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African Meditation Session

For the past few weeks, I’ve been thinking hard about the Spiritual war that lurks just in the midst. As Carbon Peoples, we are the most targeted and hunted race on earth. According to my research and the many conversations I’ve had with black scholars, our worldwide manhunt is not without good reason.

There is an entity in this universe that made us in His image. He or She is what you call I AM or God or The Creator.


For reasons unknown, for now, He was hunted, jailed and lynched. His blood courses through our veins and we, Melanin Peoples, are His/Her descendants. I cannot prove that I AM is real and many of you will shout and scream with utmost certainty that there is no On High. That it is fiction and a deadly game used to keep us downtrodden. If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time now, you’ll know that I am NOT religious…but Spiritual. They are not one and the same. I’ve read the Quran, The Torah, The Bible, Followed the Dogon, The 12 lost Tribes (I belong to the tribe of Benjamin), The Egyptian Gods Osiris, Isis and Horus and have read about Shamanism. All of them have a story about “The One.”

If you do not wish to partake in this meditation session due to your disbelief that such an entity is real, then simply put, this post is NOT for you.

Our melanin is singularly the most powerful element on this planet. Period. People kill for it. Die for it. And murder and kidnap for it. We are literally the universe personified. We have the power to create our reality just with our thoughts. Sound strange? What if I told you when we are “activated” our power will enable us to fly. Enable us to crush Mount Everest with a single blow of breath? What if I told you it is this power that is currently being used AGAINST us? Oh yes, it is real.

Tonight, I shall ask every African that reads this blog to partake in a mental exercise with our brethren. The stars are aligned and the universe awaits our commands. Here goes:

Imagine yourself surrounding the sun with every African on earth. Imagine you taking the hand of your Carbon relative. As you hold hands, breathe deeply and let the sun’s rays envelop you. Feel the heat on your skin. Allow it to empower you…to activate your pineal gland. Even though the heat may feel too hot to bear, it does not scorch you because it is the source of your power. You are in control of the heat and in control of the heat you will now emit.

As you encircle the sun, you feel the energy coming from each and every African on earth. You can hear their thoughts and they can hear yours. Your vibes are now fully in sync. You have the ability now to communicate with them…all of them without saying one word.

Now, each and every single one of you, mediate on what kind of world you would like. Mediate on what you wish to see happen in the near future. What will happen? Where will it happen? When? How? Play out the exact imagery in your minds and BE SPECIFIC!!!!!! Do not leave any detail out. Meditate on this imagery every single night, all of you, before bed. Image every black person on planet earth meditating with you and wanting the exact same things.

Do this nightly.

And when you have the EXACT imagery figured out, Speak it out loud. Words are more powerful than you can ever imagine. They cast spells, fight demons and empower you far beyond your wildest imagination. Speak your thoughts ALOUD to the Creator and trust that your plea will be heard. Be patient and watchful for clues. The High Creator will show you signs that She/He has heard you and your cries will be answered. You must be the one to see the signs as they are presented to you. It may be in a book. A bumper sticker. Even a stranger on the street that comes up to you and echoes your exact thoughts.

Do this nightly and grow stronger in your Spirituality. The war that we will face will be like no other war ever presented on earth. The only way to fight what is coming is by Spiritual strengthening. Guns, money, diamonds…are totally useless. This is not about the material but the eternal struggle for the soul.

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40 thoughts on “African Meditation Session

  1. You have no idea how right on time this is for me, this past week I have been attacked every way imaginable and I need this like my next breathe

  2. Kal

    Sorry about the attacks. As you veer away from evil, evil will find new ways to approach you.

    Tonight, you and I will meditate on our future.

  3. Meditation and prayer has helped me immensely through life. In fact, meditation and prayer are one and the same when in tune or aware of the supreme being!

  4. Hernie

    Without it, I don’t know where I’d be.

  5. Awesome. I will do this tonight.Its crazy because a couple days ago I was thinking what if we united somehow maybe through email or a group prayer and were synchronized and prayed or mediated at the same time.This is right on time,speaking of time what time will you be doing this meditation and in what time zone?

    I hope you are all being spoiled and having a lovely day.

  6. Kushite Prince on said:

    I usually meditate in the morning. I like it nice and quiet with no distractions. You need to clear your mind of all thoughts when meditating. It also helps to rejuvenate my mind so that I’m mentally prepared to take on this corrupt,oppressive,racist environment.

  7. With the fights ive been in I already started and have u all heard of the dr. blair and or the theory the most high is in us and all things with souls to experience humanity and life not in whites who have only spirits and dont reincarnate, we been here for billions of years folks and coming back. We made whites and they invent nothing and just reverse engineer our ancient tech

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  10. Reading this made something weird happen to my skin.. Like a hot tickle?? I’ve been having a challenging time breaking away from “Christianity” and the notion we have and hold our destiny.. I believe it to be true, I just have doubts. Maybe this session will help me as this past week has been rough on me.. I haven’t been able to sleep or nap without having intense dreams on all spectrums, but most involving an enemy of mine… I haven’t been able to even nap without having a dream of either Dr yaffa bey or taj Tarik bey, in my dreams.. Talking to me.. They may have been due to I’ve been listening to them often.. But I’ve been struggling mentally and physically as I’m pregnant as well. I had a questions about things and lo and behold DON writes a blog on exactly what I had a question about.(porn). I think WE are getting more powerful.. Ill stop talking and everyone enjoy your meditation session as I will do my best to meditate peacefully.. Peace..

  11. Rough week for me too.. I usually don’t look at stuff twice but yesterday I found a dead snake in our yard.. I’m not superstitious but I couldn’t stop thinking about it after the mentally draining week I’ve had…

  12. To all

    Since we all live in different time zones, I think some of here are in another country, it’s impossible to do this at the same time.

    Try it before bed or in the morning when all is quiet. We have the ability to transform time and space so I don’t think it matters what time zone we’re in.


    Congrats on the little one! Calm your mind with peppermint and lavender and vanilla. Drink plenty of water and stay as positive as you can. Yes, we are in sync. When I read some teachings of dr. bey, my skin began to crawl.

    I can’t explain it, but it happened to me too.

  13. Matari on said:


    I’m down… or up for *connecting.* This is long overdue! Thanks Truth for doing your instructions!!!!

    As far as us linking up at the same time. We’re linked to one another in ways we don’t yet fully realize or know. I believe there’s an invisible cord that links each of us to our Creator – and to each other.

    Whether we individually pray or meditate in the morning, afternoon or evening, it’s a less than simple matter for the Most High to synch the people according to the Almighty’s will and plan. The plan and will that’s been placed within each of us.

    Truth –

    I’ve been dreaming about being able to fly – and much more – my entire existence.
    Thank you …

  14. Matari
    Most welcome. Your dreams of flying is nothing more than a vision of your future. When your power grows stronger, you’ll begin to see visible evidence of your changes.

    I personally can’t wait to see what we’re capable of.

  15. mswanda on said:

    OMG! Negress, I was thinking the same thing last night. Toogood I think we are all on the same wavelength. I think this is the onlyway to defeat our enemies. I’ve been working with my ancestors and I’ve been seeing results.

  16. @ alia

    sorry u had a tough week. Finding anything dead freaks me out.When my family used to live at another house while we were waiting for our house to be built,a lot of unexplained things happened there,I found a dead rabbit once in our house. THat house just felt off,i think it was haunted or something

  17. Not a fan of random dead animals popping up so I can imagine that must of been hard for you as well… Thanks for the support. ..I know this week will be better as I’m clearing my mind and just going to ease into things. Starting with this meditation.. 🙂 peace and peaceful vibes I’m sending your way as well sis..

  18. Excellent!! The buddhists do the same. Telling us to imagine infinite buddhas surrounding us in meditation awaiting our ‘orders’. However, their buddha and meditation are derived from Africans and African practice. So to imagine only yellow men surrounding me always struck me as weird. Why give them all my power? I take what I can from their practices as I am to educate myself. But I am African. Taking my mind and power back and directing my mind toward the All (the Source, the One) are of the utmost importance. Ashe.

  19. Umoja on said:

    Thank you Beloved for posting this!! I needed this. I’ve been practicing just as you’ve illustrated here; yet it seems that lately when I do practice this, people have come into my life and behaved in ways that are toxic and negative. Distracting me a great deal from what I’ve been practicing and visualizing. I believe I’m onto something here. I believe my meditations and visuals are and will manifest and such people are in my life for the sole purpose to distract me in order to thwart the manifestation of my visualizations. They desire my focus and attention on their negativity and toxicity, I’ve noticed.
    You see, I’m an awesome co-creator when I focus and visualize. I believe your post is Spirit telling and reminding me to get back on track and be aware of those who come into my life, pay attention and do not allow the toxicity and negativity of people to distract me….as a matter of fact….close the door to such people. I’ve stopped believing in “devils” and “demons” long ago; but I do believe there are negative and toxic principalities “out there” on a metaphysical level for this sole purpose….to bring havoc, chaos, dissension, disturbance and death. I’ve noticed peace, love, light, beauty and including abundance are all repelled by negative toxic people….and they sure as hell don’t want anyone to have it. With that said, I’m stronger and more focused. Count-down to manifestation!!

  20. Thank you SO very much for this. I’ve been busting CONtrails for a few years now and I am so so so tired out. I am not the only one doing this however. This Spirituality W O R K S. People it’s true. When the pope got his arse FIRED I almost fainted! I been working on that there Btch for awhile, but then so were many others. ALL MELANIN FOLK.

  21. Umoja

    Most welcome.

    A quick note about the negativity you’re facing. Demons can feel when you’re fighting them. They have the power to sense your resistance. As you grow stronger, they’ll come at you even more. Almost like they’ll send in reinforcements to trap you and make you submit.

    Do not give in to them.

    If you sense a presence around someone that is negative, remove yourself from them immediately! These creatures feed off of your energy like vampires.

  22. Ms. J on said:

    @ truthbetold

    I agree about the negative energy. Sometimes I’ll just talk to certain White folks and feel the phoniness and racism seeping through their smiling face. It’s something to behold.

  23. Honestly I really like this blog. Yes us Blacks are one of the twelve tribes of Israel and that is the main reason Whites hate us. They want our birthright and the so called White Jews you see aren’t even the descendants of the Biblical Hebrew Israelites. They are imposters! Nor are these fair skin Arabs the descendants of the real Arabs or Ishmael, the progenitors. Both imposters who are fighting over land that don’t belong to them.

    I am of Caribbean aka Jamaican descent and I know I am of the tribe of Benjamin as well as the person who made this post.

  24. Ms. J

    You pick up on their phoniness because you are in tune with nature. That’s why they think they can “fool” us with fake smiles and pretenses of friendship.

  25. Adeen

    Jew-ish peoples are Khazars. They are a war-like, incestuous, nomadic tribe of cannibals. They are NOT Semites who are literally mulattoes. They have no bloodlines whatsoever to Africa.

    They pulled the dirtiest trick ever pulled on earth but their game is soon over.

  26. Tyrone on said:


    All black people need alone time…Time To Think! Silence Is Golden…It gives us time to analyze all that our brains absorb on a daily basis. I agree with your statement about religion vs. spirituality. Religion is what got us enslaved, lest we forget. All of us should believe in a higher power, but, it has to be on our terms.


  27. Right, exactly. You are right. That is one of the reasons why AmeriKKKa is falling economically, socially and politically, God is paying back for years that AmeriKKKa has exploited and mistreated Blacks and people of color. And exploited third world countries to it’s benefit. Trust me, for years to come, White AmeriKKKa will have t atone for every wrong that they have done to Blacks and other minorities and it wouldn’t be pretty either.

    These so called White Jews are Khazars, it has been genetically proven too. We are from the line of Shem, they are from the line of Japheth. The Biblical Jews were Semites and Semities. aren’t genetically White. So there is no way that they could be the descendants of the Biblical Jews.

  28. Thank you..:. I ordered some of your peppermint soap today, as I think that will help as well and sounds yummy.. (Prego problems lol) can’t wait to try it in the bath. 🙂

  29. Yes .. I agree .. I don’t like organized religion either … I’m slowly coming into how things should be.. I’m thankful I stumbled onto this blog as its helped me along the way. I’m thankful for you all.

  30. @ Alia

    Thank you for the support! I’ll ship asap. Peppermint is my number one favourite herb for a great reason. It really does cure ALL illnesses, especially morning sickness and headaches.

    If you’re not well at night, a warm vanilla scented shower will help to soothe your nerves and lull you to sleep.

  31. Leviqueen on said:

    Incredible how like minded enlightened melanin god and goddesses think alike. I have had that picture of Jah as my screen saver for the past 2 weeks. And I visit your post and I find the exact same picture. Wow, amazing!!! Lets continue meditating and making our mental manifestations reality.

  32. GreeneInk on said:

    Was wondering what everyone thinks of this new project I am working on: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/greeneink/internalized-racism-the-trauma-of-racism-and-its-i. Need some feedback. Thanks!

  33. GreeneInk

    Do you want me to contact you personally and I can do a special introducing post on you? Perhaps that will help you to get some more funding.

    It looks FANTASTIC!!!
    I’m very proud of you.

  34. Nia Dayo on said:

    Peace sis….I feel that I was lead to your blog today. Lately I feel that my ‘voice’ is not being heard. I tend to be thoughtful and logical and respond to people and challenges in a clear, ‘thought out’ way. Yet, I feel that people don’t listen and things happen just as I said it would, and though I don’t say it, it becomes an “I told you so” moment. I know I’m right, because I feel that the Creator and ancestors put the responses on my spirit, but I feel I get dismissed. This leads me to feel like I want to shut down and not share (hope this is making sense).

    I’m in the process of figuring this out through meditation and prayer. I know I am charged to do and say great things and that I am in a period of transformation. I hope for positive change soon…sometimes it’s tough on my spirit. Thank you sis for your words of wisdom.
    -Nia Dayo

  35. GreeneInk on said:

    Hey: Thanks. I just got this message today, but it closes out in a few more days and they won’t extend it. I am going to move it to Indiegogo and see if it does better than Kickstarter. I’ll get back to you when I do, or I may even try a re-post on Kickstarter, but they won’t let you do it until the current one ends. Thanks again.

  36. Ms. Asia on said:

    I so needed this! Thanks hun!

  37. Upcoming Black film to address the “New Consciousness Movement.” View the trailer.

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