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The Rise of Pornography in a White Nation and How it Affects Black Relationships

Ron Jeremy

Without sounding like I’ve been living in some underground tunnel, I never knew who Jenna Jamison and Peter North were. I remember my friend’s dad having a hidden stash of girlie magazines that he thought no one knew about and looking with horror and amazement at the *cough* flexibility of the couples. Somewhere in the corners of my young mind, I knew that such things should not be publicized for the world to see. But I never knew the significance of how it would affect the courtship of black men and women til I got older.

Listening to my girlfriends in high school share very intimate details of their experiences where they thought they were “in love” only to be discarded afterwards for another unsuspecting female, I wondered where the notion came from. Sex without love. Sex without feeling. Sex without regret. Sex for the sake of sex.

Researching this post has been eye-opening to say the least. When our African ancestors chose a mate, they chose:

1. Someone who would provide land, food, protection and comfort for their unborn children

2. Someone who had a reputable background

3. Someone that they knew and preferably grew up with

4. Someone who would be a leader, usually male, for their sons

It was deeply spiritual, intensely earthy and rooted in tradition. As I researched this post, I wondered how the world of porn ended up in our black lives and how it altered our relationships. I came up with a few sources rooted in Greek and Roman pedophilia but as I delved deeper into White AmeriKlan’s Flesh Industry, I found this:

Linda Lovelace

Deep Throat was one of the first AmeriKlan sexploitation films to have:

A plot

An actress

An actual screenplay

A production team

From that moment on, white, Christian AmeriKlan’s were introduced to a very potent drug and have never looked back. May I also point out that the porn industry coincided with the white feminist movement. Feminism or Zionism (they are one and the same) was created by the Luciferian Jew, Rockefeller, to hoodwink white women into believing that her man was her enemy. She believed, through careful indoctrination, that he was “holding her back” and sex was “rape”. Having the white woman enter the workforce to compete with men for “power and respect”, the children were left in the hands of The State to be brainwashed. Since we live in a white-dominated society, their illnesses became our illnesses. We witness white males exploiting white females on film and we aspire to do the same. What I’d like to know is, how did the black community go from being conservative with private sexual matters to this:

Montana Fishburne

For those of you that are unaware, Montana Fishburne, daughter of Larry Fishburne, decided to go the way of Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton to get “famous.” She debased herself on film with NO results. It would appear that The Divided Snakes does not reward an African female for debauchery. She was mocked, criticized and ostracized instead.

Black Family, do you think our desire to “be like them” is what contributed to the loss of black love and respect? Do you think that white flesh industry has influenced our relationships and ultimately us?  What does this say to our children in relation to sex in the name of Spiritual sanctity?

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78 thoughts on “The Rise of Pornography in a White Nation and How it Affects Black Relationships

  1. If the brain is bombarded with decadence and depravity it will begin to accept it as the norm. Given the many factors that lead us into a realm of negativity. This degradation destroys us. Meaningless sex violence leads to meaningless lives. And in my opinion porn is now on primetime idiot box social programming. And geared to children and sexualize them as well. And who gets abducted for pedophile rings and rape clubs. We do the most vulnerable confused and hated

  2. Few see this

  3. I agree with Kal. Because of porn – and mainly because of it, sex is no longer seen as sacred – or private. People have sex for the sake of having sex – or needing the fulfilment from it, just like how people eat food because they’re bored and they need a taste in their mouths. You can see how it has affected Black people (STDs, unwanted children etc) – so when you look at it from that perspective, it’s really depressing. Sex has become the most powerful drug.

  4. Mickey on said:

    Regarding Montana Fishburne, that was a stupid move on her part. She obviously did not get the memo that when a Whitle female engages in on-screen sex, it’s considered liberating. When a non-White female engages in on-screen sex, it’s part of her cultural imperative. In other words, White women are breaking free from a Judeo-Christian culture that sees sex as dirty, forbidden, etc. But the rest of us are viewed as whores by nature.

    And I am totally against children being sexualized. That is wrong on so many levels.

  5. Umoja on said:

    Lawrence Fishburne was completely incensed by his daughter’s actions. Her naivety was to her doom. She sealed her fate in Freakwood. Any Black woman who dares go this route of degradation will be completely supported by the all too willing white SOB’S who deem her and all Black women as sexual toys…. at the disposal of whites to be used as sexual toilets and the fulfillment of their racist corrupt desires and curiosity; just like their ancestors. Period. All she did was support and maintain whites corrupt mindset of Black women and their innate characteristic —- sexual deviant, frenzied, intense, terrorist.

    Easy prey if we don’t know who and what our enemy is…..”whites”. Who are all too willing to victimize Blacks in all areas of life…..no holds-barred.

  6. In Africa, adult initiations also taught how to be sexually pleasing. In America, the only teachers of sexual pleasure are pornography. Sex is important. But what African institutions teach about sex in the African community? What African institutions teach in the African community period? We may be oppressed, but there are many things that we can do that we don’t do. It does come back to us.

  7. Interesting post. I will go to the Black side. I have just finished a concept-rant on whitey. I will take a break. They are sick beyond cure, and got us to adjust to that sickness. Many of our men and women are not in their right minds because of it.
    Many of our men still get applause for running a pimp game on our women. And this pimp game is laced with colorism that runs according to the same rules as racism. On one end are the dark-skinned women who are viewed as ugly and deserving of the worst treatment. On the other end, to have a white woman in the ‘stable’ is deemed priceless even if she might be ugly and toothless. (Proto)psychopaths do not care about women being used as horses (whores), they only care about worth. What others will pay them (money, or fake respect called envy). I have referred to the books of Iceberg Slim on my sites. Not because he is a literary genius, but because he got me to understand how NASTY and loveless – thus empty – the pimp game is. The white porn industry is nothing but a big pimp game. And many of the slaves used on tape or in print do not get paid. They call them ‘white slaves’. OWNED by the sick ones. So, of course sisters getting paid to show how our ancestors were used as slaves, show nothing special. I do not watch porn – I still have not seen what R.Kelly did – so I do not know if Fishburn did anything special. But, according to many many men that I have interviewed in the past, having a dad who played in the ‘Matrix’ is not special enough. The good news is that now that she knows what the porn industry is really about – it does not have a glamorous side no matter what anyone says – she can walk away and never look back. Unlike the sick ones, she can be cured from the insanity.
    Someone asks us to be their (sex) slave, then it is up to each one of us to say NO. It is much easier not to have to look like a horse, when you do not have the desire to be one. No clapping butts, no see-through-clothes, no whore-shoes, no weave like a horse. Where there is only an eye on worth (use), there is no room for respect. No love. Love between people who respect each other and themselves, is easy. Love between people who see each other as horses is impossible. That is not love, it is sick. And because it is, it gets airplay. To poison the next generations.

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  10. All that is we made. If u the first u r the first in everything. Jealousy and now the decadence of the black woman hating on her position started this. We been here for billions of yrs this porn is their disgrace and idenitified hate. Why wen all life involves women its cool to think this all came out of a penis is beyond me. This.attack is about control of energies life engeries and begininning thought. I say im a person from detroit who has done things I regret I know pain fam, only til we know us will this stop

  11. Very interesting that you wrote a post in this as I’ve been wondering if there’s something truly wrong with porn. I just felt that its not “safe” to view but sometimes people watch it to get visual stimulation. .. I think that a lot of bad habits form from watching it . Just a few years ago I noticed this huge interest in fellow melinated people and anal sex.. I even dated someone who thought this was the best…and constantly pressuring me to go there?! But why? Am I wrong in thinking that WP have glorified this act and its a place one shouldn’t go sticking things in. Correct me I’m wrong. Also , rough sex, threesomes, .. It’s okay to be a little rough sometimes , but the porn industry glorifies the act of putting women in severe pain, slapping , and hust other degradung acts for the sake of gaining views and followers and then all of a sudden there’s some trendy sex act going around that someone viewed Ina porn.. But it’s “okay” because they saw the act committed on a “legit porn site”. I feel the industry hugely affects us… women are expected to live up to what men see in porns and men are expected to measure up and perform this spectacular performance because that’s what they saw in the video.. It’s sad that its so accessible now on the Internet for our kids .. I forget the name of the guy , but it was some “psychologist “who was able to go around convincing states and organizations of pedophile type things and he even taught priests as well.. ?? He was able to get states to have more lax laws against pedophiles.. but people were saying he was “revolutionizing” sex… Any who , just my take on it all.

  12. Verbs2013 on said:

    That sounds like Alfred Kinsey, the same guy who hired male prostitutes to bugger small children and babies and timed how long it would take them to scream out in pain. The screams Kinsey interpreted as the baby/child having an orgasm.

    I recommend that folks here watch a documentary called The Kinsey Syndrome. I’m sure that you can find it on youtube. Prepare yourself for the information contained therein and a brutal onslaught of blood curdling facts.

    I also perfectmmend that folks here check out a lady called Shelley Lubben. She is an Edomite who used to be a porn star but now is standing up and against the pornography beast, exposing the industry for the devil that it is and then some. Check out her testimony and the testimony of other ex porn actors and actresses on her site. They will inform you as to what really goes on behind the scenes of a porn set. Don’t believe in that finished smoothly packaged picture perfect end product for a second:


  13. Verbs2013 on said:

    “Recommend”, apologies. Damn smart phones.

  14. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @mzchoco…I believe that for some young Black girls, especially those with absent or abusive fathers/stepfathers, needing love plays a role in this. They view sex as a tool to gain acceptance and love…even if it entails having a baby to fill that void.

    But maybe I’m speaking from my own perspective because I was once one of “those” girls.

  15. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @Mickey…I couldn’t agree more! Some white girls are considered “sluts” for doing that (esp. if they engage in sex with Black males) but generally speaking, the societal penalty seems to be tougher on non-white women.

    And I feel you on how wrong it is for children to be sexualized. Kids are being robbed of their innocence on a daily basis…not just by the media, but in their homes/schools/neighborhoods. So sad.

  16. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @Verbs2013…wow, for real?! You’re shitting me, right? I never knew that about Kinsey. I used to admire his work because it was viewed as “revolutionary” to talk openly about sex. But I had no idea that he promoted such demonic abuse of children. I need to read about this. So disturbing.

  17. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @Umoja…I have to say that I find Montana Fishburne interesting. She was born into more privilege and wealth than the typical Black woman in America or hell, mostly everywhere else in the world. She isn’t forced into this through poverty or mental/emotional instability or the general reasons that some women would do this. I was shocked when I first heard that she wanted to do this, to be honest. I personally know somebody who has been both an escort and done porn (a Black woman) and sadly, she was sexually abused as a child. She also has a mental illness and can’t get a “real” job.

    So in that case, I understand. But I don’t know what Montana’s reasons are.

  18. Cinnamondiva on said:

    To me, it’s not only about the demeaning and dehumanizing aspects of porn…it’s also the overwhelming racism. Like others have said, a white woman can have anal sex and do “money shots” on camera and still won’t generally be treated as a social pariah the way a Black woman will.

    And there is also the prism of Eurocentric beauty, which incites lust in some confused Black males and causes them to sexually desire WW even more. I remember reading an article years ago where a Black man said that when he first started viewing porn, it was full of white girls and this was a covert way of having access to “forbidden fruit”. He also said that in his opinion, most Black women wouldn’t degrade themselves that way.

    I don’t believe in shaming women for doing porn, but I DO think they should be more aware of the potential ramifications…like being recognized by other people who will stalk/harass them, for one. They should also be aware that not only is this a safety issue, but it could result in the loss of a job or something. For Black women, this is an even greater risk. We can’t all be like that white porn actress Jenna Jameson or Briana Banks…I doubt they even have Black counterparts who are as successful in that industry.

  19. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @alia5012…I agree. I had a boyfriend years ago who viewed a lot of porn (which I didn’t find out until much later) and all of it showed white or Hispanic girls engaging in very demeaning acts. He wanted me to do some of it, namely cumming on my face after blowjobs. Personally, I’m not against anal sex but I don’t think anyone should be pressured into it. I believe that if one’s partner is uncomfortable with certain things, it is a sign of disrespect to keep pushing them to do it. There needs to be trust in a relationship.

  20. Mickey on said:

    I do not understand why society is tougher on women of color for the same behavior since, no matter how respectable a woman of color is, she is considered lower than a White prostitute in a racist/sexist society.

  21. Umoja on said:

    She thought she would take the “easy” route by gaining press, notoriety and fame through porn instead of doing the hard work it takes to break into the entertainment business; television, movies, ect…

  22. mary burrell on said:

    What’s sad to me is Laurence Fishburne’s daughter is trying to break into this industry. And they are on some black news blogs saying how it’s unfair that Teen Mom reality star the white girl is getting more opportunities with her new sex tape. WTF. We are truly lost if we are getting upset because some white girl is a bigger freak. We as a people have truly lost our way.

  23. mary burrell on said:

    I saw that movie The Kinsey Report and I wondered was I wrong to be disturbed by this film. I learned from the film Kinsey was just a pervert.

  24. I used to watch porn.I stopped when I realized how damaging it was. The names of pornos for black porn is always something degrading,using words like black ho,ghetto,the n word,gangsta,gangbanger,nasty,etc. Whites have erotica to look at I never really see any black erotica.They don’t want to show blacks in a passionate way without being degraded and objectified. Porn is addicting and used to destroy the way people view sex and intimacy. Sex should be a sacred thing between mature adults.Europeans have turned it into a power play thing and for pleasure.
    As for the black pornstars,the black female porn stars don’t make as much as the white porn stars or get as much exposure.White women do something like this and people say oh they are being liberated and not allowing people to tell them to be ashamed of their desires.black or non white does it and we’re nasty and need to be destroyed. Also I read that white female pornstars get paid more for doing a scene with a black male pornstar.. Other countries have porn too,but they aren’t as messed up as the American whites.In America we are conditioned to be ashamed of sex yet at the same time reward white females for doing sex tapes.This some backwards shit.

  25. mary burrell on said:

    @Cinnamondiva; I thought Montana might have some serious daddy issues and was acting out. I thought the young lady has some serious mental health isssues. I was embarrassed for Laurence Fishburne. I hope they get her some help.

  26. mstoogood4yall on said:

    WE should not be upset that whites get more attention for their whoring but its unfair that they do something nasty and get twitter followers,book deals,interviews,etc.We do the same thing and we get shunned,talked about. I heard there is a vid of this nasty white girl eating her dam tampon and because of it she got a lot of twitter followers.Aint that nasty as hell,let a black woman do something less disgusting and she will be called every name in the book. Teen mom show is dumb as well,how is it they want to do stats saying black girls and Latinas as being the ones getting pregnant yet I don’t see them on that show.When they want to show us in a bad light they do reports and show us as being worse compared to everyone,but when its a show about the issue that we are supposedly the majority in we are not in the dam show.They want to use a black face for issues but when it’s a show made about the issue,we are not on the show, it’s all whites when it has to deal with money they cut us out

  27. Yes ! That’s the name if it .. The Kinsey Syndrome.. Very sick and twisted.. Ill have to wait until my mind is a little stronger to view something like that because just reading about it makes my heart hurt.. This sa sad world we live in.. Ill check out Shelly Lubben though..

  28. Yea .. I don’t like all that extra stuff .. I went “there” once but hated it and hated him for it.. I felt so violated … 😦 I do feel porn industry glamorizes pain and humiliation though.

  29. honeytreebee on said:

    Family please do not let people put anything into or up in your anus. It is very delicate and prone to prolapse and even with surgery will s till BE damaged. You shouldn’t be pushing s something as large as a penis out your anus you shouldn’t be pushing s hung s something that big in. You can look at the pictures and medical repairs on line. Also things like contracting hiv are as much as ten times more likely than vaginal. Also, for the fellas fecal matter in you urethra leads to problems down the line.

    We need to be good to each other and reestablish our own norms behaviors. I think that sometimes we need to insulate our selves off from this shit cleanse,heal,recharge,and nourish our selves before we can even think about visiting this world. Sometimes these topics take it out of me.

  30. Umoja on said:

    The porn industry has infected and corrupted not only Black relationships but all aspects of it…..courting, marriage, commitment, family life, respect, honor, the act of love making, ect. In my opinion; Black men now place too much value on their sexual prowess…..how many women they can bed down. And lets face it; Black men lead in interracial relationships with the all too willing cave women; sacrificing unity for the gratification of sex…..gladly and ignorantly fulfilling the curiosity of the cave women’s desire for the preverbal “big cock”.
    It isn’t discussed how cheating has become part of Black culture now. Many Black men say, ” I’m a man, I’m not going to turn down sex”. Since when did turning down sex; therefore, responsibility and commitment to ones mate and family become unmanly?
    It’s the corrupt mindset of the European who has capitalized on sex; which in turn has turned the act of lovemaking into absolute perversion and deviance. Porn is representative of the animal like mindset of the European. It’s that animal DNA that they possess.
    Porn has introduced the deviances and recklessness of the European….bestiality, homosexuality, lesbianism, child rape and molestation in the disguise of “love-making”, total disrespect and dishonor to women as the vessels of life, love and light, rampant drug use, STD’S and death of the mind , body and spirit. Utter sexual terrorism. There’s no “good” in porn. None!
    Commitment, marriage, family within the Black psyche’s have been corrupted and nonexistent in most cases….many think and act like the cave beast now. Total recklessness and dishonor. Many Black men don’t feel they have to court a Black woman any more or bring anything to the table….just their bodies. Many don’t feel they have to “do” anything for a Black woman and feel it to be an affront to him if she desires so. She is to fend for herself.
    Marriage, commitment, family, and raising ones children together is no longer an option or discussed for that matter. It is expected for Black women to raise Black children alone. No heads turn by either Black men or Black women. It’s culture now.
    It’s seems that having a “buddy” to hang out with, have sex and fun with is of value now, until things get “rough”…..like a pregnancy, marriage or commitment desired with either party…..many make an exit here.
    I remember when my ex-husband was cheating while I was pregnant with our beautiful son; I sought the help of his father….maybe he could speak to him about commitment, family, marriage…. I naively thought. Well in a nut-shell; my ex-father in-law responded with, ” I hope he (my then husband) can get as much “p…sy” as he can get”….then he proceeded to say, ” take your clothes off so I can see what you got “.
    Don’t be surprised, this is common in all classes of Blacks, unfortunately…..and more surprisingly, many Black women think the same. Having no honor or respect for Black women either.
    Sex has become very much a priority in the psyche’s of Blacks…. just like the cave beast. Marriage, family, community, children…UNITY….all have taken a back seat. Exactly as whites intended for the Black psyche and Black life.

  31. Umoja on said:

    I hear you, I read that also. That’s European mess and corruption…..sexual deviance that we must stop immediately accepting as the “norm”. It is not, but total and utter sexual deviance from the pits of hell, if there is one.

  32. Yeah, I agree. I can see how that is a factor. I can imagine and that’s really fucked up. A lot of porn actresses say that they were molested as children, too.

  33. 😦 sorry you had to go through that.. That’s awful what his father said.. this is exactly what’s happening.. Europeans have pushed their perverted ways on us and this is the outcome.. Break up the melinated people’s (moors, blacks whatever term u would use) to keep us from regaining on our power on the land and nation that was once ours.. How can we focus on the issues and getting USback together if we have such filth on the mind… it makes since, sense they have a savage and gross mindset that they would display this in porn..

  34. Verbs

    Freud was another pedophile who helped “shaped” our sexual consciousness.

  35. Yes .. I always felt it was gross and and downright dehumanizing to me.. Now coming into studying Europeans and how they had an obsession with dirt, filth, and everything nasty and gross, I strongly feel anal sex is something started and encouraged by them.. I may be going far but I kept thinking that anal is not good because a man will think”if I can stick it in a woman’s butt and get pleasure, what’s the difference if sticking it in a mans butt”. It takes that fine line away and back to the quote of “sex is sex, no matter WHO I get it from.. I have some military friends that were stationed in Korea and went to the “donkey show and bannaa shows ” black women and men attending these shows and getting kicks out of it… The military doesn’t put restrictions on attending this crap either.. (Bannana show is where a Korean women does strange things with fruit in her orfices and the audience eats it during or after) from what I hear.. It’s even talked about when you get there ohhhh you have to go see these shows. 😦 that’s got to leave an imprint in your mind somehow…the donkey show could of been another base local , but it’s all wrong …

  36. Verbs2013 on said:

    Indeed, Kinsey was a very dodgy bloke, despite how he was portrayed in the public eye. He was a straight up deviant, himself and his hired flunkies.

  37. Verbs2013 on said:


    Indeed, let us not forget that reprobate scoundrel and also Julian Huxley can be thrown into the mix aswell with his ideas of getting children to engage in pre pubertal sex so that they wouldn’t be able to form a bond later on in their lives and thus create strong families. Population reduction at its slimiest.

  38. I want to extend a question to the commentators here:

    Do you draw a distinction between porn and erotic fiction?

    With that asked, i would take the issue of viewing porn on a case by case basis. I think it would be a bit of a stretch to say that it has in some way negatively affected Black romantic relationships–i think only a small number of Black people view it regularly anyway let alone have a full-blown addiction to it.

    If there truly is a problem between Black men and women having unrealistic sexual expectations–then misogynistic and/or misandry teachings in childhood and adolescence is likely the culprit.

  39. Umoja on said:

    Anal “sex”…..how can anyone call this “sex” or “love-making”. When did fecal matter represent love!!? Our bodies aren’t made for such horrific intrusion….but for medical exams and expelling fecal matter…..and how the hell is the involvement of fecal matter even close to love-making!!! Why is there need for surgery after so much practice of this; red flag!!! If any man suggest this mess, he can go kick rocks ASAP and loose my number!!
    This is total adoption of the European who are no more than sexual terrorist…..who will “sex” anything living, dead, young, old and nailed down. We must STOP adopting European behavior and ideologies. Europeans….white folks find the involvement of shyt and piss enjoyable…..I swear when will we realize what and who these “people” are…..sigh… Question EVERYTHING these “people” say and do. I swear my mind gets blown away with those who have no problem with this demonic act….sigh When are we going to stop adopting what they do!! When are we going to realize they aren’t who they appear to be….sigh.

  40. Good point. You mean like Zane novels?? I used to read those as well.. Something to ponder on..

  41. Erotica is way better than porn. I like reading erotica on afroerotik. It’s not degrading and has passion,love,and love making. Porn is emotionless. Here is one of scottie lowes stories about how we as black women are made to feel compared to other women when it comes to sex. http://afroetry.tumblr.com/post/28174699537/afroerticksoul

  42. mary burrell on said:

    I never could get into Zane. Her stuff is just so cheesy to me. I don’t understand this stupid 50 shades of gray stuff either.

  43. Maybe she had WPas friends that may have influenced her… Being her dad had $$$maybe he paid for her to go to private school and I’m sure in CA , it had a huge amount of them there…

  44. Amarie on said:

    Yes, I have noticed that more and more Black people have taken on the ways of white folks and it has destroyed many relationships and marriages. The porn industry is a part of the Illuminati and they are working hard to destroy family structure. There’s a book by Henry Makow called Illuminati 2 Deceit and Seduction and it talks about the porn industry as well.

    I think the porn idustry is not for Black people especially Black women. I watched Tommy Sotomayor speak out against a video someone sent him called Ghetto Gaggers. In the video a young black woman agrees to let two white men shove their penis in her mouth which causes her to gag repeatedly and she gags so much, she urinates on herself. The two men then slap her in the face and then grabs her hair weave and uses it to wipe up the urine on the floor. She looks horrified in the video, but she didn’t stop them from degrading her because she wants to get paid. That white witchcraft is working overtime on Black people. Black people are doing alot of crazy stuff in porn just like white people, but I haven’t heard of them doing beastiality or scat( eating and playing in feces). Now that is sick.

  45. To all

    I’ve been slowly reading all of your comments and letting them sink in. The thing to overstand is Yurugu’s goal is to turn us into THEM. So pornography is a great way to introduce demonism to our culture. It also makes us more disconnected from each other and ourselves as we debase ourselves to their animal level.

    Anal sex has the power to conjure demons. Which is why to join their forces of darkness, one must submit in that fashion. It’s all a game of mind control and many of us have fallen prey.

    As for beastiality and scatophilia…that is apart of their history. Where do you think syphilis came from? I have not heard of blacks engaging in that…yet…but there are some of us that are so mentally sick in our desire to “be like them” that we’ll submit to that as well.

  46. lol ikr the fifty shades of gray looks goofy.Its for some white wives who need a manual on how to spice things up.they interviewed the author and she look like susan boyle.I just read the wiki article on 50 shades of gray,that book looks boring and more about power and control.Its basically about a rich man wanting a woman he meets to be his submissive and sign a contract and not have a romantic relationship just sex.I don’t understand how people buy this junk.It gives us a look into how dark their sexual fantasies are though,we must not fall into this.Lets not forget their idea of sex has always been about power and control[chattel slavery] not about love,passion,and romance.

  47. Ms. J on said:


    I’m a BIG fan of Afroerotik too! Ms. Lowe’s work is the first to show me that Black love did exist.

  48. Umoja on said:

    Those Black women have been mind controlled through the U.S. military UltraMK program. Intentionally, in order to add to the fierce agenda to demoralize, demean and degrade the global populous of Black women…..down to nothing more than a sex toy and toilet for the sexual gratification of white men ( sound familiar?). Especially in the eyes of our natural partners…Black men. Unfortunately, not one Black man has tried to shut-down this site, just for the protection of their own women. If it was any other group, there would be an uproar and an immediate shut down. Yet, unfortunately, many of our men on YT are starting to believe that ALL Black women are willing to perform these demonic acts with white men. Nothing could be further from the truth. If I knew how to get that demonic site shut down, I would. It’s blatant racism/white supremacy maxed out. I’ve never visited the site, don’t intend to; but just the stories about it is bothersome. I have zero curiosity of what is portrayed there.
    It’s a depopulation, genocide, and thwart procreation method. I only wish people would stop mentioning this site. Why? It is free advertisement; people go take a look out of curiosity, their personal sexual deviances, ect…..every “click” profits this site and keeps it alive and well. If anyone wants to know further detail about the MK Ultra military program and how these women are mind controlled; go to Naga Kanyah….on YouTube. She explains this thoroughly and includes those involved.

  49. honeytreebee on said:

    Looking back on this post I can only imagine the pain and frustration Larry must feel about having his baby girl out there doing this. I think it is in black men to protect black women and when he can’t protect her from whatever it is or make her see the light of her decisions I think it is enough to make him go mad. I think this is why some men are so angry acting and use such harsh words with bw in general. This is not an excuse for their behavior just an observation and an attempt at understanding.

    I think the anger come out of inaction in being unable to stop the abuse or protect against it. Also, I think that porn is geared at attacking our men because they know men are visual and will pick up on this way faster than women. Showing men this stuff triggers them in ways that makes it feel like they themselves have already done this. Just my thoughts. Anyway Negress, I’m ready for a new post.

  50. This post hits close to home. I was in the industry off and on for almost 8 years. It is extremely racist. I wouldn’t say all the girls have been molested, but I would say we all had some issue that was making it ok in our minds to have sex for money on camera. I never called myself a porn star, because I always just thought of it as that…most of these girls, including myself had low self esteem growing up, and as soon as someone said we were attractive, many went for it. Many have kids, drug habits, dead beat boyfriends, or families to support…so we justify it.
    When I first got an agent, he told me immediately I would not find work because black girls do not work much, and we certainly do not get paid the same. A white girl can get 1000 for a boy girl scene, while I could get 800 on a good day. The owners are all white men…even companies you think would be black owned have sold a long time ago. The industry can eat you alive, and allow you to live in a fantasy world. You end up spending most of your little money maintaining your look, and barely really have anything to show, other than your reputation being demolished by your videos. This is part of the reason I moved out of the country.
    I realized though, no real man would accept this. I was with someone the whole time who used to film for me, attend the parties, all the craziness, but I found he was using my profession to cover his gay lifestyle. While I was out selling my body, he was looking for men at the gym.
    Many girls after a while get desperate and do go that gaggers way. They pay about 2500 for a scene. This person who owns that website has a black girl friend, and says how much he loves black people, but I could not bring myself to sink that low. I used the money I did earn to get my ba and masters, i finished, but it’s a hard adjustment. However, once you get out of that and find real relationships, it can be done….black women have it hardest in porn. These producers think we are ALL whores. Many are europeans who come here…which is why all the hardcore stuff lately. These people are sick at times, but it does start at home. I have a good family I thought, but it really shows you how weak you can be to pay for these outrageous school bills.

  51. mary burrell on said:

    Blackgirlinberlin, God bless you. I glad you escaped that cesspool of demonic evil. Black people need to learn to love God and love themselves and each other. We cherish the gift of sex the way the creator intended. This has been a good teaching reading from the other commenters.

  52. mstoogood4yall on said:

    Thank you for having the courage to speak up. I heard the black porn stars don’t get paid much even the black strippers make less than white women. I saw a video of that girl from teen mom Farrah and she is trying to make money from her sex tape.I never hear of black women selling their sex tapes for a lot of money.Black sex workers are expected to do more for less. I saw a story about how men would go to a black strip show and could touch the girls for little money but the white strippers would get paid more and the men couldn’t touch.IT goes back to white women being on a pedestal and are deserving of protection and being paid more.Even on youtube I see they flag videos of white girls trying to twerk but vids of black women doing it and its not flagged. Its like white womens sexuality is to be protected but a black womans is to be exploited.

    I’m glad you got out and are doing better,we are rooting for you.

  53. Jay in the Black Dimension on said:

    I think we must understand that porn is a form of cultural imposition. As truth said, they are trying to turn us into a version of them by making us go against who we are. We are slowly taking up their norms as our own. Making private intimacy a show for the world. There used to be a time when you could say “Black people don’t do _____”. Now you can’t say that any more. Black men are pertrayed as bucks and Black women…… it’s hard for me to even talk about. There’s one site in particular that made me as sad and as angry as i’ve ever been. I’m talking white boys basically raping and assaulting Black women on camera. And this is what they call entertainment?

    The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that they were devils and that separation was the only answer and the more I experience life, the more right he proves to be.

  54. Thank you for sharing your life with us and congrats on getting out of the industry.. You deserve to have peace and happiness..:-)

  55. ”Listening to my girlfriends in high school share very intimate details of their experiences where they thought they were “in love” only to be discarded afterwards for another unsuspecting female, I wondered where the notion came from. Sex without love. Sex without feeling. Sex without regret. Sex for the sake of sex”

    I am a high school student and sometimes I feel bad about not having a boyfriend at 17. Now when I read my post, it makes me than God that I am still a virgin and wouldn’t ever have a guy take advantage of me like that.

    And porn is negatively affecting all people whether they be Black or White. Montana Fishbourne is a huge disgrace to the Black community and I am so sick of Whitewashed coons wanting to be like their oppressors aka White man.

  56. Exactly. White AmeriKKKa was also created to protect the supposed ”purity and innocence” of the White woman. White AmeriKKKa values White life including White women over Black lives and Black women.

  57. Shaking my head, a Black woman would be brainwashed to go into porn. Porn is another industry Whites used to manipulate Blacks and minorities.

  58. You are right and sorry what you went through,

  59. I KNOW RIGHT. She is a disgrace to our community and her father’s name!

  60. Exactly.

  61. Tyrone on said:


    Black people should never base their sexual ideology on white-driven pornography. Porn is created, directed, and produced by and for white male consumption. As with other elements in hollywood, it’s fantasy. The sex is not real, it’s staged. Oftentimes, the women are forcefully encouraged to partake in sex acts that could be lethal to them, protection is not mandated for all movies in the industry, and so forth. Another point, racism is also a point of conflict within the genre. Black males are portrayed as thugs and hoodrats, and black females are routinely called bitches and hoes in the titles of many black/inter-racial flicks. Nowadays, whitewomen brag about a black bull sexing them with the permission of their sissified husbands…Cuckold Relationship! Random blackmen are impregnating whitewomen in the US and the UK for their benefit. Blackmen don’t realize that whitewomen are using them to further their own racial agenda at the expense of blackwomen. I’ve never been a big believer in black male/white female couplings. How can a blackman love a woman that doesn’t look like him more than those that birthed him? Secondly, blackwomen are the focal point…Whitemen have no shame in using their daughters to trip-up blackmen. As i’ve stated before, our foremothers built this stolen land and Europe as well. I’m tired of confused blackmen yappin’ about whitewomen, Who Are They? The porn industry is no different than what we witness in hip-hop and sports. Black males are exoticized for non-black women, meanwhile, black womanhood is assaulted by other women because of racial envy. All or most of the IR blogs and websites that inhabit the web are owned by whitemen. Jerry Sandusky, how does he relate to all of this? Jewish whitemen run the porn industry, always have. They’re also the biggest supporters of male homosexuality in the US. Same group of men control hip-hop as well. What is the common thread? Both support the homosexualization of black males. If they actually liked heterosexual blackmen, Why do they attack positive black female/male relations? It’s okay for everybody else to love their own except black people. As black people, we need to know and understand the “Nexus” of white media…hollywood, porn, sports, music, etc. Brothas, please understand that Becky is a distraction? Why would we want a group of women that are forced upon us by their own men…The logic makes no sense. Obviously, something is wrong on the homefront. Oftentimes, i run across blogs on the net that lie their asses off. Blackwomen are the least attractive, least desirable, not marriage-material, lowest on the totem-pole, etc. If uninformed black males are consuming lies about their sisters, they’re going to act accordingly. I would like for blackwomen to stop trying to turn every other woman on the planet black. Why would blackmen want a group of “Pretend Blackwomen” when we already have the real thing? As is noted, a blackman must love and desire his reflection, that goes without saying. A blackwoman birthed me, how can i not love big brown eyes, kissable lips, chocolate skin, etc. I’m a fan of Afroerotik.com and blackerotica.tumblr.com. Both sites showcase black love in proper form, from our perspective. Check them out when you get the time sistas and brothas?


  62. WHEN will African women and People of colour Innerstand, overstand to understand that a Neanderthal Wench can pretty much Fuck her dog and give him a blow job on FaceBook and become a celebrity, and be a super star. THIS and other HO tricks DON’T NOT APPLY TO US. WHAT is it that we don’t seem to get?? A Neanderthatl Ho will be IS treated like a LADY regardless. Africans and People of Colour are not even SEEN as PEOPLE.
    That Montana must of had her mind messed with, had to, cause NOTHING she did made ANY sense. These Devils that are killing off our people in Devilwood AREN’T Playing Listen up. STOP ACTIN and PRETENDING THAT THEY LIKE US cause THEY DON’T! Rember that African that got her ass beaten for FREE in ghetto gaggers that made the rounds on the internet and then said the Neanderthals were acting EVEN when she tried to stop, they grabbed her weave and cuffed her down THEN PISSED ON HER HEAD. Nuff said!

  63. Exactly! Too much Black men are brainwashed into thinking a cave bitch is better than a Black queen.

  64. blackgirlinberlin on said:

    Thank you, it really is a tough business, and now you find ladies going straight from high school to porn. When I met a young black woman who was doing only anal videos and was a vaginal virgin.. I was so done.. crazy business

  65. Essential on said:

    I am happy you touched on this. I just feel like its another perversion of something spiritual. Yes this makes the standards much too highust to keep a man and I hate it. it. I just wanna be me instead I gotta be Lucy does Las Vegas.

  66. Tyrone on said:


    Blackwomen who prostitute their bodies for white male consumption are encouraging and contributing to white male supremacy. As black males, we’ve been conditioned to view the white female as the apex of womanhood. The reality, is that, white males have been pushing this lie to the masses for hundreds of years to influence our thinking. Sistas such as Montana Fishburne will never be given the same focus as Kim Kardashian, because, it would force whitemen to admit the ugly truth about themselves and their abuse of african women on this planet. So, all of us go along with the storyline…white girls are this, white girls are that, white girls are so freaky, white girls do any and all things in the bedroom, etc. Whitewomen know they’re being used by whitemen to fool blackmen, they have some intelligence in their skulls. So many of us wonder why white females chase after blackmen so much? Deep down, whitewomen know that their brothers don’t love them as much as they claim. All the material comforts that they enjoy today came from the enslavement of other women, blackwomen to be specific. In a roundabout way, they blame sistas for the demise of whiteness, which makes no sense. Poaching blackmen from their black sisters is residue from slavery. It’s more than just sex, sistas should stay mindful of this. The porn industry is not a big supporter of black sexuality. It was forced to highlight black female and male actors because of technology. The internet was a game-changer on a global scale. In the past, folk had to drive to the nearest adult store to rent or purchase videos. Today, folk don’t have to risk being seen by relatives and co-workers out in the streets. This newfound access opened up porn to black folks as well. Technology allowed whites to indulge their swirlish fantasies within the comfort of their homes, and it allowed black sexuality to come out of the shadows for all to see. Today, black and inter-racial porn involving blacks are among the highest-selling genres of porn in an industry that has always been against black sexuality. In a twisted sort of way, porn served as validation for black people, especially blackmen. Whitemen had their way with blackwomen for hundreds of years, but, blackmen doing the same with white females was and is still taboo. How does all of this relate to black love/relationships? From a sober black male perspective, this is what i see with a certain group of blackmen. Some brothas can’t distinguish love and lust. Having an attraction to non-black women is expected, men are sexual beings by nature. Instead of blackmen being honest, and saying, they want to sample other flavors because their curious, the men in question resort to degrading blackwomen to justify having sexual relations with other women. As to the issue of racial preference, it’s a false concept that is used as a convenient excuse by insecure blackmen who lack a solid foundation. The notion of blackmen and men in general not being sexually attracted to their sisters is a foreign concept to me. I can understand a blackman being sweet on other women, but, why would that make him not sweet on the women of his race at the same time? Any blackman that has the balls to say that he doesn’t find blackwomen attractive is insane to me. He sees himself as the apex of all men, born from a blackwoman, but they’re not attractive likewise. Brothas, that’s bulls**t in every sense of the word. Sistas, logic is always the best teacher…Always! I don’t know why this issue is so complex for some blackmen? My mother is a blackwoman, if i forsake her for another, i don’t love her. Let’s call a spade a spade…self-loving blackwomen want their sons to bring home women that look like them…Bottomline! Black people will never be free as long as we’re in conflict with each other…Ditto! Umoja, sistas are waiting for us to take the next step, it’s our call!!!


  67. @Essential. NO you ARE NOT lucy does las vegas. Get that very clear. You were NOT Born lucy OR to be her. You are just that ESSENTIALLY you and if any fool rolls up and expect you to be a Ho and call that mess love, just keep walking, cause you’ll NEVAH ho enough for somebody who don’t know WHO he oe she ESSENTIALLY is. Keep it real cuase this ho crap ain’t, fo real.

  68. Negress,

    What about those (ex)porn stars who are crossing or crossed over to mainstream entertainment, should we give/show them the same type of respect and appreciation for their acting performance(s) as those actors who haven’t done porn? and should we look at them as positive role model for our children?

  69. Tyrone on said:


    Whitewomen are a litmus-test for blackmen, they know this as well. When we love our sisters as God intended…Paradise On Earth!


  70. maeleonline on said:

    Reblogged this on Not yet uhuru….

  71. The porn industry is 100% owned and run by Jews. They are perverts to a large degree and love anal sex. Every Jewish woman I’ve ever known was a complete and utter slut. The men are mostly gay or closet gays. Rep Weiner didn’t cheat on his wife with another woman as the Jewish media lied about. He cheated with another male because he’s gay. He didn’t want his wife. She’s just a trophy piece for the front. Jews also have a abundance of genetic defects as well that contribute to their psychopathy. One of the main ones is Tay Sachs. These come from centuries of inbreeding. There are large numbers of Jews in porn because the elites don’t care about their own. The Jewish elites sacrificed many lower class Jews during their phony Holocaust to make it appear that it was a genuine effort by Hitler to commit genocide when in fact Hitler only wanted to protect his own people, the same thing black people should be doing. Hitler’s plan was to expel the Jews, not to eliminate them. Public education and the NEA are controlled by Jews and hence complete lies so this will shock many of you who will label me an anti-Semite. Everything you see on TV is controlled by Jewish elite. They are Satanic. Ask yourself…when has Satan ever told the truth? The Jew has enslaved and controlled the African from the beginning. Everything they do benefits themselves while simultaneously destroying us. The civil rights movement and feminism are just two recent examples.

    Ultimately porn is meant to distract males and keep us in a feminized state of weakness. Masturbation weakens men. Graphic porn image create demons in other dimensions that feed on your soul. You must stop watching and burn sulfur to rid yourself of them or they will continue to entice you until you give in to them. When you spill your seed outside of the loving embrace of your wife you are committing the grossest sin you can commit against God. Animal sex and the physical orgasm is the fall of Adam. It is why we are all here. Our ancestors used to exist purely in spiritual form. When we learned to abuse sex we were cast out of the Garden Eden. The only way back is the same way we came…..through the door of sex but not animal sex…..tantric sex. Your sexual energy must be transmuted into God energy. That kundalini energy will over time ascend your spine and liberate you from return to this three dimensional prison we call Earth. Don’t believe me? You will……………..

  72. Jabari

    I couldn’t have said that better myself.

  73. Tyrone on said:


    White Jews are not the angels they have been portrayed as in history books…Preach Brotha!!!


  74. Levon on said:

    porn is an addictive drug,these people know full well how powerful it is. it makes young men see women as only objects and vice versa. And it also normalizes sexually deviant behavior that blacks would never ever do just 30 years ago.it used to hard to find black women and men that do oral sex now its almost common.All this sexually deviant behavior came from the European.

  75. Levon on said:

    Glad you got out and betterd yourself and Also THANK GOD you did not lower yourself and do that sick GHetto gaggers crap I can’t stand that crap.I want to hurt those men,its so sad how they humiliate those girls.

  76. Suzette on said:

    Porn is porn. And porn is evil. The topic of who makes more money WW or BW is irrelevant. It’s no good. Period. The reason I feel I am having a hard time finding someone is because I don’t give it up or inappropriately flirt with men giving them “ideas”. So many DESPERATE or UNEDUCATED WOMEN (black or white) do nowadays and en think that’s better than the good girl. Mostly BW like me are simply ignored because we don’t look like that saucy typical blonde shown in the easily accessible porn videos. In my book, that crap is not love. Love is romantic and sensual, but if this is what men want or expect me to do, then I guess I shall remain single then.

  77. Tyrone on said:


    I’d like to make you and other sistas and brothas aware of the unforeseen downfall of one of the porn industry’s “Black Studs.” Jesse Spencer(42), aka Mr. Marcus was sentenced to 30 days in jail for knowingly exposing 2 female porn starlets to syphillis last year. One day he’s at the top of the food chain, now, another blackman behind bars. This is a cautionary tale for blackmen who forget that they’re black just like the rest of us. When blackmen are not true to who they are, s**t like this happens…Brothas Pay Attention?


  78. Endangered_Species on said:

    Damnnnn Guuuurrrlll…
    Ok, I’m White, no offense. But some will be taken regardless. Especially if I’m honest. My people and yours don’t have a history without negativity. Honestly, I don’t think we’re compatible at all. History has proven this repeatedly. However, I am not against the occasional well thought out miscegenation, trade, tourism and collaboration. I’m so thankful that you are one of a handful of black people who seem well versed in the common enemy of all tribal identity, autonomy and sovereignty: ZIONISM, or Bolshevism, or Feminism, or Communism, or in which whatever “ism” the Talmud is insidiously masked. We’re all being attacked by a thousand cuts, but the White race is slated for extermination, extinction, -total elimination-

    “We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tension. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by the Whites, we can mould them to the program of the Communist party. In America, we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the Whites, we will endeavour to instill in the Whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the negroes, we will aid the negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions, and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige the negro will be able to intermarry with the Whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.” (Jew Israel Cohen : “A Racial Programme for the Twentieth Century”)

    “Forbid the Whites to mate with Whites. The White Women must cohabit with members of the dark races, the White Men with black women. Thus the White Race will disappear, for the mixing of the dark with the White means the end of the White Man, and our most dangerous enemy will become only a memory. We shall embark upon an era of ten thousand years of peace and plenty, the Pax Judaica, and our race will rule undisputed over the world. Our superior intelligence will easily enable us to retain mastery over a world of dark peoples.”
    – Rabbi Rabinovich

    …and if you weren’t working for them or with them, your honest research would’ve revealed it- so my question is why doesn’t anyone care?
    As long as it ain’t your ass in the fire, the other races will take their serfdom and direct their hate at the White Scapegoats.

    “We have to exterminate white people off the face of the earth to solve the problem…and the problem on the planet is white people.” – Kamau Kambon

    When we are all gone, the Jews tyranny will rule with an iron rod for 1000 years…

    “Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.” -Menachim Begin (sure, the Habarats will try and say this is a mis-translation)

    It’s because you’ve lumped in Western Europeans with Ashekanazi Jews, Semites, and everybody else. My people have been fighting Jew filth since time immemorial, and just as unsuccessfully as yours… We don’t own the worst atrocities of mankind in all of history, it is shared, and we don’t overly contribute. I guess you’re like the kid on filthy racist Seth McFarlane’s “Cleveland Show”: “Man, I ain’t got time to be differentiating between different types of white people…”
    Race division is being pumped by Zionism through Obama, and blacks overwhelmingly answer the call with unthinkable animal like street violence and misdirected revenge politics.
    Here’s how a lot of whites may feel, or anyone cursed with common sense and an ability for pragmatic and analytic thinking, and for good reason: To the black community: please stop shooting babies in the face (or anywhere else), in their stroller, like Antonio Santiago, just because his mother didn’t have any money on her, especially while you expect everyone else to have for sympathy for -“Black”, or person of African and possibly other extractions, and American Citizen- Trayvon Martin, who had every right to not “Stand his Ground”, and flee, but instead chose to try and cave in the skull of American Citizen Ashkenazi-Jew (Catholic?)/Peruvian-Mestizo George Zimmerman, who had to resort to using his sidearm to keep Trayvon from smashing his skull open like a monkey on a coconut. Then, “Black” leaders like Sharpton and Wonder decide to misinterpret, misunderstand, misapply and mishandle the Law, thought itself, and attack the basic grasp of reality the rest of the world seems capable of observing.

    You are correct dear author, your people are definitely a product of Zionism, as are my own. It is in this un-win-able and unsolvable argument that the Eye of Zion flawlessly employs with Hegelian Dialectic tactics to divide and conquer.

    None of this gets solved until the root is weeded out of the soil, and that root is the Talmud- either learn it and liberate from it- or lie to yourself and live under it.

    A person is sane, intelligent, compassionate, but people are insane, idiotic and indifferent…

    (1) “Jewish History, Jewish Religion” by Israel Shahak, p. 39

    (2) http://philtar.ucsm.ac.uk/encyclopedia/judaism/orth.html

    (3) http://www.netureikartauk.org/ http://www.jewsagainstzionism.com/

    (4) “Jewish History, Jewish Religion” by Israel Shahak, p. 80

    (5) http://observer.guardian.co.uk/print/0,3858,4070446-102285,00.html

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