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The Sophisticated War on Blacks #2


Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, has released video footage of a project that’s been long in the works and really starting to now take shape. Allow me to simplify:

That means that they’ve been developing this technology for at LEAST 50-75 years and have just decided to allow the public to know about its creation.  “PETMAN,” for short — is the subject of the latest clip, and very well could be all it takes to scare off any insurgents (a fancy European-word-salad for “regular, every day people” like you and me) once it’s ready for the battlefield. By the battlefield, they mean the streets where we live. Remember when the U.S. census workers came a-knockin’? Her car was wired with a GPS system that saved every address in this country. The addresses were then downloaded by the Department of Homeland Security.

Built by robotics design company Boston Dynamics for the Department of Defense’s Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA), PETMAN has shown in previous videos that it is able to climb stairs. But this time, the robot marches, squats, twists its torso, and looks around — all as part of an effort to test the clothing’s ability to keep out chemical agents. Please note that DARPA works with the CIA and FBI to create spy equipment. This is the logo for DARPA:

Illuminati aka DARPA

DARPA is also working on:

  • Biometric signatures of humans
    • Face
    • Fingerprints
    • Gait
    • Iris
    • Speech recognition
  • Transactional Spying
    • Financial
    • Education
    • Travel
    • Medical
    • Veterinary
    • County Entry
    • Place/Event Entry
    • Transportation
    • Housing
    • Critical Resources
    • Government Communications
  • Cognitive aids that allow humans and machines to “think together” in real-time about complicated problems
  • Cognitive amplifiers that help teams of people rapidly and fully comprehend complicated and uncertain situations

But, I digress.

Here is the video of their Terminator moving, walking, squatting, etc…

Black Family, the war that Evil has been waging will soon come to your doorstep. When James Cameron, a 33 degree Freemason, brought us the Terminator, he wasn’t being “creative” or “artistic”. He was telling us what was going to happen to us in the very near future. And we gave him 10.00 to watch it and applauded wildly when the film was over. Hollywood and its directors/ producers/ screenwriters, notably Spielberg, Weinstein, Lucas and Goldwyn ( Dick Wolf sticks to Tel-lie-vision), have given us clues since cinema began of our fate on this planet.

Please educate yourself on the “new” technology the AmeriKlan Govern-NAZI  is developing. Learn that retinal scans will be required for you to withdraw your money from the bank. Understand that we are their primary targets. Try to distance yourself from The System as best as you can.


{Thanks again to Worldtruthtv}

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17 thoughts on “The Sophisticated War on Blacks #2

  1. Uhhhh. This one got me. Terrifying. Are black people the only targets? Ruby Ridge comes to kind.

  2. futuro

    Why act dumb? Everyone on this blog that is “awake” knows that your kind is anything but. And I seriously doubt that you find this “new” revelation “terrifying.”

    That’s about all the energy I’ll spend with you today.

  3. So you think Mr. Terminator will be programmed to give Whitey a pass?


  4. Kushite Prince on said:

    I’ve never heard of Worldtruthtv. I will have to check out that site. Thanks Sister Truth. Another informative post!

  5. @futuremortadella:

    The terminator will give ol blighty a pass. However loons such as yourself will be made the exception. Inbred fucks, mental defectives and whites with flat asses will be explicitly targeted. That will cull the herd quite nicely with only the smartest, best looking, and tallest remaining. Based on these calculations, there will only be ten percent of the white race remaining. The pseudo-whites such a Italians, Southern Frenchmen, Jews, Poles, Russians,(Eurasians), North Africans who think they are ‘white’ and such will be blasted into outer space. They will be sent to colonize Uranus, not your bunghole dummy, the actual planet.

    Stop calling yourself ‘W****y’ as I detest that lame attempt at Ebonics that many of you white folk like using. Believe me, there are names for you and your sort. Now back to the question of what will happen when the Terminator arrives. You and your inbred brethren will be sterilized so you can’t breed with your mother, daughters, aunts and 1st cousins. You will be used as drones and relegated to cleaning out latrines and wiping your betters assholes. You will be treated like the boil on an arse. By the time the Terminator gets there there will be no threat as you and your fellow miscreants will have been neutralized. In the words of the Terminator: Austa la Vista”. Translation; Go fuck yourself with a wire brush!

  6. That ish looks scary as hell.I always had nightmares about robots since i saw i robot.I had nightmares that robots would be required in every home and scan your eyes and if you are not recognized it will destroy you.Japan has some creepy robots too but its mostly for companionship not war.Their symbol looks hella illumati,they work with the cia well then we know what they all about. I think this robot will be the new police force,then when it kills someone they won’t be blamed they will just say it malfunctioned and we didn’t mean to kill that poor negro.they will probably use this at the border too. Forget stop and frisk this would be stop and terminate.

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  9. Garvey on said:

    Kind of reminds me of Sentinels (first appearance in 1965) from X-Men:

    “Sentinels are advanced androids designed to hunt down and eliminate mutants. They are portrayed as antagonists to the X-Men in the Marvel Universe.

    Dr. Bolivar Trask was concerned with the emergence of the species ‘MUTANT’, that their genetic abilities, combined with their ever increasing numbers would lead to Homo Sapiens being subjugated by them. That was the motivation that spurred him to create his “Master Mold”, a servitor/controller that would command the many ‘Sentinels’ that Trask would create later.


  10. Umoja on said:

    In coming——BOOM!!!!

    Love it!!! ROFLOL

  11. Bry on said:

    Knowing the way of things I think Mr. Terminator will be programmed to give Whitey a rimjob.

  12. Tyrone on said:


    Some of us may laugh about this, but, Google has built computers within eyeglasses…Anything Is Possible! All the geeky stuff we saw on Star Trek and other media was a portal into the future. Many ways to skin a cat, lest we forget. This issue is multi-layered. Anyone that challenges the power of the elite in government, business, religion, military, and other institutions will be whitelisted. Freedom of speech in Amerika, only if you’re in the club.


  13. Good day love! Today I’m going to the Franklin Institute to see the spy exhibit. Sure enough they have on view those tiny robotic mosquitoes you were talking about in another post and robotic fish! It’s going to be very interesting to see what type of technology they are willing to let us know about. Obviously, they are showing just a tiny fraction of what is out there. Namaste Queen.

  14. I’m trying to catch up. You have become most prolific.

  15. Thanks again. More warfare to come I’m sure.

  16. White AmeriKKKa just wants to see Blacks fail and fall as a race of people in this country. They would do anything to keep us down!

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