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Introducing Marcus Kwame Anderson: Painter

Peter Tosh Art

Sun Daughter

I was looking for some African Art and stumbled upon Marcus’ website. After looking into the eyes of this sweet angel, I wanted to know who the painter was. I contacted him and was delighted that he responded.

Makes me wanna holla

It’s very rare that an artist makes you feel life pulsating through the screen. This painting, “Makes me Wanna Holler”, speaks to me on more ways than one. I questioned him on his inspiration:

I feel like creating art wasn’t necessarily a choice. I’ve been compelled to create art of one kind or another since I was very young. I have a lot of ideas and I’ve always been drawn to creating. I find art to be therapeutic. I’ve been making art since I could pick up a crayon. I colored and drew like most children, but I never stopped. In grade school I wrote and illustrated stories, in middle and high school I created comics and paintings. Now I teach art, paint, draw, make comics and a do freelance work. 

I’ve always been inspired by artists who used their creative voice to speak on issues. I draw a lot of inspiration from music. Bob Marley, Nina Simone, and Peter Tosh are just a few of the musicians that inspired me. The way that they incorporated social commentary into their work showed me that I could make art and say something at the same time. I’ve been inspired by many visual artists. Honestly, I find inspiration everywhere: in people that I meet, nature, the city, my children, and the wealth and beauty of the African diaspora. Inspiration is everywhere if you’re paying attention.   Marcus K. Anderson

If that doesn’t make you swoon, nothing will. Please support this very talented artist by spreading the word about his shops:



We have all that you need to uplift the black community. Art, T-Shirts, Greeting Cards, Food, Jewelry, etc…Please spread the word and buy black and black only! Instead of buying random art from big box stores, support those that look like you. Buy Black!

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11 thoughts on “Introducing Marcus Kwame Anderson: Painter

  1. Fabulous artwork!

  2. Wonderful artwork! Once I have some extra money I can’t wait to purchase some of his and Nzinga’s pieces for my living room.

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  4. WOW, great artwork! look as though they were photographed. I will spread the word to my family and friends, and will order in the coming weeks.

  5. samadhi on said:

    X marks the spot: The find that could rewrite Australian history

    Ancient African coins lead experts to question who discovered islands

    According to the records, Australia was first discovered by Dutch explorers in the early 17th century. So how did 1,000-year-old copper coins from a former African sultanate end up on a remote Australian beach?

    An Australian anthropologist, Ian McIntosh, is determined to get to the bottom of the mystery, which began when five coins were found buried in sand by a soldier patrolling the Wessel Islands off the continent’s north coast in 1944, two years after Darwin was bombed by the Japanese.

    Maurie Isenberg, who was manning a radar station on the uninhabited but strategically important islands, stored the coins in a tin, and on coming across them again in 1979, sent them to a museum.

    They were identified as originating in the former sultanate of Kilwa, near present-day Tanzania, and dated to as far back as the 900s.

    So far, so mysterious, for according to the history books the first outsider to set foot on Australian soil was a Dutchman, Willem Janszoon, who landed in present-day north Queensland in 1606 – more than 160 years before Captain James Cook arrived and claimed the continent for the British throne.

    Dr McIntosh believes that the coins, which have apparently been gathering dust in the museum, could rewrite Australian history, indicating that the country was visited long before Europeans arrived.

    In July he will lead a team to the Wessels, armed with a map on which Isenberg marked the spot where he found the coins with an “X”.

    “This trade route was already very active a very long time ago, and this may [be] evidence of that early exploration by people from East Africa or from the Middle East,” he said.

    According to Dr McIntosh, who is currently based at Indiana University in the US, the copper coins were the first produced in sub-Saharan Africa and have only twice been found outside the continent: in Oman in the early 20th century and in Australia by Isenberg, who was fishing off a beach at the time.

    Dr McIntosh’s team – comprising Australian and American historians, archaeologists and geomorphologists (scientists who study the shaping of landforms), as well as Aboriginal rangers – has confirmed that the coins date from between the 900s and 1300s.

    At the same spot, the young soldier also unearthed four coins originating in the Dutch East India Company, one dating back to 1690.

    Janszoon’s visit was followed by that of a fellow Dutch seafarer, Dirk Hartog. But neither man – nor the Spaniard Luiz Vaez de Torres, who discovered the strait between New Guinea and Australia in 1606 – realised they had found terra australis (southern land), the hypothetical continent marked on world maps of the day as a counterweight to the north’s landmasses.

    Now a World Heritage ruin, Kilwa was once a flourishing trade port and in the 13th to 16th centuries had links to India. Its trade – in gold, silver, pearls, perfumes, Arabian stoneware, Persian ceramics and Chinese porcelain – made it one of the most influential towns in East Africa.


  6. samadhi on said:

    The racist comments below the article on africans in Australia 1000 years before should euros be enough to dispel the myth of the progressive and tolerant liberal europeans.

    No, they are not any better than US rednecks, they’re just more sophisticated about hiding their racism.

  7. Mr. Anderson will be making re-appearances at No Black Pete with Makes Me Wanna… I will try to select a moderate text (or paragraph). And at Too Much Black with Sun Daughter and Little Kings Lost. I just put some heavy text on TMB, so it will have to wait a minute. It gives mr. Anderson time to object. Other than that it is a done deal. Peace.

  8. Kushite Prince on said:

    Your post is very out of place. It has nothing to do with the subject. Why are you here? What is your purpose for posting that? *sarcastic voice*

  9. It sounds suspicious that the guy who discovered the coins left them there then found them again. Then he found dutch coins in the same spot, kinda sounds fishy. But I did read the comments and its crazy how they are mad at the possibility that an African coin, not just any African coin but a sub Saharan coin popped up. I see they are very mad, they can’t stand to be the last or second to do anything. They are mad because if this is true people will start to wake up to their lies especially their lies that Africans did nothing, yeah did they did nothing alright just discovered Australia long before Europeans.

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