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The Conversation We Need to Have Part 2

“If I were in charge of everything, like whites are…you know? I would never treat them the way they treat us.” That was the statement uttered by my friend, X. Her boyfriend, however, has expressed a Nat Turner-like revenge killing spree.

Then, a few of my commenters have expressed, quite openly, that “perhaps we would do the same things that whites have done. After all, who would want to give up their luxury and privilege?”

Dr. Muhammad was murdered because of his threat. What threat was that? The one J. Edgar Hoover was deathly afraid of: The Rise of the Black Messiah. I’ve sat long and hard about this controversial topic. I’ve discussed it privately and with all honestly, where do you draw the line between justice and revenge?

Are they one and the same?

Would God/Jah/Allah/Elohim/Yahweh/Amun-RA approve?

I wondered if I had the soul to do it.

May I let you in on a little secret the Holy Creator shared with me?

White people wonder that EVERY.DAMN.DAY. That is the root of their fear.

So what do you think?

If you, Blackman/Blackwoman had the power, the real power to do as you wished, would you treat whites the way that they have and CONTINUE to treat us?

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127 thoughts on “The Conversation We Need to Have Part 2

  1. Mickey on said:

    Well, I once saw Jane Elliott do this exercise on Oprah where she treated blue-eyed/other light-eyed White people the way POC are usually treated. She said that whenever she did this exercise, there would always be a White person who would turn to a Black person and say, “If you get power, aren’t you going to want to do to us what we have done to you?”

    She then turned to the audience and asked the POC, “How many of you want to get even with ALL Whites?”

    No one raised their hands or clapped (though if you listen closely, you will hear a few claps fromthe audience.)

    She then asked, “How many of you would like to get even with 1 or 2 Whites?” Much applause came.

    She then asked, “How many of you women would like to get even with ALL males?”

    No claps.

    She then asked, “How many of you women would like to get even with 6 or 7 of them?”

    Lots of claps.

    She went on to say that it is not about getting even it is about getting equity.

    Andrew Hacker, author of the book, “Two Worlds: Black & White – Separate, Hostile, & Unequal” exposed this little secret. He said that a White person would much rather be robbed by another Whote person, even if he lost more money, than be robbed by a Black person because if a Black person were to rob them, they are afraid that the Black person is going to take an extra minute and do something to them to pay back what White people have done to Black people. He says it’s guilt and that White people never like to think about that until something happens when they are face-to-face with an angry Black person.

  2. Sugarkiss on said:

    Good Morning, everyone! 🙂

    I wanted to leave this before I get to bed.
    I think this question is tricky because it is a reactive type question that you are asking century old victims of world-wide oppression. Revenge would be the first thought in a lot of people’s minds….

    But my opinion is based on the teachings of history. As a race of huemans, if we are not interested in rising up and causing world-wide theft, havoc, wars of all kinds in all places, blatant disrespect of the Earth and her endless resources, then why would we do it in a position of power? How many centuries have we interacted with whites/west only to be burned, tricked, misled, completely taken advantage of when we only present open (and often empty) arms?

    IMO, if given the opportunity to restore some earthy balance (which is ultimately what would happen if Y-T went away) we would choose to abide by universal laws.

    We would establish ourselves as originators and keepers of Earth and then stomp out only those who threaten or disrespect her.

    In doing this the fast way (complete annihilation of YT) or the slow way,
    (opportunity for their spiritual growth and change) I do believe whites would never stop trying to destroy and conquer because, as with them as well, historical truths do not lie and day after day I believe it is just IN them to be this way…

    So ultimately they would be the catalyst of their own extinction, either way.

    THEY put guns on our streets
    THEY put drugs in to our hands with the belief of fast money to dig ourselves of the societal trap they placed us in.
    THEY introduced alcohol and DISEASES to natives in many lands
    THEY never travel with intent on “coming in peace”

    Left completely ALONE and insulated, THEY would not last very long, either.

    Any outcome is fine, I personally don’t have it in me to just kill for the sake of killing like they do…

  3. Dave Peterson on said:

    Being a white male, in my 60’s, I have thought about this topic for a number of years. The fear of “retaliation” is on the list, but far down on the list. It applies mainly to older unrepentant racists, of which there are plenty.

    The single biggest fear that white people have is that they would loose their “place at the head of the table”. We, I, being white have to include myself, would loose all the preferential opportunity, treatment, and status which I have automatically been given due to the simple act of being born white. The loss, for most white people, of the social and economic preferential opportunity is terrorizing. Even poor white may some day find a way to “make it” and rise out of poverty, and because they are white, cannot otherwise empathize with others of color in a similar situation.

  4. Dave

    Even though I moderate my white commenters with a zeal to protect my family, I allowed your comments for one reason:

    You actually spoke the truth. I just want to say thank you for being honest.

  5. “If you, Blackman/Blackwoman had the power, the real power to do as you wished, would you treat whites the way that they have and CONTINUE to treat us?”

    To do as I wished?

    Put them out to pasture on a different planet, one with plenty of natural and renewable resources and a unique atmosphere that would never allow them to to ever develop any technology of any sort ever again, nor would it allow them to leave the planet or spread elsewhere by any means.

  6. You are right and I respect your opinions. Nice to hear a Caucasian person tell the truth.

  7. Perfect solution! but I guarantee that they would eventually destroy themselves.

  8. Good article. I doubt Blacks would treat Whites the way Whites with power have treated Blacks for centuries. First of all, us Black people have a heart and soul. Whites don’t lack heart and soul and that is way most of them lack empathy for people who get hurt. Second of all, Blacks wouldn’t need to rule so oppressively over Whites because Blacks are genetically and physically stronger than Whites. That has been proven by Science and research. Most of all, Whites fear that we will get back at them for all the bad things they have done to us in the past centuries.

    I maybe young but I am trying to understand the twisted psyche of White people. They are indeed a strange and complicated people. I don’t say this out of hatred(I don’t hate Whites but I don’t trust them) but mostly out of experience. Because of their twisted, complicated and immoral nature, most of them aren’t be to trusted. I am definitely for the progression and continuation of the Black race and that is why I will NOT marry a White man or breed with him.

  9. Gat Turner on said:

    I’ve already started treating them the way they treat us. Aloofness, funny stares when they are out of their own neighborhoods, despising them as a whole while allowing for individual exceptions. (I can’t be racist I have a friend who is white) LOL.

    But seriously, I remember listening to an interview about Ghandi before he was killed and the reporter was talking about America. He asked what was the black mans role in america…Ghandi’s answer was that the blackman’s role in america was to bring JUSTICE. Justice isn’t kind or nice. It’s not looking to spare anybody’s feelings or being excepting of everybody, all it is concerned with is righting the wrongs and restoring the balance by any means.

  10. Mickey on said:

    That’s funny that Ghandi said that considering that he held some racist views about Black people from his early South African beginnings, not to mention that he never stood up for the dark-skinned Indians in India.

  11. Umoja on said:

    One of the FEW white people to admit there is a such thing as “white privilege”; therefore global white supremacy/racism against Blacks. Yet, I do not admire you for admitting the truth, it’s easy to do so without a face and freedom from the fear of retaliation, threat or harm from other whites for doing so, given that the majority of the audience here are Black….it’s safe, I suppose….and even though you have admitted the truth, I know you will continue to maintain, support and practice white supremacy….never rejecting what your “whiteness” will offer you….and with apathy while you witness the treatment of Blacks via white supremacy. Thank you for expressing the truth though (grain of salt)….but, try it with your own and notice the denial , oblivion and even hostility.

    Just a thought….It appalls me to know that many whites hold high positions of employment and prestige with enormous pay, many obtaining close to 60,000 – 100,000 per year, yet lack a degree and credentials, yet many Blacks bust their buts to obtain a “good job” by obtaining degrees, experience and credentials, yet are systematically and intentionally denied and discriminated against even with a degree(s) and credentials. Yet, Blacks are deemed, “lazy”, “uneducated”, “welfare recipients”, and the like by the majority of whites….and those Blacks who do obtain high paying employment and prestige are systematically and intentionally harassed and tormented with constant covert/overt white supremacy tactics in order to demean and degrade their job performance and in the end push them out
    ….Dr. Christian Head, M.D., Head & Neck surgeon at the UCLA Medical Center comes to mind…a tenured Professor/Surgeon with distinguished credentials spanning three decades.

  12. Gat Turner on said:

    I found that ironic also, but hey even a broke clock is right twice a day!

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  14. emile on said:

    You made a poignant point on a previous post about the fact of whites not having a conscience. My personal opinion is that no, we not would not act in the same way that they have toward us (Black and non-white people) over MANY CENTURIES. Yes, there may be some exceptions where some white person gets the living crap beaten out of them or their head beaten down to the white meat. But it has been proven throughout history that we are not the same as “them”. We have the ultimate power of conscience. The most recent example of this would be that of Mr. Charles Ramsey, who could have taken full advantage of a dire situation and exploited the young white girl in multiple ways when she came to him for help. But did he do that? No. Why? Because as a Black man, he obviously stated through his comments that he had a conscience, meaning he totally comprehended that something was wrong when a young white girl runs to (instead of away from) a Black man for help. Now, had whites possessed the same intellectual capacity during their reign of terror, history would have wrought a completely different version than what has been recorded (and revised).

    The act of replacing injustice with justice requires unconditional, untried methods that even whites have, again, proven over and over to be totally incapable of carrying out, even on innumerable occasions when they had clear advantages and opportunities to do so. How many times have Black and non-white people given of themselves, their time, their patience, the resources and cultural expertise on approaching many types of unjust situations, only to have them discarded, supplanted or rejected out of white fears of losing something? What is that “something” that they fear losing? That can be best exemplified by the censored non-Black commentator you allowed on this post. Their “humanity elevator” has proven time immemorial to not go all the way up.

    Conscience and wholesome spirituality are our sources of power. It is the antithesis of how whites approach imbalance. This power is revealed through our capacity to be resilient every time we are conquered and set back. Current events are showing that their time is running out. All conditions of our global society’s status indicate this on every level. Every thing, every lie, every projection of white failure is being exposed. Justice is balance, harmony and congruency. The world is totally unbalanced. But instead of fearing our proposed retribution, they need to be fearful of a greater, more realistic event to come. I believe that The Creator will remedy any and every injustice committed against us in the most unpredictable and unconventional way, even when it seems as though nothing is happening. We have been brainwashed to believe that some entity is going to split the skies and reign fire and brimstone upon the Earth and all that other shit. Not happening. I believe corrections will occur in ways unimaginable.

  15. Bravo. love this post.

    I have been mistreated by whites same as everyone else here, but would not want to hurt them. Whites assume we want to get even with every last one of them but that is untrue, this is the reason they are against reparations because they assume it will mean every white person paying money to a black person. They say it was only a few rich whites who had slaves, well ok if it was just a few and that might not include your family why are you so upset? They have this fear of uncontrollable rage overtaking us and us killing everybody. Yall see how they did Dorner they posted million dollar reward and burned him alive.
    Its sad really because they pull this same ish with Obama, they say look he’s a black president and treat him as such, but a lot more blacks are starting to see him as a biracial president and not caring about us. He addresses every other communities issues[gays,women,latinos} but ours. Yet whites still treat him like he’s going to help just the blacks and will get revenge for us, not realizing their error that Obama isn’t a descendent of slaves.We are so he doesn’t understand or care. He has more in common with THEM than us, yet they cannot see it or accept it.

  16. emile on said:


    I first heard about Dr. Head on the C.O.W.S. As I was listening, I imagined how nauseated he must have been through witnessing this. This is the type of mean shit that they do to continually demean Black people, even when you’ve proven yourself beyond a shadow of doubt. But as karma creeps up in the future, I wonder how many the others who sat around sneering at this type of unprofessional, tasteless behavior, are going to feel when it happens to them? When their 6-7 figure income is vanquished through some career-destroying event? Not too many, as the suicide rate for whites has risen 49% since 1999 due to their incapability of dealing with financial loss, unemployment, etc., the same things in which Blacks have had an even greater loss.

    Dr. Head’s unfortunate experience is yet another lesson to me and reaffirms what Mr. Fuller has stated about the need for us to be less critical of other Black people because you never know what they may be dealing with, what traumatic personal experiences they have to deal with/are dealing with. To top it off, those who do maintain and overcome these types of experiences are truly strong individuals, considering the often-stated fact that no Black person qualifies for mental health care (Dr. Welsing).

  17. Umoja on said:

    I wouldn’t make slaves out of them. I do, unapologetically hope for their extinction. Sharing a planet, space with them?…..far too close. They’re genetically predators, killers, terrorist of all sorts and the psychopaths of the world. Enough is enough already. If not their extinction….complete and utter discrimination. Far away…..discrimination maxed out, I say….take a shuttle out to space for Pete’s sakes!!
    Discrimination towards all others, I say….not just whites. Yet,Whites are a species in a category alone…..uum, maybe…I’m noticing many others are and have been just as barbaric.
    Blacks just plum don’t realize the importance of discrimination… and the lack thereof is to our demise….. has been for centuries. It’s the discrimination; therefore unity practiced by all other races that has lead to their continued success and progress.

  18. Amarie on said:

    If you, Blackman/Blackwoman had the power, the real power to do as you wished, would you treat whites the way that they have and CONTINUE to treat us?

    No, first I would give them a warning to mind their business and leave me alone. That includes not talking to me and staying off my property. Also if you see me coming down the grocery aisle, move the hell out the way.

  19. If you, Blackman/Blackwoman had the power, the real power to do as you wished, would you treat whites the way that they have and CONTINUE to treat us?

    I don’t think we would treat them the same way…I personally would not treat them that way because of my conscience and the sympathetic heart that was given to me by my Creator. Also, the countless numbers of Black people that I’ve spoken to, all echoed the same sentiment (they just want to be left alone and treated fairly).

    As for drawing the line between justice and revenge…Well, we cannot fully obtain justice in a white supremacist society that relies and feeds off the racial injustice against Black folks, so for many Blacks, the only type of justice is REVENGE.

  20. Kushite Prince on said:

    I plead the 5th.lol

  21. Umoja on said:

    @ Emile….
    This Dr. is by far, NOT unique in his experience. There are tens of thousands of Blacks who have had and are experiencing the same on all levels of employment; yet gone unnoticed. Many are left to “go it alone”, unsupported and ignored by their Black employees/ employers ; it’s expected of whites to ignore this practice…hell, they’re supportive of it. Many Blacks quit under the pressure…the desired result. He’s chosen to go public. Bravo for him. Will it change things? I doubt it. Will he be rewarded? Probably, but not what he deserves.
    One of the many problems here….Blacks STILL don’t realize the importance of working for ourselves; creating jobs for ourselves, building for and with ourselves. (Dr. Claud Anderson) We are taught to get an education so we can obtain a “good job”; BUT with whites. Continuing their wealth, while fulfilling ones duties to suite their desires, including discriminating against ones own race of people. It is necessary for whites to practice white supremacy/discrimination at the work-place; Blacks are much more talented, intelligent , committed, inspirational and creative compared to Whites.
    It’s necessary that Blacks “light” is dimmed at all costs when employed with whites. Been there done that. I’ve had family members and friends who’ve experienced the same. Many have sued and won. Was it worth it? Very small win if you ask me….whites continue their discrimination/ white supremacy. Blacks are left to start all over again; hoping to be employed by yet another racist suspect, or stay at such jobs and “be quiet” like a good slave.
    All others who build and create jobs for their race of people don’t have high rates of discrimination or unemployment compared to Blacks.
    It’s isn’t because we are “lazy”, “don’t want to work”, ” uneducated”…..Lies!!
    We MUST create, support and build for ourselves….but that’s “racist” as many Blacks will say. O’k, keep succumbing to that propagated war tactic and the comical notion of a “utopia”, that NONE practice but Blacks. smh

  22. Crissjensen on said:

    @ Umoja, One of the FEW white people to admit there is a such thing as “white privilege”; therefore global white supremacy/racism against Blacks. Yet, I do not admire you for admitting the truth, it’s easy to do so without a face and freedom from the fear of retaliation, threat or harm from other whites for doing so, given that the majority of the audience here are Black….it’s safe, I suppose….and even though you have admitted the truth, I know you will continue to maintain, support and practice white supremacy….never rejecting what your “whiteness” will offer you….and with apathy while you witness the treatment of Blacks via white supremacy. Thank you for expressing the truth though (grain of salt)….but, try it with your own and notice the denial , oblivion and even hostility.

    Me: Thank you! for saying that, and i agree, with every word.

  23. No I don’t want to get even.. I remember my grandfather would always tell me stories of how badly he was treated in the 30’s and up.. It made me cry that our ancestors have been through so much pain… But even still I don’t want to get even … I dream to live Ina peaceful world with my people, my family, and to be left the hell alone and just let the universe have its natural balance. I believe that The creator isn’t for gettin even, but rather have us learn from our past , move forward, and love our melinated family as should be done.. And gone are the days that the non-melinated rip up the earth, pollute the air and soil all for greed… Gone are the days they have control over the nature and destroy it.. Just simple peace and leave us and our universe ALONE!

  24. I cannot watch Khalid for too long, because I will find myself chanting along after 15 minutes! Kill them all! Aaaargggghhh! He knows how to cast a spell. So, what should be the final solution? I am not for becoming a murderer and lose connection with my soul, but I do consider myself a warrior. I am all for a separate island to dump these defaulting beings on. They are like kryptonite to us. The problem is that their sick master minds are hiding. How to get them out of their mansions, caves and tunnels?

  25. @ Adeen,

    Well Said!

  26. Umoja on said:

    I think the majority of Blacks would not seek revenge because of their religious beliefs; most taught this…. past down generation after generation…originated and taught via our historical captors…..Whites. Blacks guilt ridden and fearful if desiring “revenge”. Whites do not live by this AT ALL. It’s one of those “spells”.
    It keeps us “in line” for the sake of benefiting whites….who KNOW full well they would deserve all “revenge”. Revenge….a clever replacement for justice as far as I’m concerned. If it weren’t true; there would be no need for the Judicial systems. Why is the Judicial Systems called “justice systems” and not “revenge systems”? They’re one in the same; yet both words are cleverly chosen to suite the circumstances and those involved.
    We’d all “forgive and forget” if justice was not necessary, right?….wait on karma or the Lord? Total victimhood as far as I’m concerned…..which benefits whites. Blacks have been waiting the Lord for centuries. If we’re still waiting on “karma” and the Lord…..it sure as hell is loooong coming, many of us will be dead and gone. It’s a total mind job.
    I believe, yes, many things we’re to give to Spirit to handle; those things that are too big, but many things , I believe we should use wisdom and intellect….and pick up a bat and go to war. (figuratively) Isn’t “justice” balancing the scales of a wrong, righting a wrong? Well, I’m all for “revenge”. Not only is it healthy and intelligent, it is wise….one’s soul will press for justice….”revenge”. We are to be made whole. Our Spirit will have it no other way. Many ignore the voice and pressing of the Spirit….which never lies, and one will pay dearly if one continues to ignore the pressing and nudgings of the Spirit. Time does not heal…yet another spell.

  27. mswanda on said:

    White people don’t feel guilty for anything. There is no such thing as white guilt.

  28. Your Highness


  29. Kuras on said:

    ” I personally don’t have it in me to just kill for the sake of killing like they do…” This entirely, I would never be able to face my creator if I ever killed or abused anyone simply because I had to power to.

  30. Umoja on said:

    “How to get them out of their mansions, caves and tunnels?”
    Just send someone Black to their caves, mansions and tunnels; that’ll drawn them out each time. Works all the time. Or, if we dare start to unite, that’ll draw them out also. Aaarggghh!!

  31. I told this to someone the other day and methinks it will always be true, of course.

    If you take a look at Black on white violence in this country and in turn take a look at white on Black violence in this country, your only conclusion can be that we were and are terrorized. They will come on talk shows and protest about how Black mobs are running roughshod over white people in the streets. Okay, that happen a few times last year, but like I said do some research. They had mobs coming into our homes so often they would bump into each other (a bit of an exaggeration). And that lasted for hundreds of years and some will argue that it still happens.

    The fact remains; if the tides turn or even if the tide had been different, we don’t have it in us to treat people the way we have been treated and are treated.

    We suffer in all manner of ways by this treatment. Case in point; My latest story has gotten the attention of some publisher who want to take it further. I said no, I don’t trust you. Could I have missed out on something because my abuse has made me crazy and sheltered? I don’t know, but I feel like I did the right thing, but maybe I missed my chance to win an Oscar one day.

    Another thought provoker Truth.

  32. There is an old saying my grand pa used to say in situations like this. You don’t kick shit not because you are afraid of it, but because you don’t want shit on your shoes. No, getting some kind of revenge on WP is not something to waste time with. That said making sure this ish never happened ever again would top the list. To dedicate a guard of sort to this cause yes.

    Since, putting all WP on another planet is not gonna happen. I would say have them and those that want to be with them stay in Europe and devise a plan to keep them there away from us since contact with them is never a good thing for the collectives of others. This wouldn’t solve all of our problems, but would give us the break and big chance to do so.

  33. Umoja on said:

    I was watching the show called, ” Taboo”, last week. I was in awe to see that there were two white females who resorted to live in a cave away from civilization due to the fact that they said the atmosphere “bothers” them now…..go figure. It would be nice if the atmosphere “bothered” the whole populous of whites so they can go back to where they came from….that might be the answer…..just say’in.

  34. mary burrell on said:

    I respect Dave Peterson for telling the truth. Most white people will never admit what he just said. And kudos to Umoja for for the Dr. Christian Head Youtube. Sister Negress, Don’t you remember me sharing this last year about the UCLA incident with this distinguished gentlemen? His peers and colleeges portrayed him as an ape. I was so disgusted. This is a distinguished gentleman and scholar. An oncologist. And these bastards humiliated this man in this manner. It doesn’t matter how much one accomplishes. They still thought to call him an ape. And he is going to file a lawsuit against UCLA. And don’t you know they didn’t think what they did was wrong. Whiteness as Brotha Wolf says is one hell of a drug.

  35. Gat Turner on said:

    Ah, religion! Napoleon said “religion is what keeps poor people from murdering rich people”, but I think it also applies to us. But this same religion has a character named Sampson who killed a rack of philistine with the jawbone of an ass. Now, I don’t know what the philistines did to the Hebrews to deserve this, but I’d bet my next paycheck it pales in comparison to the Maafa!

  36. Umoja on said:


    Thank you. Sorry guys, truth is a given. It’s reminds me?…. when people praise a man for caring and providing for his children, he’s suppose to do so…yet I do understand the gratitude, given that he went against one of the main rules of white supremacy…..keep the truth hidden, denial…especially with those targeted. Still no kudos, he’ll continue on practicing, maintaining and supporting white supremacy. Knowledge is a no-thing if not applied
    ….BUT, I do give him kudos for sharing the very thoughts and observations that many of us have been voicing for years….which many whites, think we’re paranoid, making it all up….or somehow relying on excuses for the state of Blacks by blaming “whitey” for no reason at all….or not ,”letting go of the past” ..as though the past (white supremacy/racism) has been removed and no longer exist…..denial. smh

  37. mary burrell on said:

    Vengence belongs to the Most High he will repay. I can’t be an animal like them.

  38. @Gat Turner
    ”Ghandi’s answer was that the blackman’s role in america was to bring JUSTICE. Justice isn’t kind or nice. It’s not looking to spare anybody’s feelings or being excepting of everybody, all it is concerned with is righting the wrongs and restoring the balance by any means”

    Well said and you have a great point. I have had Whites give me funny looks and aloofness for too long because of the color of my skin. So sick of it but because of my nature, I try to be nice to everyone. I don’t know if I should continue that with the racist atmosphere of AmeriKKKlan.

  39. ”The most recent example of this would be that of Mr. Charles Ramsey, who could have taken full advantage of a dire situation and exploited the young white girl in multiple ways when she came to him for help. But did he do that? No. Why? Because as a Black man, he obviously stated through his comments that he had a conscience, meaning he totally comprehended that something was wrong when a young white girl runs to (instead of away from) a Black man for help. Now, had whites possessed the same intellectual capacity during their reign of terror, history would have wrought a completely different version than what has been recorded (and revised). ”

    Exactly, that is what I mean. Whites have no conscience or a heart to empathy with people in pain, physically or mentally. I am not saying this out of hatred but experience although I don’t trust most Whites.

  40. No I wouldn’t as a Black woman, I actually have a heart and soul to empathy with people in pain and help them out in many ways unlike most White woman or a White man. I wouldn’t treat them the way they treat me and other people of color because I see them as people but sadly most Whites don’t even see us as fully human or important enough to care.

  41. Ah well, I wouldn’t get revenge on White AmeriKKKlans because they are already getting their vengeance already. Look at 9/11, the economic meltdown of this country etc, AmeriKKKlan is going down the drain and part of it is because of the sins of White AmeriKKKlan is catching up to them and biting them in the back. God doesn’t like ugly and White AmeriKKKlan will even get more vengeance as the decades go on. Live it I God’s hands!

  42. Most White AmeriKKKlans are racists, I am not surprised at the incident at UCLA. That is the typical nature of MOST White AmeriKKKlans: racism, immoral character, lack of empathy for other people’s feelings, biggest pedophiles, criminals, rapists etc. Most White AmeriKKKlans see us as apes and that is the truth.

    Yes I do respect Dave Petersen for telling the truth. He is one of the few respectful White males in AmeriKKKlan. Funny because I usually can’t stand White males.

  43. Ms. J on said:


    I agree with you! I’m tired of the term “White guilt” and think it’s a serious trope. RWS is a job that many enjoy. Otherwise, it wouldn’t exist.

  44. Ms. J on said:

    @Sugarkiss and Kuras

    I agree. I have ZERO interest in doing what White people have done to us.
    The time and energy that they spent practicing injustice needs to be stopped, and our people need to make justice the dominant culture. Just like it was in the past.


  45. Ms. J on said:

    Hi Everyone,

    I find it so intriguing how most of us commenters say we wouldn’t mistreat White people like they’ve mistreated us, yet Whites STILL have a serious fear of Black people ending their system. Even with all their weapons, oppressive systems, and mass confusion, our rising consciousness scares the crap out of them.

    But most of us just want peace and justice, which are good and morally right. If this is the case, then WHY are White people so scared of a better world? Could it be that they’re naturally unjust and warlike?

  46. darqbeauty on said:

    Let the Most High deal out The Final Solution to the Caucasoid problem. I just want them to go AWAY already.

  47. Ms. J on said:

    But I think one thing we Black people need to work on is our anti-Blackness. Many of us are so quick to attack each other and don’t understand that RWS are at the root of our Black-on-Black conflict. I think fixing this would cause a screeching halt to this system big time. And of course, Whites would be scared by that too.

  48. Mickey on said:

    Speaking of religion, spiritual warfare is one of the things that keep Blacks in check. Someone once said, “When the White man went to Africa, the Black man had the land and the White man had the bible. The White man told the Black man to put on some clothes, get on his knees and pray. When he opened his eyes, the White man had the land and the Black man had the bible.”

    There are many types of warfare waged against Blacks – Spiritual, Economic, Medical, & Prison Industrial. Blacks have to wake the fuck up before it’s too late, although it may be already to late for some.

  49. mstoogood4yall on said:

    Not trying to offend anyone but anyone else notice on youtube and other websites that when a white person does something or says something blacks have already known ,people praise them more. I go to youtube vids on natural hair and its always a white person on there saying ” I’m white and I like yall’s hair you can do so much with it and its beautiful” then that person has a lot of thumbs up, while the other black commenters who said some positive things get 2 thumbs up.
    Its like a lot of us are stuck on finally a white person gets it Oh happy day,when whitey washed my sins away, Oh happy day we can rejoice and be glad a white person has attempted to understand our struggles. Now I understand why umar Johnson said he doesn’t allow white people into his organization because black people will automatically run to that white person and listen to them and look to them for leadership, because we have been conditioned to. I don’t know why a lot of us do that is it because we are brainwashed to be so grateful when a white person acknowledges us. Or is it because we just want to be welcoming and provide good reinforcement to the ones who seem to get it?

  50. I agree, we have to wake the fuck up before it’s too late, but mental slavery is one of the biggest warfare they waged against us, and one of the hardest to win.

  51. White AmeriKKKlans are scared of losing White privilege and being on top of everybody else, that is why.

  52. If I could I would return every moment of torture and pain visited upon us from them a thousand fold. And enjoy it

  53. EyesWideOpen on said:

    I agree as well. Time and time again the actions and words of caucanderthals have exposed them for the psychopaths that they are. Psychopaths don’t feel compassion, remorse or guilt.

    “White guilt” is a laughable oxymoron. Yet another example of their lying, deceitful nature trying to make us believe that they’re not like their nasty, evil predecessors.

    Right. I’m still waiting for one of them to explain when, where and how this mass, collective awakening and change occurred.

  54. Umoja on said:

    Ditto. I gave him kudos for sharing those thoughts that we’ve been voicing for generations, but not for speaking the truth. Truth is a given. Yet, now that I think about it, he’s not deserving of kudos for sharing those thoughts that we’ve been voicing for years either. Why? I believe many whites know that there is racism/white supremacy and plum don’t care….because it benefits them….AND, Mr. Dave will continue to practice, maintain and support white supremacy. No kudos.
    Sorry, people, not to offend, but I wouldn’t join or work with many here for the progress of Blacks, because I feel many of you would invite a white person in because, “he’s nice” or ”he’s not racist and he cares”. The importance of discrimination/unity is not realized…..to our demise…..as Dr. Claud Anderson has been voicing for years. There’s NOT ONE Black organization that does any good for Blacks, because Blacks have allowed “nice and understanding” Whites in…..now corrupted and geared toward the goals and desires of Whites; while appeasing Blacks. Leniency and desiring the approval of Whites has corrupted and thwarted progress. Has anyone asked why do whites desire to join, yet no other race of people desire membership? Smh
    I remember on YT how a white man was voicing the things that he likes about Black women and he was seeking Black women for dating; Black women responded, ” I love you, thank you” , while not realizing that he was advertising for a sexual toilet!!….and to fulfill his sick curiosity of sleeping with a Black woman….he even threw in a little slang to appeal to Black women. Excuse me, but when someone is “nice” to us/you…..it’s a given! People are suppose to be nice to you!!
    It annoys the shit out of me when white people say anything “good” about Blacks or anything of admiration, Blacks get so dam happy….ready to invite them over for dinner!!…..ready to break bread with them. Isn’t this how we’re getting our asses kicked, both now and in the past; isn’t this how many civilizations got their asses kicked and met their death!! Still don’t recognize who and what are enemies are.

    If Blacks say anything “good” towards each other, it’s not an invite for dinner. Smh. It’s what I call, seeking the approval and acceptance of whites. The Slave Stockholm Syndrome; which includes , “waiting on the Lord, Most High”. Our ancestors were taught by their captors—Whites, to “wait on the Lord”…..for 250 years!!! …who never came. The Reconstruction era, “wait on the Lord”, …the Jim Crow era, “wait on the Lord”, the Civil Rights era, “wait on the Lord”, and now, “wait on the Lord”. It’s slave mentality maxed out. Period. There is no need to “wait on the Lord”.
    We’ve already been told and warned by God/The Most High what to do. We have what is needed NOW, we know what needs to be done…..UNITY, and building for our own and ourselves!!! Collective Black capital, creating jobs for ourselves and each other, depending on each other, economic growth, strong Black families and communities ,ect, ect.
    All others are doing and have been practicing this for decades and are successful…..but Blacks are “waiting on the Lord”. Smdh. We are now locked in as Dr. Claud Anderson said, at the bottom of the totem pole…..waiting on the Lord. Still refusing to THINK, refusing to build together, refusing to UNITE, refusing to pool our money together, refusing to build strong Black families and communities….ect, ect, ect..
    FYI…Amerikklan is falling, yet Blacks don’t realize, SO ARE WE….both here and abroad….globally. More than any race of people on the planet. There has been zero progress for decades. “God don’t like ugly”….I beg to differ. Maybe not, but “bad” has been going on for centuries with Blacks. We KNOW exactly what to do, we’ve been told….we’ve witness the success of others, we’ve witness and know what makes them successful as a race of people…..UNITY, building for themselves and each other collectively….. yet we refuse. Prey…waiting on the Lord….and much compassion for our present / historical enemies. It’s sickening.

    They need to be wiped off the planet. Period. They sure are wiping us off the dam planet and have been for centuries with impunity…AIDS, Ebola, manufactured wars, bogus incarcerations, “accidental, mysterious” deaths throughout the States, and the list goes on. smdh

  55. honeytreebee on said:

    Y’all I was over a friends house and she happened to be watching the news and this is what i saw. Could it be that this is what they are afraid of? That we will all finally lose it and take matters into our own hands feeling like there is nothing worth living for and nothing left to lose.

    Listen to how the reported sounds all shaken up and now they are calling meetings over one event. You can hear the man holding the meat cleaver and knife apologizing for women witnessing such raw violence. I know this is kinda off subject, but what do you think. I mean it does relate to the clip at the beginning of this post. Wow, I was just talking to her about this and not even five minutes passes and this shows up.

    This is a shame on so many levels. We need our black men yet, not being able to protect their own and having to witness violence, ultra violent white supremacy march into every black nation on earth is becoming too much for some to handle. This man has on what appears to be a wedding ring maybe. If, he is married is his wife still alive what happened, what was it that made the man and the other man not see say I had about enough. And throw so much away.

    Malcolm and others warned about this. The white man on the post I wonder if, and when he sees this if, this will not man his blood run cold and give his and his nightmares. I mean they found a soldier not a regular WP on the street cause he was dressed up in uniform and the word is they hit him with a car and them, proceeded to hack him to death and took off his head. All in day light and those that got in the way or tried to stop it were dealt with.

    These men do not understand that this will not even put a dent in white supremacy and this may seal their families fate. These WP won’t stop destroying their home land and peoples over a few incidents this will not change them. It is tragic and this had never need happen…

  56. I agree with you. Why isn’t this ‘white male’ telling his kind that? Does he think telling us what we already know and what he may think we want to hear, is somewhat benefiting? Maybe to him. One thing about Caucasians is that they’re very slick. They can dress up that ‘we’re not the same’ argument in so many words so those who he is trying to talk to doesn’t get that he has an agenda. He must assume that by coming here and acting as if ‘he gets it’, we’re supposed to have a sudden difference of opinion. ‘Well, my god! They’re not all THAT bad!’ Pftt. Whatever.

  57. If I had the power to do unto them what they’ve done to our kind?
    Yes. And more. I’d straight wipe them off of this planet. Just a nice, quick sweep.

  58. Leviqueen on said:

    After seeing how much hell Esau has perpetuated on blacks and killed so many people out of pure envy, rage, anger, self-hate and greed, yes revenge would be an order. Because they are so a menace to society, anti-peace and extremely insecure they would need to be eradicated from this world and good riddance!!!

  59. Leviqueen on said:

    Amen!! I’ll hold the dust pan!

  60. Ms J

    That fear comes from a deeply rooted fear called Karmic Justice. It goes way beyond the physical.

  61. MsTooGood

    Many of us are still looking for our white “parents” for approval. Some of us need that as validation that we are “worth something.”

  62. Mzchoco and Leviqueen

    Where do you draw the line between justice and revenge?

  63. Miss Mary

    Yes I do remember you sharing this story.

  64. Umoja on said:

    @ mzchocosensualhedbob

    Very FEW whites express the truth about racism/white supremacy with each other….yet they practice, maintain and support it collectively. It’s a silent code that they share in order to maintain white supremacy. Don’t talk about it. Yet, once again, FEW will admit it’s existence…. yet with Blacks. I don’t get that. It’s as though they think they’ll get “brownie points” from Blacks or by appeasing Blacks by way of agreeing with Blacks and for once in their lives , “doing the right thing” by telling the truth. As, I’ve said before….truth is a given.

    I think it’s cowardly. It’s no use to us. If they’re (whites) are sincere in their efforts, they’d address white supremacy/racism to THEIR race of people….who are the creators and benefactors of white supremacy/racism. Who support, maintain and practice white supremacy/racism. It is their responsibility, their creation. He’ll continue on his practice of white supremacy/ racism ….and apathy. Yet get his guilt freed up a little by telling/agreeing with us about racism/white supremacy….then go out and perpetuate and practice the same.

  65. Mickey on said:

    I read on another website this gem about the subject of Whites and privilege:

    “I have a choice: I can be white — that is, I can refuse to challenge white supremacy or centrality — or I can be a human being. I can rest comfortably in the privileges that come with being white, or I can struggle to be fully human. But I can’t do both. Though the work is difficult, the choice for those of us who are white should be easy.”

    ~ Dr. Robert Jensen

    In science, a law is an “analytic statement”. While a theory can contain laws or be inferred from a law/laws, a law is a law is a law…until proven otherwise.

    Formerly known as “Jensen’s Theory of White Fears”, Jensen’s Law is an homage to Dr. Robert Jensen, a professor of journalism at the University of Texas in Austin. In his article “What White People Fear”, he sheds light upon four core fears of white people (namely white Americans). These four main fears are the Tenets of Jensen’s Law.

    The First Tenet: Some of What White People Have is Unearned

    Racism is a social construct with no biological basis in fact. It is an unnatural system devised by people, maintained by people, all for the benefit of some and the detriment of others. The exclusive nature of racism is deliberate. The cost to those it excludes is deliberate. The benefit to those it favors is deliberate.

    In America, racism works in favors of whites, to the detriment of everyone else. The roots of this racism are in genocide and slavery: the taking of one people’s land, and using someone else to build upon it. Thus what many white people take pride in and feel self-satisfied over, is actually accredited to someone else.

    The Second Tenet: To Whites, Equality = Loss of What They Have

    Whites are not comfortable with level playing fields. They are not comfortable with being challenged by others, or competing without preferential treatment. The moment they lose exalted status, they feel as though they’ve “lost” and that someone else has taken what’s rightfully theirs. And in the white mind, everything is theirs, including other people.

    In other words, they consider the socioeconomic advancement of people of color to be racism against whites.

    The Third Tenet: Fear of Whites Being Inherently Evil

    The greatest atrocities in human history are often ascribed to those of European descent, whether they were committed against people of color or even people of their own skintone. It is difficult for modern whites to look through their ancestry and not see centuries of conquest, colonization, exploitation and the most inhuman forms of slavery.

    This creates fear for many whites as they inevitably become a minority. Many worry that the descendants of those who were exploited, tortured, colonized, displaced, and enslaved will seek vengeance and repay whites in kind.

    Another, less spoken fear is that people of color will not repay whites in kind, thereby setting the “evil white” legacy/stereotype in stone. Long after they are gone, how will an all-color human species remember them and portray them in the history books? And are they “declining” because Nature itself decided to breed them out? And if so, was/is it because they were born flawed?

    And if not…what prevented them from peacefully coexisting amongst themselves and with others? Or even after the atrocities were committed, what made them unable to reject privilege and resist fleeing responsibility?

    The Fourth Tenet: Inability to Relate to Fellow Human Beings

    Humans internalize what they are exposed to, whether they choose to or not. Treating people of color as less than human was the norm in America for centuries. Some laws being passed over the course of 150 years did not (and cannot) radically change centuries of ingrained thinking passed down through the generations, mutating and self-preserving. Whether they think they are being humorous or not, most whites have difficulty communicating with people of color. When confronted, they tend to shift the blame onto people of color, thereby refusing to face the fact that they themselves have a distorted view of fellow human beings, and have lost the ability to communicate…like normal human beings.

  66. Tyrone on said:


    This is not rocket science black people, if whitemen want to avoid the fate of the British soldier that was hacked to death by a black muslim and his partner in crime, they would stop the madness. The incident in London is a vivid example of what whitemen have always feared…black anger coming back to haunt them. I don’t condone violence, but, if whitemen continue to play the same bs games…my sympathy goes out the window. Whites can’t say that black folks haven’t given them a chance to redeem themselves. I treat whites with respect, i’ve never disrespected a white person on this planet, not even once. My anger and frustration stays on the inside, but, the fire still burns. At this time, i don’t see whites changing for the better. They’ve had more than enuf time to right their sinking ship. Being angry with them is not the solution, understanding their mindset is the key. All of this nonsense is a mental game. They kick our behinds because we lack knowledge of self, which is our greatest downfall as a people. As a blackman, my belief system is set in stone, Tyrone will never bow to “The System.”


  67. Ty

    The example of what happened in Britain is just the tip of the iceberg. When we are no longer under their spell, we exact justice where justice is due.

  68. Honeytreebee

    I’m sure white brits are running scared.

  69. Tyrone on said:


    If the incident in London doesn’t scare them straight, they should expect more of that to come in the future. An angry blackman with nothing to lose is deadly venom. Whites assume that whitewashed blackmen will protect them, Not So! The OJ crowd should be concerned as well, Why? Racist whites have always used sellout blackmen and blackwomen as a buffer between them and “The People.” Oprah Winfrey and Wendy Williams can’t do jack for them when the s**t hits the fan…Real Talk! Not trying to scare folk, just being brutally honest. Our people are not gonna tolerate the bs forever, they need to understand this.


  70. I think it’s a PsyOp.

  71. Umoja on said:

    @ Mickey….

    “In other words, they consider the socioeconomic advancement of people of color to be racism against whites”

    Agreed! It has been countless times when I’ve promoted unity with our own race of people, excluding all others, yet it has been ONLY Whites who deem this, “anti-white” and “racist”. Yet ALL others practice unity with their own race of people, including Whites and it is never deemed, “racist” or “anti-white”….yet, ironically… admired, supported and respected.
    Whites KNOW if only Blacks were to unify globally and internally, we would be a stronghold, a strong nation of wealth, commerce, land and resources….above and beyond all others for centuries to come… including above and beyond China. White supremacy would be no more. This is their greatest fear and threat….and the reason why unity within the global African populous, both here and abroad is considered a national threat—-U.S. Memorandum 200 ( still in effect). Which states that ALL unity and progress within and abroad, are to be thwarted and corrupted. All those who make such effort to do so…are to be killed, killed by “suicide” or “mysteriously” killed. Nothing that we witness/ experience is coincidental, yet, designed and manufactured….by whites and those Blacks who trade individual power and fleeting gratification for the progress, unification and success for their own race of people. With such power, they fear we would have, “the chickens coming home to roost.” They know full well, they’d be deserving for those chickens roosting, yet …they continue on with their horrific system. They’ve had centuries to make amends….change this system. I have no pity for them. They’ve made their choice consciously.

    “…..that someone else has taken what’s rightfully theirs. And in the white mind, everything is theirs, including other people.”

    Agreed! Whites feel it their right to control and capitalize on Black minds, Black bodies and Black life. If we dare promote and practice African Agency…who we are, it is deemed, ” racist” and “anti-white”. Whites have capitalized on what is “right” and acceptable according to European standards. All others, especially “Black” are rejected….language, religion, customs, cultures, holidays, foods, dress, ect…including, sex. All sexual deviances deemed, the European way, deemed, “correct and acceptable” in the minds of Whites. Promoted and propagated fiercely.
    Black bodies? Whites have always deemed Black bodies to be at their disposal for the fulfillment of their curiosity and used as a sexual toilet. Nothing has changed. Many Whites will get angry if Blacks turn down their sexual, AGGRESIVE advances, which may include job loss and stalking.

  72. Umoja on said:

    This is fishy to say the least. A Black man with bloody hands walking around with a machete’ and knife in his hands! Look at his hands and clothing. His clothing or shoes doesn’t have any blood, his hands look like they’re dyed with red die. No screaming and where are the police? No way, they’d allow this man to walk around and talk to the cameras so freely. This is propaganda meant to instill “terrorism” against the Middle East. Now it’s Blacks against the Middle East…..here we go. Used for their agenda….

  73. That is crazy what happened. Its seems they are showing a lot of the angry/ nat turner type black men in the media lately. Last year they were all about showing black men and young black men being killed by whites. This year its all about shootings and now black men going on a rampage. Notice they call this man a terrorist yet those 2 men that set off the bomb in boston they try not to use the word terrorist. They are also trying to say this man was from Nigeria or somewhere probably use that excuse to send more people to Africa to drain her of her resource under the cover story that they are fighting terrorism.

  74. I don’t think it’s so much revenge because I wouldn’t act based on my own personal feelings. It’s definitely justice because if I had the power to wipe them off, I’d be doing it for the good of other people on this planet and not just for myself. Caucasians have proved time and time again that they can not exist peacefully among other people. They are a virus. What what does your body do once a virus hits? It strives to get rid of it. That’s justice. If I was acting on revenge, it would be more of an oppression thing and making them feel or experience what we’ve experienced or what they’ve made us feel. But no, I just want them gone. Even if it means them being on another planet.

  75. mstoogood4yall on said:

    It is suspicious in deed. I don’t understand why I don’t see blood on the ground and why nobody is running away there are people walking toward them. Get this the men stayed there until the police came and now both suspects are shot and in the hospital. here’s a link http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2013/may/22/woolwich-two-shot-in-police-incident-live-coverage

  76. @ Bry: I agree. It was a definite staged. They are just trying to incite fear and give people a reason to connect this ‘Islamic Terrorism’ thing with Black men. What I find interesting is how the media keep highlighting the fact that the so called murder is of Nigerian descent even though he was born and bred in the UK. Usually, when a new’s article of any kind pertains to Black men with African surnames, (UK newspaper articles anyway) they wouldn’t bring up the fact that they are of whatever descent. If it a positive article, they’ll be adamant on claiming them as British lol. Now they want to connect this black male who was born and bred in England to Nigeria. They’ve been trying to make it look like Nigerians have been converting to this so Extremist ‘form’ of Islam for a few years now. Why? So they can go into Nigeria and do to the country as they’ve done to Iraq and Afghanistan? Very fishy.

  77. It was definitely staged*

  78. mstoogood4yall on said:

    I think it is very fishy as well, why do I just see blood on his hands and not his jacket,face,and jeans?even if he killed the guy then put on a jacket there would be blood on the jacket from him touching it.
    Its crazy reading the comments on news websites as usual the racist whites are on there in full force saying things like get rid of muslims and even though they have condemned this act they still wanna act like its all muslims. smh. The funniest one I read was one guy saying they should get rid of everyone who doesn’t speak English and who are muslim. Its ok if whites go to other people’s countries and don’t speak the native language or if they go there and kill people and then pee on their bodies they get to come home and be labeled a hero. smh

  79. Tyrone on said:


    As african people, we need to understand that Islam is an enemy of our race just as much or more so than Catholicism, Christianity, etc. Nigeria is in the loop because of Boko Haram, which has killed hundreds of blacks in recent times. I have no love for so-called muslim blackmen who kill tbeir own in cold blood. Let us not lump these race-traitors in with black women and men who do fight the powers-that-be on a global scale. Islam has become an outlet for black anger, but, it’s the wrong path. We don’t need to enslave our race to cultish ideologies to be free.


  80. @Mstoogood
    Right on. Honestly I don’t seek approval from racist AmeriKKKlan to validate my beauty or the beauty of a Black woman. Plain Jane Aniston is the standard of ”beauty” when in reality she looks like plain jane.
    I don’t rely on racist White AmeriKKKlan for my ideas on race, love etc because most of the time, their ideas are screwed at best.
    Most of all, I don’t trust most White AmeriKKKlans and we, as Blacks need to stop seeking approval from Whites.

  81. True, but Ghandi like SO many ethnic peoples got his Nigger Wake Up call along his journey. Yes, The british referred TO ALL Indians AS Niggers. This makes Dr.Neeley Fuller correct, “there’s only ever two races on this here planet, one is “white” the other is not”. Ghandi did return to India and work for the “untouchables” later referred to as HariJans, People of God, a name he called them. Tiger Woods got his NWC, but keeps getting it ’cause this fool can’t take a hint! Oprah got hers in France, etc etc.

  82. .That’s right! WE are actually Breaking from under the spells and Breaking the spells, through Alkebulan Spirituality. No joke. Our RE-turn to our hair is just one part of it, as our Ori can NO LONGER put up with the mess. Many are leaving the bad food and diets behind. Every new day I Ankh my personal and collect Ankhcestors, the Animals and the Power of this planet and the Heavens.

  83. …it ain’t just Iraq or Afghanistan. Firstly when Neanderkind first hit Iraq these Beast were astonished that the people in Falluja were AFRIKAN and there for thousands of years! They are making people think that there are NO Afrikan people there. The NEANDER is the new one, NO one else.
    They destroyed Libya and TOOK TROPHIES FROM THE DEAD BODIES opf Men, Women AND Children same of they did to our Africkan people IN ameikka during the Jim Crow and before!

  84. Tyrone,
    Yet again I couldn’t agree more. My concern is the waste of black life. Especially Black men. Their strategy was not well thought out and allowing themselves to be captured like that. No this thing with Islam and sacrifice of one self like that. This enemy doesn’t do that they don’t sacrifice self like that they get their enemies to sacrifice. We Black people have sacrificed enough. I am leery of any religion or group that would even suggest we do such a thing.

    No black people and black men shouldn’t sacrifice themselves for any outsider ever.

  85. C

    That’s why they seek to tell us that our natural hair is “ugly.” It has a purpose for communication.

  86. Tyrone on said:


    The notion of blackmen kissing the backsides of White Arab men is a sin in my eyes. How can we defeat white supremacy and bow to them at the same time? If we were in charge, white folk would have no reason to fear us, Why? As a race, we’re too obsessed with ourselves to worry about others. 2 Nigerian blackmen killing a British soldier may satisfy our revenge factor for now. 2 more black males swallowed up by Lucifer…A Waste. We don’t need violence to win, but, prepare for any and all threats. The funny thing about whites, is that, they fear us more than we fear them…Who’s Really Afraid?


  87. Tyrone on said:


    The original peoples of the so-called Middle-East were Black. Notice all of the flags that have black in them…Afghanistan? The white arabs are invaders just like their white cousins in the Americas. Yet, many self-proclaimed militant black males bend over for them as if they’re black. Them having african blood is irrelevant to me. Why are we dealing with them, Why? Qaddafi was never liked by white arabs because he was a Berber(Mixed). He had closer ties to African blacks, not Arabs. Blackmen know better, we know better. They hate us just the same. 3 Egyptian women were killed by 10 male relatives a few days ago…Honor Killing! The crime, one of the women or all 3 were accused of having an affair. Their bodies were dumped in the river…The Evil of Whitemen! This ish is too real black people.


  88. @Tyronne. No Joke. These DevilFools would even kill they own relatives!!! It happens all the time, Drowing their OWN daughters and making their wife watch. They have even blocked off some of the Pyramids and are repainting the figures white in others and these fools arent even white skinned!
    @mstoogood4yall. You absolutely right about them IN other peoples countries. I constantly and Swiftly PUT it IN theirs when they start up about “immigrants” , and they quickly want to. say crap like, ” we should learn to live together”, “Tolerate differences”etc etc, or “but you don’t have a problem or you don’t get threated like that?” Answer: Does that mean, I’m supposed to be OK with what YOU’RE doing to people like me IN other countries?” Usually the fake nervous smile appears, the appeasement gestures, the FAKE show of “friendship” and all the nauseathing Gimmicks of therirs appears.

  89. Tyrone on said:


    Note to black people…The enemies of our use racial cliches to disarm us.

    1. We’re all human…No S**t.
    2. I don’t see color…dogs are colorblind.
    3. Race doesn’t matter…Says Who?

    Whites can’t defend their evil ways, so, they create illogical terms to avoid the truth. C, as blackmen, we need to realize that co-existing with whitemen is not an option. All white males are crazy, but, those in the Middle East are beyond sick. History is repeating itself. Every man is a threat, all of them want our necks…So Real! Blackwomen are playing with fire, some sistas have the nerve to defend these “Women Haters.” WW3 has already started, we haven’t received the memo yet.


  90. @Tyrone……Bro. This Mess started for real when oBOMBer sent in africom. I truly dread to think just WHAT they are doing there. Bro. Bobby started to tell folks two years back about how these Neanderthals came in the projects in Atlanta and literally CLEANED HOUSE and nobody asks where these people at?! I’m, sure they did the same s..t in Chicago at cabrini green. We waking up but not fast enough! Some still apologising for these Beast!

  91. I know. The three monotheistic religions, especially… have been the downfalls of Nubian people. Religion, anyway.
    I am in no way shape or form, defending Islam or extreme Islam for the matter. My concern lies with the innocent Nigerians. Me being of Nigerian descent and having extended family over there, triggers a lot of that fear.

  92. Forced Reality on said:


    Good suggestion!

  93. Forced Reality on said:


    Very good solutions and such truth regarding discrimination towards all others. Keep the knowledge coming.

  94. Forced Reality on said:


    I love reading your posts! If you should ever start a blog, I believe many (including myself) would follow it.

  95. honeytreebee on said:


    Knowing like you do that this situation is no good for black men, what as black men can be done to help brothers not lose their grip. I can’t help, but think what if, his wife is alive if, anything could be done to stop them from throwing their lives away. his poor woman if, he is married is so gonna suffer, husband in jail or dead, the pressure to denounce him and his actions will be great. Also, loss of security, love, affection, communion with the other half of your soul… as crazies will be after her to exact revenge and such. I hope there are no children involved. These men have yet to see the real savagery as the will be forced to watch as their families and wives are stripped and picked apart by whites worldwide. They think they are crazy now they ain’t seen nothing yet.

    So, Tyrone what’s to do?

  96. Tyrone on said:


    The path to black male salvation is thru the black female, this fact will never change. Until we realize this as blackmen, we will never be free. All or most of the bs that brothas deal with revolves around our black sisters. Dislodging us from you and other sistas has always been the primary goal of our enemies. Honeytreebee, i have more to say…PE$O$


  97. Tyrone on said:


    Yes, we need to talk about Barack and Africom…PE$O$


  98. mary burrell on said:

    I am not surprised but Sister Negress, Did you hear about the tour guides where taking tourist to the Bronx and taking them to poor ghetto communities. These jizzwads are making money off of poor people. That is so shameful. Capitalizing off the poor. But I’m not surprised. That is just the way of Amerikkklan.

  99. @honeytreebee. Sorry to have to tell you that the Neanderthals ARE already Stripping Sisters AND picking them apart. In Libya last year, Fifty Afrikan and Ethnic women were dragged out and rounded up by these ArseWipes and their Arape muslims Sell-Outs Strripped and raped for days, then had their breasts cut off and left to die. The youngest sister was Eight years old. They took these women’s breasts into the town square and spelt out the word “whores” with the breasts. For those who don’t know this was pure satanic ritual attacking the Feminine Principle.( To long drawn to explai).

  100. Miss Mary

    No. I didn’t hear about it but I’m not shocked at all.

  101. Tyrone on said:


    From my vantage point as a black male, i see a lot of scared and confused brothas. We’re friends with our enemies(Jews, Arabs, Spaniards), and enemies of men that can help us. I see a lot of ass-kissing taking place, which is blasphemous to me. I don’t recognize these negros, Who Are They? Blackmen who don’t know who they are end up engaging in crime and violence, which is the plan. We don’t realize that blackwomen and our children suffer the most. Sistas have no protection at home and within the broader society, which opens the door for violent blackmen and others to target them. Getting locked up is a selfish act, Very Selfish! Me killing a whiteman in cold blood is not gonna defeat white supremacy…loving my family, blackwomen, and Life is the sweetest revenge. Getting back on topic for a sec…if black folk were in charge, i don’t see us treating whites like dirt, Why? We’re not jealous of them, so, we have no reason to hate…Bottomline! Respect all that respect me, but, if they get out of line…Problem! Sista, i can’t be all things to all people. Blackmen are trying to be Utopians in a world that could care less.


  102. Tyrone on said:


    Blackwomen in the US and beyond have no earthly idea how sadistic Arab(White) men are. I watch cable news every day, and it’s the same story…Suicide Bomber kills 20 people in Iraq, 40 in Afghanistan, and so forth. We forget that many Black Africans migrated to Libya over the years. Again, Qaddafi was closer to black folk, not arabs. When the s**t hit the fan, Qaddafi brought in paid fighters from other African nations to fight. The blackwomen and mixed women who were attacked by Arrrabs were easy targets. The sickest aspect of all of this, is that, the BWE(Black Women Empowerment) crowd loves to yap about these demonic-ass men…Black Girls Lost! As per usual, our enemies show their disdain for us out in the open. They’re forefathers violated blackwomen, and they have the nerve to portray themselves as persons of african descent, Disgusting! C, i hate the bs just the same blackman. Thank you for getting that evil act that was done to our sisters out in the open. Another point, muslim blackmen have no more excuses in my book. How many beaten and butchered blackwomen is enuf? I have no love for muslim blackmen, i see them as race-traitors and cowards who put a whiteman’s religion above their race. Obama is complicit in all of this, he’s a muslim pretending to be a christian. Barack is anti-black, he don’t love Carbon people. Radical Islam has gotten worse since he took office, not better. Somalia, Kenya, Libya, Mali, Nigeria, Egypt, Sudan and other countries. Our foreparents warned us about Mulattos like Barack. We got his mixed behind in office, yet, does nothing for our people…Nada! 500+ murders in Chicago, and not a sound from him and Michelle until recent times. Michelle is a fraud as well, she’s from The Chi. Black Love My Ass…black folk dying all over the place because Barack supports it. I haven’t forgotten about Africom C, next reply!


  103. @Tyronne. You are Correct when you say that the Sweetest Revenge is us Loving and Respecting ourselves. The Neanders Cannot stand that, which is why they help break up our families since the Sixties. Have you ever noticed how when there’s a few Bros or Sistas and they’re talking and having good conversation how it makes them stare or want to know “how u guys doing?” But when we cussing out each other, being vile with one another how they still stare AND Smile or laugh and or snigger?? Time and again Bros and Sistas would be chatting about family, studies, global fam and they’d always try to come INTO the talk? Can we do this to them, no, we couldn’t careless of their arse which brings me to the next good point of yours.
    We won’t be like Savages towards them. We’ve proven this endlessly. “After Apatheid” in S.Africa we were supposed to “massacre whites”, we were supposed to do this, in Algeria after the french, Haiti, Angola, Botswana, Australia, New zealand, Jamaica, Grenada, on and on and on….. WE NEVAR DID IT. HOW MANY OF US HAVE THEY BUTCHERED since then???? They really are soulLESS Frankensteins.

  104. Mickey on said:

    I’ve got the perfect cure for that. Whenever you are speaking to each other, speak in another language. Any language. They REALLY will not be able to understand what the hell is being said.

  105. Matari on said:

    “These jizzwads are making money off of poor people. That is so shameful. Capitalizing off the poor. But I’m not surprised. That is just the way of Amerikkklan.”


    Ms. Mary. Poor folks (contrary to conventional wisdom) pay more for the same goods and services than people with more money do.


  106. mstoogood4yall on said:

    I keep seeing previews for tyler perrys show the haves and the have nots. It is getting on my nerves. Am I the only one that thinks it portrays stereotypes and don’t want to see a beautiful black woman being portrayed as the the hoe for a rich white man. The only thing I can say good about it is that at least there are dark skinned black people in the cast. I just get frustrated that they always show beautiful dark skinned women with white men on tv. It looks just as dumb as scandal. I can’t understand how a lot of people want to watch this sheit and approve. I say fk em. A functional black couple in love is their kryptonite, which is the reason they show interracial relationships and dysfunctional black relationships. Its even more infuriating that black producers and directors make garbage like this when they should know better and do better. I keep forgetting that they sold themselves and not to look at the fact that they black and should know better. Tyler perry is basically oprahs eunuch, they both have been sexually abused by a black male in their life and are now on a campaign to attack black men and make movies with them portrayed as monsters.

  107. True and Tyler Perry hates Black women too. We, as Blacks, should never have our children look up to people like them at all. They need to look up to heroes and people who love and respect their own Black people.

  108. Yeah, Tyrone they always talking that ish about women and the Koran, just like those fundamental Christian, then go on and butcher them. Look at how they treat their own women. They will burn them, rape them, beat them and so one. It is to the point that these women have much shorter life spans than the men. Also, they starve the women out as a lot of them only get whatever is left after their men eat. She is always last and the ones that are lucky to get out are kept under control by threats of attacks on their women folk back home. This one told me how she hates Islam, her men folk and such. She says she wears the garb and do as they say because if, she don’t the men in her family will tell the men back home and they will beat her 14 year old cousin everyday she desobeys them. If, she leaves they have threatened to kill a girl child every year she is gone or until she dies. I saw the terror in her eyes and the hate mounting up in her over these arape men. She told me this after one of them tried to get with me. He got so upset that I wouldn’t talk to him. Then he saw her and said in Arabic put in a good word for me. When he left she told me this and how he raped a 8 year old girl in Egypt but, it don’t count cause she’s not a Muslim and raping a kushite doesn’t count as a sin. This is how they think it is okay to sell pork, alcohol, tobacco to others. Cause you don’t count this stopped me from ever doing business with them ever again.

    Black here need to see how these Muslims treat our people and realize these are white people with a variation on the same messed up religion. They want to colonize the world just like their western Christian brothers. No black people should stay away from them. I know I most likely offended someone, but looking at the total brutality of it I see no other option. These religions have never brought us peace. I doubt they ever will. Why are they trying to cozy up to us? To use us to build their world. They are still white people just a more overt hyperviolent breed.

  109. Tyrone on said:


    I see them for what they are and always will be…Rapists & Killers! White males have no self-control around blackwomen who lack the protection of sincere blackmen. Muslim blackwomen are vulnerable because their men are bowing down to a bunch of racist whitemen. Weak blackmen don’t and can’t protect blackwomen from the unwanted advances of other men. Hip-Hop is a vivid example of what i speak of. Today, other men have no shame in seeing sistas as sex objects and disrespecting them…Hip Hop Niggers Condone It! This issue is a big deal Honeytreebeee, Hell Yeah!


  110. Tyrone on said:


    Everybody has a breaking point, any individual or group that is spat on will get tired of the disrespect. Black people have yet to lash out in a major way because that would be playing into the hands of whites. Jail or the graveyard? Neither is acceptable, i can’t do jack for my people if i’m behind bars or six feet under…Ditto! But, there will come a time when black folk will run out of patience, and whites know this. Negress is feared by whites because they have no control over her mind and she attracts enlightened blackmen. In their minds, a bad combo to them anyway you slice it. The preachers, politicos, athletes, and entertainers can’t fool black people forever, which is their primary objective. They keep us distracted with foolishness in this country. As you stated, whenever black folk who are informed get together amongst themselves, they get nervous. Are they talking about us? Why can’t we be in the loop? Honestly, whites have a sick obsession with the black race. They don’t have the courage to admit the obvious. Their hatred for us is uncontrolled jealousy. They became albinos, lost their color, no protection from the sun…They’re Pissed About It. If i was white, i would be angry as well. Who wants to be white if they don’t have to be? The obsession with blackwomen is about them trying to turn back the clock. Whitemen realize that sane sistas want no part of them, so, they resort to brainwashing, killing blackmen, and if those 2 fail, Rape Them! As blackmen, we need to realize that whitemen and other non-black men don’t give a f**k about us, they want sistas. Any interaction or association with them is a door for them to gain closer contact and access to blackwomen…Bottomline! All of the other jibberish is noise to me. Our women are more valuable than all the gold and diamonds on the planet, we defend them with vigor.


  111. Tyrone on said:


    Blacks who sellout are rewarded in Hollywood, those who don’t get no love. All of the white male/black female ish is revealing in a lot of ways. Basically, whitemen are begging blackwomen to save them and their falling empire. In their minds, blackwomen built it, they’re the only group of women that can save it. Whitemen in Hollywood are projecting the outcome that they desire in real-life. Sistas should not continue allowing whitemen to exploit their blackness, beauty, grace, sexuality, and so forth. Whitemen haven’t earned that priviledge.


  112. Tyrone on said:


    All black people should be concerned about the threat of Radical Islam no matter what part of the world they lay their heads. Islam and Christianity were forced upon our people, Why are we enslaving ourselves to them? The Holy Bible and Koran are the pillars of (White Supremacy). As long as our people are praying to a white God, we’re slaves forever.


  113. Tyrone on said:


    I checked out the website of Africom…www.africom.mil The US DOD has an extensive platform in Africa, much larger and broader in scope than i assumed. It has posts in 38 African nations. Operations are within the mainland, off the coast, and reach up into Spain as well. Africom was installed on October 1, 2007 and became fully functional October 1, 2008 As we all know, the US is really protecting the business interests of Europe on the continent, they turned Africa into a monopoly board. We may not like the idea of US military involvement in Africa, but it’s necessary. China and Iran have Africa in their crosshairs. The only line of defense between them and our homeland is the US Military. Obama is the real problem in my eyes. After he leaves office, we may not recognize Africa, if he has his way.


  114. mstoogood4yall on said:

    I agree ty

    Before I started to awaken I thought they were trying to get black men to be with white women and make black women look bad. Now I see it’s only part of the equation. They have perfected the tom sawyer tactic of hey i’m having so much fun whitewashing this fence so why don’t you give me your toys and i’ll let you have fun doing my chores. They have tricked some black men into thinking white women are better and so they abandon black women and attack us. All the while white men and Asian men move in and try to get our attention. They are great at this game. Now you got black men attacking dark skinned women then when other races of men see her true beauty they end up with a them, then those same negroes are mad and calling her a sell out[can’t have your cake and eat it too]. I see them for who they are their M.o is always to start sheit then step back and let people self destruct [Rwanda]. It’s like giving a razor to a suicidal person and then stepping away. smh.

  115. mstoogood4yall on said:


    I was trying to figure out how is it that the negative crazy black men and women get attention and are seen as representing us all. I do believe that if us positive and awakened blacks had to go against them one on one we would win. But the battlefield isn’t even because they have whites on their side to pat them on the back and give support. When we try to call out rappers or other people who look like us but have messed up thinking we get told to shut up, we’re being too sensitive, and that, that person is black so what is the big deal. They did this when lil wayne said that sheit about emit till, they didn’t do anything until months later and were still defending him. They don’t want us to be the representation of the black community or we might start to get our sheit together and be able to pass them. I see how the rappers say they are keeping it real but they really aren’t because if they were they would use the f word in their songs not just the n word. I hear people in the hood using the f word but the rappers don’t use the f word, they know who is in control and who signs their checks it dam sure ain’t us. Whites buy more rap music than us,so they cater to those audiences. I see more black hip hop and rap artists than black rnb artists. The white artists in the Uk are taking over rnb, they want us to see black men as those bad, disrespectful rappers that call us the b word and other things, then have white men be the voice of rnb so we look at them as being nice, sexy, and sensual. I say hell no.

  116. Mickey on said:

    That’s scary. Dr. Umar Johnson says that there should be an African-American scramble for Africa right now. He says that Black people in American will look their noses down on Africa but Whites & Asians love it over there. The Chinese have already infiltrated the Nigerian economy and are also taking Black Nigerian wives. This is real, people. I urge everyone to watch the documentary “Blacks Without Borders” about Black Americans who found the American dream in South Africa. I am sure South Africa is not the only country to obtain some land. I also know that in Ghana they have given African-Americans automatic citizenship as compensation for their involvment in the slave trade.

  117. Forced Reality on said:


    I wish more black men and women would stop having children with whites AND other non-blacks. The results of these pairings are not going to help us in the long run. It seems no one can make blacks as a group see this.

  118. Forced Reality on said:

    My fear is, before many of us can make a home in Africa, the powers that be will have already taken over.

  119. Tyrone on said:

    @Forced Reality

    I don’t trust Mulattos, especially those that are half white. Whites use them to keep white supremacy alive. Blackmen are stupid, white females love our sex organs, not blackness. If they did, they would identify their children as black, and raise them to love black as well. Instead, they push whiteness upon their black babies. The ugly truth…white and asian women want mixed/black babies via blackmen to boost the gene pool of their tribe…Period! Sistas are all that we need and want, f**k the other women. I’m sick of negros yappin’ about so-called latinas and persians…2 groups of women who are the end result of “White Male Rape.” I’m sick of their ignorance, stupidity, jealousy, envy, etc.

  120. Forced Reality on said:


    I, not long ago, had a black female patient that recently had a bi-racial baby. (I believe the father was Mexican). Many of the staff fawned over this baby; I did not. I was as friendly to the mother as a member of the staff should be, but refused to fawn over her half-breed child; that’s just not in me since I have began to wake up.

  121. Here they at it again showing their true colors, another example of why we should not eat out or order delivery. papa johns delivery guy goes on racist rant after accidentally dialing customers number http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kB24FcWs-tU

  122. Tyrone on said:

    @Forced Reality

    A lot of Sistas may hate me for saying this, but, it needs to be said out in the open. Blackmen that truly love blackwomen don’t want to see them with other men…Period! Some blackwomen assume that we will be more accepting of the relationship if the non-brotha is Mexican(Indian), Chinese(Asian), Native-American, etc. Blackwomen are the most beautiful women on the planet, Why would we want men outside of our circle to have access to our women? No disrespect to other races of women, but, Blackwomen Are Special! They’re the total package, the other women can’t compete…Bottomline! Non-Black men have always wanted our women, what’s different about today, is that sistas are willing to actually jump ship. White liberals should be so proud, their plan worked. As is noted, the Dixiecrats are the party of slavery. They’ve supported Planned Parenthood, Illegal-Immigration, Radical Muslims. The common thread…Destroy Black Manhood by allowing other men to creep into the country, displacing us in the workforce, granting them loans to set up shop in our neighborhoods, etc. Blackwomen in LA have short memories, they forget about the senseless murders of innocent blacks by Mexican gangbangers not that long ago. Blackwomen can spread their legs for whomever, we as blackmen are not obligated to support it either…it cuts both ways. I respect all men, but i’m not fooled by them. I know what they want, and they know as well.


  123. @Tyronne. Bro. Africom isn’t there for OUR Peoples interest either ON the Continent or Diaspora. I am not great fan of Orientals, BUT, Before Nelson Mandela became one of their’s he openly spoke about the Chinese Presence in Southern Africa long before the arrival of Neanderman and the presence of Africans IN China. There are Afro.chinese people there to this day and many S.Africans have Oriental features. They traded for thousands of years, many of there atifacts are in S.Africa in particular and Vie Versa. Neanderman hates this, like the fact of the Oblelisks in the Pacific Ocean complete with Mdw Ntr! Thses islanders Traded with the people of Uganda! Neanderman hides this or obliterates this because his divide and rule is slowly Re-turning To him. Many in the oBomber military COLLECT TROPHIES FROM our people1 Yes. They help OTHER european militias, destroy African villages, I can go on and on, but perhaps it would be better for you to see how those in the us military help the french remove an elected leader IN Ivory Coast and replaced him with a Evil Puppet and his Neanderthal Btch! Take a look at what THEY DID to MRS.GABGBO with the help of Sell-OUT africans. Africom is there PREVENT OTHER NATIONS from trading WITH Africa. When Italy eventually objected to bombing Libya and had their planes stand down and refused to fuel other european bombers to Libya, in one fell swoop, the ENTIRE Italian gov’t was and taken over by Khazar Bankers who now run that country and now pretending to be “italians”. This s..t is SO deep it’sll make you head spin! And no the last pope AIN’T sickly , HE WAS FIRED not because he was nice, it’s a b…ch of an infight going on in europe like a MOFO!

  124. mrs. hugh on said:

    i’d put them back in europe and let them destroy themselves.

  125. @mrs.hugh. No worry. CountDown Has begun! 🙂

  126. Pingback: Kemetix | Know Thyself (The Real Power) – Prof. Booker T. Coleman (Kaba Hiawatha Kamene) – YouTube

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