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Dear Diary #4

 I think that some Whites would realize what is going on and try to band together with Blacks and other POC to stop the Chinese takeover, but I am afraid that if they are successful in doing so, then things will go back to the way they were before. Whites will go back to being on top and dumping the Blacks at the next bus stop. —— Mickey

Last week I went to get some kerosene. I usually stock up during the summer months when the prices fall so come winter we’ll have enough. As I drove into the station, I did what I usually do, quickly glance around to see if other blacks were there. I use this subtle defense as a tool to keep me as safe as possible. It would seem that I was the only one. I pulled up to the pump closest to the store entrance, went into the store and quietly asked for some kerosene.

Gone was the white manager. He was replaced with a 50ish Asian (Indian) man. As I made my way to the pump, I saw out of the corner of my eye an older white gentleman fiddling with his tire. I kept my head down and focused on my kerosene. The pump was stubborn and did not want to start. Out of nowhere, the older white male with gray hair appeared and offered to help me. Before I could utter one word, he took it upon himself to fix the handle and began to give me tips on kerosene efficiency.

“There’s this chemical you can buy at Home Depot that will make your kerosene burn longer and cleaner. It’ll save ya at least 20 bucks in the long run.”

I peered into his watery, blue eyes and saw that he was looking for something that I never thought I’d see from any white person: Approval. I nodded slowly and thank him and it seemed to delight him further. He told me that he and his wife built their home solely on kerosene heat but that was when kerosene was a lot cheaper. I listened and nodded but did not respond. I was in full Neely Fuller Codification Mode. He smiled at me and kind of waved and began to saunter away but stopped for one more mind-blowing statement:

“Ya know…we’re all in this thing together…we gotta help each other.”

I smiled at him showing no teeth and thanked him once more before he walked away and drove off, his blue pick up truck sending gravel flying into the air.

As I filled up my blue container with the smelly liquid, I pondered his statement. We’re all in this thing together.

Since when?

When were blacks and whites “in this thing together?” And what “thing” would that be exactly? When did that happen? And why didn’t someone tell me that “we’re all in this thing together?” When 9-11 happened, I was in New Jersey enjoying my day off when my friend called me screaming on the phone. At first, only at first, the newscasters claimed it was black guys that were flying the plane. Then they transformed into Muslims. I saw black and white band together in solidarity, crying together, pulling each other out of rubble and dust, only to go back ignoring and hating each other 1 month later.

When Hurricane Katrina happened, I was in Mobile, AL when one of my black patients whispered in my ear, “You know…I was in my yard when I heard the bomb go off…”

Where were whites  when we were drowning in our living rooms? Oh yeah…hunting us with rifles and dogs.

Do you think that whites are feeling that it’s crunch time and they’re not going to have any choice but to turn to us for help? If they come a-knocking, will you help them?

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111 thoughts on “Dear Diary #4

  1. No their very existence is predicated on my destruction and my misery is like their oxygen.

  2. Mickey on said:

    Sista Truth,

    Do not forget about the Hurricane Sandy incident where the Black woman and her two children tried asking for help in a White neighborhood and was rudely turned away and, as a result, her two beautiful children died.

  3. Matari on said:

    “If they come a-knocking, will you help them?”


    Honestly …. I don’t know. My inclination would tend to be more towards helping those who look like me …. cause that’s how “they” do…

    I would hope I’d hear and do whatever *my* INSTRUCTIONS are. (Whatever God puts in my heart/mind to do in that moment.)

  4. Mickey and Kal

    That tells me a couple of things:

    1. Whiteness will cut off their noses to spite their faces.
    2. No amount of societal tragedy will reform them.

  5. Interesting story!

    I think when I was less “aware” I would have been more optimistic

    but now, that kind of optimism makes me weary and a little sad because I know how hopeless it is to believe that whites will stop practicing racism

    I had a conversation just yesterday with a friend of mine about how most people in this country, regardless of so called ethnicity, are getting screwed by the most powerful people and then I asked a question:

    what if white people were given a choice of pushing a red button and a blue button – they had to choose one

    and the red button meant that they would continue to get screwed economically, educationally, the gas and food and college tuition and energy prices would keep climbing, their kids’ futures would continue to look bleaker and bleaker

    BUT the elites promised that no matter how bad things got for white people, black people (n*ggers) would always have it much worse

    OR they could press the blue button

    and everyone would have a decent job, plenty of food and free college tuition, low gas prices, and a LEVEL PLAYING FIELD for blacks and whites in employment and education because there would be more racism and white privilege

    Black people (n*ggers) from that point on and forever more would always BE EQUAL to white people

    so I asked him which button did he think most white people would pick

    and we both had the same answer: the RED BUTTON

    We will never be “in this together” because from all I’ve observed I believe it goes against their DNA

  6. Matari

    This is a difficult subject because we are given something that whites do not have: a conscience. Our greatest gift, til this day, is empathy. But it’s also our curse.

  7. Miss Pam

    You are apart of the growing number of people who are now observing that this illness that whites have is passed on in their DNA. Just like our genetic memory comes back to us from the ancestors, whites too have a predisposition for a lack of huemanity.

  8. Umoja on said:

    Don’t pass go, hell no… period!!

    We are in this together….we are all one…..we are the same….we are all human….

    The SPELLS they use against us when their system of white supremacy is threatened, or when THEY desire something…
    (gay rights, the feminist movement, ect, you name it). My only desire ; only answer for them…..their extinction. Period, no leniency, no exceptions.

    There has not been a civilization on Earth that extended kindness, business, trade (wink), humanity, etc. with these psychopathic savages who DID NOT receive destruction and death in return. Not one.

  9. Umoja on said:

    Dr. John Henrik Clarke…..Master Teacher, said our humanitarianism, kindness, compassion, empathy and our sense of forgiveness has been to our downfall, therefore; our destruction. I agree wholeheartedly. We literally throw our pearls to swine. We hope that poisonous snakes don’t bite. We over these gifts to a fault. Amnesia or child-like/magical thinking, or both. smh

  10. Umoja on said:

    We offer these gifts…..(typo)

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  12. Kushite Prince on said:

    So true! I’ve said this a million times! When will we learn??

  13. Tyrone on said:


    Black people need to understand this ugly truth about humanity…black women and men will always have a bullseye on our backs because of who we are and what we represent…Blackness! Others want what they don’t have, and they act accordingly. We can’t get caught up in racial bulls**t because of complexion and phenotype. White arab men assume that i and other blackmen should like them because they happen to have african blood in them, Why? They look similiar to us because their forefathers raped blackwomen, DUH! I mention this a lot, because, a lot of us don’t have a basic knowledge of slavery and colonialism. Our reference point begins and ends with white Brits in America. We ignore all of the other bad actors because of historical ignorance. Most blacks in the US have no clue about Spain and Portugal starting the transatlantic slave trade in the early 1500s. No clue about the rampant anti-black ideology in so-called Latin-America. Yet, blacks in the US will bend over backwards to help so-called latinos who encourage blacks in Cuba, Brazil, and other nations to hate blackness. If we don’t know the ugly truth about this or that group in relation to us, We’re F**ked! The red Chinese aren’t gonna behave differently as it relates to us. Whites helped create this problem because of their lust for money. So what they have a billion people to hawk product to, they’re Communist for christ sake. Hundreds of millions of human beings have died in the name of communism, socialism, marxism, and so forth. Stupid whitemen in suits thought they could change them, Hell No! I have no sympathy for whites on this issue. Should we help whites defeat China? We should look out for our own self-interest. China is bad for Africa, african people, etc. That’s how we should view this issue. Whites can deal with them on their own terms.


  14. My biggest issue with coming into awareness. I’m nice, thats just my nature, and I would be willing to help anyone at anytime no matter what their color is. This has also been my weakness as I’m constantly told that people take advantage of me being to nice. Coming into being aware I’ve noticed that my white friends are quite different on ALL spectrums. When stuff hits the fan, and I have a white person knocking on my door, unfortunately I would feel to be inclined to help them, which would probably be my downfall, as they would probably kill me and take my supplies/rape my children or etc. I continue to strive in being stronger and more conscious of the universe around me and ask for my ancestors and The Creator to guide me on what to do in all situations. Thanks for posting, good point to think about.

  15. Ty

    In my opinion, Arabs are just as white as Europeans. I do not excuse them. As for the Portuguese and Spaniards, I wrote about Cristobal Colon, the Spanish Jew who murdered my forefathers in the islands.

    I always wondered why the Palestinians, syrians, etc… are being persecuted. Til I learned of their His-Story and how it related to us and said,”Oh.”

  16. Whites are using this we are in this together and we all need to come together to defeat the government, china,etc as a way to get more people on their side because they know their time is almost up. Just go to youtube vids on black channels and that is what you will see. They are so hypocritical I don’t see those comments on white youtube channels or latino. Its like they want us to make the first move and want us to break down the barriers they have put up instead of telling other white people to tear down the barriers they have put up and benefit from. The only time I see them saying lets work together is when issues affect them and not just us[gun control], or when its a vid or website trying to empower us they want to bring that mess on there saying we are all equal because they need approval and don’t want us looking at ourselves as kings and queens. In their mind anything that uplifts our people without including anyone else they view that as anti white and reverse racism. They are self centered and think everything is about them. Even when we exclude them latinos and other poc all they can see is themselves being excluded. I can guarantee if there were black only proms the way they have white only proms that ish would not last all those years like the white only proms.

  17. darqbeauty on said:

    Hell no. They can help themselves. Just like they’ve been helping themselves all along to the bodies of women of color, other people’s resources, lands, cultures, ect. Since they are so superior” why the hell would they need the help of us lowly darkies? Surely such profoundly superior minds can come up with solutions that do not involve us. When they sh*t hits the fan, Black people would do well to pretend like we don’t have sh*t, because they would rob, rape and burn us to the ground for a little bag of rice. No, these people need to keep to themselves, just like their recessive genetics make them prone to do anyways. Why would we help along the survival of those that anticipate our extinction with glee. Now mind you, I am made in the image of The Most High God. Compassion, empathy and sympathy resides in me. It is part of my genetic make up. If I saw some Caucanderthal children in a burning car.I would try to help them. We (Israel) are called to be a light unto nations. Meaning that when the times comes, we will show the world what it’s like to have TRUE humanity. Since we have been at the brunt end of so much for so long. However, until the Second Coming, we are at war. War with a people who employ poisonous vaccinations, eugenics programs, bio-engineered viruses, high tech weaponry and subtle and overt forms of media propaganda against us. Fuck them. Don’t go out of your way to help them. We see what happens when you help them. They try to demonize you or downplay your heroism (Look at the Ramsey character who helped those genetic recessive girls get away from that dungeon in Cleveland). Unless The Most High puts them directly in my path in distress, then I am not going to go out of my way to help them. When I get my powers (And I will. My recurring dreams coincide with the dreams of MANY other awakening Hebrews. I am of the tribe of Judah), it will be to protect people of color around the world from THEM. Not to protect them themselves.
    They can very eloquently and succinctly go fuck themselves. And I remain unapologetic in my stance. 🙂

  18. mstoogood4yall on said:

    Whites want us to unite only when its in their best interest, they know their time is almost up and want as many allies as they can get. History repeats itself, just look at the black Seminoles they were enslaved, escaped and the whites tried and failed at capturing them,so they asked them to join their army to defeat the Indians and were successful.The Black Seminoles, exiled from their Florida strongholds, were forced to continue their struggle for freedom on the Western frontier. In Oklahoma, the Government put them under the authority of the Creek Indians, slave owners who tried to curb their freedom; and white slave traders came at night to kidnap their women and children. In 1850, a group of Black Seminoles and Seminole Indians escaped south across Texas to the desert badlands of northern Mexico. They established a free settlement and, as in Florida, began to attract runaway slaves from across the border. In 1855, a heavily armed band of Texas Rangers rode into Mexico to destroy the Seminole settlement, but the blacks and Indians stopped them and forced them back into the U.S. The Indians soon returned to Oklahoma, but the Black Seminoles remained in Mexico, fighting constantly to protect their settlement from the marauding Comanche and Apache Indians. In 1870, after emancipation of the slaves in the United States, the U.S. Cavalry in southern Texas invited some of the Black Seminoles to return and join the Army—and it officially established the “Seminole Negro Indian Scouts.” In 1875, three of the Scouts won the Congressional Medal of Honor—America’s highest military decoration—in a single engagement with the Comanche Indians on the Pecos River. Aint that a bich they were trying to kill them then when they couldn’t they invited them to join their army to kill some Indians smh.

  19. Tyrone on said:


    When did Arabs and Spaniards stop being white people? The ignorance of some black people is amazing to me. The rush to segregate whites based on their likeness to black people is insane to me. When i discuss whites, i’m talking about all of them, not just those in the US. Why does this matter? Black people are linking themselves with people who are just as bad as the whites we complain about so much in America. I deal with both groups of men on a daily basis. They assume that most blackmen they interact with are devoid of historical context. They don’t like blackmen, but, they wanna f**k blackwomen at the same time. Another point, the vast majority of black males killed by cops here in Miami have been White Latin/Cuban males. The same group of men who call themselves niggers and bump hip-hop 24/7. They’re great actors, Hollywood would love them. In order for us to understand the notion of white guilt/remorse, we must know the motives of all men…brothas pay attention? Helping whitemen push back the Chinese is a 40/60 proposition at best. Will whites change their ways, that’s hard to say. As a black male, i can’t take anything for granted. If whites want our help, they have to show us something on the incarceration rate of black women and men, drug laws, access to higher education, racism within government, business, law enforcement, etc. My focus and concern is for black people. Other so-called colored folk need to get their s**t together as well. Asians hate on brown-complexioned Thais, Indonesians, Cambodians, WTF? Dravidian/Black women in India are told to hate their chocolate skin by white Aryans who are invaders of the Indian subcontinent, WTF? Blackness is hated on by all who are not sun-kissed by birth. Growing up, i was in solidarity with other PoC until the truth was revealed to me. All of us have a common enemy…Racist White People! Until they get right with themselves, we need not waste time associating with them politically speaking. Advancing blackness for future generations is the objective, it’s not about us as individuals. We appreciate the gift that was given to us by The Most High…Bottomline!!!

    Thank You Negress

  20. Amarie on said:

    @DarqBeauty- I agree with you 100%.

  21. Umoja on said:

    I just left YT. WOW!! The blatant, bold racism is pervasive! They are our neighbors,” friends” and co-workers.
    I tell ‘ya, if Blacks don’t realize now who these “people” are, I don’t know what to tell you. It’s so blatantly obvious, it’s unreal. You’d have to be blind not to see. They are not going to change, it’s in their DNA to be blood-thirsty, sexual terrorist psychopaths. Believe that!!
    If the govt’ gave orders to go out and kill Blacks….they would in an instant. If the govt’ instituted chattel slavery again; whites would comply in an instant. I really believe that Blacks are under a spell with these people; deceived by their “kindness” and “hospitality”, “humanitarianism” and smiles….not realizing that psychopaths are masters of mimicking all of the above, Blacks have great amnesia….. I think Blacks lack a great deal of pride, worth, value and self-esteem—-an excellent set-up for victimhood.
    Whites have no other history, but blood-thirsty, sexual deviance and terrorism, psychopathy and the destruction and murder of whole civilizations. This has not changed, as it is very much prevalent today.

  22. Umoja on said:

    a burning car….I’d pretend I don’t see them and walk away. Those children will grow as adults and subjugate POC throughout their lives….including you and your loved ones. Look at their history. Everyone has been repaid with destruction and death by white people any time that kindness, humanity, compassion, ect…had been extended.
    As you stated; Mr. Ramsey, the Black guy, assisted in those white girls freedom after 10yrs; yet whites turned around and demeaned him in every way possible. Instead of praising him as the hero he is, they’ve intentionally focused on him being Black and dung up his past. This would not have happened in a million years if he were white. Period. Whites do not ever want Blacks to be seen in a favorable light; especially a Black man.
    I’m unapologetically African and I have no leniency or exceptions throughout my cells. It is the leniency and exceptions that we will regret and have regretted. It is best that they exist no more; or we will continue to experience the same. They are genetically inclined to be as they are. It’s the “hoping that the snake doesn’t bite” or trying to domesticate a wild beast….they always return to who and what they are genetically. We must realize this. It’s been over 2,000 yrs. since their introduction to humanity. What more history do we need!!

  23. Umoja on said:

    As I’ve stated earlier; whites use those “spells”– we are all one, we’re fighting this together, we’re all equal, the comical “utopia”, blah, blah, blah….ONLY if their system is threatened (white supremacy power and rule) or if THEY desire such rights for themselves, exm….gay rights, ect. They will “piggyback” on Black oppression for their rights and discard those they’ve used. Blacks. Whites WILL get their gay rights. They’re susceptible to be homosexuality and all sexual deviances. They appeal to their own who are susceptible also. No problem there. It’s in their genes….as bestiality is practiced by over 100,ooo whites in Germany. I’ll never comprehend harassing and molesting Fido and call it “love”. It isn’t deviant sex or terrorism to whites. NAMBLA…same thing.
    Yet, Blacks will remain subjugated and fighting for civil rights and the like. Not one of those gays will fight for the civil rights of Blacks. Many Blacks allow themselves to be used in such a way for acceptance and approval; hoping that the gesture is reciprocated. smh When will we learn….sigh

  24. Honestly I don’t think White AmeriKKKlan would ever side with us Blacks to defeat the Chinese. Most White AmeriKKKlans will have to change their racist ways in order to help Blacks push the Chinese from taking over AmeriKKKlan. Either way, I don’t care because I hate this country and I am not found of White AmeriKKKlans at all. I watch their ways and honestly 60%-70% of White AmeriKKKlans are racists. Only a few genuinely like and appreciate Black people.

  25. I will give whites what they gave us minus the evil so nothing. I care for those who have or shown they are capable of empathy. Not just towards dogs, cuz they love them some dogs. I wont even explain it to them no reason to. You reap what u sow they are not even worthy of hate. Why waste the energy on nothing

  26. Umoja

    Do you think this quality is what is referred to as “the God quality” in all melanin rich peoples?

  27. To all

    Great comments.


    If we turn them away, does that make us like them? Is that who we want to be? Like the enemy? What about morality?

  28. Mickey on said:

    Speaking of Charles Ramsey, here is what our brotha Tariq Nasheed says about the matter. He gives relationship advice for a while and then goes into the “Heroes or Modern-day Minstrels” speech at the 16:32 mark.

  29. No turning your back on the devil is profound intelligence, turning the cheek to be sucker punched especially by your open enemy is suicidal.

  30. If we turn them away that makes us smart, which is a title they aren’t deserving of as they’ve never earned an honest day’s living by their own actions in their entire existence.

    Yes, that’s who we want to be – we don’t go around exploiting entire civilizations and peoples for our own personal gratification so we can’t truly be like them in that respect.

    To paraphrase Marimba, we owe it to our ancestors to make our people our first, second, third, and last priorities. In our previous generations we didn’t and look where it has us now.

  31. Ms. J on said:

    I think the White man should’ve been asked, “What do you mean by ‘WE’?”, after he made his statement. White people can say one thing and mean something else.

  32. Ms J

    I believe, and I could be wrong, that he meant us “people” in general.

  33. darqbeauty on said:

    If we turn them away we are not like them at all. They have turned us away from the beginning. We, on the other hand, have opened our arms to them time and time again. Only to be burned time and time again. So how can one aberration of an act cause us to be anything like them? They must learn. Like spoiled children, they have run amok and we, as genetic parents, must collectively put our foot down to save the rest of our children.
    Imagine this. You have 5 children. Of those 5 children one is a psychopathic sociopath. You have caught this child burning the other children. Sexually abusing the other children. Killing animals. Polluting their environment be defecating and urinating where they like. You’ve woken up to this child wielding a butcher knife over your sleeping forms many times. Are we like the child when we finally realize that love is not enough and that this child must go for the sake of not only the other children, but ourselves?
    No. Not in the least.
    These are those that call themselves “white” on this planet. It is up for us to be the moral beacons and stamp out this evil once and for all. The other children are becoming contaminated by the sociopath’s antics and observe how he is never held accountable for his actions. Like cowering children under a bully’s thumb, so is the Earth to these creatures.
    These people have shown that they do not want to be part of the collective human family. They have shown themselves to be murderers at the heart. Therefore, they have forfeited their right to leniency. Leniency has been shown time and time again to the detriment of us all.
    I’m not worried about them though. Evidence of their falling kingdom is all around me. Edom shall be a stubble, then stamped out completely.
    I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be standing near one on Judgement Day.

  34. Umoja on said:

    Since when did African Agency, African life and survival, and self determination be synonyms to anti white or racism, or being immoral, I say.

    My dear African people (politically black) in the continent and the diaspora, we need to learn and understand…
    It is our moral obligation to ourselves to not offer humanitarianism, kindness, compassion and the like to those who only desire to annihilate us. Would you offer this to a snake who has bitten you, who is genetically prone to bite and kill once bitten, and has such history throughout? Or would you offer kindness in hopes it doesn’t bite and kill any more?

    Am I immoral to shoot and kill someone who has a loaded gun pointed at me with full intent to kill me? It’s not about morality. That’s one of those spells. It is an affront to our power, god within to not fight fire with fire, intellect and wisdom; yet instead having compassion for those who would kill us in a heart-beat. We’ve been doing that for centuries and what have we gained?!
    Our gift—consciousness; the fruits of the spirit ( love, peace, forgiveness, empathy, compassion, etc). If they are such “gifts”, why do we give such gifts away so freely? It’s as though we have no honor, respect or value for them ourselves…. as they are made a mockery by whites; who have no honor, value or respect for them. There is no reverence of such virtues and gifts in those who have no conscious.
    …and why should those who lack a conscious (whites) value such gifts. They hold no value; save one…..used as weapons against us.

    We are not on an equal playing field. Consciousness and lack of consciousness don’t mix and never will. One is that of Spirit and the other from the pits of hell. The two will never come together. It’s against nature. We have taught them (whites) how to treat us. If I’m in a physically abusive relationship, do I constantly forgive? NO! My forgiveness will be used as a weapon against me. Such man will know he can continue abusing me….I’ve taught him so. And what would that say about me? I value his life over mine. I have no value for mine. Why should I be given life if I am to squander my life on such affront to my spirit…who I am.

    Who the hell am I, YOU, NOT to value , love and honor myself, is what Spirit tells me. Giving away love, honor, respect and worth to others , yet none for self , is a complete affront to our god within. Giving such “gifts” to those who hold no value to them is foolishness and death. It vexes the Spirit. We are here to experience endless outrageous joy and fulfillment….the fruits of the Spirit.
    We are not here for this mess….we are not here for this.

  35. I don’t think if we turn away from them that we are like them because we would be protecting ourselves. As the saying goes fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me. We have to take a stand and not allow them in our circles until they change [which I doubt will happen] and until they tear down white supremacy [also highly unlikely]. We should not let them in. Sheit even noah had to turn people away when he had the arc you can’t save everybody, including some of our own. We have to leave some of the people that look like us the hell alone because their thoughts and feelings are that of a white person[Obama}. It makes us human to want to preserve ourselves even the creator had struggles with sacrificing himself and would ask his father to take the cup from him. We have always known what is right and what is wrong, they have as well, its not our job to save everybody. Its our job to inform people but what they do with the information is up to them.

  36. darqbeauty on said:

    They only say “we” in the true collective when the sh*t hits the fan. Watch how they watch you when you are someplace viewing a “national” tragedy. Like a sports bar or some other inane place. It’s like they feed off your sympathy for them. F*cking vampires. The lot of them. Watch how they always ask you how you “feel” when these things happen. It’s like they’re checking and making sure that the knee-groids are still exhibiting signs of Stockholm Syndrome. When I think about these people with too much depth, my skin starts to crawl. They are some seriously weird and creepy people. Pride goeth before a fall and the Dark One has used their pride to get them to exactly where he wants them. It’s pitiful really.

  37. mstoogood4yall on said:

    I noticed white people speak in vague terms hardly in specific terms. A couple years ago my dad and I went fishing and this white guy comes and talks to my dad. They were talking about fishing, then he started talking about the earthquakes in Haiti and then he said I think god has a special place for people from Africa and walked away quickly. Me and my dad looked at each other stunned and were thinking what did he mean by that, did he mean a special place as in heaven or in hell. I think he was talking about the latter because he walked away before we could ask him to clarify. We need to speak to them in vague terms to them and don’t tell them anything of importance.

  38. Umoja on said:


    You are so correct. It reminds me of when Trayvon Martin’s parents were being interviewed soon after their sons death; the reporter (white) was focused on whether or not the parents were going to forgive their son’s murderer…..not justice for their son!! One of those “spells” again….used against us.
    They always desire us to be humble, kind, compassionate, loving, ect….when their asses are on the line…for their benefit. Which they NEVER offer, nor are they capable. We are not to retaliate, fight back, yet be good slaves…compliant victims.

  39. Umoja on said:

    Gotta’ be on our toes when they open their mouths. They always speak vaguely or in codes. That SOB clearly made a racist comment. Came over just to spew that mess then leave. Haiti, god, special place?…..he meant, death. I would have marched up to his azz and gave him a mouthful. We have taught these “people” so well how to treat us, that they have become bold in displaying and spewing their racism, throughout. Many respond with amazement when confronted, as though to say,” Look we have the right to spew our racism”, they have a look of ” who the hell are you, this is how it is”. I had one YT subscriber tell me to get “thicker skin” when it comes to racism….the very thing that has caused death and destruction to us all and will give whites card-blanche if we were to “get thick skin” to racism. I told the clown a few racial terms and told her, ” get thicker skin” ‘ya moron, when she reacted in anger.

  40. darqbeauty on said:

    That’s why they can’t stand to see Black people in love with one another, or Black people wearing their natural hair. Can’t display anything that shows you haven’t been completely brainwashed. I may have hair like wool, but that doesn’t mean you can pull it over my eyes. If only we were a FRACTION as stupid as they like to think we are. If only.

  41. No it doesn’t. We should turn away from their ways because they hate us and want us to fail in this racist society. Their whole goal is to see us fail.

    We need to turn away from White AmeriKKKlan ways for good. We need to STOP assimilating.

  42. Exactly, I agree with your points. It makes me sad that White AmeriKKKlans will never see the evils of their racism and Blacks who fall in the traps of their racist hierarchy sell our race out and become Uncle Toms and coons.

  43. Umoja on said:


    Yes, it is “the God quality” that we possess due to our melanin. Guess what? Whites know this; that’s the big secret. So in turn, they have taught us via western religions and white supremacy rule what to do with these God qualities…..to their benefit. Squander and dilute them in any and all matters, including our lives and deaths …for the benefit of whites. In a nut-shell…..

    Always give, give, give; forgive, forgive, forgive!!….be humble, don’t fight, don’t get angry, it’s wrong to seek or ask for revenge ( a clever word in the replace of justice), be nice even with those who aren’t nice to you, money is evil, you’ll get your pie in the sky when you die, God is testing us/you (when you’re getting your ass kicked via any suffering), God has chosen you when you’re getting your ass kicked via any suffering or lack ( you’re suppose to feel special here), it’s ungodly to complain, always have compassion and understanding for those who mistreat you no matter how horrific, even pray for them, be patient (indefinitely) etc, etc…

    …And the most horrendous…..suffering has been equated to being “Godly”. Being “strong” has been equated to someone who endures suffering and lack without complaint indefinitely…. a martyr….a victim….a hero. And let’s not forget, ” God will get them”….so we sit back in suffering, lack and victimhood and wait on this God; while not realizing that we are the God’s. ( but that’s “sinful” and blasphemous)

    You see, it’s all a set-up…..for our complete and utter demise and annihilation, spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally.

    We have been taught by those who do not possess the God qualities (whites) what to do with our God qualities….to their benefit. We have been taught improperly and horrifically. We have been taught to expel and extend our God qualities at all cost in every given circumstance….save none. We squander our God qualities; give them away without limit, trash them….. lacking discipline, wisdom and intellect. Whites find much value in them, for their benefit; yet we treat them without value, respect and honor through the complete squandering of them. We have become drunk in squandering our gifts. AND we have allowed one of the most horrific mind jobs propagated……whites being god’s, wtf!! We have given them a “god complex”. They actually think they’re superior. wtf!! We trust and believe what these people do and say… completely devoid of these gifts and spirituality. They’ve turned the tables completely….for their benefit of course.

  44. To all

    Wow. You are all knocking it outta the park with your comments. This post is leading up to a post that’s long overdue.

    As for turning the other cheek, the Bible, Quran and other religious text all have a “eye for an eye” passage in some form or another.

    They also all say that God will seek vengeance on those that have wronged his Children.

  45. Darq

    Vampires indeed. In fact, when 9/11 happened, my co-worker asked me specifically how I felt about it. Like they’re checking in to see if we’re still under their spell.

  46. Adeen

    I read your comments about going natural. Great! I’m proud of you.

  47. Umoja

    I wish I could put your entire statement on a plaque.

  48. kowaba on said:

    “Do you think that whites are feeling that it’s crunch time and they’re not going to have any choice but to turn to us for help? If they come a-knocking, will you help them?”

    The white supremacists will do what they want to do and that is exploit us for information and support, but then not reciprocate. No. I would not help them. I’m tired of their empty promises to help and reciprocate and then I’m left with a bitter taste in my mouth of “allowing” myself to be left high and dry. These people are masters of deception and their modus operandi is to be ‘nice’ and then mistreat all at the same time.

    On the COWS May 15 episode, I believe it was SYNQ that mentioned Fuller’s Word Guide had the definition for who a liberal (pg. 203-205) is. I just finished reading the entry and have found that two things pop out at me when I read your story after reading this entry. “4) Working closely with Non-white people in a manner that he or she can watch and study them, and control their thinking more directly and efficiently. 5)Making suggestions to Non-White people that are attractive, but are functionally designed to indirectly make Non-White people render better service to The System of White Supremacy (Racism).”

    Did that older fellow not suggest to you to go to Home Depot? Is he not approaching you so as to perhaps “push” you to let your guard down? He saw that you were not responding as he’d like (aka kissing his ass for providing information and help) so he mentioned that ‘we are all in this together’.

    Also after reading your story, I thought regarding your events some might say well that was nice that that man helped you. I looked in Mr. Fuller’s Word Guide and there is an entry on Nice/Nice Person (pg. 260). He warns in the entry ‘NOT to confuse being “nice” with being “just”, “correct”‘ and the like.

  49. Kowaba

    Once again, great analysis. I too noticed that when I showed no interest in him and did not respond accordingly, he threw in the “WE” statement as if that would change things.

    I’m so far behind on the COWS. I usually listen to them at night or in the mornings but have slacked off. I must catch up.

  50. kowaba on said:

    No, I don’t think it makes us like them. I was watching this documentary which talked about slave revolts. One of the slave revolts accounted said that the slaves killed every woman, man, and child even infants because the slaves knew that they would be subjected to the same mistreatment if these infants grew to become adults. And oh the slaves did not rape the women like what the white supremacists do.

    Now, I’m definitely not saying that we should have riots or take to the streets. Of course, these are not constructive courses of action, but the example above shows that I don’t think the slaves were like the WS, but were just trying to get out of the situation they were in.

  51. is the COWS radio live? and where is the website I can’t find it. Youtube has some vids but its old episodes.

  52. kowaba on said:


    Thank you. For sure, all of this RWS is a mental war. WS tactics can be viewed through psychological lens. Many of the things they do when they react are psychological defenses. I find when they interact with us (perhaps in all of our interactions) and even with other white people (because there are a few white people that may get offended by a racist comment) WS to a certain extent are psychologically casing the person in order to see what would be safe to say, where they stand, and to know who they are dealing with. I believe that’s why they ask for our opinion, not because they value our opinion, but because they want to know where we stand. For me, I try to keep this in the back of my mind at all times when dealing with them.

    As for the COWS, I haven’t been listening to it regularly, but I try to listen to it occasionally for food for thought and to combat any programming I may deal with on a day-to-day basis. Gus did a blog post with an audio commentary on the show The Walking Dead. Here’s the link: http://racism-notes.blogspot.com/2013/04/ClearRacism.html
    It was really interesting listening to how the white code is shown in the media. For me, it’s definitely given me an idea (or template, if you will) on how to deconstruct what is happening in a particular situation during a movie.

  53. kowaba on said:

    Yes, the cows radio is live. I had some problems finding it as well. It was taken off of blog talk radio, but its new home is black talk radio network. Here’s the link to the show page:


  54. Crissjensen on said:

  55. Check this out too!

  56. mstoodgood and kowaba

    Gus has had a LOT of technical issues in the past so his radio show jumps around a lot.

  57. Criss

    Thank you!

    Love T.West.

  58. Ms. J on said:

    You are so right!!

    I feel like when white people talk to us, they only say some things but leave out very important details. I just get this instinctual feeling that they hide the truth too.

  59. To all:

    Just got this message from Esau:

    “He wasn’t say “we’re all in this together” as in “blacks and whites,” he meant “we” as in everyone trying to make ends meet in the current climate. I’m pretty appalled that you’d sneer at a man’s simple offer to help and be friendly as some sort of racist emotional stand-off. For someone so intent on rallying against racism, you’re insanely racist.”

    I did not approve his other comments so you will not be able to read them. Don’t you find it strange how Edom is so attracted to us while they claim being repulsed?

  60. I spoke too soon…

    Here’s another one:

    “Blah Blah Whitey Whitey. Blame Whitey. All the cracka’s fault yo. Maybe if y’all stopped being racist you’d get further in your struggle. I’ve lived in many places and worked in multiple sectors, and never have I met a white person who gave a damn about the color of your skin. You didn’t get hired to work with people? Did you say things like ” What it do?” or other various Ebonics? That’s probably why. I wouldn’t get hired either if I showed an inability to speak English.

    I’m not saying there’s not an occasional racist person solely based on color, but what I AM saying is maybe they don’t like you because you show a blind hatred based EXACTLY on the premise you claim to be fighting against. Difference is you get away with it, because you have LEGAL PROTECTIONS, y’know, so you COULD be equal, and not discriminated against.

    That’s not what it’s about anymore. You know you’re on even footing (Really better than us now, you don’t lose out on jobs based on the color of your skin because of EO), but you want to rule, you want power without working for it because Great Granpappy was a slave (Who was most likely treated very well, if you own a farm would you beat your workhorse? No? Didn’t think so.) and therefore you are entitled to the WORLD even though unless you’re at LEAST about 50, you’ve bared none of the indignities of your ancestors.

    On that note, you’re no more African than I am Irish. My ancestors came from Ireland, but my name isn’t Seamus. If you hate it so much here, and we keep you down soooooo much, I’m sure we can arrange a lil cruise to take you back to Africa. I’m sure your life will be MUCH better there, and we can stop being yelled at for imagined antiquated trespasses.”

  61. All I can do is laugh, I give whoever that person is about 4-5 hours before they come back with the absolute bat-shit nuts, “nigger, coon blah blah [ insert wall of words ] ” freak out message, just like they always do.

    I *almost* feel sorry for them as they ultimately lose no matter what actions they take. They could kill us and wipe us out, or arrange the “little cruise” he’s referring to, but then they’d just destroy each other tens time faster without us here serving as a shunt for all their negative energy.

    Let us stay here, us brown folk wipe them out genetically, and along with every other “minority” we out develop them within decades, just like the reconstruction era and the era just prior to this recession.

    Must suck to be white.

  62. Rofl. Semen oops I mean seamus please get that cruise ship ready . I’m ready, i’m ready i’m ready to go to Africa let me pack my bags. Shoot I was wondering how I would afford to go there now thanks to mighty whitey I get to. Oh darn I will go but under one stipulation, get all the white vampires outta Africa first and stop taking the resources thank you.
    “Difference is you get away with it, because you have LEGAL PROTECTIONS, y’know, so you COULD be equal, and not discriminated against.”

    Whites can kill blacks and get away with it so what your point?

    “You didn’t get hired to work with people? Did you say things like ” What it do?” or other various Ebonics? That’s probably why. I wouldn’t get hired either if I showed an inability to speak English.”

    really now, hmm, then how is it that some Asians and latinos who can barely speak English get jobs. Yall racists kill me thinking we speak nothing but ebonics, even the blacks who speak perfect English get passed over for a job. Also whites are starting to lose jobs to the Chinese and latinos for cheap labor I wonder what you will have to say about that when whites aren’t getting any jobs if you would say hmm maybe its because you didn’t try hard enough and can’t speak English. Or more than likely you will say well the economy is sheit and its the companies fault for giving the job to those Chinese and latinos.

  63. mstoogood4yall on said:

    “I’m pretty appalled that you’d sneer at a man’s simple offer to help and be friendly.”

    Roflmao. I’m not sneering i’m laughing. So its ok for whites to sneer and make fun of Charles Ramsey when he was friendly and gave help to those white women. But oh no shame on us uppity ni@@rs for not falling out and being on our knees when a white person offers some simple help.

  64. Matari on said:

    “If you hate it so much here, and we keep you down soooooo much, I’m sure we can arrange a lil cruise to take you back to Africa. ”


    Can’t speak for anyone else here, but if this or some other random *clueless* white person is willing to personally finance my travel and settling in accommodations, I’ll be happy to leave racist AmeriKKKa.

    Just set up a legit trust funds arrangement and I’ll get right on finding an African host country willing to receive me on the Mother continent so that I can get the hell up on outta here!

    Call it reparations, traveling expenses, relocation fee, pain & suffering, unpaid/under paid wages owed – whatever… Just show me the cash!

    But I’m not holding my breath as history is replete with countless instances of whites making promises they never intended to keep!

  65. It seems to me that these ‘non-racist’ whites are the most racist of all. They get pissed off if you even mention their racist behaviour or racism in general. I have experienced this in varying degrees, from the angry white man to the slobbering , sobbing white chick. I was talking to my sister the other day and we both agreed that whites do not want to talk about racism and react sometimes violently when they are confronted with their racist speech or behaviour. However, when whites want to talk about racism they feel quite comfortable if they broach the subject first–usually to get confirmation from you that they are not racist. I have had many a hilarious run in with these clowns. Oh how I long for the days when they just called you nigger and kept going!

    As for that fuck ‘Esau’, write him back and tell him to go play in on coming traffic. Another colour-blind racist white arsehole who by their very words prove that they are indeed racist. Fuck off ‘Esau’!

  66. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Mentally ill, demon possessed, caucanderthal from hell wrote:

    “…we can stop being yelled at for IMAGINED antiquated trespasses.”

    Did anyone else catch that?

    That’s right folks; the unapologetic theft of Native lands and resources all over the world (that is STILL going on), the unprovoked rape, torture and murder of TENS OF MILLIONS of brown and black people (that is STILL going on), slavery, lynchings, Jim Crow, Tuskegee experiments, NUKING the Japanese and on and on by these diabolically evil creatures NEVER happened. It’s all just a figment of our imaginations!

    So puhweeze stop yelling at po, widdle, innocent, suicide prone white peepholes!

  67. darqbeauty on said:

    My favorite part is how he whines about her being “racist” and then goes on to proclaim that she speaks in ebonics. Despite the fact that her blog is very eloquently written and practically devoid of colloquialisms. Yet that’s the only thing his calcified pineal gland can pull from the ruckus of his mind. I appreciate Diary posting this. I’m in finals week and I needed a laugh! 🙂

  68. darqbeauty on said:

    Why can’t they leave us alone? Geezus effin’ Cesar Borgia on a cracker! I swear if we collectively left the planet, they would use all of Earth’s resources to stalk us, find us, build spaceships and then land on our new Utopia yapping about hating mooncrickets! LOL!!

  69. Forced Reality on said:


    I agree!

  70. honeytreebee on said:

    I see why you keep a tight leash on such people. It reall does diminish the experience when you have to wade through all of their blah,blah,whining ish. I am really glad that this site is for, by and about black people. Love it. Thanks for taking filtering through the ish and not letting it routinely get through. Now back to commenting.

  71. honeytreebee on said:

    Ooopsy It really does diminish. is what I meant. thanks for taking the time to do this filtering…

  72. honeytreebee on said:

    Couldn’t agree more with what you said. Also, you find this out when you travel abroad. Oh, at first they try to hide it, but if, your eyes are open and if, yu listen with your ears they sound just like you know who back here. Oh, when the wind one day blows the other way then they’ll want to remind you about that african great grand dad or ma. We have to be aware that a lot of POC are wind tackers and will go which way it blows.
    While seeing WP get treated like they treat us might be a relief. We all have bigger thing to do like getting our act together. We need to fix our relationships and heal our wounds with each other first. Then set up our own businesses so black men and women never need to depend on WP for employment ever again. This will also start to give us a layer of seperation from them.

  73. honeytreebee on said:

    I asked some white peole about this and they said that they wouldn’t help out their own. If they do not intend to help other WP out what makes you think that they will help you out. They are untrusting and suspicious of themselves and will start a war with themselves unprovoked by others. So, do you really think they will not turn on you? After all part of our function and why they have never cleared a place for us anywhere else in the world is to have something and someone to destroy and punish when probles arise. We are the reason why they have not been at constant war with themselves every waking moment of the day. As long as they have us and POC they do ot whip themselves off the face of the earth. Look at their history. No onther people on the planet fight as much as them. Even when negotiating a treaty it is only to buy more time for more war. Even when they are not hitting you physically, it is done mentally, metaphysically, spiritually and so on. Even verbally!!!! Even when they are trying to be nice. We gotta stick together, we are in this together… against who MF and since when? Don’t you just love all this we ish y’all. I mean talk about an us vs. them reality. We BP we BUSA have a tendance to apply our kindness, and loving ways to all. Yes, it is in the depths of our very souls to be good, giving, generous, and the gardians of actualizing and bringin into being that higher self. However, before we can bring that into being we must learn to turn these mighty gifts inwards and give to self first, then our collective. We must nourish us the earth as the earth canonly give what the earth has.

  74. honeytreebee on said:

    This was a classic case of dumping and trying to keep you down. You see when we pay them no mond and go about our own affairs it doesn’t feed them mentally. They feed off of our energy and emotions. By keeping us constantly thinking of them we can not progress any further ensuring them a consistant supply of energy. Let it go give his crazy thoughts no further thought and yes, be wary of their actions always.

  75. honeytreebee on said:

    wouldn’t it be nice to see black couples in love hand in hand with their natural everything hair and all. Happy in love and going places. Owning their own stuff not having to answer to WP and not needing outsiders to aid them ever. I think if, tis could be displaed in mass all over a lot of this mess would end over night if, we would just hang tight. I mean real tight.

  76. honeytreebee on said:

    Yes it is true and I have stated it before. We can also cast spells with our words and they are very powerful. Why do you think they have to keep saying this bs to us over and over again. However, we can block their spells with knowledge of self and loving our own first. Speak to BP using your best words and your most loving words. Do what you can to put goodness and kindness behind all of your words dealing with your family and loved ones.

    As for WP they can’t take the truth, however care must be taken with the ultra violent beast. So, telling them straight out that you don’t like them and have no love for them may not be the best thing to do. Instead, I think the best weapon is indifference to their words. Letting them know that they are not a authority on anything to you and carry on with what you were doing. All the while working them out of your life and out of your space. And never explain why and never say what is wrong.

  77. honeytreebee on said:

    You know Pam I really wish they would do us all a big favor and tell BP the truth that they never intend for anything to be equal ever. Yeah I know there’ll be pork in tree tops before that happens, but it would make things a lot easier.

  78. Mickey on said:

    Please watch! Dr. Claude Anderson speaks raw truth!

  79. Mickey

    I spoke to his wife, Joann. She gave me an earful about our condition. It made me sad. She also explained meritorious manumission to me and why rich blacks cannot help the black community.

    When edom gives you money, you sign a contract…under life and death. Great video by the way. Look up powernomics by him also….it’s awesome.

  80. Matari on said:

    “Dr. Claude Anderson speaks raw truth!”


    Thanks Mickey “…raw truth!” is an understatement.

    “everyone on the planet practices GROUP ECONOMICS except us!”
    “… you are aiding THEM in wiping you out!”

    {{Anyone got some anti-depressant herbs I can borrow??}}

  81. Matari and Mickey

    Petty jealousies and competitiveness is holding us back. We hate to see other blacks happy and succeed if we are not succeeding. When I spoke to his wife, she echoed all of your sentiments and then some.

    Plus, there is a spiritual war against us that is preventing *some* of us from seeing what’s going on.

  82. Folks, if I said it once, I will say it a thousand more times; Study European history in order to understand how the white mind works. The doctor in the video touches on this when he states that racism didn’t exist before the 1400s. Study your own history as well and compare the two. Listen to your elders and seek out your lineage. Armed with this information, you will be able to navigate your way through this white supremacist society. This man must be the reincarnation of my granny as he also mentions that ‘educated’ blacks become politicians in order to ‘get along’; this is one of the reasons I have little or no respect for these so called black leaders. I am not interested in getting along with some white racist asshole. When it comes to economics, collectivism is where it’s at.

  83. Matari on said:


    “Plus, there is a spiritual war against us that is preventing *some* of us from seeing what’s going on.”


    I’ve been waiting my whole life for the critical mass or tipping point or miracle to cause this blindness to disappear from the eyes of *some.*

    Meritorious Manumission sounds or reads like the “brother or sister” truism to Derrick Bell’s 5 Laws of Racial Standing.

  84. Oh Yes, I remember this clearly, and when he was asked why he refrained from helping the Black woman…,his answer? “What am I, a rescue team?”

  85. Jay in the Black Dimension on said:

    Don’t want to get off topic, but I found this article and I thought that you might find it interesting Negress. Tell me what you think.


    Now as for your question

    “Do you think that whites are feeling that it’s crunch time and they’re not going to have any choice but to turn to us for help? If they come a-knocking, will you help them?”

    Yes, some white people are feeling a little pressure but there have always been poor white people in this country. Just look at the Appalachian region of this country. The problem is, now city and suburban whites who were well off are now starting to see what it’s like to struggle.

    Should we help them? I won’t answer that question, I’ll just give you something to think about. During times of war, famine, religious persecution, academic dark ages, etc., whites from Europe and the Middle East have come to Black people and to Africa in particular in ancient times for help. In mordern times whether it was the need for Black bodies to fight in wars or for the natural resources, who did whites turn to? Black people. So how has helping these people turned out for us throughout history?

  86. Dr. Claude is the truth. love that video and the way he broke it down. we definitely need more black businesses and spend money at black businesses. I see a lot more sistas going natural and I think a lot of them buy their products from black businesses because imo only another black person can make real hair products that work for our hair. This is why we will begin to see more Asians trying to sell hair products for our natural hair. I like to think the black hair care businesses have a leg up in that area. When a lot more black women go natural the Asian hair business will be in trouble, I can’t wait.
    I think a major problem we have is not creating wealth and passing it down to the next generation. I see whites and Asians and they have businesses, houses, land , and cars that they pass down to their kids. Meanwhile we are lucky if we get our parents car. A lot of us don’t have much or any money saved. I look at my family and some own a house others live in apartments. But pretty much all don’t have a lot of money saved after the bills. Its like we get money, then we pay the bills, then after that we go buy clothes ,phones shoes, jewelry, cars, etc. Then next thing you know there isn’t enough money for retirement or to buy a house. My aunt is in her 50s and still lives in an apartment, her husband died and her 2 sons live with their girlfriends. My oldest brother is 31 and he is about to move back in with our parents because the rent at his apartment went up. This is what i’m talking about we don’t have enough money saved for a rainy day or even a drizzle. It doesn’t matter how much money we earn it matters what we do with it. That is why a lot of the sports players get in debt and have nothing left even though they had millions of dollars.

  87. Jay

    Did you read my post called “Darkness Matters?”

    Dr. Yaffa Bey told me the real reason why black are being kidnapped. It would seem that Esau needs our melanin (life force) to survive by injecting it into himself. Please be careful out there and watch every step you make…you never know who’s working for them.

  88. Matari

    Spot on!

  89. kowaba on said:


    I definitely think that history is underestimated in its value. When I spoke to Mr. Fuller a couple of weeks ago, he told me that we ought to know history that we don’t learn in school. I never learned about Reconstruction when I was in high school and I can tell you for a fact that it is so important that black people learn about that part of U.S. history. It’s pretty much lays out the liberal and conservative views/interactions of racial politics in this country. I definitely need to branch out my studies and start delving into European and African history.

    In addition, I also agree with Dr. Claud Anderson’s view on the ‘educated’ black people wanting to just get along. I find a lot of people in my area that are black fall into this category. It is an illusion if you think about it. If a person is running away from the stereotypes and is being rewarded by not being like those ‘other’ black people and not countering racism then, in my opinion, justice is not at the forefront. It’s all sad, very sad.

  90. “I look at my family and some own a house others live in apartments. But pretty much all don’t have a lot of money saved after the bills.”

    This all day and all night. I think that fiscal responsibility is one of the few areas where we do actually have some room to improve things by our own choices.

    Looking at my family and what I’ve seen working in the criminal justice sector, we have no problem using our children’s future to finance our day to day living habits. Relatives in my family took out a 5 figure credit line in my name, I ultimately resisted pressing charges just because it’s always pissed me off the way the prison complex has us by the throat in this country.

    I’ve also seen the exact same scenario happen to an extended fam member where what would have been a lifelong black owned business opportunity was lost due to credit fraud by a member of the fam (mother using son’s credit)

    On top of that the particular division of the courthouse I worked in had cases just like that happening on a week to week basis, always our people, you almost never saw white or asian fams in there. (Hispanics and fraud is a whole other chapter)

    Compare that to the white side of my ‘family’ (don’t really consider them family in the truest sense).

    All the children that are over 22 go to school full-time, work full-time and in many cases both, are planning out their pregnancies and marriages well in advance. All of them over 24 own their own house, have savings and backup in the family should anything ever happen. Own their own cars, spend responsibly – what keeps them in check?

    They’re all brutally (emphasis on brutal) honest with each other.

    My aunt and uncle in particular run a household where there’s no such thing as a good excuse. Everyone in their extended family holds the jobs they’ve had for decades, if not their entire lives, no excuses – you’ve never seen brown nosers like them.

    The house they have has been in the family for 50 years and passes to a kid if for some reason they truly aren’t able to provide for themselves.

    Comparing that to the rearing I had where until I was 10 we moved no less than once every 2 years, and mom and dad had a new job nearly every single year.

    We really do have to get our shit together, myself very, very, much included.

    No more excuses. 2 years left since Dr. Claude made that video right?

  91. Tyrone on said:


    Sista, racial awareness is the key. As a black person, i don’t care about the bulls**t. If blackness is not the #1 priority, it’s a waste of my time…Real Talk! Honestly, it doesn’t matter if the opposing group is white or non-white. The same bs is gonna show itself. Monopolize Africa’s resources, lust after Nubian women, and destroy black manhood. The pattern never changes, just the names and faces sistren. Honeytreebee, stay encouraged blackwoman, you’re black and female…Creation!!!


  92. Matari on said:


    IF the playing field between average whites and average blacks were level, then there would be absolutely no room for excuses.

    But yeah, we do cause ourselves a lot of needless pain and hardship by making bad/silly choices. We can learn not to do that – if we are a mind to.

  93. That is messed up when people use their kids name and social to open accounts. That happened to my cousin, he wanted to spend time with his dad and his dad would use him to pay for his bills. Time is definitely ticking , I can tell by just looking at jobs that used to have mostly blacks are now mostly latino , like construction and other hard labor jobs. The one thing that’s still the same is its a white overseer, err I mean boss.

  94. Sugarkiss on said:

    Wow@ Umoja!

    I have been so busy with life, but wanted to keep tabs on Negress and these posts from afar, without the urge to comment and derail my current tasks. But the complete flip religion has done on our psyche is unbelievable, still to me as I look with enlightened eyes…and this blind support of Israel….smh

  95. Most of the history I learnt about blacks in Canada was handed down orally and later verified through primary sources. For example, my great grandfather several time removed was included in the 1871 census (the first major one conducted in the new confederation)as ‘African’ and his occupation as ‘farmer’. They only listed the head of households, they didn’t list the names of their dependents. Any other black history such as American black history, I had to seek out myself. You will be taught black related history as ‘snippets’. They loved to use the ‘underground railroad’ in these snippets as it probably made them feel good about how their ancestors and by extension whites, helped the coloureds out. They conveniently forget that it was their ancestors put these runaways in those precarious and dastardly conditions to start; and again by extension those today who are still smarting under their racist yoke.

  96. DLB70 on said:

    This is a good analogy & true. As long as whites feel Blacks are getting somebody over them, they don’t care what happens to them. There are all of these other ethnic groups in America, i.e. latino, asian, etc., but it is just something about us Blacks that they can’t handle.

  97. Ms. Negress,

    Whenever most whites are fearful of losing their power(s)/ privilege(s), they tend to want to join force(s) with the one group of people that they have oppressed and continue to oppress for over 500 years, why? Because they believe that we have the biggest chips on our shoulders, and will be the quickest to become an ally or join force with a potential enemy (or threat) to defeat them.

  98. emile on said:

    “This is a difficult subject because we are given something that whites do not have: a conscience.”

    H-U-G-E statement! I would add that in addition to a conscience, we need more applied wisdom in our interactions with others.

    The fact of the matter becomes increasingly real for many people on a daily basis. The world is changing and not looking very good for “certain” people. We can opt to fall for the oke-doke and, predictably, get let down again, even after the renegation of 40-acres-and-a-mule compensation, affirmative action, the integration/gentrification/school closings hustle, Hurricane Katrina, Tulsa Riots, Tuskegee Experiment, Port Chicago Incident and countless other let-downs, disappointments and blatant acts of having the rug pulled from under us.

    What are we learning from our past experiences? Is it really sinking in? What is it that we’re not getting when it comes to the successful practices of other ethnic groups? How many times have we’ve got to be made fools and exploited because we made the wrong choices based upon “feelings” more than “logic”?

    The Art of War says this about “knowing your enemy”:
    “It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one; if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle.

    King Solomon said this about the application of wisdom:
    “So I dedicated myself to learn about wisdom and knowledge, and about insanity and foolishness. And I discovered that this is also like chasing after the wind” – Ecclesiastes 1:17.

  99. Crissjensen on said:

    Welcome, Negress!

  100. Yes, it’s All the cracka’s fault. so suck it up and learn how to deal with what your Evil white forefathers did to “Earth and the people of the earth”

    Your not going to get away with what ya did.

  101. “IF the playing field between average whites and average blacks were level, then there would be absolutely no room for excuses.”

    You’re completely right on that… it’s a problem that I find myself falling back into again and again, the pain that white people cause us to inflict on each other gets the little “white switch” to flip on and then I end up ranting at me/us – the ones who are actually the victims.

    Looking more towards the origin of the problem I should state that what mostly likely caused the members of my fam to defraud me was the fact that they were desperate and had been laid off multiple times – not a totally valid excuse, but who’s to say it couldn’t have been me doing something if my circumstances were to get bad enough…

    I think that’s what Dr. Claude was talking about when he mentioned all of us having 3 years to avoid becoming -permanent- criminals and beggars – after that point we won’t have any “choice” but to become the criminals white people egg us on to be.

  102. @ all


    “and everyone would have a decent job, plenty of food and free college tuition, low gas prices, and a LEVEL PLAYING FIELD for blacks and whites in employment and education because there would be NO more racism and white privilege

  103. @ negress

    I have heard that it might be due to something missing or a missing pineal gland

    don’t know but racism is definitely more than “learned behavior”

    I believe it IS genetic or instinctive

    and the Learned part reinforces what is already there

  104. @ honeytreebee

    I agree.

    Let’s get the real deal because the confusion is a slow death

    like a cat playing with a mouse and the mouse gets fed up and balls up its tiny fists and says, “You know and I know you’re going to kill me when this game ends so let’s get it on and maybe I’ll get in a few licks and pull out some of your whiskers before it’s over!”

  105. @ DLB70

    Supposedly George Wallace (white supremacist and former Gov of Alabama said, (before he became governor) that he told poor whites that they should unite with poor blacks and that way they would have political power

    and he discovered that the poor whites would rather have no schools, or roads, etc than be equal to a nigger.


  106. Very true. They act like we are supposed to jump at the chance to fight right alongside them. sadly that is what blacks have done and continue to do. During world war 2 black soldiers fought for this country yet when they came home they were still treated as just another ni@@r.The Gullah wars blacks and Indians teamed up and when the whites saw they were getting their arse whooped then they asked the blacks to join them to defeat the Comanche Indians.
    everybody uses us to get what they want while we get nothing from the arrangement. Black is not the new gay we can’t decide we want to be white for a day to get a job, a promotion,etc. Blacks struggle should not to be used by Mexicans who come here illegally to gain sympathy, our ancestors were forced here they choose to come here ,big difference. Black tuskegee airmen should not be compared to some cave biches wanting to be in combat, the Tuskegee airmen were put in the line of fire multiple times because they were seen as less valuable and would do way more fly bys than the white men. White women in combat is them choosing to not be seen as needing protection and hang with the big boys, the Tuskegee airmen didn’t have that option. And some of the biracials need to stop siding with whites then when they get treated like a ni@@r they get upset and want to turn to the black community.
    We need to stand up and not allow this sheit to happen, or at least charge these mofos.

  107. mstoogood4yall on said:

    I was at abagond’s website earlier, on the “I don’t see colour I see a human being” post and this dummy was on there talking about white genocide. When I told him I didn’t care and white genocide is basically whites killing each other through gmo’s, guns,etc he said so you are trying to justify white genocide and went on to say white countries are being overrun with poc. And that whites are forced to be tolerant and called me anti white smh.
    Sad that they believe their own woe is me bs and that they have it worse than us. Yeah having a white country overrun with poc is so terrible, the same country that once belonged to poc until their destructive arse came and killed them off.
    How can people be upset that something is being taken back from them when they are the ones who stole it. The people that are the victim of theft are told we’re anti white and to get over it.

  108. It’s pointless to debate with white people, they only think using “rational” thought, and since they define what rational is they can rationalize anything they say. We fail to realize the depths to which they’ll go to justify their behavior to themselves.

    If we take a look at the vast layers of complexity they’re able to incorporate into the technology they design (on our backs mind you) it provides insight into how deeply layered their denial of their true nature is.

  109. emile on said:

    We have to create our own level playing field. For instance: there’s no affrimative action in sports; you either got it or you don’t. If we were to approach economics with the same passion as we do sports, there would be no need for policies such as AA, especially when you’ve mastered a skill. Think about the number of Black who are walking around with bachelor and master degrees and can’t get a job. Consolidate this intellectual wealth and we could create businesses “and” jobs for ourselves, just as the other groups.

  110. Tyrone on said:


    Black people have yet to realize that every other tribe on the planet are practitioners of “Self Interest.” Because our ancestors were enslaved, we assume that we must be open-minded to any and all insanity that spills out of the white race, which is bs. Abortion is promoted by whitewomen, and homosexuality is promoted by whitemen…neither issue has anything to do with black folk. Yet, so-called black leaders shove both ideologies onto black people because they’re told to do so by white elites that bankroll them. As with other ish, we’re enslaved by our own people as was the case during slavery. My advice to sane black people…get out of the loop…ASAP! Free blacks can’t be friends with hyenas and lions…Choose A Side! Black First is the only way to save our backsides, otherwise, our race will continue to be the mules of the planet.


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