Observations of an Invisible Woman

Dry Eyes for America

America the Beautiful

I will not shed a tear

When the end draws near

For America to crumble

When you cower in fear

You brought us here

To toil for free

Never leaving us be

To live in peace

Now you’re diseased

And in need of aid

What about our homes

And our lives

That you raid?

Don’t we matter?

Didn’t we bleed?

All you ever cared about

Were your needs

Screams unheard

Cries muffled

Oh, how we’ve tried

Oh, how we’ve suffered

You laughed with glee

Hung us from trees

Burned us alive

No thought to me and mine

While you lived and thrived

Smirking while we died

The old red, white and blue

Stained with my blood

Stuck like glue

In our neighbourhoods

Guns cocked and ready to blast

At my ancestors

Who were outcasts

Bodies dismembered

Hung from your walls

Traded at auctions

While you stood proud and tall

No…no…my eyes will be dry

When America falls

I look enthralled

While you bawl

You’ll stand there vexed

In your karmic hex

You had it coming

This you must know

Time to reap the benefits

Of what you’ve sewn

You’ll wonder why

I’ll not cry for you

My eyes will be dry

If you only knew

Goodbye, harsh land

Farewell, cruel man

I hope next time

You’ll know where you stand

You’re not I AM

Despite what you think

Maybe next time

You’ll stop and think

A world once fertile

Once green and strong

Now withers and dies

Barely holds on

My eyes will be dry

This I share with you

It’s time you know

It was never about you

Corruption everywhere

Both far and near

All you worship

Is the paper you hold dear

All you ever cared about

Is the gun and the blade

The blood diamonds

And the wealth that you made

Evil to the core

Always wanting more

Never satisfied

With who you are

A crack in your soul

Is how you were born

That’s why you’re

Always needing control

Nature has spoken

Goodbye to you

Your time is up

Your recompense due

Will I cry for you?

No…no…my eyes will be dry

Dry for America, dry for this soil

If you only knew

{I dedicate this poem for Jah, my one and all, my only, my Creator. Thank you for giving me visions of a very near future and comfort of what’s to come}

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26 thoughts on “Dry Eyes for America

  1. I wanna stand up and clap, but you wouldn’t see me, so just know that I stood up and clapped in my mind and for you.

  2. LOL! Thanks. I wrote this after one of my many dreams about this country’s future. Rome will fall…HARD and frankly, I don’t give a damn.

  3. I will be rejoicing the day AmeriKKKa falls economically, socially and politically. In fact, the Bible predicts that AmeriKKKa will be burned by fire as payback for all the sins that she has committed against Blacks and minorities, exploitation of third world countries to their benefit and for the 1% of wealthy Americans hogging their wealth while other Americans live on less. White AmeriKKKa and AmeriKKKa has a lot to atone for!

    Honestly I wouldn’t care because I will be out of this country by then! I do plan on leaving this country when I get older since I am only in my late teens.

  4. Adeen

    Yes. Many prophecies in all books have foretold the fall of Babylon. And you are not alone in your thinking. We want out too.

  5. darqbeauty on said:

    Fiddle while it burns, Sister. Fiddle while it burns!

  6. darqbeauty on said:

    There are many of us who want out of this wretched country and cannot do so because of finances. The Most High knows our struggles. He will make a way for us. It has been foretold.

  7. Wow just amazing and beautiful. This is how I feel, now when I see stories on the news that are tragic for them I just don’t feel much. They live on greed ,power ,money , and other people. Their time is definitely coming up, I am just wondering where the land of milk and honey will be for us, didn’t he promise us a land that he told to Abraham. The sad thing about it all is that they brought this on themselves and still have the power to change it, but because of greed they won’t try to save this sinking ship of a country, they will only go somewhere else when all this shit happens and leave others that can’t afford to leave to die. I’m not surprised because these the same mofos that would sell their own kids for sex and abandon/kill their babies.

  8. mstoogood4yall on said:

    Truth I gave my mom the oatmeal almond soap for mothers day and she loves it. It made her skin soft and smooth, I also love the tomato soap as well.

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  10. Mstoogood

    Glad you both approve.

  11. Kushite Prince on said:

    If you had told Romans that the Roman empire would fall,they wouldn’t have believed you. If you told the Greeks that Greece would fall,they would’ve laughed at you. All empires rise and fall. Everything runs in cycles. Besides a country ruled by lies,falsehood and deception is bound to fail. And this one will fail as well. White supremacy is an illusion. And all illusions are eventually exposed. Great post as usual. Your brother,KP.

  12. Umoja on said:

    My eyes will be desert dry, indeed when AmeriKlan falls…..yet, it is necessary and imperative that ALL crafted animals, Neanderthals ( Whites) come to a complete and absolute extinction, NO LENIENCY, NO EXCEPTIONS….or we’ll always have more of the same. Believe that! This is their ONLY history since their very introduction to human kind. I do not hold my tongue and refuse to. I am clear what and who we are dealing with.

    Leaving AmeriKlan would be great; but these monsters are everywhere bringing forth unimaginable corruption, chaos, total dissension, disease, sexual deviances, terrorism, psychopathy, death , imprisoning corrupting the minds of Blacks, ect, ect… throughout. No one or no place on Earth has been left alone in its purity and beauty, yet ravaged and savagely destroyed and corrupted continuously….. presently. Whites have no other objective. None.
    They know no other way. It is their nature since their very introduction to human kind; cleverly and masterfully mimicking characteristics of that which is “human” for their benefit. These are animals in the terrific disguise of human.

  13. emile on said:

    “If you had told Romans that the Roman empire would fall,they wouldn’t have believed you. If you told the Greeks that Greece would fall,they would’ve laughed at you. All empires rise and fall. Everything runs in cycles. Besides a country ruled by lies,falsehood and deception is bound to fail. And this one will fail as well. White supremacy is an illusion. And all illusions are eventually exposed.”

    Your comments are spot on! Isn’t it ironic that all of us and many more are having/have had these types of dreams? The u.s really screwed our ancestors over and are now paying the cost, both for no compensation for slavery and mistreatment and the arrogance, greed, narcissism and racism it has bestowed on the rest of the globe. This is not a “hate whitey” fantasy; the ish here is real. Whites have IMO have become so dulled in their sensitivity toward others that they are tricked into believing this modus operandi is infinite. That’s the biggest lie that everyone before now has fell for, only to turn up tens of thousands of years as an archaeological artifact. When will they learn? You treat people like sh*t? You become sh*t yourself! I may be wrong in my thinking. It n=may not be right. But I pray 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year that white people catch the same hell that they have given me, my people and everyone in the kn own universe whom they classify as non-white. Spirituality, in its purest essence, is a very, very, very powerful thing. That is why I pray, ray, pray, pray, pray to The Creator that more super-storms, floods, tornadoes, tsunamis, hurricanes and other natural/unnatural disasters set the u.s. back into the Stone Age and bring this country to its f***ing knees. And even if it doesn’t happen in my generation, may the next and future generations of white people globally get exact and direct retributions for a-l-l of the crimes, injustices and blatant discrimination brought unnecessarily against us. Karma is real and ain’t control by white pseudo-supremacy. Nothing, absolutely nothing in this entire universe, stays the same forever. Time brings about a change, and the dynamics of change are being sensed at the highest levels ever.

  14. I would love to leave AmeriKKKa for good and never come back too! I hate the racism and nationalism of this country so much. This country is nothing more than the Divided States of AmeriKKKa, full of racists of every race and culture and ignorant idiots of every race and culture.

    I am definitely with you and Negress on this one.

  15. Me either. I will be rejoicing when AmeriKKKa falls for good! It is predicted in the Bible. I want to make it as an famous author first before moving to another country and not returning to AmeriKKKa.

  16. Kushite Prince on said:

    Thanks Emile. I agree with your comments as well. Karma can be a real bitch!lol

  17. Emile

    Do not feel the least bit guilty. I meditate on justice daily and from what I’ve seen, it’s happening faster than I can count.

    An ice storm wrecked the homes of many of our enemies in MN. There is actual footage of the ice creeping up their walls!

    Sinkholes are devouring them almost weekly and their suicide rate is alarming. Justice is but a heartbeat away.

  18. Adeen

    Did you know that many Americans, including Tina Turner, renounced her U.S. citizenship? You’re not alone.

  19. Just let me get the money or connections to get out of this p.o.s. country and I’ll be gone faster than a white heffer after a free piece of phallus shaped chocolate cake.

  20. kowaba on said:

    I’ve been thinking a lot on how to respond to this post. I, for sure, will have dry eyes for this country. Reading and studying the REAL history of this country that is concealed, I can confidently say this is not a country I’m proud to be a citizen of. Also, I feel exhausted by mistreatment I have to endure everyday and then being expected to be sympathetic to my oppressors. White people should get an oscar for best actors. I’m glad that more bad things are coming because I’m tired of this sh*t. I think only something supernatural can intervene all of this madness. I really needed to vent because I feel like I can’t express myself fully in the town where I live. Thanks, DOAN, for providing this safe space.

  21. Kowaba

    I’m glad you feel safe here. Something supernatural is happening…it’s called karma.

  22. Thanks to their GMO food, my eyes are dry too. It is insane what these Petes have done, and they have been upto even worse. The utter destruction of THE race. Imprisonment of the lower offspring. They put demons to shame. I am struggling to put into words the latest discoveries… They are further ahead than I thought. I need to speed up. Yet again. Still. More.

  23. Tyrone on said:


    Whites ignore historical context, because, they’re not spiritual. Black folk understand “The Law of Consequences.” Meaning, for every action there is a reaction. If the act is evil, the antagonistic party will pay a price. May not happen instantly, but, righteous judgement will reveal itself. Osama Bin Laden couldn’t escape it, America is no different. Black folk need to realize that it’s gonna get real ugly in this country, which is why it’s vital that our people are informed and educated about what’s going on around the globe. Blood Eats Blood!!!


  24. True. Blacks should leave AmeriKKKlan behind especially White AmeriKKKlan in the dust for good. AmeriKKKlan was never in the best interest for Blacks and only want us to fail We need to leave once we get our finances in order.

  25. Negress,

    Wonderful poem, a delight to read, it allows the light to fill my consciousness.

    BTW, my eyes will not be dry, I will be shedding tears of JOY

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