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Is Racism a Mental Illness?

Caucasian man

“You know what I’ve been thinking?”

That was the loaded question my blogger buddy asked me the other day.

“No, what?”

“That racism should be classified by the medical world as a mental illness. I mean, it defies logic, reason and debilitates the individual. Think about it. Haven’t you heard of whites who have stated that they would rather die than to have a black doctor care for them? What about that case in the news where the man put up a note that no black nurses are allowed to care for his newborn baby? Remember that poor lady who screamed for help to find her kids when Sandy struck Long Island and that white man slammed the door in her face? Don’tcha think that it’s a sickness to hate someone to the point of murdering them when they’ve done no harm to you…I mean, even if you can’t live with yourself afterwards…it’s like they can’t help it?”

Her words were potent and made me think.

“Well, that would mean that Dr. Wright was correct then, wouldn’t it?”

“What did he say again, Truth?”

“That white people know the difference between right from wrong but they do not care,” I explained.

Since I began to seriously study racism and its origins, all signs point to the Caucasian construct. It was their construct that single handedly obliterated this entire planet by creating a caste system. It was their racism that spawned what I like to call The Racial Progeny: Sexism, Colourism and Feminism. It was their insecurity of their own lack of melanin that cause the extermination of indigenous groups throughout the diaspora. It was their rules and regulations that caused the ripple effect that Mother Nature has been trying to correct for thousands of years. It was their insatiable greed based on white superiority that polluted the minds of every living person on earth, including its victims, to the point where programs called Sensitivity Training and Diversity Awareness are now mandatory in most workplaces.

But…mental illness?

Hmmm…I’ve written about Projection Syndrome and how they are filled with self-loathing so they must niggerize us lest they self-destruct. But calling them mentally ill? Wouldn’t that let them “off the hook?”

What do you think? Are white people mentally ill?

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68 thoughts on “Is Racism a Mental Illness?

  1. Ms. J on said:

    Dr. Bobby E. Wright’s book was such an eye-opener for me.
    I don’t know if White people are mentally ill or not, but their behavior throughout time was and still is drastically different from the behavior of the non-white majority on this planet. Everybody else was communal, one with nature, and satisfied with what they had, but we’re being controlled by people who value individualism, material goods, and greed. And many of our own people think this is what life is supposed to be about since that’s all we know.

    But I do think Whites know better as Dr. Wright stated. They’re the ones that came up with all the fancy laws about liberty, justice, and equality. But they deliberately chose to go against all three principles they say they hold dear. The Native Americans were right; they speak with forked tongues and trick everybody. That’s unjust.

  2. Ms J

    I’ve long suspected the melanin theory is correct regarding their erratic behaviour.

  3. blackmystory on said:

    mentally ill, emotionally deficient, spiritually dead, physically degenerative and socially out caste. in any other species they are sent out into the wilds away from the herd. We on the other hand feel sorry for them and wish to rehabilitate them. Working with substance abusers I can tell you truth that some of them you just wait until they expire. As your last post indicated…definitely mad!

  4. honeytreebee on said:

    I don’t know if, this is mental illness as I thought to be mentally ill you must not understand what you are doing or the consequences of your behavior. They know both and do what they do cause they will and they can. No they are not crazy in an unaware type of way no. Not like a person who I s mentally five in an adults body. They are sick and liking it and can behave when it suits them. Like when dealing with them on an individual bases and they have something to gain or know they will be destroyed if they act out they some how keep it together until the situation is right to strike. No sound more like an opportunistic parasite to me. They play along and wait for the right time to strike so they can kill and damage everything in sight.

    Like most parasites they will kill everything they need then move on to a new host. Ever notice that in their sci-fi they are always finding new planets to f up. Notice it is always a WM in the lead and that other people are never shown with their complements. There will be a BW but no BM and vice versa. No they ain’t crazy naw. They are what they are parasites of they universe and deep down that is all they ever wanted to be.

  5. Ms. J on said:

    It probably is true.
    After all, they made their worldwise caste system on the basis of color. I’ve heard that Arabs did the same before Whites, but they never took it worldwide, though. But I could be confused.

  6. Ms. J on said:


    Speaking of mentally ill, how do you counter this belief that White people are essentially “ignorant” about RWS and their role in it? The majority of “conscious” Black people who I know believe this. The White anti-racists also promote this idea as well.

    I’ve even been in classes about race where White students – who I suspected were indeed racist – said things like, “I’m still trying to learn about this topic. I don’t know much about it.” Everyone takes their word for it.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on how to bring forth truth on this matter in an efficient way? Thanks 🙂

  7. mstoogood4yall on said:

    this is tricky. THe media always says its mental illness when they do something wrong as a way to absolve them of guilt and as a way to seperate themselves from them.At the same time they are the only ones who have destroyed people’s civilizations because they viewed them as savages all the while telling the “savages “to behave and do what’s right.Then i have to ask myself who in their right mind would tell so many lies that they eventually believe them and celebrate them. one of the definitions for mental illness is, any of various disorders in which a person’s thoughts, emotions, or behaviour are so abnormal as to cause suffering to himself, herself, or other people. THis kinda describes them.Mental illness is also genetic,but how can almost a whole race have the same genetic mental illness.Then maybe it could also be a matter of the mental ill ones telling and convincing them to have the same beliefs as them,then they end up mimicking the mentally ill.
    It could be projection as well because they are different from everybody.Everyone else has color and are more empathetic and trusting.In their state they believe it is their right to take from the ones whose hospitality,love,and kindess they mistake as weakness.And tell them they are nothing because that is how they feel.
    I think they have a Narcissistic personality disorder it is a mental disorder in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance and a deep need for admiration. Those with narcissistic personality disorder believe that they’re superior to others and have little regard for other people’s feelings. But behind this mask of ultra-confidence lies a fragile self-esteem, vulnerable to the slightest criticism.

    Sounds like we have a diagnosis,they don’t care about others ,check. they have fragile self esteem and need admiration,check why else would they start crying when someone outs them as a racist or why they have so many eating disorders and get plastic surgeryor why they stay wanting us to forget all that they’ve done and accept them again.Finally they have an inflated sense of their own importance,hence the reason they always tell us we invented nothing and everything is whitewashed including civilizations and people who were clearly black or a poc [egyptians and the bible}

  8. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Without question racism is a form of (profound) mental illness. IOW, every time you look at a white person, there’s a 95 – 99% chance you’re look at a mentally ill / insane person.

    There’s mental illness and then there’s willful mental illness just like there’s ignorance and willful ignorance. Willful mental illness is what happens when (white) people allow themselves to believe lies and to be brainwashed with bullshit about their supposed superiority and our supposed inferiority.

    If you walked down the street and started pointing at people under 5 foot 5 and saying to your friend, ‘I’m superior to them’ your friend would rightfullly think you’d gone insane. How is that any difference than caucanderthals automatically assuming that they are ‘superior’ to someone just because that someone is black? Pure madness.

    To believe that a race is a monolith means that you’re not only mentally ill, you’re mentally retarded.

    What is caucanderthal denial about the obvious truth about themselves (that they are a profoundly warmongering, greedy, racist race) but mental illness?

    Given their brutal, barbaric and evil history, how can these creatures believe they are morally and ethically superior to insects, let alone other races, except by being flat out delusional? Delusion is a form of mental illness.

    How can you send your own flesh and blood off to die in unjust wars to kill brown people and steal their resources unless you are sick in the head?

    Most whites are so emotionally invested in all the lies about their ‘superiority’ they would rather DIE than admit they are wrong. That is profound mental illness.

    Whites have been terrorizing, murdering and genociding other races for hundreds of years yet they’ve created this fantasy, this delusion that WE are the aggressors. Living in a fantasy world is a sign of mental illness. Delusion and paranoia are signs of psychosis – a very serious mental illness.

    How can whites believe they have a hope in hell of making it into heaven when they are responsible (through their tacit approval and indifference) for the deaths of over one million innocent brown people in the middle east over the past 10 years alone unless they are hopelessly insane (and morally bankrupt)?

    Whites are so insane that no matter how much evil their race continues to commit against the brown people of the world, they continue to believe that they are the ‘good guys’.

    For whites to hate people who have done them no wrong – actually, for them to hate people who they have done so wrong is yet another sign of their mental illness.

    To use blackmystory’s apt description; the “mentally ill, emotionally deficient, spiritually dead, physically degenerative”, inferior white race (achieving dominance through gangsterism is not a sign of superiority except for psychopaths – aka whites) is why they always need to have a scapegoat. Otherwise, they might be forced to look at themselves and starting asking why they are so evil and so, so fucked up.

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  11. honeytreebee on said:

    I come across this often and they are quick to point to everything but what we know it to be. They have a mental block with this because it sends them in a panic. They deflect with others have gone through discrimination too. They will bring up other usually white people like the Irish. This is an attempt to defuse and deflect the overwhelming consequences of their collective actions. Couple this with the undeniable evidence that BP are still suffering and are still in bondage because of them. They have a mini melt down. They have to distance themselves from this mess in a hot hurry. So, they will try to give a pseudo I can relate I have been oppressed to bit. This comes with the feminist and suffergette movement. Which is a WP issue not ours. They are always trying to get us to support them and take the conversation in their direction. Saying all men are natural oppressors. No white women have problem with white man who is her brother,father,husband,son not giving h we full rights yet somehow we are supposed to fight for them in their issues. Sorry for the detour. Point is watch out for the coopting of the situation as this is their inability to come to terms with their mess.

    If, If they say they don’t know anything about it then ask them what they think it is. This will unusually be telling. telling. Also when they start giving there opinions about racism ask them how all of a sudden DO they have so many opinions on a subject that the a minute ago knew nothing about. As white can not resist being the authority on everything. everything’s say oh, oh you know quite a bit and point out that since they benefit from it in ever aspect of their lives that of course they don’t t think about how it came to be just that it keeps rolling in for them.

    However, this is a time drain explaining anything to a person who is not really there to see and fix this mess. They are there to absolve themselves by being nice to people who make t their privilege possible an d out of fear that we don’t like them and one day they will have to pay for what they have done. They hope and pray that we are not as vicious as them. That is why they say that and conversations about this with them are futile. You can also ask what has all of a sudden made it a priority for them to do this. That is also telling. Usually it is the my heart bleeds for you bit or they are friends with or have a child or something along those lines.

    They know they are just nervous about the coming w as whipping to end all ads whipping. Not just by people but also by nature itself. They are e busy trying to get everyone t o help clean up their mess. Also, they are there to spy on us and develop strategies to keep us fractured. Guard your words and you thoughts. Also it is a practice ground for war fare against us.

  12. EyesWideOpen on said:

    “…white people know the difference between right from wrong but they do not care.”

    So true. It’s the sign that they are a race of psychopaths. Psychopathy is yet another form of mental illness.

    Truth asked …calling them mentally ill? Wouldn’t that let them “off the hook?”

    Not at all, just as their evil, psychopathic nature doesn’t let them off the hook. They are still human (at least partly) so they still have free will. Judgement day awaits them, just as it does the rest of us. With few exceptions, they are so in for a rude awakening.

  13. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Ms J asked: “Does anyone have any thoughts on how to bring forth truth on this matter in an efficient way?”

    Trying to get the truth from whites is like trying to get blood from a stone.

    IMO, the best word that describes whites is ‘evil’. The second best word that describes them is ‘deceitful’. They know how racist they are, they know about white privilege and I honestly believe they know how evil they are – they just don’t care. Why would you care when you’re an evil, psychopathic race?

    Don’t fall for their deceitful games. Those devils know what time it is.

  14. Bry on said:

    One of the mini essays I wrote for my Intro to psych final actually revolved around this very topic, “The Rhetorical Diagnosis….” Looking at the topic from an African perspective, all of the criteria are met for white people to be diagnosed with “Narcissistic Personality Disorder”, “Borderline Personality Disorder”, Bi-Polar, disorder, etc.

    Virtually any disorder you name, they fit, because the basis of their existence is the disordering of what’s natural (repudiation of Ma’at – justice, righteousness, nature’s order) and imposing the order in their heads (cancer-like expansion and lust for power) on to everything they encounter.

    The concept of “mental disorder” though… it’s a distraction. Disorders are symptoms of illness, illnesses are symptomatic of spiritual neglect and wrong doing, their innately evil and immature nature is the ultimate cause.

    We unwillingly and unknowingly support their evil out of personal greed – we (black folk) like our internet, we like our smartphones, we like the things that we like because we’ve been conditioned by them so that our behavior with each other is ALWAYS dysfunctional. Even your blog and the words I’m typing on it are a part of “their” plan.

    It’s one of the reasons that when I first came to your site that I said it’d be best for the majority of us to just assimilate and die along with the whites when their judgment comes… Your dropping out of the system threads were the first ones to make me think that there might be another solution, but I’m still somewhat skeptical.

  15. EyesWideOpen on said:

    “White people are essentially WILLFULLY “ignorant” about RWS and their role in it…” [fixed]

    IMO, ASAY get into a discussion with whites about RWS, you’ve already fallen into their trap. They’ve have had over 400 years to ‘get over’ their racism. They’re not trying to learn or understand anything.

    Whites LOVE to hate and they get off on deceiving people. It’s in their blood. To engage them in discussion about RWS is to dignify and legitimize their deceitful, willfully ignorant ways.

    Suggestion: play defence and shut down any discussion of RWS the second they try to initiate it. Just tell them, “Trust me, I’m the last person on earth you want to talk to about race.” and change the subject or, better yet, leave if possible.

    Refuse to play the fool.

  16. darqbeauty on said:

    Yeah they’re crazy. Crazy like a fox. I’m not buying it. Not with dollars, not with credit,not with a check..not with someone ELSE’S money. No. They know exactly what the hell they are doing.

  17. Jay in the Black Dimension on said:

    This is just my opinion but I think the form of racism practiced by pale skinned people is genetic. Black people being gullible is also genetic. People like to say that we are being hospitable but when people keep doing the same thing to you for over two thousand years and you don’t catch on, you have to be gullible to a certain extent. We have to change our DNA.

  18. Ms. J on said:


    Yeah, I think that’s the best solution at this point. I just know many Black people who try to prove to Whites that they’re privileged, that racism exists, and that they should stop being racist. And of course, the White people shut down everything they say.

    I only talk to Black people about race at this point, but some think I’m crazy. Oh well. I’m sure Harriet Tubman was told that when she wanted to free other slaves.

  19. Tyrone on said:


    Whites behave as they do because black people allow them to do so…Bottomline! As i’ve said before many times, if black people are educated and informed, whites will not waste time trying to hoodwink us. Deception and lies only work on ignorant people, those who don’t know. It’s not about them, they’re behaving as expected. We’re the ones deaf, dumb, and blind. I have no chains around my neck, why should i bow down to whitemen, Seriously? I ignore the insanity of white folk.


  20. We are talking about a genetically recessive people here. How do you expect them not to be completely parasite ridden in the brain?

  21. Mickey on said:

    Yep. She even said that although she freed many slaves, she could have freed even more if they had known that they were slaves.

  22. Matari on said:

    Are THEY mentally ill?

    Probably no more, or no less than the rest of mankind. Their problem exceeds mental illness!

    THEY are SPIRITUALLY broken, defunct, dead, blind – without sight and/or hope.

    Their compassion, remorse, sight, understanding, wisdom and empathy is severely (fatally) lacking.

    Their corruption and greed is limitless. They are who and what they are. A spirit-less Borg-ish white supremacy/racist complex formed in the depths of Hades.

    These things (SPIRITUAL DEATH) are to be expected from anyone who is invested (or blinded) in the religion of whiteness.

    It’s Demonic. The group’s worshipers/subscribers/believers become living DEAD people.


    John 12:40 He hath blinded their eyes, and hardened their heart; that they should not see with their eyes, nor understand with their heart, and be converted, and I should heal them.

    Acts 28:27 For the heart of this people is waxed gross, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes have they closed; lest they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart, and should be converted, and I should heal them.

  23. Kushite Prince on said:

    Beautiful reply! You said it all! Best response I’ve seen on this subject!

  24. mstoogood4yall on said:

    I’m confused as to if they are mentally ill or not.They are cold and calculating,they plan shit out. when i think of mentally ill person i don’t think of someone that plans things out,i think of someone who does things based on feelings and spur of the moment.
    I was just looking at how louisiana has the highest incarceration rate in the world and they have a lot of privatized prisons.They also have failing charter schools,that are ran by greedy whites. It makes me think they are all in kahoots,top it off with the rap music they put out lil wayne who is from new orleans. coincidence? i think not.You add that up and you get some uneducated kids who look up to rappers and go to prison.The thing that pisses me off is how they use the black kids to experiment on.They want to see how having everything privatized will affect them and they can make money from it all.The charter school gets money based on how many students they have,the private prisons get money based on how many prisoners it has,there have even been stories that rappers get paid to keep the prisons full.
    We have to ask the question of when are we going to take our shit back and not let them experiment on us anymore and use us for profit.

  25. CO-SIGN!!

  26. TO ALL:

    Perhaps this may shed some new light on my post:

  27. Thanks to Peanut for this video!

  28. What do you think? Are white people mentally ill? – Negress

    No, I do not believe that white people are mentally ill. Referring to them as such would lend too much credence to their claims that they are mentally unstable. And yes, I agree with you that referring the collective miscreant behavior of whites as an illness is the equivalent of an acquittal in court. An acquittal in court means that all of the charges brought against you have been dropped and therefore, you’ve been exonerated. In my opinion and simply put, the scourge of racism is in fact A CRIME not only against individual victims on one level, but it’s a crime aginst humanity on a higher level. Racism, when acted upon, is classic criminal behavior, period!

    However, under the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM), which provides the standard criteria for the classification of mental/personality disorders, racism isn’t listed, but it should be classified as such. However, with an enhancement of CRIMINAL INTENT. If they, (APA) were to do this, a large portion of the white citizenry of Amerikkka would be appropriately placed under lock and key, behind bars, just where they should be, without question.

    Perhaps this is why racism isn’t not listed by the APA’s Diagnostic Manual in the first instance.

  29. Umoja on said:

    Mental illness? Not the least bit!! If racism were deemed a ,” mental illness”, white folks would LOVE this!! It would give them complete impunity to sexual terrorism, murder of the African populous and all the atrocities designed by them targeting POC, especially the African populous. Whites already get off criminally due to their “whiteness”—serving less time compared to Blacks for identical offenses. Mental illness would give them a “free for all”….blatant and rampant bloodshed in the streets. The African populous would be no more. If it is such a “mental illness” doesn’t that mean that it is consistent…no “on and off ” switch?
    Why is it that Whites freely spew and show their racism/white supremacy in groups or when they are the majority in any given situation? ….yet when they are the minority, they hide and contain their racism/white supremacy views and behaviors? A mental illness is consistent, there is no “on and off ” switch. They KNOW what they are doing. Take for example….Youtube…..Whites blatantly spew their racism/white supremacy, NO-HOLD-BARRED! ….Yet in person? Not a word. I would bet , they are those same people that we are employed with, our neighbors, so-called “associates”, ect.

  30. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Matari said: Their problem exceeds mental illness!

    I completely agree. Just as their problem is more than just racism, or psychopathy, or bottomless greed. All those defects are just symptoms or manifestations of their fundamental ‘issue’ which is EVIL. As I said above, it is the word that best describes them.

    It’s nice to see someone else use the word ‘demonic’ to describe them – I don’t feel like such a radical.

  31. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Thanks mainly to tel-lie-vision ‘programming’, it’s a common misconception that mentally ill people don’t know right from wrong or aren’t aware of the consequences of their actions. It’s true in some cases, but by no means all. For example, I had a friend who’s father was schizophrenic and she told me he could be extremely manipulative. Whether that applies to all schizos, I’m not sure but psychopathy is a form of mental illness and they are masters of turning it on and off.

    Umoja said: “If racism were deemed a ,” mental illness”, white folks would LOVE this!!”

    I disagree. IMO, if racism were deemed a mental illness it would have absolutely no effect on whites because they simply refuse to admit that they are racist – which is ironic because that level of denial just proves how mentally ill they are!

  32. Umoja on said:

    @Eyes wide open

    Well, wouldn’t you agree that many whites get off on criminal charges due to their “whiteness “, “abused childhood” and “reason of insanity”, “mentally insane” unlike Blacks?….well add this (racism) to the mix as a “mental illness”…..many would serve little time, a slap on the wrist or probation. If there was a benefit, such as those I’ve mentioned above, many whites would admit they were racist.

  33. Jay

    Our trauma is indeed passed on through the bloodline, just like their evil. The evidence of that is the Monarch Programming that many of our celebrities are forced to go through.

  34. Ty

    Yes, we do allow it. I’ve said many time that the change we seek must start from within. However just to counter this, I’ll add one thing. Prison, education, jobs, etc…are set up with our failure in mind.

    One thing I’ve noticed that no one has said is we allow them to punish us because we are afraid of dying. If death was of no consequence to us, do you think we’d be more aggressive with them?

  35. Umoja and Matari

    Great comments.

    Question: Do you believe that their demonism was passed on through their bloodline? Can an “evil gene” be real?

  36. This is a very good question. And one in which I’ve debated for years.

    It is very clear that hate within of itself, is irrational and is a mental disease.

    White people have tremendous mental health issues; just watch Dr. Phil and 48 hours. Buyt also, all one has to do is study European history, and analyze the hatred that white had for each other. It’s hardwired into them.

    They take so many medications for personality, emotional, and mental disorders; Paxil, Zoloft, Atavan, Valium, Xanax, et al., they all should have honorary degrees in pharmeceutical medicine.

    Black people need to acknowledge and accept that there is a spiritual deficit in these people–just look at the depravity and lunacy of the types of crimes they commit daily–as well as historically.

    It is what it is…

  37. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Hi Umoja,

    Without question whites are treated far more leniently than blacks when it comes to sentencing – that’s if they’re even charged at all. I left a comment to that effect on Cynical’s blog awhile back.

    Also, I seem to recall on Cynical’s site a ‘whitemarish’ teacher from Texas saying she couldn’t have molested a black student because she’s racist! So, thinking about it some more, I stand corrected, whites would love to be able to use “racism is a mental illness” as a convenient “get out of jail” card.

    That said, Truth’s original question was, “is racism a mental illness” not “should racism be classified as a mental illness.” On that, for reasons explained in my longwinded comment, there’s no question in my mind that racism is a mental illness – with the caveat that it’s just a symptom of their fundamental flaw which is, of course, that they are EEEE-VIL.

  38. Mickey on said:

    I am not sure about a “evil gene”, but I do believe some individuals are born “on the other side of the line”, so to speak. In other words, when someone acts out of order that is so farfetched that they have crossed the line, people look at those individuals as being on the other side. I believe some people are already born on that other side. I just think that the belief in White supremacy is so strong that they cannot let go.

    Dr. Cress Welsing said that George Wallace said that when he got into politics and was dealing with the Whites, particularly poor Whites, he said that what he found out was that they did not care whether or not they had roads, schools, hospitals, indoor plumbing, etc. They just wanted to know that they were better than the Blacks. I believe that mentality is still alive and well today.

  39. Matari on said:

    I could be wrong but I don’t think it’s a blood-line thing. I see it as a complete and total spiritual breakdown that occurs after one embraces any of the beliefs/doctrines of whiteness.

    It’s the world’s most powerful religion/belief/mind control system. So much so that only a tiny percentage are able to escape its demonic clutches. When an adherent swallows the red pill, (whiteness – and all the BS that goes with it) an unrecoverable POSSESSION of an indescribable and almost indestructible EVIL takes root in them and begins to grow/manifest in myriad forms.

    It is designed to CORRUPT/DESTROY EVERYTHING it comes in contact with.

    Racism/white supremacy aka WHITENESS is a weapon formed against the Creator’s JUST & LOVING Spirit.

    Time is indeed running out for them. Interesting times are at hand.

    That’s my opinion/belief.

  40. Mickey

    Hmmm…I surmised that their evilness is akin to alcoholism. It is now known that alcoholism is genetic. So, if dad was a white-sheet wearing KKK member, perhaps son and grandson would develop the same hatred as well.

    Just a thought.

    As for the poor whites being duped. Yes, as long as “They’re not black”, all is well.

  41. Choca7

    I think their defect comes from a lack of melanin. It causes behavioural problems.

  42. Matari

    Micheal Bradley from the Iceman Inheritance claimed very honestly that whites will blow up the entire planet than let go of their racist powers and control. Interesting times are indeed ahead for them which I’m 100% positive they can feel.

  43. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Truth said: “One thing I’ve noticed that no one has said is we allow them to punish us because we are afraid of dying. If death was of no consequence to us, do you think we’d be more aggressive with them?”

    The question was directed to someone else but that’s never stopped me from throwing in my two cents: I’m not so sure that it’s because we are afraid of dying. I think it’s more that most of us, because of the extremely treacherous nature of caucanderthals, fail to realize that they are waging all out war on us.

    The subtle, systemic nature of their warfare further disguises the fact that they are at war with us. ‘Subtle’ and ‘all out war’ are complementary rather than contradictory tactics made famous, of course, by Sun Tzu’s Art of War.

    I think if more of us recognized that the evil ones are well and truly at war with us our collective response to them would be much, much different – to say the least. However, when you’re very young, and/or just trying to survive and make a living the big picture of what’s really going on around you can fly right over your head.

  44. You’re exactly right…racism is demonic. It’s literally witchcraft.

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  46. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Truth asked: “Do you believe that their demonism was passed on through their bloodline? Can an “evil gene” be real?”

    A very interesting philosophical question, one of the few that I don’t have a firm opinion on and I’ve thought about it a lot. It’s one of those questions where the more I think about it, the more I flip flop on it. A strong case can be made for either yay or nay.

    Matari, with his admirable and enviable economy of words, makes a very compelling argument that their evil is due more to nurture than to nature. No doubt, the COW (cult of whiteness) is a very powerful, malevolent thing.

    That said, my extensive personal experience with these creatures, along with my observations of them and my study of their depraved, barbaric history – going back long before Columbus’ fateful 1492 voyage of debauchery – tells me that the root of their evil is much deeper and more fundamental than brainwashing and the cult of whiteness. The fact is, they’ve been a violent, degenerate, fucked up race of psychopaths long before their sick minds ever invented racism.

    But it’s complicated. There are many other compelling arguments and observations that can be made to support either nature or nurture as the cause of their evil. Let’s just say, if someone put a gun to my head and forced me to decide, my answer would depend on the color of their skin.

    “I don’t have to prove to you that the white man is the devil, the white man will prove it to you himself.”
    Elijah Muhammad

    I can’t put it any better than that but it doesn’t mean I won’t try!: It goes without saying that all races are capable of evil. However, more than any other race, whites have an extreme penchant, proclivity and predisposition for evil. Their history proves it.

    IMO, evil is in their blood.

  47. I understand your premise and a part of me want to agree with you, but to say Mental Illness I feel gives them an excuse to continue to foster and maintain certain behaviors and ideology. For that reason, I have to say that it is a choice. They knowing believe what they will and they act accordingly. It is destable, discouraging, and demoralizing to know that such beliefs and ideas are still kept and purported by the White American community. But regardless of their foolery we as the Black community cannot give them ANY excuse. We must stand together and intelligently force them to own up to their iniquities against our people. The minute we say it’s mental illness we atone their sins and sins of the future without them reaping any consequences.

  48. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Thank you for the kind words, Kushite.

  49. Mickey on said:

    I agree with camaal365. To be racist is a choice. One thing I have found out about how this “sickness” is so embedded into the White psyche, is that when old, White people acquire Alzheimer’s Disease, they can forget their families’ names, how to feed themselves, how to bathe themselves, what country they are living in, even how to wipe their own asses after they have finished using the toilet, but they never forget race. They still know what to call a Black person when they get angry.

  50. Are white people mentally ill? Does a bear shit in the woods? Really, whites and blacks suffer from mental illness. The whites are the lunatic perpetrators;the blacks who suffer from any form of mental illness do so because of white supremacy.

    I have worked around the severely mentally ill off and on for years. I noticed almost without exception, two very distinct things:

    1. The white schizophrenics almost always had delusions of superiority when in the throes of the illness. This would also include any other mental illnesses which cause delusions such as bi-polar disorder for example. I am not referring to what is characterized as ‘milder’ mental illnesses,( which is easier to label as such if you are not suffering from them or if you lack empathy for anyone suffering in general), but chronic and severe forms.

    2. The black folk afflicted with these severe forms of mental illness almost always had delusions of being ‘white’, being victimized by whites or other internalized- racism ideation. One man I dealt with smeared white toothpaste on his face, referred to himself as a white man and called other black people ‘nigger’. He was insistent that he was ‘white’!

    What did I garner from these encounters? The white severely mentally ill had delusions of superiority whilst the black mentally ill had delusions of inferiority to the point they were deluding themselves into thinking they were ‘white’, or were terrified of white backlash of some sort(they may have been right in a perverse way, in that they had to suffer a breakdown to realize this).

    This is anecdotal, I do-not claim to be an expert on mental illness. However, I have seen the ‘worst’ at close quarters. These encounters weren’t isolated incidents, but have spanned the years. What did I learn? I like being succinct; Are whites in general mentally ill? No, white supremacy is because it affects black folk adversely; in that it can cause them to become mentally unbalanced in varying degrees. If you were to ask me if whites are morally bankrupt, soulless creatures? Yep, most are once you get to know them. Many profess to be unaware of this, don’t be fooled. They learn at their mother’s teat. It is the pernicious system which permeates society that is mentally ill. Whether it is the individual or society as a whole, one needs the other to exist. I will say that there are a lot of white loons out there who are crazy and it ain’t the ‘mentally ill’ ones but so-called ‘normal’ ones, now that is crazy!

  51. One thing I’ve noticed that no one has said is we allow them to punish us because we are afraid of dying.

    I don’t think we are afraid of dying. I believe we appreciate the precious gift of life from our Creator to such a profound degree that we are overly cautious to prevent anything that will take that gift away from us. White on the other hand are constantly engaging in life threatening activities or activities that have a very high level of inherent danger (Extreme sports, binge drinking, skydiving, etc.) because they are Un-Godly, soulless creatures.

  52. Kushite Prince on said:

    I can’t stand these damn Flugelrods!

  53. Umoja on said:

    @ Negress….
    Evil gene? We forget that Whites have grafted animal DNA plus human DNA. An animal is predatorial, killer instinct and has no moral compass. It’s what we call a psychopath in human form—-Whites. Yes it is in the bloodline. Throw in the fact that they have little melanin, if at all; which I believe, they lack the “god principles”…..love, humanity, spirit, ect. Psychopaths are masters of mimicking. They are capable of mimicking love, spirit, kindness, ect. They have no conscious, they know right from wrong, yet find no value in doing what is right. It is their nature.
    It’s in the bloodline. Take for instance; whites raped the African for many reasons; including to corrupt the bloodline of the African, as a result, many Blacks behave and think just like them!! Which is fine with whites, those Blacks can and always are used as “buffers” ….to support whites and their agenda of white supremacy and the destruction of Blacks.
    Another example; my son walks and runs like his Dad, my ex-husband. He has similar mannerism as he does, his interest are similar, he didn’t speak until he was 6yrs old just like his Dad, ( yet his Dad has a Master’s in finance) he smiles with a smirk, one side of his face like his Dad, his interest is real-estate/broker just like his Dad…..yet he was abandoned by his Dad before birth. I’ve never told my son any of this!

  54. Matari on said:

    Sister Truth

    After just visiting and engaging with a couple of posters over at Abagond’s, I’m of the conclusion that ALL humans suffer (to some extent) from diverse forms of mental illness. It’s just part of our past, present (but hopefully not future) human condition. If we weren’t mentally defunct, this would be a completely different world where ….

    It was interesting to observe some black people there who were defenders, apologists. excusers and believers in that Leopards can change their spots and Tigers their stripes. It was like looking at my former self, for I too have wanted to believe/hope that whites as a group, was salvageable/redeemable – that there was some value and regard for OTHERS that was hidden deep within them, looking/waiting for an opportunity to give birth to CHANGE – to empathize, show compassion and understanding.

    For sorrow, regret and their unpaid debt for the pain and suffering that their mostly unseen and unacknowledged CURRENT privileges/racism have cost us AND our ancestors. I’ve known for some time that’s not likely, if ever, to come from the white collective. They might as well BE THE BORG – simply going about doing what the Borg does.

    Anyway, like I said, we ALL have deficits. We’re all mentally defective in some way or another.

    But white people.

    They’re delusional and on a whole other level that goes way, way beyond being mentally messed up.

    That’s why I call their condition demonic. Souless. Without Spirit. Without Life. Without Love.

    Yet what does it really matter if it comes by blood, or by belief in WHITENESS : the white gaze, the white racial frame, the eurocentric way of viewing the world (and viewing the OTHERS in it)?

    What ever it is, mental illness or demonic possession, they ARE the greatest threat to human life on Earth.

    So what do we do? Do we permit them to destroy the world, and us too?

  55. Umoja

    Well stated. I like how you described their uncanny ability to mimic feelings. It’s when there are none of us around or do not have an audience that you see their true colours.

  56. Matari

    My love, please do not despair. Do you think the High Creator of this vast universe is just going to sit there and allow you and I, Her/ His most precious creation, to perish?

    The Europeans birthrate is negative zero. They are STERILE. They are homosexual and prefer children to grown men and women. They practice beastiality and scatophila. Yurugu’s daughter is abusing her organs nightly with strangers and inanimate objects just to satisfy her lover.

    All these things are no coincidence. As we, Carbon Peoples, reclaim our heritage, Yurugu is reclaiming his. Our clash is inevitable but we shall be victorious. On High and Mother Nature is ever so quietly ridding this planet of cancerous growths in so many ways…I can’t even count.

    Every dirty trick that they pull is being countered by On High. Every black body that is slain in the name of racism is being countered by their growing suicide rates and prescription drug abuse.

    Whites are literally anti-life.

    They are no longer viable on earth so they will perish and trust that they know this. Do not worry about our future. I’ve seen their end. And despite myself, I pity them. I’ve also seen our future…we can fly. Literally. Fly. Our power is limitless. Melanin shall rule the world once again.

    As for the Negropeans…?


    Last year, Professor Griff told me, “sometimes the wolf does the sheep a favour.”


  57. larissa on said:

    one thing that puzzles me about whites is how they seem to crack more easily under pressure. they cut themselves, commit suicide and turn to prescription drugs more easily than we do. they have been described as mentally weak and not resilient. yet they are able to oppress everyone.how can such a mentally weak race of people have the ability to singlehandedly amass all the power and wealth?

  58. jt716 on said:

    Yes; Racism is White Supremacy. Even the racist suspects of Webster’s New World Dictionary describes this behavior as such. psychopath- one who has severe mental disorder in which the personality is seriously disorganized and contact with reality is usually impaired.

  59. Matari, you have the patience of Job. I always had a ‘feeling’ from childhood that there was something wrong with these white folks. Being a child however, I couldn’t quite put into words what it was. I was never under any illusions as to their behaviour even though I couldn’t. Intuition is a fabulous thing, listen to it.

  60. I’m not sure if this has been covered, but I wanted to post about the death of Malcolm X’s grandson…under what I would term ‘dubious’ circumstances in Mexico…if anybody recalls, he was detained earlier in the year and apparently ‘disappeared’ by the gov’t..now he comes up dead in Mexico, reportedly b/c of a robbery gone wrong…this is a tragedy and I think is a glaring example of what fear-based living does to people…

  61. Cinnamondiva on said:

    @Ms. J…that is a good question. I believe that some white people truly DO want to be more enlightened about racism. Some of them really don’t know very much about it, other than the ignorance they’ve been taught. So in that case, I do take their word for it, but only if they show an honest willingness to listen and learn without switching to defense mode like a lot of white folks do.

    Because the truth is that racism is painful and difficult to talk about without getting mad at some point…many white people can’t handle that. It makes them uncomfortable. They want to pretend it’s all in our minds and all in the past. Our sense of injustice is too much for them to handle. Our anger is too much for them to bear.

    I notice that even when I’ve tried to discuss racial issues with white people in a calm, non-militant fashion, I’m still often met with dismissive and condescending attitudes. They also like to play the victim…acting like they are the ones being discriminated against.

  62. kowaba on said:

    I was looking through these comments and I found it interesting that people have said that perhaps there was an evil gene and its connection to alcoholism. I know of a person who is non-white, but looks completely white. His mother is Mexican. Interesting enough when I spoke to this individual he kept telling me that he was white. He even said that when he was with his brother and his brother would get pulled over (because his brother looked Mexican) and get arrested he wouldn’t do anything. This individual even told me that he’d see both his mother and brother get mistreated and would do absolutely nothing. Ironically, I overheard white people talking about him and they were saying he wasn’t white. Even though he, for the most part, functions as white and derives benefits from the system at the end of the day he is not white. He’s also an alcoholic. With his red hair and freckled pale skin it makes me wonder if indeed the quantity of melanin a person possesses really dictates or heavily influence their moral compass.

  63. Kowaba

    Funny, isn’t it?

    I love when non-black coloureds “think” they are white but fail to be seen as white in white society.

    Many Spanish speaking Africans have gotten their nigger wake up call in that same fashion.

  64. kowaba on said:

    Sister Truth,

    It is. I even tried to tell him that he is not white several times. White people in the past have told me that in order to be white both of your parents have to be white and you need to look white. He fails the first criterion. He goes around telling everyone that his mother is Mexican then he says that he is white. To me, he is just really confused and seems to have a problem with the reality of the situation.

    The whole situation also makes me think about black people passing. If you looked white and that is all that mattered, then no one would have to lie about their family and ‘pass’ as white. As for the Spanish speaking Africans, I think they may be confuse by propaganda in their country (like Dominicans). At least when some black people come to the states perhaps they are interpreting black as only black americans. What do you define as African American? People from other countries have asked me that. I always thought that it was the descendents of slaves in America. So where does that leave people like you and me whose families are from the Caribbean?

  65. Tyrone on said:


    Yes, we would be more aggressive. It’s hard to fight human nature Negress, death is not something that is celebrated in our race. Whites have no problem glorifying death, in fact, it’s celebrated all the time.


  66. Racism was created by racist, White elites centuries ago to divide, conquer and destroy non Whites and their inhabitants. Since then, MANY Caucasians have adopted stereotypes and White supremacist ideas to cover up their misdeed towards minorities.

    There are some Caucasians out there who are against racism and White supremacist but there isn’t much of them out there.

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