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Soul Food

Whole Wheat Banana Bread Recipe

I just uploaded my favourite quick ‘n easy banana bread recipe. It has been a fan favourite in my family for as long as I can remember. This super simple yet nourishing recipe boasts an almost entirely wheat recipe with dark brown sugar. The texture is a bit rougher than white flour but fills you up a lot more.

I love it warm with Natural peanut butter. My mom loves hers with just a cup of tea. I hope you’ll try it and make it apart of your family favourite recipes. Available on my Etsy site in Word document.


Tell me your thoughts. Would you like more of my healthy kitchen recipes? Any special requests?

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25 thoughts on “Soul Food

  1. mstoogood4yall on said:

    Lol i thought it was a huge brownie.It looks delicious

  2. Ms. J on said:

    Yes, please!!

    I need to eat healthier than I do now. I’m also going to get back into exercising when I’m done with finals.


  3. Looks delicious! Yes I would like to see more recipes as well. I usually make pancakes with unbleached flour. I’ve made them with whole wheat but they just taste gummy.

  4. It does kinda look like a brownie, doesn’t it? I made it today. Can’t wait for later on with some tea.

  5. I’ll be over later for a hunk of that bread and some tea.

  6. Gotta warn ya, you’ll be hooked.

  7. Umoja on said:

    Yes! More recipes please! Please include substitutes in case others ,such as myself, can’t find food items. I can almost smell your banana bread. lol Yum! I prepare mine with crushed walnuts. Bring on those recipes Beloved. Thank you

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  9. That banana cake looks like it would go good with a nice cup of strong Kenyan tea!

  10. Hernie

    Kenyan tea? Do tell. Is is green or black?

  11. Umoja

    White sugar is so toxic! If brown sugar is unavailable, applesauce makes a great fiber filled substitute.

  12. honeytreebee on said:

    Negress this looks so yummy. I’ll try it, but will have to use coconut butter instead of flour as I can not eat grains except for white rice which I avoid as much as possible. Gluten does a number on me and I don’t like it.

  13. The Kenyan tea is black with a strong flavour, delicious. I get it in Kensington Market in Toronto from a vendor who specializes in spices, teas, coffees, so-called ‘ethnic foods’, and he is cheap! I am not a huge tea lover but I heartily enjoy this tea!

  14. Hmmm… I may have to check that out. I love tea. I’m drinking some right now.

  15. That is one delicious looking bread! Even more impressing is how you made it into a business product without having to ever bake another one. That is leading by example. The example of going an extra step or two with what you already got. Knowing what you got, may take some footwork to figure out. But what else is there to do?
    As for the basics. I cannot believe that there is not one bag of non-GMO mint seeds in this psychopatic walhalla. Fair enough, I only checked two stores, but that should be enough. They got tulips, but no mint?! What is it to me that they ate tulips during the war?! Get over that war already! Anyway. It woke me up to the fact that I need to stock up on some seeds NOW! No panic attack needed, but to understand that if they control the seeds, then by the time I need them, there may be none to get…

  16. Pete

    There are companies that are holding on and selling non-GMO seeds but you’ll have to pay more money for them. Please get the “basic” seeds:


    And as for herbs:


    If you’ll notice, all of these produce other seeds or grow back each year by themselves, like peppermint and thyme.

    Thanks for the compliment. I’ve been real greedy for the last 2 days and the bread is almost gone.
    *hangs head in shame*

  17. Agreed. Squash, yum. I will make some squash soup on the morrow, and save the seeds. I will pass on the tomatoes, and opt for carrots.
    Sage is very important for purification. I will move that to the top of the list, so I can stop buying dried branches. I will go ‘hunting’ on the morrow.
    As for ‘shame’. You still got some bread left?! If it looks like a cake, I will slay it like a cake! Be gone cake! A sugarfree cake, of course. Sweets. What about fruit seeds? Strawberries, oranges? A small mango tree? Getting carried away. I guess I will be buying some mangos 2m too. Yum.
    How blessed the woman who can just pluck these foods out of her garden…

  18. This would go so well with a strong cup of roasted dandelion root tea. Can you email me a piece, please?

  19. Lol!

    Sure I’ll slip a piece through my computer screen.

  20. Tyrone on said:


    Big fan of banana bread and carrot cake from way back. I haven’t consumed neither in a long time, but, you reminded me. Yes, more recipes please?


  21. Blacq on said:

    I have been reading your blog and replies for three days now. FINALLY, I’ve “come home.” My spirit had waned tremendously due to my having to watch so many of my people in slumber. On a sub-liminal level, many are just not there yet. Another sista introduced me to your blog. Spirit (and she) could not have come at a better time! Thank you, Spirit, Umoja and Negress! I will be baking this bread VERY soon and loving that it has health benefits.

  22. Blacq


    Please join in. We keep things real around here, emotions sometimes run raw so don’t be scared to chime in a let the frustration out.

    I tightly moderate ALL white commenters so you’re safe here. Enjoy the bread and take a look at my shop. Support black owned business. If you know of any black business owner, send them my way and I’ll do an “Introducing” post on them. Thanks.

  23. As a Black woman of Afro Caribbean descent, well Jamaican to be exact, I didn’t grow up eating ”Soul Food”. I grew up eating curry goat, curry chicken and rice, jerk chicken, oxtail and plaintain. It was on rare occasions that I would try to eat Soul Food. I hope the other Black commenters don’t find me weird or strange to my confession.

    And I do like the recipe you posted on here, Negress.

  24. Adeen

    I’m glad. You just made me hungry.

  25. I don’t think its weird, hell my dad eats nasty chitterlings[pig intestines yuck] so that is not weird. Different ppl have different cultures and eat different things, we are not a monolith, and shouldn’t have to conform to stereotypes and what others within our group find to be the norm.I would love to try jerk chicken someday.

    yall making me hungry now, I guess I’ll just eat a peanut butter banana sandwich and think about this good food I shouldn’t be eating.

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