Observations of an Invisible Woman

Healthcare’s Dirty Little Secret

Feeling sick?

Have a cough?

Maybe herb tea and rest is in order and not a trip to the ER. Why? Because doctors are intentionally withholding information on your health and your prescriptions in order to get you sicker so you’ll keep coming back for more “treatment.”

When I traveled with my agency, I met almost every specialist known to man. What I never knew or suspected was an alliance between the medical doctors, the hospitals and the pharmaceutical and insurance companies. Doctors, in their greed, took bribes from Big Pharma to endorse a certain medicine that would cause other medical problems (known in the medical world as an adverse effect), and for their allegiance and silence, they are given eye-popping sums of cash, tickets to the Knicks game and even automobiles.

I remember once when I was in the south, a patient came in with a bad case of wet gangrene. Whilst examining her, I knew immediately that a line of demarcation would be in order for her…we could not save the foot. I gazed at her belly and the way the rolls a fat lapped over her pants and knew instantly that her diet was the cause of her arterial blockage. I also smelled the faint scent of tobacco in her hair. Being in the medical field for 11 years taught me to be gentle with all inquiries on a patients diet. I was shocked when she admitted, almost sheepishly, that she loves Twix bars and eats them with each meal followed by Sunkist orange soda. As if to prove her point, she reached into her pocketbook and pulled out a “fun-size” bar of Twix and offered me one.

I tried to educate with a tender voice on carbohydrates and how the body turns potatoes and rice into sugar but was interrupted by a furious surgeon. He demanded to know what gave me the right to educate his patient on proper nutrition.

He took me into the corner and, nostrils blazing, chewed me out. Stunned by his fury and needing my paycheck, I resisted the urge to scream in his face about how it was his duty to educate his patient on all aspects of good health and he was an embarrassment to the oath. He quieted down to speak to his patient on prosthetics by a manufacturer he partnered with. He never explained to her about proper eating habits nor did he request a Nutritionist to educate her. She just sat there and never asked any questions. This wasn’t the first time I witnessed a doctor intentionally withholding information from patients. In fact, the poorer and “simpler” you appear, the more information was withheld. For blacks, the treatment was atrocious. I should know. I was a patient once in my own hospital and the experience left me scarred.

At my current hospital, a doctor was arrested for Medicare fraud. He used dead patient’s social security numbers to bill for Medicare…and was successful for many years til he got greedy and got caught.

My reasons for writing this post is simple.

Blacks are at risk for diabetes, depression, drug use and abuse and high blood pressure. Living in this society where all areas of life are stacked against you and information is cleverly hidden from you, it is no wonder why we are at risk for all ailments. Knowing how to eat and using the power of herbs will save you from a doctor’s greed and negligence, a pharmaceutical company’s dishonesty and the apathy of the insurance companies. They usually work together behind the scenes to take advantage of our ignorance. 

I’ve comprised a simple list of our most common ailments and their herbal counterparts. Please use them and rediscover the power of Mother Nature:

If you have:

1. Pain, instead of aspirin or Tylenol, use Cayenne Pepper or Ginger

2. Bad/ High Cholesterol, instead of Lipitor, use Garlic or Black Tea

3. High Blood Pressure, instead of Calan or Analapril, use Garlic, Green Tea, Sweet Potatoes

4. Diabetes, instead of glucophage, use Cinnamon or Garlic

5. Anxiety, instead of Zoloft or Prozac, use Peppermint or Lavender

6. Insomnia, instead of Lunesta, use Chamomile or Vanilla

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55 thoughts on “Healthcare’s Dirty Little Secret

  1. darqbeauty on said:

    Hey sis, you need to read, “White Coat, Black Hat”. It basically spells out exactly what you said. Doctor’s PRACTICE. They forget this and become enveloped in their God Complex. And the nerve of a lowly Negro nurse telling a patient to eat better! LOL These assholes are a trip. They think they know everything yet every year they come out with some new medical discovery. I don’t trust YT doctors or their modern day versions of phrenology. Fuckin’ wackadoos.

  2. Right you are Negress. My brother in law’s father has cancer. He has been drinking dandelion tea and the cancer has not progressed and is apparently in remission. As it turned out, there has been a scandal in regards to the hospitals in his neck of the woods treating cancer patients with diluted chemo-therapy. It is a good thing he started drinking the tea when first diagnosed.


    As for the medication out there, I very rarely take any. Being a garlic holic, I put that on everything. I am also addicted to hot peppers! If I have that extremely rare head ache, I grin and bear it or apply a cold cloth to my head and lay down. Medication should be the last resort. Shit, they have medications for farting in the wrong direction now. My rule of thumb is thus; if I don’t know what’s in it for get taking it unless direly needed.

    For those who suffer from nasal allergies, sea salt and warm water to flush out the nasal area can greatly alleviate symptoms. There is untold wealth of information of natural healing out there! Thanks for bringing this information to people Negress!

  3. Darq

    I’ve never read that book but it does sound like something that’s right up my alley. Thanks.

  4. Hernie

    Garlic is such a wonderful anti cancer bulb! My love , besides peppermint, is cayenne pepper. It gets the heart pumping and cleans your arteries.

    I’m also in love with apple cider vinegar.

  5. Speaking of Apple Cider Vinegar, do you know of a hair rinse? I heard this is fabulous for locs!

  6. Another natural healing agent is laughter!

  7. mary burrell on said:

    I believe you are right. My best friend worked at a health facility and she would try to educate the patients and the doctors were furious with her. I believe what you say about this. The health profession is not trying to heal people it wants to do the opposite. Now you know why the snake is the medical symbol.

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  9. Miss Mary

    Yup. It’s also related to satanic undertones.

  10. kowaba on said:

    “This wasn’t the first time I witnessed a doctor intentionally withholding information from patients. In fact, the poorer and “simpler” you appear, the more information was withheld.”

    I noticed white people withholding information for everything especially towards those who are underprivileged. There have been so many times where I’ve heard other people who are poor saying, “If I only knew that.. .” Another thing many have said is, “If only someone told me…” I used to be in that mindset, but I’ve been trying to break away from this. People will not tell us black people (especially) everything we need to know. I’ve tried to make it a habit to research stuff on my own and then have a conversation with others informed on the topic. The internet has been very helpful in procuring specific information through forums, wikipedia, webMD. No longer do I have to rush to the library or look through a set of encyclopedias or just ask people who refuse to give me the information. Now after what I have experienced I’ve given a lot of thought to try and be as informed as possible AND having conversations with others while sharing constructive information.

    As for dealing with doctors, I always try to come in being an informed consumer. The worst thing is to go into a situation being completely blindsided. I’ll do research on my symptoms and then ask the doctors what they think about the diagnosis; engage in a dialogue about the matter at hand. I notice that they usually are shocked and then they ask why I want to know all of this information. Some may realize they can’t pull one on me. I’m sure that they don’t do that with white people though. I look at it this way the less I know the more easily someone could deceive me into working against my own self interest. For sure, this must be the rule for capitalism. Get someone hooked on a band-aid for a problem, but don’t fix it because doctors need returning patients. I’ll definitely look into more herbs. I usually take Chinese herbs for ailments etc. because I don’t have health insurance.

  11. Experienced this topic first hand about 9 or 10 years ago when I was having burning sensations when urinating.

    So I go into the local community hospital and the doctors and nurses automatically begin trying to get every single detail of my sexual life, probably thinking “He’s just another nigger with an std”… so when I told them I hadn’t had sex in over a year and half, that it was with someone I knew for a fact was clean and healthy, as well as the sex being non oral, and having used a condom, all they did was roll their eyes as if I was just some unintelligent hoodrat that couldn’t understand how they, in their scientific, white, rational minds couldn’t be accepting of their diagnosis.

    Not once did they ask me about what my diet or lifestyle outside of sexual practices was, if they had they would have known that:

    – I was consuming over 2 liters of diet soda per day and eating nothing but red meat, cheese and carbs with no vegetables or fruit for nearly a year

    – I had been having to hold my urine for between 20-60 minutes on a regular basis as I worked for an extremely busy call center where our supervisors didn’t give 2 shits about our health, only our statistics and the money it made them

    – Had been suffering from severe depression due to separation from my family and self medicating by playing online games for marathon sessions and holding back my urine at that time as well.

    – Had to endure a 1 hour and 15 minute bus commute each way where I also frequently had to hold my urine, lest I end up being late to work or having to pay for a cab home or be written up by my overseer…. I mean supervisor, for daring to take my own health into consideration.

    But go figure, YT coats knows best…. right?

  12. Mickey on said:

    Paul Mooney’s grandmother once told him, “If you want to die, go to the hospital.”

    The medical field does not make money from the healthy; they make money from the sick. This is their bread and butter. Did you see “Sicko”? In Europe, particularly England, a doctor got raises for the number of people he helped get healthy, not sick.

    I also once read about a study where White doctors admitted that if they saw two male patients – one Black, one White – with the same ailments, they would help the White patient. Of course, they would tell each man what was wrong with him, but they would take the next step and tell the White patient what to do in order to get better. As for the Black man, they would leave him hanging after telling him he was sick. Blacks have to be proactive in their treatment for disease.

    I also look towards food and spices for health. There is a pill for every ill. And that is not always good.

  13. Not surprised at all. All of these people work together, the medical facilities work with the big pharmacy companies and the immunization companies. I live in texas and this dumb governor we have is always pushing immunization, When I went to my doctors appointment a couple years ago for allergies they tried to get me to get a Gardasil vaccine, I’m not sexually active and was 15 at the time. Glad I didn’t because a couple months later the news was talking about the extreme side effects from that vaccine and it even caused death. when my brother was 12 he started having seizures after he got a hepatitis shot, he got it on Thursday and then Friday he started having seizures. He never had any in his life, then after that he would have multiple seizures every day. Now he doesn’t have them anymore thank god.

    They stick together and work together against our good. The prisons,law,and rappers work together to keep the private prisons full. The education system works to keep us ignorant and on Ritalin. WE getting shit from all sides.

  14. Mickey on said:


    Check out this little “gem” I found:


  15. Thanks for posting ! Has anyone had any experience with Dr. Sebi? I is tended to him speak on “know the ledge radio/blog talk ” and he had lots of info on what we should and shouldn’t be eating and why WE are going through so many ailments. I’m intrigued by him and want to know more.
    Yes I agree that the hospitals are paid off by the pharmacy companies. When I was in the military it seemed like everytime I had to go to the doctor I was somehow offered Zoloft for my stress and anxiety. I mean they wouldn’t even ask in depth questions, just “we noticed you just had a baby and you’re getting sick a lot , you seem depressed and Zoloft can help” wth.. I actually caved into the pressure and started taking something similar along with Ambien for sleep.. It’s like I had an upper and a downer to level me out… Funny thing was this was the norm as I soon found out almost all my friends were in some sort of depression. I’m good now as I don’t take anything.. Other than antiemetic (zofran ) for Prego related hyperemesis gravidarium but I’m looking for a herbalist to cure me naturally as I’ve had it with doctors and meds . Thank you for posting this, I will save it to my desktop so ill always have a copy. Anyone else make their own deodorant as well? I’m quite surprised at how easy it is and I feel it works better than that chemical pumped mess.

  16. Yea I’ve heard Texas is the worse when it comes to us.. Seems like they’ve got a way to kill us off no matter what… I hate immunizations and would like to start homeschooling my children so they don’t have to worry about that mess. The military pumped me with so much crap I hope it didn’t pass to them. I remember I had to get this “mandatory” anthrax vaccine before I deployed … Grr that mess had me breaking out in hives and I couldn’t sleep right after that.. No point at all for that mess. Glad to hear your brother is not having seizures anymore.

  17. samadhi on said:

    More about the dark side of early “American” history, cannibalism (surprise!) amongst the first white settlers:


    What more has been hidden from us?

  18. samadhi on said:

    Whites have always accused others of cannibalism to justify colonialism and slavery (natives americans, aborigines, africans, and muslims during the crusades in the middle east).
    Yet it is the whites who have a very long history of cannibalism:



    Could you do a post on white people obsession with corpse, human flesh, blood and necrophilia please?
    Because I think their obsession with all thing vampires and werewolf comes from a much older, darker and sinister place in their minds.

  19. Amarie on said:

    Hey Negress do you know of a natural cure for hypothyroidism? I don’t like taking pills and I want to stop taking Levothyroxine for my overactive thyroid, but I was told by my doctor that I would be on it for life.

  20. I started drinking dandelion, red raspberry and red clover tea a few years back so that i could tone and shape my uterus. Since then, i have had no menstrual cramps or anything negative associated with that “time”. Honestly, i sometimes forget that it has come when it does! That is just how much it has eased symptoms.

    I doubt at this point many Black woman know how to use herbs that have helped women for thousands of years. It’s a sad reality.

  21. Kowaba

    The more you know coming into the doctor’s office, the better you’ll fare when you leave. Ever wonder why they never tell us about herbs and drinking more water? Cause they know what it will do for you and they’ll lose money.

  22. samadhi on said:

    Here’s an article about a diet to cure type II diabetes, a major problem in PoC communities. The diet sounds a lot like the Atkins induction phase lasting for 8 weeks.
    Add dandelion coffee & green tea for a complete detox.


    Type 2 diabetes and the diet that cured me

    After receiving a shock diagnosis of type 2 diabetes, I followed an extremely low-calorie eating plan and saw my blood sugar levels rapidly return to normal

    ***my doctor told me I could control my condition with diet alone.

    Desperate for information, I headed to the web, where I found a report about a research trial at Newcastle University led by Professor Roy Taylor. His research suggested type 2 diabetes could be reversed by following a daily 800-calorie diet for 8 weeks.

    When our bodies are deprived of normal amounts of food they consume their own fat reserves, with the fat inside organs used up first.
    The idea of Taylor’s diet is to use up the fat that is clogging up the pancreas and preventing it from creating insulin, until normal glucose levels return.
    With my GP’s blessing and a home glucose-testing kit, I began my experiment.

    The diet was strict: three litres of water a day, three 200-calorie food supplements (soups and shakes) and 200 calories of green vegetables.

    Thanks to my doctor’s dietary guidance, and running 3 times a week, I had already lost a stone. Yet my glucose levels were still above 6mmol/L (millimols per litre), the upper limit for a healthy person without diabetes. According to Taylor, I had to lose a sixth of my pre-diagnosis bodyweight.***

  23. Mickey

    Sicko is on my list of movies to see.

  24. Bry

    Cranberry juice works wonders for UTI.

  25. Matari on said:


    Another favorite SUPER powerful herb I love is Oil of Oregano.

    It is known to be a potent antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiparasitic oil that can reduce pain and inflammation and effectively fight off infections. It’s used both externally and internally.


    The oil that’s pressed and bottled in Mediterranean countries i.e. Greece, Italy, Spain, etc is usually a much superior product than what has been manufactured in the states! I know this first hand, so if given a choice get the stuff that was made there rather than here.

    Do not confuse Oil of Oregano with common oregano that is used as a spice for cooking. Common oregano is typically Origanum Marjoram, while Oil of Oregano is derived from Origanum Vulgare.

    It’s VERY important to verify that the oil is derived from the proper potent oregano plant, and that the ** carvacrol concentration** is at least 70%.


    Please — RESEARCH, STUDY and VERIFY these and other facts regarding Oil of Oregano. It’s certain to be well worth your time!!!

    The internet has a wealth of info on this spectacular herb.

  26. Mickey

    Thanks for the not-shocking-at-all info. This is what they think of us in reality.

  27. Samadhi

    Cannibalism is as common to europeans as homosexuality. Til this day they love their meat “rare” or raw as I call it…once in a little resturant, the old white dude ordered a steak rare. You could smell the blood still in it.

    As for vampirism…

    Did you read my post called Nosferatu?


    They took down my pic showing a man with an early form of the disease.

  28. Umoja on said:

    Hemp oil does wonders for the skin; it prevents blemishes and helps in healing. Surprisingly, it doesn’t clog the pores.
    I recently started to drink 2 glasses of water daily with Black Seed Oil, ginger and cayenne pepper as a detox remedy; low and behold ( due to nerve damage) my lower back pain is no more.
    Fresh Green Black Walnut Wormwood Complex is great for removing parasites from ones intestines. If you’re still a meat eater, the parasites are having a party in your intestines; including a fish and chicken diet.
    I’m no longer a red meat eater, but I eat fish and chicken moderately. Vegetables can also contain parasites; usually if they’ve been grown in soil. Always rinse and clean your veggies!
    I drink apple cider and crushed garlic for an overall detox also. It does wonders. Toxins and waste can drain ones energy and causes inflammation of the joints and skin blemishes. I’ve been doing so for many years, before it all became popular.

    You know there has been many Doctors who’ve discovered the cure for cancer one way or another and were completely denied access to the medical industry, black-balled and even “mysteriously” found dead through poison…exm. ( Dr. Max Gerson, ” The Beautiful Truth” ) Do look him up; his daughter runs a clinic that has cured many patients of cancer, including “stage four” cancer. Not surprisingly, through natural foods…..vegetables, fruits and “coffee enemas”.
    The AIDS virus has been cured through the plant called, ’Suderlandia Fructosate’…yet of course the authorities, U.S. and Britain has capitalized on this plant which is now close to extinction because of lack of cultivating and growing this plant. For more info…..


    A diet rich in natural foods and nutrients also aids in the cure for AIDS ; yet in those provinces where AIDS is rampant; the people are systematically and intentionally starved and have little access to healthy foods and rich nutrients, via sanctions, etc. Ironically, Africa is rich and abundant with natural healthy foods.

  29. Amarie

    Unfortunately, there is no cure for hypothyroidism. Only maintenance. I heard Fish Oil is good to help keep it in check. Check for other symptoms too that may be a sign of your hormonal imbalance like fatigue and thrush.

  30. Phoebes

    Thanks for the tip. Ginger helps too.

  31. samadhi

    Great tips! Water is so important. Dr. Afrika says he drinks a gallon of water daily!

  32. Matari

    I’ll look into that. Thanks again.

  33. Umoja

    Thank you for this!!

    I’m an apple cider vinegar freak! I drink about 1 tablespoon with my water every other day and I feel great and I’m fighting my springtime allergies with NO drugs.

  34. Mickey on said:

    Yes! I saw “A Beautiful Truth” as well. The DVD “Health Matters” is another good one. I remember seeing years ago an old woman who was cured of cancer from eating apricot seeds. There is a group of people in the region near Pakistan where apricots and apricot seeds are a part of their diet and they never get cancer. Once they move elsewhere and eat other foods that are not as healthy, they develop cancer.

  35. Tyrone on said:


    The real-life examples that you relayed in the post are vivid examples of why a lot of black folk don’t trust the healthcare system, which is a double-edged sword. If we don’t seek proper treatment for any ailment that may come about, we get sick. If we do, doctors may or may not keep it 100 with us. Not a drinker, smoker, drug-abuser, but, my diet has not always been the best. In the past, a lot of sodas, snack-cakes, frozen-pizzas, fast-food, etc. I now realize that my diet must change. I can honestly say that i feel better today than i did in the past. As black people, we have to make a radical change in our diet. The corner-stores in the hood are killing us with the sodas, cookies, chips, alcohol, smokes, etc.


  36. Mickey on said:

    @ samadhi,

    This is mentioned in the “Hidden colors 2” DVD. That cannibalism was used to justify slavery. Queen Isabella I of Castile (Spain) issued an edict once saying that if cannibals are found, they can be enslaved. The DVD also mentions the origins of Dracula (Vlad the Impaler) and stated that with all of the fruits and vegetables throughout Africa, there was no need for Africans to resort to cannibalism.

    And let’s not forget the Donner Party.

  37. Mickey on said:

    I guess they could no longer get away with medical experiments on Blacks so now they have to resort to other means (i.e., improper healthcare.)

  38. Ty

    Arab and Asians are given grants by the government to open shop in our areas. That’s why all black neighborhoods have fried food and alcohol.

  39. mary burrell on said:

    And if you are elderly and poor living on a fixed income it’s just tragic. They especially don’t care about old poor people. The doctors just hand out a bunch of damn samples cross your fingers and hope for the best. They really don’t care about old people and aren’t going to waste a lot of time with poor old black people.

  40. mary burrell on said:

    I have always wondered why the Arabs and Asians set up businesses in poor black communities and not in the white communities. Because the white people don’t need their cheap merchandise. It gives me pause. I wonder if this something deliberate to plan black people’s destruction.

  41. Mary

    Yes ma’am. It’s all planned.

  42. anonymous on said:

    Can you provide some links and info. on where these herbal remedies can be found? Thanks

  43. Thanks, so sick of relying on White AmeriKKKlan for medicine. Sick of them!

  44. kowaba on said:

    @ Mickey

    No, I haven’t seen “Sicko”, but will do so now that you’ve mentioned it. I’ll also recommend a film called “Pregnant in America”. If you haven’t seen this film it talks about breech births and how doctors do not learn how to deliver babies this way so they do C-sections instead. Many doctors also induce labor even though it may be fatal for the mother. It’s an interesting documentary that I think everyone should see, especially those who plan on having children.

  45. mary burrell on said:

    Negress, What do you think of Angelina Jolie’s double mastectomy. Something is fishy about this. What do you think about this?

  46. kowaba on said:

    I’ve noticed that this culture doesn’t encourage the public to be innovative, entrepreneurial, or self reliant. And it definitely doesn’t encourage a public that is self informed and aware of current issues and events, all in the name of uplifting and supporting the system.

  47. Miss Mary

    I didn’t hear about it since I don’t watch TV. Maybe she really has cancer? Or perhaps this is all apart of an agenda.

  48. kowaba

    Encouraging us to be self-reliant goes against everything that AmeriKlan stands for.

  49. Mickey on said:

    According to the media, she tested positive for BRCA-1 gene, which gives her an extremely high chance of getting breast cancer. She got both of her breasts removed to avoid getting cancer. Although I believe her story, I am sure someone out there has an agenda.

  50. Mickey

    Ok thanks. Angelina is a pawn of the Illuminati. I’m sure there something cookin’.

  51. I remember reading about that story the day it broke on HuffPo, one of the more (supposedly) scientifically minded posters commented that even with that gene being detected it was in no way necessary for her to have the procedure done.

    I’m not one to say whether or not they were right, but let’s just remember that this is a woman that used to carry a vial of her sibling’s blood around her neck. Let that soak in.

    I’m willing to bet she gets either a new stem-cell generated rack or 3-D printed replacements within the next 2-3 years in order to show how ‘advanced’ we are as a society.

  52. Negress,

    Last year, more than 1,800 physicians from around the country were surveyed by researchers, working in a variety of specialties, they asked the physicians how they perceive and handle patient communications.

    These were the results:

    Nearly 35 percent of respondents said they did not “completely agree” that they should disclose serious medical errors to their patients, and approximately 20 percent said they had not revealed a mistake to a patient in the last year because they feared being sued.”

    Additionally, 35 percent of the doctors said they did not “completely agree” that they should disclose their financial relationships with drug and medical device companies, and 11 percent admitted that they had told a patient something untrue in the past year.”

    Negress, Health information is information that is owed to the patient, and if part of that is withheld or concealed in some way, then we will not have accurate information and can’t make an informed choice. We also need to remember that the active ingredients in a lot of the prescription drugs are extracted from plant/herbal sources and later synthesize, so why not just go for the all natural stuff and avoid the extra fillers/binders/poisons/placebos.

  53. Ynotme

    Excellent comments. But the problem is, many of us do not even know where to begin. That’s why we look towards the medical professionals for advice and guidance.

  54. Tyrone on said:


    These stores don’t sell good product to our people, the most popular items are beer, smokes, sodas, snack-cakes, and chips…Garbage In Garbage Out!


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