Observations of an Invisible Woman

My Vision

I’ve been meditating more than usual lately. In fact, almost nightly I speak to the Most High and meditate on answers. My fear of this “gift” I’ve inherited is slowing disappearing. Yesterday after I watered my seedlings and worked around the yard, I felt the effects of the hot sun at last. Thirsty and sunkissed, I came inside. Without realizing it, I must have fallen asleep. I saw, in my dream, myself on the phone talking to a blogger buddy of mine. Her voice was clear, “Truth, do you believe in alchemy?”

“Alchemy? Yes…it’s very real. Alchemy is what Evil is using to keep us down and asleep.”

Suddenly I seemed to know everything about words and the power they have to cast spells. As I rattled away with my new found knowledge, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a bird perched on my credenza in the living room. The bird seemed to have been there for a very long time but for some reason, I never noticed it. It was no ordinary bird. It had the head of an owl and two huge black eyes as big as my dinner plates with a hueman mouth. Pretty, red feathers adorned its belly and it’s claws resembled a dragon. My friend was listening intently to my explanations when, out of nowhere, I sat up, looked directly at the bird-owl in slow motion and realized that it was real. It was watching over all of us simultaneously but it seemed to be just in my house. Then I spoke to it:

“You know I can see you, right? I know you are there. I see you. You’re not invisible. I can see you.”

The animal cocked it huge head to one side and made no move. So I repeated my statement, “I see you!” In complete and total shock, the bird opened its eyes to an abnormal width and height and its hueman mouth formed a surprised “O”. Its perfectly arched eyebrows rose in alarm. I spoke again feeling the power of Our Lord, “I belong to Christ and I can see you!”

It lifted its feathers, flapped its wings in indignation and disappeared.

My friend on the phone did not seem to suspect anything nor did she hear the exchange between the bird and myself. It’s as though I was the only one that knew. I snapped out of my trance only to realize that my eyes were open…I saw what I saw with open eyes. When I spoke to Dr. Bey, she told me how Europeans have been in Africa, the islands and in Haiti studying us for centuries. She told me that the military has been working on a branch of PsyOps (psychological operations) that deal just in telepathy. Credo Mutwa has even spoken of how the European would bypass the oil and diamond mines for one visit with a shaman. And Dr. Anderson’s wife, Joann, told me that once upon a time we were able to communicate with our minds like Charles Xavier from X-Men.

It is surely no coincidence that every scholar I’ve been fortunate enough to speak with has uttered the word “Alchemy” or “Shamanism” in some variation. It is my firm belief that the reason why we cannot wake up as a race is because of what has been done to us on a metaphysical level.

Our Chakras are under constant attack with the food, chemicals in the air, the music we listen to, tel-lie-vision and our inability to release our lower carnal self. Tell me your thoughts on this newest vision of mine. Do you think some kind of planetary spell is at play? And why are some of us more susceptible to it than others?

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38 thoughts on “My Vision

  1. blackmystory on said:

    I am glad you are embracing that gift, my friend. I am proud of you and knew you would do it. Now go do what I have often told you to do. This is an interesting vision and your interpretation is in alignment with what many far thinkers have been saying.

  2. blackmystory

    What do think the owl-bird-creature means?

  3. Ms. J on said:

    Amen, DOAN!

    When I stopped listening to rap music a few years back, my head became so much clearer. And it didn’t even take much for me to do it.

  4. anonymous on said:

    In western culture owls are symbolic of the occult. The large eyes might symbolize “the all seeing eye.

  5. blackmystory on said:

    wow..that is a good question. I believe this was a test of the divine in you. Whether you would recognize who you are and your purpose or whether you were going to turn your back. I think by the reaction of the bird, you passed that test. Who or what sent it I can’t say. But your facing it, instead of running away, makes me feel that you pass a significant moment in your journey.

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  7. honeytreebee on said:


    I said before on the now closed post that words can cast spells. We are powerful spell casters the most powerful ones of all. That is why WP use our voice and music to do everything. This is why they killed Malcolm X. This is also why WP get so angry and up set when we talk about how unfair they are, when we say we don’t like them, and such cause deep down they know what this means. They are holding us with our own words that is why they finance rap and other destructive music and suppress any music that has something good to say to us or about us.

    Negress, this is why even in jest I never call our people out of our name not even in anger. To do so is to cast a spell that does nothing, but hurt our people and keeps them frozen longer. How we treat each other and what we say and how we say it is important and one of the reasons it is hard for us to be in a room together. How can you posses something so powerful and not know it power? A lot of us don’t and when we get to talking and using harsh words even in this form it hurts more than if, another had said it. Couple that with being able like yourself to be able to pick up on others energy. People are cutting other people and not realizing it and causing psychic bleeds.

    WP know this cause they study every thing to learn how to weaponize it and how to kill with it. POC know this too and so this is why they are rude to us and say negative thins about us cause they know if, we rise their time is up too. They must know they are being slowly poisoned by these spells by WP, but are slow to act on it cause WP have them wanting to be white and drain out their little pigment like the vampires they are. Negress why do you think they stopped us from drumming back in the day? We were talking in ways they still don’t understand, why do you think they has so many rules about us dancing? Cause we can talk that way too. They would get so scared at the thought of us talking to the GODS that they would drop dead.

    You speak of the metaphysical and are awaking your powers and figuring out who you are and what you can do. This is great. However, with all great power care must be used to ensure that you do not hurt yourself or others by mistake. We all have these gift in varying degrees it is just a matter of tapping into them. Just the other day one of mine went off in a flash. People now look different to me the light cast on some show them as dead. While other look lost or glazed over.

  8. Anonymous

    I looked up your explanation and found Moloch. That is the bird that they pray to in Bohemian grove. I’m puzzled as to why I saw it.

  9. Honeyteebee

    You are correct. Something funny that I feel but have no proof of: I feel that everyone knows this great big secret regarding who we are except us.

    It’s like there is a consensus that says to all peoples around the globe, “no matter what black people must never come to power.”

  10. im glad you’re embracing your gift. I do think there are outside things at work. the government has studied how to control people,the cia at one time was studying mind control and brainwashing.A lot of their documents are secret.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_MKUltra
    They probably figured out a way to control us in some way,with the music,water,food,and tv. Its kinda like the pavlo’s dogs experiment ,they affect our sub sonsconscious and we salivate at the degrading images of ourselves and disrespect each other because the ones that do get praise, a reality show,and money.This is probably the reason why more blacks will click on a link about beyonce than a link about black empowerment.
    We have the power to shut it off,some are more susceptible to this than others because of enviornment,income,food,etc. Then others are because they choose to be or are too weak to fight against it, they give up. We have to fight to keep it turned off,i have my moments where i have self hate or feel worthless,but i have the power to change my thoughts.

    “And Dr. Anderson’s wife, Joann, told me that once upon a time we were able to communicate with our minds like Charles Xavier from X-Men.”

    Wow if that is true whites probably knew this because they act like we are a monolith and will ask questions about another black person we don’t even know.They ask how do you feel about this [insert black person] what do you think was going through their mind.
    we need to wake up to who we really are and not fall back asleep.

  11. honeytreebee on said:

    When we come to power Negress it is over for them. WP are already dying out their offspring grow weaker and weaker. Their systems are collapsing due to their greed and they can’t bring themselves to do what all great Black empires did when things got out of hand. They canceled everyone’s debt and started over. WP are too greedy to do this.

    Wealth is not for sharing with them they are never happy and are never satisfied. They do not know enough for they are forever empty. In colors there was the answer this was a black planet and we went out exploring and sharing and nation building not waring, raping, and pillaging. everybody had something great going on except them. we got to be so giving we forgot about self and self protection because everyone else regarded us as family and guardians of the righteous and bares of good deeds.

    Our lesson from this is we must always come first or all is out of order and just look at this mess. Even in their stories they tell you about their brand of evil that can never be cured or healed. Notice that the wicked are never repentant and turn to goodness. What is wrong with their hearts is never healed. The story teller always tells more about themselves in the story than they do about others.

  12. Amarie on said:

    Yes Negress, I too have come to the realization that we are able to communicate with our own, but most of us are still asleep or have a blockage(tv,radio,drama,drugs etc). When I watched those feed the childern commercials or church commercials, I always noticed that it was the whites in in different parts of Africa. They have most thinking that they are doing Christian Missionary work when they are in fact meeting with shamans and root workers and learning spells and magic. Long ago I watched some white woman named Janice Crouch on TBN (she wears a pink wig with piles of makeup on) and she was in Africa surrounded by beautiful black children. She offered them dolls to play with, but these dolls where white with blonde hair. There was a spell be casted on those children that day but they didn’t notice.
    As for your vision, I suggest you fast and ask the Most High for a revelation. There is a planetary spell at play, but it’s not in full swing yet. We still have a little time to prepare ourselves for this spiritual,mental and physical battle. Everyone get ready because it’s gonna get ugly.

  13. Amarie

    You are the second person to say that about missionaries! Yes…Dr bey also stated that missionaries were there for shamanic reasons.

  14. nmaat433 on said:

    I just had to peek in and respond to this post…what you have is a gift, a gift that I think we all have but most of us are afraid of it or unaware of it…@mstoogood–yes, the CIA is still experimenting with mind control–MK ULTRA is still in effect–read up on what author Gloria Naylor wrote about her experiences & what happened to actor Paul Robeson…but I believe in my soul that when it gets down to it: the nefarious & ubiquitous ‘they’ can stop us like they can stop the sun from rising and setting…

  15. A Haitian friend of mine told me that white Americans are in the most remote areas in Haiti, studying and learning the secrets of voodoo.

  16. My question is:

    Why are we telling them?

  17. Negress
    They look for these people and gain their trust. They don’t ask for curses they ask for blessings and then later on pervert it and poison it. We still haven’t learned that no good can ever come from being with them.

  18. anonymous on said:

    Negress, there is a lot of symbolism in this world. The dream you had was highly symbolic. I am going to leave some names for your research if you are interested. Surprisingly, Michael Tsarion was a guest on the C.O.W.s radio program. Another one is Allen Watts, he talks about presumptive programing. The all seeing eye on the dollar bill, also a Masonic symbol, and in the occult it is an important symbol. The owl is symbolic of the occult, and also in European culture you have the concept of the wise Owl, or knowledge. The claws like a dragon, outside of countries like China, in the west the Dragon symbolizes Satan. The only exception I can think of is Pendragon which relates to the Knights of the Round table. Yet, the lore behind that has a lot of western occult symbolism built into it. If you can take your search a little further, you can find out what the occult significance is of these symbols. If possible deconstruct you dream by reviewing everything, location, colors, etc… and what they mean to you. It will help you to understand what is being communicated to you better. I also think that the advice someone gave here, to ask God for the meaning is important, and asking for his protection is also important. I hope I am making sense, and I hope that you are able to find the answers you need.

  19. EyesWideOpen on said:

    “Do you think some kind of planetary spell is at play?”

    I would say that with the west / whites controlling most of the planet, earth is obviously being subjected to (their) demonic forces and evil vibes.

    “Why are some of us more susceptible to it than others?”

    A very interesting question. A few possible answers:

    1) From an evolutionary standpoint, it seems advantageous that the masses are unwilling or incapable of thinking independently. Society would be extremely unstable, threatening revolt at the slightest provocation if the majority of sheeple weren’t terminally ignorant and in a constant, drunken like stupor. If they haven’t already, scientists will probably eventually discover a gene for willful ignorance. We, the subversives, are just at the extreme end of the bell curve; exceptions to the rule of mass willful ignorance.

    2) We’re old souls compared to the masses who are cursed with a lack of discernment (and morals… and integrity… and decency etc). They may have been insects or (were)wolves in their previous life and this is their first go around as human beings which explains why most of them aren’t quite up to it. When I was young enough to know everything, I had a very strong aversion to the whole concept of reincarnation but life has made me much more open to the possibility that it exists (except for the soulless ones; when they’re dead, that’s it, they’re gone forever. IMO, most whites are NOT soulless, they are possessed with evil spirits).

    3) Occam’s Razor (the simplest solution is usually the correct one) would be a combination of 1 & 2: most people, regardless of race, are just low lifes, barely deserving of the title ‘human being’. Much closer to man as ape than man as beautiful spiritual being made in the image of God. As long as their base needs are being met, they don’t want to hear about it.

  20. larissa on said:

    truthbetold said:
    My question is:

    Why are we telling them?

    Why indeed? We can be so stupid sometimes.

  21. anonymous

    Thank you! and yes, you are making a lot of sense. This weekend, i’ll listen to the cows episode you suggested.

  22. EyesWideOpen on said:

    “Why are we telling them?”

    I think most POC lack the ability to detect the two-faced, deceitful nature of white people. With few exceptions, we’re simply not like them in that regard. Lack of familiarity with the extreme treacherous nature of caucanderthals almost got the Native Americans completely wiped out.

    Most blacks, especially in Africa and the Carribean have not spent their entire lives around the evil ones so it is VERY easy to be fooled by their treacherous, two-faced, forked-tongued, back-stabbing nature.

    I’m surrounded by these creatures. Have been for all my life. Where I live, blacks are only 2% of the population, so I’ve had DECADES to interact with and observe them up close and personal on every level imaginable. That’s perhaps the only advantage of ‘integration’; if your eyes are open, these creatures can’t help but eventually reveal their true nature – and it is so not pretty.

    Whites are so good at being two-faced it is truly scary. I had a white friend who used to record most of his telephone conversations and he did me a great favor by letting me listen to a few ‘racism caught on tape’ moments. Let me tell you, it is INSTANTLY, IRREVOCABLY LIFE CHANGING to hear the nastiness, viciousness and racism of white people I knew who had been warm and friendly to my face. Only pure evil and/or a complete lack of integrity can explain such a capacity for treachery.

    It’s one thing to hear second hand that whites are two-faced, forked tongued, treacherous hypocrites. It’s quite another to hear it with your own two ears from people who have treated you very well. It changes you forever. If you have any sense at all, you’ll not only never, ever trust them again, you’ll want to have as little to do with them as humanly possible.

    That’s why I tend to cut my brothers and sisters a little slack who are not used to the treacherous ways of the white devils.

  23. Amen, EyesWideOpen! I too grew up in similar circumstances and had negative experiences, from a young age. They have never fooled me in the least.

  24. Exactly!

  25. We keep telling them because we stuck in slave mentality. black person invents something and tell whites its basically like them saying , Massa look what i can do!!
    Instead of telling other blacks and keeping it to themselves,they go tell whites who will exploit them and steal their ideas and pass them off as their own.THe sad twisted thing is they will not trust other blacks even when they have their best interest at heart.We’ve been conditioned through the media and news that the criminal/ scammer ,up to no good is a black person. All the while the real scammers/criminals get their victims walking right to them.
    If bernie madoff was black we would not have been able to scam people outta all that money.the black scammers i see are some people posing as someone else to get money but it usually fails.

  26. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Hi Herneith,

    I wish I could say they never fooled me. I’m a bit of a slow learner and I kept wanting to give them the benefit of the doubt but after awhile the percentages just overwhelmed me, a switch got flipped and it finally sunk in that they are a completely differenct species – genus humanis caucanderthalis.

  27. Umoja on said:

    What sticks out in my mind is how the owl flew off in indignation. The owl resembles the all seeing eye of course, sort of like the supervisor watching and over- seeing that their spells and words are succeeding within the minds; therefore the lives of Blacks. It’s when you RECONGNIZED him…..therefore recognized the spells and words of whites….the owl was indeed indignant and angry…”.how dare you recognize”, I’m sure the owl thought.
    Once the spells and words are recognized as spells (deception)…..they’ll hold no power…..no success.
    His mouth was in the “O” fashion of surprise because he as whites…. go unrecognizable of their tactics and spells. Whites get absolutely angry and indignant when exposed of their tactics, lies and spells. You are very much intuned to spirit…..your power, our power. In which our melanin, hair, ect. generates also, unlike no others. I believe that the African has this power unlike none other. It is awesome….the answer to everything. The answer to the African. Whites intentionally cast spells continuously to thwart and saw off this innate connection within the African. Therefore we remain asleep. It is imperative that whites thwart this awesome power within the African by any means necessary….via corruption, deceit, western religions, distortions, white supremacy, control, domination and including death of the African. Why are we the most targeted? They know this power that we innately possess, unlike any others…..we would kick ass.

  28. Eyeswideopen

    I learned this lesson the hard way at work. I was the only black in a sea of whites. How I survived that only God knows.

  29. Umoja

    My family and I talked about my vision and my brother told me it’s because I’ve cut myself off from the system. No TV, no foul music, fresh food that I grow myself, herbs instead of pills, sunlight, no white company and cutting back on white sugar.

    It’s amazing how when you make that first step towards distancing yourself from their sickness, your mind opens up. I looked into the owl Moloch and both your interpretation and Anonymous’ interpretation is spot on!

  30. emile on said:

    “Negress, this is why even in jest I never call our people out of our name not even in anger. To do so is to cast a spell that does nothing, but hurt our people and keeps them frozen longer. How we treat each other and what we say and how we say it is important and one of the reasons it is hard for us to be in a room together. How can you posses something so powerful and not know it power? A lot of us don’t and when we get to talking and using harsh words even in this form it hurts more than if, another had said it. Couple that with being able like yourself to be able to pick up on others energy. People are cutting other people and not realizing it and causing psychic bleeds.”

    Very, very, VERY important and constructive information!!! You get it. As Dr. Welsing has stated over and over again, we need to think about the words we are using toward one another because words are very powerful. This takes a concentrated and sincere effort to put into practice and a full comprehension of what the overall implications are upon us. This is one of the ingredients of confusion that keeps us running around in circles, in addition to the negative verbal attacks received form other non-Blacks, whether subtle, covert or overt.

  31. emile on said:

    Spirituality is not mortal.

    Spirituality is infinite and cannot be measured in time.

    Time has constraints, but Spirituality has no constraints or limitations.

    If their quest during their allotted time here on Mother Earth is to seek and destroy our Spirituality, their mission is given as absolutely and predictably futile. Even the most advanced technology, acquired knowledge or state-of-the-art weaponry, even those proposed to be built for the area we know as outer space, are no match for the vastness of the Spirituality of the Universe. We know of only one-gazillionth of the information that have yet to be learned about the complete integrity of the Universe. Spirituality, in its most wholesome capacity, is a good ans special gift given, bestowed and guarded by The Creator. The Creator “created”, “brought into existence” every iota of matter, every cell, every organism, e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g that we know of, don’t know of and perhaps will never come to full knowledge.

    Based upon all we now know, seen, read, heard, researched, contemplated, reasoned, reflected, processed, analyzed, debated, concluded and know as facts, could this be the penultimate reason why Black people are exclusively so hated, so vilified, so sought after by others with such unusual, unprecedented and relentless diligence?

    This is some extremely heavy-duty stuff to take time seriously ponder.

    Dr. Welsing said once that we hue-mans only use 10% of our actual brain power potential. And that statistic is for the ones who are often at the so-called top echelons of our respective societies, the “real thinkers”.

    Just think of what great, untapped powers exist within us if we were to double that factor, to say a 20% utilization rate. Can you imagine the exponential proportions of our ingenuity, the doubling or quadrupling expansion of our knowledge in all areas of life known and yet to be discovered, even beyond those existing entities that are now classified as highly-advanced in our modern society as compared to prior “advanced” civilizations?

    Is this why we’ve had “brain drains” from our communities and the exploitation of these highly-skilled individuals? OF COURSE! LOL!

    Ideas; conceptualizations; imagined, non-tactile scenarios; all that would be actual and taken as a normal part of “life” as we know it in real-time. No “dis-eases”?… Time travel?…Non-toxic foods?…Environmental harmony? Peace?…Justice? Eradication of ignorance? How could there ever be any tolerance for injustice or mistreatment when everyone in the known universe is treated justly.

    Who would have the capacity to render these “visions” into “reality”?

    Where would all of this originate from?


  32. Emile

    Beautiful! and yes…I’ve always said this is the reason why we are the most hated race on earth.

  33. honeytreebee on said:

    This reminds me of what a friend of mine told me the ankh represents. It is to mark energy flow up through the chacras to the heart then up over the head back into the heart then to the higher ones. This was done to activate the entire brain and use life force to its fullest.

  34. kowaba on said:

    Interesting article I found about melanin. The food that we eat affects how melanin is used/produced in our body.

    “Melanin also causes serotonin to flow more effectively in the waking state so to “inspirience” more spirituality. This also helps to keep spiritual intunement at an apex. The less melanin in an individual, the more calcified the pineal gland and less access the individual has to the spiritual world.”

    Just a side note, I read somewhere that consuming fluoridated water actually calcifies the pineal gland.

    Why the sun is good for Afrikan people: Dr. Kwame Osei
    By Kwame Osei

    The benefits of melanin
    The brain center with the deepest pigmentation is the Locus Coeruleus or Black Dot. The Locus Coeruleus supplies the pineal gland with norepinephrine.

    The pineal gland controls the flow of melatonin during the night hours to activate R.E.M sleep which allows us to communicate with internal memory pools or other dimensions of life in nature.

    Full article can be found here=> http://www.modernghana.com/news/297269/1/why-the-sun-is-good-for-afrikan-people-dr-kwame-os.html

  35. kowaba

    Yes. Food affects melanin. That’s why in ALL black neighbourhoods you’ll find:

    A fried chicken/ fast food joint
    A liquor shop
    A cigarette / candy shop

    Whites know that these processed foods/ drugs will act adversely with our Carbon and ultimately kill us. Everything that whites do regarding to us is on purpose.

  36. Gat Turner on said:

    OMG! you are so on point right now! Please tell me you’ve see Justin Bieber’s new Owl Tatoo?


  37. Gat

    No. this is the first time I’m hearing about it. Thank you for the article.

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