he lay on his stomach.

    And the fault of hundreds of black people who drowned in their attics during Hurricane Katrina in 2005 — less than TEN YEARS AGO — while helicopters flew overhead and the men inside laughing and pointing

    That 52-year-old white male from Texas is right, slavery’s over and black people just need to get over it and stop feeling sorry for ourselves — and I’d add that we need to OPEN OUR EYES AND SEE WHO WE ARE DEALING WITH

    because a sociopath is a “person” who is UNABLE to empathize or CARE about the harm they do to other human beings and will look his or her VICTIM in the eyes and tell them they are NOT being VICTIMIZED even while victimizing them.

    As far as I know there is NO CURE for SOCIOPATHS

    so it makes more sense for the Victims of Racism/White Supremacy to STOP looking, hoping, and praying for a “CURE” for racism and for those who practice it,

    And spend all our times and energies trying to HEAL OURSELVES

  2. After leaving some Info and agreement on this site, I’ve had a Troll , my computer won’t do it for me, telling me mu email is wrong, uh huh, can’t even send an e-mail. I’m just now trying to see if this prints out! What a day it has been. This just shows me that we must have something SO powerful that they’d fight THIS hard to stop me and some others! WOW! here goes…..

  3. Miss Pam

    Methinks is this the best damn response you’ve ever written!

    Why ignore my “White Post”, though? Why no rage for that one? After all, it was written for them. Why appeal to the black post?

  4. C

    Yes, my email has been hacked TONS of times. Apparently, we threaten them.

  5. Damn folks it get’s even worse!!! I’ve just had a flash up by macafee saying ” WARNING THIS IS A DANGEROUS SITE!!!! WHOA!!!! Any other Bros. and Sistas getting this today??

  6. r.morethan_any@comcast.net on said:

    Many whites dismiss our ancestors’ experience in the slave trade with such statements as, “Most white people fully understand the bitterness felt over slavery but they also know that the bitterness is holding you back. It’s done and over.” Would the writer ask Jews to forget the Nazi’s mass murder of Jews, because it’s done and over? From his/her sample of writing suggests that our American educational system has failed him. He/she has little knowledge of English grammar, spelling, or sentence structure, which may account for his/her misunderstanding of America’s social history. He/she arrogantly claims “one single thing would help the black community come out of there (their) problems.” He/she continues, “The vast majority of white people…know one simple truth. not one of us had a say in what color we were born.” African Americans knew that fact even in slavery; it was Europeans who placed so much value on color. Not only did they define white as the superior color in humans, but they intended for the United States to harbor only white citizens. Native Americans were almost eliminated through genocide, but African slaves were needed for the abundant profits and hasty economic development of America. He treads on, “most white people fully understand that because you are black that your(you’re) gonna have some obstacles we dont. we also understand you live in a country where those obstacles can be overcome with determination.” A Civil War determined the end of the obstacle of slavery; and a Civil Rights war initiated by determined Black people ended the obstacle of legal segregation. And white privilege continues to affect the disadvantaged Blacks, a contradiction. No matter how liberal, how much understanding whites claim, they mean to hang on to white privilege and white leadership. Poor Obama.

  7. SugarKiss on said:


    I’ve been lurking for a while as I do life in 3d, but DOAN…I’ve continued reading, although unable to post and I also follow Abagond’s blog and the posts you leave over there…and I must admit that as much as I battle down the thoughts that are sinister about them, about the anger I feel as a ponder their sociopathic mark left on Mother Earth, I’m in agreement that they are beyond reproach as this point–that this evil empire has permeated so many levels of conscious thinking and with CONSTANT MEDIA ENFORCEMENT of their “purist intent” they truly are the hollow souls present to make life on Earth HELL for all.

    I commend you for being diligent in your SPEAKING of the truth, no matter the costs.

    @ About the post itself, it’s rinse and repeat. I see it as a co-sign on his part. Have you noticed that he even mentions politics, like it’s some sort of game for him? Politics is the current climate whites have locked onto for “validifying” and vilifying each other and the poor and POC is this ridiculous right/left rationale.

    Like he’s reaching across the table to tell us he believes we are “salvageable as a ppl if we do A, B, and C. He just chiming in so he can “do his part” in helping us get ourselves together so that THEY can respect US. -_-

    We could name historical atrocities longer than a Law and Order Marathon, crimes THEY have committed against humanity and nature and they refer to good ole’ “past is past, get over it.” It is willful ignorance.

    And because they have NO OTHER MODERN culture to develop and treasure, white privilege, land raping, and overall gluttonous accumulation of fiat wealth is what they backing, even it it completely ruins the Earth in the process. THIS type of aspiration NEVER LASTS! EVER!

    And once again, it just reaffirms my original notion that this playground is not where they originated. On a spiritual level, they seem to have vibratory level of the dogs that evolved with them.

  8. jennynilsson on said:

    I’m not American and have never lived there but I get sad when I read this… cause I start to think that US is a country where injustices will never decrease and where people will never be able to live together without hate:(

  9. Mickey on said:

    What he also does not realize is that whenever Blacks have overcome their struggles to obtain success, whether it was the over 30 all-Black townships in the American West or highly prosperous Black enclaves like the Black Wallstreet in Tulsa, OK, Whites did one out of two things:

    1. Take over the towns, or

    2. Destroy the towns (and its inhabitants.)

    We all know which route was chosen for Black Wallstreet. It is also said that the city was bombed from the air using aircrafts that the Whites used to drop sticks of dynomite to attack the city and its residents. Blacks were also marched into detention centers during the attacks.

  10. Dubble on said:

    I think they don’t respond to the post about themselves because they think that we are not qualified to speak on something that is supposedly superior to us. Even if they don’t fully know why they do the things they do… it still comes down to the system they were born and bred inside of… which fosters white supremacy.

    As black people, the original rulers of the earth, we should do the same thing they do and completely disregard his irrelevant opinion about us like he never typed anything to begin with.

    It’s just white supremacy and cognitive dissonance at work here. White man chimes in on a black blog talkin about black problems. Doesn’t say anything about white problems. WHY? Cause in his/her eyes, he hasn’t done anything wrong. Never has. Slavery was bad but, since white people can’t be bad people, then it must have been something about the blacks that made white people do that to us. Cognitive dissonance at its finest.

    It has to be the only way they can attempt to sweep this whole racism and slavery subject under the rug like they LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE to try and do. They ain’t gonna change no matter how much sense they don’t make or how much sense you DO make and it’s impossible for you to expect them to. It’s practically encoded in their DNA to be this way. So don’t expect nothing from em. We are and have always been on our own.

  11. So…?
    What are you insinuating? That Black Americans, in spite of everything they’ve been through should just ‘love’? And where has that gotten them, exactly?
    I’m not American either but it obvious what is going on other there, in terms of how Blacks are treated and the injustices you speak of are initiated and perpetuated by Caucasians on the daily. Please don’t make it sound as if everyone should have their fair share of blame for racial injustices in that country.

  12. I can’t even…
    We all know by now that if they could, Caucasians would deny that the sky is blue and that the clouds are white.

  13. because ain’t no negro (like you) gonna tell me (a white person) where i should post, I’m not here to communicate, I’m here to disrupt the flow!

  14. Tyrone on said:


    The 52 year old whiteman that wrote to you is a conservative. I’m conservative in my beliefs as well. Who’s the bigger enemy…the white liberal or conservative? Our people have been voting for bleeding hearts on a consistent basis since the 1960s. As we can see all around us, that was a mistake. Reading the letter, i felt that he was sincere. The problem that well-meaning whites have, is that, black people can’t judge them as individuals, Why? No matter how sincere a white person may be on the inside, white priviledge still applies to them. He’s not gonna get pulled over because he’s black, shot by cops because of fear, his white wife or daughter is gonna be given second and third chances that most blackwomen won’t get, etc. I’m very hard on white people, some may assume that i hate them…Not So! I hate the evil that is within white folk, i hate the lies and bulls**t they shove down our throats, i hate the disrespect of blackwomen within their tribe, i hate the envy that is within them, and so forth. No whiteman in this country has to fear Tyrone, i’m a god-fearing blackman. My parents raised me right, yet, I and other like-minded brothas are hated the most. They assume that we want to do harm to them, take their women from them…None of the Above applies to me and other blackmen. We want whites to acknowledge the evil that was done to our people, we want the US and other countries that participated in the slave trade to put up or shut up…40 Acres & More! I realize that whites are scared right now, population decreasing, losing political power, radical islam, etc. The biggest enemy of whites in this country are other whites…Spaniards & Arabs. They hate American whites more than we do, and we’re black. White on White violence has always been present within their race, nothing has changed. Negress, remorse is what whites are projecting to you via e-mail. They realize they f**ked up with black folk, especially blackwomen. The ship is sinking, and now they want to act right???


  15. I deal with these types here in berlin. They are always complaining about the foreigners…if they would just learn to integrate they say, while not addressing first why that person may be here, or what Germany does to make sure it is not welcoming to foreigners. For them it’s the African or Turkish man choosing to sell drugs, not the fact that Germany basically doesn’t not help in letting them work. Many say they are turned down because of their names, their pictures. In Germany, they often request a photo to be added to your resume. I was speaking to this Turkish woman who said it took her a year to find an internship. She suspected racism, the German white woman we were with explains how oh no, it’s hard for everyone. I pulled her aside to tell her to never complain in front of them, they have no idea and will deny deny deny. Even when there were murders or several Turkish people, it took them 10years to find the killers because they assumed they were drug dealers, and never investigated. The German woman says oh well the police aren’t racist, it’s this or that.
    Eventually I just gave up on trying to explain this to them…they don’t get it, or see it. They aren’t racist, they just happen to not like people from brown countries though…same thing.

    On a side note, this blog has been amazing for me. This positive energy is good, and I met a concious black man living here finally…

  16. jennynilsson on said:

    No it’s not what I meant.

  17. TishaG on said:

    I have a question to the response you received. If it’s not about the color of our skin than what is it all about? I would love to know what caused them to want to make us suffer for centuries. I really believe they are totally confused about the situation. They are finding out that what they were raised to believe about us is not true. Now that some of them have changed the way they feel about us we should forget what happened. And change they way we feel about them. What they fail to realize is that a nation of people are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. And most cases PTSS have left people unable to live a stable and/or rational life style. I truly believe that black history classes should be a mandatory class to take in all schools worldwide. Sent from my MetroPCS Android Device

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  19. jamie turner on said:

    It’s whites unknowingly with drawing from reality…………….

  20. “As black people, the original rulers of the earth, we should do the same thing they do and completely disregard his irrelevant opinion about us like he never typed anything to begin with.”

    This. This is exactly what we should do day in and day out concerning everything they say.

  21. Umoja on said:

    Why are whites upset with that post? Simply; they’re extremely repelled by truth pertaining to their beloved creation—white supremacy/racism and who they truly are. Period. Whites tend to believe anything and everything negative pertaining to Blacks; real, imagined or rumored! Notice how he didn’t oppose any of those negatives listed about the state of Blacks. It’s their aggressive need to support and maintain white supremacy; their delusional superiority mindset. You’ll never witness whites opposing any negative depiction of Blacks; real, imagined or rumored. If you listed only those things pertaining to the ills and state of Blacks, OMITTING whites and white supremacy/racism….they would’ve been indeed grateful and delighted; therefore ignoring the elephant in the room which the majority of whites maintain, support and practice…..white supremacy/racism. The room is full of dung now. Which is at the foundation of all the ills and state of the African/Black populous worldwide….white supremacy/racism
    You see; this system of white supremacy/racism is founded and maintained on complete and utter lies, deceit and corruption of the highest magnitude….which this system must maintain in order continue. Uncovering the truth would allow this system of white supremacy/racism to collapse….which the majority of whites would rather self-implode.

  22. Umoja on said:

    As for the Texan? He’s your typical “sincere” white folk. Does not see past his nose, his “education” and “knowledge” no further than mainstream media….the most corrupt propaganda machine ever….which MUST depict Blacks in a negative light in order to maintain this system of white supremacy. What’s mindboggling? How white folks like him always sound “sincere” and offer “help” to Blacks, coupled with that blatant condescending delusional superiority complex and think Blacks are too stupid to notice or detect. Don’t be fooled; if Blacks dismantled this system of white supremacy which thwarts all Black progress and unity, both here and abroad…whites would definitely find it an affront to them. They are enjoying the state that Blacks worldwide are in. Believe that. They would immediately corrupt and thwart all Black progress and unity…..as they are currently implementing now, globally….and have been doing so for centuries. Black progress and unity is an international threat on all levels….
    U.S. Memorandum 200.
    Everything that he has stated is coupled with the mindset of “superiority”…..white supremacy beliefs, ignorance, stereotype and rhetoric. Totally lacking in knowledge, education or truth. I don’t bother to converse with whites. He’s a perfect example of the blatant lack of education and knowledge that most Whites express pertaining to white supremacy/racism. Notice how he didn’t mention white supremacy or racism… (that” obstacle” not mentioned) Indeed typical….total oblivion and denial. White opinion is neither desired or required….moot.

  23. Kushite Prince on said:

    Aren’t “well meaning whites” so adorable?lol

  24. Yeah I notice they do that too. They love seeing black ppl pointing out the flaws within our community so they can feel superior. We do need to talk about our issues, but its a shame that all they can do is agree with what we need to work on but they don’t want to address their part in it and work on their issues. This is why it is not working in this country because u have one group trying to repair ourselves and another group beating us down even more when we already know what issues we need to fix yet they still gotta add their 2 cents. Work on yourselves and we’ll work on ourselves stop trying to supervise us and tell us how to heal leave us alone and work on you. When there’s a post about our issues they are there applauding, when it’s a post about uplifting black ppl and offering solutions they are there calling it anti white and reverse racism. When it is a post about them *crickets*. They act like a spouse who cheated and is playing the blame game and telling the spouse they cheated on to get over it and that they should’ve done xyz and maybe they wouldn’t have cheated. smh

  25. mstoogood4yall on said:

    that is crazy you gotta have a photo on your resume, wtf I thought only models had to do that. White people love to down play anything that we suspect/know is racism because they are trying to get ppl to buy into the illusion that there is no racism only classism.

    I’m happy for you, hopefully he will appreciate the queen he has met. Good luck to u both.

  26. Ms. J on said:

    This is like the 1,245,648 time I’ve heard a White person make such comments about slavery, the Black community, and racism.

    Pay attention to their code, everybody.

  27. Well said. Whites will never get it, only a select few will. Like I said in a earlier post, most Whites can’t empathize with people or have a heart because it is not in their nature.

  28. Whites, like I said, can’t sympathize with people because it is not in their nature. Their nature is to kill, destroy and steal and that is the truth.

    Not all Whites are like that but many are however it is in their nature to do those things.

  29. lol They are hilarious. Most so called well meaning Whites are racists in disguise.

    Whites who truly want to end racism and White supremacy are very few in number indeed.

  30. What do you expect from a White AmeriKKKlan male? He just twisted his wording around to make it sound like he is not racist but he doesn’t get it. Like most White AmeriKKKlans, he doesn’t hate Blacks but he unconsciously thinks he is better than Blacks and other minorities.

    Especially with these words:
    ”until the black man comes to a place where he takes responsibility for his kids and the black woman says no more children until i can support them the die is cast for the black community”

    These words tell me that he is unconsciously stating his reason why Blacks are inferior and Whites are superior and somehow better without actually saying that.

    Negress, honestly I don’t give a damn what an old 52 year old Texan White AmeriKKKlan thinks of Blacks or this blog. I come on your blog to comment about my racial issues and get away from the White supremacist world for just a few minutes or so. Heck, he is old enough to be my grandfather since I am 17 years old! He is just like any other White AmeriKKKlan who wants to get rid of racism but at the same time keep White privilege in tact for them to benefit.

  31. Exactly, I agree. He is just like any White AmeriKKKlan male out there that subconsciously thinks he is better than Blacks and other minorities. As a young Black woman, I could never, I mean never have mixed children with a White man. I don’t want the blood of this race of people in my future children ever! I want to have Black children with a Black man who is proud of their race and wants to preserve it.

  32. Yup, that is why Whites get upset when they hear about the history of their wicked ancestors. …Because they are just like their damn ancestors only not as brutal or evil.

  33. this is the 52 year old white guy again. In this current time there is no doubt you will face obstacles and idiots in the white community but THE ONLY thing that stands between any black person and a happy succesful life is whether you are willing to work for it or not.

    i went to high school in north texas and graduated from arlington high school. the same city where cowboy stadium is built. In my senior class of 1979 there were 3 black males. one of them was especially poor. his white friends routinely helped him out. From the time i met him in the 9th grade he was totally focused on one thing. get out of high school and learn a trade so that he would not have to depend on others like he watched his parents do. he was very upfront about it and loved his parents deeply.

    after graduation he moved to northeast tarrant county and rented an efficiency apt. he chose the apt so that it was within walking distance of the junior college and fast food places he could work. He had no car. He had no car during high school either. after two years he earned his hvac two year certificate and went to work for one of the many hvac contactors in this large metrolpoltan area. ive seen him at the 10 year, 20 year and 30 year reunion for our high school. he now owns his own company and i would guess makes a nice 6 figure living.

    his color didnt prevent him from making his dreams come true. there is not one single black man or woman in this country that cant do what he did. he made his goal, worked hard and lived frugally to obtain the knowlegde he needed.

    because he lives in this great country there was at that point nothing that could stop his success from happening. when a white person sees a black person like him striving to be the best he can be they silently applaud and feel a tremendous amount of respect for that person. we know it was exponentially harder for him to do it than any white kid you could point out. is it better for the black youth to follow that example or the example of government assistance?

    I will stop at this but i will just say its not that complicated. its really not. either you want to live off of working peoples tax dollars or you dont. you either have dreams that are important enough to work hard for and make them a reality or you dont. all this nutty talk about crazy white people and how evil they are is not going to take away or change any of the things you hate and despise. the wonderful news is you can personally make your dreams come true.

    we are the same but for the color of our skin. be proud of who you are and be the best you can be.

  34. for gods sakes this is unreal. be something in life. prosper. the white man cant stop you from getting an education or learning a trade and making a good living. just do it.

    if you wont then fine stay on some form of assistance but dont blame the white guy. if you choose a better life though you will realize very quickly there is a huge white community out here that is totally in support of your efforts and will help you in any way they can. stop the excuses and blame game just be the best you can be.

  35. ” most white people fully understand the bitterness felt over slavery but they also
    know that the bitterness is holding you back. its done and over.”

    Let me translate: get over it ur bitterness toward whites is what is keepin you down we aren’t

    “most white people fully understand that because you are black that your gonna have some obstacles we dont. we also understand you live in a country where those obstacles can be overcome with determination.”

    Translation: pull yourselves up by your bootstraps.

    “I know many successful black people and i can say with certainty the vast majority would agree with what ive said here.”

    Translation: i’m not racist I have black friends. The sellout blacks will agree with me.

    “most whites would put a hand of friendship and help to any black person that said i dont want the white mans tax dollars feeding me. I CAN FEED MYSELF. I KNOW I WOULD AND GUESS WHAT I HAVE AND I DO!!!”

    translation: black ppl lend me your ear hear me it is your fault and you need to step up and ask the mighty white saviors to help you overcome the system we put into place.

    “until the black man comes to a place where he takes responsibility for his kids and the black woman says no more children until i can support them the die is cast for the black community”

    translation: Black men and women don’t take care of their kids, Look at them they are baby mommas and baby daddies.Forget the fact that white men are the original baby daddies.

    “i am telling you that the color of your skin is not the problem. im sure i will be ripped apart and called every name under the sun but thats another point. instead of reacting with emotion why not react with some deep thought. maybe im right, or at the very least maybe im partly right.”

    Translation: you are holding yourselves back we live in a post racial society, a black man is in office and I voted for him. Oh woe is me i’m going to be attacked for speak the whitewashed truth. listen to me inferior ppls take my opinion to heart and stop being overly sensitive and reacting with emotion think for once ppl.

  36. Joe

    Since my post is about you, I’m going to allow your comments for this thread only. My people need to read this from the source. After all, your own wording beats any post I could have written.

    A word of caution:

    I will not tolerate any abuse from you. If you say one word that is derogatory towards my family, you’ll be banned.

    Question: Please explain in detail this comment you made:

    “we know it was exponentially harder for him to do it than any white kid you could point out.”

    Why was it harder, Joe?

  37. I couln’t even read all that BS. I often wonder if people ever consider that not all Black people are alike? Anyway; I have counter the this kindly person’s “white people don’t mean no harm we just……”

    This my dear readers are the “Real White Merikans”:

    If you’re right, it’s about damn time. I’ve been flabbergasted for decades. Everywhere I go in America negros have destroyed everything they’ve touched. White people just keep on cleaning up the mess and paying the bills while being brutalized, robbed, beaten, raped, and murdered by negros.

    My kids are in graduate school. They tell me that if you look at stats for whites in the USA, we aren’t doing poorly compared to other countries. They tell me that if you factor blacks into the stats, that’s when they drop. But my white grandson will pay bills that his mulatto friend will not. His friend has an Ace in HIS pocket, namely ‘Black’ on a form. I’m sick of it, too.

    The veneer is wearing off, your essay is correct. It is not hatred, it is not assuming the worst based on skin color. It is normal, decent White Americans finally getting fatigued with pretending things that are not true, and finally noticing things that are. Your line about ‘monumental contributions to civilization’ rings true. My conversion from a default liberal to a sharpened, cynical but ultimately happy and proud individual came from examining history, art and travelling around the world for my job. I grew up being told by a hostile elite , media and educaton system that my only contribution to history was oppression. It is manifestly untrue, and I always knew it. At some point, the fatigue sets in and you begin to have thoughts such as ‘we invented everything that the modern world enjoys and Negroes never even managed a written language or the wheel.’ The realization that sealed the deal was learning that far from being oppressive, the West has bent over backwards in sacrificing blood and treasure to accommodate and pacify the Negro with proportionally miniscule results. There is not another race on the planet that doesn’t view Negroes with the same general fatigue. Simply noticing and acknowledging their collective failure to succeed in a modern society is not hatred. As you stated, they have a continent. Let them live, here or there, as they will and let us stop forcing everyone to harm their society and psyches in propagating a Big Lie. There are many like me, normal productive Whites, who have simply decided to shrug off any guilt or cognitive torment that the Lie imposes. The tide is finally turning. Slowly, but it is turning.

    I have two step-daughters whose biological father is black (and a no-show from their lives). They have been raised as AMERICAN’S and act like “normal” people for lack of a better term. Although one looks white and the other looks slightly hispanic in complexion, they have both been subjected to harsh discrimination, have been bullied, and ostracized…by “real” BLACK KIDS for not being “BLACK ENOUGH” or for having “WHITE GIRL HAIR” or living in a “WHITE NEIGHBORHOOD”. Yes folks, everything they have learned about racism and discrimination has come from none other than the black community. I wasn’t raised to hate any groups or cultures, everything I learned about hate and racism, I learned from growing up with racist blacks, serving in the military with racist blacks, and working in the private sector with racist blacks. We’re ALL sick of it, for the love of GOD, can we please get this country back on the right track?! I implore you all to vote for anyone but Obama if we are to have any hope of turning things back around and returning to normalcy, equality, and lawfullness.

    YES! our country can be put back on the right track as soon as Civil War II is over and we have gotten rid of all the blacks and muslims.

    Why is it that blacks have never succeeded in their entire tenure on this planet? I’m not just talking about America. I’m talking about the ENTIRE planet. Why is Africa such a cesspool? You people are incapable of creating a society, culture, or nation that anyone wishes to relocate to. You don’t see Koreans or Mexicans immigrating to Africa. You don’t see Whites moving to Detroit to experience black “vitality”. Asians have been treated like second-class citizens that were prohibited from citizenship but they have succeeded while you evolutionary failures have not. Every race on this planet has experienced slavery, but only you losers perpetually blame your failures on it. For the entire period that written documentation has existed on this planet, your people have lived like animals. But, it is always someone else’s fault that you people cannot succeed. Your IQ is lower. You’re more violent. You can neither create a successful culture nor can you maintain one when it is dropped in your lap. You are a virus. There may be such thing as a good Ebola virus, but anyone with any intelligence avoids becoming infected by it. Chronic Negro Fatigue is merely the precursor to what is needed for Whites to solve our “race” problem: QUARANTINE. I believe there have been other names for this, like SEGREGATION or APARTHEID. Your people don’t have the intelligence or intellectual honesty to understand that you can’t kill the goose if you want the golden eggs. So, whatever happens to you people, you will be responsible for and you WILL suffer the consequences of. May that day come soon.

    ALL THESE COMMENT CAME FROM: http://dailykenn.blogspot.com/2012/04/is-negro-fatigue-sweeping-white-america.html


  38. Yup, that is exactly what he is saying. Like I said, he is using coded words to hide his racism just like a typical White AmeriKKKlan male does.

  39. mary burrell on said:

    What in the three fiery rings of hell is he going on about? Everytime we tell them how we are feeling about racism. They turn around and point the finger at us. It’s true Negress, Some of these individuals have no ability to reflect and do self introspection. He is assuming that all black people have no educations and are just living on government handouts and having multiple children. He is an Ass. He is stereotyping all black people. He needs to get his head out of his ass. He’s an idiot. They get mad when we tell them the truth. He needs to take his sanctimonious ass somewhere and have several seats.

  40. mary burrell on said:

    “Yes Lawd, Marster Joe gon teach all us dumb black folk about life.” (sarcasm) He is too stupid to understand it’s individuals like himself that is the problem. It hate sanctimonious idiots like him.

  41. mary burrell on said:

    *I hate sanctimonious idiots like him*

  42. @ joe the white guy

    three questions:

    1. Have you or any white person you know said “nigger” in the last three months?

    2. What do white people say about black people when no black people are in the room?

    3. have you ever had sex with a black female or a black male?

  43. Umoja on said:

    Exactly!!! And who the hell is he to tell us to stop having children. That’s so white and eugenics of him!! Boy, he can’t see his blatant white supremacy rhetoric!! I must remind my white neighbor to do the same who seems to pop out one child after another with a different Black guy every time I sneeze. smh
    He possesses the typical arrogance and psychopathy of those deemed white. Interjecting in the very ills that his race of people created and continue to create globally, excluding any blame……and what is this nonsense about welfare? I’m so sick and tired of whites with this mindset that the whole populous of Blacks is on dam food-stamps/welfare!
    Then,why is it that whites sheepishly pull out that food-stamp card every time I’m out shopping while I pay for my items with cash!!Yes, I’m angry. Like I said this guy lacks knowledge and education. He’s an undercover racist and practices such. An apathetic racist. I’m not fooled at all. It’s so blatant.
    FYI, welfare includes; AFDC, Disability, Workman’s Comp., SSI, SSDI, Unemployment and Medicaid….AFDC is the only welfare benefit that has the shortest allotted time that one can receive, unlike all the others. There are few limitations on the others mentioned or one can receive for a life time, yet this is what Whites whine about. Food-stamps, AFDC!! smh. The working poor are on welfare and pay into welfare benefits. Again, that ignorance and ” superiority” that annoys the shyt otta’ me.

    He watches mainstream media and proudly says, “well, I know what’s going on, there you have it”. It must be that high IQ that they brag about. And who the hell is he to say it takes determination to succeed and progress! As though he’s telling us all something new and we’re somewhat ignorant to this fact; more importantly as though we lack determination. It’s evident he doesn’t know history or any Black person personally or their struggles of “determination”… remove that proverbial foot “white supremacy/racism” off their backs. Oh wait….he didn’t mention that…it doesn’t exist, that “obstacle” not mentioned.
    If there’s one race of people who is determined despite this monstrous system of white supremacy/racism it is those deemed “Black”. He is yet another “sincere” white guy invading Blacks conversations with his arrogance, ignorance, oblivion and denial of their huge part in the state of Blacks globally….while not once addressing the end to this system of white supremacy to HIS race of people….where it was created and where the responsibility lies.
    White supremacy was founded on color, greed and power and continues to be so. Oh, and guess what? Supported by the Vatican.
    He’s such a liar, if color doesn’t matter. ( Apathetic racist say that all the time)… the next time I talk to a white person face-to-face and they can’t look past my “color” , yet have that stare at my skin, while they have the stereotypes running through their brains while staring, not listening to a word I’m saying….I’m going to just scream. The only thing whites know is color, power, greed, deceit and death when it pertains to Blacks. Period

  44. That is good your black friend made a business and pulled himself outta the ghetto. If only us other poor, dumb, uneducated, baby having blacks would do the same everything would be honk dory. we wouldn’t have to worry about anything including racism [the word you seem afraid to say] ever again. All our problems would disappear. Just ask henry Louis gates, dave chappelle, chris rock, and the ucla doctor that had ppl draw him as a gorilla.

    Newsflash, most black ppl are middle class and give more money to charity than white ppl . yes there are some black ppl that are poor but there are also poor ppl of every race. I live in tx as well and there are rednecks here who say snide racist things to my face. Btw my dad was in the air force and no we are not poor and no we don’t live in section 8 housing. Not every black person is a baby momma or a baby daddy. my parents been married for 22yrs and had me and my brother after they got married. No we are not the exception there are more like this where I live. There are redneck goofy whites like honey boo boo family, the ppl on duck dynasty, but I bet u wouldn’t want to be compared to them so stop comparing us to the blacks in rap videos like lil wayne.

  45. emile on said:

    “…im going to tell you some truths…”

    Strike One…

    It is impossible for whites to tell the truth about a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g. This has been proven time immemorial. Even when vetted for accuracy, their traits forever indicate some effort was employed to twist the facts in some shape, form or fashion, to always place themselves at a imagined or distinct advantage. Truth is an anathema to white privilege. Hence, “white man [and white woman] speak with forked tongue.” – (Sitting Bull?) In other words, you simply cannot trust a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g whites tell you without having the inevitable blow-back from their words. History proves my comments true. If the script was flipped, and I were to tell this unidentified 52-year old white male from Texas what he “s-h-o-u-l-d” be doing for the ratchet, trashy, trifling, tacky and terroristic people of his race, he would be more than “miffed”. We already how arrogant and narcissistic white people have proven themselves to be, especially when it comes to specter of non-whites telling or admonishing them to improve their endemic conditions. I mean, how dare we??!!…

    “…some more truths…”

    Strike Two…

    Again, as stated earlier, it is unrealistic to think that this 52-year old white male is capable of telling the truth about a-n-y issue related to Black history, much less the issue of slavery. On any given day, you’d be hard pressed to get at least the acknowledgement that slavery reparations were purposely reneged and never followed up with plans for just or remedied compensation for such actions.

    “…also i might add im from texas so this is not some northeast white liberal typing this…”

    S-T-R-I-K-E T-H-R-E-E ! ! !

    There not a penny’s difference between a Texas liberal, a Texas conservative, a Northeastern liberal or a Northeastern conservative. Political affiliations are like various car models produced by the same company. You are all one and the same. The old ‘good cop/bad cop’ tactic doesn’t work anymore.

    Y-O-U-R-E -O-U-T ! ! !


    I think you are on the right track as far as exercising the POWER and CONTROL of censoring your blog to the benefit of your readers. In other words, DOAN, we trust your discretion and thoroughly comprehend these perfect examples, shown to prove what has been said up to this very point: how unnecessarily imposing white folks are upon the lives of Black and nonwhite people. It is quite a surprise to be treated periodically with these types of featured commentaries. While there are perhaps an infinite number of more appropriate places for this commentator to go (especially in Texas), it perplexes me as to why he would choose to waste valuable time responding and verbally reproaching Black people on what’s best for them.

  46. emile on said:

    Great that something good is coming your way there with our new friendship! Even in the worst of times, good things do happen.

    I’ve learned that the “photo ID-w/resume” prerequisite happens in places like Panama too. This, as told through a C.O.W.S. podcast, is a preemptive maneuver to ensure that Blacks and non-whites are not given substantial employment, while perpetuating the SOR (mistreatment). This is why we have to be very diligent in becoming more entrepreneurial as a viable option to seeking “jobs” from these people.

  47. Emile

    Every once in a while, whites say something that blow me out of the water. It’s like the heavens bring them here to prove to us, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they are truly beyond help, beyond hope and beyond any inkling of huemanity.

    For some reason, as I ascend to a higher level of consciousness, the Earth Mother is bring them right to my doorstep…almost desperate to prove me wrong. It’s like they are deathly afraid that their hold over us is slipping.

    Their fear is palpable to me now and I can see, literally see, this overweight white man with a bulging belly typing furiously at his keyboard.

    Our comments are driving him mad as he realizes that “we’re onto them.” Karma has given me great gifts. I’m very grateful to be here now in this time period of my life where my confusion is slowly being lifted.

    But…in the grand scheme of life, Demons can feel their opponents next move. That’s why they’re almost insanely attracted to me. It’s an obsession for them now. As I move away from my emotions, they feed on this, and I gain greater control, it’s amusing how * they * are the ones that are losing their ability to maintain their stoic countenance.

  48. Umoja on said:

    @ Joe….
    Do explain why it was “harder” for this Black man . I do suspect that you padded this story about this Black man in order to support your mindset. I’ve also noticed that you ignore the obstacle—racism/white supremacy. Also, that you know it exist, yet Blacks are to “pull themselves up with determination by their bootstraps”…..no mention of the effort put forth to end this system of white supremacy with YOUR race of people…where it was created and where the responsibility lies. Blacks are suppose to work around it, work with it, ect. smh. Excuse you!! We’ve been doing so for centuries!!
    FYI…I too took it upon myself to educate myself…as many of us do by the way. I became one of the best Black female CNC (Computer Numerical Control)Operators/Programmers ever, via my studies and GRADUATION at a local University. Long story short…I was hired on the spot with an international prestigious company and assigned to a brand new half million dollar Extruder machine that sat idle for months….no one knew how to operate or program; including all Supervisors, Foreman’s and Process Engineers.
    I got the dam thing running in 15 minutes to everyone’s surprise. Needless to say it created envy and jealousy from all the WHITE men. My white male foreman proceeded to make my life a living hell with his sexual harassment and constant abuse of authority. I was ignored when speaking to my supervisors and management about it. In the end, I sued and won for sexual harassment, racial slurs and discrimination. I’m sitting in the house to prove it.
    The point is….this is by far NOT unique; there are tens of thousands of Blacks who have experienced the same and are experiencing such as I type. My sister sued a well known Clinic for discrimination and won also. It’s not unique, yet very common.
    Blacks, bust their ass, only to be thwarted in their progress and success by none other than….white folks who practice, maintain and support white supremacy. Thousands of Blacks obtain education, experience and degrees and are intentionally and systematically pushed out or are not employed because….. whites aggressively practice white supremacy.
    There isn’t one job that I haven’t experienced blatant or covert racism/white supremacy practiced by whites; in which I have either had to quit or try my damnest to ignore. ( that’s impossible….whites are aggressive and unlimited in their practices of white supremacy)
    My advice to you Joe…….step away from the computer.

  49. emile on said:

    …But you gotta give ’em credit for being consistent. Something from which we could learn.

  50. Umoja on said:

    @ Joe
    Do step away from the computer moron. You imply that we are on assistance and uneducated here on this blog…..AND we don’t aspire to be or do anything, hell from your statement, “be something in life”, we’ve haven’t aspired to be or do anything….the whole populous for that matter. We’re Black so that must be true of the whole populous. Typical white supremacy diarrhea.
    (chewing on my chicken and watermelon….SMDH)

  51. Umoja on said:

    Love it Ms. Mary. ROFLOL!!

  52. Ty

    First: there is no difference between liberal vs’ conservative. They are the same bird, different wing.

    Second: it’s not remorse that the neanderthal is feeling. It’s fear.

  53. Mickey on said:


    Many Blacks have degrees and learn trades, that does not stop White supremacy from rearing its ugly head. It’s not rocket science to know why two people, one Black and one White, have the same amount of education and yet, the White person will be granted more money for doing the same job as the Black person. Just like with sexism. A man and a woman can perform the same job with the same skills and/or education. But who gets the bigger paycheck? In this patriarchal society, the male would receive the higher wage no matter how hard the woman works.

    I come from a middle/upper-middle class background. Both of my parents are college-educated professionals. My mother told me that because I am non-White that I would have to work twice as hard to be seen as equal. And that still rings true today.

  54. Umoja on said:

    They could give a dam about slavery; they’d do it all over again if given a chance. I remember after Apartheid, the shoe was on the other foot for many Whites….Africans took back their stolen property and lands by force, including…beating the hell out of whites forcing them off their lands. Whites appealed for sympathy….”can we get along”, ” we are all one” and the comical spell that whites use when their system of white supremacy is threatened….the comical utopia. Mind you, NOT ONE white person in the 46 years of Apartheid oppose such blatant white supremacy including the death of those Africans with total impunity.
    I remember when a South African white woman was interviewed about the treatment of Africans in that system of Apartheid, she said, ” But they’re Black, they’re suppose to be treated that way, we’re White, we’re not suppose to be treated this way”….while she continued to pour on the tears now that the shoe was on the other foot. smdh

  55. emile on said:

    That is because words are powerful, and can be even more powerful to bring about the “superiority/inferiority effect”. The constant harping about irresponsible Black men and Black women are a proven tactic that whites such as the condescending mr. texan use to create an “image” of inferior Black behavior against the most (and assumed) superior behavior of white men and white women. It’s a play on words+negative media images+relentless barrage of the two.

    With all that I read and study, I am heavily persuaded to believe the terminology of “white supremacy” should be re-phrased “white inferiority”, because that’s what this is really all about. The projection and obsessive emphasis upon the most negative things about Black people and non-whites is a defense that is used to deflect attention away from the reality of white inferiority. While mr. texan complains about Black men and Black women irresponsible behavior patterns (which, to be honest, exists within any so-called ethnic group), white men and white women are out here trying to marry/date/copulate/win over every other person except their own. We must remember what Dr. Welsing has taught us about the genetically-recessive characteristics of white people, and its context in reference to Black and non-white people who comprise of more than 92% of the global population. This may explain some of the reasons why they act less than human in our interactions with them. In the meantime, there have been reports of white male sperm count decreasing over the past few decades and white women are now using poor Indian woman (non-whites) as surrogate mothers. I mean, just what in the hell is going on there??!! Do you see where this is going? “I’ll do my best to direct all attention to your problems, which will lessen exposure of my own.”

  56. emile on said:

    “…the white mans tax dollars…”

    Quintessential white arrogance!

    As if the “white man” is the only one out here paying taxes!!!

  57. Several years ago I probably would have responded much like our Texas friend has. I don’t consider him wrong or bad, of course. I just nowadays think it is misguided to try to convince strangers that they don’t see hear & know what they in fact do see hear & know. You can’t argue with an epiphany.

  58. mary burrell on said:

    @ Joe, Man don’t come to us with this tomfoolery. GTFOOH with that. You have insulted us. We are a very collective group of intelligent people. You sound foolish. You assumed you were talking to a bunch of dummies. You are sadly mistaken sir. You need to do some self reflection and introspection. I don’t trust you or your agenda. How dare you come here trying to tell us what we should be doing. Go fix your own skewerd psyche.

  59. darqbeauty on said:

    Because they are fixated on what WE are doing. They know damn well how they think. And they know that WE know EXACTLY how they think after being subject to their psychopathic collective psyche for over 400 years. What they are curious about is what WE think. It is a mixture of derision, condescension, curiosity and fear. Just like when the so called “Master” of the house used to sneak around slave quarters eaves dropping. Hoping to catch the darkies up to something. They tell us to leave the United States if we don’t like it. That’s exactly what I plan to do. Jump this sinking and blood stained ship. Only they won’t leave us alone. They CAN’T leave us alone. You can’t profess to hate/despise something and constantly stalk every move it makes. If we were so horrible..so prone to nothingness, why the fuck didn’t they leave us alone during Black Wall St? All those Black settlements in the west? What kind of sadistic piece of shit enslaves you, enacts Jim Crow laws against you, thwarts every attempt at progress and then questions why you are such a low people? They can collectively kiss my beautiful brown ass.

    I’m over these people. Over what they think. Everytime they speak, they don’t tell me anything new about Black people, but everything I need to know about whites. Let us even THINK about creating a Black utopia and they will drone that mother*cker so fast, it will make Hiroshima look like a fart ignited with a lighter.

    Damn. Just leave us ALONE already. My question, DOAN, is WHY CAN’T THEY LEAVE US ALONE? Any insights from anyone? Because to me, that is the biggest head scratcher.

  60. @ ALL

    I recently did a blogpost on http://racismws.com about the MASS closing of almost 50 black schools in Chicago

    and I’ve heard from other people that this is happening all over the country, the attack on black education/schools

    thought you’d find this story interesting


    The pictures from them closing the Marcus Garvey school is OKC

  61. @ ALL

    here’s the link to my blogpost about Chicago’s schools


  62. Tyrone on said:


    In my mind, it’s night and day. The bs that we witness on a daily basis is political. Negress, i’m with you Sista, but we can’t continue being in denial about our people continually voting for a political party that supports our demise in this country. The status quo can’t continue, otherwise, African-Americans will be a permanent underclass in this country. Yes, they should be afraid. Black folk should be concerned as well, we’re not running at full speed either. My biggest concern is the continued destruction of black manhood in this country, which leads to other ills. If we don’t make a radical shift as blackmen…We’re Toast!!!


  63. Dubble on said:

    Ain’t nothing left to talk about with these people…. we know where they stand… we’ve already wasted hundreds of years talking to em… they’ve heard everything we have to say… and/or quickly dismissed it…

    There ain’t gonna be no peace on this planet cause they want to control everything and will follow us wherever we go and wreck everything… and the only way they’re gonna change is either by a universal act of spiritual awakening that spans the entire universe or the black gods awaken and wipe them clean off the earth. So until then, they get the death stare and the sleepless nights.

    We spend too much of our lives explaining ourselves in fruitless dialogue with the white man.

    Yo…….. fuk em.. fukk their feelings and their opinions…… Trust they say the same thing about us.

    We need to unite and leave the riff raff on the outside looking in… worrying about what we talkin bout… When the roundtable is set… let me know… I’m tryna be there…

  64. Dubble on said:

    Me and mines are trying to go to the motherland too…………. I hear her calling me…

  65. The next 2-3 months are going to be VERY interesting. What drives them insane is that lack of a feeling of control – it’s literally the only thing in all the universe that they care about.

    As we gain knowledge of self and the knowledge that our creator’s (the creative principle) plan is what is what’s really behind things, the illusion of theirs that we’ve fallen for over and over again is finally seen through, and as it becomes transparent we regain our minds accompanied by correct behavior that works towards our empowerment.

  66. Dubble on said:

    I feel you on the “we’re onto them” statement. I think it applies more to older generations though. You know… the baby boomers who might have actually seen a lynching or two as youth. The ones who may have seen blacks get brutalized in the streets in the 50s and 60s. They’re the ones who panic when things start getting too dark around them…….

    But these youth are a different story. Occurring mostly in cases where there is a mixed group of races in a school… You have these youngsters (Black and white kids) growing up without any sense of Black history. And they grow up together, in unison, saying things like “that past doesn’t affect me today”… or “that’s old news” “we’ve come so far from that”…. and will not venture outside of that realm of thinking to search for anything on the contrary.

    If no one reaches the black kids… they’re lost and ignorant of everything going on around them and can be just as bad as whites. But for the white kids that fall in that same group of thinking…. they spout off all kinds of ridiculousness… like they don’t still benefit from the heinous crimes their forefathers have committed NOT TOO LONG AGO from now. So they ignorantly speak without fear… and actually DO feel like they are in the clear. When they see another black person… they just may actually think they see someone with the same opportunities and prospects as they do… and you cannot tell them otherwise… no matter how much sense you make…

  67. Negress,

    Thanks again for you ever tireless screenings and making it so we have a Black United Social Advancement BUSA place to be on the web. I really do apreciate it.
    I don’t really give people like Joe much thought anymore as even though he may think himself well meaning is arrogant beyond hubris to even suggest that we on this site his targeted audance are in need of his advice or help. I am so tired of him talking about way ward black men no that is not the typical man here at DOAN or baby having no means to support black woman No I doubt that there are many of those here. No we are all stocked up on pulling ourselves up by our boot straps here Joe. The big problem is dealing with toxic white people and even when we do reach that high position having to deal with discrimination or concern with dealing with the police for traffic ticket or crossing the street.

    No Joe you missed the mark. We got it down. What we need from white people is for them to open up the door casue we can get it ourselves, go away and leave us alone, Stop the dark alliance stuff (go look it up Joe) placing drugs in our communities all documented and verified by the government that yes they did that to us recently. Joe we had a black wall street and black businesses and so much going on yet ever time here come the white government bombing stuff and tearing it down, urban renewal code for black removal, there is a reason why there is a freeway in the middle of every once thriving black community Joe. But No Worries Joe if, you don’t get it cause as soon as this system falters and they can’t afford to keep such tactic up we will rise again and we have never laid down for the count.

    Family I was reading in a book called the ankh that brought to light something that I would like to share. This man talks about how important to fight for the truth. He says that the truth is the Real Estate over which we must be prepared to die, for a lie is far more dangerous, not only to ourselves but to our collective consciousness. This brings tomind can we trust them to tell the truth cause they even lie to their own so even when they want to tell the truth they themselves don’t know it and it matters little to them as they are confortable in their little nest of lies. This is why when I have a family I want to educate my children either at home or in a school that reflect african values. This so called traditional education is a disaster that does not want to teach up as much as it wants to program us and cause us harm. I think we need to be more selective in what we allow our children to be exposed to. One needs to keep in mind that the curriculum was designed to promote Whiteness and discouage deeper thinking.

    There is so much they wish for us not to know… it gives them great fear and anxiety. So, when you know this really know this you start the process of weaning yourself off of the white American or European education system and pursue deper understanding of all things throught spirituality and divine inspiration. We posses this and they just don’t understand it. They can not supply the truth we are looking for cause they are incapable of even telling it to themselves. No they do not try to disprove what we say, but make attacks on our character, and do word assaination. calling us afrocentric, and eccentric. It is long time we stop accepting any of there stuff scientific or other without realizing that it is most likly packed full of lies and is suspect. Damn they are masters at twisting. Now everytime some white so and so comes up and says something I ask for a black expert, aathority on they subject, and if, they don’t have one I don’t listen and call it eurocentric rubbish cause they are masters of the lie.

  68. I don’t think I can rehash anymore than others have stated above for this “joe” person. He is to close minded to truly understand everything that were saying to him and resorts to getting upset and telling us to do something with ourselves??? Ummmm most of us are and have had “successful ” type jobs and made a great living for ourselves but it was not without conflict, harassment, racial profiling or etc.. You whites would NEVER have to deal with this on the level we have. i was in the Air Force, came from a middle class family, talked so called proper, and was still discriminated against serving in “Gods military” alongside whites.. It wasn’t a point if me making something out of nothing, it was me more putting pieces together when seeing my white fellow servicemen get away with bein late to work because if drinking to much, while if I had scheduled a doctors appointments, and I was hounded to no end about supplying a sick note… Or how I volunteered more hours , had great attention to detail, knew my military history, and always was my fellow white servicemen who was selected for awards over me. Not to say its like that everywhere , but when you have the white man in control of every facet Of the career you’re going for, they’d rather go with their own than a melinated person..,. what we’re saying is we don’t trust you, we want to be left the hell alone when it comes to you and we don’t need black sellouts or people like yourself to tell us “we just gotta get out there”.. We’ve been “out there” and until you experience this in every detail like a melinated person has, you have no right to tell me or my family anything.

  69. Might I also add that you can’t just come on here throwing “your ” ideas and words” out to us without having some knowledge and understanding of so called “American his-story” and how it’s been changed over and over again to favor white people. Joe… Do your research as things Are most definetly not how they are portrayed to be in life. And don’t go start quoting some crap off of Wikipedia .. You truly want to understand than go start digging for answers about what’s really happened throughout time… You might just learn something VALUABLE.

  70. Jesus

    Interesting article. And yes, this is the average Merikan speaking…you know, the one that you go to school, church and work with. The one that smiles in your face and offers you coffee in the name of friendship.

    A while ago, I was listening to Micheal Bradley speak on his people. He openly admitted that whites will blow up the entire planet before they let go of their racism and white privilege.

  71. I am still undecided on whether to let white Petes comment on my articles. Even when it is all (robotic) praise. I have heard it all before, and I have no interest in hearing anymore. Except to comment on it. To show how their sickness drips out with every word that they utter. Repeating words they heard other people use to master our minds. They are blind to their sickness, because they bath in it and are too busy projecting their junk on us.

    As for problems with computers. I can get to this site just fine by using links on my own sites. But, there IS a problem with WordPress. I do not notice a problem on websites out of WordPress. They may be running diagnostics, or saving all the information that is on all the blogs. Collecting all our information for sale or analysis. Whomever knows what is going on, let us know. Peace.

  72. blackgirlinberlin on said:

    @emile yes. This is what we have been talking about. My friend is a bassist, so he is able to make an income playing here in Germany. Me.. I am doing natural hair on the side, and learning to make some products as well for a future in that as well as djing and writing a book.
    @mstoogood4yall I agree. They love to give every excuse. These Germans are a trip I swear. However, it is been a blessing to apart of this online community.

  73. Wow, I know someone who lives in Chicago and she told me it is bad over there. And I thought living in a racist small town was bad?

    Thanks for the information. We need more schools for our children to learn and compete in AmeriKKKlan and in the world. We need the youth.

  74. You are right. That was why I was offended by this 52 year old White AmeriKKKlan’s comments. He doesn’t get it.

  75. Exactly.

  76. NAT TURNERS' REVENGE on said:

    Even when “they” claim not to be racist their true feelings pierces through & permeates the skin… Like sweat. Welcome to CracKKKastan.

  77. To DOAN and friends of the Blog:

    Please take a look at the article and check out the hate and derailment by non-Blacks, esp. Whites at:


    See, those people won’t get what this Sista is saying. They generalize and stereotype Black women.

  78. Kushite Prince on said:

    You’re right. You can count them on one hand.lol

  79. Stephanie

    No shock there.

    Everywhere we go, white will follow to disrupt and derail. That’s their task. That’s their only job in life.

  80. CourtneyH on said:

    @ Negress:

    If possible, could you do a post about “hipster racism” — white liberals who act like they can’t be racist because they’re liberals, but they’re just as racist as white conservatives? I used to peruse the website http://www.wsws.org, but I stopped last year because they are of the opinion that to discuss race and race relations is to play “racial identity politics.” This blog’s writers need to be exposed as the racist hypocrites that they are. Thanks!

  81. Tyrone,
    Have to disagree with one key point. You and men like you are their biggest fear and should be. Every time a black man gets it right, takes care of his,loves his queen and raises up his family. White America dies, their empire of lies crumbles a bit more. When good and godly black men become the light that they are were and was always meant to be it burns through the heart of whiteness killing it once and for all. No brothers you start infecting other black men and they all start doing better and focusing on blackness, and elevating that game over for whiteness. So, yeah you and your band of brothers are their biggest fear,threat, and what keeps them up at night. Cause you ain’t no sucka.

  82. honeytreebee on said:

    Negress, thank you for blocking this type of stuff on a routine bases. I look forward to your next post and a new discussion. I understand that every now and then it is important to cart out the devil, but always glad when he or she I s gone. Cause I think even with this they feed off of our energy. T hi s is another reason I tend to ignore them. Dealing with such toxic nonscence is draining. Would love to see you team post with Trojan Pam or Dr. Valentine or Nelly Fuller. Just a thought.

  83. anonymous on said:

    I am taking a chance here. I think that not too long ago there was an alert about WordPress and hacking activity, a virus or something of that nature. Since, I have started coming here I have had some problems. The first was that the security certificate was not from a trusted authority, the next was “unable to establish a secure connection, the next was unable to load page.” I am stubborn and I feel that it is a bit strange when it is information that is feared, there is a problem getting onto the page, blog, ect. I have had nothing but problems with G. Renegades sites, and again I get suspicious. I am able to listen to his archives. I would not be surprised if there is not something more to this than meets the eye. Funny how getting onto a website like this is problematic.

    To the individual who has the youtube vlog, and posted awhile back about someone saying they were watching them. There are people who will hack your computer, and are able to turn the mic and camera on and off. They will listen in and spy on individuals just for the fun of it. The government can do the same. So tape over your camera when not in use. Cell phones, given what permissions we give for app’s that we use, and also if the government wanted to, they can activate the phone even without the battery in it, and listen in to your conversations, the same can be done with your camera or video. Also, the new cable boxes?

    POC need safe spaces where they can dialogue with each other, and share information. People should respect that and not come into those spaces telling us what we should, and should not do.

    I’m on google right now, and I have decided that if I am that feared as a person, if the powers that be are that afraid of me…to hell with it! I am not going to live my life with the fear in the back of my mind that I am being watched. I figured from the beginning, that a blog like this would attract some kind of attention, or be monitored in some way. In the meantime, individuals, and organizations that they should be watching aren’t being watched, then they act really surprised when something like 911 happens, and when it is made public that they had been warned, act even more surprised. Sorry for the long post.

  84. Ms. J on said:

    @ emile

    Yeah, I know.

    I suggest people check out the book “Racism Without Racists” by Eduardo Bonilla-Silva. It’s literally a tell-all of the White code.

  85. Joe
    When will you get a life and realize that you will never change our minds.

    I am a high school student and yes, I do well in school for the most part and I happen to be Black. Not all Blacks are dumb, poor or on welfare. In fact there are more Whites on welfare than Blacks. All you are doing is using coded words to prove that you ”aren’t racist” when in fact, you feel that you are better than Blacks and other minorities, just like a typical White AmeriKKKlan does in his or her effort to look and sound better.

    I have dreams and aspiration and as a young Black woman, I find your post, offensive, degrading and very stereotypical. I am NOT on welfare and I don’t live in the inner city. I live in a nice area and I aspire to be a writer/journalist when I grow up. And please stop coming on here and insulting Blacks and using stereotypes to justify your racism and sense of superiority.

  86. Exactly. ***k this Texan White AmeriKKKlan 52 year old trashy male! Who cares what he thinks. I come on here to escape the White supremacist world for a few minutes to express my issues and struggles that I have living in racist White AmeriKKKlan. And no way in hell would I ever breed with a White male even if most of them are supposedly nice and friendly. I don’t want the blood and ancestry of criminals and racists in my children’s family history or blood ever!

  87. @ Courtney

    A post on white liberals? Hmmm…I think I may be able to whip that up. Especially if I work out my Obama angle into it.

  88. Negress
    ”Every once in a while, whites say something that blow me out of the water”

    In the racist small Southern town I live in, everyday or so I find something that Whites do that offend me or say something stupid out of the blue about Blacks and other minorities. And everyday they prove to me that MOST White AmeriKKKlans are racists.

  89. Exactly but you have to realize that most White AmeriKKKlans think like this White trash so called Texan White AmeriKKKlan male. They may come off as sincere and say all kinds of crap like that they don’t mind Blacks and bla bla bla. But deep down, Most White AmeriKKKlans unconsciously think that they are better than us Blacks and other minorities and they don’t realize it either. And they become so stuck in their ways of stereotyping minorities that they don’t self reflect and realize that stereotyping minorities is wrong and that everyone is equal.

  90. Exactly, that is how I feel too. ***k most of White AmeriKKKlan, ***k White AmeriKKKlan’s sick so called beauty standards and most of all, Blacks and Latinos need to combine and make our own businesses and not rely on Whites.

    We have so much potential and talent in our race and we don’t even realize it at all. Trust me, we would be a powerful force that can’t be reckon with if….only Blacks and Latinos got together and made their own businesses, Wall Street etc. Sad to say but internalized racism keeps us from uniting as a race.

  91. First of all, you are nothing to me , wake up and realize that me and other Blacks don’t want to hear your opinions on anything. You are a nobody to me.

    I am NOT on assistance or welfare. I am getting an education but I have seen the negative effects that White supremacy/racism has done to my people. And I have plans and aspirations to be an journalist to report the news.
    Second of all, you are insulting me. I am currently in high school and going to graduate next year, moron! Not all Blacks are poor OR uneducated. You are NOT better than me or any other minority. I am just sick of people like you coming off as ”sincere” when really you are insulting me and other Blacks to make yourself feel better.
    And yes, it is a White person’s nature to steal, kill and destroy, that has been proven by slavery, colonization, apartheid and the killing off of Native Americans. Are you stupid not to know the things your people committed in your past that hurt non Whites?

    Honestly get off of here and do some self reflection and realize that you are a racist and try and change your biased and prejudice beliefs about Blacks and other minorities.

  92. True. I don’t date White AmeriKKKlan men and I never will ever. I care too much about my race to ever do that.

  93. Yeah I feel the same way. I will go to another country if I have to, to get a good brotha. I don’t like white boys because they always act like we all look alike, and they don’t take the time to understand us. A couple yrs ago I was in the mall and this white boy was trying to holla and saying I look like beyonce, now i’m darker than beyonce and don’t have weave or have blonde hair. It’s like the only black celebrities they know are light skinned or mixed like beyonce, halle berry, zoe saladan, etc. Either they don’t know or don’t pay attention to dark skinned women like gabrielle union, ledisi, Kelly Rowland, india arie, etc. I mean at least try to compare me to a celebrity that is the same skin tone as me sheesh. When I was in second grade I had a white male friend and one day he kissed me[worst kiss and felt like kissing a wall thin lips yuck], then when summer break was over we had the same class and he told everyone that he kissed me. They mostly like us for experimentation and to brag and rub it in black men’s faces. I can’t stand them and REALLY can’t stand white women.

  94. All you said is valid. There are two WP log-in screens that lead to seemingly the same WP system. So, something IS going on with WP. They are making rapid changes to this system. But there also seems to be a mirror site. Maybe a back-up site. The problems are not only connected to Black consciousness sites. But the sites of ‘disobedient’ people may also experience extra ‘problems’. When I find the time I will write on what is behind some of all the monitoring. Know that ALL blogs are monitored and digitalized.
    No need to fear them, but every reason to be wise. Add at least one or two disobedient technology sites to your reader, and gain some understanding of this interactive tool. Know that the Internet is not ‘free’ space, it is ‘their’ tool. A living tool to retrieve our information, and provide us with as much empty babble as possible. Seba.

  95. I read the comments. I find it SO amusing that when Black ppl talk about not wanting to date outside of their race or wanting to preserve their bloodline, they’re met with criticism and condemnation: ‘You’re racist. Blah blah blah!’. But let an Asian, Caucasian or any other non Black group talk about the same thing and it’s okay. It’s understandable. Blacks are expected to be inclusive and loving of everyone. It’s really sickening.

  96. Good points but you have to realize that most White AmeriKKKlans fear and despise us and didn’t you realize that this Texan trashy White male was stereotyping us Blacks throughout the letter?

    He just wrote the letter to distract Blacks on this blog and make us listen to him not out of sincerity. He can’t be sincere because it is not in a White male’s nature to be sincere.

    And I am glad that you love and respect Black women, as a Black woman, I am proud of Black men like you.

  97. Yeah I noticed that too, I called those dummies out last yr on youtube on a vid where jill scott was saying she cringes when she sees interracial couples because of the history here. They are ok with Asians and latinos being together because they are whitewashed, its us that have been saying fight the power , and u know how much they despise ppl that go against them. That is the reason why they stay putting these biracials in black movie roles because they are trying to get to our subconscious mind that this is how we should look and a prediction of how they want us to be in the future. This is why they call Obama a black president when he has a white mother, they want us to accept it as the norm and see it as the future black race that really isn’t black that is their plan.

  98. honeytreebee on said:

    Don’t let them kiss you add not even in jest cause you’ll never get their lips off of it.

  99. darqbeauty on said:


  100. Pingback: Kemetix | The White Mindset

  101. You called it an “epiphany”, I called it an “IDIOT”

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