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They Live

I’ve been thinking for some time now whether or not I should write this post. I’ve been studying the Dogon Tribe of Mali and found them to be a fascinating tribe of Originals. I’ve kept this to myself partly for fear that you would think me mad. Demons exist on this planet in humanoid form. They look like us, talk like us, walk next to us, go to work with us and we have them as friends, neighbours and even lovers.

Every African text that I’ve ever read has told of forces beyond our comprehension. Spirits that walk with us, that look over us and even plot our destruction. These forces are currently in battle right here on Earth. I’d be lying if I said I knew exactly who or what they are but I do know that they exist. The whites on the top level of things, CIA, FBI, DARPA, etc…have know this for centuries! In fact, our past Zionist president Reagan has spoken tongue-in-cheek about “needing an outside threat to bring humanity together.”

All things have an energy. Even inanimate objects. And that energy can be manipulated. When you get angry, you release into your bloodstream a chemical called cortisol. Cortisol is dubbed The Stress Hormone because it “prepares” the body with a burst of sudden energy. While it is needed for balance, too much can lead to diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and heart failure. Do you really think it is a mere coincidence that this white dominated society puts an enormous amount of stress into the lives of all Originals on the planet? Do you think that whites are unaware of this fact? Cortisol, like all hormones, can be picked up by alternate forces. What I am about to tell you may shock you but it is the raw truth.

There are beings that inhabit this earth that feed, literally, off of your hormonal “scent.” Your aura attracts them and they feed, literally drink in, your melanin-rich chakras.

Whites are, perhaps, the most cunning beings on earth. They tell us in plain sight who and what they’re about in the form of entertainment and we applaud wildly and pay money to see our demise on the big screen. Stephen King, a Khazar, has been telling you for decades what’s here on earth and what’s coming. Please pause the video at 1:27 to see “Charles” suck the life force out of the victim.

I contacted the author of the video below to ask if it’s real and NOT photoshopped/ cropped/ altered. The answer I got both thrilled and terrified me. There are millions of these videos out there but this one caught my eye. I remember watching the second clip on CNN and seeing the reporter’s eyes “shift” and wondering if I imagined it. Then I found this video with the same clip. Remember my number one rule? There are NO coincidences. Judge for yourself.

Whatever you believe, there are millions of accounts out there of regular people telling and videotaping their experiences. Bill Cooper was murdered while Jordan Maxwell and Alex Jones are still alive and breathing. The question you need to ask is “why?”

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48 thoughts on “They Live

  1. A lot can be learned from Dogon or the “Original” as you have put it [I love that, by the way,]. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. You can never go wrong looking into this tribe who is in danger in right now as the French invades their lands under the guise of hunting terrorist.

    The outside influence is correct. I just watched a video the other day and in that video, they talked about the Archons and the reptilians and their influence over this planet. I have heard and read about these two groups for years now, and I have always felt that they were something to be concerned about.

    I think you maybe on to something and should have a look at both these groups.

  2. Jesus

    That’s why the French are there to begin with! What terrorist? They are not even interested in their oil and copper.

    All they want is to speak to the Shamans. Archons or the Nephilims are indeed real. Soon they will show themselves to us under the guise of “making things better” for this planet. Send me a link, please of the video you saw.

  3. THE ALCHEMIST on said:


    This video might not be relevant. I just wanted to share it. It shows how confused some of us are.

  4. Let’s face it, all other races on earth are here because of us. Black men and Black women are the progenitors and original race of men and women. Without us, other races wouldn’t exist.

    And White AmeriKKKlans need us in order to survive in this country. Trust me, they do.

  5. That video is extremely relevant.

    I hit play for 2 seconds and had to stop it. Reminds me of myself at a younger and more vulnerable age.

    The more I think about what kind of logic would drive someone to choose to act like that the more that I find myself agreeing with Truth in all of this being a metaphysical attack.

    I don’t think that brothers spirit is even present in those moments that are being filmed. It’s like when the “white switch” gets flipped on we’re being pulled away and distanced from ourselves in the most literal sense.

    Then when this behavior is brought out and into the open – like on YouTube we have our own people calling for this brother and many others to be “shot”, “slapped upside the head”. it all starts a cascade of even worse behavior.

    “Super Coon”, Mwalimu Baruti calling out brothers and sisters as “Negros, the problem that won’t go away”, Marimba calling out people as “political liabilities” (paraphrasing) those splits in our collective identity can only be healed with compassion for all black/Afrikan people.

  6. Alia on said:

    DOAN thank you for sharing. You seem to answer my questions that I have when I have them. I asked my husband recently(1 week ago) that if The creator is good and there is good in this universe, than I wonder what generates the evil in this world, what is the underlying source, being, energy, etc.
    Where can I learn more about the Dogon Tribe of Mali? I know Wikipedia is “peer written”, So I don’t want to start there.

  7. BTW DOAN the soap is AMAZING .. No prego dry skin and smells good.

  8. and Thank you for the samples! 🙂

  9. Alia

    Wiki is Jewish owned. Please ignore them. I’d search out links to the Dogon on the web written by black scholars. Also there are many videos on youtube about them and the nephilims.

    Booker T Coleman, Jewel Pookram and Phil Valentine all speak on the “others” that inhabit this planet. Also Credo Mutwa is an excellent source…plus he is a Shaman.

    I recently began to read Malachi Z. York’s work. Very interesting to say the least. As for answering your unasked questions…you and I are in sync 🙂

  10. Glad you enjoyed them! The Vanilla and Peppermint will calm your nerves before bed.

    Spread the word and get free bars! Support black business and “Sankofa” (Return and Fetch it)

  11. Umoja on said:

    I can’t stomach this. These are the negroes who must die along with the impending extinction that whites fear for their race of people. There are always casualties in war…..this is one of them most definitely. Everyone melanated IS NOT worthy of unity, friendship, brotherhood or sisterhood. He’s an utter disgrace to MalcolmX, Marcus Garvey, Dr. Amos Wilson, Dr. Henrik Clarke and all the great men and women who have fought, loved and died for our race of people and the whole African populous. They are turning over in their graves.
    If only a strong brother had walked in and gave him one good whallop!!
    He’s worst than a fool…..he’s what is called the minstrel house negro. Is this what has become of us. Please no!! I am going to definitely spend time meditating . This must not grow like the 4th stage of cancer it is. I’ve never in my life witness such complete and utter death of the consciousness and total betrayal of oneself and ones race of people.

  12. mstoogood4yall on said:

    WOw that guy is lost. Its sad he thinks if I say im a black man and not a ni@2r they will treat me as such. I wanna slap the sheit outta him {excuse my language} when he disrespected our ancestors like that. Does he not realize those people he is calling the n word are his ancestors. It is a sad day when black people will take their eternal issues and put it on display in front of white people and they laugh at him and he think they laughin with him. Notice how they called him a ni@@r and he said no im a black man, dummy don’t know that they view him as the n word. My head nearly exploded when he was saying our ancestors were dumb for being enslaved and that cave ho was agreeing with it. His parents should’ve did better with raising him, if he knew our ancestors story he wouldn’t be blaming them. he probably think black slaves didn’t do anything and didn’t try to escape and were too dumb to. This is what the school system does to our kids smdh. This is what intergration has gotten us some sellout, coonin black boys and girls, who will disrespect their own race to get a laugh or a pat on the back from the most flucked up destructive race on the planet. I’m so fed up with these sell outs. Dr dre gave millions to usc instead of a black college. Ll coon j making accidental racist. And these other dumb arse rappers. Black people are the most disrespect race and a lot of us can’t see it and will be so flucked up we think oh im better than the other blacks they are ni@@rs im not a Ni@@r im a black person. when this fool gets called a ni@@r he will either dimiss it like tiger woods or say no im a black man smh. Parents need step up and stop trying to be their friend and stop thinkin they can raise a boy without a man its getting hella pathetic.

  13. Sangoma on said:

    I felt my eyes begin to water (but no streaming tears) as I read this post. You are more than on point with there being an evil presence in our known universe. The demonic entities that move among us are a fact, not fiction. The “Originals” (melanated hue people) have next to no real working comprehension of what the hell we are truly dealing with, either out of long-standing ignorance and a deep-seated fear or because our memories have literally been wiped out and we are so mesmerized by these monstrosities that the brain computer will not allow access to the deep understanding of what we are dealing with. It is impossible for hundreds of years to elapse and the “Originals” continue to making the same mistakes over and over and over again in dealing with socio-psychopathic demonic incubi and succubi bent on siphoning our soul-force and our and our world’s destruction in whole or in part. I agree with you. Now what must we do to stop these things? One answer is to wake up, stop lying to ourselves.

    What I am clear about is this:


    These things hold a malicious intent towards us that most of us cannot imagine. And we in turn “love” them. Using the demonic entities definition of “love” we will never come out of the **it if we do not become sane enough to hate them for who they really are. Not a rabid, insane, diffuse hatred, but a contained, controlled, sane and mature focused hatred that any normal person should have for anything that is/was bent on you, your children, your Ancestors and your world’s destruction in whatever form the psychopathic demonic entities dictate. This is critical! They must be stopped …

  14. Umoja on said:

    You’re NOT out of your mind Negress. I agree totally. I’ve been researching this for some time now. According to John Shnider there are more than 9 different alien races here on planet Earth for various reasons. Many “people” are not what they appear to be. John Snider “mysteriously died” due to death by suicide for sharing his messages and experiences about his encounter with “the Grays” 30ft below the surface while he was employed with the U.S. govt’. There are many videos on YT about these subjects. Naga Kanyah’s channel is one of many along with the websites that she list on her channel. The info is extremely mindboggling. Here’s something that I’d like to share sent to me….

    ……they are trying desperately to feminize black men while encouraging black women to be masculine and become lesbians, date outside the race, or become glorified cutchie mama “fuc-anything” pedophiles.

    Believe it or not, both the brotherhood and the sisterhood secretly work together behind closed doors to sabotage heterosexual fidelity within the black community.

    **I learned about this via my dreams as I saw both the djinn spirits of the black woman’s sisterhood as well the black men’s brotherhood djinn spirits come after me, attacking me for the information I put out.

    **Many who are presenting themselves to us as black men or black women are actually agents, military intelligence, racist whites or jews, reptilian-djinn spirits, organic & synthetic robots, Elite Black Boule reptilian hybrids, and/or just plain sellouts.

    ** And YES, many who interact with us here on YT, Facebook, etc. are not even human. Since we are now in the 4th dimension, many that we interact with are not even human.

    **Example, there were individuals who posted comments on our channels a month or so ago using black/white duality symbols. ( watch for the black and white colors and symbols). They made snide remarks on my channel and even left hints that they could not only read our private conversations, but they even knew what I was doing in my house.

    **These are lower 4th dimensional Fallen djinn and reptilian spirits, and these are our real enemies.

    **Also, we have both succubus (sisterhood) and incubus (brotherhood) black pimp & hoe noble/elite type black conscious leaders who’s only intention is to pimp out the black community under their false “conscious” leadership.

    **They are also of the same fallen reptilian “Elite” bloodlines and/or victims of pedophilia trauma based mind control.

    **The matrix feeds on controlling feminine energy, misuse of masculine energy, pedophilia, and human sacrifice.

    I believe that people like Tommy Sotomayer, Raven Masterson aka Happy Hooker, etc. are under the COMPLETE mind control of the 4th Reich-Zionist Jewish Mafia. And, that they have had their programming done on military bases like China Lake, or the Catholic Church, Kingdom Halls of JWs, New Age Black Conscious underworld cults, etc.

    ** Such military projects specialize in sexually molesting, torturing, and traumatizing little babies to the point that their minds become fragmented. The Nazi type scientists of military intelligence are then able to control certain ones of their various alternate personalities.

    ** The military may successfully convert these mind alters into weaponized entities and sometimes even insert reptilian or djinn spirits into their guinea pigs.

    **The Pentagon even has a vaccination that can remove the human soul from one’s body. Once this happens, a reptilian/djinn spirit can take over a person’s body.

    **Then they turn them loose on the community to become remote controlled enemies of ethnic groups considered a threat to the NWO.

    **They are given a platform as famous activist/bloggers, etc. sponsored by corporate America like example, Sotomayer.

    TV shows like reality TV, World Star Hip Hop, etc. are outlets for the NWO Zionists to display the handy work of these 4th Reich Nazi Scientists like Dr. Drew, etc.

    They are effective in dividing our race into brotherhoods vs. sisterhoods because they use a technique called the Delphi Technique which is out of Tavistock CULT mind control strategies.

    So should one of their own black brethren or black sisteren show love or compassion to the opposite sex of their own race, they will be shunned as a traitor to their brethren or sisteren.

    Notice how in the black men’s brotherhood, the cult administrators are usually represented with military symbols and the administrators of the black woman’s sisterhoods are usually New Age Goddess superiority teachers with feminist propaganda.

    Neither the brotherhoods or sisterhoods promote black heterosexual fidelity, black heterosexual love, or compassion for the opposite sex within the black race.
    ( this is just a partial message sent to me and can give one an idea of how deep this rabbit hole truly is)

  15. THE ALCHEMIST on said:

    We all struggle with internalized racism. I just don’t understand how someone can be this gone. I think they are in a public place. He’s really cooning hard. He is throwing our dead ancestors under the bus and they can’t defend themselves.

  16. Sangoma

    Our genetic memory is being wiped out by the interracial agenda. why do you think they are pushing us to marry and spawn outside of our race?

    why do you think the black female is being attacked 24/7? why do you think there is poison food in our neighborhood? why do you think they’re poisoning the air?

    these things are being done to tarnish our genetic memory.

  17. Umoja on said:

    We are under many spells of manipulation and mind control that we are totally unaware of. Call me crazy if you like, but I perform “protection rituals” weekly throughout my home and for the whole African populous ( for those who are awakening if you will) and I’m constantly in a state of awareness, communication and meditation with Spirit. It’s going to get ugly, yes many will die…that is war. We will be victorious. Call me crazy again, but their are those from different planets fighting for us in this war. It’s metaphysical, mental, physical and emotional…the whole kit ‘n’ caboodle. Do not be discouraged!

  18. umoja

    Perhaps we should get back to the ancestors way of protection, eh? The militia, known as psyops, are in Haiti learning how toussaint defeated the French.

    They are In Ghana harassing the shamans. They are in the islands studying the Obeah man. What are we to do? I’m fresh out of ideas.

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  20. Umoja on said:

    They know that truth about them has made changes in peoples lives and the most powerful forum for truth to date has been Youtube and google. This is why the govt took over google and then google took over Youtube. Fact!

    Yes the attack is concerted on all fronts. But as we speak we are not only shaming the devil. We are also sending up a WITNESS into the ethers that are bearing witnesses of truth and condemnation of our enemies in the court of the highest realms. Do not think these beasts will get away with any of this. As long as we stand firm, tall, and keep blasting the truth and keep track of every injustice we send an account that is being recorded in the spirit realm where these KKKreature’s reality is first being destroyed and decomposed. We will soon see the physical effects of the total annihilation of THEIR systems, “civil” LIEzation, and paradigm. And all the black devils who lend their carbonated bodies to help them will be sucked into that coming hell too.

    We are going to see many things never seen before happening. Many of which will seem like fantasy. Stand firm in uprightness and truth and there is nothing to fear. These beasts are going to be dealt with by higher forces that can and will clean up this mess effectively.
    (O’k, I’m done)

  21. Umoja on said:

    Beloved, you know the answers, you’ve been told…..trust them. But, I’d advise you not to share such answers on this public form.

  22. Umoja on said:


    I sent him a telepathic wallop right in the kisser. He’s got some hard
    “n” moments that will wake him up soon on it’s way….or die with them. His choice. There are always casualties in war. War is always ugly…..Do not be discouraged.

  23. Will do! 🙂

  24. So right about everyone attacking black heterosexual love. How is it they call Jason Collins who came out as the first gay nba player, a hero ,but not Charles ramsey? No they look into his past and make fun of him. I believe men and women have masculine and feminine energy, but ours is imbalanced. Some black men are going around trying to act overly masculine or overly feminine. Notice how the gay black men on tv are usually extra flamboyant. Or the black women are portrayed as being extra masculine. We have some black men and women who are messed up, u have some black men going around wearing dresses, and some black women going around talking about they don’t need a man to raise kids with.
    We have taken on white people’s problems as our own. When the feminist movement happened some black women took up the cause and thought I need to be more independent, not realizing that we were already equal to our men whearas white women were the ones not equal to their men and couldn’t work. Now some black men are falling into the trap of thinking they need a white woman or that they need to control black women. Some are intimidated by a black woman with her own things because they have started thinking like the white man which is being afraid of a woman with power. They view a woman that challenges them to do better as a threat instead viewing her as motivation to want to do better. I say replace intimidation with motivation. They feel like they have to tear a woman down to make themselves feel more masculine, which is the white mans way.
    I do believe some of us have been taken over. Lil wayne for example his album has the title I am not a human being. That speaks volumes because now i’m seeing that he doesn’t act like a black person. No black person would disrespect their history the way he did. For the people that don’t know lil wayne made a verse about how he would beat a girls pus up like emitt till. No real black person would say that stuff.

  25. Umoja on said:

    For your information Fam, take heed. This info was made public, so here goes. I hope this helps Negress. This video might get flagged or removed from YT
    Dr. Phil Valentine….

  26. It is tiring and draining being here and having to deal with their mess. We need breaks even from the information we get that is for our own beterment and good. We get no rest no soiltude we are alway in hyper vigilant mode because they are always on the hunt and attack for us.

    Then we are called paranoid by our family, friend, and anyone else we share this type of information with. I say, “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean that they’re not after you.” Great posts I just discover Dr. Valentine and he is so right on about so many things. Like you say Negress there are no coidences.

  27. mstoogood4yall on said:

    that was a long vid but I watched all of it. That is nothing but truth, We are definitely going to be seeing a lot more craziness and restrictions in a couple years. Time is running out

  28. honeytreebee on said:

    A good place to start is by getting the books on Trojan Pams site. Just thought I’d throw that ut there.

  29. I have only watched the first 15 minutes, as that is my new limit for watching movies so my mind can process clearly. But already I am delighted. To hear the Metu/Medu Neter and Netcher was a nice treat. To hear her speak on clearing fraudulent debt was an even better treat. I have been writing on debt as a weapon in the past, and I might pick it up again. I look forward to the next 15 minutes. Ashe.

  30. Umoja on said:

    Get to the meat Beloved! lol When Dr. Phil Valentine speaks…at least the first hour. You can do it. lol Ashe’.

  31. Lol. I will in segments. Self-discipline is of the essence. I know this is going to be good, but I can keep greed in check. (Finally.) It is like the banana cake Negress showed the other day. Instead of eating the whole thing in one go… oh never mind. A cake I will still eat in one go. That is why I stopped eating them. I am ready for my next 15. Ashe.

  32. You are right on target. I know for sure that what you say IS the TRUTH. Last winter I was walking behind some people minding my business when I noticed that some of the people going pass I can see their breath, BUT the ones in front of me DIDN’T HAVE ANY BREATH coming out like the rest of us!!! When I realised what was happening, one of them several yards ahead Looked around AT ME as if she knew I KNEW! Also, one autum evening , a young African man was crossing the road to get to the Bus Shelter , I noticed because he crossed over in the traffic, but when he got to the Bus Shelter he was a short chubby white man!!!! When IT saw me, it looked puzzled but I pretend indifferrence, I don’t know how I got to where I was going! Then, one night a few years back, coming out a Mini-mart, this van had what looked like Dog- people in it with dark glasses, and when I went pass the look I got and the feelings of utter hate is still indescribale.
    I’ve also come across hostile what can only be described as Evil Children, they literally snarl, but are always with someone who always plays down the “thing”, now it’s NOT like the way a naughty child or misbehaved child does, no. It’s different. It’s like they growl low.

  33. C

    I’ve never seen one but I’ve felt one. And they do give off a strange aura.

  34. emile on said:

    Spirituality, in a good sense, is the best defense against any demons that are undoubtedly among us. That is why you can “pick up a vibe”, positive or negative, from certain individuals, even as passers-by. As Black people, it has been my conclusion that our whole comprehension of the need for positive, reaffirming spirituality has to be relearned and voided of any and every type of man-made religion (control and manipulation). After all, spirituality existed way before the madness of religion. Ever since “their” encounter with such, African spiritualism has been portrayed and characterized in the most negative light as much as possible for centuries thereafter, simply for one reason: to keep us from the truth. Truth, when revealed, is our ultimate source of empowerment. Remember that truth is light; light exposes and amplifies power exponentially; and light itself is energy. Even Voudon (more commonly called voodoo) has been perverted and infiltrated to look as “bad” for us. Its origins are in some ways similar to the Dogon Tribe, as are all African spiritualism, which gives honor, respect and reference to the Higher Power that ultimately controls the Universe, our existence and those things we have yet to become exposed (The Creator).

    There is definitely a lot we have to relearn about ourselves, our “true” Spirituality and the world in which we now live.

  35. I saw a vid on youtube a couple years ago and I wish I could find it again. I think it was about a guy speaking about the illumati at a meeting and this guy sitting behind him did NOT BLink the entire vid. It was creepy the vid was about 20 minutes and the guy guy did not blink not once. I do think there are beings among us who are not human but imposters. We were warned that evil will walk among us and that wolves would be disguised as sheep. If I find the vid I will post the link.

  36. mstoogood4yall on said:

    YEAAH I found it pay attention to the guy behind him he doesn’t blink and its a good vid.http://youtu.be/JhIUcH-JRG8

  37. Whites can’t live without Blacks, hence their obsession and fascination with us. They know this but don’t want to admit it. Blacks are the main progenitors of the human race. They wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for us. We don’t need them, they need us to survive especially when the world is getting browner and browner as well as AmeriKKKlan’s racial demographics. Besides Whites never made up the majority of the world’s population.

    We are the ones who made the inventions of the world not Whites. they stole it from us around the time of colonization and slavery and took credit for what Blacks had invented.

    Second of all, the real, authenic Israelites were Black Africans. There is a lot of evidence of this in the Bible.

    Third of all, AmeriKKKlan will fall soon but we don’t know when. It will be burned by fire like it said in Revelation. the Babylon in Revelation is AmeriKKKlan, trust me.

  38. nmaat433 on said:

    Peeking in ….of course, Negress has written a powerful post & this topic is illuminating. But I have to expand on what I believe is happening…fear is energy..THAT is what they feed on…and it’s also the only thing they have to offer…you cannot give what you do not have. I wanted to share the radio program below b/c Brotha Merk gives some really interesting info about entities that he believes ‘feed’ off of our collective energy…I have come to believe that ultimately, those in power, have in effect, made a deal with the proverbial ‘devil’–these entities..in exchange for wealth and power, we all are intentionally kept in a perpetual state of fear & these beings continue to feast…earth & by extension, the 3rd dimension, is the proverbial hell–I believe the biblical lucifer does have dominion here–but he is still operating under the auspices of the Universal Creator…I just think the narrative has never included the fact that no one is cosigned to this hell forever..we in fact, chose to come here so that the creator could learn more about himself/herself–and at any time, thru thought and spiritual growth and knowledge, we can all easily propel ourselves to ‘heaven’. The Creator is not going to send us anywhere, as we are simply extensions of HIM, where we cannot find our way back to HIM and his guidance and love.


  39. Well said

  40. What you say is true, I’ve been there and they are now tapping into the Lwa whilst opening up churchs like rashes in the Caribbean. The main Culprits are the mormons. You can no longer find Obeah Men or Shango Priestesses like of old in many islands like Trinidad. What Umoja say is true you can’t give out too much in public, if at all. Neanderthals love coming on to sites like these to get info.

  41. C

    That’s why I never reveal too much.

  42. Kushite Prince on said:

    “I can take care of this devil real simple,put a bullet in his temple!”
    Ice Cube

  43. emile on said:

    @ nmaat433:

    My list of podcasts in which to listen is already piled high (lol!)

    There is so much to learn/re-learn, and constructive/educational contributions such as given here are what helps all of us become less confused and more empowered.

    Thanks for the link; it’s greatly appreciated!

  44. Umoja

    I finally watched the entire video. That was wonderful. And right on point.

    Thanks again for the enlightenment.

  45. Ms. J on said:

    Speaking of podcasts, does anyone have any access to old Neely Fuller lectures? I know there are tons of interviews with him online, but I want to listen to his materials from 2008 and earlier.

    Thanks in advance!!

    I agree that our liberation will take us re-learning a lot of information. Otherwise, we’ll continue to suffer.

  46. Ms J

    Gus’ radio show has had a slew of issues but I think he’s now on blacktalkradio.com

    Please let me know if that link is ok. I too have trouble finding him at times.

  47. SugarKiss on said:


    So true. Earthly experience…but at the same time, we are being challenged to choose…as our access to spirituality is being hidden and attacked 24/7, the task remains special for us–blacks ORIGINATORS and keepers of Earth on this plane. I do not feel we can do our best at ascension if we do not address the cancer that is the white privileged/pillaging group consciousness.

    I am here, we are all, chosen to come here and work this through in the physical plane.

  48. Negress,

    I believe one of the primary reasons why they (whites) try so hard to keep us depressed/downtrodden is because they are the antithesis of the spiritual life force that we are. They are the devil’s minions, whose job is to spread chaos and destruction throughout the world.

    Negress, While anger is said to be a natural and healthy emotion, too much of it, along with depression, fretting, etc. can weaken us spiritually, making us more susceptible to their strong negative aura. They can smell those people whose spirit is weak or becoming weak and will target them, not because they fear them, but because they want to infect them with their evil, and they will target the strong for the sole purpose of destroying them.

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